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Yoga stretches Jackets to limit

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Yoga stretches Jackets to limit
Mau Winl<eljo>l>n - Slaff Sunday, July 16. 2000

AU dressed down wilh nowhere 10 go, several slimy Georqia Tech pla.yel'$ the other day look it in Ihe chops - and glutes, pees and quads - wilh sweat pouring, musclesscreaming arid hearts pounding as Diamond Dallas Page yelled 1.11the Yellow Jackets' "Do you own Notre Dame or whalT It wasn't quite a hardy retort as they countered approximated, ''Yesl'' with a collecnve 9ur91e that

Vllhen entrenched in "Voga for Regular Guys," nothing's easy. And when Page, a former world champion ,professional wrestler, shows up to drill Tech's weekly class, irs like boot camp. GiVen a choice, IblacKing out might rank ahead of yelling back, "I know you're going to kick Notre Dame's [hint: hedidn't say leprechauns]!" bellowed the freakishly lithe Page. a 50-year-old human cable Here, he ordered, "extended side angle, position one," Cue the moaning and groaning', as the faces ofquarterback Reggie Ball, cornerback Kenny Scoli, safety Djay Jon es and 115 others tl.visted into masks of agony QIl, the lengths to which the Jackets will stretch for aoy edge to send Notre Dame away yelping after the Irish visit Tech Sept, 2. If it's good enough for Steeters wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward, irs good enough on The Flats, "It helps me with flexibility and relaxes the muscles." said defensive· end Darrell RObertson. "But lh.ate the 'downward dog,' where you'reoo all fours and, your butt's in the air." The Downward Facing Dog is a positionthat epitomizes the vision of YRG cofounders Page and Dr, Craig Aaron, Irs inregular, a. kind of "commando yoga," Aaron said, in which the difference is more than new positions. There's also adding one's own muscle resistance - isometricsto many maneuvers, It leads 10 a lot of trembling dudes

'We're engaging the muscles right onto the bones," said' Aaron, who'S also a licensed kinesioloqist and chiropractor ''Yoga people hav'e a tendency to look at what we do and say that's not really yoga, I say you're exactlyriqht. Yoga is the foundation, but ... we have modified it into a, better workout while using aU the http://ajc.printthls,!ptfcpt?acti

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Yoga stretches

Jackets to limit

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has to offer."

Heart rates can soar, at least one. player rea.ching 153 beats per minute Wednesday. "The reason I wanted 10 try it was 10 wamk on my flexibility," said Kansas City Chiefs linebacker and former Tech star Keyaran Fox, who was in town. "lt's very demanding." A business is born

Ir\'hen Page soug ht Aaron at age 42, ttl ey had no deSigns on a bus iness partnership. II was about professional survival. "I had a back injury I had' 10 find some way 10 continue my dream," Page told current and termer Tech playe!S before Wednesday's session. "My wife said, 'Why not try yoga to heal your body?' I was Ihe last ,guy th at." Starting safety Jamal Lewis believes_ "I back, and YOl! need core strength and fle~jbiltty." Lewis said. ''The more flexibility you have, the faster you are. l thlnk fromlasl year [when Aaron began working with Ihe team] to this year. my core :is much slronger and as far as flexibility, I'm able to move my hips more, open my hips faster [to tum and ruo]." Aaron, wh a played. co liege at LaFayette and Union in Itl e 1980s. explained, "I won anauditicn [at Tech]. Paul Hewitt" who's-one of the more progressive basketball coach es in the co untry, set out to find a yoga leach er -because Phil Jackson was doing that with the Bulls and Lakers ~ and he had one of his assistants call' for referra Is "Those who met the criteria met wilh the staff, and thai's how we began. That was August of 2001_ Then, Ihe tennis teams wanted to Know what ,il was all about, then golf, then footbat Ii." Gailey med il once James Butler, a rookie safely w~ the New York Giants last season after for more yoga_ Even coach Chan Gailey gave il a try _Once_ "He wenllhrough a session and came up to me afterward expenenced anything like thai in my Ijfe," Aaron recalled. and said, 'I have never

