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DENT 356 ORAL PATHOLOGY 2 (3 credit hours: 2 theory 1 practical) Jordan University of Science and Technology Faculty of dentistry

Department of Oral Medicine and Surgery Second Semester Course Syllabus Course Information Course Title Course Code Prerequisites Course Website Instructor Office Location Office Phone Office Hours E-mail Teaching Assistant(s) Oral Pathology 2 Dent 356 Oral Pathology 1 E-Learning Dr. Rima Safadi, Postgraduate dental clinics building/JUST Office Phone: 23557 To be determined Dr. Huda Hammad, (now in sabbatical leave)

Course Description This course introduces dental students to basic knowledge in the following subjects: infections of oral mucosa, oral ulcerations and vesiculobullous disease, reactive, Hyperplastic and neoplastic disorders of connective tissues, Keratoses and related disorders of the oral mucosa, Oral epithelial tumors and melanocytic lesions, miscellaneous disorders of oral mucosa, odontomes and odontogenic . Successful completion of the oral pathology2 course should allow students to classify diseases according to the basic pathologic process, be familiar with the clinical, radiographic, and main histopathologic features of significant diseases of the oral and maxillofacial region. In addition, they should be able to make a differential diagnosis of oral lesions based on the knowledge received in the course topics.

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Oral Pathology

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Soames & Southam Mosby 2005 4th edition Lab: computer based case presentations with relevant clinical, histopathological and radiographical images and pictures as ppt presentation will be given to students as ppt file after each lab session and cited at e-learning. -lecture outlines when needed


Assessment Policy Assessment Type Midterm First Exam Second Exam Final Exam Assignments Attendance Participation Theory: Online multiple choice examination Lab: images with multiple choice questions 40% (28 theory, 12 lab) N-A 60% (40 theory, 20 lab) N-A N-A N-A Weights

Course Objectives To acquire a basic understanding of clinical, histopathological and radiographic presentation when appropriate of the main oral and maxillofacial diseases in the following topics: Connective tissues hyperplasia, neoplasia, and related disorders. Keratoses and related disorders of the oral mucosa. Oral epithelial tumors and melanocytic lesions Infections of the oral mucosa. Oral ulcerations and vesiculobullous diseases. Miscellaneous Disorders of Oral mucosa Odontomes and odontogenic tumors. To acquire the skills of providing a reasonable differential diagnosis for cases presented in lab sessions. Teaching & Learning Methods

Classroom lectures as power point presentation using a computer, data show and screen. The lectures are divided as 1.5 hour-lecture twice weekly for this syllabus Class case-discussions on clinical, radiographical and histopathological

images of clinical cases aiming at providing scientific differential diagnosis in lab/practical sessions. Students are encouraged during lab sessions to describe the findings in the provided images, give a differential or definitive diagnosis and defend it. This way, students are encouraged to study the material given in previous lectures and be ready for lab discussions. Exams Textbook reading assignments E learning,

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to Related Reference Objective(s) Understand the most common Chapter 8 in textbook connective tissue hyperplasias of the - lab images /clinical oral cavity and most common cases handed in class 1. neoplasms. Perform a differential diagnosis of an exophytic lesion Understand the definitions, Chapter 9 in textbook pathogenesis, clinical and lab images /clinical 2. histopathologic presentations of cases handed in class keratosis and related disorders of oral mucosa Understand the definitions, Chapter 10 in textbook pathogenesis, clinical and lab images /clinical histopathologic presentations of oral cases handed in class 3. epithelial tumors, melanocytic nevi and malignant melanoma as well as the epidemiology/etiology of oral cancer Understand the clinical and Chapter 11 and Lab 4. pathological features of most common cases infections affecting oral cavity Understand the clinical and Chapter 12 and Lab pathological features of most common cases 5. ulcerations and vesiculobullous diseases affecting the oral cavity Understand the clinical and Chapter 13 and Lab 6. pathological features of a group of oral cases miscellaneous disorders Understand the clinical and Chapter 15 and Lab 7. pathological features of most common cases odontogenic tumors and odontomes Useful Resources

Oral and maxillofacial Pathology by Neville et al, Saunders, 2nd edition 2002, (Developmental Disorders) Useful websites: Course Content Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Topics Connective tissues hyperplasia, neoplasia, and related disorders 2 lectures, 1 lab Keratoses and related disorders of the oral mucosa 2 lectures, 1 lab Oral epithelial tumors and melanocytic lesion 3 lectures, 1 lab Infections of Oral Mucosa 3 lectures, 1 lab Oral Ulcerations & Vesiculobullous Diseases , 3 lectures 1 lab Miscellaneous Disorders of Oral mucosa, 1 lecture, 1 lab Odontomes and Odontogenic Tumors 2 lectures 1 lab Chapter in text 8 9 10 11 12 13 16

Additional Notes Attendance: Students must attend not less than 90% of all scheduled classes and labs. Class participation is required. Should an absence be necessary, student should contact the course instructor within 1 week.