1:48 pm, Monday, 2012-02-13 1 st, Mayan day 4 Star or Rabbit

Trust Nothing and No One – Flirting with Emptiness – No More Programming

Video Journal
I don't know what to say, here. I don't feel like the same person who last journaled, here. Well, I do but I don't. Identity is morphing, again – or still. I don't know. More and more that's what I can say about so many things – I don't know. This isn't bad or negative in any way – just awkward at times – like times when I try to carry on with some habit or other – such as journaling. I have to be sure it's okay with the new whoever-I-am, first, before I proceed. Do you understand? I no longer care if anyone can follow where I am going. My eyes are less and less on others, more and more focused elsewhere, focused within. I'm not sure what I'm seeing there, but I do feel the self pulling more and more out of the world and its concerns. It came to me just yesterday or recently that I have no interest in anything at all in life with one exception: these journals. There is quite literally nothing I give a damn about “out there.” This is strange, for the body has relatives, has a child, a grown daughter, even. There is simply no concern, no visible attachment to any of that, nor to things in any way. The whole life has gone within, now. Lest someone think I'm claiming some sort of spiritual state or other, think again, or rather look again, only from heart. What there is, here, is a mirror for you or for anyone. We're all the same. Actually, we're all nonexistent, but that's another matter we will leave alone for now.

Things are piled on the being in layers. All we can do is work with what is visible, what is on the top, what is in our Now. Generally, though, when we deal with that, we'll at some point be led deeper within, to find yet another instance of what we vanquished, earlier, such as fear or distraction or whatever. So I'm aware that this is no final state of perfection. It seems there are always more layers to help us stay humble. And that is fine. It just doesn't matter. The fact is that it is what it is, no more and no less, and what is is just fine with me. I have no more desire to fight Life, to argue with what is, as I find most of the rest of us doing every day – fighting with what is. How very strange for us to be in this state. It will be nice once we regain full memory of all of our experience, here, so such things will fall into their right place and make heart sense, again. Mind sense I'm less and less attached to every day. Logic is a pale and puny excuse for our higher-state functioning and way of understanding. It's a superficial thing which is useful for 3D, but that's all. I don't know how to explain these things – or even if I can explain them. What is “explaining,” after all, but relating to mind? And how am I to relate to your mind when I can't relate to my own very well? Where does that leave me, and where leave these journals? I really don't know. Time will tell the tale. What can one say from the emptiness within? What is to convey or communicate? I laugh a bit, now, when I look to her whose specialty in this life – taken quite seriously and joyfully, too – was communication. Where is she, now? And who is or was she? And yes, who am I? There's 5 or 6 inches of snow outside, everywhere. Yes, it's beautiful, but somehow it doesn't move me like before. The bird feeders are sufficiently full, which is all I seem to care about. God, life is strange! Who am I, indeed?! There are strange noises in my ears. I've been having some higher pitched sounds, but these are low frequency and pulsing, somehow. I don't trust the government in any way, not to be aiming their high-tech devices on us, their people. We're not really theirs, you see. We are of a different lineage, entirely, from those controlling things behind the scenes – those who don't want us coming into our full range of abilities. Such a wide range of

harm they seek to do, poor dears. Now a freezing rain has begun. I'm glad I don't have to go out for anything. It could make driving treacherous. I'm also glad I'm not a bird or a deer, just now. So nice to have warm comfort for the body. In a way, we aren't really here, in this land of illusion made to seem so very real. It's all methods and tricks of illusion that have made us believe in and dive so deeply into this Grand Drama. If it were not for all the poisons attacking our physicality from every direction – including vaccinations of babies only days old and continuing from there – we would probably already have shifted into much higher vibration and levels of consciousness. Are you aware of that? Did you know we'd been held back? How do they work on us? By grabbing our attention. Aside from all the various poisons, like the GMO manipulations of our foods, chem-trails, fluoridated water and so on, their trick is to capture and keep our attention, to guide and direct it where they want it to go. It is to enrich, always to enrich them. Can you see that? Once you can see that, it becomes very natural to deny them what they want. You stop paying attention where they want you to, and you stop believing everything they say. It's a very simple turning away that so many find ourselves doing. It's not like it even happens consciously, for many of us. We just find ourselves pulling away. Then, when we've turned off the major tools of their programming – the TV, the radio, the major media as they're called – we begin to purify. Our body-mind systems are designed to throw such things off, naturally, and they would if they weren't constantly overwhelmed. It gets to be too much for them, and you may find the self in depression over it all. The poor body just can't keep up with the endless stream of toxins. Well, imagine its joy when it finds that constant stream trickling down and being largely cut off. The body can finally begin to dig out from under all the weight and burden it's under. It's a good thing. Some measure of sanity begins to return. We didn't even know we were a bit insane, to be engaging those things that were constantly burdening us with daily programming, which we'd have rough nights trying to work our way through. Some sort of

