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Kathryn Diamond

2007 Kathryn Diamond

Part One Life in the Beginning (2015)

I remember the old earth. Seems like ages ago I was born, though Im quite sure it was only fifty-two or fifty-three years, at most. Just beyond the baby boomer era, I was brought into this world on a snowy December night in 1963. Back then, UFOs were called flying saucers, and if you claimed to see one, they regarded you as a bit crazy. My mother wore dresses mostly, with black-healed shoes constricting her feet. Our neighbor was the only black man for miles around, and all the families on our block had fences to mark their space. Sculpted bushes and trimmed trees, mown lawns, and white picket barriers with barking dogs dotted the land. Streets were paved black while cars sped down the roadways, hurrying to destinations unknown. I owned a bicycle back then with high chrome handlebars, capped in white plastic with dangling pink and yellow streamers, a banana seat, and flower power stickers that were worn and cracked from sitting on their petals. As children, we chanted nasty rhymes about the candidates in the upcoming election because our parents had heated arguments we sometimes overheard when we were supposed to be sleeping, making it acceptable in our minds. No one wore seatbelts, causing me to fall from my mothers lap out the car door when I was barely two. It was a mystery why I wasnt killed, and they said it was a miracle. Bigotry ran rampant as racial slurs rolled off tongues like a teething babys drool. Church was mandatory on Sundays, and they taught us the Jesus Loves Me song that I sang sometimes when I was scared or lonely. Other than that, God was only taken off the shelf for one hour a week then neatly tucked back in His place. If you talked about Him any day but Sunday, except as part of a curse or exclamation, you were considered a religious fanatic and generally avoided. Comic books were my favorite reading material, especially the Archie series. Somehow, I felt powerful when Veronica yelled at Archie because, for the most part, I was raised not to yell. Or lose my temper. In fact, my parents gave me a box once with Jesus on the cover. Father cut a hole in the top, a place for me to deposit pennies every time I went into a rage, stomping around the house or throwing my sisters hairbrush. My early adult years found me assuming the role of doormat, as I was afraid to yell. The pennies went to charity, and I filed for divorce. So much has changed in the fifty or so years since I was born. How could I ever have guessed what the future would hold, what

wonders would prevail? Nothing is as it was. All is as it should be. Here is my story.

Chapter One
Teach me something new. I looked at Alleyana as she sat cross-legged on the coarsely woven blanket, field grass swaying behind her to the beat of a gentle breeze. Her fair skin glowed as luminescent gray eyes searched my face. What do you want to know, Mommy? Anything. Everything. Lets re-create something. Okay. Alleyana scanned the field, her five-year-old face intent as she puckered her lips in thought. With cheeks still pudgy and baby fat, her lips appeared as fine cherry stems against ivory skin, tinted blue. My skin had also changed, an ethereal light infusing cells that were once much denser. In fact, my entire body was different re-coded, re-wired, and silicon-based rather than carbon-based. My breasts appeared more rounded, my waistline a little thicker, and my face was radiant with a pale blue light. I was content with my outer shell, my vessel, seeing it for what it was a tool for experiencing physical reality. Over there. Alleyana pointed to a tree at the edge of the field. It was mammoth, an old oak tree with spreading limbs, and thick with lime green leaves. A grayish mist curled around the mighty trunk, swirling with a life of its own. Make the mist disappear then bring it back again, Alleyana instructed. Okay. How? What concepts do I use? Alleyana giggled, making me chuckle, as well. You know how, silly! Just pretend. That none of this is real? Of course! Yes, the most basic of lessons, my dear daughter. Then why cant I seem to master this most simple concept? You like the illusion, Mommy. You want to believe this is reality, but its not. Ninety-nine percent of reality is the unseen world, not physical reality, I mumbled aloud, remembering one of my first lessons. Just as my little girl had taught me, the earth was little more than a playground for our souls. A place to experiment with our heavenly attributes within the density of physical form. The key was letting go of preconceived notions and having faith that anything was possible. All right, little one, here goes. There is no mist around that tree, there is no mist around that tree, there is no mist around that tree

For an instant, I believed. At the moment my faith congealed, I opened my eyes. You did it! Alleyana squealed. You did it, Mommy! We both examined the tree, which was stark in the morning light, outlined against a rosy blue sky, almost pulsing with a beat of its own. Suddenly, the entire tree disappeared. Mommy! You went too far! Alleyana scolded. Focus! she commanded. Hey, who did that anyway? Maybe it was you. No. I can control it. You have to practice more. I do? Yes. Suddenly a giggle of delight burst forth from her cherry lips. Mother and daughter again, my precious child sprung from her blanket, throwing herself into my arms. I cuddled her warmly, kissing her neck, which always made her squeal and squirm against me. Alleyana smelled like the earth and a bouquet of fresh wildflowers, all at the same time. After several minutes of frolicking, she kissed me sweetly and turned my head towards the place where the tree once stood. Her tiny fingers held my face as she whispered softly in my ear. Make it come back now, Mommy. Her voice was serious, demanding the teacher once more. Closing my eyes, I imagined the tree as it was before. Mist swirled around the thick old trunk as I envisioned the trees every detail in my minds eye. Blinking rapidly, I examined the spot at the edge of the field. Yes! Very good, Mommy, you did it. Alleyana was pleased as we both admired the beauty of the ancient oak tree, soaking up its energy as we inhaled deeply. Youre a wonderful teacher, Alleyana. Thank you. I kissed her cheek, marveling at the softness of her skin, as I showered her with love. After the great shift of 2012, when the earth and mankind began vibrating at a higher frequency, humans suddenly had access to their divine birthright all twelve strands of DNA. Scientists had always believed only two strands existed. Then they discovered a third strand. Yet, not until the time of the great shift were all twelve original strands of DNA activated in the evolving human. I can still remember that first thrilling moment when we discovered our glorious new powers, ones we had always possessed but forgotten how to use. Our evolutionary leap produced a new root race a super human, of sorts.

Shall we go inside now and play? Then perhaps later on, after lunch and nap time, well visit with Duncan. Duncans here? Alleyanas mouth widened, her eyes glinting like metallic jewels in the morning sunshine. Yes. He arrived late last night. Now! Cant we see him now? No, precious, hes busy with council meetings. After our nap, he promised to stop by. I want to see him so badly. I know, and so do I. We will see him soon, but you must have patience. Alleyana smiled, knowing it wouldnt be long before she was wedged beneath her fathers strong arm. Unable to conceal my own excitement over seeing Duncan again, I hugged Alleyana tightly, pulling her close to my heart. I knew hiding my thoughts from my daughter was pointless, as we are all telepathic, so I let them flow, training them to remember only good times, not letting the pain of abandonment color my memories. I did not want Alleyana to feel my pain during this wonderful moment, so I focused on the love overflowing from my heart at the thought of seeing Duncan again. Later, I would remind myself for the thousandth time that Duncan had not abandoned us. He merely left to continue his work, something I understood and accepted both at the time and now. Yet, deep within me dwelled emotions from the old me, the aspect that felt abandoned and forsaken. I made a mental note to speak with Crystalia, my life teacher, about these buried feelings of resentment that needed healing, once again. Springing to my feet as I set Alleyana down in the golden threads of wheat, I bent over and caressed the field grass, smelling its earthy scent. My daughter followed my lead, accepting the ritual, speaking the words Id taught her. Thank you, wheat grass, for holding us in your arms while we meditated this beautiful morning. I repeated the words before taking her tiny hand in mine and skipping along the dirt path. We sang to the morning as we inhaled the rich aroma of lightly scented flowers and the friendly breeze wafted through our hair. At one point, we lifted off the ground and floated five or six feet before Alleyanas giggles brought us back to earth. Not far along the path, a lovely gazelle darted out, stopping for a moment, allowing us to run our fingers through her tufted coat. We both perceived her thoughts as she asked the direction of the nearest

stream and Alleyana pointed down the path. Loping off, the gazelle thanked us in her mind and frolicked down the dirt road, licking her parched lips. She was very thirsty, I commented. The poor dear was running around so much, she forgot where she was. Im thirsty, too, Alleyana complained. How far are we from home, Mommy? Well, we walked more than usual today. Shall we try to think our way back, or do you prefer the exercise? I want to go home. Alleyana closed her eyes and instantly disappeared. Shoot, I mumbled, my fingers suddenly empty as my daughter de-materialized into thin air. Youre so much better at that than I am. Okay. Guess Id better try. I closed my eyes and envisioned our home in as much detail as possible. Not focusing on the journey but on the emotions I associated with home, I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, trying to allay my unreasonable panic at Alleyanas sudden disappearance. I reminded myself that she was perfectly safe and would be waiting for me when I got there. I felt a slight pop as I hopped dimensions and found myself before our bubble dome, Alleyana smiling cheerfully up at me, just as Id imagined. I won! she bragged. Youre slow. Oh, you think so, do you? Well, my legs are longer, so I know I can beat you in this dimension. I began running down the dirt path that wound its way through our community. Unable to resist my playfulness, Alleyana raced to keep up. Others laughed as we passed by. Jilly! Alleyana screeched to a halt as her best friend popped out from behind a glass tower. The structure glistened as refracted sunbeams bounced off the crystals that were made of various shades of rose quartz, chiseled by sound waves into pyramids of gleaming light. It was the temple where sacred meditations could be initiated by any who sought guidance from the council of the wise. Can I play? Jilly asked. He was a caramel color, his parents having been African American before the great shift, before donning their lightbodies. Of course, I said. Actually, I believe story hour is about to begin. Would you like to join us, Jilly? Both Alleyana and Jilly grew excited at the mention of stories. Is your mother here? No, Jilly answered. Shes at council, but she wont mind. Ill let her know. Squeezing his eyes shut, Jilly sent a mental message to

his mother that he would be joining Alleyana for story hour. He smiled as she gave her approval. Its okay, he confirmed. Where is it today? Alleyana asked. I dont care. How about our home? We havent been there all morning, and Id like to check on a few things first. Lets see if Leliel and Hanoya want to join in. They both agreed as we sought out the other children, using our intuition as a guide. We found them together in the common area, playing with blocks. Look what I can do, Kalani, Leliel said as he looked me in the eye and smiled broadly. What? Show me. Leliel, who was from Oriental heritage and older than the other children, levitated several violet cubes into the air, then made them dance about, crisscrossing like dolphins in a perfectly synchronized fashion. Everyone present applauded Leliels accomplishment. Many of the younger children had already mastered the trick, but it was the first time Leliel was able to, though hed been trying for several weeks. Wonderful! I praised, knowing how proud he was of his work. Psycho kinesis is still difficult for me, but that is reasonable since I am considered an elder from the old schools. Alleyana was born knowing and has taught me an incredible amount in the last year, since she came of age. Would you like to join us for story hour? I asked Leliel and Hanoya. I was rewarded with an enthusiastic shaking of heads. With parents nearby, telepathic messages were unnecessary. We all walked the short distance to the bubble dome I shared with Alleyana, several fish, and a rather ornery cockatoo. Named Fred, the bird was also from ancient times or the Dark Ages, as we began to call them. He was over 100 years old and loved to shout greetings as we entered the dome. Stand back! Fred warned. The shift is coming! The shift is coming! Silly Fred, Hanoya teased. You say that every time we come here. The shift came a long time ago. She was Alleyanas age with dark brown eyes that sparkled with laughter and curly red hair. Hes still getting over it, I told them. Dont forget, Fred is an old timer. He was around long before the great shift and remembers times long ago when the world was different than it is now. Tell us about the great shift again, Kalani, Jilly begged. Can we have that for story hour today? We love the way you tell it.

The others agreed, so I checked on the fish and poured drinks of pure living water for everyone as they snuggled into their favorite floor cushions that were jelly-like in substance and heated by the sun to make them toasty warm. Taking a moment to adore the children and draw strength from the love emanating from their eyes, I took a deep breath and allowed myself to remember the ancient times. It was important to teach them these things, I knew, so that humanity would never again make the mistakes that caused so much misery, pain, and strife. Many years ago, I began, the earth was a dark place. People were afraid of many things as they built fences around land and called it their own. They loved their homes more than each other and worked tirelessly to attain great wealth and power. They forgot what was important as they turned away from the Creator, thinking they were separate from It. They treated Lady Gaia with disrespect, polluting her waters with toxins and dumping chemicals into her earth. They poisoned the air with smoke from automobiles, unable to transport themselves in any other way. Psychic abilities were often considered evil. Angels and the divine were just fairy tales for many people who did not believe in the existence of anything they could not see or touch. Much jealousy was felt by those who had little compared to those who had plenty, for there was a great inequity among people. As a result, wars were fought where mankind killed their own and caused pain and suffering for those left behind. Death was a common thing that appeared to happen without rhyme or reason, and many mourned their loved ones, believing they would never see them again. It was difficult telling the children of the horrors I could recall, but I knew it was necessary for them to know of the past that we may never regress to our former way of existing. As I spoke, I watched their faces and could feel the anguish my words evoked. These special children possessed such total empathy that they felt my pain as I remembered days long gone and the earth I once knew. Then God, as we called the Creator then, reigned down Its light on mankind. Using a series of events that the world had created with their hatred and their greed to teach lessons to us all. Weve spoken of the 9-11 that began the worlds awakening and other events that were an inevitable result of the karma mankind created with its wars and evil deeds. Well not go into that again today. Yet, while much evil existed, there was also great love and kindness among many people of all nations. Heroes abounded after the 9-11 and people opened their hearts as they began to learn how to forgive and have compassion for their enemies.


There were also many people who spread kindness and goodwill, teaching peace and tolerance. The children had already begun to arrive your fathers and mothers, the indigo children. They were the first wave of special souls who incarnated for the Creator. The next wave, as you well know, are you, dear children the Crystal Children. At one time, we called you the Children of Oz because we were just beginning to learn of your amazing ability to pretend and of your knowledge that the world was only illusion. I searched their eyes, showing them the love and high esteem I held for their unique talents and their evolved soul status. You led the way through our times of tribulation, teaching your parents about love. Remember, the indigos were the system-busters, breaking down the old world order so that you who came after them could instill the energy of love and peace. Enough light was born on the planet and within mankind that the great shift was finally possible. Many who worked for the light coordinated a ceremony where prayers were given and vibrations were raised at precisely the moment that planet earth passed through the third star gate, entering the photon band in the last year of time-as-we-know-it or the year 2012. Before that grand event, however, something else happened. I could see the fragments of fear in the childrens faces. Do not be afraid, I told them. It was meant to be and the Creator knew that the dark forces would not go easily. The Anunnaki, who were the alien race that rearranged human DNA 300,000 years ago, waging a silent campaign of fear and mind control, came forth with a last-ditch attempt to thwart the light. They had managed to infiltrate the governments, religious orders, corporations, and all other manner of power figures the world over. They knew that mankind was on the brink of the great shift, catapulting the world into a new golden age. Because the Anunnaki were of a lower vibration, they knew they would not survive the great shift, so they attempted to trick the people one last time. Manipulating sound waves, the Anunnaki caused a loud trumpet noise to resound around the globe. As people came out of their houses and looked to the skies, the Anunnaki projected holographic images of Jesus the Christ and Mother Mary into the clouds. Many people believed the images were real. They fell to their knees, weeping at the sight of their religious deities whom they felt had come to save them. Others, however, were not fooled. Their inner guidance helped them to realize that the images were fake, an attempt to deceive them, as they squinted at the holograms, using their third eye for discernment. They spoke out, crying Anunnaki! Anunnaki! to warn


the people who, by now, were quite familiar with the term for the reptilian race whod corrupted mankind, as many books had been written on the subject. I looked around at my captive audience, seeing their wise eyes and knowing they were quite adept at conquering their fears. These children were creatures of love, having overcome the emotion they knew was the opposite of love in a world that was once so dualistic in nature. Tell us more, Mommy, Alleyana said. As you know, the holograms began to speak. They told the people that only those who feared God would be saved. They told mankind that they were sinners and that judgment day had arrived. Very few would survive if they did not repent. They would not only die, if they did not fear God, but they would burn in the fires of hell forever. Many people were thrown into fear and panic, believing they were not good enough to enter the kingdom of heaven or to be spared their lives and the horrors of hell. It was the same age-old rhetoric that the Anunnaki had used for thousands of years to control the masses through fear and manipulation. Others saw through their lies. They tried to convince those around them that God was not a vengeful God, but a loving God. There were no requirements to enter heaven as our souls are eternal sparks and one with God. This mythical place called hell was nothing more than a fear tactic. In fact, the holograms were nothing more than fear tactics. If people began to fear at the moment of the great shift, they would not be able to raise their vibrational frequency enough to evolve into the fifth dimension. This is what the Anunnaki were counting on instilling fear among the people. What happened next, Kalani? Leliel asked, although theyd all heard the story many times before. Three weeks passed. Those who worked for the light were very busy during that time, trying to calm the peoples fears, to reason with them and convince them that the holographic images theyd seen in the skies were not really Jesus and Mary but were put there by the Anunnaki to instill fear in their hearts. Many people were aware of the predictions of the great Mayan calendar that foretold the end of timeas-we-know-it to occur on December 21, 2012, just three days away. Astrologically, the earth was passing into the photon band, an event that happens every 26,000 years. There were still many people who scoffed at the ideas presented. They did not believe that anything unusual was going to occur on December 21st. But others knew that critical mass was achieved many years before, as 144,000 soul groups had reached the point of evolved


consciousness that the great shift was assured. For many years, theyd worked very hard to awaken others to their spirituality so more would be able to transcend, knowing that Lady Gaia had made the decision to evolve. Anyone not vibrating at the proper frequency of consciousness would not be invited to the cosmic party, or the great shift, which did occur, just as the Mayan calendar had predicted, on December 21, 2012. It all happened in the blink of an eye. Where did the other people go to, Kalani? Jilly asked. There was a splitting of realities. Those whod evolved and were vibrating at the fifth-dimensional love frequency immediately found themselves in a new world our beautiful garden, our paradise. The others remained in the third-dimensional reality to continue their lessons. Some people had agreed to remain on the old earth to help those souls, for the Creator had granted every soul living during the end times a special dispensation that all could achieve ascension in this one lifetime, if they so desired. They could still wake up to find themselves in our paradise, if they would only give up their fears and embrace the love frequency. I remember building the new earth, Mommy! Alleyana interrupted. I knew of her involvement, but she loved to tell me, just the same, every time we reached this part in the story. I was one of the souls who helped to build Lady Gaia. We all thought very hard about the things we wanted, the things we loved about the other side that we could place on Lady Gaia. Only those things of the right frequency would work. We built the new earth right over the old one, in a different dimension. Then, when the shift came, they just broke apart. Alleyana showed me how the realities of the two worlds had split apart by holding her fingers together in the shape of a ball, then pulling them apart to form two separate balls. You did a wonderful job, too, I praised, smiling proudly at my daughter. Did the people on the old earth know what happened? Leliel asked. Not really. Those who were left behind did not realize the truth of the matter. All they knew was that many of their loved ones had suddenly disappeared. There was talk of the fabled rapture from the Bible. Eventually, they went on with their lives, unable to explain the phenomenon. Their world continued getting darker, however, for they had brought this on themselves by believing in the lies and fear tactics of their governments and their religions. They let themselves be manipulated by mind-control devices such as television and radio that the Anunnaki used to control and limit the frequency of the humans.


You see, the composition of the Anunnaki is metallic based, so they were quite good at manipulating electronic devices. The humans did not even realize all of the subliminal messages the Anunnaki fed into these devices to control their thinking and feed their fears. What happened to you, Mommy, when you came to the garden? Oh, Alleyana, it was wonderful! It was the most spectacular feeling of love, inner peace, and joy that you can imagine. As many of us ascended, bringing heaven to earth by raising our consciousness, we unlocked the codes that were deep inside us. As you know, like attracts like. By raising our vibrational frequency to one of love, the photons of pure light bombarding our new world had an amazing effect on our bodies. For years, the higher realms had been preparing mankind in their sleep for this possible evolutionary leap. All of the aches and pains, the headaches, the dizziness and stomach disorders were actually the result of the re-wiring and re-structuring of our DNA by the higher realms. The density of our bodies lessened to a crystalline structure, rather than the carbon-based cells wed once possessed. With our new lightbodies came amazing gifts. Our DNA strands, of which we had only two previously working, were now functioning at their full twelve-strand capacity. Our brains were running at 90%, rather than the 10% wed formerly accessed. A knowingness consumed everyone. We were all aware of certain rules now, such as having respect for our new planet, Lady Gaia, and the animals, fish, and fowl. They would not be used as food ever again or made to suffer. We were to treat them as co-inhabitants of our new earth. All would be provided, and our knowingness increased, helping us to find edible plants and vegetables that grew in the wild as we began speaking telepathically to the growing things, learning their ancient wisdom. I love this story, Hanoya said sleepily. May we nap now? Im not hungry. Of course you can, I readily agreed. Many of the children looked sleepy. It appeared that only I was craving food. Then again, these children did not need to fill their lightbodies with dense matter to sustain their energy. The more light a body was able to hold, the less food it required. Even as I spoke, their eyes drifted shut, as they sunk dreamily into their jelly cushions and left their bodies. Taking advantage of the opportunity for a break, I walked outside and plucked a light-charged pink apple from a tree beside the dome. Savoring its flavor and eating slowly, I was completely full by the time I reached the core. Depositing the seeds into a special container to be planted later, I


rested beneath a weeping willow and contemplated the story I had just told. The old earth seemed so far away. Id spent 49 years of my life there and only a handful of years in the new world. It was hard to tell exactly how long it had been, since there were no clocks in the new world and no one worried about keeping track of time. I felt so at home and at peace on Lady Gaia that I felt Id been here forever. My only apprehension that day was how I would react when Duncan came back into my life. For I knew his stay was temporary, and the love we shared was so very strong. Breathing deeply, I tried to meditate, but it was no use. Stretching out beneath the warm shade of the willow, I closed my eyes and found myself getting very sleepy.


Chapter Two
Awaken, sweet dreamer, our time has come. I heard the voice and thought I was still dreaming. Becoming conscious of his presence in my imaginary world, I began paying attention to the crystal clear pictograms I was receiving. I saw him standing beside a deep well, his smile effervescent, as always, with a ladle poised in his hand. Next, he was bathing in a sparkling stream, holding out his hand, helping me over the rocks. I felt a feathery touch on my cheek and startled awake. Duncan? Am I asleep? No, Kalani. Im here beside you, in the flesh. I was trying to bring you out of it gently. Duncan! Awake now, I sprung from my spot beneath the willow tree and threw myself into his waiting arms. He grasped me tight and laughed softly. Oh, how I remembered that laugh! I knew he was near through our telepathic bond and that he needed to attend council, but it had been twelve lonely moons since wed set eyes upon one another. The feel of his arms around me again brought tears to my eyes. Resting my cheek on his shoulder for a moment, we absorbed the warmth of togetherness before I held him at arms length and examined him thoroughly. Youve changed, I stated slowly, but for the better. Youre thinner and look even healthier, if thats possible. My word, Duncan, youre positively glowing! He laughed, throwing back his head as his chestnut hair, spattered with reddish highlights, glittered in the sunlight. It was longer now, sweeping down to his shoulders. His eyes, though, were the same light Hershey color, rich and expressive, as they scanned my own appearance. I let his eyes feast on me, while being intent on my own observations. Your hair is much longer. Are you mimicking Sananda? You and the others? Have you followed him, then, to the ends of Lady Gaia? I could not hide the momentary jealousy in my voice or in my thoughts. He picked up on it immediately. Face growing serious, I could feel his concern for me even before he spoke. Youve missed me, Kalani, I know. While you understand my work, I know youve resented my absence. My abandonment. I gasped, unable to help myself. You knew! I accused. Yes. Your thoughts are never far from my own, though we may be continents apart, dear one.


Suddenly embarrassed by the turn of my thoughts, I blushed and lowered my eyes, feeling overwhelmed by my emotions. I felt strong hands clasping my upper arms, the heat and intensity of his grip, which was only light and completely non-threatening, coursing through my layers of skin, seemingly penetrating to the bone. Im sorry, Duncan. I should be more evolved in my thinking. I know your work is very important, and I dont mean to mock Sananda at all. You know I love him, as we all do. Forgive me. Im still an old timer, you know, and the way is often hard. I know. Do you forget my own background? There is still much of the old us that needs to be healed. Yes. I was going to see Crystalia soon. Shes my life teacher and a wonderful guide. I must learn to accept your role, your work. I know youll be leaving again, and I cannot fall apart, for Alleyanas sake. Duncan smiled. How is our little girl? I have missed her almost as much as Ive missed you, Kalani. He smiled at me then and, suddenly, nothing else mattered. Not the fact that Duncan would only stay briefly, then be on his way, once more. Not the tortured loneliness I would undoubtedly feel. Not the ache to go with him and leave the community. Nothing mattered but his smile. Shes wonderful! I cooed. And longing to see you again. Five years old now, and more powerful than you could ever imagine! So full of love and compassion and teaching me oodles in the last year, since maturing to her full capacity. Yes, I knew she would be strong. I sensed it the moment she was born. Our little girl is very special, you know? Sananda has told me much that I will share with you shortly. Oh, Kalani, I have so much to tell you! My travels have been extensive in only one short year. The people I have met are astoundingEach group accepts the new earth in their own way. I cant wait to hear everthing, but I sense Alleyana is awake. Shall we visit her? Duncan hesitated. Yes, but there is something I wish to tell you first Duncan? Alleyana was standing at the opening of the bubble dome, rubbing sleep from her eyes. My heart jumped at the look of wonderment on her face. She had missed him so much, and I could feel her heart throbbing with joy. In typical little-girl fashion, she broke into a run, her arms outstretched towards her father. Duncan scooped her up, no longer able to wedge


her beneath his arm as she had grown so rapidly, but hugging her instead as they twirled about. Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy Alleyana cooed, love oozing from her voice as she used the endearment and clutched his neck, her eyes closed, her face reflecting utter peace and contentment. My little Alleyana, Duncan whispered. How youve grown! Although weve remained close in our thoughts, Ive missed you dearly, my sweet child. Tears were slipping down my cheeks as Duncan turned towards me and gestured with his arm for me to join them. Forming a triangle, we fell together, weeping with joy at being physically reunited, once again. I dont know how long we stayed that way. It felt like an eternity as I savored every moment, forgetting everything else, as we basked in the warmth of Duncans love. Parting, eons later, I watched as Alleyana curled up in Duncans lap beneath the willow and began asking questions about his travels. Focusing completely on his sultry smooth voice as he answered her with quipped honesty, I barely heard the conversation. Vaguely, I remember Alleyana asking silly questions about animals hed encountered or sights he had seen. His manner was one of exaggerated storyteller as he made her giggle or shriek with indignation. Daddy! I dont believe you, she cried. There cant be twoheaded zebra ducks swimming in the waters off Peru. Thats impossible! Well, you dont say? Now, how would you know? Have you been there recently? Is not anything possible in the world of the Creator? Of course, but it makes no sense. What would be the purpose of a two-headed zebra duck? Why to entertain the little children of Peru, of course! They get awfully tired of watching three-eyed ostrich snails, you know. Alleyana shrieked with laughter. What does a three-eyed ostrich snail look like, Daddy? It has a very long neck and feathers on its shell. One of the eyes is in the back of its head, so it can see where it has been, as well as where its going. Does it move both forwards and backwards? Only when its tired. It gets confused. Youre making this up! Now, why would I do that? I smiled and went into the bubble dome to check on the other children. Soon, they were all gathered around Duncan, listening to his tales. Resting nearby on a mat in the sun, I stretched out and


absorbed energy from the new blue sun. With squinting eyes, I half listened to the preposterous stories that he related with an enthusiastic heart, enjoying the attention he lavished on the children and waiting for my turn. Occasionally, he cast a smile in my direction, warming me more than the old white sun that beamed its rays down on my ivory-blue skin. Smiling back, I refused to give brain space to the realization that our time was limited. I would enjoy each moment, knowing that past and future were only illusions. Each now moment was all we truly had, and I was determined to make the most of every second spent with Duncan. The stories continued until the childrens parents wandered to our home, greeting Duncan with expressions of welcome and joy. A feast was agreed upon, as celebration, and although I was still full from my apple, I helped the others gather fruits and nuts from nearby trees. We dipped into vats of dandelion wine along with our storehouse of bread, made from the wheat, and the elders strummed songs on elalies and blew into fifes while others danced. Young ones kicked up their heels into the wee hours when darkness cast shadows and fires were lit in stone hearths beside the domes. Often, at such times, I was reminded of the old earth, the old Ireland, especially when the elves and fairies decided to join our festivities from the devic kingdom. They appeared so natural in the lush green landscape, yet ancient beside bubble domes and crystal towers. A blending of old and new. Are you enjoying yourself, Kalani? Duncan was beside me, his arm brushing my own as stars glittered in the nighttime sky and the old moon still shone with its full-faced expression of wonder. I caught an impish elf watching us, ducking out from behind a tree, and I winked at him, shooing him off with a wave of my hand while Duncan was looking up at the stars. I was more in the mood for privacy than for fun, and the elf read my thoughts as he blinked out of sight. Very much so. Its so good to have you back, Duncan. Your stories to Alleyana and the children earlier were quite outrageous. All quite true, as well, he assured me, with a smile that belied his words. The world is full of wondrous creatures. Oh, Im quite sure, I agreed, playing along, and magnificent fibbers. Me? A fibber? Never! Turning towards me, he placed his hands lightly on my hips. One finger came up to brush a tendril of dark hair from my eyes as he positioned a kiss on my temple, my cheek, and my eager lips. I


responded with complete reverence as I gently ran my fingers up his arms and cupped his face. The moment was loving and sensuous, and I could not help thinking of the last time wed made love a year ago, on the night before he left. Alleyana interrupted us earlier, he whispered, for my ears only. Others were in the vicinity, but they respected our privacy and steered their paths away from where we stood in the feathery golden grass. I had wanted to tell you something, Kalani. What is it? His manner was mysterious as he shielded his thoughts, but now he unleashed the emotions until I felt sheer joy emanating from his body. Im not leaving this time, my love. Home is where the divine instructed me to go. My journey is over. I could scarcely believe my ears, recruiting all my senses as I looked hard at Duncan, trying to assimilate the news. How can this be? I thought your path was to travel the world with Sananda? For the past several years, I have faithfully followed his teachings. I have collected much information from every part of Lady Gaias land and all inhabitants of the new earth. Now, I am needed here. My knowledge will help this community, which will be a light and a voice to the world. Through council briefings and working with the chosen ones, I will be of more service here. Oh, Duncan! I kissed him fervently, at last unleashing the hidden passion welling deep within my body. I cant believe it. We spent long moments kissing and nuzzling, muttering endearments as the energy between us grew in intensity. Alleyana also needs a playmate, Kalani. Theyve told me it is time to couple with you again, to bring forth another star child. Our boy will be even stronger than Alleyana with angel blue skin and hair whiter than the sun. Another child! My joy could not be measured, but Duncan felt my complete agreement with the divine plan. Even as he spoke the words, I recalled dreams of a child with silky blonde hair and skin bluer than Alleyanas. Our new blue sun that appeared in the sky after the great shift, beside the ascending old sun of yellow-turned-white, was actually comprised of pure blue angel fire. This band of powerful angels shone down their divine rays, and all children born into the world of the blue sun were tinted a shade of blue similar to the sky on a cloudless day. We old timers also reaped the benefits of angel fire, but to a much lesser extent than those children born of the blue ray.


I consent to this divine plan, Duncan, and am happier than you know. The children are my life. They teach me, feed me sustenance for my soul, and are filled with compassion and love. To have another child with you would be a sacred honor. Sananda is coming soon to our community. He will be pleased with your decision, Kalani. I had no doubt you would choose to conceive. I am looking forward to settling down with you and raising our family. The news of a visit from Sananda was almost as exciting as the advent of a baby entering my womb. When will he be here? I asked. Within the week. Ahhhh, Kalani, your dark eyes glitter in the starlight. Shall we gather Alleyana and retire to our dome? Duncans voice was thick with passion, and I knew his thoughts. Once the decision to conceive a child was made, our physical bodies would crave one another until the task was complete. Already, I felt a yearning deep in my loins. Yet, tonight would not be the night for conception. I nodded my assent, as I caught the elf, from the corner of my eye, as he darted from tree to tree. No peeking, I warned the impish green pixie with pointed ears and a thin-lipped grin. Duncan turned his head as a fairy descended and caught the elf by his little green suit coat, lifting him into the air. We both laughed as we gathered Alleyana, saying good-night to our friends by the fire before entering the bubble dome.


Chapter Three
Good boy, Aster, jump! Alleyana gulped a lungful of air as she slid beneath the warm spring water and let an orange and gold carp spiral over her head. Now watch Camille, I told Duncan, pointing to the giant silvery goldfish. As expected, the fish circled Alleyanas submerged body, rippling the water of the bathing pool before ascending high into the air, out jumping the larger carp by nearly a foot. Hmmm, Duncan contemplated, competition among the species. A throwback to days of old? He eyed me with great concern. Although shed not heard the physical words, Duncans thoughts penetrated the water beneath which Alleyana lie, communing with the fish. Popping up, she barely took a breath before explaining the phenomenon to her father. Dont worry, Daddy. They take turns. Camille will let Aster out jump her next time. Its just a game. Ahhhh . . . Duncans smile was contagious as we both giggled from our spot beside the waterfall. Our bubble dome living space was erected over a hot spring, one of many such spouts that the children and other souls thought into place when building the new earth. The springs allowed Lady Gaia to vent steam from beneath her coat of soil while providing natural bathing for her inhabitants. Solar heat conducted through the walls of the dome kept the water warm throughout the nighttime hours. She looks like a fish herself, Duncan commented. His eyes were warm as he let his gaze linger on my bare skin. I could feel inner heat radiating to my extremities from the adoring nature of his look. Among families, inhibitions were discouraged, such as the use of clothes while bathing. As I had always been more comfortable in the raw, these customs did not bother me, although some families chose to wear clothing with older children who sometimes felt self-conscious of their changing bodies. Alleyana was such a free spirit that clothing would be quizzically laughed at during evening bath time. Shed accepted Duncans disrobement with utter acceptance and unabashed joy, pulling him eagerly by the hand to show him her underwater menagerie. She loves the sea. This is merely a microcosm to her, I replied easily, my attention divided between our playful daughter and my extremely attractive husband. You should see her diving through the surf, Duncan. Its positively reminiscent of her dolphin ancestors. Sirius still runs deep within her veins.


I can see that. Watching Alleyana, I felt deep pride swelling within me at the way she frolicked so easily with the gentle fresh-water creatures that shared our hot spring. Youve done a wonderful job with her, Kalani, Duncan praised, taking my hand lovingly as he kissed the skin around my knuckles. Thank you, my love. I have enjoyed each and every minute. That I can also see. Our eyes met and the kundalini energy between us increased dramatically. Coupling would not take place for fifteen days, which was the time during my cycle when I would be most likely to conceive. It was also a custom to treat the event with sacred honor. Birthing was never taken lightly in the community. Sex could be enjoyed among couples as often as they desired; however, birthing was an entirely different matter. It was a community event and must be taken quite seriously. Once conception was discussed and agreed upon, the community would join with the couple in building emotional and physical kundalini energy for the blessed event. In their homes, others would make love, as the flirtations Duncan and I engaged in added to the energy building in the minds and bodies of all. Since telepathy was a natural byproduct of our new DNA structures, sexual energy was shared by everyone of a mature age. If strong enough, the culmination of this energy at the moment of coupling would produce a star child of magnificent power and integrity. I am looking forward to this baby, Duncan. I have dreamt of him, even before you announced your desires. As have I. He will be fair like Alleyana, but I see aqua blue eyes, rich with expression. I also have had many dreams. He is waiting to be born as we speak. A bold temperament he will have; yet he is sweet, by nature. Just then, Alleyana came bounding out of the water, her gray eyes bright with a feverish excitement. Scrambling up the ledge, she left behind the natural stone surface of the hot spring, stepping onto the hardened bubble floor. Duncan and I also took leave of the bath, hoisting ourselves onto the smooth crystal clear surface. Soil could be seen beneath the floor, though Lady Gaia had given her permission to build the domes upon her skin, since the natural resins that were mixed to create the bubble homes did not bother her in any way, unlike the concrete and pavement that once choked her consciousness.


I wish we could see him now, Alleyana said, an eagerness making her jump up and down in place. He already wants to play with the fish. Have you been communicating with him in dreams, as well, Alleyana? Duncan asked as we headed for sun-warmed jelly bags in the living space where stories are told. Not really. He speaks to me sometimes in my mind. I hear his thoughts. He wants to come to earth and play. He also said there is a lot of work to do. Yes, I believe he will be very ambitious. I tell my daughter what Ive perceived as we all share information about the newest member of our family. I retrieved a cloth robe, one of three that I made from the cotton that grows in a nearby field. The fact that cotton and wheat could grow side by side in our climate was one of the anomalies the children constructed when building the new earth, allowing all our needs to be met. I slid the garment over my head and reclined in my own jelly bag. Duncan and Alleyana followed suit. Just last year, I taught Alleyana how to make her clothes. Gaias warm tropical climate made it necessary for each person to own only three tunics, replacing them as the frocks were outgrown. Clothing was not even necessary, but most people opted for the old tradition, less out of a sense of modesty, but more for protection from the elements, such as wind and rain, and scrapings of tree branches and brush. Our shoes, when worn, were of the same bubble substance that scientists had created just after the great shift. It was inherent knowledge that only natural elements would be tolerated on the new earth. The dark ages had nearly destroyed our habitat, not to mention humanity itself. The threat of nuclear weapons only fifteen years earlier was still fresh in the memories of many. Our destruction was blessedly avoided as the consciousness was raised to a sufficient frequency to shift us into the new vibration, ushering in the age of light. No chemical poisons would be allowed in our glorious garden, just as the knowledge of weapons was considered taboo. What will we name him? Alleyana wanted to know. Something special, Duncan replied easily. Just as we meditated after conception for your name, Alleyana, your baby brother will tell us what he wishes to be called. His song will be sung when the timing is right. He wont tell us yet, our child said, her face scowling at the thought. I think he likes keeping it a secret. Everyone laughed at the thought of our new baby showing an aspect of his personality. Yes, I can see hell be a bold one, I told


them, remembering Duncans words. Well have our hands full with this one, wont we? I dont think hell be as good as I am, Alleyana declared factually. I have the impression hes not supposed to be, Duncan added, a serious expression on his face as he contemplated the matter. Duncan gave me a meaningful look, and we all knew that it was time for adult talk. Alleyana accepted the direction of our thoughts, knowing we needed our own time to discuss matters not suitable for her inclusion. She dutifully kissed us each on the cheek, giving us a warm and loving hug before taking a story sphere from a cubby in the wall and retiring to her own jellied bed. Shall we take a walk in the moonlight? Duncan suggested as he took my hand. Smiling, I shook my head in agreement. Whenever possible, Duncan and I loved to interact with nature. Mother earth, or Lady Gaia as she was now called (having taken back the original name of her consciousness), was always pleased whenever her children appreciated the many gifts she bestowed upon them. In alliance with father sky who harbored the universal stars that we were all connected to, as part of the vast universe of the Creator, Gaia provided the feminine energy of the new earth. Just as human beings were forming a new root race and becoming more androgynous, the melding of earth and sky was also a representation of the bonding of male and female energies. It was a very sensuous and sacred act to walk upon the earth at night while gazing at the stars, mixing kundalini energy with universal light. Very powerful stuff and quite appetizing at the moment, I thought, as Duncan and I proceeded with our mating dance. The nighttime air was warm on our flesh, and although I would have preferred walking in the buff, our dance must wait until the timing was right; thus, patience must be exercised. Duncan looked at me with longing as his thoughts echoed, Soon, my love, and we continued on in the moonlight. Beneath our bare feet, moss turned into field grass as we entered the wheat field, walking in silence and appreciation until a rock presented itself. As our hands felt the surface of the rock, mixing with its elemental energies, we hoisted ourselves upon its flat surface, keeping our feet grounded to its cooling surface. With bended knees, I hugged my thighs to my chest and breathed deeply. The air smelled of honeysuckle and lavender, which grew nearby. The moon was a half shell tonight, waning soft silver light in shafts upon the golden grass.


Its so good to be home, Duncan muttered softly as he tipped his head back, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. His long chestnut hair formed masculine waves upon his sturdy shoulders while chiseled cheekbones caught the light from the moon. A fine straight nose led to full parted lips as he sucked in the scent of honeysuckle. I could not help myself from touching his soft river of hair, brushing it gently with my fingers, as I contemplated my extraordinary good fortune at having my husband home with me again. For good, this time. Or so I hoped. It was never certain what future moments would bring, so it was best to always live in the now, never pining for a future that could change in an instant. Ah, that feels good, Kalani. It is so difficult to wait the required time to be within your body, but I want this child so badly. As do I, Duncan. Our bodies were already yearning for each other, and I knew that to be patient would require diversion. Please tell me of your travels. I have been so anxious to hear of the people youve met and places youve seen. And dont give me any of that three-eyed ostrich snail malarkey you tried to pass off on Alleyana. Shes far too smart to buy that, you know? Duncan chuckled. His laughter was throaty, a huskiness that ended on a melodious note. All for effect, my darling. Alleyana enjoys my tales, as do all the children. They have a right to be young, you know, even if they are far smarter than we are. I smiled. Point well taken. She was giggling so much, I thought she may float away and levitate for awhile. Often, she becomes weightless when she experiences too much glee, as do all of us. Believe me, I kept them all well grounded. Didnt you notice how I had my feet planted upon the dirt, touching their shoulders often as I pressed my hands upon them? Especially when they were laughing like two-headed hyenas . . . Did I tell you about the two-headed hyenas? Slapping his leg affectionately, I cried for him to cease his jesting. Fairly soon, if you dont stop it, Ill be circling the clouds and youll never have me back. Even ancient ones can be filled with glee, you know. You should really stop referring to yourself as an ancient one, Kalani, Duncan said, a more serious note in his voice. Thoughts are everything, as youre well aware. Language reflects our thoughts. Dont you desire to stay at the age you selected? Thirty-five becomes you, though we both know you are beyond your fiftieth year. Hanging my head shamefully, I knew Duncan was right. I still feel that because I was of the old earth, I am going to age quickly and die. Though I tell myself often that my new genetic structure facilitates


non-aging, I am still having difficulty accepting the age reversals. Im going to speak with Crystalia tomorrow. Weve arranged it. Ill add that to the list of life issues, if you think that would be wise. Suddenly, Duncan kissed me. I love it when you are so honest and admit your vulnerabilities. Dont worry, Kalani, we all still have them. We old timers, that is. He winked sweetly as he nudged me in my side. Youre doing just fine. Youre here, arent you? As am I. If we had not been willing to change and evolve, we never would have been able to stay on earth for this glorious new age. Lets practice a little self-love for a moment and pat ourselves on the back. Duncan gave himself a pat on his own shoulder, making me laugh. You are such a silly heart, Duncan Faust. It keeps me from taking myself too seriously. A weakness I still possess, I admitted. Dont worry, some time with me and youll consider yourself a laughing buffoon, just as I see myself. So, buffoon, tell me your tales. I wish to hear of all your riotous adventures. Pausing, the mood between us suddenly changed, and I knew Duncan had more serious issues to discuss. Its not all good, is it? Mostly, he confessed. But there is still work to do. Sananda was leading the way, so we all followed him. He would take us to various parts of the globe to view the new earth in all its aspects. As you know, people of every nation experienced the great shift just as we did. It was a global event. No one, at this point, is able to transport themselves between the various former countries, unless they have an avatar leading the way. Ahhh, now I see. I had often wondered how Duncan was traveling such great distances with Sananda and the others. It was intrinsic knowledge after the great shift that we could not travel outside of our communities. The higher realms had placed a block on travel for an unspecified time period in order to allow mankind to initially remain within their own soul groups. It was known that too much interaction at first may be detrimental to our survival. I understand why we arent able to travel between countries or to other dimensions just yet. We need to learn to live within our own communities with those of like mind in a peaceful condition before we can hope to have worldwide peace among various peoples. How have others adjusted to our new gifts and our new environment? Fairly well, he said, trying to sound positive and optimistic. Overall, I believe weve made a good deal of progress. Those who were once Christians, or Roman Catholics, in particular, have held onto


their faith while adopting the new rules for the earth. They dont try to harm the animals and obey all the universal laws, since they were very structured by rules on the old earth. Its as if they want some sort of framework to live by. They still need structure, although they expanded their minds greatly before the great shift. I knew many people in my old life who were very religious and had a deep faith. Not ritualistic Catholics who went to church because they felt they were obligated to, but those whose faith was deep in their hearts. They needed rules to live by. Is that how theyve set up their communities? For the most part. Their villages are not like ours, though. One thing I discovered is that the inhabitants of our community have fully embraced their inherent gifts. Were unique, although there are communities like ours scattered about. For instance, they dont float or fly much and are just starting to learn how to transport themselves with thought. The children are teaching them. Yes, thank the heavens for the children. I cannot help but be reminded of that old saying from long ago, a quote from the old Bible And the children shall lead the way. Didnt that turn out to be quite prophetic? It was the Creators plan all along, wasnt it, Duncan? Definitely. The Creator couldnt let the world go on as it was. We were headed for self-destruction. How do the former Catholics live now? I asked. Duncans revelations were making me quite curious. They are very peaceful and fun-loving. The concept of joy for joys sake has blossomed in their villages. Yet, I believe they are still having some difficulties accepting that now is all there is. The idea of no past or future is disturbing to them. While theyre catching on to these new concepts, old habits die hard. You cant expect people to accept ideas that go so deeply against the fabric of their beliefs, I pointed out. This is true. You cannot force evolution, which is why many people remained on the old earth. The former Catholics still choose to call the Creator God and believe He returned the earth to its original garden paradise. They realize that we are all a part of Him, and that we are all one, rather than separate, as they formerly viewed humanity. They see how the earth and all life must be respected and how mother earth is a host for our species. They realize that we now have a new DNA structure and more inherent gifts, yet they resist playing with their new powers. Telepathy cannot be denied, as we are all connected to the telepathic grid that encircles Lady Gaia, just as the plants and animals have stayed connected to this grid and have never


lost their telepathic powers. Since they have no exposure yet to those with different viewpoints, however, they have clung to their old belief system. Will there ever be a time when the various soul groups in their individual communities will merge together? After all, diversity is important in building world tolerance. I know. I asked Sananda that very question after our visit with the former Catholic community. What did he say? The time will come. For now, the change has been great and humans need to be with their soul families those who think and feel as they do, who share the same beliefs. Exploration will come in time. We have so much to guard against if we want to keep our paradise intact, I commented as I looked around at the beauty surrounding us. As people begin merging, differences of opinion are likely. Should we start fighting again, we could be in big trouble. Perhaps the higher realms are wise to keep things separate, for now. We must all develop our skills and tolerance individually before we can hope to get along on a global level. Yes, I believe that is the plan. What about the rest of the world? I asked. Are other cultures similar to the former Catholics? Some are, although those in the eastern part of the world are probably more advanced in many ways. After all, the western world, especially the former Americans, adopted many of the eastern philosophies. Duncan slid off the boulder to stretch his legs. He yawned and reached his arms toward the sky. I arched my back and gazed up at the myriad of stars, inhaling the honeysuckle perfume. I would love to visit the former Buddhists, someday, and learn from them. Im sure well all have that chance at some future time. And what of the former Europeans, or the African and Muslim nations? What of Australia and South America or the former United States? I tell you this, Kalani. It has been the same worldwide. Those who were loving and who allowed life to flow through them were able to ascend at the time of the great shift. They live much as we do. Many people of all nations evolved to find themselves in our glorious paradise. Others made the decision, on a soul level, to leave the planet through death. It was not part of their sacred contract with the Creator to stay past the tribulation times. Some were only here on


earth during the end times to resolve karmic debts or to be part of the transition. They passed over and are watching the events on earth from the other side. Some agreed to stay on the old earth and continue their lessons. Each soul is exactly where they were meant to be. I slid off the rock and into Duncans arms. As all life is eternal, I know it makes sense for each soul to have gone wherever they were meant to be. I, for one, am glad we are both here, Duncan, together. Do you remember that time when you resisted change? When you did not want to accept the new ideas and were willing to stay within the confines of your old belief system and environment because it was comfortable and safe? I looked deep into Duncans eyes, knowing my words caused a sense of discomfort and pain. Yes, I remember, Kalani. Thank you for saving me from myself. Youre quite welcome, my love. I kissed him lightly, tenderly on his lips. I am so glad you did not stay in your little box with all of your fears and insecurities. It is such an easy rut to fall into. And one not easy to lift yourself out of, Duncan replied thoughtfully. We stayed in the field for a long time, lying in one anothers arms beneath the stars, speaking softly of events that had passed throughout the year we had been apart. As the moon slid behind a cloud in the darkened, starlit sky, my eyes grew sleepy and my body cried for release to the world of soul. Sensing my mood, Duncan pulled me to him for a good-night kiss. As my eyes closed, I imagined us back at the dome in the soft pliable folds of our jelly bed. The nighttime stars were now cloaked by the clear substance of the domes ceiling as I felt the bed beneath us. Sleep overtook me as I melted into the solid, comforting form of my husband, anticipating our coupling with a sweet flooding of energy before I fell asleep and left my body. How could I know what darkness would await me that fateful day? Even now, as I relay my story, I shudder just to think of it.


Chapter Four
Bring us with you, they beckoned, to other dimensions. Go away! I cried. Leave me be! I could not get their voices out of my head. Hearing them speak, I knew instantly who they were as the ancient fear gripped me until my body was cloaked in perspiration. We know of your baby, Kalani, that he will be nestled in your womb, traveling with you. Yes, I remembered, a baby would be born to me. One who would know their story and of the illusions we once embraced. I will tell him, I said, through clenched teeth, anger seething deep within my bones. He will hear how you corrupted the human race by taking ownership of the earth thousands upon thousands of years ago. How your master geneticists changed our DNA from its original magnificent twelve-strand helix to the limiting two strands that catapulted humanity into a realm of darkness. He will know of the veil that covered our eyes for centuries . . . No, you mustnt tell . . . I will tell my baby about you, Anunnaki. He will know who you are! He will see your darkness. We have changed. The voices were humble, pleading. I do not trust you. How could you have changed? We tired of being your parent. Of having you look up to us as gods. We no longer wish to control you but to learn from you. No, you lie. That is what you are all about control. You hide in the shadows, never seeking the light of the Creator. Help us to see the light, Kalani. Have mercy on us, as we once had mercy on you . . . I woke with a start. My first awareness was of my head, drenched in sweat, tendrils of dark hair clinging to my scalp. Where had they gone? Their voices still haunted me, echoing through my mind, clouding my senses. As I squinted up at the stream of light pouring down through the domed ceiling, I realized Duncan was still asleep beside me. How could he not feel my fear? It had been so long since I had experienced fear. Our garden was so peaceful and secure. Shaking my head, I could see dark clumps of hair as they covered my eyes. Anunnaki. Suddenly, I shuttered. Was it just a dream? It


felt so real, as if their presence still lingered in our bedroom. Panic seized me. I wanted to fling myself from the room. I could not think, could not move. Why did I feel paralyzed? I could hear the sound of my own breathing as it came in quickened rasps. I did not want to think of such things as the Anunnaki. They were the creator gods from days of old. Over 300,000 years ago, a galactic battle was fought. The Anunnaki won, claiming ownership of the earth as they rearranged mankinds DNA. It was easier for the Anunnaki to control mankind if we were not aware of the divine potential we held within our genes. As master geneticists, they disabled all but two strands of our DNA, those that were needed for survival and reproduction. Because earth was a free-will zone, all things were allowed. It was the beginning of mankinds legendary fall from grace. The Anunnaki created the darkness that covered the earth for thousands of years. I had always thought they were destroyed during the great shift. Were they disincarnate now? Where had they really gone? Hey, youre awake. Duncan opened his eyes and looked at me. I let him kiss me, unable to speak. Did he notice my distraction? Would he instantly know my thoughts? Good morning, love. Isnt this your day with Crystalia? Yes, I said hesitantly. He did not appear to have any idea of my inner distress. Should I tell him? Something urged me not to. But what? Could it be the Anunnaki hushing me into silence? I am looking forward to spending time with Alleyana this morning. The council has asked me to see them this afternoon, though. Have you asked Sereta whether she would like Alleyana to join them? Yes, it is all set. Well, enjoy your day, sweetheart. I think I will close my eyes again until Alleyana awakes. I could tell that Duncan was still sleepy. I wondered why he had not picked up on my thoughts, my fears. Rising from the bed, I stalked out to the living area and our indoor stream. The fish were circling about in an agitated fashion. I paced back and forth, trying to breathe deeply and still my panic. Then, I remembered. Yes! That is the reaction they have on people. They feed off their chaotic thought patterns. The Anunnaki were manipulating me from some unseen realm, just as they had done in days of old. The only antidote to ward off their dark intent was by raising my frequency to one that was above the fear. How could I have slipped from the fifth to the fourth dimension, I wondered? How was that possible?


