Henry Larrison Head Master at A.S.A.

305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 The Badge Family 102, Ashton avanue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Mrs. Badge

Thank you, your son will be enrolled for next year’s classes. There is an orientation on the 7th before class’s starts and it is mandatory for all new coming students also your son has to complete a one year training course before being able to go into space to the academy. Before your son can completely enroll he needs to fill out a class selection sheet. The money you sent the academy is strictly use for paying for equipment and staff at the school. The money is enough. I also want to inform you that all student supplies are donated to us from big international companies. Included in the payment is a dormitory which is to be shared will a student of the same rank, age and sex. All Students get a meal plan which includes three meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner. Meals consist of a variety of healthy nutritious space food which is served in a large spacious cafeteria. Each student is takes mandatory classes which include History, Math, Science, Language, English, Physical Education and two classes of your son’s choice. Attached is the class sign up sheet and all details about classes and the requirements to take them also attached is a schedule of school events and important dates. All other questions will be answered at the orientation being held on July 7th, 3025 Sincerely, Henry Larrison

Arcane Space Academy
Course Selection

This booklet describes all of the course given at the Arcane Space Academy. The courses are listed in alphabetical order. The first six courses listed are mandatory classes taken by all students. Each student is aloud to choose two other classes he/ she wishes to take. Each student is warned that he/ she may not make it into the class or classes chosen. Some classes have special requirements needed to take the class. If a student wishes to join a class he/ she must meet all the requirements. If a student wishes to take more classes he/ she must pay a specified fee for the extra course. If a student fails to turn in this booklet he/ she will not have a choice in the classes he/ she takes and will be put into a class at random. If a student does not get into a class and has not listed a second or third choice he/ she will be put into a class at random. This Booklet will be needs to be turned into the main office of the academy any time before the end of the date July 7th 3024.

Section 1: Mandatory Courses.
History In this class students will learn about to history of the school, War, Alien races and the Earth’s Civilization. Each subject takes up 1 quart. This class is taken every other day. The class has daily homework which the student must complete to pass the class. There will be a quarterly exam which is worth fifty percent of the student’s grade. Each student will get a project every quarter that he/ she will have to complete by the end of the quarter. There will also be a semester group project which consists of a small group of 3-4 students completing a presentation outside of class that will be due at the end of every semester. English Each student is required to keep up on there writing skills and must be able to proper grammar. Students will be given four books to read by the end of the year. Each student must write an essay on the book. Essays are expected to be four pages in length. There will be a weekly vocabulary list which is expected of the students to learn them by the end of the week when a weekly vocabulary quiz will be taken. This class will be taken every day. There will be daily homework which the student is expected to complete and turn in the next day.

Math This math course covers the first year of a four year program. The first year consists of a unit of geometry and algebra. There is no daily homework instead every week students are given a problem of the week which will be completed by the end of the week. Each student is expected to keep tracked of every POW he/ she has done so that he/ she can turn it in with a portfolio at the end of each semester. This class will be taken every other day. Science In this course students will be learning about physical science and astronomy. This class is to be taken every other day. There is daily homework that is to be turned in next class. Every quarter there is to be a test on what the students have learned. Every once in a while students will conduct labs in class. For each lab done students have to write up a lab report. There are several labs planned that are to be held on the moon. Physical Education This class is to be taken every Tuesday and Thursday. This class helps students keep in shape. The grade in this class is based on participation. Near the end of the third quarter there is a mandatory fitness test which helps our school know how fit the students are. Language This class covers inter galactic language. Students are expected to keep a note book full of class notes and complete homework on time. After every unit there will be a test on what the students learned in the class. Each student will also participate in a trip to another planet to help them learn the language better.

Section 2: Optional courses
Tactics Infintry course Mechanics ComputerForeign Weapon Air Force course 1 Communications Bomb control Enemy infiltration Pre-Black Ops Requires: Infantry course 1, Computer, Foreign weapons, and Enemy Infiltration Black Ops Training Requires: Pre-Black Ops, Bomb control, and Tactics

Please write two first choices then a second, third and fourth choice next to the course you want to take. Tactics:___ Mechanics:___ Computer:_1_ Infantry Course 1:_2_ Foreign Weapon:_3_ Air Force Course 1:_1_ Communications:___ Bomb control:___ Enemy infiltration:_4_ Pre-Black Ops:___ Black Ops Training:___