insanity, indeed. But, as long as we're in the forest we don't see the trees. We just go on blindly, day to day, year to year, and even lifetime to lifetime. This battle has been waging for probably thousands of years. There's evidence for it out there if we look. But who cares? I don't. It just doesn't matter, once you are free of the bulk of the incoming garbage. It's so nice to be free. Who on earth wants to go delving into that mess, anymore? Better to just be shut of it, as Grandma used to say. Touch anything having to do with them, and look out, for you may be pulled back in to the whole mess. That's how it's designed. Just know that what's in you is far greater than anything in this make-believe world, including whatever negative beings supposed populate it. They, and all of their ammo and strategies and plans are nothing, next to who and what you really are. Keep going into heart and you will see this. This is a realm of calm power and Peace that goes beyond words. You just know there is no way that you – the real you who you are – can be harmed. I suppose it's all a game, in a way. I don't know yet, not having fully come out of it, myself. There is pretty much no one who I trust for a guide, anymore. Papaji is no longer separate from me, so I have him as resource in ways not yet understood. I certainly trust him and his teachings. Until they are disproved, I also place some belief in the Sirians who spoke through Patricia Cori in the Sirian Trilogy. And coming in a poor third is the work of Barbara Marciniak (which is still pretty darn good). These are just interesting and not at all important to me, at this point – as they once were. I once relied on them quite a bit. Now as this world (3D) fades into unimportance, so too must such things as this channeling. When it comes to Alex Collier, I have simply tabled everything he ever said, just shoved it aside. Don't forget, I could be wrong in my doubt and distrust of him. “Anything is possible” works both ways. We are nothing, my friends. In some way we are nothing but emptiness. I get closer and closer to realizing this. At this point I can just report on what I am seeing, not quite experiencing, yet, or not doing so fully. I've jumped off a lot of cliffs and tall buildings, but not all of them. Not yet. ;-)

Be suspicious, along with me, when it comes to what is yet hidden in the folds of the garment of your being, your aura. Don't get to thinking too highly of the self, my friends. That just makes you nice, tasty pickings for deceptive beings to play with. Let them be the ones covered over in arrogance. There is none of that in heart, where you will find a very reasonable humility that is aware of short-comings and various flaws yet uncovered by the conscious mind. The bottom line is that none of us – no, not one, even Jesus or Buddha – is better than any of the rest of us. Even Christ said this in his analogy of the vine and the branches: “I am the vine, ye are the branches.” He, too, pointed to this total oneness, but those who came after him (and other great teachers) to create the various religions didn't want us seeing this – so they hid it quite well. We had to be made into sinners and unworthy ones to be kept sufficiently down, so as not to stumble onto our own native divinity, which Christ actually taught. Papaji teaches the same thing. The perfection is already there, within you. Life and society have so focused us outward that we've cut ourselves off from our being, within. Time to go in there, folks. That's all I can say at this point. Go within. You'll find just the same thing that I have. It will shortly be a day of seeming miracles and amazements. Don't look to others, ever, as being better than you are. That's a lie that's been planted so long ago that it's hard to trace backward. The whole idea of separation, itself, is one big, ugly lie. So, of course they had to take down our DNA to only 2 strands, or they never could have gotten away with such rot as all of this. In our full, radiant being we would have just laughed at their pathetic tricks. As it was, we were so cut off from our real being that we were relatively easy to distract. This mind that we use, today – it is not the real thing. Remember, we access less than 10% of it, so please, friends – don't trust the mind. It's the main tool of programming. Go within. ~~~~~

Practical Uses of Oneness – Stepping Simultaneously In and Back – Being Love
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