Breathe, I instructed myself, as I slowed my pace and focused on my inhalations. Breathe deeply. I pulled air through my nostrils, exhaling through my mouth. Once, twice. Five more times. Lowering my body into our indoor stream, I closed my eyes and sunk into the warm waters as the fish circled around me, somehow calming my thoughts. I looked into their eyes beneath the water large glass pebbles, unblinking, soothing, knowing . . . Surfacing, I flung my head back and gazed up at the bubble dome. The surrounding foliage was green and spotted with crimson, bright yellow and deep orange blossoms. Canaries twittered about, echoing their morning songs among the branches, resting on the jelly furniture, and then swooping back to a tree branch to continue their melodies. Fred was at the far end of the dome, his eyes closed as he rested on the thickened branch of a sprawling, thick-rooted tree. I could feel my body relaxing, returning to its old self. The voices were gone. My panic began to subside. I was home, safe in my garden paradise, my husband and child sleeping in rooms nearby, I reminded myself. Nothing could hurt me. Today was a special day. It was my day to self. Sighing deeply, I pushed my fears aside and focused on the day ahead. In the light of day, my fears dissipated with the last vestiges of sleep. I smiled as I thought about the wonderful treat that was in store. As I anticipated the pampering yet to come, I rose from the stream and began to prepare. Checking on Alleyana, who still slept soundly in her bed, I donned my robe, combed through my hair with a simple bared stick brush, and rinsed my mouth with a special solution that washed plaque from my teeth, keeping them healthy. Deciding to put any distasteful memories out of my mind for the day, I left the bubble dome, smiling at the sunshine that greeted me on the path. It did not take long for me to recapture the joy I knew my day would bring. In fact, I felt absolutely buoyant as I left the cluster of domes and headed for Crystalias in the bright morning sunlight. This was my day! I celebrated the gift to self with such glee that I began floating down the dirt path, about three feet above, skipping and twirling about, connecting with my inner child and love of self. A few others who had risen early watched my progress, smiling secretly, knowing the cause of my elation and sharing quietly in my happiness. Each one of us experienced a day to self periodically, so we were all aware of the ecstatic feeling the indulgence carried with it. Back in the old days, the time between self-days was scarce and often carried with them a sense of guilt. Now that time had ceased, it was difficult to say


exactly how long it had been since my last indulgence, or even to perceive, since I rarely thought about time or clocks or any other rigid limiter from the past these days. The morning was perfect, as were most of the days in our garden. Lush green foliage was everywhere along my path, magical fairy-filled woods just beyond. Flowers grew in wild abundance, never tended as in days of old, left to grow naturally free with the earth. I reached down to caress some white lilies and speak to them fondly, thanking them for their fragrance and visual beauty. They overflowed a rock wall, and I took a moment to skim my hands along the smooth gray and brown cropping, dug from Lady Gaias soil and piled to let the stones breathe and enjoy the sunlight. The effort grounded me, bringing me back to earth, as I felt my toes warmed by the sun-dried, camel-colored dirt. Soon, it covered my legs, but I didnt mind. Shortly, I would be immersed in water again, cleansing and rejuvenating my body and soul. I knew Alleyana would be delighted to spend time with Duncan and Sereta today. Each of the parents in the community took turns with the children, although no real structure surrounded the ritual. There were also parent-child days, which were considered by all to be necessary for bonding. Still, the care of our most precious commodity was a shared event and loved by all. Fathers, as well as mothers, spent days with our youth, there being no distinction between fatherly/motherly love. Each parent offered a unique perspective and individual gifts, mine being my storytelling abilities. Duncan would have liked to spend the entire day with Alleyana, but he was still required to brief the council of the wise on his journeys. There was much information he still needed to share before he could adapt more fully to community life. He had always enjoyed time with the children, and I had no doubt that he was anxious to participate in childrearing privileges as soon as possible. Up ahead, the healing dome where Crystalia and others worked rose to great heights, cushioned among giant oak trees at the edge of the fairy woods. The structure was blown to greater proportions than most, since it was used for various forms of life and energy work. As with the other domes, it was tinted pink using crushed rose quartz in the resin mixture that was blown up, much as blown glass was created in the olden days. A glaze was applied that hardened the surface, leaving strategic openings to the natural environment, where necessary. Opening the pink bubble cap, or door as we once referred to such entrances, I slid down the tube beneath the surface then climbed the earthen steps to the large entryway. Crystalia was standing beside


the sacred baths when she noticed my arrival and, smiling, floated over to greet me. In preparation for our visit, shed entered an enlightened state and was glowing with a golden hue as she drifted my way. As our hands touched, she landed and her ethereal light waned. Kalani, she greeted me, her voice rich with emotion. Ive been waiting for you. Pausing, she examined the space around my body. Your aura is wonderful today! I can tell youre happy and loving self, which is very good. She squinted, slightly disturbed. I do see, however, some disturbances and gray areas. We have some work to do. Relax, though, for this is your day! All will be well by the time you leave here. Come, lets refresh in the waters. I wondered briefly if the disturbances were caused by my dreamtime visitors, the Anunnaki. Then, I pushed the thought from my mind, refusing to let their interference destroy my day to self. Crystalia had such a soothing way about her. Love emanated from her being, as she was a highly evolved soul. One of the teachers of the community, shed been involved in holistic medicine most of her lifetime, which I knew to be at least seventy years. Yet, shed age regressed to forty-five, her golden blonde hair showing only a hint of gray, and her face reflecting very few wrinkles. I knew her good health was due to her ability to fully balance mind, body, heart and soul. Shed once taught the way of the Ishayas, monks who practiced the art of ascension. For a year now, shed been my life teacher helping me to achieve balance and remove energy blocks, hypnotically regressing me, which allowed me to gain insight from past lives and integrate all aspects of myself, as well as counseling me on life issues. Leading the way, Crystalia brought me through an opening into a private area of the complex. Walls were tinted here so that no viewing was allowed. Now, it would be my time for peace and tranquility. Ill leave you to play now, Crystalia told me as she smiled gently, bowing her head as she removed herself from the room. As I looked about me, I was filled with an inner excitement and joy. Such loveliness was always invigorating to me. Would I ever tire of the serene beauty of this place? The sacred baths were built over hot springs, as were many of our own bubble domes, but these springs were special, containing healing minerals from mother earth. A natural waterfall cascaded down a rock wall that was surrounded by lush vegetation. Pinpricks of light and fresh air filtered down from tiny holes in the ceiling, also allowing water droplets to seep through, misting the entire area. It reminded me of the ancient rainforests of the old earth.


Disrobing, I slid into the warm waters, dipping my head beneath the surface, floating on my back, and then frolicking beneath the waterfall. Alone, I played for quite some time, reveling in the liquid sensations of soothing waters upon my skin and sifting through my hair. Then my companions joined me. Salina! Othella! Come play with me! The dolphins swam to my side, greeting me with chattering, highpitched voices as they rubbed up against my back, nudging me to frolic with them. Attempting to imitate their graceful moves, I flopped out of the water, diving deep then surfacing in a spray as I waved my arms. Laughing, they imitated my movements then circled me as they repeated the sequence with such finesse that I erupted in uncontrollable giggles. You two are much better at this than I am. Show me something I can do. Circling, they waved their bodies up and down in the water in a slinky fashion. Okay, Ill try it. Pretending I was a mermaid, I kept my arms at my sides, waving my feet like a tail to propel me through the water. I actually achieved some modicum of success as they jumped in the air, congratulating me. We continued playing, often just swimming side-by-side as I communed with their spirits, sharing in their ancient secrets that always mystified me with their profound insight. The dolphins spoke to me telepathically in universal truths, having lived many lifetimes on Sirius, the water planet, and being quite evolved creatures who loved sharing knowledge with humans. A mental note from Crystalia, inquiring if I was ready to begin the session, woke me from my meanderings with the dolphins. Lifting myself from the sacred baths, I felt utterly refreshed as I blew kisses to Salina and Othella then donned my cotton garb. Crystalia walked into the room, a loving smile adorning her face. You look quite refreshed, Kalani. Did you have fun? Oh, yes, Crystalia! I love the baths, as you well know. Turning to the hot spring, I dipped my hand in the water, splashing its liquid on my face and bowing to the falls. Thank you, hot spring, for your nurturing gift. May your minerals always stay pure and strong, and may you help others as you have helped me. Are you ready to be anointed? That would be wonderful. We walked to an adjoining room where Crystalia waited outside while I disrobed, slipping beneath a cotton covering that lay on a jellied table, more solid than the beds or chairs we reclined in. Our


jelly furniture was similar in nature to the dome shell structures where we lived and worked in that the resins that comprised them were all natural substances designed by our scientists. I was never much interested in the scientific world, but I did know that the resins had a different makeup and were not laminated, thus allowing them to stay soft and pliable. The table had a different molecular structure that allowed it to stay firm, yet soft. Crystalia entered the room, gathering oils from a nearby cubby. Today, well use lavender, rose, and sage. This combination will replenish you, since lavender balances the life force energies, sage purifies the spirit, and rose heals the heart. As she anointed my back, shoulders, arms and legs with the scented oils, I wondered at her choice for the day. Did my heart really need to be healed? Perhaps that was the gray area shed noticed when reading my aura. I thought deeply about my relationship with Duncan. Had I shut down my heart in some way to protect it from possible abandonment? Did I have blockages there? Once the anointment was complete, Crystalia led me to her private sanctuary. Lovely tropical birds perched on trees within the dome, their colors a visual symphony against the dark green foliage of abundant plant life. I inhaled the aroma of flowers, allowing the chatter of the birds greeting to invigorate me. In the middle of the room, an earthen table that was constructed from a hollowed-out trunk filled with dirt and other resins, held a variety of balancing tools and scented oils. Please stand here, Crystalia instructed me. A soft resin mat was placed before the table, and I wiggled my toes as I began breathing deeply. Now the work would begin as my teacher strove to balance my chakras and release any blockages confined within my auric field. The balancing of life energy was recognized as the key to our physical and mental well-being. Our health depended on creating harmony within our entire system. In olden days, life energy was referred to as Chi by the Chinese, Ka by the Egyptians, and Prana by the Hindus. Increasing life energy or vitality is necessary for maintaining health. Life energy flows through the chakras, and when blockages occur, our vitality is weakened and health diminishes. By using kinesiology, Crystalia was able to identify any areas of weakness or blockage within my chakras then release them. Are you ready to begin? Yes. I held my arm out to my side, level with my shoulder.


Crystalia spent a short segment of time asking me several questions about my feelings while testing my muscles to uncover blocked energy through bio-feedback. Are you glad that Duncan has returned to the community? Yes, I stated. Crystalia pushed down on my arm while I pushed up, but it did not budge, showing no weakness of muscle. If, at any time, I was not able to hold my arm up, it was an indication of an energy imbalance. Do you want to couple with him? Yes. Another push. All was well. Do you want to have his baby? Yes. Once again, the indication was strong that I was emotionally in sync with my decision. It was a known fact that the body doesnt lie, making kinesiology a tested method for uncovering blockages. Are you afraid his work will call him away? No. This time, when Crystalia pushed down on my arm, the muscle was very weak and, though I resisted the pressure, my arm sunk down almost to my waist. Okay, Crystalia stated, stopping for a moment. We have a problem here. I know. I shouldnt be afraid of his abandonment. Duncan assured me that Sananda wants him to stay in the community now. His travels are over. Yet, a part of me is still afraid. For two years now, he has come home only to leave again. Each time, I know it is part of his mission that he travel around the world and learn of other communities, but I still take it personally. I feel as though he is leaving me. In other words, Crystalia summarized, your mind knows its illogical to fear abandonment now, but your heart is still hurting from the other times when Duncan left you. Yes. Okay. Lets see what we can do about that. Crystalia picked up a small nutshell container of Palmarosa oil. The herb had been found in the garden and crushed into a fine pulp until the natural oils were emitted from the Palmarosa. I knew the scent would calm my mind as I inhaled deeply. I sense the truth in Duncans words, she reassured me. He will not leave this time. He is to settle down and raise a family. Yes, I agreed, Sananda has told him this. I know my fear is unreasonable. I should believe Sanandas words. He would not tell Duncan this if his work was unfinished. Sananda has great vision and does not say anything that is not so. Let me test your muscle again.


I raised my arm as she asked her question. Are you afraid his work will take him away again? No. I felt a conviction in my heart as I realized my fears were ungrounded. Good. The muscle is stronger now. No weakness. At least we have succeeded in opening your heart chakra. Id like to try some color therapy, though. Your heart is still wounded from the past, and I want to make sure you are fully open. Yes. I will need to be fully open to Duncan if we are to conceive successfully. I want this child to be born from love, and if I am closing myself off in any way, the love will be hindered. Crystalia led me to a nearby table where a large, clear quartz crystal was strategically positioned. While aromatherapy was beneficial in removing blockages, chromo therapy was a healing tool which helped the body in its natural ability to balance itself. We will use the color green today, since that is the color which heals the heart, Crystalia said as she positioned a green filter near the quartz crystal. After the shift, the natural healers in the community began to study color, knowing it was to be used in the treatment of disease and to bring cells into synchronization or balance. It was known that color is energy. Each color vibrates at its own speed and frequency. If used properly, color therapy can improve and balance emotional states. By using crystals with an exterior light source, color is able to penetrate into the body through the auric field, employing light via the points and channels or meridian grid fields of the acupuncture systems. Color therapy sessions stimulate these points of light to facilitate the migration of light within the bodys own galactic realms. Are you ready? my teacher asked me. Yes, I told her as I positioned myself to receive the light. My arms were outstretched to my sides, my legs spread slightly apart, and my face uplifted towards the dome ceiling. Opening a shutter which released a solar-charged beam of light, I observed the laser as it shot through the green filter into the crystal. Suddenly, I was bathed in a bright green light, and I could almost feel the cellular and hormonal changes within my lightbody. As the dark lime color washed over me, I looked directly into the point of light that emanated from the crystal. As the light hit my retina, impulses were formed, traveling as coded messages to my brain, releasing hormones and altering my metabolism. I pulled the light into my third eye and crown chakras, into the pineal gland which is the mystic doorway to our souls. It was a point


of entry for the light energy that spawned messages from my higher self. Waves of emotion cascaded through me as I was blessed with a vision of Duncan holding our new baby, Alleyana by my side. The feeling of bliss overwhelmed me as tears streamed down my cheeks. Are you all right? Crystalia questioned gently. She was familiar with this reaction to an opening of the heart. Yes, I managed finally. All is well. Duncan will not leave this time. It was all I could say as the emotions welled within my heart, overflowing through my tears. Sobbing, I fell into Crystalias arms as she gently soothed me, uttering words of comfort and encouragement. When the crying was done, I felt a release and healing beyond words. You must rest now, Crystalia told me. Vaguely, I was aware of her leading me to a darkened room where I fell into a jelly cushion that enfolded me in its womb-like embrace. There, I slept, overcome by my experience, in dreamless repose until a gentle hand woke me from my slumber. Do you feel better now, Kalani? It took me a moment to remember where I was. Crystalias face with its kind, jade-colored eyes and angelic blonde hair filled my vision as I stretched and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I felt amazingly refreshed. How long did I sleep? Not long really. It was a deep sleep. We toned you to maximize healing and minimize REM activity. Ahhhh . . . Yes, I feel very relaxed and refreshed. Toning was another form of therapy used frequently in the healing center. In the beginning, Sananda taught our healers how to use natural tuning forks made from chiseled rocks for sound therapy. As toning was perfected, the use of such therapy was expanded to include methods for dream control. Shall we talk then? I rose from the jelly bed, excited over this last part of my self-day. Talking with Crystalia always brought me such insight and comfort. To be counseled by one so wise on all my life issues, no matter how minor they may be, was very therapeutic. Fruit would also be served for refreshment, along with dandelion wine to soothe the soul. Counseling was conducted in a pink room, the crushed quartz crystal sparkling with the color of unconditional love. For some odd reason, I decided not to tell Crystalia about my dream talk with the Anunnaki this morning. Amazingly, she did not pick up on my random thoughts, just as Duncan had also been


oblivious to any apprehension I was feeling about the Anunnaki. My intuitions were telling me not to discuss it, just yet, as I needed time to sort it out before determining whether or not to share the information with anyone. I wanted to know what the Anunnaki were up to before I revealed my contact with them. If, indeed, it was contact at all. Perhaps I would never again perceive their thoughts. I could only hope. Some time later, I was once again skipping down the path on my way to Seretas bubble dome. I floated and drifted along the path, content with my self day and eager to tell Duncan of my accomplishments. He would be pleased that I had fully opened my heart and been healed of the fear of abandonment. It was a very productive day, not to mention thoroughly enjoyable. What was that? Suddenly, I perceived a shadow at the edge of the fairy woods. It was much darker than the playful nymphs and elves that ducked between the branches, flitting from limb to limb. More of a slithering, I thought, my heart pounding suddenly in my chest. Like a serpent. Or a lizard. Or a restless entity, afraid to show itself. Stepping closer, I shifted quickly into observation mode, all of my senses honed on where the shadow had been. Quickly opening my third eye, I focused on my inner sense of danger. Where had it gone? A whirring noise like the feathery beating of wings accosted my ears. I envisioned the creature escaping through the dry, fallen leaves. There was a thumping sound. A heartbeat? Or the rhythmic thumping of its tail, I thought, horrified at the image. Impressions flooded over me, fleeting, as I tried to feel the force that followed me down the path, staying hidden in the lush green foliage. It was watching me. Waiting. Not wanting to strike but only to cast fear into my heart. I slowed my breathing, forcing myself to look straight ahead as I walked the path, ignoring its presence. It was laughing! I could hear it laughing Ahhh, Kalani, you still fear us though we come in peace. Of course! How could I not have guessed? Show yourself, Anunnaki, I said, communicating with my mind. Whos afraid now? I held my breath, willing my pulse to slow its incessant beat. Turning, I faced the edge of the path where its shadow lingered indecisively, wavering silently back and forth as a candle flickers or as water ripples against the wind. Suddenly, the shadow grew tall, enveloping me within its mammoth darkness. Unable to help myself, I gasped at the size of it.


Easily thirty feet tall, the shadow of the Anunnaki lizard was beginning to take shape. The reptilian head and scales were visible as the creatures profile cast a shadow where every feature was starkly outlined. I still could not see the Anunnaki being, only its shadow, the long man-like body grotesquely supporting a reptilian head and tail. See? You have nothing to fear. We come in peace. We come to befriend youto integrate Never! I spat out telepathically, turning away from the loathsome being that stood before me. Leave me alone. Go back to your dimension. You are not welcome here. As quickly as the shadow grew in stature, it withered to a tiny fraction of itself. No more than a glimmer of darkness diminished by the bright sunlight, the Anunnaki crept back to its world without light. I sighed deeply, quickening my pace, wanting to be far away from the voice and essence of the lizard-mans shadow. Why were they tormenting me? All of my wonderful feelings from my day to self had completely vanished, a sickly sense of dread taking its place. It had been so long since Id feared anything. Our garden was peaceful and loving, far removed from the constant fears that invaded the old earth. I thought those days were gone forever. Mommy! Mommy! Look what we did today! Alleyana was running toward me at top speed. In her excitement, she toppled over, falling to the ground before my feet. The basket of strawberries that she held in her tiny fist flew from her hand into the air. Stop! she cried out, her eyes focused on each individual strawberry as it flew through the cool, evening mist. I watched in amazement as every strawberry was suddenly suspended in midair, as if held by invisible strings. Synchronizing, they fell back into the basket, one by one, until the grass container was resting on the ground, the red fruit piled high within its frame. Sereta, who was close behind, sprinting to catch up with Alleyana, looked at me, and I wondered briefly if she would sense my own distress. I reached down and picked up Alleyana who held her hands on her scraped knees, healing them instantly. Suddenly smiling, Alleyana called the basket over with her mind and presented it to me. I picked them for you, Mommy. Cause I love you very much. I smiled, needing Alleyanas love more than she could possibly know. I love you, too, sweetie. Thank you.


Heading home, I tried, once again, to forget my encounter with the Anunnaki. I knew, however, that I couldnt keep avoiding the issue. They would have to be dealt with and soon. I wasnt about to let them ruin my peaceful existence or destroy my sanity. They could not win. They could not.


Chapter Five
You seem distracted, Kalani. Is everything all right? Sereta looked at me with quizzical eyes. We were sitting on jelly benches with the other members of our community in the great crystalline hall waiting for Duncan to relay his travels to the community and the council of the wise. I did not want to lie, yet I was still reluctant to speak of my fears and my encounter with the shadow of the Anunnaki lizard-man yesterday. Sereta had not guessed my thoughts when I picked up Alleyana, and I wondered if she would read my mind today. I did not sleep well last night, I confessed to my closest friend. There has been much activity in your life these past few days with Duncans return, Sereta answered. As with Duncan and Crystalia, I perceived that Sereta knew nothing of my inner distress. Her eyes were glazed over in innocence, clueless to the fear that was gripping me. This is true, I answered honestly. Before I had the opportunity to speak further, Sereta turned her head to the front of the room in a dismissive fashion. Her movements were robotic, as if she were mesmerized or in a trance. Oblivious to my presence, she seemed to have forgotten her concern just a moment earlier. Her odd behavior bothered me. Telepathy was such a natural part of our lives now that I took for granted the serenity that accompanied such open communication. There were no secrets in our garden. Or at least there had not been not until the Anunnaki came back into my life. Were the Anunnaki responsible for the cloaking of my thoughts? No one seemed aware of the fear or the inner turmoil that filled my heart since they began contacting me yesterday not Duncan, Crystalia, Alleyana or even Sereta, my family and closest companions. They all knew me so well and our thoughts were unified as we shared each others emotions on a daily basis. It was the openness of our telepathic bond that kept life so peaceful and serene. What was going on? In the space of a day, my paradise was beginning to crumble. The confusion I felt made it difficult to focus on the female council member as she began to speak. Welcome, she stated as everyone hushed their chatter. The members of the council of the wise six women and six men had been selected from our community in the very beginning, right after the great shift. Everyone immediately recognized their inherent


leadership qualities. They were chosen to debate issues involving the community, calling meetings when the need arose. Insisting on anonymity, the council believed their function was one of servant to all and, therefore, remained nameless. Lifting her arms to the sky, the council member invoked the angels to join us for the meeting. Shafts of white light were immediately visible as the angels made their presence known. I felt nauseous and a bit dizzy, which disturbed me greatly. We had all become accustomed to the higher vibrational frequency of the angels. In days of old, whenever the angels entered the room, I had felt a similar reaction until I became one with their vibration. The fact that I felt nauseous made me wonder if my recent encounter with the Anunnaki had lowered my own vibrational frequency. If I were vibrating at a slower rate as we are all comprised of energy and vibrate at a given speed then I could be vulnerable to the lower vibrations, such as those of the Anunnaki. Duncan has returned from his travels, the council member said, speaking in a reverent voice. We honor his sacrifice in leaving our community to learn more about the new earth. Duncan would like to share with you what he has discovered this past year. Stepping aside, the council member took her seat as Duncan stood on the raised earthen platform. The crystalline hall was a spectacular display of chiseled crystals in a myriad of colors that sparkled like a glass paperweight Id once possessed. Often, huddled on a jelly bench within the cavernous walls of the spectacular room, I felt like a spec of volcanic dust encased within the walls of the crystal paperweight that once decorated a shelf in a room of my former house on the old earth. It is good to be home, Duncan stated simply, his loving smile making his brown eyes sparkle as he surveyed the room. A round of applause let Duncan know that his return was welcomed by the community. I felt warmth spreading throughout my body as I watched my husband with pride. His humorous, positive outlook and his friendly personality brought smiles to the faces of all those sitting in the great hall. I have missed every one of you and, especially, Kalani and Alleyana. Soon, we will be blessed with another child a boy born of the energy of the blue ray. More applause broke out, although many had already sensed the blessed event. It was divined to happen, so there was great faith that the conception would occur. Everyone was aware that it would require the kundalini energy of each adult to produce a body fit for this star seed. The soul of our child was waiting to be born, watching to see if our love would produce a vessel worthy of inhabiting.


As you know, my journey took me to the far reaches of Lady Gaia, the new earth. Sananda led the way, and there were seven of us in all, popping dimensions to the various communities around the globe. We visited the former China, Japan, India, Tibet, Europe, Australia, the Americas, and every other major population. On each continent, there was a vast reduction of the population as karma played havoc on those areas where constant fighting once took place. Many of those regions were destroyed by earthquakes, flooding, and volcanic eruptions during the tribulation years as Lady Gaia cleansed herself. She brought ancient cities like Atlantis back to the surface and buried beneath her waters those parts of the earth that needed cleansing. As you know, our new earth is a replica of the old one, in many ways, so that we will not forget our past. Although the world population has been greatly reduced, Sananda was quick to point out that those who were lost in the great shift are not truly gone. They watch our existence here with great interest and fascination from the other side. Many of us have suffered greatly and remember the dark ages vividly, though that time is quickly fading from memory as we live joyfully in our wondrous new world. Our new lightbodies have enabled us to reach such grand potentials! Let me assure you, the world is a glorious place now truly a Garden of Eden where love prevails. Yet, there are still things we must guard against so that we never return to our old ways. Someone in the great hall spoke up. Did you see any darkness, Duncan? What we once termed evil was eliminated with the great shift. As you know, no soul can survive the higher fifth-dimensional vibration of the planet if that soul is filled with darkness. Then why were the Anunnaki still here? I wondered. My stomach began to clench. My breathing stopped as a sudden thought entered my mind. What if my contact with the Anunnaki brought darkness back to the planet? What if I allowed them entrance through my fears? Duncan continued. Sickness ensues or else that soul chooses to leave the planet. Remember, we all have duality within our souls. Positive and negative forces must balance, which is why we needed to accept our dark side and integrate in order to successfully raise our vibration and evolve. Many did not learn this and they passed over. I saw no darkness in the garden of our new Lady Gaia. Why was I not reassured as I looked around at the peaceful expressions of my friends? And why, oh why, did their telepathy not


pick up on the confusion and fear that was running rampant through my mind? Suddenly, one of the columns of light Archangel Michael brightened in a corner of the room. Had no one else perceived it? I watched Michael as he began forming a figure, complete with his blue sword and robes. It was the olden day image of AA Michael that had pervaded our literature and scenes on the internet and in churches. Raising his sword, I felt Michael chase away the vestiges of my fear, infusing me with the strength of his love. Do not fear, Kalani. They do not perceive your thoughts for a reason. Oh, Michael, dear Michael . . . thank you for coming to my aid. I am afraid and I do not understand. All will be made clear. This you must learn on your own. But what? What must I learn? Silence. You cannot tell me, can you? Know that we are always with you, Kalani. You are never alone. As his sword blazed a fiery light, Archangel Michael returned to his original essence as a column of white light. Instinctively, I knew hed taken on the form of Michael the Avenger in order to reassure me and to come to my rescue. Yet, just as in days of old, the angels could not help us with our lessons. I felt tears welling in my eyes. My connection to the higher realms had not been lost. I was in lesson. It all made sense now. If the others perceived my thoughts, they would feel compelled to help me. What lesson was I meant to glean from my brush with the Anunnaki? I knew I must figure it out on my own. Sighing heavily, I listened vaguely as Duncan relayed stories of the new earth to the community. They were fully engrossed in his tales, and while I would like nothing better than to share in the experience, I needed time to think. How strange that I should still be in lesson. I thought the tribulation years were the end of my trials. What weakness had I brought with me to the new world? What did I still need to learn? Before the great shift, many of us realized that time had accelerated as karma became instantaneous. Life was extremely difficult as we immediately began to reap whatever we sowed. What had formerly taken lifetimes to learn, we experienced in weeks and months. I remember feeling such chaos in my life. Everything seemed to happen so quickly. Just as I managed to conquer one problem in my life, another one would surface. What many people did not realize, at


the time, was that we had subconsciously agreed to experience these trying times in order to speed up our evolution. The leap that occurred during the great shift was a product of our acceleration of consciousness. As our bodies evolved into their current crystalline structure, we left behind the pain from thousands of years of incarnations, taking with us the lessons learned. How much did I really know about the Anunnaki? I had heard of their influence after the galactic battle, knew of their involvement in changing the course of humanitys existence. I was aware of their manipulation in my lifetime on the old earth. Yet, what did I know of their history? Of them? You know us, Kalani; you know us very well. Do I? Better than you could ever imagine. Try to remember The fear I felt during their initial contact lessened as I heard their voice. It was a group voice, I knew. They spoke to me as a collective consciousness. Did that mean they were disembodied? Suddenly, the applause in the room startled me. Sereta looked over at me, smiling, as I automatically began clapping my hands with everyone else. What had I missed? Duncan has such a sense of humor, Sereta said as she touched my arm affectionately. Seriously, Kalani, how do you manage to stay grounded when he starts telling his stories? I merely smiled. It was not really a question but more of a comment. Not wanting to hear their voice again today, I tuned in to what Duncan was saying as he stood in front of the community, pacing back and forth in an animated fashion. I met a man named John, he began. John was the former CEO of a large financial company located on the former North American continent. When I first saw John, he was happily sitting in the dirt, his legs crossed, weaving a basket of dried wheat grass. His smile was contagious, so I sat down and conversed with him for the remainder of that day. John described his old life to me. He was born in an impoverished section of town and had worked his whole life to attain position and power. He started in the mailroom of a large company as a clerk, became a junior accountant then an account manager until, finally, he was president of his firm. Later, he achieved CEO status. He had much wealth in his life a Ferrari and several other expensive cars, many luxurious houses, and plenty of money for his needs. He loved his possessions and his powerful position, but John also had a big heart. He treated his employees with generosity and gave


much of his money to those less fortunate. He often went to New York City on business and was there that fateful day when the buildings collapsed as terrorists made their attack. He helped to pull many people from the rubble and was forever changed by the experience. Altering his career path, John went back to the poor community where he was raised and used his business savvy to help organize an outpatient clinic for the mentally ill. John survived the great shift and now spends his days as we do. There were others like John whom I met in my travels those who had learned the lessons that the tribulation years thrust upon them. They followed the flow of their hearts and did not resist the new energy that poured down upon the planet. Sananda helped us to see that although we have evolved, the new energy still cascades down from the higher realms. We must always remember to go with the flow of events and syncronicities. To fight change is to resist the life lessons those changes can teach us. . . Duncan continued for several more segments of time, yet I cannot remember what it was that he said. The next thing I remember, Sereta was nudging me and speaking softly in my ear. Shall we collect the children from their teenage companions? She stood up and stretched, stifling a yawn. That is, if they will allow us to take them home. Hanoya loves spending time with the older children. They are so much closer in their own wisdom than we old timers. I looked around at the others as they rose from their seats. Duncan was still talking to the council members, and I knew he would be bombarded with questions as several people began gathering around him, anxious to inquire about his experiences. Yes, lets go home, I said, wanting nothing more than to return to normalcy. My secret talks with the Anunnaki left me feeling weary and drained. Tomorrow was another day. For now, I wanted nothing more than to be left alone.


Chapter Six
Sananda is here! Sananda is here! Alleyana was running and floating, all at the same time, as she bounded towards me. Sereta and I were standing outside in the wheat grass, on the dirt path, discussing Duncans revelations at council the night before, when I saw Alleyana hopping towards us. Her glee was such that she would run ten yards then lift into the air, her tiny legs still pedaling frantically, before she bumped back to the ground, gathering more speed. Slow down, Alleyana, I cautioned. Your glee will have you tumbling out of control if you arent careful. But, Mommy, Sananda is here! she cried. Hes finally here. I smiled at my daughters countenance. With grey eyes wide and full of anticipation, she looked at me, her tiny mouth frozen in a silent scream of excitement and joy. One of her front teeth had fallen out recently, reminding me of her youth, despite the wisdom she possessed. Where is he? Sereta asked. In the village square. I wanted to stay, but I had to tell you so you could see him too! Thank you, sweetheart, I replied. That was very considerate of you. Why didnt you just pop over here if you were in such a hurry? I couldnt think. Hes so wonderful, Mommy, just as Daddy said. I dont remember him very much. That was a year ago when you were only four years old. Youre much older now, Alleyana, and able to appreciate his powerful aura. Now that youve come of age, you will be more perceptive to such things. Oh, yes, his aura is beautiful! The brightest I have ever seen! It is gold and shines like the sun. I smiled at Alleyanas description. Please, can we go now? I want to go back to see him. He is so filled with love. I want to be near him. Of course we can. Take my hand and well teleport. Are you coming, Sereta? Sereta was pensive and I sensed her hiding something. Whats wrong? I asked her. My closest friend, Sereta never hid anything from me. Was she hearing the voices of the Anunnaki, too? I was disturbed by her secrecy as we stood on the dirt path. Sereta was a beautiful woman with cole black hair and expressive green eyes. Her appearance was


regal yet humble, and her peaceful manner was palpable and soothing. She carried herself in a graceful display of innocent beauty and proud wisdom. I loved her dearly. No, Ill come in awhile, she answered, searching my eyes, begging my understanding. I cant explain it, Kalani, but Im afraid to see him right now. There is something odd that I am feeling, and I dont know how to interpret it. I need some time to meditate and understand what I am experiencing. You and Alleyana go ahead. She touched my arm, silently pleading with me to let it go. All right, I answered finally. Let me know if I can help, Sereta, or if you want to talk about it. I will. Sereta smiled as I felt Alleyana tugging on my hand. Can we go now, Mommy? Please? My daughters excitement could not be abated any longer. Yes. Are you ready? I took Alleyanas hand, looking one last time at Sereta. She smiled, mentally urging me on. I didnt want to leave her like this when I sensed she may need to talk, but Alleyana needed me, too. Closing our eyes, we imagined the village square and the love we felt for the children and for Sananda. It was quite simple for me, this time, and I knew our gifts would be stronger as long as Sananda was in our village. Wherever he walked, there was love, and we all knew that manifestation hinged on love. As I opened my eyes, I felt Alleyana gasp as she released my hand and ran up to the group of children surrounding Sanandas feet. He was seated on a flat rock, his legs crossed casually, his sashed robe hanging loosely about his body as he talked with his hands in an animated fashion. Immediately, I was struck by his male perfection. His face was angular with a straight nose, his thin lips surrounded by a days growth of beard. His brown eyes were wise and full of life beneath a perfectly sculpted forehead and a stream of flowing brown hair. The physical vessel was much like the one hed inhabited over two thousand years earlier, quite similar to the classic image portrayed by artists over the centuries. Duncan told me that Sananda had chosen such a body with great purpose. He knew it would be difficult gaining acceptance throughout the new world. By coming back, as he had promised, in an image recognizable by the masses, he hoped to better achieve his goals. Unfortunately, inhabiting a body similar to the one of Jesus Christ of Nazareth also presented certain drawbacks, as well. Sananda hoped to be accepted for the soul he truly was, rather than the physical aspect hed projected during that former lifetime.


As I watched him speaking to the children, I could feel the love that surrounded him. He glowed with a soft light as he captivated the children with his tales. Their faces were awash with the essence of his endless love as they smiled at him with peaceful serenity. It was impossible in his presence not to feel completely comfortable and at peace. He exuded an aura of harmony. Stepping closer, I began to listen to his words. Tomorrow, I will show you how to accomplish this. We will go down to the waters edge and practice. You must ask the permission of your parents, though, because it is important to honor their wishes. If they do not agree, you must respect this. He looked at the children, into each individual set of eyes, to make sure they understood him. We will, they murmured. Always remember the masters that you are. Never forget that you are love. As a part of the Creator, you were formed of love. Love is not external to your being. It is not merely an action or a feeling. You cant brag to your friend that you have more love than another, for love is not a commodity and no one can possess it. It is who you are. It is what you are made of. If ever you feel alone or afraid, you must remember who you are. When people forget that they are part of the Creator and that they are love, they feel lost and afraid. They feel separate from the source of all creation. Many of your parents lived on the old earth where these feelings happened all the time. It is your job to make sure they never forget who they really are. To do that, you must always remember who you truly are. I remember the other side, Alleyana said, her voice strong as she spoke out. I watched with great interest as my daughter smiled and spoke in her childish voice. I remember making the new earth and picking out the things we wanted here. Everything we put on Lady Gaia we sprinkled with love. She used her hands to demonstrate the act, wiggling her pudgy fingers as she raised them up and down, showering the earth with imaginary love. Sanandas grin went from ear to ear. He looked up at me then, for the first time, and I heard his thoughts as clearly as if he had spoken aloud, although I knew he was shielding his reflections from the children. She is quite special, you know. Pride filled my heart as I watched him turn toward Alleyana. You are right, Alleyana. I was there when you did that, but you did not see me.


You were? she questioned, trying hard to remember as she scratched her head. Yes. The Creator wanted me to stay invisible so as not to interfere. There was a little boy there, as well, named Toyo. And another girl named Ishiprava. I met them recently in my travels. You did? Alleyanas excitement was clearly evident. I remember them! They were my friends on the other side. Thats right. You were all chosen because you are so good at holding the love vibration. Most children are. It is sometimes difficult, though, as we get older to keep our love strong. Even our garden will have conflict from time to time. Many adults are still struggling with the concepts and with the darker portions of themselves. Eventually, we must learn to get along with others who dont always think as we do. Will we have to leave the community? Hanoya asked sadly. Sananda held out his hands to Hanoya, beckoning the child to come closer. She took his hands, and the compassion that radiated from his being was palpable. Oh, yes! I see now! Hanoya exclaimed. We will go forth from the community to help others when we are old enough. Not now, though. We will be as old as our parents. Thats right, Sananda told her, encompassing the other children in his perusal. I knew he had given Hanoya a vision when he took her hands, in an effort to comfort the child. What had she seen? I wondered. She seemed ecstatic at the prospect. You will help others one day, each one of you. For now, though, you must stay here in the community and help your parents. They need your love more than anyone. Hold the love vibration no matter what conflicts arise. Always remember that you are love. Just as everything upon Lady Gaia has been infused with love and is made up of love, so are all of her inhabitants. Do not stray from that knowledge, and you will always find inner peace and happiness. Just then, I sensed Duncan near. As I turned around, he was walking in my direction, a purposeful strut to his gait. I was suddenly filled with love as my husband approached, and I couldnt help noticing the difference between his appearance and Sanandas. Duncan was thicker of body, his face not as chiseled or perfectly shaped, but he possessed a vulnerability and sensitivity in his eyes that touched my heart. As a nine-dimensional soul, Sananda was far more evolved than any of the 5D inhabitants of the new earth. As such, he possessed a supreme confidence and manner that mirrored perfection. Duncans


human qualities intrigued me far more. His imperfections were endearing to me in a way quite difficult to describe. Kalani, Duncan greeted me. He kissed me softly as he took my shoulders. You are here with the master. His joy was evident. It was as if Id just become reacquainted with his best friend and he was proud to speak to me about the experience. Yes. Alleyana was so elated that she left the group to find me. She is positively overjoyed by his presence, as we all are. More are coming now, Duncan told me. He turned his head to look over his shoulder. Of course, you would expect him to find the children first then let the parents follow. That is always his way. Each village we entered, he was eager to speak with the children first. They are the wise ones, after all, I commented. I went on to relay the events of the previous moments and Sanandas words to our daughter. Duncans pride was clearly evident in the smile beaming from his face. We didnt have much time to speak to each other, however, as the other members of the community began to surround us, listening to Sananda as he spoke to the children. They were all anxious to see him again, to hear his words of wisdom, and to feel the love that radiated from his being. It was comparable to the ecstatic after-glow of the angels at council last night. Sananda was in the flesh, though, and nothing could compare to the peaceful atmosphere that pervaded the area in his presence. Looking up from the captivated expressions of the children, Sananda acknowledged the growing crowd by rising to his feet. Opening his arms, he began greeting the adults with the warmth and familiarity of old friends. The children still mulled at his feet, for which he was not in the least disturbed. As he reached Duncan and me, he wrapped his arms first around Duncan, greeting his companion with a warm hug. Kissing my cheek, he placed a warm hand on my shoulder as he reverently uttered my name. Kalani, I am most pleased to see you again. Alleyana is a joy. You should both be proud. Oh, we are. Welcome back, Sananda. It is so good to see you again, I greeted. I owe you a debt of gratitude for your understanding these past years, Sananda said. Duncans assistance was most valuable to me. He is a true and honored friend. Your sacrifice will be greatly rewarded. I seek no reward, I answered modestly. It was his mission to travel with you, and I am humbled that you chose him. To be of service to the higher good may sometimes necessitate sacrifice.


He looked at me and I knew he saw through my courageous attempts. My feelings of abandonment over the years were still visible in my emotional body, even though Crystalias healing had done a great deal to release much of the negativity. Sananda was quite adept at deciphering a persons hidden fears, yet he did not make me feel in any way inferior for my emotions. Do not be ashamed of your feelings, Kalani. All emotions are valid. You have done admirably well in balancing negative emotions and should be proud of your efforts. When I speak of rewards, I was referring to the greater love you and Duncan will share due to your temporary separation. I can see, already, that you are both quite in love. Your star seed will be stronger for your love and so, you see, all is well that ends well. He smiled disarmingly, making Duncan and I smile in return. We are looking forward to the child Kalani will conceive, Duncan said, his eyes wandering down to my midsection. Yes! And he is quite anxious to be born. You will feel his presence at the moment of inception, Kalani. He cannot wait to inhabit the vessel you will, so graciously, provide. He likes to be bad sometimes, Alleyana piped in. She was now clutching Duncans leg, looking up at Sananda with wide eyes. Sananda laughed heartily. I know. He will show the way for those who still seek darkness. We are all bad sometimes, Alleyana. The key is to love your darkness and learn from it. Learn who you do not want to be and accept the negative with the positive. I like to be good, she told him. It makes me feel yucky when I am bad. Theres nothing wrong with that. Challenges will arise, though, as the inhabitants of Lady Gaia become comfortable with their new lightbodies and way of life. Some will seek the darkness out of boredom. His words disturbed me. That could not possibly be what I was doing, was it? Had I called the Anunnaki into my experience because I was growing bored of our world? That did not seem possible. I loved the peace and harmony of our garden. How is that possible? I voiced, without revealing my true fears. When our solar system entered the photon band, we were delivered from the galactic night of the dark ages. If our lightbodies are photonic in nature, how can we still crave darkness? Others had heard my question, spoken rather loudly in my sudden distress. They gathered around, making me feel alarmed that I had disturbed the peace. The crowd became anxious and quizzical.


Sensing their unease, Sananda raised his hands to hush the chattering. My good friends, he said softly. Kalani has raised a question that disturbs many of you. I would like to respond so that all may understand. There was silence, even from the children who were gathering close to Sananda in support and mutual love. As you all know, the universe pulses with life. There is a rhythm to all things. In the end times, just before the great shift, mankind was at its darkest point. Many of you journeyed far from the Creator as you experienced every aspect of negative and positive energy through your many lifetimes on earth. Now, the harvest has begun. The Creator is going forth and incorporating all that has been created. Before this time, the Creator was an observer, not interfering in order that you may experience all that this earthly playground had to offer. Now, as we return to oneness, be assured you will return to the light. Yet, within the light, there must be shadows, else there would be nothing to define the light. Love every part of your being, both the shadow and the light. Do not run or hide from emotions that evoke darkness, rather be always mindful of the higher self. If you act always for the highest good of all, you will never fail. Alleyanas tiny voice echoed the communitys sentiment in the still morning air. We love you, Sananda. As Sananda caught my eye, I felt as if his words were meant solely for me. Was this a part of my lesson? What emotions had evoked such darkness as the Anunnaki? They were of the old energy of control and manipulation. Was I feeling a need to control my environment? Had that brought the Anunnaki into my experience? Suddenly, I heard Duncans voice, loud and energetic. I think a celebration is in order. Sananda, we are so pleased that you are here with us this day. Wont you join us in a feast of celebration? The community was raucous in their agreement with Duncans suggestion. Moments later, we were all heading back to the village square for festivities that would last throughout the night. Duncan put his arm around me as we headed for the square. Alleyana took my hand. Have faith, Mommy, she whispered when Duncan was preoccupied with a passing conversation. No matter what happens, have faith.


Chapter Seven
Down by the water, Sananda watched as the children lay on their backs in a star formation, fully submerged, hands linked together. Alleyana was among the seven children hed chosen to participate in the days lesson, and I was more than pleased by her inclusion. She loved the ocean as it ran deeply through her veins, having spent many lifetimes on Sirius, the water planet. Crystalia had visions of my unborn child while she was still in my womb. I see your baby as a dolphin-like creature frolicking in aqua blue waters in a star system on the other side of the galaxy. She has only visited earth once before and is a star seed from more evolved cultures throughout our galaxy. As such, Crystalia advised me that my child would require some tolerance in learning the ways of Gaia, although much of her knowledge was already programmed into her genes by those in the higher realms in preparation for her earthly sojourn. The Sirian culture was near Alcyone, a star system that was continually bathed in photonic light. Alleyana was, as were all Sirians, of a sixthdimensional status. Evolved and wise beyond her five or so years, my daughter had proven to be an excellent teacher. I was startled by the sudden emergence of the children from the water as the oceans surface exploded in spray and bubbles. Gulping the air, they stood up and looked at Sananda. How long? Alleyana asked, as the others repeated her question, jumping in the water in anticipation of his response. I counted eight minutes in old earth time. Much longer than your previous attempt. Come to me on the sand and well talk. The seven children, three boys and four girls, each near to Alleyana in age, bounded from the water, wrapping themselves in the outstretched towel cloths that their mothers held. Bundled up, they sat in the sand by Sanandas feet, with hunched shoulders and tousled strands of wet hair. Now that youve increased your natural ability to hold your breath beneath the ocean waves, we are ready to begin phase two of the game. Whats phase two? several of the children asked eagerly. Sananda smiled secretly, looking at each child with such warmth, admiration, and child-like humor that, soon, they were squirming in anticipation of his reply. Phase two is about communication. Who will we communicate with? Hanoya asked.


Well, your cousins, of course! Our cousins? They were giggling, at this point, until Alleyana caught on. I know who he means! The whales and dolphins are our cousins. Thats right, Alleyana. The whales and dolphins are your earth cousins. Many of your Sirian relatives live beneath Lady Gaias water, taking the form of whales and dolphins. So, you see, thats why they are your earthly cousins. The children giggled at the thought of it. I was also amused, never having considered that the Sirian race would seed itself on Gaia, taking refuge beneath her waters. How will we talk to them? Alleyana wanted to know. With your minds, of course, Sananda replied easily, looking closely at each child in the group. Your vibration is very close to theirs. You will use your magnetic heart center to call them to where you are and they will come. How do we call them? Hanoya asked. With love, Sananda answered softly. You must enter your temple of light first. As you know, you each have a temple of light deep within you. It is that sacred place where you can be alone with your thoughts and feelings. It is the light within. Everyones temple looks different because it is of your own creation. Why dont we share with one another and describe our temples? I watched as the childrens eyes lit up with eager anticipation of this new game Sananda was proposing. Alleyana, a natural leader, asked if she could go first. Shed fallen into the role quite naturally, I had often noticed, and the others seemed comfortable with this. No one objected to following Alleyana, so Sananda nodded in agreement. My temple is very beautiful. I have to cross a field to reach it. I close my eyes and start dancing through the wheat grass. Then, I come to a bridge. I go over the bridge and a golden ladder is there. I climb up it into the clouds. The clouds are pink. I swim through the clouds until I see it. My temple is gold and blue and purple. The floor is soft, and I sit in the center all by myself. I have no ceiling so Creator can shine Its light on me. Lots of others join us then. They come in as lights and we are warm and happy. Many of the children had serene expressions as Alleyana described her temple of light, and I imagined they were thinking of their own special place. In the beginning, the children were quick to encourage the adults of the community to find their own temples. It was a chance to connect to our divine counterparts to seek guidance. Finding that source of inner peace had expanded my consciousness more than Id ever imagined possible.


For a moment, I remembered the old earth. Near the end times when our planet was approaching the final star gate, with duality at its peak as wars were fought and fear abounded, many who worked for the light urged others to enter their temples. They asked them to be as a rock in the midst of chaos, since many were caught up in the negative energies that surrounded them as war news was broadcast over television and radio stations around the clock like waves of acid rain. Sighing, I focused on Sananda and the children. Memories of the old earth were still difficult. How beautiful our paradise was and how fortunate we were to be on Lady Gaia and to have survived the tribulation years. The dark ages were gone and would not return for a very long time. Or were they? If the dark ages were truly gone, how had the Anunnaki infiltrated our paradise? Was there something I had done which allowed them entrance? Sneaking a glance at Sananda to see if he had perceived my thoughts, I saw him glance up for a split second. Our eyes met, and I received a mental message. Or not done. Okay. What did that mean? I was thankful to Sananda for giving me a clue as to what this was all about. I knew no one was able to help me with my lessons, but Sananda was providing a tiny hint. So what had I not done that allowed the Anunnaki to enter our paradise? Fervently, I wished I knew more about the Anunnaki. It all felt so elusive. What did I remember about the tales that once circulated around the old earth, at the time when their story was being told? Pulling up my knees and wrapping my arms around them, I pressed my head against my inner kneecaps and closed my eyes. What did I remember? Go into your temple of light, Kalani. Sananda was helping me again, although I could still hear him teaching the children. Immediately, I focused inward. Climbing a set of golden stairs that wove through the clouds, I imagined plateaus of colored lights orange, red, yellow, pale green, light blue, indigo blue, purple . . . climbing higher and higher, the colors swirled around me, infusing me with their radiance. There, up ahead, was my glorious temple. It was pyramid-shaped, gleaming like gold nuggets in the morning light. Surrounding it was a pale violet haze that I entered as I sought the door. Pushing slightly, I was suddenly in a room that glistened with some mysterious pixie dust that pervaded the walls, floor, and ceiling.