at Tech, was back Wednesday

Aaron ( who also contracts with Tech for advancedone-onone stretchlnq sessions, has worked as a chiropractor, yoga instructor or both wilh Fatcons Chauncey Davis, Bryan Randall and Wayne Gandy_ Braves reliel :pitcher Tyler Yates has been a client, as have Orioles pitcher Kris Benson, Bills I.inebacker Takeo Spikes., Ravens nunning back Jamal Lewis, Ward and Raiders cornerback Tyrone Poole ~ all with local ties. "Most of what I do with these guys is YRG because il seems 10 fil their needs," Aaron said. "Ycu would think that athletes COUld perform nO!111al yog,a or YRG positions maybe to a level far beyond you and I, but they have a 101 more resistance because Ihey have a lot more muscle mass around joints"

h1tp://ajc.prinlthis.ciickability .com/pt/cpti'action=cpteztitle=Y oga+stretches+Jackets+to+li.;

7It 7/2006

Yoga stretches Jackets to limit

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And every Wednesday Flexible


during football season),

Tech muscles protest.

at 50
It's herel This is where you

"All right guys, fourth quarter, the last two minutes. will," Page screams, 'Ten-nine-eight,seven ...' The fingertip

pusn-ups -

done very, very siowry -

gut the JaCkets_

"Hey, guys, Notre Dame's not doing Ihis," the Yoga Doc declares. ''U,ggghhh'I'' is the response. Some players collapse. Others perch from knees rather than toes, Pa_g plows onwa rd, flawless ,li1 fa rm e Pageeartier dropped to his knees, upper body upright to forman "L," then lay back, touching back to heels, and said, "Flexibility is youth_ l'm 50, was hit by a car when r was 12, been thrown aroundlise a rag doll, and here's my fle)(,ibility_" Veins bulging, Page turned to a shutterbug: "Photo op!"

The Jackets aren't looking to be in pictures. They want to win, and figure YRG may help by increasi ng flexibility, ag ility and possi bty red ucln g the likel ihood of injury through wark on the body's core. 'The push-ups, they kill me. The standing on. your fingertips, alter a 50-minute session. "Some guys, mends or whatever, think about getting better on the field." aje.eom > Head online to see more photosof Georgia Tech's football tea.m doing yoga_

oh, man," Lewis said tease me. .. I just

Find Ihis .uti.cle at::
http://Www.ajc.<X>m/searchicontenUa~ lOIeP'>perleditions/s"ndaylspom._ 449b1 OG 7f4e70125000b_~tm'l

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the box to ,include (he list of :link. referenced


the article.


.com/pt/cptvaction=cpteetitle= Yoga+stretches+ Jackets+to+li.i.


<I Georgia workout




Tech defensive in the players Center, professional

end Darrell Robertson go througl1 a yoga lounge, The weekly class

(lronl) and teammates

is taught by Dr. Craig S. Aaron of Aaron Chiropractic champion Charlotte but this week he brought Dallas Page. a wrestler. a special guest - Diamond

S, TeaWe I AJC

BUy AJC photo rep" nts

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Diamond football Charlotte



Dallas Page leads Georgia Tech players th roug h some yoga stretches. B. Teagle I AJC

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Tech footbal.1 in

state of

Page wears a T -sh Regular Cha~otte 313 N[XT~

in touti ng tile book "Yoga for Guys:' written I;>y P.agaand'Aaron_
B. Teagle I AJC

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Tech football in state of flex
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Page. (left) and Aaron keep tiling •. loose,

Charlotte B. Te-sgle I AJC

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Defensive lineman

Travis. R(>gers (front) steps

into a stretch. Charlotte B. T,eagl~ / AJ C

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Darrell Robertson the pain. Cha~otte



manage s to srn i le


B. Teagle I AJC

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~BACK Sanborn Charlotte



drops into a squat as.Aaron

B. Teagle I AJC

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NUTIIDavid San

Cr. ig Aaro n helps stretch his snou leers;

1>0 m

C harlo!te B. nag Ie I AJC

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