========================================================= VirtualDrive Personal V7 Readme (C)Copyright(1993-2002) Farstone Technology Inc.

========================================================= ========================================================= Contents ========================================================= 1. About VirtualDrive 2. System Requirements 3. Installation 4. New Features 5. Technical Support ========================================================= 1. About VirtualDrive ========================================================= VirtualDrive is a revolutionary software that emulates your physical CD-ROM drive. Its innovative technology allows you to create up to 23 virtual CD-ROM drives and unlimited number of CDs on your disk drive. A MUST HAVE FOR GAMERS AND TRAVERS .Run CD-ROMs at a higher performance without having to carry CDs. Enhance your notebook battery performance,efficiency and CD archiving capabilities. Take all your CD's with you on your VirtualDrive! ========================================================= 2. System Requirements ========================================================= *Supports Windows98��ME��2000��NT4(ServicePack6)��Windows XP *25MB free space is needed after installation *A CD-ROM drive(or a DVD drive) ========================================================= 3. Installation ========================================================= Please insert the VirtualDrive CD into your CD drive. The Setup program should start automatically. Also you can run Setup.exe directly.

========================================================= 4. New features ========================================================= 4.1 #1 CD-ROM Game Support��Supports the largest number of games on the market today including copy-protected title.(e.g. Securum,Safedisk1,Safedisk2,Laserlock) 4.2 Supports Windows XP. 4.3 Using XP-style interface . 4.4 New supports CD formats as DVD Video,DVD ROM(data mode) in Windows2000/XP. 4.5 MP3 Audio compression: Choose your favorite CD tracks,create top quality CDs(ripping at 95% compression rate) and listen directly from your hard drive. 4.6 Supports device manager. User may change the position and name of a Virtual Drive. 4.7 You do not need to restart comupter after changing the code, number of Virtual Drive in Windows2000, WindowsXP.

4.8 Converts non-compressed VCDs into ISO files. 4.9 The function of Search VCD enable users to search for disk, VCD files online. And then add them into VirtualDrive manager. 4.10 Directly building, inserting, ejecting VCDs in Windows Explorer. 4.11 Supports hot key to insert a VCD. Note: Securom is the registered trademark of Sony. Safedisc is the registered trademark of Macrovision. Laserlockis the registered trademark of MLS Laserlock. ========================================================= 5. Technical Supports ========================================================= You may contact Farstone technical support department if there are problems(Firstly, please check the FAQ in user's guide or online help to see FAQ. You can also upgrade the software at www.farstone.com To inquire about our latest products information, technology service, and other products information, please visit our website or call us directly or send fax. America Headquarters: 15550-B Rockfield Blvd., Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618 Tel: (949) 458-3666 Fax: (949) 458-3633 Taipei Headquarters: 6 F, 101 Chow Tze Street. Taipei 114, Taiwan. Tel: +886-2-2627-1234 Fax: +886-2-2627-1233 Please refer to www.farstone.com for information of other offices in BeiJin, ShangHai,Guangzhou, KaoHsiang, TaiChung, and ChonQin.