In the center of the room was a crystal table with high-backed chairs and a diamond-shaped pink crystal that dangled from the ceiling. Light emanated from the crystal as I sat in a chair and began to focus on the Anunnaki lizards. In an instant, a lizard-man was sitting opposite me at the crystal table. I felt safe in my temple and did not fear the strange creature. I could not see all of it, but what I observed repulsed me. It was taller than me about seven feet in stature with a long snout, large yellow eyes with long black slits, and green scaly skin. The Anunnaki rested its arms on the crystal table and I sensed its quizzical observance of me. What do you wish to know, Kalani? Tell me your history. Where do you come from? We are originally from your own galaxy, a planet that was once within your solar system. Niburu? Yes. Niburu. Our planet was nearing extinction. We needed to find a new home. But why earth? It was desirable, Kalani. It is at the fringe of your galaxy, near many way portals that provide easy passage for inter-galactic travel. So you just decided to take it over? We won your earth in a galactic battle over 300,000 years ago. Yes, this is what I have heard. You beat out the light. All things are allowed by the Creator. Earth is a free-will zone. The Anunnaki lizard shrugged its shoulders. We are not all dark, Kalani. Just as with humans, the Anunnaki hold various degrees of light and shadow. Your darker brothers have made humans suffer with their genetic engineering. They limited us and caused our fall from grace, our exile from the original Garden of Eden. Yes, this is true. Did you know that your council of twelve chose this path, Kalani? It was voted on. Some of you the feminine portion held sympathy in their hearts for our fate. Our planet was about to die and our species with it. Your council voted to let us live among you. They thought they could bring light into our darkened souls. Did it work? For some. For many, it did not. We were enamored with your goddesses and being the sexual creatures that we are, we could not help but mate with them. Yes, I have heard it was against their will. Rape. And so you found your way into our blood.


We were among you in great numbers. Of course, our natural appearance faded through the years. What you see in me is our true form, though at the end, we appeared just as humans. Your control was great. You corrupted our government, our churches, our corporations. Yes, we were many. We liked the lower vibrations, the darker side. We fed off your fear and confusion. You did not even realize how much you nourished us when you veered away from the light. It was so easy to deceive you. Just as you try to deceive me now? You called me here, Kalani. You wanted answers. Perhaps. Or perhaps I just want you to go away. This is not possible, Kalani. Surely, you must realize that by now. You dont belong here, Anunnaki! You were finally extinguished with the great shift. Why are you here now? That is for us to know and you to find out, the Anunnaki lizard taunted. It appeared to smile then its image faded away until I could only see the gold-speckled wall of my temple. Suddenly, I was back in my body, aware of Sanandas voice and the laughter of the children. More riddles and no real answers, I thought, as I opened my eyes and watched the children scurrying about as Sananda played with them. I sighed deeply. At least they could not hurt me. Or could they? It was only a shadow I saw on the path after my day with Crystalia. Perhaps their voices would drive me insane. Envisioning the child that I was to conceive with Duncan, I tried hard to dispel my fears. Was this a lesson in overcoming my fears? Had I not learned that on the old earth? Perhaps there were still vestiges of fear hidden deep within my cells and the tissues of my lightbody. Was I destined to rid myself of these last clinging particles of density? Did I need to purge and cleanse my vehicle before I could conceive a star seed of such magnificent status? Mommy, Mommy, look what we can do! Alleyana was skipping towards me in the sand, her arm jutting out behind her as she pointed to the sea. What is it, Alleyana? I stood up, amazed at what I saw behind my daughter. A pod of Orca whales were swimming just beyond the shallow waters, their spouts announcing their presence. Oh, my! The sight was spectacular as the enormous bodies of the cavorting whales began swimming at top speeds away from shore before flinging themselves into the air in a joyous display. Two tons of flesh slapped


against the oceans surface, the sound reverberating as spray rose in the air. Thats wonderful, Alleyana! We know how to call the whales now, Alleyana stated with an air of pride. Sananda taught us how. I just reminded you, Sananda said as he stood by my side. You already knew how. Can we name them? Alleyana wanted to know. She looks pretty. I want to call her Spot because she has a big white spot on her back. Perhaps you should ask the whale if that is her name, Sananda suggested. Alleyana squeezed her eyes shut, just as many of the other children were doing. Frowning, she spoke in a saddened voice. Her real name is Oleon. Thats much prettier than Spot. Suddenly, Alleyana brightened as she started laughing and muttering aloud. Oh, thank you! Are you sure that is what you want? Turning, she looked at me and smiled. She told me we can call her Oleon Spot, if that makes us happy. Whales are so friendly, Mommy. They love us very much. I know, darling. They have been sending light and love to humans for centuries now. Its just that most humans were not aware of their highly evolved consciousness and of the work they have been doing beneath the oceans. Were going to help them, Mommy. You are? I acted quite surprised and pleased. Yes. Maybe you can help, too. She looked at Sananda with hopeful eyes. Your mother has other work to do, Alleyana. This is a task for the children. Come. Lets go closer and see if we can find out all their names. Kalani, would you like to join us? Certainly. The distraction was suddenly welcome. The beauty of the gathering whales as Alleyana took my hand and pulled me towards the waters edge was enough to take my breath away. My conversation with the Anunnaki was quickly forgotten as I allowed myself the pleasure of communing with these magnificent creatures that the children had called forth from the dark recesses of the mighty oceans depths.


Chapter Eight
Barnabus and I are going on a trip today, Duncan told me as he rolled over in our jelly bed and flung his arm over my mid-drift. His hand caressed my breast ever so briefly, making me gasp with longing. I could not resist kissing his shoulder. Duncan groaned and rose from the bed. Oh, Kalani, it is so difficult to wait the required time to conceive our child. I would love to stay in bed and build kundalini energy with you, but I am afraid my resistance is too weak, at the moment. Yes, I agreed, it is getting much more difficult to abstain. I sat up in bed, pulling the cotton coverlet over my body, so as not to arouse Duncan any further. Where are you and Barnabus going? Barnabus was Seretas husband. They were my closest companions during Duncans years of travel, and now that Duncan had returned, the two men were re-establishing their male bond. I looked forward to our times together the four of us, along with our children as we were quite compatible. To the rock cliffs to gather palmarosa. Sananda told me it grows there, and I thought it would be a way to gather herbs for the community and spend a day with my friend, catching up on the past year. An odd feeling struck me as Duncan spoke. Be very careful, I warned. The cliffs can be dangerous. Duncan just smiled as he looked at me and shook his head. Oh, Kalani, do not worry. We have climbed the cliffs many times before. Their ledges are well known to us. I have told you, I will not abandon you again. Was it truly abandonment I was afraid of when I felt worry over their trip to the cliffs? The precipice overlooking the ocean was full of deep crevices and had loose rocks that crumbled beneath your feet. Perhaps I was being overly cautious, still clinging to my fears of being left behind. It was a silly reaction, and I did not want Duncan to miss out on a good time. You are right. I am overreacting. You and Barnabus need some time together. I was planning on going down to the waters edge today, anyway, as Sananda has promised to finish his lessons with the children. He is teaching them how to communicate with the whales and dolphins and has a special project in mind. I am curious to find out more.


Im sure Alleyana was thrilled with this project, Duncan said as he threw on his garment and tied the sash. He also took out his jelly sandals to protect his feet from the cutting rocks. Completely. She is beginning to exhibit leadership qualities, as well. The other children follow her without hesitation. I am proud of the way she accepts the role yet never makes any child feel badly about her position as leader. She is a joy to watch. That she is. Sananda is so good with the children, too. I hope he stays for awhile. They would benefit from his influence, as we all would. You do not know, then, how long he plans to stay? There is much about the master that I do not know, Kalani. He reveals very little of his plans. I am always cognoscente of the fact that grander schemes swirl about him, yet he expresses nothing but the here and now. What do you mean by grander schemes? Have you seen agendas during your travels? Not agendas, really. More like events. Oftentimes, strange things would happen in whatever community we visited that became a lesson, of sorts, to the inhabitants. Interesting. Yes, it was. I will tell you more another time. I sense that Barnabus is waiting for me. Ummmm, me too. It would be inconsiderate to delay your meeting. Go have fun, Duncan. We will talk again later. I smiled as Duncan kissed me reverently, holding me for a moment as we swapped loving vibrations and gazed intently into each others eyes. Passion, once again, took over and it was difficult to let him leave. Soon, he promised. Closing his eyes, Duncan disappeared, teleporting himself to the wheat field where hed agreed to meet Barnabus for their trek. I sought out Alleyana in our living area where she was frolicking with the fish. Time to go, sweetheart. Blow Aster a kiss and come dry off. Sananda is waiting for the children down by the sea. Why should I dry off, Mommy? Im going swimming! She giggled as she popped out of the pool and ran in circles around a tree with cherry blossoms that had started to bloom. Lets go, then. Ill bring a cloth for when you get cool. As Alleyana circled the tree, she giggled again, giving me a knowing look before she popped the dimension. Her tiny body disappeared as


droplets of water hung suspended in the air before falling to the dirt floor of the bubble dome. Deciding to exit in the same manner, since it looked quite fun, I ran towards the tree, skimming my hand lightly against its trunk as I gathered speed and thought about the beach. As I grew dizzy from the circling motion, I felt myself timeless and weightless, floating through the great white void for a split second before I landed on the sand. My dizziness made me fall into the fine powdery granules that reminded me of the olden day cake mixes. It was so soft that I snuggled against the grains for a moment before getting up and dusting myself off. Alleyana was waiting, half buried in the sand as she sat on the beach and scooped handfuls of the powdery substance over her tiny legs. All of the oceans on Lady Gaia were similar in that their sand had absorbed the photon particles that were emitted when we entered the final star gate. Theyd been infused with light, just as everything else on the planet benefited from the bombardment of photons, making their texture powdery soft. Unfortunately, the oceans still contained much pollution, as this dilemma was not so easily remedied. It is the process of nature to cleanse and restructure itself, and Lady Gaia was quite busy in her tasks. When the Atlanteans destroyed their civilization with their misuse of technology, sinking the land mass beneath the ocean thousands of years earlier, Mother Nature had stepped in to cleanse the polluted soils of her land. Lady Gaia then caused great earthquakes during the tribulation years that sunk highly polluted areas beneath her cleansing waters. Fires from volcanoes purified the air while burying other parts for eventual restructuring. In an act of balance and rebirth, the lost continents arose from beneath the healing sea to form new land masses that could be occupied. The process was a gradual one, lasting many years. I remember people commenting on the drastic increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes in the years we now term the tribulation years. Many did not realize that Lady Gaia was in the process of cleansing herself in preparation for her entrance into the photon band in the year 2012. Im coming, Sananda! Alleyana wiggled herself free of the silky sand and responded to the mental calling of the master. Bye, Mommy. She kissed me quickly on the cheek then fluttered over to where Sananda and the other children were gathering on the beach.


I looked out at the warm ocean waters, remembering colder times in a place I once visited quite often Maine. Now, there were only two seasons spring and summer. The oceans waters remained warm and inviting throughout the year. Melancholy enveloped me as I grieved for the health of our oceans. Would Sanandas lesson be about healing the oceans? Was that the special project he was initiating with the children? I settled down on the beach near the children with the other mothers to listen to the lesson. Glancing over at Sereta, I noticed she was distracted and appeared nervous. Are you worried about Barnabus and Duncan? I asked her mentally. Looking up, she made eye contact with me as she shook her head. She sensed my own unease at their journey, and we shared a moment of mutual concern for our husbands. Dont worry, I thought, trying to soothe her, Duncan assured me that they are very familiar with the rock cliffs. Sereta nodded at me, biting her lip. As I watched her, she gave Sananda her full attention. Something was odd, but I couldnt quite grasp what I perceived. Just as I was sending my third eye out to expand on my revelation, I felt Sanandas thoughts urging me to let it be. What could I do? I knew there were reasons why he was asking me to turn off my intuitive questing. Honoring his wishes, I nodded my head in assent, looking down at my hands and losing whatever hidden truths I was on the verge of discovering. Yesterday, Sananda began, you started to communicate with your cousins, the whales and the dolphins. Today, I will tell you why this is important. The children were sitting cross-legged on the sand, listening intently to the masters words. It still amazed me that this nine-dimensional man could possess such mesmerizing qualities that he held the attention of children and adults alike with his soft-spoken voice. When you are able to communicate openly with the dolphins and the whales, you will begin to learn their wisdom. They have been the caretakers of the earth for many thousands of years now. They work with the higher realms and the inter-galactic federation in order to keep the oceans and the earth in balance. As you know, our oceans have become polluted and this problem still exists even in our paradise. When the earth moved into the higher dimension, it became possible for humans to begin taking over the tasks that our whale and dolphin cousins have assumed for many eons. Theyre getting tired, arent they? Alleyana asked, her voice and face saddened by the thought.


Yes, they are. Sananda spoke softly, compassionately. They wish to hand over the reins to the humans now. With your new lightbodies, you are able to communicate with the higher realms, as well. You have access to the federation and only need to learn this form of communication. The whales can teach you. Do they want to leave the earth? Alleyana asked. Many do. They will still be here for many lifetimes and are willing to teach the humans all that they know. Their wisdom is vast. We should help them, Hanoya stated. They have done good work, but now it is our turn. Yes. Thank you, everyone, for understanding their plight. They wish to return to Sirius, to their home planet. The crustaceans have served mankind well for many years, but now it is time to release them from their duties. They love us very much, dont they? Yes, Sananda said. It has been a great sacrifice, especially after the way many of the whales and dolphins have been treated by mankind over the past few centuries. People were mean to them, werent they? Alleyana said. My mommy told us the story about when they were put in big tanks of water so people could look at them and watch them do tricks. Yes, many were incarcerated for human entertainment. Others were slaughtered in the seas in order to make products that the people did not feel they could live without. They did not even realize the work the crustaceans were doing beneath the oceans or their great wisdom and inter-dimensional nature. We know how beautiful they are, Alleyana said, smiling. Yes we do. Shall we go down to the oceans edge and practice speaking with the dolphins today, as we did with the whales yesterday? Sananda asked the children. Yes! they all agreed. There was great enthusiasm as the children jumped up and began hopping in place. I smiled as I watched their eager expressions. I must tell you, though, that you must work very hard to remember all that I have taught you. As the children affirmed their willingness to practice the techniques that Sananda would teach them, he led them down to the waters edge. I stayed behind with the other mothers, watching Sereta with great interest. Her eyes followed the masters progress, and I wasnt sure if I should read her thoughts. The dilemma was taken out of my hands as Sereta approached me and smiled. Hello, Kalani.


I embraced her and could feel the fear emanating from her energy field. Why are you afraid, Sereta? She paused, her raven black hair blowing lightly in the breeze. Turning towards me, her emerald green eyes looked troubled. I am worried about Barnabus. Ever since he left with Duncan to go to the cliffs, I have been plagued by a feeling of unease and danger. I sighed deeply. I, too, felt something ominous about their adventure. I tried to warn Duncan, but he thought I was overreacting. Do you think they could be in trouble? Our instincts are not usually wrong. Mental intuitive powers had been greatly enhanced with the advent of our lightbodies. We usually heeded any warnings when something didnt feel right. I dont know. Did you express your fears to Barnabus? Yes. How did he react? Much the same as Duncan. He, too, thought I was overreacting. That is odd, I said. Usually, the men are so willing to listen to our internal warnings. I know they were looking forward to spending the day together. Yes, Sereta replied absently. She looked over at the sea where Sananda was standing, knee-deep in the water, mentally instructing the children as they formed an underwater star by, once again, holding hands and lying on their backs beneath the surface. May I ask you a question? I said, not certain whether Sereta would want to discuss the strange bond she shared with Sananda. She looked at me with knowing eyes, and then turned away, giving her attention back to the lesson. Yes, you may ask, Kalani. I hesitated, not sure how to begin. Sereta suddenly took my hand and led me further away from the group of mothers. As we sat down in the white sand beside a large boulder surrounded by lime green tufts of grass, she gave me her full attention, speaking first. I know what it is youve perceived, Kalani, and your intuitions are not wrong. There is an ancient connection between the master and me. It confuses me almost as much as it baffles you. I have felt it since his arrival, and it grows stronger each time I see him. What do you suppose is happening? I do not know. You are well aware of my love for Barnabus. We have been together for many years. This love is different. It is as if something grander is occurring, something I am only on the threshold of remembering. How does Sananda react in your presence?


As if he knows something I do not. That is often how he acts. He is quite wise and all-knowing. This is different, though. There is a secret he will not reveal about our soul connection. I keep having the intuition that there are plans in store for us, but I do not know what they are. Do you mean a divine plan, Sereta? Yes. Does that make sense? It is difficult to tell. I was silent as we both meditated on this possibility. Are you getting any affirmation? I asked her, after a few moments of trying to grasp the answer to my question. No. Are you? No. It is as if we cannot know. We are not being given any information. Some things must remain hidden, I suppose, Sereta said quietly. I have not experienced such secrecy since before the great shift. I thought it had been abolished with our new lightbodies. Her words evoked strong emotions in me. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, I wonder how secure it all really is. I could not help thinking of the Anunnaki. Sereta looked at me oddly, and then dismissed whatever she was feeling. At least now I knew why she was unable to read my thoughts about the Anunnaki. I sometimes wonder if our garden will be forever peaceful or if we are, eventually, destined to return to a world of chaos and fighting, I murmured. I do not believe that will happen, Kalani. Many members of the new earth have memories of our past, and the children are being taught their history. Surely, we will not regress and repeat the mistakes that nearly caused the destruction of mankind. Are we wrong to worry about it? I voiced. Fear is always the mind-killer, Sereta reminded me. It was a lesson we were all quite familiar with. Whatever you fear will manifest into your experience in order to be healed. We draw to us whatever we fear. Suddenly, we both sensed a man running down the beach. As I turned my head, I saw a distant figure moving closer. He was screaming and in an obvious state of distress but was still too far away for the words to be heard clearly. His thoughts were a jumble, unable to read, due to his extreme panic, which we could feel. Immediately, my heart raced and I felt a moment of utter dread. Sananda! Sananda! The man was screaming at the top of his lungs. Come quickly! There has been an accident on the cliffs.


Puffing and out of breath from his race across the sand, the man I now recognized as Dulus, one of the members of our community, bent over and clasped his knees. Sananda placed a hand on Dulus shoulder, which seemed to take away his extreme fear and panic. Tell me what has occurred, Dulus, Sananda asked calmly. Barnabus and Duncan were up on the cliffs gathering palmarosa. I was nearby, having gone there, as well, as I always take my walk in that area, well below the cliffs edge. I heard a mans scream and looked up above me. My heart nearly stopped. I closed my eyes, not wanting to hear the words that Dulus was about to utter. What happened? Sananda prompted gently. I saw someone falling over the edge of the cliff. Loose rocks were flying and I had to shield my head from the debris. Sereta and I both gasped as we clutched one another in terror. Who was it? Sereta pleaded, her voice strangled with sobs. Dulus looked at her with pure compassion and sympathy, and then he looked at me, as well. It was Barnabus, Sereta. I am so sorry. No! Sereta screamed her anguish into the still, morning air. Hanoya ran to her mother and began sobbing as she clutched her legs. Was he moving at all? Sananda asked. Immediately, I knew Sanandas reason for asking that question. Duncan had told me many times of Sanandas miracles around the world. Dulus hung his head. No. He was lying motionless on his back. I reached him just before Duncan who climbed down a path as I made my way up to where Barnabus fell. We both checked him over and he was not breathing. Duncan laid hands on him, touching his forehead, trying to heal his wounds, but we saw no response. Perhaps if you . . . He looked pleadingly at Sananda. I will try. Show me where he is. As Sereta, Dulus, Sananda and I raced to the cliffs, leaving the children with the other mothers, I could not help the relief I felt that Duncan was not lying at the bottom of the cliff, possibly dead. At the same time, I was mortified that Barnabus had suffered such a fate. In the entire time wed lived in the community since the great shift, not one member of our group had fallen victim to death or disease. It was unheard of. How could this have happened? And to someone so dear as my good friend and best friends husband? I clutched Seretas hand as we ran the short distance, knowing we were all too upset to teleport easily. Yet, my lungs were nearly bursting from the effort. Just as I realized we still had a ways to go, I


felt Sananda teleporting all of us to the place where we needed to be. Obviously, his powers were sufficient to bring us all there, saving us the exhaustion of running the entire way. Barnabus lay motionless on a flat bed of rock, light pink blood surrounding his head like a halo. Duncan was beside him, his friends hand clutched lifelessly in his own as tears streamed down his cheeks. At the sight of the men, Sereta and I both burst into tears. Calmly, Sananda kneeled beside Barnabus. Raising his face to the clouds, Sananda placed his hand on Barnabus shoulder. We were all silent as we prayed to the Creator to give Barnabus back his life. After moments that felt like hours, I opened my eyes to see if Barnabus was alive. Sananda was looking at me with sadness in his eyes. When everyone emerged from prayer, Sananda spoke. It is not to be. I am sorry, Sereta. The Creator has spoken to me. It is the Creators will that Barnabus return to the other side. No! No! Seretas anguish broke my heart as she clutched me for support. I felt her tears as they spilled from her eyes, wetting my shoulder and speaking of her pain. You may visit him, Sereta, to help with your grief, Sananda told her, but he cannot return to Lady Gaia, at this time. But why? she wailed. I dont understand! I do not know, Sananda told her gently. Yes you do! she accused, shocking me with her outburst. I could not believe she was challenging the masters truthfulness. You knew this would happen. You sent them up here to gather palmarosa. You have been hiding something, I know it! Sananda rose, taking Seretas hand as he faced her and looked deeply into her eyes. Dear Sereta, you must believe me when I tell you I had nothing to do with this accident. I only know, after speaking with the Creator, that there is a reason for your suffering. A divine plan must be carried out. You know this, as well. You have sensed it since my arrival. His words to Sereta were so tender and loving that I felt in awe and in wonder of what I was witnessing. I could feel the ancient bond between these two souls and knew the divine plan had something to do with their connection. Sereta knew it, as well, and was overcome by emotion. She fell into Sanandas arms, grieving for her lost husband as he consoled her, feeling complete compassion for her pain. Duncan rose and took me into his arms as we cried together for our friend, Barnabus, and for his family who would miss him terribly. I do not know how long we stayed that way before an angel appeared above us. I could feel the light shining from her and the gentle breeze


of her wings as she took Barnabus soul and brought him lovingly to the other side.


Chapter Nine
The night was difficult for Sereta and Hanoya. Duncan, Alleyana and I stayed with them, weeping and consoling, as we opened our hearts and allowed the emotions to flow so healing could begin. The children were not excluded as in olden days, since it was well known that their insights and endless compassion helped the adults to heal, as well. Hanoya appeared to accept the fate of her father much more easily than Sereta did. Creator has special plans for him, Mommy, she told us. And for you, too. She spoke with a quiet assurance that calmed us all as Sereta hugged her daughter to her breast. We all knew that Barnabus consciousness would go on he was merely in a different dimension. Sereta realized she was too distraught to visit him, just yet, but the knowledge that she could speak to him again, after such a sudden demise, kept her going throughout the night. I remember our notion of death in the dark ages, how some believed that death was the end of conscious thought, leaving a soul in a place of darkness for eternity. Religions taught of heaven and hell, controlling the masses by instructing them in their churches that there were requirements for entrance into heaven. Sinners burned in hell, forever destined to repeat unspeakable horrors, while only the pure of heart entered the kingdom of God. I cringed at the memory of those times. Weve evolved so much since then, Duncan said, picking up on my thoughts. Standing by the sea, I felt my husbands hand engulfing my fingers. Yes, thank the stars. I think the most difficult part for me was in knowing the truth at a time when so many still believed in the religious myths. I often had debates with a friend of mine, Duncan said, as he turned his handsome visage to the gentle waves, recalling times of old. He was a Catholic and was on a mission against evil. He obsessed over music that he believed was spawned by the devil, turning teenagers into mindless worshippers of Satan. Of course, he drew darkness to him by the power of his own thoughts. We both know that whatever thoughts are focused on the most will manifest into reality. I once said to him, You know, if you gave as much attention to God as you do to the devil, you would be a much happier man. What did he say to that?


He didnt heed my words and was not ready to understand. Im convinced he thought I was evil because my beliefs were so much different than his. He viewed our debates as a form of missionary work and was trying to convert me. All the time, I was trying to awaken him to a new way of thinking. It was quite funny, when I think of it now. He smiled and I squeezed his hand, my own lips curving at the thought. There were such strict rules for goodness back then, I said, shaking my head. So many conditions to enter heaven! Yes, indeed. So many were convinced that the Creator judges us remember Judgment Day? We both chuckled. How little we knew of the Creator, how It loves and accepts every aspect of our expression, not seeing good or bad, rather various shades of light. Duncans head perked up. I believe Sananda is ready to begin, he said, suddenly solemn. I also felt the masters call as we turned from the peaceful turquoise waves with their white caps to the gathering of community on the distant sand. Walking down the short strip of beach, I felt heaviness in my heart. I would miss Barnabus presence in our community. He had a special brand of humor and gentle warmth. Unfaltering composure was also one of his strengths, having been an air traffic controller on the old earth. To listen to Duncan and Barnabus squabbling over trivialities was always amusing. My heart ached for the loss of our friend. As we joined the others, Sananda stood in the middle of the group, holding Barnabus lifeless form in his arms, the vacated body wrapped in a cloth. Sereta solemnly approached, touching her hand to his head with a final kiss while Hanoya tugged at his toe, whispering, Bye, Daddy. Ill come visit you soon. In our hearts, we all wished Barnabus a smooth journey, taking several moments to reflect on our memories and thank him for the time he shared with us. Then, Sananda walked to the oceans edge as we all followed with measured steps. Once there, he levitated, floating out to where the water was deep, swells tugging as the tide receded. Ceremoniously, he raised his arms to the sky, letting Barnabus drift softly, like a feather in the wind, to the waters surface. No words were spoken as we reverently watched Barnabus return to the ocean, to his human origins. Upon his return, Sananda wrapped his arm around Seretas shoulder for support as Hanoya took his hand.


Then, we were teleporting, taken by Sanandas thoughts to the community center. Our bubble domes were before us and an overwhelming tiredness made my eyes grow heavy. Sleep now, Sananda told us quietly. Tomorrow, we will speak with Barnabus again, but for now, you must sleep. I could not resist the drug-like haze and was barely able to find my way to our jelly bed before my eyes closed and I was asleep. Vaguely, I was aware of Alleyana finding her own bed and Duncan curling up beside me, but the need for sleep was so great that I do not recall if it was real or a memory. I slept peacefully, dream free, for many hours beyond the usual breaking of dawn. When I awoke, Duncan was beside me, positioned on his back, one arm slung behind his head as he stared thoughtfully at the blue sky beyond the domes ceiling. I sensed his reflective mood. You okay? I asked. Yeah. I guess so. My mind knows that there are no accidents in life. Each soul chooses the moment of death. Yet, I am having a difficult time knowing why Barnabus soul chose to leave our glorious new earth now. Is there a lesson for the community in all of this? Is it a reminder that nothing is permanent, even our paradise? What was the purpose of Barnabus death? I dont know, Duncan. Perhaps we will learn more when we visit him today. They will not tell you the reasons, Duncan predicted. They never tell you anything when youre in lesson. Arent we through with lessons? he questioned. His comment reminded me of my own reflection about the Anunnaki just a short time ago. I dont believe we are. I suppose there will always be more to learn. Our first few years here in paradise may have been a short reprieve from all of that in order to give us time to adjust to our new environment. Perhaps. On the old earth, it always seemed that whenever things were finally going right, something bad would happen. It was as if the higher realms let us enjoy the moment and the victory of learning something, then said, Okay, back to work. More lessons to be learned. Life must get hard again. Maybe we have grown spoiled. We falsely believe that death will never again take us by surprise. Catch me, Mommy! Suddenly, Alleyana came bounding into the room. Jumping on the jelly bed in typical little-girl fashion, she suspended her body in mid-air, floating into my arms.


My, you are getting heavy, little one. Can we still do this when my brother comes? Alleyana wanted to know. Of course we can, I told her. Although, we may have to be a little careful when hes growing in my womb. How long will he be in your tummy, Mommy? Only seven months. We can play gentler games during his gestation, okay? I hoped Alleyana would understand and not feel the beginnings of normal sibling jealousy. It is always a difficult transition when a new soul joins the family unit. Knowing my thoughts, Alleyana merely smiled. Thats okay, Mommy. I wont jump on your tummy. We can swim with the fishes. Baby will like that. Duncan and I both smiled at Alleyanas words. I am still amazed by her empathetic and mature nature at such a young age. I wondered what our baby boy would be like. Would he possess the same bountiful wellspring of love and understanding? All of the children are so special in their endless capacity for love. Will Hanoya be able to speak to her daddy today? Alleyana asked, interrupting my thoughts. I dont know, I answered honestly. It depends on many things. What things? Duncan spoke first. If their hearts are ready. They must open their hearts and feel the love, without focusing on the pain. If they are able to do that, they will be able to communicate with Barnabus. Oh. Alleyana paused, thinking, as she stretched out on her stomach, placing her face in her tiny hands. I think Hanoya can do that, but I dont know if Sereta can. We shall see, I answered, knowing we must wait to see what Seretas frame of mind was like this morning. Perhaps her sleep was healing, I added. Do you mean the angels helped her? Yes, perhaps. What if I make some corn pancakes for breakfast and we bring them over? Would you like to help me, sweetie? Alleyana grew excited over the thought of her favorite breakfast. The pancakes were more like corn muffins, but due to the lack of certain ingredients from days past, they flattened out into a round, thin shape similar to pancakes. Moving to the kitchen, Alleyana helped me gather the ingredients from storage bins that were never kept too full. Waste was highly frowned upon as each family took only what they needed, while extra amounts were shared with neighbors or brought back to the main supply dome.


Before long, the corn pancakes were baking in the magneticpowered oven, which resembled two metallic discs connected by a two-foot strip of transparent material that helped to conduct heat. It took only a few minutes for the food to bake, and as I popped the lid off the oven, the aroma made us all sigh with contentment. Can we bring it over to Sereta and Hanoya now, Mommy? Alleyana asked eagerly. Let me see . . . I honed in on Seretas vibration, tapping in to the etheric level of consciousness that connects us all. What I felt relieved me immensely. She had indeed received healing from the angels last night, as a peaceful aura surrounded her. Yes, I believe she is ready to have visitors. Are you coming, Duncan? Actually, I think its better if I stay here, right now. Im sensing a bit of discomfort at my presence, as if Sereta is reminded too much of Barnabus. Hmmmm, yes, I see what you mean. I also sensed that Duncans presence would disturb Sereta. Come on, Alleyana, we will go together and bring them breakfast. Okay, Mommy. Alleyana suddenly adopted a serious air, as if she knew the gravity of the situation. We can hold their hands if they still want to cry. I smiled at our daughter. Thats very understanding of you, Alleyana. Youre a good friend. Hanoya is lucky to have you. No, Im lucky, too. She would hold my hand if I felt bad. How true Alleyanas words were. It was the reason I loved our community so much. We were all fully supportive of one another. Briefly, I wondered if the rest of the world had adopted similar viewpoints. I made a mental note to ask Duncan about it later on. Lets go then. Wait! Alleyana said. Daddy needs some breakfast, too. She tore off a piece of corn pancake and brought it to her father, smiling sweetly. Here, Daddy. Duncan took the offering, balancing it in one hand while he wrapped his free arm around our daughter, pulling her to his heart in a tender gesture. Thanks, shrimp. When we reached Seretas dome, I felt a calming vibration encircling the area. I knew, instinctively, that Sananda was responsible for the shield of loving energy that surrounded the residence of my friend. Hed graced them with a healing balm for their souls, in the form of nearly invisible lime-colored light waves. Look at the pretty green lights, Mommy! Alleyana exclaimed as we approached the structure. Did Sananda put them there?


I believe so. Hes trying to help them. I know. He loves Sereta very much. I looked at Alleyana, surprised by her strange words. Sananda loves everyone, sweetie, I told her quietly. Yes, but Sereta is special. What do you mean? I cant tell you. Its a secret. She smiled mischievously, and I knew my daughter was not about to reveal anything further. Even her thoughts were cloaked. Deciding that to pursue the subject would be a waste of time, I let it go and placed my hand on the front wall of Seretas dome. The opaque substance was cool and damp from the morning dew, but I could feel it heating up as I melded my energy with the life force that extended from the structure. I sensed it was okay to enter the dome as Alleyana and I joined hands and descended the chute that brought us down ten feet below the surface. Landing on the padded floor, we climbed the earthen stairs into the dome. Good morning, I said as Sereta and Hanoya came to greet us, having sensed our arrival when we merged energy with the dome. Giving them each a warm hug, I could feel the difference in Sereta. Youve received healing, havent you? I asked, looking at her with a mixture of concern and compassion. Yes, she answered serenely, her quiet strength evident in her tone of voice. I had always admired Sereta for her utter faith and tranquility. It shone through to her outer shell, giving her a radiance of love and purity. Sananda saw to it that we were calmed in our sleep. In fact, the entire community has been blessed with tranquil sleep. The term tranquil sleep referred to times when the angels or some other powerful source, such as Sananda with his ninth-dimensional status, waved their mystical imaginary wand, sending those in need into a deep, peaceful sleep. It reminded me of the olden day story, The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy and her friends waltzed through the poppy field and were magically waved into slumber by Glenda, the good witch of the North. Barnabus death was so traumatic for the community because he was the first person to die since the mass departure just before the great shift. I can still recall the ten years before 2012 when so many were dying from unexplained causes. Not only were there contracts for death by natural disaster, of which there were many reported in the newspapers daily, but medical issues abounded. Cancer ran rampant as well as heart attacks and every disease known to man. In reality, most people never noticed how many souls were choosing to


leave the earth. They shook their heads and sighed with remorse, never realizing that many people knew, on a subconscious level, that the great shift was coming and chose not to participate in the new world events. Then, just before that momentous day when the earth split, leaving two worlds the old and the new many chose to leave the earth plane, not wanting to be part of either world. They were struck with a physical ailment involving great stomach distress. They passed quickly, their internal organs unable to adapt to the higher vibrational frequency. The doctors said it was some viral infection, a worldwide epidemic. I knew the truth, as did many others. Those who shifted only a few days later were fully aware of the choice of those souls who had decided to watch the cosmic party from the other side. The unexpected death of Barnabus was still difficult to understand, for those whod made the transition believed they would live for a very long time in our paradise. Death by accident was not even considered. There must be a reason for his departure, I knew, a soul reason why he had ended his sacred contract. What could that reason be? I wondered, as Sereta picked up on my thoughts. I have been wondering that ever since the accident, Kalani. I still do not know the reason that Barnabus left right now. I have a feeling, though, that I may have more answers once I speak with him. Do you feel you are ready? I asked, as the children watched us with wisdom-filled eyes. Yes. My heart is open and Sananda has healed much of my pain. I am eager to speak with Barnabus, to find out the soul reason for his untimely death. First, though, we must eat the corn pancakes that you and Alleyana made for our breakfast. Sereta smiled warmly. You are so much different, my friend, than when we cried together. Are you feeling more at peace with the situation? Yes. Oddly, I am. I know that many angels are helping, right now. They are enfolding the entire community in their loving wingspan, just as they have always done during times like these. Can we eat now, Mommy? Alleyana asked, impatient for the warm corn pancakes. Of course. Will you break off a piece for everyone? Pleased that she was allowed to serve this morning, Alleyana tore off a piece of the corn pancake and brought it over to Hanoya first, then to Sereta, then to me, taking the last piece for herself. We took our time savoring the flavor of the food, chewing slowly, and drinking lots of water throughout our meal. We shared memories of Barnabus, honoring him while we ate, then we cleaned up the crumbs and moved to the living area.


Without speaking, we all sat in a circle on the dirt floor beside the natural spring where the family swam and played with their fish. Closing our eyes, we joined hands, intuitively knowing what to do, although we had not performed this ceremony since right after the great shift when we were allowed to visit souls on the other side. Breathing deeply, the children initiated the infinity breath, forming an infinity symbol within their bodies as it looped like a figure eight through the chakra system. This method of breathing was practiced daily as a way of balancing the chakra system and purifying the body, along with other breathing methods. Next, we did the lotus breath, which was similar to the infinity breath, only performed across the bodys chakras in a series of nine quickly inhaled breaths that we turned slightly, in order to create a lotus flower at the juncture of each chakra. Once our vibration was sufficiently increased, we began our ascent out of our bodies, climbing up through the dimensions as we envisioned various spiritual colors that we passed through. I could see the earth far below as I climbed higher in consciousness. Then, suddenly, I felt a pop like the bursting of a bubble, as we all exited the fifth dimension and entered the higher realms. I saw a gate, or rather a portal, which I knew was a doorway to the other side. I could feel Sereta and the children beside me as we brought Sereta through the portal into a misty realm of light and peaceful tranquility. The air here was so perfect, even more wondrous than our heaven on earth, as a balm of wellbeing pervaded our lightbodies. Then we saw him. It was Barnabus, smiling from ear to ear, as he approached our group. He was whole again, not lifeless and broken from the fall off the cliffs. As he drew closer, I saw Sereta drawn into his arms. They embraced, their lightbodies glowing with love. Hanoya joined them, then, her tiny body even brighter than either of theirs. When it was our turn, Alleyana and I approached them, melding our own energies with theirs. The feeling was blissful and ever so soothing. I could sense how much Barnabus sympathized with our pain. He was concerned about Sereta and wanted her to know how much he truly loved her and Hanoya. Then, we were all sitting beside a pond in a beautiful field of grass and flowers, more magnificent than our own paradise, as bees flew by, harmlessly pollinating the flowers. Transport was instantaneous here, no effort needed to move from place to place, just the mere intention of our thoughts. I did not hear any of the words Barnabus spoke, from that point forward. I know we all talked for many hours and much was revealed,


yet so much must still remain hidden. The feeling I received was definitely one of plan and design. Barnabus death was part of a greater scheme, of that I am sure. The reasons will be revealed, but there are lessons involved, and secret agendas. If we were to know the entire truth, the plan would be jeopardized. Then, we were suddenly back in our bodies, snapped awake in an instant that startled me with its abruptness. Sereta was first to open her eyes. How do you feel, Mommy? Hanoya asked. Daddy loves us very much, but you know he had to go, dont you? Sereta merely shook her head, still trying to grasp the words Barnabus had spoken. Could you hear any of the words, Hanoya? Sereta asked hopefully. Not really. I just felt certain things. Looking at each one of us expectantly, we each affirmed our mutual experience. We cant know, just yet, I told Sereta, what the reasons are for Barnabus death. All we can know for sure is that it was no accident that he left when he did. Barnabus was trying to tell us that there are bigger plans involved here. Yes, Sereta said stoically, I do accept that. I know I must wait for all the answers. I am just a little disappointed that I cannot know everything now. I would so much like to understand. Hanoya went to Seretas lap and wrapped her arms around her mothers neck. Its okay, Mommy. Dont be sad. Well know the answers soon enough.


Chapter Ten
Adama and Mikos walked down the path towards me, looking both refined and carefree with their seven-foot frames that were adorned with colorful flowing robes. Both men smiled as they drew closer, extending their arms in greeting as we hugged. I felt so small in their presence, my own height a mere 56. As they each bent at the waist to wrap their arms around me, in turn, I could feel the loving vibration they exuded from their lightbodies in palpable waves. Greetings, Kalani, Adama said, his voice rich and mellow. Adama was from Telos, the ancient Lemurian city of light beneath Mt. Shasta in the region formerly known as California. Mikos lived deeper inside the hollow earth. So nice to see you both again, I replied. Yes, it is good to return to the surface! Mikos exclaimed with exuberance. We have waited so long to be one again with the surface dwellers and while Adama and I have been quite busy touring the outer shell, we also spend much time in our homes. It is still difficult, at moments, and we need the nourishment and loving sustenance of our families to renew our energies. Thats quite understandable. Duncan has been traveling for several years with Sananda and only recently returned to our community. Already, I feel the balm to his soul that only a connection to family can provide. And how is Duncan? Adama asked. I admired his masculine beauty as he spoke in soft tones. His skin was as smooth as Alleyanas, though he was centuries old. Long, flowing blonde hair draped down to his shoulders while his eyes were a piercing shade of blue. We were all doing quite well until two days ago. Our dear friend, Barnabus, fell from the cliffs and is now on the other side. The look of sympathy and compassion on each mans face almost brought me to tears. Completely empathetic in nature, the inhabitants of Telos and the hollow earth were creatures with an amazing capacity for love and brotherhood. Having lived beneath the surface for 12,000 years after the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis sunk beneath the sea, theyd been able to develop into an advanced spiritual civilization, hidden away from the corruption that scoured the earths surface during the dark ages. Yes, we know, Mikos stated gravely. We felt the emotions within your community and our light meters registered unusual activity.


Mikos looked similar to Adama, only his hair was dark as a ravens and his eyes were green like the ocean on a cloudy day. Then we read your minds and knew what had happened, Adama added. You loved your comrade very much. This is true, I said. It is the first time one of the members of our community has experienced physical death since the great shift. We thought we were on our way to immortality, although Im sure it will take some time for us to accomplish the same state of mind and health that you have in Telos and Catharia. You are well on your way. The members of the new earth should easily live to 150 years old. It may take some time to achieve the immortality state that we enjoy in Telos, Adama said. Although we are thousands of years old, still living within the same lightbody, you have only begun the process of changing your thoughts. And, dont forget, we have been vegetarians for 12,000 years, drinking the pristine, living water that you have only recently been gifted. For years, your bodies were polluted with chemical-laden foods and dead water that was absent the life-giving, moving molecules that sustain health. It is a process, dear Kalani, which you can all achieve, one day. Yes, I know. Yet, Barnabus did not die from disease. It was an accident that took his life. Mikos merely smiled. It was an indulgent smile, one a loving parent would give to their child when they made a nave remark. It reminded me that I was in the midst of two men whose philosophies were so advanced as to render me childlike in their presence. Need we remind you, Kalani, that there are no accidents? Adama stated mildly. Oh, I know! I exclaimed. Weve already visited Barnabus on the other side and know there are reasons why he left the earth plane so suddenly. Excuse me, but my old way of thinking still tinges my reality. At one time, we were all so enmeshed in the dramas of our lives that sometimes even I forgot what I instinctively knew. When a friend of mine lost a child in a tragic car accident, I cried for the loss of that teenagers life until I realized that the boys soul had chosen the time of death and that there was a reason the car accident had occurred. There is always a bigger picture, Mikos said. Barnabus left the community quite suddenly for a reason. Perhaps part of the answer lies within your concept of death on the new earth. Now that you have learned from the ascended masters, such as Sananda, and the members of the hollow earth, like Adama and me, that immortality is possible indeed, that it is the natural state of the human species,


perhaps you needed a reminder that divine plans will always supercede earthly dramas. In other words, when we align ourselves to the will of the Creator, the outcome will always be for the highest good of all parties involved. So, youre saying that Barnabus death will result in an event that is for the highest good of all? Yes. The pieces of the puzzle will not fall into place just yet, for there are lessons to be learned. Have patience, dear child. Remember always that the Creators will is your will. Barnabus family will benefit from his death, in the longer term, although it is not clear, at this moment, how the drama will unfold. Thank you, I muttered reverently, bowing my head. Both men laughed simultaneously. There is no need to thank us, Kalani, Adama stated. We are here to assist you in your souls evolvement, just as Sananda is also assisting. Do you realize how long we have waited to join the surface dwellers and reunite with family? We consider all members of earth our family, Mikos reiterated. Now, we can start the process of joining together again as we help you to learn what we have known for eons. For, it is also what you know, as well, as divine creatures of the Creator. You have just forgotten. I smiled. It always feels so good to talk with you both. Wont you join us in the community? Im sure the others will be quite pleased that youve returned. I thought youd never ask, Mikos said humorously, a saucy grin making his features glow within the frame of dark, flowing hair. Joining hands, we easily teleported to the village square where many children were playing with their telekinetic powers or running about and tumbling in the air. As my small hands were engulfed within the mighty paws of my friends, Adama and Mikos, I felt a loving pulsation that vibrated throughout my entire being as we swirled through dimensions, our feet suddenly resting on dusty, solid earth. The sun shone brightly today and the children smiled and ran to our side as we appeared in their midst. Alleyana hugged my legs, before looking up at the towering men by my side, her mouth gaping open in awe and reverence. Although the children were accustomed to the visitations of our underground family, they were constantly amazed by the commanding presence of these two magnificent creatures. An air of confidence and gentle wisdom surrounded our friends who eagerly lifted two children to rest on their knees while they squatted on their haunches to be closer to all the little ones. Alleyana smiled as she rested on Adamas


knee. Hanoya was hoisted onto Mikos left knee, his hand resting warmly on the childs shoulder. Greetings, wise ones, Adama said, his smile encompassing all of the children. They loved it when he spoke the pet name, making them feel revered for the wise souls they truly were. Hello Adama! Greetings Mikos! the childrens voices were as one as they clamored around the stately men whod lowered themselves to their level in order to make eye contact easier for the children. I was amazed at the ease with which both men held this position until I remembered how physically fit the members of Telos and the hollow earth had become. Reminiscent of the ancient tales of Paul Bunyon, their civilization had grown quite athletic and uncommonly strong. They realized that their lightbodies must be maintained and treated like the temples they were if they were to carry them through centuries of earth time. As a result, they often ran many miles each day through the underground tunnels that connected cities or hiked up pristine mountains that mirrored the surface mountains but were much taller and grander. They leapt over streams, always mindful of Lady Gaias tender skin, treading very lightly in order to sustain the beauty and purity of her inner shell. I see youre playing with your natural gifts, Adama stated. Would you like me to teach you a new game? Oh, yes! the children cried, again in unison. It was as if the presence of these two men, who exuded brotherhood, raised the childrens vibration to one of harmony and unity, I thought, as I observed their body language and the thoughts of their group mind. Okay, Mikos said, but first we need lots of hugs, as we have not seen you all in many months. Alleyana and Hanoya instantly wrapped their arms lovingly around the mens necks, as did the other two children who rested on their knees. In turn, each child bestowed warmth and love through hugs and kisses that touched my heart as I watched the exchange. Ahhhh, that was wonderful. Thank you, Adama said. You all have open hearts and much love to give. In order to play the game, you must keep your heart chakras open, okay? We will, the children replied, nodding their heads. What is it? Alleyana asked boldly, suddenly impatient. I laughed inwardly at my daughters inquisitive, forward nature. She was a natural-born leader and I wondered briefly what her adulthood would bring and how her path would evolve.


We are going to play with the adamantine particles, Mikos said, which, as you know, are commanded by love. Oh, goodie, Alleyana said, what will we create? She then turned to me, as an afterthought, looking me sternly in the eye. Pay attention, Mommy. This is a lesson for you, too. Speaking to Mikos, she explained, My mommy sometimes has trouble creating stuff. She made a whole tree disappear when she was trying to take away the mist. I laughed at my daughters words, along with everyone else. Sensing my sudden feelings of embarrassment, mixed in with the laughter, she was suddenly distressed as she quickly added, She tries very hard, though, and is very good at telling stories! Well, we each have our own talents, dont we? Mikos said to Alleyana, glancing lovingly at me. Your mommy is welcome to watch us play, and she can even join in if she so chooses. Thank you, I stated, bowing my head in reverence, a smile of laughter still lingering at the corners of my mouth. In good humor, the children gathered around the two men, who had risen to their full height, while I stood a few paces back and watched. Please observe, Mikos said as he began drawing with his finger in the air. A fluorescent blue light appeared at his fingertip as he sketched a triangle in midair. The children gasped at this new trick. As you know, there are three components to the universe, as represented by the three points on this equilateral triangle. The blue light brightened slightly, like a sparkling sapphire, as he touched each tip of the glowing electric blue triangle in turn. These components are love, spirit, and a substance called the God cell or adamantine particle, which is the simplest particle that exists, the irreducible building block of the universe. This is the only particle that can create mass, as all other particles are the result of mass. At the top is love, Mikos continued as he pointed his finger to the top of the triangle. Love comes straight from the Creator, bringing form to Its will. On the right side of the triangle is spirit, as all things are of spirit. There is but one spirit and it resides everywhere and in everything. It is not separate, as they once believed. There is no place where spirit is not. On the left side of the triangle are the adamantine particles, which are the building blocks we use to create reality. Although the children were well aware of these principles, they listened intently to the review session. Mikos reminded me of the ancient magicians from days of old the mystical Merlin in his colorful robes, using his finger as an electrified pointer as he drew the


lesson in the air, as if he possessed a magical chalkboard, so all could see. You will notice that love is at the top. It resonates to spirit, which, in turn, commands the adamantine particles. This is how all mass is created in your reality. The triangle lit up as he outlined its edges with his finger. At that moment, Sananda appeared. He stood back from the group, smiling whimsically, his own plain robe, tied with a rope sash, giving him an air of simplicity as compared to our Telosian friends. Yet, as always, he commanded total serenity and undeniable strength. Sananda! the children cried as they sensed his presence. Look whos here! Stepping forward, Sananda greeted Adama and Mikos with warm hugs before the two taller men bowed to Sananda. It is an honor to be in your presence again, Adama stated reverently. I am also honored, Sananda answered humbly. Paying homage to Sanandas advanced 9-D evolutionary status (as the members of the hollow earth and Telos were at a 6-D vibrational frequency), Adama and Mikos felt the need to honor their friend. Of course, Sananda showed no appearance of grandeur, being the most humble creature I have ever met. I thought it was appropriate to join your group, since you are about to teach the children one of the lessons I taught the multitudes thousands of years ago when I took on the persona of Jeshua the Christed One, Sananda said, a smile touching the corners of his mouth. Adama and Mikos laughed heartily. Yes, it is appropriate, Mikos said. Please join us. I tried to garner the thoughts of the trio, as they shared their private joke, and as I did, images flashed through my mind of Jesus sitting by a body of water with a mass of people before him. Searching my mind for the stories of old, from the King James Bible that we once referred to often, I suddenly knew what Adama and Mikos were about to teach the children. I giggled and hid my thoughts from the children so as not to ruin their surprise. Alleyana looked at me and scowled, knowing my intention, before she cracked a smile, anticipating the game. So, lets put the adamantine particles into action, Mikos said, as he led the children to one of the many pools around the courtyard where colorful carp swam about in abundance. I followed the two men, eager to see how they would teach the lesson.


