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UGC – Regulation Regarding Deemed University - 2010

GENERAL • • • • • • • •

The institution has to be in existence for at least fifteen years Shall have adequate number of full-time fully qualified faculty Diversity of its programmes of study, proven contribution to innovations in teaching; and, verifiable high quality of research output Having undergone periodic reviews and assessments by recognized external accrediting / assessment agencies Necessary infrastructure is to be made for research activity and faculty has to be engaged in quality research, publications and scholarly works Shall have a proven record of securing merit-based extramural research funding from various public / private agencies. Shall have generated Intellectual Property in the form of patents, copyrights and transfer of technology as a desirable attribute. Shall be engaged in Social service activities

Land and Buildings
• • •

Land – as per Statutory / Regulatory body norms (Rural – 10 acres) Administrative building – 1,000 sq. meters Academic Building, including library, lecture theatres and laboratories, of at least 10,000 sq. meters (Central library alone 2,000 sq. meters) Residential accommodation, Guest house, Hostel facilities

Equipment, Books. Journals and other infrastructural facilities
• •

Equipment, Books and Journals, e-Journals as per Statutory / Regulatory body Internet Broadband Connectivity of appropriate level

Academic Programmes
• •

It shall have under graduate and at least five postgraduate academic departments The faculty shall be as per the norms and guidelines of the respective Statutory Council having the qualifications and pay scales prescribed by the Commission / respective Statutory Council Necessary supporting technical and ministerial staff as per the norms and standards laid down by the respective Statutory body

Corpus Fund

2. For institutions conducting professional programmes. 4. 3.Corpus Fund shall be created and maintained permanently in the name of the proposed institution deemed to be university by way of irrevocable Government Securities or other forms approved by the Commission. Technology. 3. Education -Rs. 4.25 crore APPLICATION Processing fee – Rs. 5. 10 crore For institutions under de novo category -Rs. 2|Page . 1. Approval of the relevant Statutory 7.Whether all the movable and immovable assets of the Institution are legally transferred in the name of the proposed deemed to be university? 6.5 crore For institutions conducting other programmes -Rs. 10 lakh Documentary proof for year of establishment of the Instituation Copy of the Registration certificate / Registered Trust Deed Approval by the affiliating University Documentary proof . 8 crore For institutions conducting programmes. Law. such as Engineering and 2. such as Management. Medicine -Rs. 5. 1.4 crore For institutions conducting both professional and other programmes -Rs.