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Welcome to NU

Japanese and Chinese Take Home / Delivery Service


Monday to Sunday

5pm to 11pm
(Delivery Service Starts at 5pm
and stops 10 mins before closing)


We deliver free
on orders of £10.00 and over within a 3 miles radius
Otherwise, a delivery charge of £1.50 is applied
(Please take note)


We accept CASH
Major CREDIT/DEBIT cards on orders over £10.00
(Orders under £10.00 paid by CREDIT / DEBIT
will incur a surcharge of £1.00
(Please take note)


NU Website:
Free Bottle of
Red / White Wine on
orders over £40.00
Japanese and Chinese Cuisine
Mixed Starters £12.00
seaweed /prawn toast / satay skewers / spare ribs JAPANESE A (2 persons)
Mini spring rolls (4) £3.20 Ebi katsu
deep fried egg rolls made with minced pork Gyoza
and vegetables Chicken teriyaki bento
Vegetarian spring rolls (8) £3.20 Salmon teriyaki bento
deep fried egg rolls made with various vegetables
Sesame prawn toast £4.20 CHINESE B (2 persons)
Mussels in: Spring roll
a) Black bean sauce £5.00 BBQ ribs
b) Butter and garlic sauce Prawn crackers
King prawn roll (4) £4.00 Sweet and sour chicken
deep fried king prawns wrapped in egg pastry Beef in black bean sauce
with a hint of curry flavour Egg fried rice
Crispy shredded beef. £5.00
crispy strips of beef coated with a sweet and spicy sauce
Satay chicken skewers (3) £4.50
CHINESE C (2 persons)
1/4 Aromatic Duck
skewered chicken served with peanut sauce
Chicken in yellowbean sauce and cash'
Chicken wings in: a) Hot pepper sauce £4.00
Beef in black bean sauce
b) Chilli and pepper
Sweet and sour pork
Egg fried rice
Deep fried seaweed £3.60
Prawn crackers £1.50
Aromatic Duck Quarter £7.00 Half £13.00 MIXED D (2 persons)
crispy fragrant duck served with pancakes (6) Prawn toast
cucumber, spring onion, hoisin sauce Gyoza
Vegetarian Duck (6) rolls wrapped Teriyaki chicken
and ready to eat £5.00 Beef in black bean sauce
a vegetarian option of the aromatic duck served Yasai soba
with deep fried sweet tofu, pancakes(6), Egg fried rice
hoisin sauce, cucumber, spring onion
CHINESE E (3 persons)
BBQ ribs
JAPANESE STARTERS Vegetarian spring rolls
Prawn crackers
Gyoza (5) £4.00 BBQ beef
grilled Japanese dumplings filled with Sweet and sour prawn
chicken and vegetables Chicken in black bean sauce
Yasai Gyoza (5) £4.00 Chicken fried rice
grilled Japanese dumplingsfilledwith various vegetables Singapore rice noodle
Tempura: a) Vegetables £4.00
b) Prawns (6) £ 5.50 CHINESE F (4 persons)
Ebi-Katsu(4) £4.00
1/2 Aromatic Duck
deep fried king prawn coated with breadcrumbs
Prawn toast
Yaki-Tori(3) £4.50
Prawn crackers
skewered chicken char-grilled with sweet
Sweet and sour chicken
Japanese Yakatori sauce
King prawn with mixed vegetable
Chilli tofu £3.80
Pork with black pepper
Edamame £3.80
Beef in black bean sauce
steamed soya bean pods marinated in a
Yeung chow rice
ginger/spring onion sauce
Singapore rice noodles

SOUPS MIXED G (4 persons)

Hot and Sour soup £2.50 Ebi katsu
Chicken and Sweetcorn soup £2.50 1/2 Aromatic Duck
Crabmeat and Sweetcorn soup £2.80 Salmon teriyaki
Won-Tonsoup £3.20 Beef teriyaki
Tom Yum Kung soup £3.50 Sweet and sour chicken
spicy Thai prawn soup with lemon grass and lime leaf Hunan beef
Miso soup £2.50 Singapore rice noodles
this healthy Japanese soup is made with white miso Egg fried rice
paste, tofu, sake, wakame, spring onion
Chinese chicken curry £4.50
Chinese prawn curry £5.50
Chinese beef curry £5.00
Chinese vegetarian curry £4.50
PORK £4.50 Thai influenced curry dish with carrots, onions,
LAMB £5.00 aubergine and coconut milk slightly spicy
PRAWNS BALLS WITH Chicken green curry £4.50
SWEET & SOUR SAUCE £5.50 Lamb green curry £5.00
DUCK £5.50 King prawn green curry £5.50