First of all, Mikos said, I would ask all of the fish except you . . . He paused as he pointed to a golden carp with black stripes, to move through that corridor to the pool beneath the tree. We all watched as, amazingly, all of the fish began swimming through the rock-lined corridor to a pool ten feet away. They clustered there, while the lone fish Mikos had spoken to remained in the middle of the pool, as if awaiting further instructions. Kneeling beside the pool, Mikos looked into the eyes of the colorful yellow and black-striped carp and spoke softly. We ask your permission to conduct an experiment in order to teach the children a lesson for the highest good of all. In response, the fish swam around in a circle, stopping to look, once again, into the waiting eyes of Mikos. Thank you. The fish has agreed to participate, Mikos told the children. Next, Adama positioned each child around the pool where the sole fish waited patiently for the experiment to begin. Does anyone here remember the olden-day Bible that the adults sometimes speak of? Several children raised their hands. I would like to show you a scene from that Bible, a scene in which Sananda participated when he lived the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Dipping into a pocket in the folds of his robe, Mikos produced a small amino acid computer that fit into the palm of his hand. This is a devise from the hollow earth, similar to computers from days of old, except it runs off the amino acids in my lightbody. It holds records of all earth events, which are stored within crystals, and is able to display historic moments in all their truth in the form of holographic images. Suddenly, Mikos activated the computer with a nod of his head, creating a holographic image that surrounded us all. It was as if we observed the ancient event but were a part of it also. I saw a man similar to Sananda and felt his essence to be the same entity; immediately, I knew the human who sat on the hillside near the Sea of Galilee was Jesus Christ. There were people all around, murmuring softly, restless and hungry, for there had been little to eat and their bodies were malnourished. I felt a sudden empathy for these people, knowing they suffered, yet I could also sense their trust in the man before them. Surrounding Jesus were twelve men, whom I knew to be the biblical twelve apostles. Jesus spoke to one of them, and then a boy was brought forth who carried with him five loaves of barley bread and two small fishes. These meager gifts were given to Jesus who bowed his head and gave thanks for the food. After this, he passed out loaves of bread and fish to each of the apostles, who


distributed more food to each of the 5,000 who sat on the grass around them. It was an amazing site, an incredible feeling of miraculous wonder as each person gathered around the master received food to eat. Crumbs were gathered, enough to fill twelve baskets, that nothing would be wasted. As the children and I watched the holographic drama unfold before our eyes, we could feel the emotions of the multitudes as they witnessed the miracle of the multiplying loaves and fishes on a mountain near the sea of Galilee over two thousand years ago. Then, as quickly as the images appeared, they were gone. Mikos slipped the amino acid computer back into his pocket, examining the starry-eyed looks of the children before seeking Sanandas reaction. Ahhh, I remember that well, Sananda said easily. After that, I walked across the Red Sea during a storm. I was not trying to impress anyone, as some have thought, only to teach. Sadly, my message was lost. I tried to teach them about abundance and how anything is possible with love. You see, I was able to multiply the loaves and fishes by loving one fish with all my heart until it was multiplied in abundance. I told the apostles that whoever followed me would never go hungry. The consciousness of humanity was not as evolved as it is today. They did not understand that I was speaking of love and our connection to the Creator. Mikos continued the lesson. Sananda commanded the adamantine particles with love. He took the love that comprised his own being and the love that comes from the Creator, then allowed spirit to resonate with that love through his knowledge that all of humanity is connected by one spirit, or that we are all one. Creation was the result; thus, enough food was created to feed 5,000 men. Alleyana looked down at the single fish stationed in the middle of the pool, then back to Mikos. Are you sure he agreed to this? she wanted to know. Mikos smiled. Yes, he has agreed. He will not suffer, Alleyana, and thank you for your concern. Would you all like to try this process with a live fish instead of a dead one? He will be quite easy to love and does not mind being used for this experiment. All of the children looked at the solitary fish with their third eye, trying to glean whether or not the fish had actually given permission for this experiment. Their discernment and concern for the fishs wellbeing at such an early age astounded me. These children of ours would make wonderful custodians of the new earth, one day. They did not trust blindly and would only participate in the experiment if they decided it was for the highest good of all. Alleyana smiled. He said it was okay, that he wants to do it.


Great, Mikos commented happily. Then, lets begin. Instinctively, the children held hands, reminding me of their underwater experiment with Sananda a short time ago. Closing their eyes, they focused on the fish that now began swimming in a circle around the pool. As the carp swam faster around the pool, it suddenly split into two fish, then three, then four . . . Before long, there were twelve fish swimming in unison around the outer rim of the pool. Opening their eyes, the children shrieked with joy. We did it! Hanoya exclaimed. We made the fish multiply! Yes, you did! Sananda praised. Congratulations! You are wonderful creators of reality. You have created an abundance of fish, just as I did in Galilee many years ago. Never forget what you are able to do, Mikos told them. And always respect the balance of nature. These miracles should not be performed lightly, only when there is a need. Someday, you may need to create abundance when you travel the earth. Now, you know how to do it. I reflected on Mikos words. Memories of the old earth flooded over me. I lived in America land of the free and home of the brave. What we didnt know, at the time, was that our freedom was an illusion. Our government sought to control us for its own dark purposes. They filled us with fear and made us feel separate from other countries by feeding us lies through the mind-control device called television. With techniques such as subliminal messaging, surveillance chips inserted into TV sets, and by only reporting on negative worldwide events, they convinced us to support wars and to be intolerant of our fellow man. Ancient anger erupted inside of me as I remembered those fearful times. They were days of lack, when it was difficult to pay bills due to rising governmental costs and the taxes we were forced to pay. Taxes on items that are provided freely by Lady Gaia, such as food. In our garden, no taxes are ever paid. Everyone takes only what they need, sharing and re-using items, rather than owning them. The disease of materialism no longer exists, because we know that abundance comes through love. We can manifest all that we need by not believing in the old concept of lack. As if to reinforce my thoughts, Mikos said, All creatures are divine beings, made in the Creators likeness. All that you need is given freely by Lady Gaia and the universe, so that no one is ever a victim of lack. Should anyone ever try to tell you differently, do not believe them. One day, you may meet people who wish to control you, for darkness still dwells in certain corners of the world. Always remember the love that you are and your connection to the Source, and you will


never want for anything. Help is always freely given from above and below. Call on us if you are ever in need, and we will be there for you in an instant. The children listened to Mikos, their eyes expressing the ancient wisdom that they were all imbued with. Todays lesson would help them, someday, when they were away from the community doing their work. I looked at Alleyana and felt her knowingness, her acceptance of the words Mikos spoke. Now, Mikos said, a joyful tone entering his voice, would you like to play with the fishes? In childlike fashion, the seriousness of the previous moments forgotten, the children jumped eagerly in the air, smiles erupting on their youthful faces. Yes! Can you teach us how to draw in the air, too? one of the children asked eagerly. Of course, I can. What color light do you want to project? With that question posed, I shook my head and decided to teleport back to Duncan while the children played. I wanted to tell him about my visit with Adama and Mikos and of todays lessons with the children. Our time was also drawing closer when a physical reunion would be possible, and I longed to be near him. Waving good-bye to Alleyana, I closed my eyes and thought about my love for Duncan. In a heartbeat, I was cradled in his lap, as my stunned husband lovingly kissed my lips. That was a nice surprise, he commented. So, what have you been up to?


Chapter Eleven
Youll never believe whos here, I said, as I snuggled deeper into Duncans lap. Should I pretend I dont know? Or that I cant read your mind? Smiling mischievously, he touched his finger to my nose. I was gathering cotton in the field to make my maternity robe, I continued, smiling as I ignored his silly gesture, when I saw Adama and Mikos approaching out of nowhere. They sensed whats been occurring in the community these past two days since we lost Barnabus. I could not hide the melancholy that crept into my voice, nor would I want to. Long ago, we learned that emotions should be dealt with the moment theyre detected. Too often, in the past, we pushed them deep inside where they festered, exploding into our realities at the most inappropriate times, or nesting within to cause disease and unrest. Duncan also allowed his feelings free reign as his eyes misted with tears at the remembrance of his dear friend. What did they say? I related the message Adama gave me as Duncan listened intently. Resting my head on his chest, we spent a moment in silence. Then, a sudden thought popped into my mind. Duncan! Something just occurred to me. What is it, my love? He stroked my light chestnut hair, running his fingers through the strands which felt silky and tangle-free. I wonder if Adama brought the akashic record book with him . . . Perhaps we could use it for awhile. Hmmmm, he said, considering my thought, what did you have in mind? I couldnt help the seductive smile and hooded look and knew Duncan was reading my mind. You know that our coupling is a mere six days away. In honor of the event, a review of our past lives together would be quite romantic. How do you know we didnt kill each other a few times? What if the memories are less than ideal, Kalani? Perhaps there will be some unpleasant memories, but I have dreamt of so many lives weve shared in bits and pieces and, for the most part, they were happy lifetimes. I stroked Duncans cheek lovingly. As if on cue, Adama appeared before us. His breathtaking sevenfoot frame materialized near the hot spring where Alleyana loved to


play with the fish. He was smiling as he pulled a gleaming silver book from the folds of his colorful, flowing robe. I believe you asked to borrow this, Adama said warmly, looking from me to Duncan. Rising to our feet, we stepped closer to Adama. Even Duncan, with his six-foot physique, looked dwarfed in comparison to the giant Telosian. Thank you, Adama, I said as I reached for the silver book with the glowing gold butterfly marker jutting from its gold-rimmed pages. Duncan and I would love to review our lifetimes together before the conception of our child. Adama smiled from ear to ear. I did not know! Congratulations! The child is not yet conceived, dear Adama, so pray for our successful coupling, Duncan replied. Oh, I will indeed! Yes, I do believe you will find some very good memories in these pages, my children. He held the book between both hands, looking off into the distance with wise eyes. Adama was such a powerful telepath, I knew he would be able to see flashes of the events in the book, without ever opening a page. Reverently, he handed the book to me and Duncan. I could feel the exquisite power that radiated from its pages, as it pulsed beneath our very fingers. It felt magical, as if it were alive. Thank you. Youre quite welcome, Adama replied. And now I must say ado. The children are waiting. With that, he dematerialized as efficiently as when hed arrived. Looking down at the piece of technology from the hollow earth, I could feel my breath catching in my throat. The book was so beautiful with its finely carved silver cover, etched with gold, the pages made from crystals and tipped with gold leaf to resemble the pages of an olden-day book. It allowed whoever touched it to access their own akashic records by reading their DNA and retrieving the crystal-stored memories from all their previous lifetimes. Shall we give it a try? Duncan asked me, suddenly eager to see what memories wed shared. I shook my head as we both sat down on a rounded rock near the edge of the pool of water. Aster, our pet carp, swam around the rock, as if he also wanted to be part of the momentous event. Duncan opened the book and we both placed one palm onto the crystalline pages. Immediately, a holographic image appeared before us. I saw a beautiful young woman with tangled black hair and a dress made of tattered rags. I could actually feel the olden cloth material against my skin and a sense of anger and rebellion welling in


my breast. I was peering out from a large jail cell, knowing Id been falsely accused of a crime and would be put to death for my offense. There were several men mulling about, talking in refined, educated conversations about matters not concerning the poor young girl who was destined to die later that day. Among the men, I saw a handsome young man who barely paid attention to his colleagues conversation as he kept glancing at the young woman in the cell. He was dressed in a red velvet coat with a high-collared, ruffled shirt, reminiscent of the Renaissance in the 16th century of the old earth. Look, Duncan! I exclaimed. Im that poor girl in the jail cell. Im very angry and have extreme hatred for the rich aristocracy who will put me to death for a crime I did not commit, just because I am poor and powerless. Thats me, Duncan said softly, pointing to the man in the red velvet coat. Ive fallen in love with you. In fact, we were secret lovers only a few times, but enough that youve captured my interest. You keep looking at me, and I know you had something to do with putting me behind bars. You could have stopped this. Not really. I would have lost my position and been ridiculed. I dont want this to happen to you, but theres nothing I can do to stop it. Duncan and I were both feeling the emotions of that time period, of that event in that lifetime, yet our memories were still incomplete. I knew that there were angels guiding our memories, for even though we were allowed to use the akashic record book, our angels would not let us experience any more than we could handle, at the time. They were acting as gatekeepers of our memories, for our own protection. Oh, dear, theyre taking me to the gallows! I exclaimed as we both watched an older man unlocking the jail cell. Im not afraid, though. Curiously, I have no fear of death. What Im feeling is betrayal, anger, and hatred. I hate the rich and powerful people who have done this to me, including you. I know. I sensed your feelings, even then. Suddenly, we were in a large courtyard, filled with people. I was led up wooden steps to a platform, where a rope noose was placed around my neck. Instinctively, I raised my chin as I felt my airway closing off. Yet, I did not let go of my anger or my hatred, even to the bitter end. Im choking, I said softly. There you are, way back in the crowd, watching me.


I feel horrible, but there is nothing I can do. You are looking at me with such hatred and hurt from my betrayal. I do not let go of the eye contact, even as they pull out the chair from beneath your feet . . . The holographic image disappeared, leaving us with a stunned sense of horror at the scene wed just witnessed. That was our first encounter, I said. The very first time we knew each other in any of our lifetimes. I thought you said that we had wonderful lives together, Duncan said, somewhat accusingly. We did. Perhaps we should see the next one. Maybe theres a lesson to be learned. Okay. But I dont know if I can handle many more like that one, Duncan said, squeezing my hand. What a bastard I was! To watch you die and to do nothing. Dont forget, darling, we did not have the feelings then that we have now. Lets give it a chance and see how our relationship evolved. Please? Okay. After all, Adama was kind enough to bring us the book. I suppose it would be rude if we didnt give it a fair chance. I smiled as we placed our hands back on the books crystal pages. Another scene appeared before us, as lifelike as if the event was occurring that very moment in time. Look at me now! What a difference! I saw myself as a queen surveying her kingdom, on a beautiful hillside somewhere in England. I was in my fifties and wore a high-collared starched dress, laden with tiny jewels, my hair very properly pinned in a regal bun. There is such a difference in the way I carry myself, though, from that other lifetime. Whereas I felt completely free as the girl who wore rags, in this lifetime, I must act very proper and composed. My movements are quite regimented, as I was raised to follow strict rules. Im very happy, though. Ive just acquired the kingdom. My husband, the king, died very mysteriously and Im in power now. Oh dear . . . Duncan looked at me and we both immediately knew that hed been the king in that lifetime. You killed me, Kalani. You arranged for my death so you would be in power. You wanted it all for yourself. I knew Duncans words were true. I was a bad queen, I stated. You know, on the old earth, I sometimes felt that sense of power, but every time I felt it, I squelched it instantly because I didnt like the way it made me feel. Ive also striven to lead a very simple life, devoid of possessions. In that lifetime, I loved my possessions. I wanted it all.


Well, Duncan said, suddenly smiling, I guess were even now. I watched you die in that first lifetime together and you had me killed in this one! Yes, and I also learned something about power, too. In that first lifetime, I hated anyone who had power. I held onto my anger right to the bitter end, even as I was hanging from the gallows. The lifetime as a queen showed me that with power also comes responsibility. You werent able to save me during the Renaissance lifetime because you had a certain responsibility that went along with your power. I think I liked it better as the poor servant girl! Wow, look at that! Duncan said as we watched a new scene that was forming. I was lying in a stone tomb that was pitch black and I was completely paralyzed. Someone poisoned me, I told Duncan incredulously. They took away my power by leaving me alone and unable to move, paralyzed and helpless, waiting to die. How horrible. Im completely afraid of death this time because I feel totally helpless. I believe this goes on for several days, too. My poor Kalani, Duncan said, sympathizing as he took my hand. No, the queen in me deserved that ending. It was karmic payback within the same lifetime, which is better, because I didnt have to go through an entire lifetime just to repay that debt. We both sighed deeply as the image receded from view. Well, that was interesting, Duncan said. Do you want to continue? I know this is very emotional, Kalani. Maybe we got off to a rough start, but I still believe things got better for us, Duncan. Id like to continue, if you would. Youre so brave, my love. Lets see what the next lifetime brings. Pressing our palms to the crystal, we both watched as another scene unfolded before us. Oh, how nice, Duncan. Were so cute, arent we? We watched as a plump Dutch couple walked down a cobbled street together, holding hands. We were both short and a bit overweight. I had very blonde hair and rosy cheeks, my skin ivory as my rounded breasts could be seen above the neckline of a simple, embroidered frock. Duncan wore knickers and a brown coat and was smiling happily. That was a very good lifetime, I stated, remembering a somewhat uneventful, though happy, lifetime together. We raised children and loved one another completely. Yes. A long and happy married life. Seems we deserved it after those two previous lifetimes!


I agree, I said, feeling much lighter and joyful as we soaked in the memories, experiencing a healing balm to our souls. The scene is changing. It always seems to go from some important event to the end of the lifetime. Youre on your deathbed, dying of some common illness. Oh, sweet Duncan, youre holding my hand. You stayed with me until I passed over. I remember that, he said. I loved you so much, Kalani. Refreshed from our memories of a happy lifetime together, Duncan and I continued watching the holographic images, garnering the various lessons wed learned during each lifetime. In one lifetime, Duncan was a minstrel and I was an artist during the Renaissance. We had rooms above an inn and sold our wares or entertained in the cobbled streets below. We shared a child, a baby, and the only difficult time in that lifetime was a jealousy that consumed me when I intuited that Duncan was cheating on me. The controversy was later resolved in a lifetime that was very poignant. Once again, we lived in medieval times. I was a wealthy woman, married to a nobleman who was so possessive of me that he sent my lover away by buying him off. That lover was Duncan, who was also of a high social rank. I watched myself sitting on a bench in a large stone hallway, lined with wrought-iron lanterns as my husband left our castle. My loneliness and despair consumed me, as I was certain I would never see my lover again. Then, we saw Duncan forging iron as a blacksmith, wearing the clothes of a peasant, and we both smiled as the lovers met secretly in a wooded area near a barn. Your husband thought he sent me away, Duncan exclaimed, but I gave up my rank and melded in with the common man, becoming a blacksmith. I was poor, but we were still together. I should have done that the first time when you were in that jail cell. Who says you dont get a second chance to make the right decision? I laughed. Isnt it amazing how all of our lifetimes together have taught us some very important lessons? Its as if the angels wove a tapestry when they helped us plan those lifetimes, so that our souls would evolve and our love would grow to the selfless unconditional love were fortunate enough to share. Duncan huffed loudly. Id say we worked pretty damn hard for our love, Kalani. What an incredible experience to be able to see all of our past lifetimes together. Weve come a long way. He kissed me sweetly then, and I could feel the love of ages through his quivering lips. I knew Duncan was as emotional over the experience as I was.


The only difficult part about using the akashic record book, Kalani, is that I want to couple with you now. It is so difficult to wait the required six more days! I know, sweetheart. Me, too. Yet, everything comes in its own time. There are reasons for everything, remember? Perhaps we need some time to let it all sink in. True, Duncan agreed. Besides, although Ill now be making love to all of you, I still want our experience to be in the now moment. I think its important to let this information settle in before we merge and become one. I agree. My intuitions are telling me the same thing. Just then, Alleyana popped into our bubble dome. Mommy! Daddy! Look what Mikos taught me! She began drawing geometric shapes in the air with her fingertip, which sizzled with a blue fluorescent light. Isnt it pretty? Duncan and I laughed at our daughter. Yes, Alleyana, that is absolutely splendid. Briefly, I considered showing her the magical akashic record book, but as the thought took shape in my consciousness, I looked down and the book had completely disappeared. Guess that was only meant for us, Duncan commented, raising an eyebrow as he looked at me. Alleyana was too preoccupied making shapes in the air to notice the disappearance of the mystical-looking book. Thank you, Adama, I whispered into the air. Somehow, I knew he heard me.


Chapter Twelve
Tell us a story, Kalani. Hanoya looked innocent and sweet as she tipped her head back, hands folded demurely in her lap, her big brown eyes pleading silently. Thick red hair formed a halo around her tiny face with its thin pink lips and ivory-blue skin. What would you like to hear? I asked her, looking directly into the childs eyes as I bent down to her level. It wasnt often that Hanoya spoke up during group time, being shy by nature, and I wanted to give her encouragement for her bravery. The other children sensed my intention as they waited patiently for Hanoya to think of a story shed like me to relate for our weekly history class. Pressing a finger to her lips as she contemplated, Hanoya let her eyes drift to a gazelle that was wandering in the field beyond the blanket where we held our lesson. Suddenly, her eyes lit up and her tiny mouth widened in surprise. I know! Can we hear the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene? You know, the real story. The other children murmured their approval of Hanoyas choice of material, shaking their heads and smiling as they all agreed on the days lesson. Stories were often repeated so the children could integrate the information, rather than hearing it once and forgetting it. I could only recall telling this one a few times, though, so I was anxious to relay what I remembered. Okay. Todays story will be about Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Magdalene, who was also known as Mary of Bethany. They lived over 2,000 years ago in a town called Jerusalem. In the dark ages, there was a book called the Bible, which many people believed to be the absolute word of God. During the end times, people began to realize that the Bible had been changed and re-written by members of the church who did not want people to recognize their own power. In the 1950s, the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. These were lost texts from the original Bible, written in Aramaic, which was the language Jesus spoke. Many people studied the translation from these texts and began questioning what the church had been telling them for thousands of years. They started to realize that many things had been re-written and much of Jesus original message had been lost. Other people theologians, historians and geneologists were discovering a secret bloodline between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Papers were found that had been hidden away in closets and


cupboards in the olden-day places called England and Europe. There were records and letters written that traced family bloodlines back to Jesus himself! Many people did not believe this could be true. After all, the church made the people believe that Jesus never married, when in fact, he and Mary Magdalene were wed and they had two children. Tell us about Mary Magdalene, Hanoya prompted. Mary was misrepresented by the church to be a prostitute and an adulterer. They made it seem that she was not liked by people and was a social outcast. When people started analyzing the Bible during the end times, they realized that this could not have been true. In three of the gospels of the Bible, Mary is described as standing at the foot of the cross with other members of Jesus family. She also prepared his body for embalming by going to his tomb on the third day after the crucifixion. According to Jewish law, both of these things would only have been done by Jesus wife. The Bible also described how Jesus was visited by the woman with the alabaster jar who anointed him with Spikenard. Only a wealthy woman of status would have been able to buy Spikenard which was very expensive and had to be transported from India. By the act of anointing him, Mary was recognizing Jesus as the Messiah or Christos, the anointed one. It was a Jewish custom that the anointing of the sacred king with oil is carried out by the royal bride. Mary was a princess of royal blood, from the tribe of Benjamin. She was the daughter of a Syrian noble and a woman called Euchania, which is also a title given to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Mary, her sister, Martha, and her brother, Lazarus, owned seven castles, the village of Bethany, and other land in Jerusalem. Mary Magdalene lived in her own tower on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Was Jesus also royal, Mommy? Alleyana wanted to know. Yes, he was. He was a prince of the royal house of King David. A union between the House of Bethany and the House of David would have provided a double claim to the rulership of Israel. During the dark ages, people were led to believe that he was a poor man, son of a carpenter. This was not true. The original words did not mean what the church said they meant. You see, they did not want anyone to know that Jesus and Mary were married or that they had children. Why, Kalani? Lileth asked. If people knew that Jesus and Mary were married and had children and that their bloodline continued for over 100 generations, they would realize their own power. You see, the blood of Jesus Christ still runs through the veins of his descendents.


Mary and Jesus represented the perfect marriage, the ideal union of the god and the goddess or the male and female energies. The church hid this fact so that people would not feel empowered. In the dark ages, they tried to make people think that sex was bad. They took out parts of the Bible that they didnt agree with and made people think that Jesus was celibate that he never married or had sex with a woman. In fact, they made this a rule for their priests, too, not letting them get married or enjoy their divine sexual birthright. On the other hand, Mary Magdalene was represented as someone who used her sexuality for the wrong reasons. This was an attempt by the church to make Jesus god-like and to take away the power of Mary, the goddess. You see, the female energy was predominant on the earth for many centuries. Then, the goddess allowed the male energy to become dominant in order to balance the energies. This was supposed to happen. Tell us about the children, Hanoya said. After Jesus died on the cross, Joseph of Arimathea, who was Jesus uncle and guardian after his fathers death, was sent to prison for his religious beliefs. He either escaped or was released from prison, at which time, he fled the country with Mary Magdalene, Martha, and Lazarus. They first went to Egypt to seek asylum, or safety, then they set sail for France. Once they were in France, the legends claim that Mary arrived in the south of France with a teenage servant girl named Sara. Sa-ra is an Egyptian name, and in Hebrew, the word means princess. Her skin was dark, and it is said that she brought the bloodline into Europe. Her brother, James, was taken by his uncle, Judas Thomas, who was one of Jesus brothers, to Spain then to the British Isles. This would explain why the bloodline was common knowledge in Britain, as many people had genealogical records stored away in their attics and cupboards. Did Sananda play the part of Jesus? Alleyana asked. Yes, he did. Sananda incarnated into that time and lived the life of Jesus Christ. He was trying to bring the divine light of the Creator back to earth, to give people hope and messages about how to live their life. Although he was of royal birth, as was Mary Magdalene, he was a simple man who taught about love and brotherhood. He washed the feet of his disciples during the last supper to show that all people should serve one another. He did not want to be glorified or put on a pedestal but to show people that they are part and one with the Creator. We all have the power to create our own realities, in whichever way we choose.


Im glad I dont live in the dark ages, Mommy, Alleyana said, crawling onto my lap. Me, too, Hanoya agreed, snuggling up beside me. Several of the children comforted one another as they held hands or cuddled together. I knew our lessons were difficult, at times, but it was necessary to inform them of their past, so that future generations would not make the same mistakes. You are all so fortunate to have been born in the golden age of light. The reason I teach of the past and the dark ages is so you will always remember who you are beautiful sparks of the Creator. No one can lie to you because you know how to use your gifts of telepathy. No one can have power over you because you realize your own divinity and the love that you are. The children were smiling now and many kissed my cheek. Thank you, Kalani, Hanoya said. Can we play with the gazelles now? Lileth asked. Certainly! They have been waiting so patiently for us to finish our lessons. Lets go! I initiated the run to the portion of our field where the gazelles were grazing. Lift off! I yelled, when we were twenty feet away from the placid animals. Throwing my hands into the air, I flew over the gazelles, landing ungracefully on the other side of their herd. The children were more successful in their attempts, as I knew they would be, twirling about and floating gently into their midst. Instantly ready for fun, the tan and white spotted creatures began galloping about, leaping in the air as they allowed the children to ride on their backs or hold onto their necks while they frolicked through the field. Some flew short distances, like the olden-day stories of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, gleefully enjoying their interaction with the children. Since my flying abilities were not as well developed, I sat at the edge of their field, my arms folded about my knees, and watched their fun. I could not help that my thoughts returned to the dark ages and the story I had recently told to the children. Memories of the lies the churches told us reminded me of the holographic images the Anunnaki had projected of Jesus and Mother Mary just before the great shift. The Anunnaki had not made contact with me in two days now, and I wondered if my lessons were almost over. Perhaps I would never again hear their voices or see their shadow lurking in the fairy woods. We are still here, Kalani. No! Had I called them into my experience by thinking of them again? With the sudden demise of dear Barnabus and the arrival of


Adama and Mikos, I had put their dreaded presence far from my thoughts. We are always here. You just did not see us. Go away! Why do you haunt me? We do not haunt. We are not spirits, Kalani. We are as real as you are. How can that be? You should no longer exist. You were extinguished after the great shift, were you not? Your lower vibration could not survive. We have survived. We still live. Energy can never be destroyed, only transmuted or changed. Surely, you of all people know that, Kalani. How do you exist here, though? In our garden? Your vibration cannot withstand the higher frequency. Are you in physical form? What do you think? I thought about what I had experienced since their arrival. Voices in my head. Shadows in the dark. So far, I had seen no evidence that they were physical creatures in our world. No, I do not believe you exist in the physical realms. Then, what are you afraid of? Kalani, look at me! Leleil was flying over my head on the back of a white gazelle. I was shaken from my reverie as I watched him waving and swooping over my head, coming so close that I could feel the breeze and smell the animal aroma of the gazelle. Thats wonderful, Leleil, I shouted, as I waved back. The voices were gone. If the Anunnaki were not in the physical realm, did I truly need to fear them? Could they hurt me if they were not of the same vibration? Perhaps they were only in my imagination. Look at me, Mommy! Alleyana flew by on the back of a grey gazelle as I waved to her and smiled. I would not think of them anymore today. I did not wish to bring them into my reality. Perhaps if I ignored them, they would go away. Smiling at the children, I made an attempt to fly into their midst and found that I was able to slide onto the back of a suspended gazelle. Suddenly, the fun of the moment swept me away as I sailed through the air, one with the beautiful creature. Alleyana laughed and applauded my achievement. Tomorrow was another day. Today, I would live in joy and not worry about the lessons I was still destined to learn.


Chapter Thirteen
Let us go on a journey, Adama said as he lifted his arms to the sky. I stood with the other members of our community men, women, and children in the village square. The air was thick with anticipation as our Telosian friend and teacher stood among us in his purple and pink robe. It is time you recall your roots, my dear friends. My dear Lemurian friends. Yes, it is true. I can sense your wonder, your questioning hearts. Yet, each one of you is as ancient as I am. For each of you has lived at least one lifetime in the ancient land of Lemuria. I was a bit surprised as I looked over at Duncan. His face was filled with curious fascination as he studied Adama. I knew his logical mind was questioning this new information. Alleyana tugged on Duncans hand, sensing his doubt. Hes right, Daddy. We all lived there a very long time ago. I remember. Duncan looked down at Alleyana then up at me as he smiled broadly. You dont say? What was my name? Its too hard to say, Daddy. They didnt talk like we do. As if incorporating this tidbit into his speech, Adama said to the group, You see, Lemuria was only given that name in the twenty-first century. The word Mu is a little closer to the original name of that continent, but it was pronounced like this. Adama let out a wailing sound, filled with emotion. The m sound was followed by an oo that was reminiscent of an animals bleating or the siren call of a dolphin beneath the water. The group chuckled at Adamas rendition of the name of the lost continent that was purported to exist before Atlantis. Yes, it is difficult to speak the language of Mu. I will give you a sampling of it now to help you remember. Adama crooned out more syllables in an ancient tongue that sounded like the emotional wailing of a creature that was more animal than human. As he spoke, a feeling of familiarity and longing overcame me. Lemuria rose out of the mist. It was a land between dimensions. When mankind first began to inhabit planet earth, you descended into the waters of what is now described as the primordial sea. There you stayed for thousands of years, attuning to the vibration of the earth and to one another. When it was time to inhabit the land, you possessed bodies that were more like the physical vessels you now own you were lightbodies, rather than the dense physical forms you


later became. Now, with the great shift, you have returned to your lightbody form but with the wisdom you gained after your fall from grace. There was murmuring among the crowd and Adama waited patiently for the noise to cease before he continued his lesson. In Mu, you were lightbodies and you were creating your emotional bodies, as well. That is why you spoke in sounds filled with emotion. Your language reflected your state of consciousness. Now that I have spoken to you in this ancient tongue, helping you to remember your origins with the coded syllables I just murmured, I would like to take you all on a journey. I was excited that we were going on a trip. We had not been allowed to travel to other parts of the globe or anywhere else in the universe. Only in our dreams had we gone to other worlds, as has always been the case. Yet, this was different, and I was excited by the prospect. Everyone intuitively held hands and closed their eyes. I felt Alleyanas small hand clutching mine as she stood between Duncan and me. Grasping the hand of Luxor, another member of our community, I inhaled deeply and listened to the words Adama spoke. For this special trip, we will travel within a bubble I am about to manifest. It will support our group quite nicely as we travel to a different dimension, a different time. Are we ready? Everyone nodded and murmured their agreement. All right then. We are off. Suddenly, I was aware that we were lifting off the ground. A clear, filmy bubble surrounded us, and I imagined myself part of an olden day soap bubble as we drifted higher into the air. The earth grew more distant as we raised quickly, trees and fields becoming dots and smudges, the greenery a blur next to domes that looked quite small from our aerial perspective. It was like flying in an airplane from the old earth or a hot air balloon, but much better as there was nothing to obstruct the view. We traveled into the clouds, emerging into a mist that was a beautiful shimmering pink. An expanse of ocean was visible below us, calm and pristine, a glass-like mirror in turquoise blue and emerald green that shimmered in the sunlight. It was breathtaking, and I could feel Alleyanas excitement, as well as my own. Then, I saw it, there in the distance coal black mountain peaks poking out of the clouds. They rose high yet seemed not to touch the oceans surface. There was a sense of familiarity, as if I was journeying home after being gone for such a long time.


We are approaching Lemuria, Adama said. Up there, among the clouds. His words drifted off, as if even Adama was stunned by the breathtaking beauty of this place. As we drew closer, the emerald and turquoise sea glistened like a thousand diamonds, surrounding the stunning charcoal peaks. Descending into the mist, white sand beaches became visible, surrounded by lush forests in spectacular shades of green. Sheer ochre-colored cliffs banked the white sand, topped by sprawling trees that lined the cliffs like a canopy of umbrellas. Our bubble began to hover closer to the surface until our toes touched the sand. The air was different here. Absolutely pure, like the clean, thin air one would feel after climbing to a mountain top. I instinctively knew that the water trickling down the side of the cliff would also be pure, living water. Adama smiled. Ahhhh, it is good to be home. You see, the members of Telos and the hollow earth are all displaced Lemurians. They say this land was destroyed, but it was not. It simply disappeared from sight. The Atlanteans became too warlike and would have destroyed our culture. So we raised our consciousness, our vibration, and became invisible in the third dimension of earth. Many of us went beneath the surface to live in peace in our own higher dimension. When the earth ascended and split off from the third dimension, our beautiful home appeared, once again. Why didnt you stay here, Adama? Alleyana asked. Because many of us were needed within the earth. We were helping mankind by monitoring your evolution, helping you to ascend and bring in the age of light. Without our help, it would have been more difficult. Others stayed here, waiting for the time when family would reunite. Would you like to meet some of the members of your ancient family? Everyone vigorously gave their consent. As we all made the decision, our ancestors began to appear. They were walking towards us from the cliffs and the surrounding areas, yet they were appearing into thin air, as if walking through dimensions. I was somewhat stunned by their appearance, yet I was not afraid. I sensed gentleness in their manner, a vibration of love and kindness. Tall, like Adama and Mikos, the Lemurians were seven feet in stature. They were not clothed, their bodies bluish with prominent ribcages and large heads. Lemurian eyes studied us, a sense of curiosity and childlike wonder emanating from orbs that were twice the size of ours, with long blinking slits for pupils. Arms and legs were thin and wispy,


fingers boney. Their lightbodies were even less dense than our own, nearly transparent. This is what you looked like before you became the creatures you have evolved into during your trek through density, Adama stated. You will not understand the words they speak, for they are the beginning sounds you once uttered when you were first learning to express your emotions. Telepathically, you can still connect, for the universal language is of the mind. I tried to communicate with one of the Lemurians in my mind. Greetings, dear family. Greetings. Welcome to our home. Your home. It has been a long time since we were all as one. Adama laughed. Ahhhh, I hear you all talking as we speak. Yes, there will be time for that later. We will get reacquainted and share a meal before we leave this place. First, however, we must travel some more. I could feel us lifting in the bubble as the Lemurians watched us ascend. We traveled over the cliffs as Adama began to give us a tour of the island. The size of Lemuria was that of a small continent, similar to the olden day Australia. He showed us the forests and the villages, dotted with homes and families. There were Lemurian children playing on dirt paths or swimming in pools of water. I could sense the spirit of family and community here as if everyone was harmonious and at peace. Finally, we reached a spot that resembled a desert, but with a hardened surface more like rock than sand. Two rock pillars rose up thousands of feet high. Some Lemurians were sitting at the bottom of the rock pillars in a state of deep meditation. We are now at the entrance to the crystal cities, Adama told us. Many Lemurians travel here, taking several months to reach this very spot. They leave their communities and their families to go on a pilgrimage to the crystal cities. I know why they come, Alleyana stated boldly. She was standing quite still, facing one of the pillars, her eyes intently staring upwards. Because its beautiful up there. Her tiny arm shot up, her finger pointing to the top of the pillar. I shaded my eyes as Duncan put his arm around my shoulder. We both stared upwards, trying to see the top of the stone pillar. All I could make out was something glistening, like glass. The crystal cities are quite beautiful, indeed, Adama said, amused by Alleyanas comment. Are they made of crystal? someone asked.


There are crystals there, but that is not the reason they are called that. A light emanates from the cities, making them shimmer like crystals. It is not a real light, rather an etheric glow because of the advanced souls who inhabit the cities, Adama informed us. How do you get up there? someone asked. We observed the Lemurians who rested at the base of the pillars, some in meditation while others appeared to be asleep. Theyre trying to get up there, too, arent they? came a question from our group. Yes, Adama said. The only way to reach the crystal cities at the top of these pillars is to teleport. Now, all of you have learned to teleport yourselves since donning your lightbodies. It was a process you needed to learn, and as you are well aware, not all members of Lady Gaia have claimed their divine birthright and achieved teleportation. It is similar for these dear souls. They were guided here on a quest to reach the crystal cities. Some will reach their destination quite quickly, while others will need to meditate for six months in old time. Some may never be able to teleport to the cities and will return, knowing it was not meant to be. Once you reach the city, it is never questioned whether or not you belong there, because only those who can achieve teleportation are able to enter the cities. Many Lemurians stay for twenty or thirty years in the crystal cities, learning many advanced things before returning to their villages to teach the others. Can we go there? Alleyana asked. We can view it from our bubble, but we cannot enter the cities. Why not? she asked. Because that would interfere with their work. Dont forget, we are only visitors here today. This land existed thirty thousand years before your time. While time is circular, we are still in a past moment. Everything we do in the now moment affects every other moment past, present, and future. We cannot change anything on our visit, for to do so would violate the laws of time travel. I thought you said that Lemuria still exists, that it was not destroyed but merely disappeared, Duncan questioned. This is true. Ah, my friends, I understand your confusion. It is difficult to completely comprehend how this is all possible. Are we traveling through time or are we merely visiting a different dimension? Or are we truly in the same dimension, just different parts of it? Hanoya spoke up in her quiet voice. All three answers are right. Adama laughed heartily. Yes, my dear child, you are correct. We are time traveling by going to a different part of our own dimension.


Therefore, the laws of time travel still apply do not alter anything, or you may change your own reality! Arent we altering things by our mere presence? I questioned. Not really. Time travelers as visitors have been occurring throughout the ages. You probably were not even aware of these souls who came to you from some other part of the space/time continuum, were you? Yet, our appearance is so different from theirs, someone said. Correct, Adama replied. They know you are space travelers almost like sitings of ETs, in olden earth terms. Yet, here, they accept it more easily because of their advanced evolutionary status. They are still in their lightbody form and, therefore, have a stronger connection to their divine selves. They know we are all one and that more exists in the universe than they know of on the island of Lemuria. Do not forget, despite their appearance, the inhabitants of Mu are very advanced. You will understand that even more when we view the crystal cities. Its funny how mankind started out more evolved, then sunk into density, then reached an evolved status, once again. That coordinates with earths entrance and departure from the photon band, Adama explained, which happens every 26,000 years and can last for several thousand. Mu was during the time period when we entered the last age of light and were bombarded with particles of photons. I thought about Adamas words. We all knew that our fall from grace, our departure from the light, occurred when the Anunnaki won the territory of earth in a galactic battle. This happened during the darkened period of earth when we were not within the healing light energy of the photon band. This place was so beautiful that thoughts of the Anunnaki felt like a distant nightmare. Can we visit the crystal cities now? Alleyana asked, giving me a thankful reprieve from the dark turn of my thoughts. Yes. Are we ready? Adama lifted us in the bubble as we climbed up higher and higher between the two towering rock pillars. The smooth rock surface glistened in the sunlight in shades of ochre that was polished like marble. Looking down, I did not see any of the Lemurians at the base watching our progress and wondered if they were aware of our presence. No, Adama answered, reading my thoughts, I cloaked our presence here. He spoke to everyone at once. We could not show them our ascent to the crystal cities in our bubble because they would


have tried to manifest their own bubble for the purpose of reaching the top. That is not allowed, but to see us break the rules, so to speak, would discourage their progress in learning teleportation. We were close to the top now, and I could see the glow of the cities. Adama was correct to say that the light was not a reflection of actual crystals but more of a glow from the light within. These Lemurians had fully activated their lightbodies so that the souls in the cities shone like lighthouses, their essence radiating all of the glorious light that was a part of their divine spark from the Creator. Several people gasped when we reached the top. It was magnificent! The first thing I noticed was the sense of tranquility and peace. A crystal palace stood in the middle, similar to an olden-day mosque or temple. It looked like a blown-glass figurine, delicate and fragile, though upon closer inspection, it was comprised of crystal cylinders and spiked, jagged quartz in its raw form. The combination made it appear like a piece of crystallized rock candy, smooth in places while rough in others. Around the main palace were smaller structures, set in a circular fashion, evenly spaced. They were simple buildings with domed roofs, and appeared to be marble in composition, rather than crystal. Everything was tinted a pale pinkish white. Turquoise stone gardens were interspersed among the buildings with arrays of colorful flowers growing wild within potted urns. The most amazing part of the crystal cities, however, was the people. Lemurians strode casually through the streets, but unlike the first inhabitants we had met, their skin was tinted whitish-blue, more like the radiance of a fine pearl or an oyster shell. Their light shone like a beacon, making each Lemurian glow with waning phosphorescent light that pulsated as they walked. They are so advanced here, Adama stated, that their light is forever ebbing and pulsating with the rhythm of their thoughts. Do they require food? Duncan asked. I dont see anything that resembles agriculture. There are fruit trees scattered about. That is all they need to survive. What about water? Is there an irrigation system? They collect rain water. They have all that they need for survival. What sort of work do they do? I asked, curious about what they were learning. That, my dear Kalani, is not something I can show you. Their work is highly secret. It involves concepts you have yet to learn on Lady Gaia. Just as we cannot alter their now in our time travels, it is also


forbidden to take knowledge from them that we must learn for ourselves. Do you know what theyre learning, Adama? Alleyana asked, looking quizzically at the huge Telosian in his colorful robes. Well, of course! I spent many years here before migrating beneath the earths shell. I know all of their secrets. I am sworn to silence, though. Adama made an exaggerated production of zipping his lips up with his fingers. Everyone laughed. Suddenly, we were whooshed away from the crystal cities and were traveling at warp speed back to the beach where we first arrived. The Lemurians were gathered there, preparing a meal for us as we descended to the white grains of sand. I knew it was time to mingle with our Lemurian hosts. They babbled among themselves in loving tones and gestures, sometimes showing an angry emotion that soon erupted into a fit of laughter. As far as their speech was concerned, only their laughter was similar to ours. Yet, it was quite easy to read their thoughts, so communication was not difficult at all. Sharing fruits, grains and vegetables that were variations of our own, I found myself smiling frequently at their openly emotional lifestyle. They hid nothing and it would have been said in olden days that they wore their hearts on their sleeves. Facial expressions told stories that words could not. It was similar to a dramatic comedy without words, like the silent movies from the old earth. Mu was a beautiful place filled with very gentle souls. Quite harmonious and in tune with each other, they functioned as one. While our own community was very loving and supportive of one another, we were also very individualized. I realized that our fall into density had served a purpose in the larger scheme of things. Like snowflakes, each member of Lady Gaia had been allowed to become a unique expression. You are right, Kalani. My reflections were interrupted by Adama who was suddenly by my side. Adama! I did not realize you were reading my thoughts. Excuse the intrusion, dear Kalani. I only wanted to tell you that your conclusions are quite perceptive. Your many lifetimes your duality have produced very individual souls, unlike any other in the universe. I had not thought of it like that. It is true. Earth was a unique experiment from the start. That is why it was allowed when the Anunnaki rearranged human DNA, limiting the species. If mankind had continued as the Lemurians did,


you would have evolved greatly, but you would not have acquired the distinct brand of human being. You would not be you. Mankind is unique in all the universe because you have free will and were allowed to explore every facet of your creative expression both the light side and the dark side. Thank you, Adama, I said, touching my friends sleeve. That helps me greatly. More than you can know. Intuitively, I knew that Adamas information was another piece to the Anunnaki puzzle I was in the midst of solving. If there was a grander purpose to our fall from grace, then there must be a reason why the Anunnaki were visiting me now. Vowing to discover the answer, I joined Duncan and Alleyana who were laughing with our Lemurian hosts. Although we were allowed to observe the people of ancient Mu, we all knew that we must not give them any information that could change the course of history. As time travelers, we must abide by universal laws. Besides, Adama was ensuring our compliance by his watchful presence and would not allow any information to be imparted. If unwanted thoughts crept through, he immediately constructed a diversion to protect our hosts, issuing a stern mental warning at the same time. Slowly, we became accustomed to the rules and were able to enjoy the experience. After many hours with our new friends, Adama let us know it was time to leave. As he activated the bubble and we floated, once again, over the turquoise blue ocean, I thought about his words to me earlier. What was the big picture? That seemed to be the answer I needed to find and the one that still eluded me. I sighed gently as we left the land of Mu and returned to our own garden paradise.


Chapter Fourteen
Would you like to meet my new teacher, Mommy? Alleyana was sitting cross-legged on her woven rug in the middle of the wheat grass. Her golden hair formed a halo around her head while her grey eyes gazed at the figure before her. I had just come to see what she was up to when I discovered her secret friend. Tall and willowy, the goddess-like creature hovered above where Alleyana sat, fluttering about like a fairy. Her long golden robes gave her an angelic look while the wreath of flowers adorning her curls made her appear almost childlike. This is Adora, Alleyana announced with a sweep of her tiny hand. Shes going to take me on a trip. Would you like to come? I watched Adora with my third eye, trying to glean the purpose of her sudden appearance in my daughters life. She laughed at my assessment, her voice tinkling in the morning stillness. Dont worry, Kalani, my intentions are pure, Adora said in a highpitched voice as she ceased her fluttering. Suspended in midair, Adora reclined on her side, resting her head in her hand. Shes an aspect of me, Alleyana announced proudly. Spirit told me I could manifest a teacher now any time I wanted to. Just go into your inner temple and imagine a part of yourself thats more, they told me. Ahhh, I said, Adora is an aspect of your higher self. Uhhn ha. Shes the part of me I left on the other side. Adora is going to teach me stuff. Important stuff. Really? Involving a journey? Like the one we just took to Lemuria? Similar, Adora informed us. We will travel to ancient Atlantis where Alleyana worked many years ago. She needs to remember that work. Interesting. Yes, I would love to come along. Are we going to use a bubble, Adora? Alleyana asked. Like the one we used when we went to Lemuria? No. As you and I are one, there is a more appropriate way to travel. Adora waved her hand and a portal appeared. The portal wavered and shimmered, fluid like water, its aqua color textured with a million prisms. Are you sure this is okay? Alleyana asked. We all knew time travel was prohibited.


Yes, it is now being allowed. You must learn more about your world and about your past lives. Some of the knowledge you gained in other lifetimes will be useful now on Lady Gaia. If it was still prohibited, we would not have been allowed to travel to ancient Lemuria, I reasoned. And Alleyanas spirit guides would not have allowed you to manifest, either. As far as I can tell, we are meant to go on this journey. Yippee! Alleyana squealed. I want to go. Can I go through the portal first? No, I shall lead the way. Then you, then your mommy. Lets hold hands. Adora reached her hand out to Alleyana who took it willingly. Grasping my hand in her tiny clasp, I kept my eye on the portal, knowing we must enter at a certain point. Adora hesitated for several moments then whispered, Now! We all raced towards the portal as Adora led the way. Tumbling through the glowing doorway, I could feel myself floating back through time and the various dimensional spheres. Back, back, back . The tumbling finally ceased as we were spit out of the portal, landing on a hard dirt path. The path was wide, several feet across, before it dropped down. Are we going to walk the wall? Alleyana asked Adora with great excitement. I was unsure what Alleyana meant until I realized we were on the top of a wall that separated the two sides of Atlantis. On one side, I could see a village with people working and loitering about. Some were traders, bartering and heckling over prices. Others went about their business, unperturbed by the hubbub around them. There were creatures there, as well, ones I felt great sympathy for. Half man, half beast, they were the genetic mutations the scientists had created as part of the slave workforce. Its sad to see the things, Alleyana voiced, echoing my own thoughts. No one treats them nicely, but theres nothing we can do. I felt Alleyanas anguish. I, too, sensed the reality of the situation of the things, as the mutations were called. I knew enough about the tales of ancient Atlantis that I was frustrated with an inability to help the poor creatures who were mishandled and abused, treated more like property than half-human. Ooohhh, Mommy, look at that side. I like the spiritual side much better. As I turned and gazed out at the other side of the great wall, I could see the vast blue ocean in the distance. There was a harbor where boats were moored boats unlike any I had ever seen before. They


were similar to ancient Viking vessels, yet they were much different in the curvature of their hulls and the bowed shape of their masts. Look at the people on that side, Alleyana said. They look happy. Yes, I told her, knowing a little about the culture. The scientists became greedy and wanted to control things. On the spiritual side, people did their work and helped others with their advanced techniques. The two sides were very different in their way of viewing the world. I imagine thats why they built the wall to divide the two sides of Atlantis. Who was I, Adora? Alleyana asked. You were from that side, Adora told her, pointing to the spiritual side. You were a beautiful priestess. Shall I show you a holographic picture of the event to trigger your memory? Yes! Alleyana cried eagerly, jumping up and down. Suddenly, there was a beautiful priestess before us, walking slowly down the path atop the great wall. She wore a gold and jeweled gown, low at the neckline, with a headdress similar to that of an Egyptian priestess. I look like Isis, Alleyana said, giggling at the thought. Yes, Atlantis and Egypt are closely entwined. Some of those who left Atlantis before the island sunk beneath the oceans waves migrated to Egypt. Much of their culture was brought with them. I remember now, Alleyana said. I felt sad for the things because some of them were my friends, in secret. I was happy here. I did a lot of good work, too. Do you remember the work? We watched the Atlantean priestess that was Alleyana in another lifetime as she stepped slowly along the wall, placing one foot succinctly in front of the other. Her steps were unhurried and deliberate as she walked in a slow, languid motion. Was I a singer? she asked, unsure of herself. Lets see, Adora said, her eyebrows wiggling as she made a game of it. Alleyana giggled as suddenly we were transported by Adoras intent to a chamber with sand-colored walls. The walls were smooth and I saw crystals hanging from the ceiling in a design similar to organ pipes in a church. Below the crystals were tables where people rested, encased in glass or crystal boxes. This is the healing center! Alleyana exclaimed. Thats right, Adora confirmed. I know what to do. Before I knew what was happening, Alleyana was standing at the edge of a precipice in the great chamber, her face raised to the


crystals. Her tiny voice bellowed out in a series of tones as we watched the crystals begin to vibrate. Below the crystals, in the glass boxes, the inhabitants began to glow with a healing green light. When my little daughter was done with her song, I hugged her vigorously. Thats wonderful, Alleyana, I praised. Turning to Adora, I asked, She helped many people in this lifetime, didnt she? Yes, Adora explained. She was a crystal singer. Do you remember how it works? Toning clears and balances the chakras, Alleyana stated matterof-factly. The crystals magnify the effect. It all works through my own body. Then, people can heal themselves. Thats right, Adora told her. You were very good at it. The Creator wants you to bring this knowledge back to Lady Gaia. I will, Alleyana said, smiling happily. Ill show everyone how to do it. Thank you, Alleyana. You understand the sequence of tones that will activate the crystals. Sound is very powerful, as you know. I chuckled, thinking of something from the old earth. What are you laughing at, Mommy? Alleyana wanted to know. I remember when singers would entertain people by breaking a crystal glass with a high note. They used their voices to destroy and entertain. If only they had realized the beneficial aspects of sound and music, they could have healed and uplifted instead of destroying. I can do other things with my voice, too, Alleyana stated. Thats correct, Adora said as she fluttered above our heads, her long golden robes waving beneath her. She seemed to have a difficult time standing still for very long, much like my daughter, I realized with amusement. You can also use sound to chisel through stone or other objects. Many architectural structures on the old earth were built this way, although humans did not understand how this was done by ancient cultures. Sometimes, they attributed the phenomenon to alien civilizations. Yes, I agreed, the earth moved from very highly evolved cultures such as Atlantis and Lemuria back to a scientific way of thinking. In the twenty-first century, mankind believed they were very advanced technologically, yet they had forgotten all the simple truths the concepts of balance and the natural healing methods such as with sound and crystals. Only in the last fifteen or twenty years did they begin remembering the ancient ways. Now it is time to bring all things back to mankind, Adora told Alleyana quietly. Can you do that? Alleyana shook her head slowly.


Thank you, Alleyana. Your gifts will be very welcome in the community. Shall we go home now? Do we have to? I am afraid we do. The portal will only stay open for a certain time. Im ready, Alleyana said, accepting Adoras answer. This was fun. Can we come here again? We shall see. With that, Adora opened the portal back up with a wave of her hand. At the exact moment she indicated, we all jumped through the opening, as time warped and we hurled back to our original location, just a few feet from the woven rug where Alleyana was sitting for her lesson. Do you have to go home now? Alleyana asked sadly. Yes, I am afraid I do. Call on me whenever you wish to learn something new. I am available to you always. Adora disappeared, leaving us standing in the waving strands of wheat. Your new friend is delightful, I told Alleyana. Shes a part of me, Alleyana said again. Yes, I know. And you, my precious daughter, are also delightful! Will you sing for Daddy when we get home like you sang in Atlantis. Yes, she said in childlike fashion. For Daddy and for Aster and for Jilly and for Hanoya and for you, too, Mommy. I smiled, snuggling Alleyana close as she kissed my cheek and giggled against my ear. Soon, Duncan and I would couple and if the circumstances were right, produce another star seed like our darling daughter. The joy of it all overwhelmed me as I thought about home and popped dimensions with my little girl in my arms.


Chapter Fifteen
Good morning, my love, Duncan rolled over in our jelly bed, his hand cupping my face as he kissed me intimately. Tonight is the night of our coupling, Kalani. I am full of anticipation. He snuggled up against me, drawing my body against his own. I could feel every muscle and tendon in Duncans body as he pressed against me. Mmmmm, I mumbled, cant wait. Kissing him back, I tried to think only of our love and commitment and of the baby waiting to be born to us. Tonight, we will have the sacred community feast, then our night of romance and love. Yes, I uttered, burying my face against his shoulder. Training my thoughts, I tried to have patience as I focused on the smell of his hair and the feeling of his hands caressing my back. Giving him a gentle squeeze and loving kiss, I quickly rose from the bed. If you keep me here any longer, Duncan Faust, I quipped, it will be now rather than tonight. You cannot tempt me like this. I smiled sassily at my husband. Run away, then, he teased. Covering himself with the cotton coverlet, he groaned with frustration. Ahhh, this is such a cruel ritual that we must wait so long. These past two weeks have felt like two years! I know, I know, but it is not long now. Enjoy your self day. Alleyana is spending the day with Jilly, so I am going to have a quiet day alone, wandering in the meadow. Duncan sat up in bed, his arms resting on his bent knees beneath the coverlet. A walk in the meadow is it? Well, do not be carried away by any of the fairies or elves, my sweet. You must return to me for our special night. You know how mischievous they can be. I laughed as I donned my white frock. It would take quite a few of them to carry me off. Do not worry, Duncan, I would not miss this for the world. I blew him a kiss as he chuckled and fell back into bed. As I climbed the earthen steps to our back door and opened the bubble cap, I saw that the day was overcast and cloudy. Most days, the sun shone brightly on our garden. Gentle misting rain refreshed the plants and wildflowers, but rarely did it storm as in days of old.


Clouds were a sign of unrest in the community, as it was well known that the consciousness of the humans affected the weather. Perhaps it was my own unrest that clouded the sky, I reflected, as I began walking toward the meadow. Tonight was the night of our coupling. Tonight. I was not ready! As much as my body yearned for Duncan and as much as my emotions cried out for him, the turmoil I was going through with the Anunnaki weighed heavily on my mind. How could I couple with Duncan if I still had the lizard-mans shadow hanging over me? There must be something I could do to resolve my situation, I thought frantically. So little time remained. My own self day had cleared away my fear of abandonment and opened my heart. Our past-life review with Adamas Akashic record book showed me the love we had shared over the ages and the lessons we had learned. Our journey to Lemuria helped us remember our ancient roots. Everything was ripe for our coupling, save for the presence of the Anunnaki. Maybe it would be better if the fairies did carry me off to some unknown land where I would not have to deal with this turmoil. Yet, I knew that was not the answer. As much as I longed for escape from this situation, I knew I must face my fears. Dear Creator, I prayed, please help me with this. Please show me the way. As I began to pray, a path opened up to me. In the meadow, where there had been only field grass, I saw a dirt path appear before my eyes. Knowing I was being guided, I turned to the right and followed the path. There were buttercups, Queen Annes Lace, yellow daisies and goldenrod beside me. Butterflies fluttered along, landing on the blue petals of a Johny Jump-up while bees pollinated the flowers. Then, everything began to shift. The sky turned from cloudy to a brilliant azure blue. Mist enveloped me, surrounding me with tendrils that lived and breathed as they wound their way around my body. The flowers and field grass disappeared as buildings began to emerge from the mist. Temples and stone structures, an altar, and steps leading to an ancient sun dial appeared before me. The mist cleared away as I stood before a scene from long, long ago. I could feel the ancientness of this place. I had journeyed to a land that no longer existed, buried beneath other civilizations. Yet, in this time and space, it was real. It existed. And I belonged here. The dirt felt familiar beneath my feet. As I touched the altar, I could feel myself traveling back, back, back . . . Suddenly, a woman stood before me. Dressed in a flowing white gown, she stood behind the stone altar where I now rested, oblivious to my presence. Intuitively, I knew that the woman was me as I


watched her lift the gauzy white gown that shimmered in the morning light. Or, at least she was me many thousands of years earlier, I thought objectively as I watched her pause and look around. Who was she looking for? From beneath the altar, she lifted a solid box of earthen stone, roughly chiseled. Her long, dark hair curled down to her waist in tendrils. Her eyes were blue, her lips full as she nervously straightened her back, stiffening as a figure walked towards her. I gasped as the Anunnaki lizard-man approached the woman, stopping before the altar and bowing his head. Goddess. You came, as I requested. Did you think I would not? It was uncertain. What have we here? It is a present, she said, thrusting the box towards him. The Anunnaki lizard took the offering as he smiled, sharp fang-like teeth appearing as he parted his lips. I am honored. What is inside? A gesture of peace. Resting the box on the altar, the Anunnaki extended his clawed hand to the goddess. Come stand beside me, Jontee, where I can see you better. The woman hesitated before she stepped out from behind the altar. I gasped again. She was obviously pregnant with child. Ahhh, my child grows big within you, Jontee. You have not spoken to me since I took you that night. I have asked the gods to help me forgive you. What lies within the box is a token of my forgiveness. Why the change of heart, may I ask? My child will not be born unloved and unwanted. Even though it was conceived against my will and has Anunnaki blood within its veins, I will strive to honor the sacredness of life. And what of the darkness that may befall our child? Will you accept whatever path it chooses? I will show it the light, as I show you the light now. If darkness is chosen, despite my efforts, I will continue to love and nurture. What if nothing works, Jontee, and it grows to be just like its father? If darkness is the path followed when this child is old enough to decide, I will turn away and continue in the light. Perhaps it will grow tired of its path and return to the light. The Anunnaki lizard-man laughed heartily. Always the optimist. Nurturing, loving, forgiving and kind. A goddess true and true. One day, the seeds of my race will be everywhere on the earth. Our blood


will mix and intermingle as generations endure. There will come a time when you will not be able to tell our blood from yours as our shadow hides within your light. Suddenly, the goddess and the lizard-man disappeared and I was surrounded by flowers and field grass, once again. Sitting down on the path, I was stunned at the scene I had just witnessed. Immediately, I could feel the pieces of the puzzle fitting together. Over 300,000 years ago, I was one of the goddesses that walked the earth. Our garden paradise was pristine and untouched until the Anunnaki won their space battle and set foot upon the earth. Raping the women, they impregnated the sacred feminine creatures with their darkness. It was our fall from grace, as written of in the fables of the olden day Bible in the symbolic story of Adam and Eve. The forbidden apple represented knowledge. Before our fall, there was only knowledge of good until the Anunnaki brought darkness into our blood. With that darkness came feelings of shame, fear, confusion, greed and anger. The final words of the Anunnaki lizard rang through my ears. There will come a time when you will not be able to tell our blood from yours as our shadow hides within your light. Over centuries, they infiltrated every corner of the earth until darkness was within our blood. No longer were they visible as hideous, evil creatures because as they mated with mankind, they began to lose their separateness. Yet, the gleam of their eyes could still be detected, reflecting darkness within the soul. You forgave us in that lifetime, Kalani. Why cant you forgive us now? Now, I could hear voices in my head, just as before. After what you did? You forget, it was an experiment that was allowed. The Creator let your council of twelve make the decision to try to help us, to show us the light. Would it make a difference to you that your child in that lifetime became a healer for the light? That is reassuring, at least. You still dont understand, do you? No, I dont. Cant you please explain? I will give you this. We were nothing more than pawns in a grand show the tools by which you achieved your goals. I could feel the presence of the Anunnaki drifting away. What did he mean? The tools by which we achieved our goals. Pawns. Could he possibly mean that it was desired to have darkness within our souls? What purpose would darkness serve? Shadow defines the light.


Of course! One of my first lessons on the old earth. How do we know who we want to be if we do not know who we do not want to be? Our fall from grace, our sinking into density served a grander purpose by allowing us to explore every facet of ourselves. If we had remained in the Garden of Eden and not allowed the Anunnaki to infiltrate our genes, we would never have experienced all the many lifetimes that made us unique in the universe. Perfection is not truly appreciated if we have no measure of comparison by which to judge our perfection. All of the anger I had recently felt towards the Anunnaki suddenly dissipated like a shadow when the light shines upon it. Standing up, I wandered down the path again until I came upon a rippling pond. As the breeze died down, I could see my face within the facets of the ponds surface. Gazing at my reflection, I noticed it began to change. My long hair was suddenly piled high upon my head. Without warning, my features altered. The hair was now scales of lizard-like flesh. My eyes enlarged as the pupils elongated into yellow slits. My body transformed into a creature I did not recognize. In a state of sheer panic, I reached my hands to my face. My skin was silky smooth. The reflection began to change back to my human persona, my eyes returning to their normal shape, my body curved and shapely, as my hair flowed down around my shoulders, once again. Was it all just an illusion, then? Integrate. That is what you have failed to do, Kalani. When all the others accepted the darkness within, you refused. Did I? Yes. Take us with you. Stop fighting what is a part of you. Suddenly, it all began to make sense. My lesson was clear. Before the great shift, there was much talk about evil as darkness began to separate from the light. The photonic light shone down, exposing all that was hidden like a flashlight in the corners of a dark and dusty place. Some feared the darkness while others saw its grander purpose and accepted it as part of the spectrum of light. Had I really feared the darkness so much that I refused to integrate that part of my soul? Yes! Now you understand. Take us with you. Do not be afraid. We cannot harm you, Kalani. We never could. Only you can harm yourself by the choices you make. We are one in the same, not a separate dark entity. Even the original members of our species were a part of the Creator, just as we are. Then darkness never existed outside of me? No. It was an illusion. It has always been within.


Giving me a choice, I realized. I do not have to follow the darkness; I just need to accept it as a part of who I am. In the blink of an eye, I was transported to the wheat grass outside my bubble dome. I observed everything around me with crystal clear vision. I felt a lightness of heart and spirit that I had not felt since I first heard the Anunnaki voices within my mind. I knew I would not hear them again only as a part of my own consciousness. Thank you, Creator, I said as I breathed deeply. A feeling of completeness overwhelmed me. There you are, Kalani! Ive been looking all over for you. It was Sereta. We are about to begin the feast of celebration. Are you ready? As I looked up at the sky, I saw that dusk was drawing near. Had I truly been gone the entire day? It felt like barely an hour. It is time? I questioned, feeling the remnants of confusion still lingering in my consciousness. Yes! Are you all right? Sereta eyed me with concern, cocking her head to one side. Wonderful. I feel absolutely wonderful. Where are Duncan and Alleyana? They are waiting by the fire. You are the last one, and I could not find you. I was beginning to worry that the elves and fairies took you away to some far-away place. Had they? I knew I had traveled back through time. Does it matter where I was? I am here now. Let the festivities begin. Joining the others, I still felt off-centered as I attempted to orient myself and realign with the sacredness of the event. Something still did not feel quite right. What was missing? The bigger picture. This time, it was my own words that echoed through my mind, not the voices of the Anunnaki. Intuitively, I knew there were still missing pieces of the puzzle.


Chapter Sixteen
Would you like to hear a story, Kalani? Adama! What are you doing here? Adama was standing next to me as Sereta suddenly disappeared. He was wearing his typical violet robe, only tonight his long blonde hair was braided at the sides, giving him a more formal appearance. You are not ready to couple and begin the feast, so I have come to help you. But how is that possible? They are waiting for me. Sereta was just here. Adama laughed, the throaty sound echoing through my eardrums, somehow soothing me of my worries. Anything is possible in the new world. Have you forgotten, Kalani? I am shifting time to allow you to fully understand your recent lessons. We cannot begin the ceremony until you are completely ready. Creator has asked that you have all the time necessary to complete this process. Ahhhhh . . . now I see. Sometimes, I still forget my own multidimensionality. You see, Adama, I feel as if there are still pieces of this puzzle that are missing. I am not seeing the big picture and, somehow, I feel it is very important. Adama chuckled again. Yes, you are so right, Kalani. The big picture is everything. You must be aware of your cosmic heritage. Without that, you cannot fully understand the Anunnaki or their place in the multi-universe. Will you help me, Adama? I want so badly for the feast that will begin my conception. This star seed is so important, and I want to feel fully integrated. Sit down, Kalani, you are about to hear a story. Yet, I am not the one who must tell this story, for it is not my story to tell. Greetings, Kalani. Who are you? We are the Pleiadians. There were three individuals before me, two women and one man. The Pleiadians were over six feet in stature with opaque pearly skin and almond-shaped green eyes. The women wore colorful gowns and robes, embroidered with strange symbols. Their hair was mousy brown, fashioned in twisted loops that hung to their shoulders and atop their heads, tucked beneath pointed hats that dipped down on their foreheads. Their hats matched the embroidered fabric of their gowns.


The one male Pleiadian was slightly smaller in stature with gray wisps of hair, darker eyes, more oval in shape, and rather large ears. He was dressed in a male version of the womens attire, all three outfits made from the same fabric. Hello, I replied, bowing my head in respect. My name is Villanova, the first woman told me. We are from Alcyone, a planet within the Pleiadian star system. This is Caruta and our male companion is Janeed. We are summoned to assist during crucial times in your history. We assisted during the 25 years before the great shift, and we have come back to help you, once again. Does that mean we are at another turning point in earths history? I asked incredulously. Yes. The birth of your child will bring new light to the planet. He must be born or certain events cannot take place. I felt stunned by this news. Please, Villanova said kindly, taking my hand. We are here to assist. Do not be frightened. All is as it should be. I lowered myself to a nearby boulder, my fear suddenly dissipating as I looked into Villanovas gentle eyes. She had a calming way about her. Thats better, she said, smiling sweetly. First of all, let us explain who we are. Do you know anything about us at all, Kalani? Only what I read before the great shift. I know the Pleiades have been mentioned in the writings and folklore of many indigenous people throughout mankinds history. This is true. We are called the Seven Sisters because our star system consists of seven stars that are directly connected to your own solar system. All of the great civilizations were influenced by visitors from the stars. We are only one of these visitors. Your celestial cousins have seeded ancient civilizations such as Egypt, the Incas, the Mayans, and more recently the Balinese and Native Americans. Yes, I have heard that, I replied. Janeed continued the story in a soft-spoken voice. Originally, you were magnificent creatures with twelve fully functioning strands of DNA, living in a garden paradise. With the rearranging of DNA by the Anunnaki 300,000 years ago, you sank into density and experienced your darker side. Yes, I know all about the Anunnaki, I told them. I have their blood within me. Yes, of that we are aware, Villanova stated calmly, her features serene. The Pleiadians are helping earth now because our own star system is in great danger. We must heal a past that we have been connected to.


What do you mean? We are you in the future. We have come back to change a part of our past, to create an alternate reality because we let loose a tyranny that exists in our present world in the Pleiades. You see, dear Kalani, our ancestors are your ancestors. They contributed some of the original DNA for this grand experiment called earth. You are us in the future? That is correct. A dismal future filled with the tyranny of the dark forces, if we cannot change earths path. The great shift was an unprecedented achievement in the universe, for it turned the earth from a path of violence, war, and darkness to a path of light. Now, we must assure that the light continues in the new world. That is why we are here to assist and to help you in bringing forth your child, your star seed. How can I help? A deep sense of responsibility made my eyes tear. I have felt a strong urge to bear this child, and now I know why. How can I fully prepare for the conception? In the far distant past, Caruta said, speaking for the first time in a high-pitched, melodious voice, we made a decision as part of the council of twelve, which is the governing body of this universe. It was we, the Pleiadians, who cast the deciding vote to allow the Anunnaki to rearrange the human DNA. We felt it was for the highest good to allow mankind to experience all facets of Creator energy both the dark and the light. Did the darkness become too powerful? Is that why the Pleiadians are in trouble now? I asked. In a way, Caruta continued. The illusion was powerful. Just as you needed to integrate your duality and achieve an inner balance, so must we. The Pleiadians have evolved into great beings of light and love, yet we never fully accepted the darkness within our bloodlines. It took over our world as an external force because we did not fully accept that part of ourselves. Their words astounded me. I did not fully realize the significance of my own experience until I contemplated a possible future filled with darkness. By accepting the true nature of our souls as both light and dark energies, we could stop the manifestation of darkness. We all knew that anything not dealt with would manifest into reality to be healed. That is why our tribulation years on the old earth were so difficult. We manifested all of our fears in order to heal them. Kalani, Villanova said, taking the lead, once more. Will you help us? Will you merge with us so we may know both the light and the dark the goddess and the reptile?


I stood for a moment, uncertain of my path. Looking to Adama, I silently questioned my friend. It is your decision, Kalani, Adama told me softly. I know this is important . . . Attempting to discern the correct path, I looked at the Pleiadians with my third eye. I saw them as glowing, etheric beings, filled with light. I feel this is for the highest good of all, I told them, smiling gently. Yes, I agree to the merging. Wonderful! Adama exclaimed. I knew you would make the right decision, Kalani. Shall we all hold hands? I will assist by being a conduit for the merge. Standing in a circle, I held hands with Adama and Villanova who were standing beside Caruta and Janeed. Closing our eyes, we focused on merging our energy fields. Suddenly, I felt a light filling my body, spilling out through my hands like an electric current. Ecstasy cascaded to my inner core like liquid fire as we merged and united into one. Then, in the blink of an eye, Adama and the three Pleiadians were gone as the boulder disappeared and I was suddenly amongst the members of my community. Duncan was beside me, smiling down as the moon and stars shone brightly above. Ahhh, Kalani, it is such a beautiful evening for our celebration feast. I am so happy to be here with you tonight. He seemed oblivious to the fact that I had just arrived. Perhaps I had truly been there, all along, in his eyes. Adama and the Pleiadians were masters at rearranging time and space. Who knows what perceptions they had created within the community? I am also happy to be here, Duncan. Finally, my love, I am ready to bear our star seed. He will be quite special, indeed. Duncan smiled, not knowing what internal battles I had just conquered. I was quite content to leave him in a state of bliss. It was not necessary, at this moment, for him to know of my inner demons who had taught me a very valuable lesson through the voices of the Anunnaki or of the Pleiadian merging that had just occurred. I felt whole and complete, knowing who I was and where I had come from. Now, I could move forward with joy for the future. Shall we dance? Duncan asked, taking my hand. The elalies were humming with music as the community kicked up their heels, drinking from vats of dandelion wine and singing to their hearts content. Fairies and elves peeked out from their wooded haunts, skittering about as they played their tricks and were shooshed


away. Laughter rang out as the adults told stories and the children scurried around, giggling and screeching in the crisp night air. I would love to. Whisking me away, Duncan twirled me around on the dirt carpet, before pulling me close for a sensual kiss. Our eyes glittered as we smiled at one another, the joy overflowing from our hearts. Tonight is the night, my love, Duncan whispered, brushing his lips against my cheek. I want to make love to you right now, Duncan Faust, I returned, eager to be alone. Look over there, Duncan whispered as he turned his head. Among the dancers, I saw Sereta and Sananda holding one another close. Although Barnabus had recently departed to the other side, a deep sense of rightness enveloped me. Theyre in love, I stated simply, my entire body consumed by the emotions they were emitting. Yes, they are. Does that feel awkward for you? I asked Duncan. After all, Barnabus was your closest friend. Duncan shook his head, a wise look in his eyes as he smiled knowingly. Not at all. It feels very right. Barnabus stepped aside in a magnificent and selfless act of love for Sereta. He knew that she was supposed to be with Sananda. Now I know, deep in my heart, that was the reason for his untimely death. As if they had sensed our thoughts, Sananda and Sereta walked over to where Duncan and I were holding one another as we danced slowly about on the dirt floor. Seretas eyes were misted with emotion before they both smiled at us with unabashed joy. Duncan, Kalani, Sananda said, greeting us warmly. He placed his hand on Duncans shoulder, his other arm around Seretas waist. You are somewhat shocked by this, Kalani, Sereta stated, knowing me so well. Yes, but shocked in a good way. I feel the rightness of your decision, Sereta. You belong with Sananda. The children figured it out, didnt they? Hanoya and Alleyana have known all along. Of course, Sereta answered. Children are always closer to the Creator, Sananda stated matterof-factly. They know of Its plans long before the adults do. His smile was contagious, and I could feel his divine love for the children. Why were we forced to wait, then? I asked. Barnabus would not tell us the plan. He said there were lessons we must first learn. Oh, Kalani, you would not believe what has happened to me in the last few days! Sereta said. I have definitely been going through


lessons. I went on a journey to ancient Jerusalem. I found out my origins, my bloodline, and my connection to Sananda. I laughed. It sounds like we will have some stories to exchange. I have also been learning about my past. Sananda smiled knowingly while Duncan looked at me incredulously. You have? Why was I not informed? Oh, Duncan, you were completely oblivious because Spirit wanted it that way. How could I have learned my lessons if I was able to discuss things with you? Now that my ordeal is over, I will tell you all about it, my love. Later, when we are alone. Duncan smiled, although I sensed his feelings of betrayal that I had not confided in him. Although he felt this momentary twinge of emotion, I could also see in his eyes an acceptance of the situation. Although I am not happy about being uninformed, Kalani, I do understand. And I also have a confession to make. Really? Now, it was my turn to feel a sense of betrayal. Something youve kept from me? Yes, we will both have stories to share. It seems Spirit has been quite busy with their teachings over the past few weeks. I have found out some very interesting things about my own heritage. It was necessary, I was told, in order to be ready for our coupling and the birth of our son. Also for our community to move forward, Sananda said. His look was more serious now. You have all been going through lessons because it was time for you to fully remember who you are. Duncan and Kalani, you will be coupling tonight, and it was necessary for your energy fields to be completely open to receive this child. As you know, conception is not a physical process, it is a spiritual event. Children are conceived only from divine love. While you love each other very much, in order for this star seed to be fully developed in body and in spirit, he must have full knowledge of who he is, as well. If you had not discovered your own cosmic heritage, that knowledge would not be passed on to the physical body of your son. He must know who he is on a cellular level, as well as on a conscious level. Ahhhh, now I get it, Duncan said. Clever, very clever. I am always amazed at the intricacies of life and the grand plan of the Creator. It was your plan as well, Duncan, Sananda reminded us. You are part of the Creator. Your own oversoul set this up. I sighed deeply. Looking at Sereta, I could see the happiness in her eyes and feel her acceptance of her new life with Sananda. Suddenly, I had a thought, a fear which I could not suppress.


Sereta, I began slowly, what will all of this mean now? Are you are Sananda going to travel the earth to continue his teachings? I could not bear the thought of my closest friend leaving me as Duncan had done for so many years. Sereta smiled as she looked at Sananda then back at me. No, Kalani. Sananda will stay here now, in the community. Yes! I exclaimed happily, hugging my friend. What a relief. I did not want to lose you! We exchanged a long, loving hug, tears welling in my eyes at the thought of Sereta and Hanoya leaving the community. Once again, we will live as an example of the perfect union, Sananda said. Once again? I questioned. Yes, Sereta explained. That is what I learned, Kalani, when I went on my journey to Jerusalem. I am the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus Christ of Nazarene. We were married in that lifetime. Sananda continued. Our marriage represented the perfect union of male and female energy. We were to be an example to mankind. Mary Magdalene was actually quite revered in that time period, representing a very liberated, intelligent female. She embodied the goddess energy, and her soul had been chosen for that incarnation because she had evolved to a very high state of consciousness. Unfortunately, Sereta said, a look of pain crossing her face, the Christian churches thought they needed to change the story. They did not want people to know of their divine heritage, of the bloodline that resulted from our union, carried on through our children. Only by marring my reputation was this possible. When they discredited Mary, Sananda continued, they also erased all of the stories about our holy union and, thus, many of my teachings, as well. So much was lost because of corruption and greed. Now, it is time for the teachings to be known, once again. We must lead by example. Well, well try to follow in your footsteps, my friend, Duncan said, smiling merrily. Kalani and I will do our best, wont we, honey? Everyone laughed at Duncans comment. Next, hell be trying to walk on water, Sananda said with a serious face, showing his own sense of humor. Hey! What is everyone laughing about? Alleyana asked as she came running up to our group. She was holding hands with Hanoya. Guess what, Mommy? Alleyana said. What?


Sananda is going to live with Hanoya and Sereta now. Theyre gonna get married! Really? I looked at Sereta who laughed happily. I would have told you, Kalani, but I was thinking how I would protect the fish in our dome once my husband started doing his tricks. When can we play with the teenagers, Daddy? Alleyana asked eagerly, tired of grown-up silliness. The children of the community would be spending the night with the teenagers in the healing dome tonight, playing games and telling stories, allowing the adults privacy on this special night. Since all adult members of the community would be involved in building kundalini energy during our coupling, it was decided that the children should be sequestered together and separated in order to preserve their innocence. Sananda had agreed to place a special light around the healing dome to insulate them from the frenetic sexual energy that would be created on this special night. Very soon, Duncan told her, giving me a secretive wink. I want to go now. We all looked at one another. Now sounds like as good of a time as any, Duncan decided, happy that there would be no resistance from Alleyana or the other children. Shall we tuck them all in? I said, looking at Sereta. Lets gather the others. Once the children were settled in, the adults sat by the fire for a brief time, sharing funny stories and building a sense of oneness. I loved the members of our community, and I knew their hearts were with Duncan and me on this special occasion. Everyone wanted a child to be born, especially a star seed. Others had borne children since the great shift, but this was the first time a sacred ritual was requested for the purposes of producing a star seed. I could feel the anticipation of everyone in the community as we swapped funny stories and laughed beneath the stars. Finally, it was agreed that the time had come. Duncan and I hugged several of our closest friends then retired to our bubble dome.


Chapter Seventeen
As we entered our bubble dome, I smelled the scent of fresh flowers. Duncan was beside me, his arm around my waist, as we climbed the earthen stairs into the dome. As I looked up at the clear bubble ceiling, I could see a backdrop of twinkling stars against the velvety black night. The moon shone, cascading its light in streams of silver rays that illuminated the sparkling water of our indoor stream. Floating down from the ceiling were rose petals. Duncan captured one in his hand and presented it to me with a light kiss on my lips. A gift from Sananda, he said. He told me that a surprise would be waiting for us when we entered the dome. I smiled, delighted by the thousands of soft, scented petals that brushed against my cheek as they wafted to the floor. How romantic. What a wonderful gift. If only there were chocolate mints beneath our pillows, I joked, returning Duncans kiss. Duncan smiled, leading me by the hand to our bedroom. He reached beneath the jelly pillow and produced a small piece of chocolate, wrapped in a mint leaf. Duncan! How is this possible? This is my gift to you, Kalani. I knew how much you loved chocolate on the old earth, and I wanted our night to be special. I have been working for days to manifest this little truffle. My eyes teared up with joy. Thank you, my love. I tasted the chocolate which melted in my mouth. Its divine, I told Duncan, enjoying every moment as I closed my eyes. Before I was finished eating the piece of chocolate, I kissed Duncan, sliding my tongue around his, bathing his mouth in the sweet flavor, sharing the gift. His tongue moved over mine, flicking and probing, lovingly exploring and devouring every bit of chocolate before he moved to my neck. Thank you, Duncan, I muttered as he lavishly brushed his lips over my neck, his hands caressing my arms. Your neck is so lovely, Kalani like a gazelles, so sleek and slender . . . He continued his assault of my neck as I watched him with eyes open. My husband was so handsome, with his sensitive brown eyes that were filled with tenderness as his lips tasted my skin. He moved in a way that bespoke his gentle urgency, making me feel cherished and adored.


His long brown locks were silky as I ran my fingers through them, brushing his hair away from his face to expose strong cheekbones and lightly bronzed skin. He glowed from his inner light and the moonlight that flooded into our bedroom in soft waves. You are so beautiful, Kalani, he said, his voice hushed in reverence as he looked deeply into my eyes. He ran his fingers through my own dark hair that fell in curls down to my waist. Sliding my cotton robe off my shoulders, he let it fall to the floor. Gingerly, I stepped out of the garment, allowing him to admire my naked body. Duncan looked at me as if he had never seen me without clothes. The admiration in his eyes was precious to my heart as he lightly touched my skin. It felt like an electrical current flowed through me, I was so sensitive to his touch. You are exquisite, my love, he breathed as he began kissing me reverently. Placing a kiss on my neck as I tipped back my head, I felt his hands parting my hair, which ran in rivulets down over my breasts. His mouth covered every inch of my body as I gasped at the assault. It had been a very long year since Id felt Duncans mouth upon my body. I could see goosebumps of excitement pricking my flesh while fire ran rampant through my loins, unfurling my kundalini energy. Oh, Duncan! I rasped, unable to bear his assault. His hands followed the course of his tongue and lips, gently parting my legs as he kissed my inner thighs. My own hands smoothed his hair, flittering over his shoulders and back before I squatted before him, grasping his head in my hands. Kissing him passionately, we were suddenly on the floor, my back against the cool jelly substance. Our bodies pressed against one another, liquid fire pulsing through my veins. As we kissed and stroked one another feverishly, I could sense the others engaging in similar activities as we all became one. It was as if we pulsed to the same beat, our mixed kundalini energy building to a crescendo of magnificent proportions. Can you feel them? I asked Duncan. Yes! We are one. Joined in ecstasy. Suddenly, Duncan lifted me up as we moved to the bed. More pliable than the floor, our jelly bed was firm yet soft, melding to the contours of our bodies. Positioning me on my side, Duncan placed his hand between my breasts, entering my body. I groaned at the sweet sensations as he pulsed within me, taking me to a height I had never reached before. Quickening his tempo, I was ready to explode when he withdrew, making me beg for more. Not yet, he whispered, his eyes meeting mine.


Another assault on my body as I launched my own attack on his. I could not get enough of him as the sexual energy flowed between us, palpable, engaging. It was as if our bodies were magnetized, drawn to one another through an invisible force. Do you feel it? I breathed. Oh, yes, I feel it, Duncan groaned. The energy is incredible! Flipping me onto my back, my husband entered me again, deeper this time, slowly, until I ached for release. Droplets of sweat beaded my body as he rubbed against me, igniting every cell within as he caressed my heated flesh. I cant take much more! I cried, my eyes beseeching him. Me either. I love you, Kalani. I love you, too, Duncan. With eyes open, Duncan began the mating dance, driving me to frenzy. His expertise was unrivaled as he pleasured me time and again, bringing me to the edge of paradise. Finally, I grasped the muscles of his arms, kissing him with all the fury of pent-up energy that raged through me while I thrust myself against his thrashing frame. Unable to resist my unexpected response, Duncan let loose his seed into my willing body. As his eyes flew open, he sighed, kissing me lovingly, tenderly. In that instant, we both felt a rush of energy that shook me to the core. My bones and heart resonated with the truth. Our star seed would be born.


Part Two A Star Seed is Born (Beyond 2015)


Chapter Eighteen
I remember the time I was born, before my birth, when I still dwelled in my mothers womb. I also remember communicating with my sister, Alleyana, from the other side even before my soul merged with the cells that would become my body. She knew of my essence before I was conceived, her gifts in that area quite advanced for her age five or so years, as Ive been told. My mother, Kalani, experienced a shift in consciousness just before my conception, as did my father, Duncan. They believed they were speaking to an ancient dark force called the Anunnaki a lizard-like civilization that was purported to rearrange human DNA some 300,000 years earlier in order to control and manipulate mankind, bringing them into the denser frequency levels. From the moment I took possession of my earthly body, which was little more than a fertilized seed at the time, I knew the truth. Ghabril! I heard Alleyana shouting my name as she ran and floated toward me. Her legs were long with a pearly bluish white cast as she sprinted towards me, her short frock revealing their radiance in the morning sunlight. As she drew closer, I could see the alarm in her eyes. What is it, Alleyana? I asked with great concern. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts, difficult to decipher. Come quickly. There has been an accident. Her grey eyes were brimming with tears. Who? Where? Down by the sea. It is my dear friend, Jilly. We were speaking with the whales when a great gust of wind unfurled out of nowhere, striking Jilly in the back. I frowned, disturbed by the news. It is Jasper. He promised to stay put. Ill take care of this. How did he get loose? Im not sure. Bring me to Jilly. Alleyana took my hand and closed her eyes. In a moment, we were standing by the oceans waves, Jilly lying flat on his face. He moaned, rolling onto his back as he scrunched his eyes in pain. Ouch, that hurt, Jilly said as he began to sit up. Alleyana turned to face me, her arms folded across her chest, her eyes ablaze. You really need to learn to control your aspects better, Ghabril. Theyre always causing havoc in the community.


I know why you did that, Jilly stated, looking at me with narrowed eyes. It was because I took Lahita down by the cliffs yesterday. You were jealous. I couldnt help smiling at Jillys astuteness. As my sisters best friend and one of my own playmates growing up, Jilly was like a brother to me. Everyone in the community was very closely bonded. Lahita, however, held a special place in my heart and Jilly knew it. He had offered to take her to the cliffs, knowing I would react in a jealous fashion. You are aware of my feelings for Lahita, I told Jilly. You were trying to make me jealous. If it stirred Jasper into action, it is not entirely my fault. Jasper was one of my darker aspects. As I was saying before about my mother and father, they thought the Anunnaki were a people entirely outside of themselves. What they didnt realize, at the time, was that the Anunnaki also represented a darker portion of their own souls, a part of their bloodline. Jasper was a dark portion of mine. Still, you must work harder on controlling him. Physical violence is taboo on Lady Gaia, Alleyana chastised. Do you want to bring back the old ways of violence and war? Jealousy is of a lower vibration. Why cant you both share Lahita? Jilly and I both laughed at Alleyanas suggestion. My sister had a warm and loving heart but was unrealistic, at times. Somehow, I cant see Lahita sharing us, I said. Besides, I shouldnt really get involved with anyone right now. I will be leaving soon. I could feel the heart-wrenching emotions that both Alleyana and Jilly were experiencing at the thought of my departure. Hugging them both, I could feel Alleyanas sudden tears against my shoulder. Do not worry, Alleyana. I will be fine. My journey is about to begin, but I will return to the community often. Now I know how Mother felt every time Duncan left us, Alleyana said sadly. I was so small, at the time, that I do not remember it the same way. Yet, I could always sense her extreme melancholy whenever he was called back to his task. I wish I could come with you. I looked down at Alleyana who was a good six inches shorter than I was, even though she was older by five years. Her golden hair was long and flowing, curling gently over her shoulders. Her skin was the color of oysters bleached by the sun. Eyes looked up at me, beautiful grey orbs above cherry-stem lips, filled with sorrow. You have your own work, Alleyana, I gently reminded her, ruffling her hair affectionately. Now that you and your comrades have cleaned the oceans, you must teach others to assume their own roles.


Now that we are all one again, we must cooperate and work together. Besides, you have your healing work in the new crystal toning dome. You are needed here. I know, I know, she said hurriedly, sighing deeply. We have visitors arriving in less than a week. The Japanese emissaries are coming to share their own success stories. I have a feeling we will learn much from each other. Most definitely. Where will you go first? Jilly asked. His caramel color had lightened, somewhat, over the years as the angel fire turned his skin to a deeper bluish shade. All of our lightbodies were beginning to look alike, no matter what color our skin had been before the great shift. That is up to Quan Yin, I replied, matter-of-factly. I will follow her as our father did when he traveled with Sananda. Quan Yin was an ascended master, goddess of compassion and mercy who, in the celestial spheres, was also a lord of karma. In her earthly incarnations, she was a bodhisattva or an enlightened being. Just as the ascended master Jesus returned to the earth as his oversoul, Sananda, Quan Yin had also come back to teach others the path to enlightenment. She would be my teacher for the next several years in order to prepare me for my own work during this lifetime. Well, youd better tell Jasper to behave when youre with Quan Yin, Alleyana warned. If he starts knocking down the people you are trying to help, it will not look good for you, brother. I think she has a point, Jilly added. I am hoping Quan Yin will be able to help me in controlling those darker aspects of myself that still manifest into the world., I told them, smiling despite the seriousness of the situation. He enjoys their naughtiness, Jilly stated, shaking his head. He likes to be the bad boy, dont you, Ghabril? Girls prefer bad boys, I said, winking at Jilly obnoxiously. Then I havent a chance with Lahita, Jilly complained. As Alleyana often tells me, Im as sweet as corn pancakes. Dont worry, I countered. The right girl will come along, one of these days. That is, if she hasnt already. I wiggled my eyebrows as I let my eyes flow back and forth between Jilly and Alleyana. You two have been in love since we were children. Why fight it? Alleyana blushed crimson, something I rarely witnessed. Yet, she composed herself quite quickly, as she was also known to do. Youre such a troublemaker, Ghabril. When did you say you were leaving? Now, she gave me a sly look, followed by a saucy smile. Day after tomorrow. Ahhhh, our community will be peaceful, once again.


Boring is more like it, I teased. What fun would you have had growing up if not for me? We spent the next half hour recounting silly tales of our youth. Then, we each heard the mental calling of our parents, asking us to return to the community for the evening meal. Youd better collect up Jasper, Alleyana reminded me as we were about to leave. Oh, right, I almost forgot. Although, he would certainly have tugged at me to return had I truly forgotten him. Jasper . . . come back here right now, I said sternly. We all watched as the wispy dark figure hiding behind a sand dune crept out of his hiding place. Jasper resembled me but the darkness of his shadow was also tinted green, representing the aspect of jealousy within my own soul. He looked defiant, at first, as he kept ducking back behind the dune. Jasper! I commanded. You are a part of me and there you must remain. Then, knowing Jasper would not respond easily to brute force, I smiled lovingly, Come to Daddy, I tempted in a silly, provocative voice. Jasper appeared to be laughing as his upper body bobbed up and down in a snickering gesture. Then, he took off like a rocket and I felt him sucked into my body. There was a stinging beneath my left rib where Jasper resided, which became a dull throb then nothing in a matter of seconds. Thats better, I said as I covered my ribcage with my hand and we prepared to return to our domes. Holding hands, we all teleported back to the community center where Kalani, Duncan and the others were eagerly awaiting our return.


Chapter Ninteen
Was Jasper being naughty again? I looked at my mother and smiled. She had not aged much in the eighteen years since I was born, nor had my father, for that matter. Tiny creases lined their eyes and Kalanis dark hair was smattered with streaks of grey while Duncans brown locks displayed silver at the temples. I planned to never go grey or let a single wrinkle blemish my pale blue skin. Adama and Mikos had been teaching me how to achieve immortality by controlling my thoughts and releasing certain chemicals from my pituitary glands, which were a veritable fountain of youth. After all, they were centuries old and their skin was smoother than a babys. I could see no reason not to follow in their footsteps. Jasper is always naughty. Im beginning to think he has a mind of his own. If I am not careful, he may actually manifest into a complete person, and then well all be in trouble. Is that possible? Duncan asked with great concern. That is a question for the lord of karma, Quan Yin piped in cheerfully. Quan Yin! Welcome! Kalani said, looking surprised, as we all were, at Quan Yins sudden appearance in our midst. Quan Yin was small and slender with wide-set, almond-shaped eyes and dark hair that was parted in the middle and pulled back away from her face into a bun at the nape of her neck. Her appearance was very similar to her earthly personification in Japan during the 12th century of old earth time. Her physical body for her current incarnation was chosen carefully, as was Sanandas, so as to gain acceptance among the inhabitants of Lady Gaia. I dont think Jasper can become real, Alleyana stated before Quan Yin could speak. Quan Yin turned towards my sister, smiling happily. One thing that had always impressed me about the master was her ability to keep her sense of humor and balance in all situations. There was a perpetual glimmer of a smile on her thin red lips. Why do you say that, Alleyana? she asked gently. Because we are no longer ruled by the laws of karma. We stepped off the karmic wheel during the great shift. Jasper is an aspect of Ghabrils soul a darker aspect, to be sure but he cant bi-locate and become a separate person because he would definitely incur karmic debts.


That is very astute, Alleyena. You are correct. Ghabril has to learn how to incorporate his shadow selves into his own nature without letting them take on a life of their own. Im still not sure how I do it, I told them honestly. I dont know how I manifest all these lower vibrational aspects. I felt very vulnerable, at the moment, admitting my weakness, yet I had always been completely honest about my emotions, since the time I was a little boy. My mother looked at me in a loving way. Kalani and I had always shared a special bond that was different from the mother-daughter bond she shared with Alleyana. Our personalities were closely aligned, and I always felt she understood me more than anyone else in the community. Although I was often jealous of the closeness she shared with my sister, I felt we were close in a different way that suited my needs quite well. You will learn control in time, Ghabril, Quan Yin said quietly, smiling that perpetual smile. Then, they will all come back to you and stop seeking attention. You always did like to be the center of attention, Alleyana said with a mock scowl. Everyone laughed. Kalani ruffled my white-blonde hair which was down to my shoulders, like Duncans, but less thick in consistency. She looked into my aqua-blue eyes with a deep sadness, and I could feel the aching within her heart. I would miss all of my family deeply, but I was also anxious to begin my journey. Putting on a brave smile, my mother lifted her chin and spoke. I trust you will learn all of your lessons in no time, Ghabril. Your father and I could not be more pleased that you are ready for your world journey. I could not ask for a better teacher than Quan Yin, nor a better protector. We will not be journeying alone, Quan Yin announced. There is another student who will join us. I have spoken to her and her parents often about this, but I have not let you know, Ghabril. The Creator requested that I keep you in the dark about our companion on this quest. I looked at Quan Yin, my mouth dropping open in surprise. There will be three of us? Yes. Who? I could not imagine having someone else accompany us on our world trek. For months now, I had prepared myself for a solitary journey with the master. Lahita. Lahita! The idea both stimulated and terrified me.


Yes. You have a soul bond, do you not? Quin Yan asked, looking deeply into my eyes, beseeching the truth in my heart. Well, yes . . . I stumbled, never having admitted my feelings aloud. Being naturally telepathic, I knew others were aware of my feelings especially Jilly, as witnessed by his trip to the cliffs with Lahita the previous morning but no one had ever spoken of it until now. I have discussed this situation with the higher realms, Quan Yin said. We realized many years ago when your parents were separated, as Duncan traveled with Sananda, that separating a bonded couple was not always beneficial. You and Lahita are soul twins, just as Duncan and Kalani are soul twins the male and female aspect of the same soul. As your parents know, it is very painful to be apart from your soul twin. Therefore, it was decided that you would both accompany me on our world trek. Suddenly, I laughed at the thought of it. What did Lahita think of this arrangement? I wondered. Lahita certainly had a mind of her own. Much as you feel, I am sure, Quan Yin said, winking at the others, happy and afraid, both at the same time. Alleyana was obviously ecstatic. At least you wont be alone, she said, a look of relief on her face. I was a little worried about you. I know how you like the girls! I had been known to be quite the flirt growing up. My sister knew me well. Yet, Lahita was special, and I felt comforted by the fact that I would not be leaving everyone I loved. Are there star seeds in the future, Quan Yin? Duncan asked, winking at me with his usual devil-may-care attitude. My father had been a great inspiration to me growing up, as well as being my best friend. It was difficult to believe I would be leaving them all in just two short days. Not in the immediate future. There is work to be done. I am glad to hear that! I exclaimed. Sorry, Dad, but you wont be a grandfather just yet. Im not ready to be a father! I feel like Im still a kid. Everyone smiled and patted me on the back. Although I still felt like a child, at times, I knew that I was on the brink of becoming a man. Traveling the world over with Quan Yin and Lahita would change me, of that I was certain. While I felt great anticipation of the event, I was also somewhat apprehensive. I had never ventured far from the community, my family, or my friends. Now, I was about to embark on a journey that would take me


to the far reaches of Lady Gaia. We would not all speak the same language and would need to rely on telepathic communication. It had also been discovered that dark pockets of life still survived in subterranean civilizations. I knew part of our mission would involve these dark forces, something I was both wary of and excited about. Shall we find the others and share our meal? Kalani said, interrupting my thoughts. Sereta and Sananda have been quite busy preparing special delights for you, Ghabril. They have even manifested your favorite food pizza! Pizza? My heart raced. I had only tasted pizza a few times, as our diets were quite simple, and special foods needed to be manifested from memory. Most inhabitants chose not to bother with manufactured food as it was not very nutritious, having been created with thought and, thus, lacking the essential vitamins and minerals of our natural environment, but it was definitely a treat. Ahhhhh, lets go! I quickly disappeared, teleporting to the village square where our food would be served. The others swiftly followed. Trying to put thoughts of my departure from my mind, for the time being, I laughed with my family and friends into the wee hours of the night. The elementals and members of the devic kingdom, such as the fairies, elves, and gnomes, were by my side, teaching me jigs as I danced and was allowed some dandelion wine. It was a jolly time, filled with merriment and frivolous fun. Little did I know that my life would become much more perilous and challenging in the weeks to come.


Chapter Twenty
Where are we? I turned around in a circle, amazed at the wondrous view of lush green valleys nestled among soaring jagged cliffs. We were standing on a rock ledge no more than twenty feet in diameter. Breathing deeply, I felt exhilarated by the thin, crisp mountain air. Far below, a river snaked its way through a canyon with its brown muddy base, littered with rocks that appeared the size of pebbles from our lofty height. Machu Picchu, Quan Yin told us. Her voice was reverent. Why are we here? Lahita spoke softly as she observed the scenery, much as I did. She had quizzical green eyes, a tiny nose and rosebud lips. Conservative in her movements, her air was guarded, unlike my own carefree manner. Often, she wore her straight, brown hair coiled at the nape of her neck. To remember. Quan Yin turned away from the stupendous view, looking each of us in the eye as we stood in a triangle on the jutting ledge. Look deep within yourselves and tell me what you see. It was our first test. Quan Yin loved to administer tests. She was always quizzing us back in the community, but this was our first real challenge since we said goodbye to our families and friends and initiated our travels. More than anything, I wanted to please the master. Quan Yin was such an incredibly peaceful, loving being, wise beyond measure. I respected her immensely. Closing my eyes, I moved into my heart center that still, quiet place within. As always, the blackness engulfed me as I quieted my mind, leaving behind the chattering inner voices, connecting with the rhythm of the mountain. I could feel the presence of the mountains surrounding me, their magnificence and grandeur. Putucusi, I said aloud, hearing the name of the mountain. Yes, Quan Yin whispered. What else? Mamacona, Lahita uttered. This is a sacred citadel a school . . . a home, too . . . for the virgins of the sun, the mamacona. I think I am one of them. Lahitas words awoke something deep inside me. In my minds eye, I began to see visions of an ancient time upon the old earth when an Incan civilization lived in relative isolation in the mountain citadel of Machu Picchu. I could see these young girls walking down the paths. They had slender figures, draped in white, with jet black hair flowing down their backs. A face flashed before me . . . I think it was Lahitas


. . . bronzed skin, high cheekbones with sunken eyes above a jutting brow ridge. I can see you, Lahita, I said, remembering days in a past life when we lived in these mountains together. You are carrying a jar of water, bowing down to thank the water spirits. Yes, I heard Lahita say in a soft voice. Everything we do is for Wiraccocha, the Creator. This is a lifetime of great learning. I am taught many things by others here . . . they bring me on inner journeys to the stars. I could feel myself as a young man, also dark-skinned and pure of heart. My path was that of the shaman. We served the pachmama the cosmic mother. She was from the Pleiades star system, Lahita! I know! she responded. And our home Lake Titicaca is where the world began. It is one of the sacred seas where mankind first evolved. I knew her words were correct, but there was more. Yes . . . but . . . that isnt quite right. Not for us anyway. We were different. Star seeds. We were chosen by Wiraccocha to carry the seeds of light! Suddenly, both Lahita and I opened our eyes. Quan Yin was watching us with that unwavering smile, pleased by our work. Your memories, she began, are strong in this place. You are seeing with ancient eyes. Yes, you remember how you once lived here both of you side by side, doing work for the Creator. What else can you remember? Now, it all came flooding back to me, like a dam burst open by a tidal wave of water. We were hidden away to learn, I said slowly. It was a pure life. Lahita and I swore vows of celibacy. Then it got bad, Lahita said, remembering more as she looked at me with fearful eyes. Down below, there was chaos in the outer world. It began to encroach upon our sacred home. The holy places that held the ancient gateways of light and travel were in danger. They had to be hidden, I said, recalling our urgency to protect the secrets until a future time. We knew a new incarnation would lead us here when the time was right! Yes! Lahita answered, brightening visibly. We encoded the rocks with our secrets until the time when we could open the gateways. We hold the key, Lahita, I told her as we locked eyes, the truth revealing itself as we stood in the presence of Machu Picchu, the mighty ancient mountain and its holy citadel of granite blocks. Now you know, Quan Yin said happily. It is here that you began to realize your celestial origins. When the Incan civilization began to decline, you encoded the rocks themselves with your ancient secrets. You must unlock the codes and remember the ancient wisdom. This is


your first lesson. We will be traveling the world over, but without these memories, it would be like trying to build a home without any tools. When do we begin? I asked, eager to start decoding the stones. Not tonight, Quan Yin told us. Tomorrow. Tonight, we will rest and enjoy this beautiful mountain. I gazed out at the breathtaking view and felt at home here. I knew our lifetime in the citadel of Machu Picchu was a happy, peaceful time when we had access to vast knowledge. I could feel the mountains as if they were a part of me. Glancing over at Lahita, I saw her watching me with curious eyes. Quickly, she looked away, embarrassed by her observation. Quan Yin appeared oblivious to our exchange. We followed her as she climbed through a path in the rocks to the top of the citadel and began unrolling blankets onto a flat area of grass between the stones. Good thing our blankets are thick, I commented. Looks like these rocks are pretty hard for sleeping on. Yes, but the stars will be beautiful from up here, Quan Yin said, smiling happily. Quan Yin always saw the positive aspect of everything. If the rocks were hard, she would not notice as she focused on the stars. There was so much to learn from the master, I realized humbly. Her thoughts were completely trained and in sync with her higher purpose. Then, I remembered why this was so. Quan Yin had been at the point of nirvana, having achieved perfection in the earthly world. Just as she was about to become one with the Creator, however, she turned back to earth and heard the cries of the world. In her endless compassion, she gave up her own eternal bliss to help mankind evolve. What a tremendous sacrifice, I mused. Could I have done the same? You would have, Quan Yin said simply, smiling at me as she apparently read my thoughts. You would not leave behind the ones you love. Who did you love, Quan Yin? Lahita asked, looking up at the master as she sat cross-legged on her blanket. Everyone. I love everyone! Lahita and I laughed at the innocent, mirthful quality of Quan Yin. She was busy building a small hearth of stones to build a fire. Ghabril, would you find me some dry grass and sticks, please, for the fire. She pointed to a patch of dirt just a few yards away. As I began gathering the small sticks and pieces of grass, I thought of a question. Did you even love the darkness, Quan Yin? What of those people who displayed their darker side?