•u are not sure which sauce is suitable accompanying your Mixed vegetables £4.50
t, please ask for recommendation from our friendly staff. various vegetables stir fried in a garlic and
a) Black beans sauce oyster sauce
b) Sweet and sour sauce Pakchoy in oyster sauce £4.00
c) Kung po sauce Beansprouts with garlic £3.50
d) BBQ sauce stir fried beansprouts with garlic and spring onions
e) Szechuan sauce Stir fried green beans £4.00
f) Satay sauce lightly stir fried beans with garlic
g) Oyster sauce Green bean in a miso sauce £4.00
h) Hunan sauce Sea spice aubergine £4.50
i) Orange sauce deep fried aubergine cooked in spicy sauce
j) Lemon sauce Tofu and Aubergine age £5.00
k) Pineapple deep fried tofu and aubergine cooked with pepper,
I) Cashew nut sauce onions, carrots in miso sauce
m) Mixed vegetables Szechuan tofu £4.50
n) Mushrooms Teriyakitofu £4.50
o) Broccoli deep fried tofu cooked in Teriyaki sauce
p) Lemongrass and asparagus
q) Yellowbean sauce with cashewnuts
r) Ginger and spring onions RICE AND NOODLES
s) Black pepper sauce
Steamed Japanese rice £2.20
BBQ roast pork £4.50 Vegetable fried rice £3.20
slices of barbeque roast pork glazed with honey Egg fried rice £2.20
Spare ribs in: a) honey sauce £4.50 Chicken fried rice £3.50
b) hot pepper sauce Yeung chow rice £3.50
c) chilli and pepper Singapore fried rice £3.50
d) BBQ sauce Singapore fried rice noodles £3.80
spicy stir fried rice noodles with shrimps,
pork, chicken and various vegetables
INDIVIDUAL FISH DISHES Plain frkdgoba/Udon £2.50
Yaki Soba/Udon £4.50
Honey and pepper monkfish £6.50 a stir fried noodle dish with chicken, shrimps and
Monkfish with broccoli £6.50 various vegetables
Monkfish in black bean sauce £6.50 Spicy Yaki Soba/Udon £4.50
Mixed Seafood £6.00 Yasai Soba/Udon £4.50
king prawns, squid, scallops, monkfish and vegetables. stir fried noodle dish with various vegetables
Stir fried in garlic and oyster sauce with a
hint of rice wine.
Squid in black bean sauce £5.00
Chilli and pepper squid £5.00
Sushi rice topped with thin slice of fish or vegetables
TERIYAKI with: a) Chicken £4.50
b) Chicken katsu £4.50 Salmon nigiri £2.50
deep fried chicken fillet coated Tuna nigiri £2.50
with breadcrumbs served with a Prawn nigiri £2.50
sauce of your choice Sweet tofu nigiri £2.50
(teriyaki, tonkatsu, curry) Egg nigiri £2.50
c) Salmon £5.50 Eel nigiri £3.00
d) JBeef. £5.00 Squid nigiri £3.00
e) King prawn £5.50 Octopus nigiri £3.00
f) Duck £5.50
Miso salmon £5.50
deep fried salmon cooked with a savoury miso sauce SASHIMI
Raw cuts of fresh fish (3 slices)
BENTO BOX Salmon £3.00
The Japanese Bento Box is served in a container
Tuna £3.50
with different section, main course, rice, salad and 2pc of Citrus tuna £4.00
accompanying sushi rolls Citrus salmon £3.50
Raw cuts of tuna or salmon marinated in a citrus sauce
Chicken teriyaki bento £7.00
Chicken katsu bento £7.00
Salmon teriyaki bento £7.00 SUSHI SETS
Tempura vegetables bento £7.00 All sushi sets come with miso soup, pickle ginger,
vegetables fried with Japanese tempura flour
wasabi, soya sauce
Tofu bento .', £6:50 .
deep fried tofu cooked with sweet Japanese sauce
Nigiri set £10.00
2 pce salmon, 2 pce tuna, 2 pce prawn, 2 pce eel,
MAKI SUSHI ROLLS 2 pce squid, 2 pce octopus
Sushi rolls wrapped with seaweed (6pce)
Seafood set £9.00
Salmon maki ...£3.00
Tunamaki £3.00 2 pce salmon nigiri, 2 pce tuna nigiri, 2 pce prawn
Cucumber maki £2.50 nigiri, 4 pce salmon maki, 4 pce tuna maki
Futomaki £3.00
Californian roll £3.50 Mixed sushi set £8.50
Californian crunch (5 pee)
2 pce Californian roll, 2 pce futomaki, 6 pce cucumber
Californian roll deep fried with breadcrumbs,
garnished with drizzles of teriyaki sauce maki, 2 pce salmon nigiri, 2 pce tuna nigiri
Your choice of fillings: a) Crabstick and avocado £4.00
b) Cooked chicken £4.00 Mixed sashimi set £9.00
c) King prawns £4.50 3 pce salmon, 3 pce tuna, 3 pce squid, 3 pce octopus
Temaki roll (2 rolls) £5.00
Your choice of fillings |h h [ j
- Salmon / tuna / crabsticks and avocado
- Tempura king prawn
Vegetarian temaki (2 rolls) £3.50 Chips £1.50
Flying fish roe ^WJPH|£3.50 Curry sauce £1.50
Teriyaki sauce £1.50
Sweet and sour sauce £1.50
Sweet chilli sauce £1.00
Chilli sauce/ oil £1.00

Please ask staff for availability
Can/ coke/diet coke/ 7up/ tango 60p
Bottle coke/diet coke 1.51tr £1.60
If you don't see a dish you want from our menu,
Still/Sparkling water 1.51tr £1.60
please ask our staff, if we can, we will cook it for you