We are all part of the Creator, are we not? she replied. Yes, but my mother told us many stories growing up about the old earth. There was much chaos, especially right before the great shift. What was it like in your time? Wasnt it thousands of years earlier that you were in human form? If it was so terrible in the 21st century, I cant imagine how dark it must have been a thousand years earlier. Oh, it was dark, all right. Many wars and killing. Even torture. Did she tell you of the Inquisition? People killed over religion, as if it was what the Creator wanted. They hurt people in terrible ways. You must understand them, though, to love them. What do you mean? Lahita asked. Why did they want to hurt people? You see, the religious part was just an excuse. They always need an excuse. People hurt others because they are hurting themselves. Something happened to them, perhaps when they were a child. Very little love, maybe. Anyway, you must always try to understand why people do the things they do. Once you understand their motives, then you can forgive them and move on. You make it sound so easy, I said, laughing lightly. It is easy. Its about unconditional love. Everyone is really a part of the Creator. This is all illusion, remember? When someone explores their dark side, they are just experiencing another shade of light. The Creator doesnt judge. Mankind judges. It must have been hard, though, to love people when they are hurting you. I do remember my mother telling us about the Inquisition, but not until we were older. The holocaust, too. Our parents experienced a lot of that during their incarnations on earth, but we are star seeds. We didnt go through all that. Thank the heavens! Lahita exclaimed. Wait . . . if we never experienced incarnations on earth, how are we able to remember this place? How did we live here? Quan Yin laughed heartily. Clever girl. Good catch. I thought for a moment, perplexed by this paradox. How were we able to remember a lifetime on this planet when we were from other worlds? I know! I exclaimed, suddenly understanding the dilemma. We werent human, were we? We were still star steeds. Yes . . . Quan Yin affirmed. Her voice intoned that there was more to it than that. We came down in lightbodies, Lahita stated. We possessed human forms but were not born of them. Very good, Quan Yin stated. Lahita earns a point for that one!


For a moment, I was jealous as I looked over at Lahita who was smiling at Quan Yins words. Lahita laughed at me, obviously enjoying her edge. Better luck next time, Ghabril, she said, still laughing. I dont need luck, I stated boldly. Lets see who unlocks the stones secrets first tomorrow. This isnt a race, Quan Yin reminded us. Or a competition. Ghabril, you also get a point for your conclusion that you were still star seeds. See, everybody gets points. Are you happy now? Lahita and I laughed awkwardly, embarrassed by our childish display. It was difficult to remember that we werent with our friends anymore who would have encouraged our playful exchange. Quan Yin was beyond childish games. Forgive us, Quan Yin, I said respectfully. My reaction was immature. Quan Yin shrugged casually. Yes, but you are still children, in a way. No one grows up overnight. Our journey will be difficult, though, so it is my job to create harmony. We must be bonded, the three of us, to do our work out here. It is not going to be easy. Well keep that in mind, Lahita said, looking down shamefully. Suddenly, I thought of something. Quan Yin, if we did not possess real bodies as star seeds during our Incan incarnation, how is it that I was born on the new earth? On the old earth, your vibration was too high for a human body. Your body was more like that of an angel. Times have changed, Ghabril. The new earth is at a higher frequency. Lightbodies can tolerate the higher vibrations, so more advanced souls are able to incarnate. I see. I thought about the masters words. When I was younger, I felt strange inside my earthly form, as if I didnt quite belong or know where I was. It felt stifling, at times, so confining and awkward. It wasnt long, though, before I began to enjoy all the marvels of my physical form. I became quite athletic in the community and would show off my amazing sense of balance. I was able to perch on the tiniest ledge and walk its length with my eyes closed. Perhaps it was because I was more familiar with the freedom of spirit and had not been taught the limitations of physical existence. Can I help with the fire, Ghabril? Lahita asked me, sensing my introspective mood. Sure. Lets see if we can find some more sticks. Good idea, Quan Yin said. Go find me more sticks. Lots of rocks, not many sticks. We need sticks for fire or we will be cold tonight.


Lady Gaia is warm, but these mountains are very high. Much cooler up here. Lahita and I set off to the other end of the rock plateau, gathering the few sticks we saw along the way that were wedged in tufts of grass with small trees between the flattened rocks. Once we were out of earshot, I whispered, Shes a tough one. Even stricter than my own mother. I know, Lahita agreed. Shes so wise, though. We can learn so much. I am looking forward to decoding the stones tomorrow. Me, too. Who would have thought we actually lived here once. I remember my origins in the stars, but Ive never recalled being on the old earth. Isnt it strange, Ghabril, knowing we possessed human forms, even if we werent born of them? We both saw the same vision when we were meditating earlier. I never imagined myself as an Incan girl. Goddess, I corrected her. You were special. The virgins of the sun were like goddesses. They were revered for their knowledge and wisdom. I knew my voice had softened, but I couldnt help myself. Lahita looked quite pretty as she walked beside me, stooping here and there to pick up a stray stick which she gathered in her tiny blue fist. I was beginning to enjoy this journey, knowing that we would be spending all of our days and nights together. If I had known my life would veer in this direction many nights ago when I was preparing for my adventure, I would have been apprehensive and scared. Yet, I felt so comfortable with Lahita that my worries would have been senseless. Quan Yin was wise to keep the news from me for so long. I am comfortable with you, too, Ghabril, Lahita said, knowing my thoughts, although, I will admit that I was a little nervous when Quan Yin first asked me to come along. Really? Yes. I looked into Lahitas eyes and knew that our feelings mirrored each others. You always feel the same way I do, dont you? I voiced. Usually. Although youre much more temperamental than I am, she teased. Oh, is that so? What makes you think Im temperamental? When you unleash Kaos . . . have you forgotten about Kaos? Oh, him. I frowned. Okay, I guess I do have a temperamental aspect, after all. But theres another side of me you havent even seen yet. Oh, really? Who might that be? Letch.


Which part of you is Letch? Lahita asked, smiling as I handed her a stick. Hes the naughty part of me that wants to do this. Without giving Lahita time to resist, I pulled her behind one of the stone formations and kissed her quickly on the lips. Her eyes widened in surprise. Ghabril! You are lecherous, indeed! What if Quan Yin saw you do that? Lahita was blushing, but her glee was evident. Shes busy with the fire. I checked while you were picking up the stick. What am I going to do with you? Lahita said as she scowled and pretended to be angry. I could think of a few things, I implied, my voice lowering as I winked charmingly. I bet you could! Lahita dashed out from behind the rock and headed back towards Quan Yin. Looking over her shoulder, she gave me another scowling look. Turning away, I smiled happily as I glanced down at the ground. Yes, this journey may be very rewarding, after all. Lahita had nowhere to run and Jilly wasnt serious competition any longer. Yet, I also knew that the work must come first. I was committed to learning as much as possible on this excursion. So much depended on it my reputation with Quan Yin as I sought to prove my worthiness, my own self-esteem, and, of course, the betterment of the new world. That was my foremost concern. Romance was just a fringe benefit. Quan Yin had made that perfectly clear when she chose me for this assignment the work must always come first. Our world depended on it.


Chapter Twenty-One
The first rays of the sun were upon us. I sat next to Lahita on a woven blanket, the morning dew misting our bodies with a light film. My legs were crossed, my spine straight, and my hands were folded in my lap. Deep in meditation, I began to see an image forming within the stillness of my mind. It was Lahita, approaching with a smile and an extended hand. As our fingers linked, I was suddenly out of body, roaming around the mountain terraces of Machu Picchu. It felt strange seeing the rock ledges from five feet above as we drifted over the trails, not stopping when we reached the edge of the mountain. Far below us, the river snaked through the canyon as we floated in midair, free to explore in our soul bodies. A calmness overtook me as I viewed everything with the souls detachment, knowing what we sought was close at hand. There . . . I communicated to Lahita as we passed a rock wall that was covered with green ivy. Suspended in the air like feathers on the wind, we both recognized the portal doorway as it shimmered and wavered, the energy field blurring from the distortion. Ready? Lahita asked me mentally as she looked towards me. Her eyes were inquisitive and mature ancient. Yes, I answered. I observed that my usual excitement over finding a portal opening was squelched by my out-of-body condition. The normal emotions associated with the physical body were absent when traveling in astral form. Instead, I felt a hint of curiosity. I remember the code. Do you? Lahita said. Yes. The Incan words were swimming in my head. Together, we repeated the invocation that would open the portal, prefacing the words with a plea to the angels to guard and protect us on our journey. The energy field changed, becoming a brighter hue, signaling us that our invocation had worked. Moving forward, we entered the portal, feeling a slight sucking on our energy fields. Swirling through time and space, I admired the colorful mist surrounding us as it changed from yellow to orange to red, then to the darker shades of blues and violets. I knew we were on a pathway of light, but where it led, I had not a clue. Do you know where were going? I asked Lahita. No, but well find out, she answered serenely. There was no sense of tension in either of us as we traveled down the pathway of light,


knowing that our ancient ancestors had traveled down these same avenues. Before long, the colorful pathway became a clear tunnel. I was aware of our traveling at a rapid speed as I could see the blackness of the galaxy from inside our tube. Stars were visible as spirals of light, while asteroids and other space debris floated just beyond our reach. It wasnt long before Lahita and I intuited where we were headed. Maya. The Incan and Mayan civilizations were closely related, sharing many of the same myths and creation stories. As the keepers of time, the Mayan culture had engineered the final days of earth, helping mankind as we approached the end of the Mayan calendar, which was when the great shift occurred at winter solstice, December 21, 2012. I remembered some of Kalanis stories about the ancient Mayan civilization how they had suddenly disappeared from the earth around 900 A.D. It remained a mystery until several years before the great shift when information surfaced about their mysterious disappearance. Maya was one of the seven stars in the Pleiadian star cluster, near the center of our galaxy. Earths sun was the eighth star in that cluster, and Maya was earths twin. Both earth and Maya entered the photon band at the same time, just before the great shift. When the Mayan culture disappeared from earth in 900 A.D., it was said that they ascended, returning to their home planet, Maya. Earth was the dark sister of Maya, who was continually bathed in glorious photonic light. I remember when Duncan taught the children about photons. He told us that if one photon of light is stimulated, its photon pair will react simultaneously, even if it is at the other end of the galaxy. They have one mind. Finally, as they both entered the photon band together, those impulses felt on Lady Gaia were also felt on Maya. When the great shift occurred, it was like a tremendous orgasm, spewing forth seeds of light to its universal sister in the center of the galaxy. Perhaps that was how we were able to make this connection now. I could see the star system as we traveled closer in time. Looking over at Lahita, we made eye contact, before returning our attention to the approaching planet. It looked very similar to earth, with blue waters and lush green vegetation. As we flew closer through the portal, I could sense a peaceful air about Maya. Suddenly, we were above the surface, floating about in our astral bodies as we toured the land.


Much like Lady Gaia, Maya was a glorious garden of tropical foliage, towering trees, and clear ocean waters. Amidst the forest, however, structures began to appear. Pyramids encased in gleaming gold dotted the land. Instantly, I knew that these structures were portals to other universes. Using sacred geometry in their design, the blocks of each pyramid fit together in perfect symmetry, just like the terraces and structures of Machu Picchu. Their purpose was clearly one of design, a device to access portals and travel through time. As the universal keepers of time, the Mayan civilization was known to be quite advanced in their evolutionary progress. They orchestrated time structures with absolute precision and knew that the future could form the present. The great Mayan calendar was evidence of this. It predicted all major events in earths history thousands of years before the actual events occurred, including the great shift of 2012. This shift, or the end-of-time-as-we-know-it, was an evolutionary leap of consciousness. There they are, Lahita said, nodding ahead of us. Here on their home planet, I was shocked to discover that the Mayan civilization existed in their natural, evolved form. Unlike their physical bodies on earth, Mayans were not a short, squat people with protruding lips, as seen in the statues they left behind. The Mayans had evolved to geometric symbols! Amazed at what we were witnessing, I looked all around me at the scores of geometric shapes dancing in the air. It was more like a dream where sacred geometry filled the room, hexagons intermixed with spirals and cubes, fitting together in exquisite designs, all moving about with a life of their own. I realized that the Mayan culture had advanced itself to a point where they had, literally, become geometric entities. Wow, I thought, knowing Lahita felt the same sense of awe. How else could they manage time if they were not so highly evolved? Lahita pointed out. Or, perhaps you mean the lack of it, I thought. Time has ceased on Lady Gaia since we fully entered the photon band. No one keeps track anymore. I bet they do, Lahita returned. Just then, one of the geometric symbols a three-dimensional pentagon with various other shapes woven into its structure floated before our eyes, glinting a little brighter. We heard the words that this intelligence spoke quite clearly in our minds. Time is not really a linear measurement this is an illusion. The reason you believe time has ceased is because you are multi-


dimensional now. You no longer see time as a straight line with a past, present, and future, realizing that all time is now. If this is true, I questioned, then why is it necessary to be a keeper of time if time is something that cannot truly be measured? Time exists in the now. A keeper of time organizes the many now moments to synchronize events. Which events do you need to synchronize? Lahita asked. We synchronized your end times and your ascension by giving you a time keepsake the Mayan calendar. This predicted and pinpointed the exact moment when your shift would occur. Without this tool, you may have missed the cosmic party. How did you know the exact moment? I asked. It had already happened. We merely went back to a certain moment in time and inserted this information for you to find. It is the orchestration of various events leading up to that one particular moment that took great planning the arranging of various triggers and events. Such as? Harmonic convergence in 1987 and the harmonic concordance in 2003 are two examples. These were points when various planets and cosmic bodies converged, creating the time/space opening to raise consciousness. I see. What is your connection to Lady Gaia? I know we are twins due to shared photonic particles, but what is our relationship? We are your teachers. Just as we came to your earth to seed a civilization which still runs through your blood, we also learn from you. Since you experience the galactic night and your darker side more often than the light, we read your codes and learn more about ourselves. Shadow defines the light. We would not know ourselves if we did not have access to all of your experiences. Lahita and I have not been through earth incarnations. We were born on Lady Gaia after the great shift and are star seeds. The only lifetime we spent on earth was during the Incan period when we occupied human form, though we were not born within it. Yes, I understand your heritage. What are your questions? I will give you the knowledge I have within my possession. Why did we experience that one earthly incarnation? It was so that you could hide the codes that would bring you here now. Why are we here now? Lahita asked. To learn about sacred geometry. It is time to bring this knowledge back to Lady Gaia. You will be traveling throughout the galaxy very soon, and this knowledge will be needed.


Lahita and I looked at one another, astounded by this new information. All of our lives, it was understood that travel to other galaxies was forbidden. Why is the doorway opening now? How is this to be allowed? I asked. The geometric form brightened to a dark blue hue before answering. It is the wish of the Creator. It feels your world will benefit from the experience by bringing together all of mankind. Your species will see that they are one and that more exists beyond your realm of current knowledge. Yes, experiencing other galaxies could certainly bring mankind together! I exclaimed. Although I felt no actual fear of the concept, I was a bit stunned. Are you ready to begin your lessons? Instantly, I knew that the keepers of time would relay volumes of knowledge within a condensed timeframe, as we were out of body and unable to keep our focus for very long. It was similar to having a dream whereby much knowledge is relayed in what appears to be just one night. Lahita and I listened to the geometric form and, indeed, it felt like a dream whereby our subconscious was aware of learning vast amounts of information, while only bits and pieces reached our conscious mind. When it was over, the geometric form impulsed us with its love vibration, then we were swirling back through the tunnel, through time and space. The colorful bridge dumped us gently back into our bodies as I woke with a start. Lahita came back into her body at the same time. Wow, that was amazing, I said to her, searching her eyes for her own reaction. Lahita blinked rapidly several times before looking around at the surrounding mountains of Machu Picchu. Do you remember what it was teaching us? she asked me, her voice somewhat bewildered. I knew she wanted to remember more, just as I did. Shaking my head, I felt her frustration. I guess were not supposed to. It must have been inner knowledge it was imparting on us the kind you get in dreams sometimes. Thats what it felt like, didnt it? A dream. Yes. Although both of us know what really happened. I wish we could have seen more of the planet. I wanted to go inside one of those pyramids. We can go there whenever we wish, Lahita said. She looked at me, startled by her own words. How do you know that?


I dont know. I just do. I think youre right. The portals will remain open if we choose to re-connect. How was it? Lahita and I looked up to see Quan Yin standing before us, a gleeful smile gracing her pretty face. She looked back and forth from me to Lahita Somehow, Im amazed at the planning of all this, Quan Yin, I stated, matter-of-factly. What a coincidence that you chose Lahita and me to accompany you on this journey. You knew what we were going to find, didnt you? Of course! Why do I feel used? I asked, smiling at the master. Not used. Honored, Quan Yin stated, bowing down. Nice way to sugar-coat things, I teased. Whatever! Now you know about sacred geometry. But I cant remember anything! Lahita exclaimed, still frustrated by her memory loss. You will, Quan Yin said. At the right time, it will all come back. If you remembered it now, you would drive yourselves crazy wanting to use it, and the time isnt right. Time. What is time? I quipped. After meeting one of the keepers of time, I feel completely different about that concept. Youve always known about time, Ghabril, Quan Yin said, patting me on the shoulder. Why are you confused? I guess I never gave it much thought until now, but my parents remember the old times and were always referring to them. Their concepts linger in my consciousness. Good thing you never thought much. Too much thought sometimes ruins things. Better to be oblivious. Just live in the now and dont worry about future plans. It is where your parents and those before got themselves into trouble. Always worrying about the future and forgetting to live in the present. I guess youre right. Soon enough, you will learn for yourselves. How about some dinner? While you two were off playing with the Mayans all day, I have been preparing food from our reserves. Not much has grown around here for quite awhile. It will be better at our next stop. Where are we going next? Lahita asked. You will see. Its more fun if you dont know. I smiled at the master. Her playful nature was always evident as she laughed and began uncovering the food she had prepared. It was


strange to realize that we had spent the entire day with the Mayan geometrical entity. I was famished. Yes, lets eat, I said, pushing my curiosity aside. After a refreshing meal of grains, dried berries and vegetables that Quan Yin fried over an open flame using a small stone pan she carried with her, Lahita and I decided to go for a walk in the moonlight. Enjoy this place, Quan Yin told us. We must leave tomorrow, but there is still time to walk. Take in the sites. Relieved to be alone with Lahita, away from the watchful eyes of Quan Yin, I jumped at the chance she offered. Lahita seemed a little apprehensive, probably due to my earlier kiss, so I whispered in her ear, Dont worry. Ill behave. Youd better! she whispered back in hushed tones. We set off from the central patch of dried grass in the middle of the Machu Picchu plateau where wed set up camp. The plateau was at the top of the mountain and was surrounded by ancient stone structures, interconnected stone walls that served as homes, most of which were missing their thatched roofs. These stones are amazing, Lahita said as we veered off the central path, winding our way through the ancient village of the Incas. Theyre all interconnected perfectly. Sacred geometry, I replied. I know. We both stopped to study the stones as we touched their surface. Hewn, using the principles of sacred geometry, to fit together perfectly without any mortar to hold them in place. All the sacred sites use sacred geometry. Your mom told us stories about it, Lahita remembered. The Great Pyramids of Giza were built in the same fashion. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot that, I said, remembering the day Kalani told us about ancient Egypt. Didnt Kalani tell us that all the ancient sites were built on the ley lines? Lahita asked. As she turned towards me, I noticed how her pale face glowed in the moonlight. Her dark eyes looked like shiny pebbles and her lips seemed especially inviting. I tried to keep my mind on our conversation. Yes. I started to laugh. Whats so funny? The way she described the ley lines. We were pretty young when she first told us that story. She said that the ley lines were our earth mothers veins, connecting the sacred sites which were her chakras. I remember picturing Lady Gaia with all these bulging varicose veins


popping out of the earth and spinning energy chakras with buildings on top of them. It was a disturbing thought, at first. Lahita laughed. Yes, some of the older women in our community had those popping blue veins on their legs, despite their attempts at age regression. I can see how that would scare you. Arent these buildings strange? Nothing like our bubble domes. I know. Its difficult to think mankind once lived in structures such as this. Although this seems much better than the horrible houses my father described to me once. They were everywhere during the dark ages. Filled with plastic and metal, he said. Ive never really seen those substances, but I know they were great pollutants that killed people with that cancer disease. My mother told me how she once loved her home until it was destroyed by a great flood during the earth changes, Lahita stated. It made her realize that she suffered from the disease of materialism. Once she lost all her possessions, she learned to look within, which was how she made it to the cosmic party. If that life lesson hadnt occurred, she told me her vibration would not have been high enough to have survived the great shift. I guess Lady Gaia was just being a tough mom, I joked. She had to teach her children lessons to help them evolve. I guess so. Lahita smiled. I could tell the story about her mother was somewhat disturbing to her. Well, I am certainly glad our parents evolved. Otherwise, we wouldnt be here, Lahita! This is true, Ghabril. We exchanged a tender moment as we smiled at one another. Hey, I have an idea! I exclaimed. What? Lets sit against one of the big stones over there and see if we can pick anything up. After all, Kalani also told us the story of the standing stones at Carnac, Stonehenge, and Callish, too. Remember how she said the stones are alive and that they speak to people? Lahita perked her head. We encoded the stones when we lived here, didnt we? We gave them our ancient wisdom. As soon as Lahita spoke the words, I knew the truth of her statement. It all started to make sense. So thats why Quan Yin told us to check out the sites! Shes putting us to work again, Lahita. She is so sneaky . . . We both laughed. Come on, lets try it, Lahita said, grabbing my hand. Theres an altar this way. I remember.


She led me to a spot where several large megalithic stones stood in a semi-circle. I also remembered that this place was once an altar. There were no sacrifices here, though, she told me as she looked around. The people of the old earth thought they sacrificed the virgins, but we were sacred and that was barbaric. It was only down below, where they were unevolved, that they sacrificed the innocents. Lots of lies and misconceptions back then, I commented. They wanted to take away the power the Incas held by making them out to be violent and bloody people. Some were, no doubt, but the ones who lived here the people we once lived as were star seeds not killers. I know. There was a moment of silence before we sat down with our backs against the ancient standing stone. As we closed our eyes, it was only moments before the words began swirling about in our heads as the stone began to speak. I am Hiracoccha, guardian of Machupijchu, ancient city of light. You who sit in my circle stood before the angels. Call upon me now, and my secrets will reveal. Hiracoccha, Hoy! Lahita and I instinctively knew the ancient words that would summon the stones wisdom and unlock the codes. Long ago, you stood before me in ancient ritual. I speak the words of the archangels who encoded my granite with their words that mankind would remember who they are. You are magnificent beings, one with the Source of creation. Millions of years ago, the Creator began the experiment of earth. It was a place where those from other galaxies could come and exchange information with the humans. At first, many came from other galaxies to help seed the planet. They drifted about as essences of light, weaving in and out of the matrix grids around the earth. They were shape-shifters, then, able to merge with the plants and animals as they helped to form the earth energies. Meanwhile, the Creator sent down the holy innocents those souls who were newly formed to live in the waters you would call the primordial sea. Over many eons of time, they developed until the time came when they left the sea and began to inhabit the earth. Then, the earth sunk into density. It was important that all her inhabitants know of duality, to experience aspects of dark and light. Only in that way would they be able to assist at the time of the shift of consciousness into the fifth dimension. And so it is, my children, that you have returned to seek wisdom, once again. You must drink of my knowledge and feed off my energy to prepare you for what lies ahead. Pockets of darkness still lay beneath Gaias surface. They will produce great storms on Gaias skin to warn you of their presence. Re-charge yourselves, for you will need


all of your power to balance these energies. You are deeply loved. Go in peace. I am Hirococcha and I give you these truths. As I opened my eyes, I felt lightheaded from the high energy of the stone, Hirococcha. Glancing over at Lahita, I could tell she was experiencing a similar phenomenon. That was incredible, she whispered with a sense of reverence. I know. Did that last part scare you? Not really. I feel very calm. Me too. It must be the high energy of the angels and the stone that are making us feel reassured. Of course, Im not sure Ill react that way once were faced with the darkness. You are very brave, Ghabril. Dont forget, we have many forces of light on our side. We are never alone. Yes, I have always felt very protected. Besides, Quan Yin is a master, and I trust her completely. As do I. Shall we do as the stone suggested and drink in the energy of this place? I think that would be a wise idea. Lets walk the ley lines. I can feel their energy, cant you? Definitely. Its like a tugging beneath my feet. Lahita and I began walking along the paths, sensing the light energy beneath our steps. Machu Picchu had many steps, as well, that led down to various ledges along the side of the mountain. The views from the ledges were spectacular in the moonlight. At one point, we stood on a flat, grassy step and gazed out at the moon and stars that glittered above the soaring mountain peaks. Resembling pointed cones that swelled in the middle, the mountains were more feminine-looking than the craggy, jutting peaks of other mountains I had seen. I glanced down at Lahitas body, which was already showing its own feminine swells. Her hair glistened in the moonlight, a dark brown sheen of fine strands that fit her head like a cap before it flowed loosely over her shoulders. She possessed a delicate profile with an upturned nose as she tilted her head upwards in reverent awe of the beauty before us. I could not help myself as I touched her hair, letting my hand drift down to the space between her shoulder blades. As she turned to look at me, I gently turned her shoulders until she faced me. Her eyes were inquisitive, expectant, and willing. Bending down, I gently brushed her lips with my own. The kiss was intoxicating, and I desperately wanted to kiss her again. I thought you said you would behave, Lahita whispered against my wavering lips.


I did say that, but I take it back. You look too beautiful tonight to resist. I kissed her again, pulling her body close to mine. I could feel her feminine curves and could smell the fresh natural scent of her skin. Ghabril . . . There was a warning look in her eyes. What? I asked, as I pulled back. Maybe this isnt such a good idea. We have a long way to travel, you know. And you think we should behave the whole time? She turned away. I dont know, I heard her say. But youre going much too fast. Awwww, youre just remembering our days here, when we had to be celibate. Thats not the case anymore, Lahita. She turned back to face me. One thing is the same, though, Ghabril. Immediately, I knew what she meant. So what? I returned. Im a virgin, too. Did you think I had been with another already? I have only just reached my full maturity. I wasnt suggesting we make love, Lahita. I dont think Im ready for that either. I just wanted to kiss you. Oh. She looked embarrassed, and I could swear she blushed. Well, you know how kissing can lead to that. Ive begun to feel the lovemaking of others in the community. We are old enough now to sense the kundalini energy, you know. Now, I was embarrassed. I did not like speaking openly of such things. Although I had urgings in that direction, I still felt like a child, at times. Want to head back now? I asked. Sure. I dont think well get anymore messages tonight. Besides, I think Ive soaked up enough energy for a lifetime. Do you think this euphoric feeling is what they experienced in the olden days when they put drugs in their bodies? Probably. Ive read my fathers thoughts sometimes. He drank alcohol when he was younger, before he beat his addiction. Really? Your dad did that? Funny to think of our parents as having been addicted to anything. No one needs that on Lady Gaia, except it is kind of nice to have an occasional sip of dandelion wine during festivities. He even smoked cigarettes, Lahita confessed, smiling. It broke the mood of our previous conversation, for which I was suddenly thankful.


Huh. Im glad we dont have those vices in our garden. My mom told us stories about all the addicted people, especially in the old United States. After the shift, everyone cherished their lightbodies and no one felt the need to pollute them, just as we knew we shouldnt pollute Gaia. Our lightbodies are so sensitive, anyway, Lahita pointed out. It would probably kill us in an instant. Maybe. There you two are! Quan Yin said as we rounded the corner and saw her sitting on the blanket. Did you enjoy your walk? I felt a moment of guilt, knowing Quan Yin would read our thoughts. Although we both knew Quan Yin was quite aware of our brief intimacy, she had the decency not to mention it. Thank the stars! Did the stones speak to you? she asked. Yes! Lahita exclaimed. It was amazing. Now we know why you brought us here. You are not afraid, are you? she questioned, looking from me to Lahita with concerned eyes. No, I answered for both of us. We knew this journey would be difficult, at times. Were prepared. Good. I knew you would be. Never forget light is always stronger than the shadow side. We will have legions of angels by our side, too. Nothing to fear. Fear is the mind-killer. It brings experiences to you. We will seek out the shadows to heal them, not out of fear. Yes, Quan Yin, I said, speaking reverently to the master. Now, she replied, perhaps you would like to say good-night to your families. It is growing late, and we must leave at sunrise. Soon enough, we would learn where we were going next and what our travels would entail. For the moment, I missed my family, so I took Quan Yins suggestion, as Lahita and I closed our eyes. Mentally, I sent them a message and was pleased when they responded with loving hugs and kisses. Curling up beneath my blanket, I allowed my thoughts to wander to the messages Hiracocchi gave us. Yet, as I drifted off to sleep, the thought uppermost in my mind was the memory of how Lahita responded when I kissed her.


Chapter Twenty-Two
On a sand-covered hill we stood, in the early morning air, the heat encasing us like a tomb. I was not used to such an extreme in temperature, having lived my entire life in our community which was always around 80 degrees, neither too humid nor too dry. It was difficult to breathe. Why is it so hot here, Quan Yin? I asked as I shifted my weight in the sand. I thought all of Lady Gaia was similar to our community. Ahhhh, Ghabril, have you forgotten? she asked me, looking quizzically in my direction. Weather is a result of the consciousness of the people. There is healing work to be done here. It has remained a desert because the people in this area are lacking vital information. Their spirits are starved for the water of life. Where are we? Egypt. Is that not where the Great Pyramids were built? And the Sphinx? Lahita asked, obviously remembering her history lessons. Quan Yin smiled. What do you know of the Sphinx? Lahita was silent, so I spoke first. A prophet in the olden days by the name of Edgar Cayce predicted that the Sphinx held records of ancient Atlantis, but the records were never found. Supposedly, the Hall of Records was beneath the Sphinxs paws, Lahita added. The Egyptian government found the chamber but would not let the people have access to the records. When the people protested, they were finally given access, but the records were not the ones Cayce spoke of. They were a smoke screen, I stated. That is right, Quan Yin said. It was a trick. No one ever found the real hidden records. Thats because they didnt listen to the right prophet. What do you mean? I asked. Drunvalo Melchizedek had it right. He got it straight from Thoth and channeled the information years before the great shift, but few people paid attention. I remember my mother speaking of Drunvalo, I said, recalling one of her stories. He was a very wise man . . . Suddenly, I stopped speaking as we rounded the crest of another hill. In the distance, an incredible sight stood before us. Three pyramids formed an arc in the sand, while the Great Sphinx itself was in the forefront, majestic and mighty even from a distance. Now, you can see for yourselves, Quan Yin said, smiling merrily.


Is that why we arrived in the middle of nowhere and had to hike here? I asked. You wanted us to see the Sphinx like this, from a distance. That is the best way to view it, Quan Yin said. Only then can you appreciate it. Who built the Sphinx? Lahita asked. And how old is it? The Pleiadians built all the structures around here, Quan Yin informed us. They knew sacred geometry and lived among humans for the period of time known previously as the Old Kingdom when most of the pyramids and great structures were built. They were also aware of sound techniques to lift the stones into place by lessening the effects of gravity. The Sphinx is older than the pyramids behind them. It was built 12,500 years ago when this area was a forest, instead of a desert. I remember their names, Lahita said, suddenly smiling. The Great Pyramid of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaura. Isnt the Sphinx modeled after the pharaoh Khafre? Thats what they thought, Quan Yin told us, but that was another misconception. Khafre didnt come along until thousands of years after the Sphinx was built. It was modeled after a Pleiadian. Would you like to take a closer look? I thought about all of the sand between us and the Giza plateau and sighed. Can we teleport? I asked. Or is that not allowed here? Quan Yin smiled. Are you tired, Ghabril? Yes. It is very hot here, and I am not used to it. I will abide by the rules, though, if we are not allowed to teleport. No, we can teleport when we are within a community. I will meet you in front of the Sphinx. With that, Quan Yin closed her eyes and hopped dimensions. I quickly followed suit while Lahita was not far behind. When I opened my eyes, I was amazed at the size of the Sphinx. It towered above us, stretching out for hundreds of feet. With the head of a man, or Pleiadian, as Quan Yin informed us, and the body of a lion, the Sphinx guarded the pyramids behind it as it faced the East. Wasnt the Sphinx carved out of living rock? I asked, remembering my mothers stories. Yes. They used sound waves and crystals to chisel the stone. We walked around the mammoth creature as I ran my hand over the stone, remembering Machu Picchu and the information wed gleaned from sitting beneath the great standing stone. Can we read these stones? I asked Quan Yin. It is for you to decide what must be done here, Quan Yin said cryptically. Only you and Lahita will know the path.


With this new tidbit of information, I stopped and placed both hands on the side of the Sphinx. Closing my eyes, I focused on the ancient stone, listening for any inner voices or urgings. Theres a doorway here! I exclaimed suddenly, overcome by a sudden vision of a doorway opening in the rock. Looking over at Lahita, I saw her shaking her head in agreement. Closing my eyes once again, I connected with that still inner voice until I saw an image taking shape. It was Alleyana, my sister! In profile, she was standing there with her head tipped upwards and her mouth open. What was she doing? Then, it struck me. She was toning, just as she had done so often during our youth. My sister had learned at an early age that shed once been an Atlantean priestess and had used toning to heal others. Quite certain that this was a message, I attempted to decipher the whole truth, for I also had a feeling that although toning was involved here, it was not for the purpose of healing. As I watched Alleyana toning, I saw a quick flash of the stone wall of the Sphinx opening inward. Ive got it! I exclaimed. The only way to open the door to the Hall of Records is by hitting a certain note. When we were children, my sister, Alleyana, and I used to play with toning. She had prior knowledge from a lifetime in Atlantis. We wanted to see the effect our voices would have on various objects. What happened? Lahita asked, turning toward me with great interest. Oh, nothing that drastic. We were able to break things, like small stones. Lahita looked at the side of the Sphinx, examining its structure. If there really is a doorway here, then perhaps we can open it by breaking away the small stones around its edge. Good idea, I agreed. Lets try it. Do you know the sounds or tones, Ghabril? Lahita asked uncertainly. No, but if we start experimenting, it will come to us. I suddenly felt very confident that our intuitions would guide us in finding the correct notes. Sneaking a glance at Quan Yin, I saw a tiny smile forming at the corners of her mouth. Certain that our efforts would be fruitful, I was eager to begin. Before we had a chance to experiment with the toning, however, something frightening occurred. Whats that? Lahita screamed over the roaring noise above us. The earth began to shake and a loud, grumbling sound like the roar of the ocean startled me into action. Looking up, I was shocked by the


deafening sound, unable to comprehend what was happening. Then, I saw the head of the Sphinx as it wobbled and shook. Instantly, I knew we were in danger. Taking the arm of Quan Yin and Lahita, I urged the women to follow me as we ran through the sand as far away from the Sphinx as we could manage. The heat was hot in my chest as I inhaled deeply. It was not often that Id felt fear in my short life. Growing up in the community, our lives were idyllic and peaceful, our garden a paradise with very few moments of fear or panic. Yet, although I felt a rush of terror for a brief moment, I instantly knew that we were protected by angelic forces. There are no accidents no one ever dies unless it is meant to be. It was the first lesson Id learned from my parents when I was barely old enough to speak. Instinctively, I knew it was not our time to die. Come on! I warned, as I led the women to safety. We need to move away from the Sphinx. Something is happening. As we all scurried out of the way, pieces of small stone grazed our back and shoulders. When we were at a safe distance, we all turned around just in time to witness the mighty head of the great Sphinx toppling to the ground below. Oh, no! Lahita screamed in despair. I knew she was feeling the loss of the magnificent creature that had withstood the ravages of time for 12,500 years. Suddenly, Quan Yin began to laugh. Whats so funny? I asked, amazed that Quan Yin was laughing about such a serious event. She shook her head. That head has been trying to fall off for many years now. The shoulder was cracking, and the Egyptian government kept sealing it back up, trying to save it. But, its so old! Lahita mourned. Why would they let it just deteriorate? Because it was supposed to fall off, Quan Yin stated, smiling happily. Finally! Lets go see what treasures are inside. Ready? Lahita and I smiled simultaneously. Are you serious? Theres a treasure inside there? If they had paid attention to Drunvalo, they would have discovered the treasure a long time ago, Quan Yin admonished. Laughing, I couldnt help myself from hurrying to the Sphinxs side as my companions, sharing my excitement, sprinted along beside me. The huge head of the Sphinx was facing upward in the sand, reminding me of times as a child when Alleyana and I had stretched out on the ground to gaze up at the nighttime sky.


Hes star gazing, I commented, looking at the giant head whose eyes were staring at the clouds. Or, he will be when night falls. Its rather sad, isnt it? Lahita said, looking wistfully at the mammoth beheaded body, which resembled a lion. Yes, Quan Yin agreed. It has guarded the secrets for many thousands of years. Now, it is time to open up to the truth. Whats inside there? I asked, my curiosity making me scratch my head. Go find out, Quan Yin suggested. I looked around, trying to decide on a strategic route. We could always teleport, but that didnt seem like much fun. Can we climb up the head? I asked, wondering if that would be disrespectful. Why not? Quan Yin said, smiling merrily. Oh, but that just doesnt seem right! Lahita exclaimed, clearly distressed by the idea. The Sphinx doesnt mind, Quan Yin assured us. It has been waiting a long time for the right people to come along. What do you mean? Drunvalo predicted that three people would come from the West and that the head would fall off. This was supposed to happen. How can you be sure? I asked. I am sure. Quan Yin spoke in a quiet, assured fashion that left little room for doubt. She was a nine-dimensional master, after all, only speaking the truth in all situations. How could we not believe her? Come with me, Lahita, I said softly, offering her my hand. Well do this together. With uncertain eyes, Lahita took my hand. Oh, its foolish to be apprehensive. Lets go! she said, making up her mind. If we start with the headdress, we should be able to climb over the forehead, up the nose, and then shimmy our way onto the shoulder, she suggested. In many ways, Lahita was more logical than I was. As with all of us in the new golden age, we used both the left and right side of our brains, which represented both the logical male viewpoint and the intuitive female perspective. That makes sense, I agreed. We began the journey, first pulling ourselves up onto the grooved headdress, then stepping over the smooth rounded forehead and using the hill-shaped nose to hoist ourselves up to the Sphinxs shoulders. We did it! Lahita exclaimed, looking down at Quan Yin. My curiosity would not let me stand around as I immediately began peering into the empty cavity left behind when the Sphinxs head


toppled to the sand. At first, the darkness enveloped me as I squinted, letting my pupils adjust to the altered light. Then, slowly, a shape began to form in the darkness. What is it? Lahita asked anxiously as she stood next to me and leaned over the jagged edge where the Sphinxs head once stood. It looks like some sort of sphere, I ventured. I think youre right! A golden sphere . . . We both stood in awe as the sphere began to miraculously float towards us. It slowly lifted from its ancient resting place, unseated after thousands of years, stirred by the power unleashed by the hands of fate. Awestruck, we watched as the glowing golden sphere raised itself up until it was hovering at eye level. An ethereal light waned softly, the globe pulsing with an ancient rhythm, as it spun slowly on an invisible axis. What is it? Quan Yin prompted from below. Lahita and I both spoke simultaneously. A time capsule. I could hear Quan Yin laughing softly. Smart children, she mumbled, her words barely coherent. Lahita and I looked at one another, our thoughts connecting, reflected from the hidden wisdom within the golden sphere. We both knew instantly what to do. Without further delay, we reached out and placed our hands lightly on the pulsing, spinning orb of golden light. Images flashed through my mind at lightning speed. Then they flashed again, and again, and again. Five times, in all, until I had memorized the sequence. We were shown holographic images of the events that needed to occur. An inner knowledge accompanied the images. First, I saw Lahita and me standing before the lion-like body of the Sphinx. We were toning as stones crumbled away and a doorway swung inwards. Next, we were in a hallway, filled with light. Then, a scene of a room some sort of chamber with a clay pot in the corner. A pathway or tunnel must be selected. Which one? I saw us traveling down the tunnel to a room with many shelves. On the shelves was something astounding, but I could not see what it was. Then, we were looking at pictures but, again, the images were blurred. After that, I felt a great influx of knowledge that was yet to be discovered. The rest would remain hidden . . . Did you get it all? Lahita asked me as she removed her hands from the orb. I think so. Did you? Yes. It is the sequence of events we must follow.


Lets climb back down. Thats all well find out from the orb. Its task is done. Lahita shook her head in agreement. As if on cue, the golden orb sunk back down into its resting place, its glow waning softly as it descended into the head of the Sphinx. We climbed back down to where Quan Yin stood, waiting patiently with a look of knowing on her face. What did you find out? she asked, when we were safely standing beside her. The sphere was a time capsule, I began. Long ago, the knowledge was hidden away, waiting for someone to find it. Not just anyone, Quan Yin clarified. Our presence here activated the stones. It is what caused the head to finally come off! I could not help jesting at the masters words. Oh, come on, Quan Yin. Stop it, or youll swell our own heads with unsung praises, until they fall off like the great Sphinx. Quan Yin smiled knowingly, shaking her head. Oh, Ghabril, you are so much like your father with your joking ways. I am not trying to swell your heads, only state the facts. We are the three people Drunvalo predicted would venture to the home of the Sphinx and unlock the codes. It is all part of a bigger plan. Yes, I believe that, I said, pleased that Quan Yin had compared me to Duncan. I had always loved my fathers sense of humor. I well remembered his stories of strange creatures that inhabited the new earth. He often made us laugh with his wild, exaggerated tales. Perhaps we should begin, Lahita suggested practically. Before we forget the images the time capsule contained. Good idea, Quan Yin agreed somberly. We have an adventure ahead of us! Lets go. A strange excitement overcame me. I felt like a little boy, once again, eager for the thrill of discovery. I reviewed the images in my mind, strategically planning our path. We start with the toning, I said. Lahita and I ran our hands along the Sphinxs body, attempting to find the exact location where the door was hidden. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. Quan Yin, I began, we were starting to remember what to do. I saw an image of my sister, Alleyana, toning as shed done so often during our childhood. I knew the sounds would open the doorway. If we could remember what to do, why did we need the time capsule? I could tell my question pleased the master as she looked at me with humble eyes. As you activated your ancient memories, you unlocked the codes that would reveal the time capsule. You needed to initiate the process. Only then will you receive help.


They never make things easy, I said, narrowing my eyes in mock cynicism. There is always assistance, Quan Yin reassured me. But this universe was designed so that mankind must discover the secrets on its own before help will be given. What was that quote Kalani always said? Lahita asked. Something from the old Bible. The Lord helps those who help themselves, I quoted, remembering, quite well, my mothers words. Thats it. Now that weve helped ourselves and know the ancient secrets that the Sphinx has kept hidden all these years, lets see what else we can find out. There were definitely some mysteries in that vision. I want to know what we discover on the shelf. Me, too, I agreed. Somehow, I think we need to fully use our intuition, however. Theres some sort of danger involved, isnt there, Quan Yin? Yes, there is always danger on our path. That is the challenge to conquer any fears we discover and to use our inner guidance. We have been doing that all of our lives, I pointed out. Yes, but never when the wrong choices could have serious consequences. You were protected in the community. Out here, we are on our own. Does that frighten you? Quan Yin looked from me to Lahita, assessing us. A little, I admitted, but we can handle it, right, Lahita? Bravely, Lahita shook her head. It is our path, and we must follow our divine path. Exactly. By doing so, you will always be protected, Quan Yin told us. You must have faith. I glanced over at the Sphinxs severed head then back to the body where we had placed our hands. Here, I said confidently. This is where the doorway lies. Lahita smiled weakly, mirroring my own thoughts. We needed to keep our focus, following the clues imparted by the time capsule. Yet, a small part of me harbored fear, knowing this adventure could threaten us in ways we had never encountered. Part of me longed for the security of my home, the safety of my family, and the support of our community. Taking a deep breath, I pushed aside my fears and opened my mouth, bellowing out the first resounding note.


Chapter Twenty-Three
My first note echoed through the valley of the Giza Plateau. Lahita took the second note, raising it a pitch. Together now, Quan Yin instructed. Our thoughts melded as we found the note that was between our two initial tones. The sound reverberated off the side of the Sphinx but with no results. Again, Quan Yin prompted. Once again, we let the notes ring out but, this time, Lahita and I let our imagination and intuition have free reign. A series of notes swelled up in our vocal chords and were released into the still morning air in harmonic symphony. As we felt the rhythm of the notes, I began to sense movement within the stones. Glancing over at Lahita, we both sensed a change in the atmosphere. A cracking sound reverberated through the silent morning as we watched tiny pebbles rolling off the side of the Sphinx. With amazing precision, they formed a horizontal line, and then two vertical lines until the outline of a doorway could be seen. It was difficult containing my excitement as we let our voices resonate through the thick, oppressive air. The notes played the instruments of our bodies, which shuddered as sounds rang out. Higher, now lower, now in between. Lower, lower, higher. Baritone, tenor, soprano. Now, go up an octave. It was working! Tiny pebbles rolled down the Sphinxs side as the grooves of the doorway etched deeper, deeper . . . Without thinking, acting purely on instinct, Lahita and I sang out one final note, holding it as long as our lungs would allow. The heavy stone door caved inwards, exposing a gaping black hole in the side of the Sphinx. We did it! Lahita exclaimed, looking over at me with glowing brown eyes. Her excitement was contagious as I realized our accomplishment. Indeed, we did, I mumbled. Glancing over my shoulder at Quan Yin, I saw her smile as she urged us forward. Dont stop here, she said impatiently. Hurry, before the door closes and we miss our opportunity. Stepping into the side of the Sphinx, I was suddenly afraid, as my eyes were not accustomed to the darkness. Stumbling forward a few feet, I felt Lahita taking my hand. Quan Yin was behind Lahita. Suddenly, the doorway closed behind us, leaving us in a pitch black chamber, unable to see.


Use your inner eye. Let it lead you. I heard Quan Yins voice, steady and reassuring. Taking her advice, despite my sudden fears, I focused my attention on my third eye. It showed me a pathway to the left. Veering in that direction, I led the way as we edged slowly along. Which way? I wondered. Take a right, Lahita said, answering my unspoken question. We swung towards the right, feeling our way in the dark. But, wait! I detected danger in the path, although I still couldnt see a thing. Stopping abruptly, I sensed Lahitas confusion. Whats wrong? Why have we stopped? Theres a deep pit two feet in front of us. I can see it. Or rather, Im getting flashes in my mind. Inching my toe forward, I was shocked when I felt the cavernous hole. Here it is, I exclaimed softly. Dont anyone move. We need to find our way around it, Lahita said quickly. Lets get down on our knees and scope it out with our hands. Yes, thats the only way, I agreed. As we all knelt down, we could feel the rim of the pit with our hands. I dont think its very big, I commented, but very deep. If we had fallen in, we would not have survived. Good thing for your intuitions, Ghabril, Quan Yin stated, matterof-factly. The floor of the chamber was surprisingly smooth on my knees as we felt our way around the pit to the other side. The hole was about three feet wide and as we made our way around it, the room began to glow with an ethereal light. The golden light was just strong enough to see an object up ahead. What is it? Lahita murmured. It looks like a railing. Whatever it is, I said, exhaling loudly, lets take it slow. There are traps in here. We passed the first test, Quan Yin told us quietly. As we all looked back at the hole, peering into its cavernous depths, it suddenly disappeared as the ground sealed itself up behind us. I guess so, I said. That was a little scary. Can you imagine what would have happened if wed fallen into the hole? But you didnt, Quan Yin pointed out. You let your intuitions guide you. Even so, Im not taking anymore chances. We have no idea whats in here. I looked around and could sense the hugeness of the cavity within the Sphinxs body. The railing up ahead glowed, making it the only light source in the ebony black room. It smelled musty, the air stale


and dank after so many years without light. It reminded me of a cave Alleyana and I found as children that had been buried until we discovered a way in. Moving towards the railing, we reached it without sensing any new traps. Its a spiral staircase! Lahita exclaimed. Solid gold steps wound their way downward beneath the tubular golden railing that was encrypted with Egyptian hieroglyphs. I ran my palm across the hieroglyphs, amazed that anyone was able to impress the etchings onto such a small, circular surface. Beware those who enter these halls. I spoke aloud the words that echoed through my mind. You can read them! Lahita reasoned. According to Drunvalo, Quan Yin stated, one hundred forty-eight sets of three people would attempt to enter the Halls of Records, but only the right three people would find their way in. Is that where we are? Lahita asked. The Halls of Records that Edgar Cayce and other prophets predicted were hidden somewhere inside the Sphinx? Yes, Quan Yin said. Thoth told Drunvalo about these halls. Who is Thoth? I asked. Thoth was an Egyptian god, often represented as having the head of an Ibis, or bird, and the body of a man. Thoth helped build the pyramids using sound and is a game master and keeper of time. He also assisted in bringing about the fall from grace and duality so mankind could experience emotions. What else did Drunvalo say? I asked. Quan Yin had been quoting Drunvalo Mechizedek since our arrival in Egypt. I wanted to know more about this olden day prophet from the former earth. This I cannot tell you until you discover for yourselves, Quan Yin said, smiling mysteriously. Not fair. You know what he predicted, I complained. Yes, but you two dont. Lets see if he was right. How will we know if I tell you first what Thoth told Drunvalo? What if you create your reality based on what I say? Okay, I see your point. Will you tell us afterwards? Of course! I did not even dare to question Quan Yins truthfulness in such matters. She would be quite honest with us if the events did not follow Drunvalos predictions. Shall we see where the spiral staircase leads? Quan Yin suggested. Lahita and I looked at one another. I sensed only a brief moment of fear in her pebble brown eyes and knew I also felt a shred of


apprehension. Neither of us had ever been in a situation where our lives were in danger, and it was rather intimidating. Remembering my upbringing and spiritual convictions that there is a divine purpose to all of life, I took the initiative and began to descend the golden spiral staircase. Why is it in the shape of a spiral? Lahita asked. Does it have something to do with sacred geometry? Arent spirals one of the common shapes? Yes, Quan Yin said as we wound our way around and around, going deeper into the belly of the great Sphinx. A spiral signifies the true nature of the soul, which reaches endlessly upward toward the Source and deep within our own consciousness. Both paths are neverending. Unlike a true spiral, we reached the bottom of the staircase where three torches stood in urns, their heads glowing with a white light, the source of which was indiscernible. How are the torches lit? I asked, passing one on to Lahita and another to Quan Yin. Who knows? Quan Yin said. The Egyptians were very smart. Much smarter than the old earth inhabitants ever knew. Ancient Egypt was a time when the gods lived among humans, teaching them many things. Of course, these gods were really extra-terrestrials. I couldnt help but laugh. My mom used to talk about America being a melting pot for people from other countries. I guess the Egyptian culture was a melting pot for beings from different planets. Much of the earth was like that, at one time, Quan Yin stated. People have forgotten where they came from. Wow, look at this place! Lahita exclaimed as she began exploring the large room at the bottom of the spiral staircase. There were Egyptian artifacts placed in every portion of the cavernous room, skillfully arranged to represent a sense of order and balance. Golden statues of Egyptian priests and priestesses guarded open boxes filled with overflowing jewelry made of glittering stones like lapis lazuli, rubies, and topaz. There were ancient scarabs, wooden boxes with carved hieroglyphs, and every treasure imaginable. It was overwhelming in its beauty as I stood and stared for long moments of time, my mouth agape in wonder. Ive never seen anything like this before, I said, feeling a sense of awe and reverence. Although I remember the stories my mother used to tell us. She had a fascination with Egypt. Kalani lived many lifetimes in that ancient world, Quan Yin informed us.


Ill bet. Her eyes would glaze over whenever she told us her tales, as if she remembered being there. Look at this! Lahita had been guided to a clay pot that sat in a corner of the room the same one we saw in our vision! It looked quite solitary as it sat alone, far from the other antiquities which crowded the room. It was only then, as I walked closer to where Lahita squatted down before the clay pot, that I realized this side of the room was very different in its architecture. Three channels could be seen, like offshoots tunnels leading into the dark. I wonder where those go, I said, looking at the openings. Then, suddenly, my palms began to sweat as I sensed danger. Lahita gasped as she also felt the same ominous forewarnings that flooded over me. We have to choose, she said, looking at me and Quan Yin with fearful eyes. And if were wrong and dont choose the right channel to enter . . . Both of us knew the consequences of picking the wrong tunnel instant death. My mind saw traps everywhere long spikes that would pierce our hearts, sharp stones that would slice us in half, and cavernous holes that would open up and swallow us into Lady Gaia. Your intuitions have warned you again, Quan Yin pointed out. How will you decide the correct channel to go down? I looked at Lahita who, as of yet, had not touched the clay pot. Reading my thoughts, she glanced down at the vessel beside her. It was very plain and ordinary looking, compared to the luster and opulence of the other items in the room. Its the pot, isnt it? I asked Quan Yin. The clay pot holds the answers. Clay is like stone, she said, giving us our first clue. Then, we can read it, I replied. Lahita and I looked at one another again before I squatted down beside her. Shall we hold it together and see what we perceive? I asked her. Lahita nodded in agreement. Together, we picked up the clay pot, which was heavier than I had imagined. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, we placed the pot between us, positioning our hands on its sides as we closed our eyes. Images began to flood my mind almost immediately. In those brief moments when we held our hands on the rough, rounded body of the clay pot, I saw flashes of our journey down each of the channels. As we entered the first channel, I perceived traps of every imaginable kind. Fear enveloped me as I saw us facing traps that would chop us in half, behead us or jab us with a thousand sharp


needles. I saw walls that pushed inward until we were completely trapped. Next, I saw us choosing the second channel, which led to a very similar experience. The last channel, the one on the far right was clear of obstacles. I watched as we entered the channel and emerged on the other side, completely unharmed. Its the one on the right! Lahita exclaimed as we both dropped our hands from the clay pot. I know. I saw it, too. For a moment, we shared a look of mutual fear as we remembered what the other two channels held in store, should we choose one of them. I guess were ready then, Quan Yin said casually. Have we chosen the right one, Quan Yin? I asked, wanting to be sure our intuitions were guiding us in the right direction. What do you think? Lahita and I looked at one another for long moments. A sense of rightness and of calm enveloped me. Yes, it is the correct channel, I said as Lahita nodded her head in agreement. Lets go then, Quan Yin said, letting me lead the way. As we entered the channel on the right, I took a deep breath, not allowing any fear or indecision to enter my thoughts. After all, the world is one of illusion, a place where we learn to conquer our fears. Our thoughts create our realities. Never before had I been put through such extreme testing, and I was determined not to fail. I must remember my teachings. A sense of calm pervaded my body as we ducked down and made our way through the narrow tunnel. I held my torch in front of me to light the way as I wondered how long the channel was and what we would find on the other end. It seemed like an eternity that we wove our way through the channel, although I am sure it was not very long. Then, the channel began to widen in all directions. We were no longer forced to hunch our shoulders, able to walk upright as we entered a bright hallway. Look! Lahita exclaimed excitedly, We dont even need the torches. Its as if the air is illuminated! I stopped for a moment as we all laid down our torches, my head twisting about to observe my surroundings. Lahita was right the air did seem to be illuminated here, with no visible source of light, just like the torches. In fact, the torches no longer appeared to be lit as they blended in with the natural lighting of the room. I wondered, briefly, if they were made from the same substance.


Incredible, I agreed as we began walking down the long hallway. It also appears that we chose the correct channel. There are no traps here to threaten us. Then, I recalled that this was the room we saw in the vision the lighted hallway! Quan Yin laughed softly. Alarmed, I glanced at her. Why are you laughing? Are there traps up ahead? No, Ghabril, you are safe. I am laughing at the thrill of discovery. Did Drunvalo not predict this, then? Oh, he predicted everything the clay pot, the illuminated hallway. I am only laughing because it is fun to watch you and Lahita discovering something new. You are like children again. I dont feel like a child, I stated. In fact, it seems that we have grown years in just a short space of time. Quan Yin laughed again, seeming to enjoy my discomfort. For a moment, I was angry with her attitude. Why is it that you feel no fear, Quan Yin? Because I trust that you and Lahita will make the right choices. You are wiser than you know, Ghabril. Her comments pleased me. It was nice to know the master trusted our intuitions and thought so highly of our gifts. Take a look at this! Lahita had forged ahead while Quan Yin and I were talking. She stood facing the left wall of the great hallway, her pretty face tilted as she gazed at something I could not yet see. Hurrying to where she stood, I gasped when I saw what Lahita was examining with such rapt attention. Etched into the stone wall were drawings that I knew to be symbols from sacred geometry. How many are there? I asked her. Forty-eight. I wonder what they represent. Isnt that one the flower of life? Lahita asked, pointing to the first etching in the series. Yes, I think it is. I remember some of this from that entity we encountered on Maya when we left our bodies at Machu Picchu. Me too, Lahita said as she studied the symbols more intently. Maybe we should close our eyes and try to read them, she suggested as she offered me her hand. Taking Lahitas hand, I stood beside her and closed my eyes. The imprints of the drawings were still etched in my mind. Focusing on any subtle promptings from my inner knowing, I cleared my mind of all thoughts, letting the symbols dance through my head like the entities we had encountered on the planet, Maya. Chromosomes, Lahita blurted out. I think theyre chromosomes.


Her answer suddenly made sense. On the old earth, they thought each cell in the human body contained 46 chromosomes, or twentythree sets one set from the male sperm and one from the female egg. Which is true, Lahita continued, but our new lightbodies have 48 chromosomes an extra set. We both opened our eyes simultaneously. These drawings represent the new chromosomal structure of mankind, which includes the chromosome for the Christ-consciousness or the evolved version of mankind, I reasoned. Isnt it strange how the Egyptians knew about the evolution of mankind thousands of years before the event? Lahita commented. There was a great probability that mankind would evolve, Quan Yin stated, although we could have destroyed ourselves first. So many wars and nuclear weapons. Massive pollution. But we chose the right path. Just like you and Lahita did today. Now we find clues that show we are in the right reality. Would be bad to be in other reality. You mean we may have created a different world where none of this would have existed? I asked incredulously. Yes, could have happened. We got lucky though. Found our new world, our paradise. Quan Yin began to clap her hands softly. Very good, she complimented. You have solved your first mystery by using your senses of intuition and reasoning. Are you ready for the next surprise? Our adventure was exciting again, no traces of fear left in my consciousness. Yes, lets move on, I agreed. Lahita and I nearly skipped down the long hallway in the Halls of Records, our excitement difficult to contain. I felt like a child again, eager to discover what lay beneath the next rock or around some distant hillside. As we neared the end of the great hall, the path veered to the right before we found ourselves in another large room. Yet, this room was not filled with antiquities but contained rows upon rows of stone shelves. The shelves we saw in our vision! Lahita exclaimed. But, look, theyre all empty. Not all. The thought came into my mind unheeded. Lets keep looking, I suggested. We methodically surveyed the rows of shelves that were cut into the walls of the room or were free-standing structures in the interior space. Finally, at the far end, in a dusty corner, on a shelf at eyelevel, we noticed objects that took my breath away. Theyre skulls! Lahita exclaimed, sounding as shocked as I felt.


Human skulls, from the looks of them, I added. Several skulls were lined up along the shelf, and as we examined them closer, I began to notice differences among the skeletal remains. Each one has a different shape, Lahita said, echoing my thoughts. Not just the sort of difference you would expect to see from various types of people but real differences. Maybe theyre from different time periods in Gaias history, I suggested. Lahita was still examining the skulls while Quan Yin stood behind us, wearing her perpetual smile. I think you may be right, Ghabril. Duncan was always the expert on scientific matters. His classes in anthropology were always interesting. This one looks Cro-Magnum with its protruding brow ridge. I can still picture my dad describing it, I said, laughing at my memories of Duncans rendition of Cro-Magnum man. You can see how the skulls have evolved, Lahita agreed. But look at the first ones in the line! What are those? Together, we moved down the line to the earliest skulls. It was obvious that the last skulls on the shelf were similar to modern homo sapiens, but the first skulls were . . . incredible. Look how they get smaller for awhile, a representation of mankinds evolving brain, Lahita said. The others, though, these ones right here . . . They dont even look human, I finished. Its as if there were earlier versions of mankind than were previously thought. Take this one, for example, it appears to be part man and part beast. There were stories, Quan Yin said, speaking for the first time since we had discovered the skulls on the shelf, of experiments. Some of the creator gods who were Anunnaki played around with human DNA. They mixed it all up, making creatures that were half man and half animal. Werent there legends about that? I asked, remembering some of the myths that were related around fires during gatherings of the community. Yes. Most myths have their basis in truth. What about these? Lahita questioned, pointing to two skulls that looked part reptilian. Those are your Anunnaki ancestors, Quan Yin revealed. Are these Lemurian? I asked. There were two skulls, one looked like the skull of a fish with a fine bone structure and a pointed forehead. The eye cavities were huge. The other skull was almost human in nature.


My guess is that the first one the one that looks fish-like is an early Lemurian, one who came directly from the sea, living both in the ocean and on the land. The other skull next to it is probably a later Lemurian. My parents told me of an adventure they had when they traveled back in time to the City of Light in ancient Lemuria. The evolved Lemurians were very advanced and did not resemble their earth counterparts. Thats because they came from the stars, Quan Yin explained. The Lemurians who lived in the City of Light were star seeds who lived alongside the humans. What about the Atlanteans? Lahita asked. Are these skulls from the Atlantean culture and were they also star seeds? Some of them look part animal, too. Thats because the scientific side of Atlantis also experimented with genetics, just as the Anunnaki did. They made creatures who were their slaves by mixing animal DNA with human DNA. How cruel, Lahita said. I could tell she felt sorry for the Atlantean slaves. Yes, it was very unkind, Quan Yin agreed. What about the spiritual side of Atlantis? I asked. Were they star seeds like the Lemurians? Yes, in part. Yet, they were also part human. Atlantis evolved because the humans were seeded with Pleiadian blood. Whenever more highly evolved beings came to earth to mate with the native human species, civilizations like Atlantis, the Incas and the Mayans were created. It was all an experiment, remember? And were looking at the physical evidence of mankinds evolution, including those of our ancestors who came from the stars, I summarized. Thats right, Quan Yin told us. Lahita had already moved down the line of skulls to the very first objects that were on the shelf. Following her lead, Quan Yin and I examined the creature that swam around in a sealed crystal box. What is it? Lahita asked. That is your very earliest ancestor, Quan Yin explained. Mankind evolved from the sea, I reasoned. Yes. That fluid inside the crystal box is from the primordial sea where life began, Quan Yin said. Lake Titicacca? I asked. I was overwhelmed by this information. Then, I was curious. How do you know all of this, Quan Yin? Did Drunvalo predict this, too?


No, she said quietly. He only said that the travelers from the West would find this room and physical evidence of the existence of civilization on this planet that dated back five and a half million years. That old? Yes. I know these things, Ghabril, because I have been able to access my ancient memories the Akashic Records. These are memories we all have. You two can access the same memories, also, with practice. Really? Of course! What else is in this room? I questioned, still curious and eager to explore. Lets find out! Quan Yin appeared to be as excited as Lahita and I were. As we moved to another section of the room, I saw a large stone with objects sitting on top of it. Drawing closer, I was shocked by what I saw. Theyre images! Lahita exclaimed. Of us! We all stood before the large stone to more closely examine the familiar faces and bodies. They were captured images in crystal boxes of three people Quan Yin, Lahita and me! How is this possible? I asked Quan Yin. I had never before seen an image of myself except in the reflection of a pool of water, yet I recognized myself immediately, and the images of Lahita and Quan Yin looked exactly like them. I remember my parents speaking of a thing called photographs, paper that captured images of people and places. Were even wearing the same clothes! Lahita remarked. My frock is of the newer style we just invented before I came on this journey. What are those names below the images? I asked. They are not us, at least not our names right now. Those are your soul names, Quan Yin explained. They are the names you are known by when you are on the other side. Really? Yes. I read the name beneath my image Jontu and, somehow, it felt right. Lahitas name was Henah and Quan Yins was the same. You already use your soul name, I commented, looking at Quan Yin. Yes, I have known who I am for a long time now. Jontu, I repeated. It sounds right, somehow. Comfortable. Is that a date below our names?


Yes, it is todays date, Quan Yin explained. You see, this was prophesized. This is a moment in time that was predicted. It was an important event. Why? Because now you can tell others about the history of mankind and how there is physical evidence here in the Halls of Records. Will they believe us? I questioned. We each will be allowed to take one item with us, to prove the truth. Perhaps the crystal box, the image and the Lemurian skull? she suggested. However, we must hide them near the Sphinx until we can return, for we cannot take them where we are going. I knew Quan Yin was right, yet I was uncertain about speaking of this to anyone. Somehow, it felt sacred. Others need to know, Quan Yin said gently. How do we get out of here? Lahita asked suddenly. We both realized we were at the end of our journey. Quan Yin pointed to a wall at the end of the room. The same way we got in. I smiled. Of course. Suddenly, I wished I could see my mother and father and Alleyana. I wanted to tell them of our adventure today and of all that we had discovered. They are only a thought away, Quan Yin said. Lahita and I opened our mouths to initiate the tones that would bring us back to the heat and sand where our adventure had begun.


Chapter Twenty-Four
Where are all of the people? I asked Quan Yin as I surveyed the vast desert sand, barren of structures and any other sign of life. We had teleported from Egypt to the former land of Iraq. Were there no survivors? Lahita added, referring to the great shift when only those humans who had raised their consciousness were allowed to stay on Lady Gaia. Yes, there are still people here, but they are hiding. From what? Pockets of darkness remain, Quan Yin explained as the wind blew stronger, hurling sand at our faces. I pulled a cloth over my head, as Quan Yin showed us, to avoid the stinging grains of sand. Have the people been hiding for all these years since the great shift? Lahita questioned incredulously. I knew she felt compassion for those souls who were forced to live in such a manner within our glorious garden paradise. Unfortunately, they have. Others have come to assist, but the people were not ready to hear their words. How were they able to make the shift then? Oh, there are very loving people here, Quan Yin stated. Remember, the fifth dimensional frequency is one of love. That is all that was required to stay on Lady Gaia during her transition a vibration of love and an open heart. Yet, there is still much healing that needs to take place in this region. There is a great scar on Lady Gaias skin, due to the karmic cycles of war and violence that have ravished this land for so many centuries. What makes you think we can heal the scars? I asked, feeling a sense of knowing that Quan Yin expected this of me and Lahita. I dont know for certain, Quan Yin stated simply, shrugging her shoulders, but there is suffering here, and I think we should try. Dont you? The pleading look on Quan Yins face evoked a burst of sympathy from my heart. I wondered where the people lived and if they were experiencing any happiness in this barren environment. Of course we should try, I agreed. Can we meet the inhabitants of this land now? How do we proceed? As usual, Quan Yin did not give a direct answer. What are your intuitions telling you, Ghabril? It is your choice where we go from here you and Lahita. I would like to meet them. Do you know where they are located?


Look within and you will find them, Quan Yin stated as she smiled serenely. Closing my eyes, I tried to envision the people of this land, opening my heart to their internal callings. That way, I said, pointing to the east. Lahita agreed, so we made our way eastward. The extreme heat of the region was more bearable now that our bodies had adjusted to it. I knew it wasnt far to their community and decided it would be best to walk, rather than just appearing in their midst. A short time later, we came upon their village. What we encountered was pleasantly surprising. Not unlike our own bubble domes, the community had erected domes that resembled small bubbles of sand, mixed with a crystalline material that glinted in the sun. The flecks of color made the domes shine and sparkle while the natural sand blended in with the arid environment. A large lake, surrounded by palm trees and greenery, was the focal point as bubble domes dotted the area around the lake. It was an oasis in the middle of the desert. Then, before we could approach the community, a great storm began to swirl around us. Winds gusted and whipped the sand, and I could see dark grey clouds suddenly forming over our heads. What is happening? I asked Quan Yin. Why are the clouds turning grey? Those are storm clouds, Quan Yin informed us. It is what happens whenever anyone tries to approach this community. But why? I had to speak very loudly to be heard over the howling wind. Didnt the stone, Hirrachocha, at Machu Picchu tell us this would happen? Lahita reminded me. Great pellets of rain began to unleash themselves from the grey clouds, dropping on our heads. My first reaction was one of fear, never having felt this sort of assault before. As I covered my head with my hands, I saw Lahita doing the same thing. The rain was harsh, not at all like the warm misty rains that occasionally dampened the forests around our community. As my confusion and inner turmoil began to mount, I saw Kaos separating himself from my body. My shadow aspect had one hand bravely on his hip, while he wielded a shadow sword in the other hand. Oh, no! Lahita exclaimed. Now, Kaos is loose, too! Thats all we need, Ghabril. Hes trying to be the mighty warrior, I explained, feeling embarrassed and defensive, at the same time.


Kaos cant help this situation, Lahita said, frowning as she wrapped her arms around her body. Then, I looked at Quan Yin. She was not reacting to the pelting rain but stood calmly watching us, her expression still serene. Quan Yins posture gave me an idea. I know what this situation calls for, I told Lahita. Kaos! I commanded, You must return to me now. We havent time for this. Surprisingly, Kaos looked sheepish as he grudgingly slunk over to my side and re-merged with my body. Good, I said, sighing with relief that I had managed to control my own darker side. This is what we must do. We need to be a rock in the midst of chaos, I said. Only in that way, can we calm the storms. By letting them frighten us, they will only grow in force. Lahita shook her head in agreement. We all sat down in the sand, Quan Yin following our lead, as we closed our eyes and shifted our attention away from the storm. Instead, I focused all of my mental energy on creating a vortex of love around us. Imagining a stream of white light shining down from the Creator and entering my crown chakra, I could feel the tingling sensations as the Creators energy filled my body. Once I began vibrating with the energy that pulsed through me, I immediately began to send the light forth like a fountain from my solar plexus and all around me like a spray of water. I envisioned the spray permeating the entire area. Its working Ghabril! Lahita said as she opened her eyes. Lahita and Quan Yin had formed a circle around me. They were also radiating the light as the storm began to subside. We continued our meditation until the weather had returned to a calm, sunny day. As I rose from the sand, I saw several people exiting the domes and walking towards us. They were a light, caramel color like Jilly, their skin having been naturally darker before the great shift. Dressed in robes similar to ours, they were smiling as they left their homes and approached us curiously. They motioned for us to come inside, beckoning with dark eyes that could not hide their sense of wonder and excitement. It was a woman who spoke first, when we were seated on a jelly chair in a room that looked very much like my own bubble dome, with indoor trees and a hot spring next to a stream. Welcome, she said in words that I understood, but which sounded different in the manner that she spoke them. You must be very powerful masters to enter our village. No other has calmed the storms that rage through these parts. The darkness has surrounded us since


we came to our new home. We cannot rid ourselves of these shadows that hide beneath our homes. How long has this been going on? I asked. For many years, since the great shift that changed our world. Many others died at that time. Only some of us remain. We built our homes as we were guided to do by Allah. All was provided, including the knowledge, so we could survive in this land. This oasis was here when we woke from the dream that changed the earth. When did you first experience the storms? Lahita questioned gently. They only occur when others approach our village. It stirs them to life. As the pretty woman spoke her words, I was suddenly reminded of Kaos. He, also, was stirred to life, just like the storms which appeared upon our arrival. If weather is a result of the state of inner calm or turmoil, could the storms be a reflection of hidden fears and struggles? Dark pockets beneath the surface. What was really going on here? Have many people approached over the years? I asked gently. Yes, there are travelers several times a year, but you are the first ones we have ever spoken with. The others run away once the storms arise. They do not understand, Quan Yin stated quietly. We are a people who have never been understood, the pretty woman replied. What is your name? Lahita asked. I am Amara, she said, bowing her head humbly. Why do you say you have never been understood? I asked. Before the great shift, there were many wars in this land. Yet, none was so great as the war with the Americans. Some of our people, along with corrupt leaders, harmed them in a terrorist attack, so they dropped bombs on our lands and killed innocent people. Our land was overrun with soldiers who took over the communities where our leader had committed great atrocities against the innocents. We have heard stories of these terrible times, I said, feeling immense compassion for Amara and her people. In my heart, I knew she had been one of the people who had suffered during that war. I remember far too much of those times. Now, we live in harmony, yet the darkness still clings to this land like a plague. Amara, I began, please tell us your story. Although I was born on the new earth, I have heard tales from my mother about the war you speak of. Yet, I cannot understand your pain unless I hear it in your own words. Will you tell us your story?


Her eyes were filled with great suffering as Amara shook her head and began to tell us her story, hands trembling with long-buried fear and anger. Others would add bits and pieces along the way, remembering details that Amara had forgotten. As the people spoke, we listened, empathizing with the pain they had endured. It was difficult hearing about the tortures and humiliations. A long time later, when the stories had been told and many tears had been shed, I cradled Amara in my arms while she wept. Lahita held an older man who was sobbing uncontrollably and Quan Yin had her arms around several others. We stayed with them throughout the night, hearing more tales of woe amidst moments when we shared food or had a few laughs. I found these people to be quite open with their emotions, never having released their pain to anyone, never having allowed others to even draw near. The next morning, we sat together in a circle, knowing we must leave the village and be on our way. First, however, I wanted Amara and the others to understand what had occurred, for it was easy for me to see beneath the surface in this situation. Amara, I want to thank you and the others for speaking with us about the horrible things you still remember. You have been brought into the light by Allah, but there were still dark portions of your souls that needed to be healed. All of your pent-up fears and anger were manifesting to produce the storms that isolated your village from those who sought to help you. Do you understand what I am saying? Yes, we have sometimes wondered if we create the storms with our own dark thoughts. It was difficult to forgive those who tormented us. You must forgive those who hurt you, I told her gently. Until you are able to forgive, you cannot chase the shadows out so they may be healed. As I looked around the room, all of the people of the village were nodding their heads, as if my words were making sense to them. You are right, Amara said as she looked at the others. We must forgive. It is the only way. A short time later, Lahita, Quan Yin and I left the village. We kissed the people good-bye and wished them luck in fighting the darkness they had lived with for far too long. I felt a great sadness at the stories they had told us, yet I knew it was a necessary part of healing to listen to their tales. As we were leaving the community, I saw the villagers bowing down, praying, and chanting. We stood on a hill and watched them and just as we were turning to leave, I sensed something different in


the air. There was a moistness I had not encountered since we had arrived in Egypt. Look! Lahita exclaimed. As I turned to see what she was pointing to, I was amazed by what I saw. The area all around the village was changing! The arid hills of sand were turning green as a lush garden began to appear on top of the sand. Trees sprouted from the ground and grew to towering heights almost instantly. Rivers of water began to appear, snaking their way around newly formed rocks and bushes. It was turning into a garden right before our eyes! The people of the village rose from their prayers and lifted their arms to the azure blue sky. They sung praises into the air, calling out Allahs name before they dropped back to their knees and prayed again. Incredible, Quan Yin said happily. You did it. We did that? I asked her, feeling stunned by her words. Shaking her head, Quan Yin just looked at us, then she began to laugh. You fought your own fears and reactions of chaos to help another heal. They changed their environment by raising their own consciousness, but they couldnt have done it without your help. I sighed, feeling my first real sense of satisfaction. I knew our work would be difficult, at times, but it was also very rewarding to have helped someone. We had the knowledge and the tools we needed to do our work. Now, I must summon all my courage, for I knew there were more challenges ahead.


Chapter Twenty-Five
How far are we from our destination? I asked Quan Yin as we all began walking along Gaias soft mossy surface. Joining hands, we had merged our thoughts with Quan Yins, teleporting ourselves to our current location. Not far, Quan Yin stated, giving little away. Will there be another storm as before? Lahita asked. You will see. As usual, you do not tell us much, Quan Yin, I teased, smiling at the master. What fun would it be to discover things if I told you everything first! she replied whimsically. My mother said that in the olden days, they only cared about the end results and forgot that the journey is more important, I said. People were competitive and didnt have fun along the way. It was hard for me to imagine that type of mentality. We had been raised to always appreciate the now moment. Thats right, Quan Yin said, It is normal to be curious about what lies ahead, yet you must also have faith. Do not worry where life is taking you. There is always a plan. In the spirit of the moment and in direct compliance with Quan Yins words, I spontaneously took both womens hands and began skipping down the path. Lahita and Quan Yin laughed as we enjoyed the moment, lifting off the ground in our glee. Three gazelles joined us from the nearby fairy woods, reminding me of our own community and our joyful times spent with the devic kingdom as children. Watch this! I exclaimed as I peddled my feet in the air, making us skim down the path at an accelerated rate. Then, from out of nowhere, a wind gust caught us. Soaring into the air, I gasped as Lahita gave a little scream of surprise. We bumped to the ground, our glee suddenly dissipating as the wind whipped around us with a mighty force. Oh, no! Lahita exclaimed. Her voice was dwarfed by the howling wind. Looks like another storm! I responded. We all huddled together and took refuge beneath the canopy of a large, leafy tree. We must be close to our destination, Lahita reasoned. Look. Quan Yin pointed to a community up ahead. Bubble domes dotted the landscape, although the hue of these domes was not pink, like in our own community, but light green instead.


Thunder and lightning zigzagged across the domes rounded surfaces, making the sky sizzle and illuminate. Immediately, I knew the inhabitants of this community were experiencing some sort of inner turmoil. This time, however, I was determined not to let Kaos take the reigns. We must find our own inner peace in order to quell the forces of darkness that invaded this community like a pestilent plague. Shall we meditate? I suggested, looking at Quan Yin and Lahita. Taking hands, we all closed our eyes and withdrew into the inner sanctity of our hearts. After several minutes, I perceived a lessoning in the storm. Many moments after that, we all opened our eyes to see sunshine peeking out of the clouds. Ready? Quan Yin asked us, motioning towards the community. Blue skies were beginning to appear and the heavy rain that I was beginning to grow accustomed to was reduced to a misty drizzle. We approached the bubble domes just as their inhabitants appeared outside their homes, eager to see who had stopped the storms. A man with a reddish beard and curious blue eyes greeted us with an outstretched hand. Welcome, he said in a gravelly voice. You have arrived just at the right moment. We were having a terrible storm, but it seems to have subsided. I watched as the older mans jaw dropped. He was beginning to perceive our thoughts. It was you! he exclaimed, his eyes suddenly narrowing with suspicion. The three of you stopped the storm, didnt you? Yes, Quan Yin replied. The man looked at her and seemed to recognize her status as an ascended master. Youre one of those special ones, arent you? he asked. Like that Sananda fellow. Youre a teacher. Yes, that is my role, Quan Yin replied, bowing her head with respect. Well, you may as well come in all of you. No sense standing out here. Others had gathered around us, a mixture of women, men, and children. They stared curiously, huddled together in their own families. The majority of the residents had light-colored hair and very fair, bluish skin. Indigenous to this land, they still carried the Celtic blood of their forefathers. Here, lets go into the community room, since theres so many of us, the older man said. My name is Dougle, by the way.


After introducing ourselves and settling into jelly cushions in a large community dome, we were offered fruit bread, water, and stewed vegetables. The residents of the community proved to be very friendly, despite the initial suspicious nature of Dougle, but I soon discovered the root of their troubles. Its a good thing you came here, Dougle told us, instead of landing over there in the neighboring community. Why is that? I asked. Oh, theyre a wild lot. You wouldnt want to go over there. They walk around with no clothes on at all! Really? Thats right. Theyre always singing and dancing and floating around. Glee is what they call it. Always lifting up in the air with glee. Tell me more, I said, realizing that Dougles judgments were something we needed to explore more thoroughly. Theyre a lazy lot. We dont see them working much, and when they do, theyre making fun while they work. Dont take life seriously at all. Others in the community began to chime in. When they bring water from the nearby stream, sometimes they splash it on each other, so they have to go back for more, one woman told us. Or theyll be collecting wheatgrass and start playing with the gazelles instead, completely forgetting their tasks! Theres another thing, too, Dougle told us. Whats that? I asked curiously, playing along. Theyre always mating with one another, he whispered behind his hand, obviously not wanting the children to hear. I thought this was rather odd, because the children had little smiles on their faces as if they knew the truth. You dont say? I whispered back. I do! The adults can feel the kundalini energy all the time. They never seem to stop with their shenanigans. So how do you live in your community? I asked, certain I already knew the answer to my question. Oh, we dont go about naked, thats for sure. After the great shift, we knew we could if we wanted to because it never gets very cold, but we feel its a matter of respect. How is that? You should respect the Creator and one another by maintaining dignity. Is that why you feel experiencing glee is wrong? I asked.


Of course. Theres a time for glee and a time for work. We conduct ourselves with respect in this community. We keep private matters like intercourse between adults at the appropriate times. Why do you limit yourselves in this way? Quan Yin asked, speaking for the first time. You have to have limits, Dougle replied, obviously flustered by the masters statement. Why? You are free on Lady Gaia to do as you choose. Yes, but we dont choose to act like that one of the elder women replied. Are there any storms in the other community? Lahita asked quietly. Dougle looked at Lahita, taken back by her question. No! There is always sunshine over there. They never experience the storms. Perhaps that is a clue, I offered. What do you mean? Dougle was angry now as he stood up, placing his hands on his hips. The weather is a reflection of your inner state of mind, Quan Yin stated softly. You are manifesting your inner struggles by creating storms around your community. Impossible! Dougle protested. We arent creating the storms. They are! That other community is like a plague on us. I dont know how theyre doing it, but its all their fault. Its people like that who cause disharmony and strife in the world. They dont know how theyre supposed to act! Suddenly, the sky grew cloudy and dark. We all looked up at the domes ceiling to see a lightning bolt striking a tree nearby. See! Theyve cursed us with their immoral behavior. Were a loving people, but its difficult to love them. Why is that? I asked. Do they disturb your sense of right and wrong? Exactly! Dougle replied. Others murmured their agreement, shaking their heads. What is right? I asked, knowing this argument well. My father had often told me of the olden days when others formed judgments against their neighbors. We know whats right, he replied. What is right to one is wrong to another. Do you remember the old earth? Of course I do! I lived there. What do you remember of earth? You are too young to have lived there. It has been many years since the great shift.


You are right, I stated. But my father lived there and he has told me many stories. He spoke of the cultures of various countries how one society believed it was right to have many wives while others believed you could have only one. Polygamy is wrong, Dougle stated. Yet many people accepted it as right. Societies often change their minds, even from one time to the next. At one time in history, women were not allowed to expose the skin of their ankles, yet this practice was completely accepted at a later time. Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Society always changes its mind. Dougle seemed to consider my words. You may have a point there. Why do you judge your neighbors? Quan Yin asked. The Creator does not judge you. When you judge others, you are judging yourself. You do not know what another experiences until you have walked in their shoes. Think of it this way, I added. My father often gave this example when he talked to me about judging others. He said, If you felt that stealing was wrong, yet you found yourself in a situation where you must steal a loaf of bread or let your family go hungry, which would you choose? Do not judge the man who steals, because you may find yourself in the same situation one day. Your father is a wise man, Dougle said. I knew our words were making an impression on the community. Dougle and the others were scratching their heads, trying to assimilate these new ideas while they murmured to one another. Consider this, Quan Yin said. Perhaps the Creator positioned your neighbors next to you after the great shift to teach you about judgment. You are a loving people, that I can see, which is why you are here and not on the old earth. Yet, you still judge others, and that is part of the old vibration. Do not judge your neighbors. They are happy and fully embrace the Creators gifts. You, too, can experience some of these gifts and release yourselves from judgment. How? Do we have to walk around naked? one woman asked. No, it is an option, of course, but it is still your choice. Good! the woman exclaimed. I wouldnt mind floating around more often, though. They do look like their having fun most of the time. We tend to work too hard. And all that kundalini energy makes me frisky! a younger man stated, making everyone laugh. Always remember that the Creator has gifted us with many talents, abilities, and experiences. It is not wrong to enjoy our gifts. Judging others only brings us inner turmoil, Quan Yin said softly.


Many of the people in the community were smiling. Quan Yin had such a peaceful aura about her. Much like Sananda, her words inspired and uplifted others with their wisdom and truth. It felt good to help these people and to be part of such a healing experience. Much later, when we had left the community and were, once again, on our way, I turned to Lahita. We were walking in the moonlight, having wiled away the day, and I noticed how her skin glowed in the waning light. I wonder if the Creator did plan it that way, I commented absently. Quan Yin was walking further ahead of us, giving me some time to speak with Lahita in private. Im sure it was part of the design, Lahita answered. I couldnt help laughing. Imagine! I said, shaking my head. Stationing a community where the people are completely uninhibited next to another that is judgmental. Im glad we grew up in a community where people accept and enjoy their sexuality. Did you ever walk around naked? Lahitas eyes grew wide as she punched me softly in the arm. Ghabril! I believe Letch is coming out again. Stop picturing me naked. How do you know I was doing that? You are not very good at hiding your thoughts, Lahita said. I smiled, amused by her response. Well, did you? Of course I did. When I was a small child. Didnt you? I winked at her. Now I can read your thoughts! You are not as innocent as you pretend, Lahita. Ghabril, you are treading on dangerous ground again. I am not ready for your advances in that direction. Can I at least kiss you? I asked. Raising my eyebrows, I gave Lahita my most charming smile. Letch didnt come out this time. I asked you instead of just kissing you. Lahita seemed to consider my request. Quan Yin was far ahead of us, by now, making me wonder if she had anticipated our response to the village we had just encountered. All right, she conceded. My heart was singing! Thinking quickly, I saw an old oak tree up ahead. Taking Lahitas hand, I pulled her behind the oak when Quan Yin was preoccupied gathering berries. You look quite beautiful in the moonlight, you know, I said, drawing Lahita against me as I wrapped my arm around her waist. I could not resist brushing the tendrils of hair away from her cheek with my other hand. With my thumb on her chin, I looked deeply into her


eyes and focused on her pink lips. Her skin felt so soft in my hand as I cradled her cheek and gently tipped her head. The taste of her lips was sweet indeed. She responded shyly as I kissed her with rapt ardor. For a moment, time stopped and the only thing I felt was the connection between us, that stirring bond of energy and the sweetness of her lips. She captivated me with a spell that was difficult to break. Lahita smiled softly as our lips parted. That was very sweet, Ghabril. Not like Letch at all. Her voice was so soft and she smelled like fresh ocean breezes. It was intoxicating to be near her. Are you two coming? The sound of Quan Yins voice startled us as we slipped out from behind the tree. Yes! I replied. Be right there! She caught us, Lahita said, laughing. Dont ever think she doesnt know whats going on. Eyes of a hawk and ears of an owl, I remarked, winking at Lahita as we took hands and ran ahead on the path. I wonder where our next adventure will bring us, Lahita said. I am enjoying this, Ghabril. We are learning so much. And helping people, I added. At that moment, I could not be happier. Our work was fulfilling, and Lahita and I were together. Suddenly, I knew what my parents had experienced when they were first together. Often, they would tell Alleyana and me the stories of their early romance on the old earth, yet I never completely understood their experience. Not until now. Not until I started to fall in love with Lahita.


Chapter Twenty-Six
Be careful, Lahita! I warned as we rounded a bend in the road. Having traveled further through the former British Isles to the land once known as Ireland, I was enchanted by the rolling green hills and fields of purple flowers that Quan Yin told us was called heather. The sky was darkening, making it difficult to see the road before us, save for the moon that was beginning to show its pockmarked face. Since the discovery of my growing emotional attachment to Lahita, I found my protective nature bubbling to the surface. I had never felt this sort of fear for another person before. Normally, I was quite casual regarding issues of safety, knowing we were always protected by angelic forces. Yet, I was constantly fearing for Lahitas safety, to the point of being annoying to my lovely companion. Oh, Ghabril, please stop worrying, Lahita chastised. I will not trip or turn my ankle. I have walked on Lady Gaia my entire life without sustaining serious injury to my lightbody. Why have you become so fearful for my safety? It was useless trying to shield my thoughts from Lahita. Quan Yin looked at us with knowing eyes. It is human nature to protect the ones we love, Quan Yin offered when it was clear we all understood my motives. It is still part of your cellular memory, Ghabril, and can be likened to the days when people lived in caves and had to worry about animals attacking them. Yes, these urges seem very ancient, indeed, I agreed. Shall I pull you along by the hair, Lahita, as in the stories Kalani told us of the mythical cave people from long, long ago? I could not help smiling and winking at the women as we continued along the earthen path. Touch one hair on my head, Ghabril, and we will see who needs protection, Lahita warned. Hmmmph, I said, huffing loudly. Is that what I get for caring about your safety? Threats? As I delve into my ancient cellular memories, I seem to recall that females once respected their male counterparts for providing nourishment for the community and staving off unsavory predators. There was a great deal of respect and gratitude, at one time. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, Ghabril, Lahita proclaimed. This is the new age, dear one, not ancient times where animals and humans did not live in harmony. Your worries are unjustified. Even so . . . I began, laughing at Lahitas indignation, you cant help but wonder . . .


My words were cut short by the sudden loud howling of a creature we could not see. It was a long, piercing sound that cut through the moonlit night with a chilling vibration I had not yet experienced. What was that? I asked Quan Yin, turning my head in the direction of the noise. Oh dear, Ghabril, I believe you have manifested a wolf with your endless worries and active imagination, Quan Yin said, shaking her head in dismay. Now we really are in danger, Ghabril, Lahita exclaimed. Cant he make it disappear? she said, turning to Quan Yin. Before I had time to consider Lahitas words, I saw a furry creature leaping out of the fairy woods. It bounded towards us with such speed that I barely had time to think. My options were limited, but I instinctively knew what I needed to do. I felt the warrior ripping away from my body as the aspect I called Rasputin separated from my lightbody. Rasputin stood before me, shielding Lahita and Quan Yin from the treacherous fangs the wolf was baring as it stood before us with glowing eyes and dark intentions. Dressed in a long dark robe, Rasputin held a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. His hair was long, as was mine, and I watched curiously as Rasputin raised his shield and held out his sword, daring the wolf to come closer. Cowering beneath the mighty force of the warrior, the wolf slunk down on its hind legs, begged a merciful glance in our direction, then turned and loped back into the fairy woods. We all stood for a moment and looked at Rasputin who stood before us with a proud stance and satisfied expression. Quite proud of yourself, arent you, Rasputin? I said to my aspect. Nodding his head, Rasputin responded in kind. As of yet, none of my aspects had ever spoken in words, relating to me through physical gestures. Well, thank you for your assistance. Your help is greatly appreciated. You may return to that part of me from whence you came. Accepting my offer, Rasputin dove towards me and disappeared into my lightbody, appearing as a wispy stream of ectoplasm. I sighed deeply. Phew, I commented, I wasnt sure if I could pull him back that easily. Perhaps I am gaining better control over my aspects. I actually commanded him to appear when that wolf sprung out of the woods. The wolf that you manifested with your worries, Quan Yin reminded me.


Yes, that was unfortunate. I was always good at manifesting as a child. Alleyana was continually scolding me for dreaming up fantasies that always came about such as the time I conjured up an ogre after one of my mothers stories. As a teenager, I learned to control my impulses. It has been a long time since I let my fears create my reality. You must always remember, Quan Yin stated, that our fears will manifest very quickly. Ever since the end times, mankind has manifested their fears in an effort to bring to the surface that which we are afraid of. Only then can we heal. This was a healing experience for you, Ghabril. You must remember that worry is a useless emotion and serves no purpose except to bring our fears out into the open. I could not help feeling ashamed of myself. These were basic lessons that I had mastered long ago. We all knew that our thoughts create our reality, especially since the time of the great shift when we fully entered the photon band and activated our lightbodies. How could I be so careless with my thoughts? Do not beat yourself up over this, Ghabril, Quan Yin said. It is a learning experience. Life is a journey and we must welcome the lessons that still come our way. Ever since we left the community, I feel as if I am on a constant quest for knowledge. I am learning a good deal about myself. Me too, Lahita agreed. This has been a wonderful opportunity, Quan Yin. Thank you for allowing me to come along. It was always meant to be, Lahita. You just did not know it as soon as Ghabril did. Some things must remain hidden. I also want to mention, Ghabril, that your ability to manifest Rasputin at will was a positive thing. You are gaining more control over your aspects, calling them forth when they are needed rather than letting them escape whenever they choose. I smiled, pleased by the masters praise. He was a rather dashing character, Lahita admitted, smiling shyly. Quite brave. Yes, you do not see that part of me very often, do you, Lahita? I said, lowering my head. Yet he exists within you, she answered softly. Perhaps you can integrate him so that you will be the hero next time. A fine suggestion! Quan Yin exclaimed happily. Integration is the key to fully mastering your aspects. There is time for all that, though. No need to worry about too many things at once. We have another assignment coming soon, and this one will not be so easy. Lahita and I looked at one another with a tinge of apprehension.


Are we about to encounter the dark forces you spoke of? Lahita asked. We both knew instinctively that our encounters with the storms and the communities that harbored negative forces were only the beginning of our brush with darkness. The tough stuff was still looming ahead of us, challenging us to dig deeply into ourselves to discover all of our potential and hidden strengths. Yes, Quan Yin stated as she began to gather sticks to build a fire. We will rest here tonight then journey to our new destination. Is it far? Lahita asked. Yes, we must leave this land and go back to the former Americas, to a spot near the Islands of California called Mt. Shasta. Isnt that where Adama lives? I asked. In Telos, beneath Mt. Shasta? That is correct. We will meet Adama who will guide us through the hollow earth. Lahita and I looked at one another with sparkling eyes. Do you mean we will be allowed to venture inside the mountain where the ancient Lemurians now live? I questioned. An excitement crept over me at the prospect of viewing Telos. Although the Telosians lived among us ever since the great shift, only invited guests were allowed within the cities of light. To tour Telos with Adama would be a great honor. Yes. Adama has invited us to join him, for there is work there that only we can accomplish. I have heard tales of pockets of negativity within the hollow earth, I commented, feeling the gravity of the situation. Will that be our task? I will let Adama explain, Quan Yin said. He will tell you what you need to know. Lahita suddenly smiled, her pretty features glowing as her eyes sparkled like glistening stones in a flowing stream. I have always wanted to visit Telos! she exclaimed. We have heard so much about it from Adama and Mikos, but it will be much different traveling there ourselves. Quan Yin smiled briefly, her eyes darting towards Lahita then to me. Yes, you will like it there. Then you have been to the city of light? Lahita asked. Once. Bonnie brought me down there. Who is Bonnie? I asked. She calls herself a surface dweller because she was born in Telos but lives on the surface, as we do. Before the great shift, she started


telling people she was from Telos, so they could get used to the idea. Her parents are Ra and Rana Mu, the king and queen of Telos. When did you meet her? Lahita asked. Before the shift. I was visiting a friend in Mt. Shasta and found her. We talked for three days before she invited me to her home. She knew who I was. Isnt it true that many ascended masters live in Telos? I asked. Yes, Quan Yin replied. They are very evolved there and have mastered immortality. Many members of Telos and the hollow earth live to be hundreds or thousands of years old. There are elders who have lived for 30,000 years in the same body. They remember the original Lemurian culture and keep things holy. I have been working with Adama on achieving immortality, I offered. It is all a matter of mind control and releasing certain chemicals within the body from the pituitary gland. We were meant to live much longer than our current life spans, Quan Yin agreed. Ever since we sank into density and our DNA was deactivated, our lives are very short. People create disease in their bodies because they are not balanced. My parents told us stories about all the sickness in the dark ages, I said. Something called cancer that people developed due to the chemicals they poured into Lady Gaia. Kalani said that, at one time, mankind used chemicals for everything to grow their food, to clean their homes and their bodies, to make the ground turn green, and to kill plants that were unwanted . . . It was a way of life that did not honor the earth, Quan Yin said, nor mankind. Our bodies were not respected and, therefore, developed sickness. The chakra system was not understood until shortly before the shift. Now, we balance our systems and do not poison our bodies with chemicals. Health is easy to achieve. So what did it look like in Telos? Lahita asked, obviously more interested in our upcoming adventure than a discussion on disease. Quite beautiful. You will see for yourselves tomorrow. Adama will give us a tour before we set out on our tasks. How long will we be staying there? Lahita questioned. This time, it will be longer. It may take awhile to accomplish our mission. Lets gather more sticks for the fire and make our dinner. Quan Yin usually stewed some vegetables in a pan she had brought along, using peanut oil. Our scientists had invented containers for storage that completely sealed vegetables in an airtight bag, made from a derivation of our bubble dome resins. The resin was given to mankind after the shift by the ascended masters who appeared to people of scientific mind in the dream state. They were taught the


basic compound of the resin, which was completely natural so as not to harm Lady Gaia, as well as being quite versatile. As we helped Quan Yin gather sticks and prepare the food, I wondered about our newest adventure. It would be good seeing Adama again. The Telosian had been visiting our community since my memories first began. He felt like an uncle to me. Yet, I knew our travels into the hollow earth would also be dangerous. My intuitions warned me of impending darkness and, despite myself, I felt a chill run up my spine. Why did Adama need our help? I wondered. Surely the Telosians who were so much older and wiser than their surface-dwelling counterparts could handle anything, couldnt they? If it was too difficult for them to rid the hollow earth of darkness, how could we possibly take on such a monumental task? We were not gifted with their vast knowledge or talents, for we had just begun our journey in the fifth dimensional world. Although Quan Yin was certainly aware of my thoughts, she did not comment on them throughout dinner, nor afterwards when we sat around the fire discussing the days events. At times, she could be quite secretive, something I had come to expect from her. Good night, she said as Lahita and I closed our eyes. Your questions will all be answered tomorrow. My eyes fluttered open as I stared into her penetrating gaze. Thank you, I said softly, for Lahita was already asleep. Quan Yin merely smiled.


Chapter Twenty-Seven
I wrapped my arms around Adama in a warm embrace. Although my own height was well over six feet, Adama was easily a foot taller. Today, he wore a colorful robe and a necklace of black stones around his long neck. Flowing blonde hair was parted on the side, and his blue eyes were sensitive and kind. His face reminded me of an elf with its thin nose, almond-shaped eyes, and high cheekbones, while his body was slender yet sturdy at the same time. Greetings! Adama exclaimed as he hugged me then Lahita and Quan Yin. How have you enjoyed your adventures so far? They have been very informative and interesting, I responded. Thats wonderful. You are in good hands with Quan Yin. Shes an excellent teacher, Lahita added, smiling up at Adama. Indeed. She is lucky to have such bright, cooperative students. I am pleased that you have agreed to help us. We were standing beneath the stupendous, snow-covered peaks of Mt. Shasta. The sun was warm but there was a slight chill to the air, making me shiver, despite my efforts not to. A serene lake reflected the beauty of the mountain and surrounding pine trees. Several deer dipped their noses into the water as they daintily stepped to the lakes edge. Are you cold, Ghabril? Adama asked, noticing the goosebumps on my skin. Just a little. We have gone from the searing heat of the desert to these snow-capped mountains, and I only made this light cloak to cover me. In a few moments, we will be inside the mountain where the temperature is a constant 75 degrees. It is still strange to us in Telos that most of mankind lives on the surface. To us, it is more natural to live within the earth where you are protected from the elements and those extra-terrestrials who would have their way with you. In our eyes, living on the surface is the equivalent of making your home on the roof of your dome, rather than inside it. I guess I never thought of it like that, I said. Yet, those who now live in Telos were once surface-dwellers, as well, I pointed out. Yes, then we were forced to re-locate because of the great wars between Atlantis and Lemuria. I am sure your parents explained to you about the great wars. Kalani said there was a difference of opinion about the other creatures on the earth the ones who were not as evolved. The Lemurians, who were very peaceful, wanted to leave them alone to


evolve at their own pace, while the Atlanteans, who were more warlike and manipulative, wanted to have these groups under their control and direction. Thats right, Adama stated, nodding his head. No civilization can evolve if they do not embrace peace, for they spend most of their time fighting, creating disharmony and simply trying to survive. Eventually, terrible consequences result from these activities. In the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, it was a major cataclysm which was the result of a thermonuclear war. Lemuria sunk into the ocean overnight as a result of the blast. Atlantis began losing parts of itself until, over the course of the next 200 years, it also was lost beneath the sea. How sad, Lahita commented. Yes, Adama said, his eyes filling with tears, it was very devastating. Many Telosians are over the age of 12,000 years and remember that tragic event. Our high priests said prayers and sung while many Lemurians drowned in their sleep, unaware until the last tragic moment what was occurring to their continent. Fortunately, 25,000 Lemurians managed to escape. Is that when you came here? I asked. Yes. We knew of the impending disaster because we have always used our divine gifts. When it became obvious that the probability of disaster could not be avoided, we petitioned the council of twelve in the spiritual hierarchy, asking for permission to prepare the mountain for our evacuation. They agreed, and we used sound technology to hollow out the existing caves. I cant wait to see your home, Lahita said enthusiastically. Adama laughed. Yes, I have kept you out here in the cold long enough. Excuse me for forgetting my manners. Wont you come inside? Adama graciously held out his hand toward the mountain path. As I could not see any opening, I was hesitant to move, looking to Quan Yin for assistance. I know the way, she chimed, taking Adamas offer to follow the path before us. Follow me. Everyone followed Quan Yin down the dirt path towards the mountain, with Adama guiding us from behind. In only a few minutes, we reached the side of the mountain a solid wall of stone that was peculiar in a way I could not describe. There is something odd about this stone, I said, running my hand over its surface. It does not seem uniform. That is a good observation, Ghabril, Adama said. You are correct. The surface was made in an irregular fashion to provide a clue. It conceals one of the openings into the hollow earth.


Moving forward, Adama began clearing the brush that appeared to be part of the terrain at the base of the mountain. After a few minutes, it was obvious that, hidden beneath the brush, was a small opening in the earth. It is a little difficult to squeeze through, at first, Adama explained, but it is necessary to keep the opening concealed and, thus, it must be small in circumference. The tunnel will widen once we are inside. Adama took the lead now as he contorted his long, slender body until it fit through the opening in the ground. I allowed the women to go next, then squeezed my own 67 frame through the tiny hole. As I emerged on the other side, I stood up, observing the tunnel that surrounded us. How big is this tunnel? I asked, curious about its dimensions. It was rounded and appeared to be lit with the same natural glow that wed encountered in the hall of records beneath the sphinx. It measures 15 feet in height and 5 feet in width. A few Telosians must duck if they wish to come through here. Originally, the Lemurians were 15 feet tall; however, as we became more dense, our height shrunk to a mere 7 feet. As we have prospered over the last 12,000 years, able to evolve freely, our height is, once more, increasing. Didnt Kalani tell us that the people who lived in the 17th and 18th centuries on the old earth were only five feet tall? Lahita asked, turning towards me. Yes, I answered, remembering the lesson. How odd that mankind grows with their evolution. As we reach for the stars and realize our connection to the heavens, Adama explained, our physical bodies also expand. Are you ready to proceed? We all shook our heads as Adama led the way down the long illuminated tunnel. How is this tunnel lit? I asked when we had traveled quite some distance, the light never waning. We saw a similar phenomenon when we were in the hall of records beneath the sphinx in Egypt. The air itself is luminous, Adama explained. It is done through thought intention, as is every other manifestation we create. You have heard stories of the old earth, Quan Yin said, and how people began lighting their houses and buildings during the night by means of electricity. It was found that this unnatural way of living caused many health problems as well as depleting the earths fossil fuels, which is why on Lady Gaia, you sleep when it is dark.


We have adopted the same lifestyle in Telos and the hollow earth, Adama explained. Yet, it is sometimes necessary to illuminate dark spaces, thus, we create air particles that continually glow. Then how is Telos lit? I asked. After all, you reside within the earth where there is no light . . . My question hung in the air as we approached the end of the tunnel. As we rounded a bend, I immediately saw a large opening with light emanating from some unseen source. Standing at the end of the tunnel, I gasped with fascination and wonder. Before us was a vast wonderland that did not even resemble a cavern. The sky was cerulean blue and a bright sun illuminated the sky, just as on the surface. Trees, flowers and small lakes dotted the landscape with pristine beauty. People were mulling about, walking and chatting, sitting on benches, or swimming in the small lakes. It looks just like the surface! I exclaimed. Yet we are deep within Lady Gaia. How can that be? We hollowed out this cavern, which measures two miles high by fifteen miles across, Adama explained. It is a reflection of the outer surface, yet the mountains around the perimeter are even higher than those on the surface. The lakes are deeper and more pure, and the ground is completely unspoiled. In fact, we take off our shoes when walking on the earth, so as not to harm her in any way. There is a central sun that illuminates our city that rotates around the hollow earth to other cities, creating the effect of night and day. How is the central sun powered? I questioned, looking up at the luminous orb that appeared much like our own sun. It is an extension of Creator light, Adama told us. It is the source that truly powers Lady Gaia. The sun within your solar system that lights the outer shell is but a reflection of the central sun. Fascinating. Indeed. Let us walk a ways so you may see where we live. Adama took off his shoes, prompting us to follow suit before stepping onto Gaias skin. The Telosians respect for the land was quite admirable. Beneath our feet, soft moss grew to make a spongy carpet on which to walk. It feels so soft, Lahita commented. In Telos, we live in harmony and cooperation with Lady Gaia. We respect her body and, in turn, she honors our physicality by making her skin comfortable to walk on. As we passed by the native Telosians who were enjoying the great outdoors, they looked up and smiled at us, greeting Adama with kind words and welcoming gestures. In general, they were all quite tall, even the children, and willowy of frame. Their features were quite


natural with long, flowing hair for both men and women. It was difficult to tell the genders apart, at times, as they seemed to meld and blend in their appearance not overly masculine or feminine and their white robes were loose around their bodies. Occasionally, someone would pass who wore a colored robe, such as Adama, making me wonder if it was a class distinction. Are those wearing colored robes of a higher status? I finally asked. No one in Telos is truly of a higher status, Adama explained, as all are treated equally. Yet, there is a distinction among Telosians who act in the role of high priests and priestesses. I am a high priest, which is why I am allowed to wear colorful robes, if I choose. I do not always choose to do so, however. Others may also wear colors, as they often do on special occasions. It is not forbidden. It merely aids the population to recognize those who serve as high priests and priestesses, so they may ask for their assistance, if necessary. I see. How do you govern yourselves? I inquired. Much as you do on the surface. We have a high council, consisting of six women and six men. I am the thirteenth member of the council and can cast a tie-breaking vote, if necessary. We decide on matters that will benefit all people in our community and are for the highest good of all. You may not know this, Adama added, but it was the Telosians who gave the members of the new earth the mental suggestion of how to arrange their governing systems. Really? Yes. We knew it was necessary to implant thoughts of alternative ways to govern yourselves. On the old earth, people did not even realize that their government was manipulating them. They were so afraid of giving up their freedom that they allowed their government to enforce greater control throughout much of the end times. Not until the time of the earth changes did people realize the hidden agenda of their administrators. They were not acting in the interests of the highest good, but rather to gain material wealth and power. The people forgot about their ability to read minds, Quan Yin added. They were afraid to make their own decisions, so they let their leaders do it for them, thinking they knew best. Which is why we could not allow that sort of governmental system to develop on Lady Gaia, Adama explained. Suddenly, up ahead, I saw a huge structure. There were tall crystal pillars stationed at equal distances apart. As my eyes followed the pillars, I saw that they extended for quite some distance before another layer appeared. More crystal pillars supported the next layer


and the next, until I counted five layers in all. Each level of the structure was open, not enclosed by walls of any sort. What is that? I asked. This is where we live and work, Adama told us. There are five levels which maximizes living space. The first level is where we have built our temples, our homes, and our work areas. The next level is for our classrooms and is an area designed for learning. The third level has our gardens where we grow enough food to support the 1.5 million residents who live here. Above that are more gardens, then the last level is for our wildlife. They are closest to the central sun and live in peace and harmony at the highest level. Amazing, I commented. Would you like to take a tour? Adama asked us. Lahitas eyes lit up as she vigorously shook her head. Lead the way, I agreed, also anxious to see the areas where the Telosians lived and worked. As we proceeded to walk towards the crystal pillars, I was amazed by their size and the symmetry of their structure. The crystal building in our community where we conducted our town meetings and where the high council met was very different in nature than the pillars before us. Whereas the buildings at home were also chiseled by sound waves, they were rough on the surface, maintaining the natural composition of a crystal. These pillars were perfectly smooth, yet the facets within them sparkled and swirled with the most amazing designs. These pillars are fascinating, I commented as I reached out to touch one, running my hand along its glasslike surface. Yes, we have honed our technology to meld the natural crystals we found in these caves into one uniform pillar. There are 33 pillars on each level with a circumference of seven miles across. As we walked past the pillars into the inner area of the structure, I noticed that the floor was made of the same resin substance as our bubble domes. Adama placed his shoes back on his feet, and we followed his example, although the floor was quite comfortable and could easily be traversed in bare feet. Many of the children were barefoot within the structure, so I assumed that shoes were optional. The first place we visited was a temple, which Adama explained was a place for spiritual pursuits. It was paved with gold and jewels, making it sparkle as small holes in the ceiling allowed the light of the central sun to shine through the many layers. Crystal benches formed semi-circles and a giant crystal protruded from the floor while another one hung from the ceiling. Is there a particular time when people pray? I asked Adama.


No, it is not structured. This is a sanctuary which can be accessed whenever one feels the need. It is a place to connect with the Creator and angelic forces. Ahhhh, welcome Michael. Turning my head to where Adama was looking, I saw a tall column of light that I recognized as Archangel Michael extending from the ceiling to the floor of the temple. You will often see the angels here, Adama said. As we left the temple, we passed by several buildings that were similar to our bubble domes before entering one that was somewhat larger than the others. Would you care to eat? Adama asked us. There was an automated station in the middle of the room that managed the food lined up along various shelves. I have never seen anything like this! I stated, amazed by the massive amounts of fruits, vegetables, breads and grain products. On the old earth, Quan Yin explained, this would be the equivalent of a restaurant. The only difference is that people would have been required to serve the food. There is no need for people to spend their precious time serving others when our automations can do the same thing, Adama said. We know from our observations of the old earth that this was a degrading task that often made humans feel like slaves. Food production is also automated, as you will see when we reach that level. This affords all Telosians the time needed for productive, stimulating work. On the surface, I said, we do not gather large amounts of food unless there is a feast, eating only what we need at the time. Very little is stored or wasted. How do you manage the food so that no waste occurs? This is a central location that is accessed by all Telosians, eliminating the need for gathering their own food. We have carefully measured the amounts consumed so that only enough is produced each day to meet our needs. Gathering various food items on our plates, we sat down at a crystal table to consume our meal. I still felt overwhelmed by the amount of food in the room and the availability we were afforded. How delicious! Lahita exclaimed. I have never tasted anything quite like this. Adama smiled. We have developed some very intriguing recipes, he said. All of our food is hydroponically grown and blessed to increase its vibration. Over the last 12,000 years, we have also developed some unusual spices that add a wonderful flavor to our fruits and vegetables.


Once we had finished our meal, I felt completely satisfied. I hoped we would stay here long enough to consume more of their exotic dishes, and I knew from the look on Lahitas face that she was hoping for the same thing. I could not wait to tell my parents and Alleyana about this wonderful place. Making a mental note to contact them telepathically that night, I followed Adama as he led us to his home which was close to the eatery. This is where I live and is similar to the other homes in Telos, Adama said as we walked into an enclosed area. It is not large like your bubble domes on the surface, since most of us eat together and do not require much living space. There are also central baths, eliminating the need for individual hot springs. Mainly, we use our homes for sleeping and for private recreational use or alone time with family members. We are quite satisfied with this arrangement as our communities are very close-knit and not much privacy is really needed. It was very strange for me to see how Adama lived. My mother had told us of the cities on the old earth, which were similar to these living arrangements. On the surface, communities were spread out more. There was plenty of space. Yet, the Telosians appeared quite content with this lifestyle. Would you like to see where many people work? Adama asked. He took us to another building where several Telosians were stationed around screens with moving pictures of the surface. It was very odd to see pictures of the outer shell that moved and appeared to be real. What is that? Lahita voiced. It is a monitoring device. For the last 12,000 years, since coming here to our underground home, we have watched those who still live above us. Our computers are made from amino acids that correspond to the cells within human DNA. In this way, we are able to track the activities of those on the surface. Until recently, we employed light meters, as well, to measure the amount of light within the bodies of those humans on the surface. Isnt that rather invasive? I asked. It seems like spying to me. We are under the direction of the spiritual hierarchy, Adama explained. It was necessary to monitor humans in order to assist. If too much darkness covered the earth, divine intervention would be needed, which is exactly what happened. The Creator decided to end the human experiment of duality and return mankind to their original path. It was necessary in order to evolve the species and keep mankind from destroying itself.


Why are you still monitoring the surface, then? I asked. Have we not proven that the members of Lady Gaia will not destroy themselves or the planet? The equipment will soon become obsolete, Adama said. Once we are certain that communities are stable and can live together in harmony, we will no longer have to monitor the surface activities. That should be accomplished in the next 200 years. I could not help laughing. Your idea of soon varies greatly from mine! I exclaimed. I forget that your life spans are much vaster than ours. How long do people work each day? Lahita asked as she continued to look around. No more than four hours per day. That allows us to spend time with our families and on individual pursuits. Kalani told us how people once worked eight-hour days, I commented. I am glad we are free to work when we choose. It is difficult to imagine spending so much of your time working. There would be very little time for play. Agreed, Adama said. In Telos and on the new Lady Gaia, there is no need to work long hours because everyone has learned to share and live in harmony. Competition is a thing of the past, and as we have no monetary system anymore, there is no need to work long hours. It merely leads to disease and depression. What other types of work do people do? Lahita asked. Whatever they are interested in. Many choose to help our community or the surface dwellers. Some design new species of plants or flowers. Others spend a great deal of time communicating with our galactic neighbors. Still, others enjoy nurturing the children or teaching in our schools. It is very individualized. Many Telosians also work on personal pursuits such as creating works of art or writing tales that they share with others. Some explore their gifts, working on honing their abilities and talents. In our community, we usually have assignments, I commented, although there is a good deal of freedom in choosing what interests us. Much of the work that still needs to be done on the surface is assigned because it is important to establish the essential elements to build strong communities, Adama explained. In Telos, we are already established, so we are free to explore other areas. Soon, you will also have those choices. I would like to work with the creatures of the sea, Lahita stated, as Alleyana does. Although I am certainly enjoying my travels, she added quickly, looking at Quan Yin with anxious eyes.


Each of us has certain gifts and talents, Quan Yin said easily. As you grow older, you will be allowed to choose your profession. I am not sure what I wish to do, I said, scratching my chin in consternation. There are so many options; it is quite difficult to decide. I imagine it depends on which aspect you are on any given day, Lahita teased, smiling playfully. Perhaps I will let Rasputin take over, I joked. I will be a defender of the light, slashing darkness with my mighty sword wherever I encounter it. I took on the stance of Rasputin, legs spread apart as I raised my arm with my imaginary sword. Suddenly, a gleaming silver sword appeared in my hand. Everyone laughed at the unexpected manifestation. Your manifestation skills are quite strong, Ghabril, Adama commented, smiling with a wise and knowing air. There was a peculiar gleam in his eyes. They will come in handy during your next assignment. Suddenly, my playful mood dissipated as I realized the gravity of Adamas words. I am curious, Adama. Why were we summoned for this assignment? Surely, the members of Telos are much more powerful and wise than the surface-dwellers. How is it that you expect us to accomplish something you cannot? Adama smiled brightly. I anticipated that question from you Ghabril. You are very perceptive for one so young. All the members of the new earth have potent and amazing gifts, including you, Lahita. Your practical nature and intuitive mind will serve you well as you encounter the darkness. Thank you, Adama, Lahita responded, for your compliments. Yet, I am also curious about your justifications for bringing us here. How will we be able to help you with the darkness? It is because of your composition of density, Adama explained. Quan Yin is of the old earth and although she is an ascended master, she was still trained in the ways of duality as part of her life experience. She had many lifetimes where she learned the nature of dark and light. Although you and Ghabril were born after the great shift, you still carry the genes of your families. You possess both qualities which are needed for this assignment lightbodies and special talents belonging to the new earth as well as the genes and knowledge of the old earth. Because of these qualities, you are well suited for this assignment. The Telosians have been so ingrained in our own evolvement that we have allowed the pockets of darkness to exist, hoping they will also evolve into the light. It is difficult for our sensitive bodies to enter


their force field because negativity makes us physically ill. We do not understand the darkness as you do because we have not gone through the same life cycles of duality. How did these dark pockets develop in the first place? I asked. When you escaped the cataclysm and began living underground, you were all of one mind, were you not? Not exactly, Adama explained. We were caught off guard. Originally, we anticipated many more Lemurians living here. Then, the Atlanteans had a surprise attack which caused the great cataclysm that sunk our glorious island home. Only 25,000 of us were able to escape to Telos. Among that number, the lower creatures that we fought over escaped as well. We realized this fact when it was too late. Members of the original group met and decided to allow these creatures to live in designated areas of the hollow earth. It was felt that the original Lemurians were correct in their compassion towards these creatures and that to try to control or manipulate them would be acting like the Atlanteans whose philosophy we disagreed with. So we gave them a home and sent light to them telepathically, since it was very difficult for us to be near them because of their lower vibration. Wait a minute, I interrupted, how can anything of a lower vibration exist on Lady Gaia? My mother told us that after the great shift, it became so painful for anything dark to exist that they all perished. This is true, Adama responded. However, the creatures who lived in Lemuria and who escaped to the hollow earth were protected from the full saturation of photons when we entered the photon band because they live deep within mother earth. Doesnt the central sun which is of pure Creator energy affect these creatures? No, because they live away from the light of the central sun. They survive in dark pockets within tunnels which are not illuminated, tunnels which they created with their own sound technology in order to survive. They seem very intelligent, I stated. Yes, they are. Do not underestimate their strengths. They are cunning, manipulative, and extremely knowledgeable in many areas. Why have they not changed if the Telosians have been sending them telepathic light all these years? They are resistant to the light. They do not understand their connection to the Creator and have traveled far away from the light over their many sojourns here on earth. You cannot force any creature to evolve or embrace the light if they are unwilling to do so.


Then why have you implored us to try now? I asked Adama. His expression became one of compassion and unconditional love as his eyes softened, forming tears within. Because the council of twelve sees their numbers growing. They are also master geneticists and are manipulating their genes to create more offspring. It cannot be allowed, for this could jeopardize our new world. Peace must reign. We have begged the council to give us one more chance to bring these creatures into the light. Otherwise, they will be destroyed. How will they be destroyed? Lahita asked. I have never heard of such a thing. It is the worst fate that can befall any soul, Adama told us, his eyes showing his extreme sadness. The Creator will take these souls into Its own heart to heal and neutralize their energy fields, which have become so distorted by darkness. That doesnt sound so bad, Lahita said meekly. I knew she was feeling compassion for these creatures and not wanting them to be hurt. The method is most loving as the Creator is only love. What is sad about this ultimate fate is that any creature brought back to the Creator in this fashion loses its individuality. Their memories are erased and that special spark of creation that they began with that part that makes them unique is wiped away. It is truly the worst fate that any soul can experience because it means that every lesson is erased and every facet of their personality is suddenly gone. I tried to imagine losing my own individuality in such a manner and became very saddened by the thought. How can we help them? I asked. By making them understand what will happen if they continue to follow the darkness. We cannot get near these creatures but you can. When you are able to get close, you must first shine your lights upon them, so they will allow you to come closer and interact. Then you must inform them and give them a choice. This is a free will universe, Quan Yin reminded us. Before the great shift, all creatures were given a choice on a soul level. Those who were not ready to evolve chose sickness and death and manifested those conditions in their earthly lives. These creatures must also be given a choice. Will they be allowed to pass over if they so choose? Yes, Adama stated. That is really the only choice as these creatures have become so dark that they require healing on the other side. Yet, if we were to destroy their bodies now, they would not choose to go into the light because they do not understand it.


Dont other realities still exist? Lahita asked. Kalani told us that all souls went to the perfect place for their souls evolvement. Some people decided to stay on the old earth to continue their lessons there. Why cant these creatures go there? Duality still exists. Alas, Adama said, sighing deeply, if only it were that simple. Each soul has a place in the cosmos. To allow these creatures to enter any other civilization would be to upset a very delicate balance. They are so dark that the only option is for them to receive healing on the other side. They can still be saved if these choose to. Once their distorted energy fields are rearranged to safe levels, they will be able to rejoin another civilization and incarnate to that world without disrupting the balance of that particular ecosystem. I see. The enormity of our task seemed overwhelming. Do not despair, Ghabril, Adama stated, the Creator assured us that this outcome is possible. You must have faith. I know. Hey, wait a minute . . . Suddenly, something that Adama had said earlier began to make sense. Who are these creatures, Adama? You said they were master geneticists . . . Adama smiled. You are very observant, Ghabril. Yes, they are the creatures that once haunted your mother before she became pregnant with you. They are Anunnaki.


Chapter Twenty-Eight
Anunnaki! I exclaimed. I knew it! I remembered my mothers stories about the final days before my conception. Duncan had returned to our community, and my parents were told by Sananda that a star seed would be born to them. It was at that time that Kalani began hearing the voices of the Anunnaki. But, wait, I protested, Kalani told us the Anunnaki were in her genes. She discovered they were a part of her after she remembered mating with an Anunnaki lizard 300,000 years ago. She was a goddess on earth at the time they arrived and caused the planet to sink into density. Her visitations were not from an external source, as she originally thought, but from within her own memories. It was the Creators way of helping her to integrate her own past so she would be completely ready to birth me. This is true, Adama agreed. Your mothers experiences were part of a bigger plan. Plans within plans that is how the Creator arranged things. Not only was that experience important in helping her to integrate her own duality, it was also important that you learn of the Anunnaki in preparation for this event. I couldnt help laughing as it all began to make sense. How very clever. The universe is always in perfect order, Quan Yin said, smiling happily. Our Creator is more wise and expansive than we could ever conceive of. There is a saying from the old earth, from one of the great philosophers, Adama stated. There are more things in heaven and on earth than can ever be dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio, Adama quoted. Lahita and I smiled. Then, I had a new thought. What do these creatures look like, Adama? Arent the Anunnaki reptilian in nature? Yes, they are lizard-like, but do not forget, these creatures originated in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria when genetic experimentation was at a peak. The Atlanteans experimented with many combinations of man and beast. They mixed human DNA with animal DNA to create a creature that was half man and half beast. These poor souls were not very intelligent and were the basis of the Centaur myths as they had the body of a horse or mule and the torso and head of a man. The Atlanteans used them for slave labor.


Yes, I remember Alleyana describing them to me when we were children. She had recalled a past lifetime where she was a high priestess in Atlantis. Some of the Anunnaki were unfortunate enough to be captured by the Atlantean scientists. Now, mind you, many Atlanteans were very good and highly evolved. They lived on the spiritual side of the great wall. The scientific side started craving power, however, and they tortured the captured Anunnaki until they discovered their genetic secrets. Once these methods were uncovered, they used them against their captives, using the Anunnaki DNA with human and animal DNA to create a very hideous and dark creature. Lahita and I looked at one another with wide eyes. I will not keep you in the dark about their appearance, Adama said quickly as he saw the fear in our eyes, for this is something you must know and accept in order to approach them. Thanks for that anyway, I said, smiling weakly. These creatures have the heads of humans with reptilian tongues. Their bodies are snake-like with many arms, similar to an octopus from the sea. Yet, they walk like an animal, having strong furry legs and hooves for feet. They are fast, cunning, and agile, able to suction their way up walls with their tentacle arms and capable of great speeds through their tunnel mazes. They are very dangerous since they will not hesitate to kill anything that draws near to them. Sounds scary, Lahita stated honestly, her tone flat and unemotional. They are. How have you been able to observe them? I asked. The same way we monitor the surface, Adama told us. In the beginning, some Telosians volunteered to give their own lives for the cause of planting hidden devices that could monitor the creatures. Unfortunately, they were discovered many years ago and destroyed. Were you able to see them? I asked Adama. Yes. They are, indeed, intimidating. Yet, you must always remember that light is stronger than darkness and you will have angelic guidance. Can the angels save us from these creatures should we be attacked? I asked. Guardian angels have always come to the rescue of those who need to be saved, Adama said carefully. The Creator does not allow us to know soul contracts, however. The poor Telosians who gave their lives to plant the monitoring devices were not meant to survive their mission and passed over to the other side. I must tell you, honestly, that I do not know what your fate will be because I cannot


possibly know your individual soul contracts. Be assured that there are no accidents. Everything is in perfect order. That is all I can tell you. I am sorry. Adama hung his head. I knew he was feeling deep sorrow at his own task of sending us into such a perilous situation. No one could possibly know what the greater plan would be. If it was our time to leave Lady Gaia, the Anunnaki creatures would slaughter one or all of us. If it was not our time to leave the earth plane, our guardian angels would step in and save us, if we were not able to save ourselves. I looked at Lahita and we exchanged the most profound eye contact I had ever experienced. It was as if in those few brief moments that our eyes locked, all of our growing emotions were laid bare. I knew in my heart that Lahita loved me in the same way I loved her. It was funny how a perilous situation causes true emotions to rise to the surface. Yet, the moment was bittersweet. Lahita loved me, too, yet I could lose her to these hideous creatures or die myself. If we were not meant to live longer on Lady Gaia, I hoped we would die together. I could not imagine life without her. I also thought about my parents and Alleyana, of our community and all I longed to return to. My family would be devastated should anything happen to me, as would Lahitas. And what of Quan Yin? Was it her time to go? The thought of losing the master was heart wrenching. Do not despair, Adama said again. I have total faith that your mission will be successful. You will all leave here the better for your ordeal and the Anunnaki creatures will return to the Creator with their souls intact. You must have hope. Right now, fear is the greatest enemy. What will be, will be, Quan Yin said, smiling gently. I am not afraid to die because I know our souls are eternal. We are assured of going into the light and will be rewarded for our efforts, if that is our fate. We do not really die. Only these poor creatures will lose that special part of them if we fail. We owe it to them and to ourselves to do our best to help them. Suddenly, I could feel Rasputin rising up within my chest cavity. His bravery spread over me like a warm sunlit day. I stepped over to Lahita and placed my arm around her shoulders. She was looking frightened, and the need to protect her was overwhelming. Dont worry, Lahita, I said softly, Rasputin will protect us. You saw how he dealt with that wolf. Do you really think a couple of slimy lizards can defeat us?


Lahita laughed, looking up at me lovingly. Honestly, Ghabril, I think well all need to find a Rasputin within ourselves to fight these creatures. Okay, you will have to get in touch with Sheena, warrior princess of light. How does that sound? Everyone laughed. Quan Yin brightened up. I will call upon Ghengis Quan, she joked. A very famous Oriental warrior. Quite brave. Adama smiled gently. You are all quite brave. Remember, you have a choice in this. You do not have to help with this mission. It is up to you. Im in, I said without hesitation. Me, too, Lahita chimed in. Cant leave me out, Quan Yin replied. We all knew that it was not right to allow any creature to suffer. To back out now was unthinkable. Today, we will relax and enjoy the day. Many of the Telosians are eager to meet you and share their gratitude for your decision. Can we go back to that food place? I asked, eager to sample more of the Telosian dishes. Of course! Our home is your home. Tomorrow, we will discuss strategy, and then your task will begin. Can we use those monitoring devices to see our families? I asked, looking over at the screen with the moving pictures. Most certainly. We moved over to the devices and Adama stepped up to the control panel. How does it work? Lahita asked. These monitors work off the amino acids within our own anatomical structure. All you need to do is think of someone or a certain place upon Lady Gaia and those images will be focused onto the monitor screen. Often, we are guided to areas where a human being is having a revolutionary thought which raises their vibration slightly. Every time that happens, whenever someone discovers some grander truth or performs a valiant, loving deed, we are able to feel that energy. Honing in on the area where the light quotient is increasing, we are able to see a picture of the event, which helped us greatly before the great shift. How so? I asked. We were waiting for mankind to reach critical mass the 100th monkey, so to speak, where everyone was capable of shifting. Each person who achieves a higher vibration adds that energy to the mass


consciousness. Each act of love, which is the basic building block of the universe, helps others, as well. It shifts everything. Interesting. I guess you dont really need to measure that anymore. Its still important. We are still at a crossroads where the balance of Lady Gaia is very delicate. It is similar to a butterfly that has just gone through a metamorphosis. Their wings are very fragile until they grow stronger and learn how to fly and blend with the wind. Adama stepped aside. Who would like to go first? You can go first, Lahita, I offered, seeing the anxious look on her face. Lahita smiled at me and stepped up to the screen. Adama instructed her on the proper way to place her hands on the equipment, allowing her amino acids to be read, then told her to think of her family and their home. Immediately, an image appeared on the screen, and I recognized Lahitas mother, father and baby sister. She smiled with delight. They were down by the ocean, walking along the shore, her little sister hoisted atop her fathers shoulders. Do they know were watching them? she asked. No, but you can still communicate with them telepathically. Lahita squeezed her eyes closed and sent a message to her mother. As we watched the screen, her mom suddenly stopped her forward movement and looked in our direction, shielding her eyes from the sun. Smiling, she waved at us. She heard me! Lahita exclaimed. I told her we were watching from Adamas monitor and asked her to wave if she heard my thoughts. When it was my turn, I pictured my family and our bubble dome. The first scene we saw was Kalani and Duncan sitting on a bench in the council room. I sent my mother a mental message and she turned around excitedly, waving into the air. Whispering to my father, she tugged his arm, and I told them both that I loved them and would be home soon. Duncan cracked a wide grin before winking at me, making my eyes tear at the familiar endearment. The next scene I witnessed on the Telosian monitoring device was my sister, Alleyana. She was talking with one of her friends in the common area, sitting on a low brick wall, when she got my mental message, Do you ever stop talking? Looking up from her conversation, she smiled widely. No, so get used to it, was the reply. Where are you? I told her I was standing next to a monitoring device in the underground city of Telos. Her mouth dropped as her eyes widened. I


then began to describe what she was doing and where she was. It amazed her that I could actually spy on her activities. She must have sensed the impending danger we were in because she suddenly became quiet and pensive. Are you okay, Ghabril? I heard her ask. Yes. We have to go fight some bad guys, but well be fine. I calmed my thoughts so Alleyana wouldnt sense any fear that may still be lingering from our conversation with Adama. Be careful, I heard her say. I will. Love you. I love you, too. Alleyana and I have always shared a close bond, I told the others after we left the monitoring devices. She can sense when something is going on. The community will be made aware of your quest, Adama told us, so they can add their combined energies to the light you will require to approach the Anunnaki. Really? Yes. Guess we can use all the help we can get, I quipped. For now, let us enjoy the day and visit with the others. They will also give you strength for what lies ahead, Adama stated, placing a hand on my shoulder affectionately. I followed Adama, knowing that conversation with the Telosians would be very helpful right now in distracting our minds from what loomed before us. I reminded myself that fear was my greatest enemy, at this time, and that I must be brave for Lahita who was also nervous about the Anunnaki. Relax, Ghabril, Quan Yin told me as we headed for the room with all the food. Everything will be fine. Desperately, I prayed that Quan Yin was right.


Chapter Twenty-Nine
Lantern in hand, Adama led the way as we journeyed away from Telos, city of light, into the darkness of the outer tunnels. Here, the air was not illuminated because no one ever ventured into these parts of the hollow earth. The air was thinner as we climbed higher toward the surface. The earthen tunnels were wide, almost like narrow caves, with stalagmites and stalactites jutting out from the ground and ceiling, making it difficult to navigate, at times. Our lanterns were illuminated with a special potion that Adama conjured up after our breakfast that morning. Once again acting as the wizard, as he had appeared during visits to our community when I was younger, Adama displayed his abilities with alchemy, telling us that he would only be able to escort us to a certain point through the tunnels. When the vibration became too low, it would begin to make him sick, and he would need to turn back. As we carefully picked our way through the darkened tunnel, I watched Adama for any sign of disease. So far, he appeared strong and robust, leading me to the conclusion that we still had a ways to go. Our evening with the Telosians had been quite interesting as they told us stories about ancient Lemuria and their life in Telos. They encouraged us, making it clear that all of the members of the hollow earth, along with the members of our community back home, would be focusing their energies on sending us light and unconditional love in order to assist us on our quest. Strangely, I was not afraid. My nightly prayers, as well as our early morning meditation, filled me with a calmness and knowingness that we would be successful in our encounters with the Anunnaki. Still, Adama insisted that we invoke protection against the spells and charms the Anunnaki may elicit to wear us down. Imagining colored lights and the white light of protection filling our auras, then sealing the special rays with an eggshell shield of energy around our lightbodies, we also called upon the archangels to guard us against negative energy hits and psychic attacks. Adama had also insisted on planning strategies for infiltrating the Anunnakis lair. Although we would use our intuition to guide us, he felt it was also important to have a solid plan in place. Lahita had assisted with the logistics, as this was her strong point, and Quan Yin added some valid psychological strategies. Remember, Adama said, they will sense us coming at a certain point and begin using mental charms to distract us. They are very coy


and will try to work their way into your thoughts. Once there, they will find the slightest thread of negativity and grab hold of it, twisting your thinking until you do not even recognize your own thoughts. What should we watch for? Lahita asked. First, you must always remember your shield and resist letting anything penetrate it. If they find a hole, you will begin to feel restless and agitated. You may even feel a false sense of euphoria. This is how they charm you. How do you know these things? I asked. We were monitoring the thoughts of the original scouts who implanted devices after we first discovered the presence of the Anunnaki. At first, they were feeling giddy and very happy, then restless. They fought it off and were able to implant the devices, then their thought waves ceased completely. It was at that point, we knew they had been killed. I sighed deeply. Okay, so its giddy then restless. How is everyone feeling right now? Unusually calm, Lahita stated. Aware, Adama said. Watchful, Quan Yin added. I am also feeling very calm. That couldnt be a charm, could it? I dont think so, but we cant be sure. Quan Yin, you told us last night that you know how the Anunnaki think. They were humans before the great shift, infiltrating the corporations, churches, hospitals, schools . . . trying to control businesses by firing those who carried the light and instilling their own kind into positions of power in order to manipulate the workforce. That is correct. What happened when they were found out when someone saw through their guise? That person was targeted and disposed of. Cold and ruthless? Yes, they lack true emotions. That is why they are unable to follow their souls calling, because we find our path through our emotions. We must all fill ourselves with unconditional love, then, I said matter-of-factly. It is the only way to battle them. If our light is bright enough, they will not know how to react. It will be foreign to them. Yes, Adama agreed, they recoil from the light. You must look them in the eye, regardless of their hideous nature, and love them completely. First, though, you must disarm them. Otherwise, they may kill you before you have the chance to send them love. How do we disarm them? I asked.


You must always watch their tentacles and their forked tongues. They can spit venom that will blind you and reach out to ensnare you. What should we do if either happens? Lahita asked. Ohhhhhh, Adama moaned as he doubled over in pain. He was sweating profusely and had become ghostly white. They are near. I must turn back or it will be too late for me. If you get into trouble, surround yourself in white light, do not fear, and invoke Archangel Michael to help. Go, Adama, before it is too late, Quan Yin said, taking him by the shoulders and forcing him to go back through the tunnel. May the light shine upon you, my friends, Adama muttered as he hurried back through the tunnel, holding his stomach and groaning as he left. This is it, Quan Yin said. Be brave and watchful. We are protected always. Quan Yins courage inspired me as I turned my head every which way, keeping Lahita close beside me. Then, I saw the first Anunnaki. There! I whispered, pointing to the tunnel wall up ahead. A creature was attached to the wall by eight green tentacles. It was facing the wall, its lizard tail and scaly back snaking back and forth rhythmically. Its sinewy legs were covered with brown fur, while the hooves were flat to the wall. Yet, its head was human that of a woman with brown snarled hair and evil green eyes. She turned to look at us, her forked tongue hissing forth from her sculpted lips in warning. Leaping down from the tunnel wall, it stood before us as others joined the creature, moving closer to where we stood. The other three Anunnaki were similar to the woman, only two were male. Their appearance was hideous indeed, yet I knew that to loathe them would be a fatal error. Shine your light! I said urgently to the others. Lowering our eyes and raising our arms, we filled our hearts with unconditional love until our lightbodies glowed like radiant beacons in a darkened sky. The Anunnaki cowered at the sight, writhing in fear as they backed away. I could hear Quan Yins thoughts to me and Lahita. Be careful! They are trying to deceive us. Just as Quan Yin had predicted, when I looked up at the Anunnaki to see their reaction, the woman who was clinging to the wall opened her mouth until her forked tongue slithered out. Before I had time to guard against the attack, she spewed hatred from her eyes and venom


from her forked tongue. Her aim was perfect, hitting me squarely in both eyes. I am blind! I realized, knowing I had committed a deadly error in trusting the creatures. Lahita and Quan Yin read my thoughts. Protect yourself, Lahita communicated. White light and Michael. Do not fear! My eyes stung from the venom, but I imagined a white light of protection surrounding my body. Michael! I called, invoking the archangel to protect me. I could feel the fear of the Anunnaki as Archangel Michael charged to my side. Although I could not see anything, I felt his presence as the hairs on my arms stood straight up. Its working! Lahita whispered. Michael has his sword and theyre backing away. Are you all right, Ghabril? I could feel the women around me, forcing me to sit down as they put healing hands upon my eyes. Are they gone? Yes, for now. Michael scared them away. But for how long? I wondered aloud. I dont know. Not long, I imagine, Lahita said quietly. Long enough to heal your eyes. Wait, Adama gave us some special water for injuries. He made it with the illumination potion this morning. Here it is. I could hear Lahita fidgeting in the small knapsack we had brought along. I have some in my hands, Ghabril. Lower your face and I will wash out your eyes. I did as Lahita instructed, feeling the soothing water as it splashed onto my pupils. Blinking rapidly, I opened my eyes which were blurry at first. The more I blinked, the clearer they became. Thank you, Lahita. I can see now, I told her. We all sighed deeply. Thank the stars, Lahita exclaimed. No, we should thank Michael. He came to our rescue. Was the light truly working, Quan Yin? Did it do anything to the Anunnaki? I am not sure. I think it weakened them and took them by surprise. We will need more next time. No, my pretties, you will need more now! Suddenly, I felt two suctioned tentacles grabbing me from behind. At the same moment, I saw Lahita and Quan Yin also becoming ensnared by other creatures. Sucking in my breath, I fought to pull air into my lungs as the arms held me tighter and tighter. Invoking the white light again and Archangel Michael, I felt the arms loosening until I could breathe.


Very good, but not good enough! Dont worry, young one, we will not kill you yet. We have plans for you. We know who you are, Anunnaki, and we have come to help you. My instincts told me they preferred silent communication. I was relieved that they did not plan to kill us immediately. Help us! Impossible! We help ourselves to whatever we choose. They are afraid of us because we have learned to spawn ourselves very quickly now. Soon, we will take over this hollow earth. No, it will not be allowed. Who are you to say what will and will not be allowed? You are prisoners now, and we tell you what is allowed. Come. There will be no further communication, at this time. I could hear the creatures hooves as they scraped and clomped against the tunnel floor. Turning around, I caught a glimpse of Lahita and Quan Yin who were also wrapped tightly in tentacle arms. Lahita looked at me with alarmed eyes, but I knew she was all right. We had all invoked Michael to loosen their arms so we could breathe. Quan Yin appeared very calm. It was as if she expected this, and I was reminded of our journey through the Sphinx. It felt like we traveled quite far through the tunnel before the Anunnaki dumped us on the tunnel floor. As I looked around, I saw we were in what appeared to be their lair. There were honeycombed compartments against the wall big enough for the Anunnaki creatures to sleep in. They were empty, at the moment, and the creatures left us on our own, although the entrance was guarded by a large creature who hissed at us occasionally but, otherwise, ignored us. Huddled together, we rubbed our arms where the Anunnaki tentacles had scratched our tender skin. They arent going to kill us right away, I whispered to Lahita and Quan Yin. This is our chance to talk to them, to try to convince them that their only chance for soul survival is to surrender to the light. Somehow, I dont think they want to listen to us right now, Lahita murmured. You heard the womans thoughts. She does not want to hear what we have to say. They will try to exert their control, Quan Yin agreed, but that doesnt mean they dont want to hear us. They are curious and want to know what we are up to. It is the only reason they are keeping us alive right now. Speaking of keeping alive, I said, we should have an emergency evacuation plan in case this doesnt work an escape route. We could teleport, Lahita said. If they wont surrender to the light and are about to kill us, we could just pop dimensions and escape. Right? She looked at Quan Yin for confirmation.


Quan Yin was shaking her head sadly. I am sorry, Lahita. We cannot teleport down here. The vibration is too low. It would not work. Great, Lahita replied, realizing the seriousness of our situation. Then, we will have to convince them of their fate should they refuse to return to the light, I said. I wonder . . . Quan Yin was looking quite serious now, and I knew she had a plan. What is it? I whispered. There was no time to hear what Quan Yin was thinking as the Anunnaki guard clomped toward us, raising its tentacles in intimidation. Silence! Do you think we cannot hear you? We hear your words and we hear your thoughts. Surrender to the light? Never! If that is your plan, you are more foolish than we thought. If you do not hush your mouths and still your thoughts, I will eliminate you right now and be done with it. Do you understand? Yes. As the guard walked away, Lahita looked at me with fear in her eyes. I tried to reassure her by smiling bravely. Masking our thoughts was very difficult, so we all entered a deep state of meditation, as the guard had suggested, completely stilling our thoughts. Little did the Anunnaki guard know that by quieting our thoughts, we were paving the way for the Creator to enter our lightbodies and begin Its work.


Chapter Thirty
Which one of you is the leader? One of the Anunnaki females startled us from our deep meditation. I did not know how long we were traveling into other realms, communicating with one another in the astral spheres, but I was fairly certain the Anunnaki guard had not caught on. He did not hear voices in his head from our conscious selves, so he assumed we were following his orders and had quieted our thoughts. Quan Yin spoke up. I am, she declared quietly. The creature stalked around our little circle, tipping her head this way and that as she examined us. Her face was quite human with brown hair, though it was snarled and unkempt, sharp green eyes, a narrow chiseled nose, and sculpted beige lips. If one only saw her face, they would not realize the hideous creature she had become. Unless they saw her tongue, of course, forked and snakelike, darting from her lips as she tipped her head while examining us. Suddenly, she looked at me. Do you think I am hideous? she questioned. I realized that they did not speak with their mouths because their forked tongues interfered too much. She had picked up on my observations. I have never seen anyone like you before, I answered honestly. It is very odd for me to see one so dissimilar in appearance to my own lightbody. Hideous is a judgment based on encountering someone different than myself. I am sorry. I did not mean to judge you. Do you not realize that the genes of my ancestors are within you? Your spine is reptilian in nature. Your tailbone once supported a tail just like mine. Mankind did not descend from apes as some humans once thought, they descended from reptiles. She flicked her tail, looking backwards at it to make her point. Yes, I answered, I am aware of this fact. My mother explained it all to me when I was a child. Ahhhh, Kalani. We know of Kalani. You see, we are all connected, just as you are. Each of us holds a place on the web of life. We are not as nave as you believe. Kalani was a goddess when our experiment began, though she was in a different human body than she now occupies. She was taken by one of the Anunnaki lords and spawned a child half human and half lizard. It saddened her greatly, at the time, but she valiantly raised her offspring. She was one of many who bred the first generation of our kind. Until our numbers grew and grew . . . and we became ingrained in your society. So


ingrained, in fact, that for many years before the great shift you did not even know we were not you! The Anunnaki female laughed maliciously. It was great fun to play with you then. Although I played no active part, having been engineered by your Atlantean scientists into this form, I was connected by the telepathic web and could also feed off the humans fears. Many of my brothers and sisters infiltrated your corporations, taking over by impulsing those in charge to fire those who carried the light and replace these sorry humans with us. We have great business acuity and can be very persuasive, you see. It was not difficult worming our way into every facet of your lives then pulling the strings of control until you were puppets in our hands! Yet, you did not win, did you? Quan Yin said quietly. The light was stronger. The great shift occurred and the Anunnaki were banished from the planet. Not all of us! We survived, as we always do from blasts that sunk Atlantis and Lemuria to the great shift. And our numbers are increasing daily. You see, all things evolved during the great shift, even us. Once again, we are the master geneticists that helped to seed the human race. Our power is growing along with our numbers. It will not be long before we are able to rise to the surface, once again, and claim our heritage. This is not true, Quan Yin told her quietly, looking the Anunnaki female straight in the eye. The Creator will not allow that to happen. How do you know? It was allowed once. This is still a free-will universe. The Creator cannot stop us. You still have free will, Lahita said, speaking for the first time, but your choices will be limited. It was obvious that the Anunnaki female was becoming quite agitated. I could sense her curiosity but also her growing anger. I decided to speak, as well, in an effort to shift her anger onto me. The Creator loves you, just as It loves all of Its creations, I told her, filling my heart with unconditional love for this spark of the divine who had not known true love in a very long time. Compassion overflowed from my heart. For a moment, the Anunnaki female had a look of vulnerability in her green eyes a very human and emotional look. I knew I needed to press the point before I lost her attention and she became angry again. Please . . . allow me to show you the Creators love for you. Without waiting for her to give permission, I attempted something I had only done one other time in my life. Summoning the help of all the archangels and the spiritual heirarchy, I exploded my own light out


to the creature, surrounding her in a balm of healing green light. As the green light pulsed around her, I added white light and the pink light of unconditional love. The three layers surrounded her body as her eyes grew wide before erupting in a flood of tears. What have you done to me! she wailed. Then she sobbed uncontrollably, and I knew a healing was occurring. Suddenly, she ceased her crying and buckled her horse legs until she knelt on the floor of the cave. Pulling her tentacles around her lizard body, she curled her head down beneath one tentacle and fell into a deep, deep slumber. What have you done? Before I had time to fully assimilate the effects of the healing on the Anunnaki female, the guard stormed into the room with several Anunnakis behind him. What have you done to Queen Azile? We have done nothing, Quan Yin replied, but send her love the love of the Creator. I dont believe you! See for yourselves. She is merely sleeping. Your queen is not injured in any way. We wish you no harm. The Anunnaki guard stomped angrily over to Queen Azile, his hooves clomping noisily against the dirt floor. Examining her closely, he looked suspiciously at each one of us. You have cast a spell on her. Tikon, take them away to another part of the cave, away from Queen Azile. Should I destroy them? the one named Tikon wanted to know. No! Not until we find out what is wrong with her. We may need them still to remove the spell. Take them to the far quadrant where they cannot reach her with their treachery. Sleep is all that will heal her, Quan Yin announced as the Anunnaki were picking us up with their tentacles to transport us to the far quadrant. You will not be able to wake her for several hours. How do I know you are not tricking us? the Anunnaki guard asked angrily. What if sleep is harming her more? If I were you, I would not want to take that chance, Quan Yin replied casually, raising her eyebrows for emphasis. Making a quick decision, the guard turned towards the others. Let her sleep then! Do not disturb her until she awakens. I want the healer brought in, though, to check her condition. Go! Now! As the guard barked his orders, I tried not to show signs of my relief that they would allow Queen Azile to sleep. We all knew that the angels were caring for Queen Azile in her sleep time, healing the distorted energies, calming her fears, teaching her about the light. If


she were woken too soon, she would be denied the full effects of angel medicine. When we were finally deposited onto the hard ground in the far quadrant, a new guard stationed outside the opening to this particular cave, we immediately sat in a circle and entered a deep state of meditation. Once I had reached a certain point in my meditation process, I left my physical body and entered the world of the astral planes. Lahita was not far behind me and Quan Yin waited expectantly for the three of us to be joined as one. I could see ghostlike images of Quan Yin and Lahita as we joined hands to better communicate. That was very successful, Quan Yin stated. Ghabril, I am proud of you for calling upon Spirit to assist you in sending the light. Because of your genetic connection to the Anunnaki, only you could have achieved a connection. Yes, Lahita added, smiling happily, you opened your heart chakra so wide that I felt an outpouring of love all around us. Congratulations! I am thankful it worked. I only did that once before when a dear friend wanted to end his life. His energy was also very distorted. Will they be able to heal her enough? We shall see, Quan Yin said. What of the others? Lahita asked. Will Ghabril need to heal them all as well? I do not think that will be necessary, Quan Yin replied. It is difficult to know how this will play out. We have yet to tell them their choices. They may not see it as much of a choice. They must either die or have their soul identity erased. We must teach them not to fear death, Quan Yin answered. Suddenly, I was back in my body as I felt a cold, slimy tentacle slapping my face. As my eyes flew open, I saw Lahita slammed across the room by an Anunnaki male and Quan Yin being strangled by another. Quan Yin closed her eyes and invoked the white light, but her face was turning even more blue than its usual light tint, and I was suddenly frightened that she would choke to death before the Anunnaki let her go. Release her! I cried aloud. Before I knew what was happening, seven of my aspects split from my body and attacked the Anunnaki crew. Rasputin was in the lead, slicing his imaginary sword at the horsy legs and tentacles of a male Anunnaki. Letch grabbed hold of a female and tried to kiss her in his own chivalrous way. Kaos was like a whirlwind, twirling about like the ancient Tasmanian devil as he chopped at the lizards with his hands and feet while he spun around.


Sneak was tiptoeing up to a stout male and tickling his tail, then grabbing a hold of it as he tried to swinging him and uproot him from the cave floor. Jester was running up and down the cave wall, doing flips in an effort to distract them. Spark was taking out his aggression on a male guard by using his spiny back and spongy belly as a punching bag. And Foul was displaying the middle finger of each hand in an ancient and unsavory gesture while he stood staunchly, legs apart, kicking at anything he could reach from his position. The Anunnaki were stunned by the attack. The one guard let loose his hold on Quan Yin and Lahita recovered her senses as the Anunnaki left her alone in order to contend with Rasputin. Run! I yelled to Lahita and Quan Yin. Follow me! I knew we only had a few moments before the Anunnaki guards would figure out that my aspects were not able to hurt them. The distraction was all that was needed, however, for us to escape from our lizard captors. I felt weak as we stumbled from the cave and scurried along the tunnel. Quan Yin and Lahita sensed my distress and each took one of my arms as we hurried back the way we had come. Whats wrong, Ghabril? Lahita asked worriedly. I need my aspects back. Im not whole without them. Can you make it back to the cave where Queen Azile is sleeping? Quan Yin asked me, concern in her voice. I think so. Why are we going there? Youll see, Quan Yin answered in her typically mysterious fashion. I didnt have the energy to ponder on it further, giving all of my effort to reaching the cave we had just been vacated from. The tunnel seemed endless as I struggled down the path, my companions still holding onto my arms. Then, we heard the Anunnakis hoofed feet clomping towards us in the distance. Theyre coming! Faster! Quan Yin whispered desperately. If theyre coming, then my aspects must be alone, I reasoned. Back! I instructed them. The single command was enough to call my aspects back into my body. I felt them sliding in, one by one, proud of their fight against the Anunnaki guards. Immediately, I felt a surge of energy. Im fine now, I told Lahita and Quan Yin. Lets run. Sprinting the rest of the way, we reached the cave where we had left Queen Azile a short time ago. The Anunnaki were close behind. Hold onto her, Quan Yin instructed us.


As we laid our hands on the queens tentacles, she began to awaken. The guards were in the cave now, watching us with wary eyes. Take your hands off of her! a guard commanded. Queen Azile began to open her eyes. She looked around as if rousing from a deep slumber, confused and disoriented. Do not harm them, she told her henchmen. Leave us alone. It is safe. I wish to speak with them in private. The guards looked at her with suspicion and apprehension. Do as I say! she commanded harshly. I am still your queen and there will be consequences to pay if you do not obey me. Leave! Intimidated by the queen they were accustomed to, the guards bowed their heads and backed away, leaving us alone with Queen Azile. You may unhand me now, she said gently, looking at us with eyes that conveyed some deeper understanding. Sit over there where I can see you. We sat down on the cave floor where she had indicated while the queen stood up and began pacing back and forth. Much happened in the short time I slept. Explain to me, if you will, why I should not kill you all for deceiving me in such a fashion. We did not deceive you, Quan Yin stated honestly. We gave you an opportunity to see the light for yourself. Ghabril is connected to you through his genes, as you already know. He embraced you with light so you would see how beautiful life can be. So we will surrender! Is that not what you truly mean? Surrendering to the light only means that you give up your own free will in order to be free. For many eons, the Anunnaki have separated themselves from the light. They have forgotten what joy, beauty, peace and love feels like. Queen Azile began to cry again. Oh yes! It was quite beautiful! I have not experienced anything so serene in many, many ages. You are right. I forgot what it was like. You may have that again, Queen Azile, Lahita said kindly, her sweet compassion like a raindrop on a parched day. All of you. But how? I do not understand still. When I slept, I was brought to a beautiful garden where angels held me and rocked me in their arms. They comforted me and wrapped me in a cocoon much like the ones we use to spawn our offspring. That is where you go when you surrender to the light, I told her. That is the home of the Creator, of us all. You will still keep your identities, but you will be healed of all the pain this earthly existence has brought you.


Do you remember when the experiment began? Quan Yin asked her gently. Yes. It is in my ancient memories. We Anunnaki were part of the planners of earth. We were gods! The humans prayed to us because they knew we had created them. Yes, Quan Yin agreed, you were creator gods, sent forth from the Creator. Mankind flourished for millions of years with full access to their original twelve strands of DNA. It was a garden paradise for all. Great civilizations arose like Lemuria and Atlantis. Then, the Anunnaki became greedy and wanted to control the native species. It was allowed then because the Creator knew that your experiment would have a grander purpose. When you rearranged the twelve strands of DNA, de-activating all but two strands those needed for survival and reproduction you were better able to control the human race. Mankind sunk into density and was allowed to learn the lessons of duality. It was not all of us who committed these atrocities! Look at me! My DNA was also rearranged by the very people we created! Yes, it is quite sad mans inhumanity to man. You are part human, yet you were not allowed to evolve and become one with mankind, as the others were. If I had, I would be dead right now. Have you forgotten how all the Anunnaki were destroyed during the great shift? How is that fair? They were not destroyed, Queen Azile, I told her. They were brought to a place just like the garden you saw with the angels who could heal them. When any soul wanders too far from the light of the Creator, becoming dark and forgetting their connection to the Source, they will always be brought back home. The Creator loves each one of us, dark or light, because we are all One and sparks of Its essence. There is something else you must know, Quan Yin stated with a heavy voice. What? Tell me all you know. The Creator has made a decision about the Anunnaki living down here in the caves. It is felt that in order for proper healing to occur, you must return to the light willingly. And if we do not? Quan Yin paused briefly before she spoke. The Creator is all loving and all merciful. Darkness will not be allowed to reign now for at least 1,000 years. Those who remain dark must surrender to the light. If you do not, the Creator will take you into Its loving heart and realign you. Yet, there is a price for this ultimate act of forgiveness. What is this price you speak of? Tell me!


You will lose that part of you that is unique you will lose your individual soul. Queen Azile looked at Quan Yin closely to ascertain whether or not she was telling the truth. When she realized that her words were sincere, she buckled to the ground, several of her tentacles rising to cradle her face as she bowed her head, finally realizing the magnitude of her situation. After several moments, she spoke. We have played our games for so long now, she moaned sadly. Knowing we could continue to incarnate onto the earth plane to play the game of duality, to enjoy the darkness, the cruelty, the manipulation and power that we could possess over the humans. I am tired of this game. You have shown me something that, until today, my ancient memories completely forgot. I believe you when you say this is the end. The Creator has been indulgent for a very long time, letting us experience the darkest portions of our souls. I am ready to surrender to the light. I do not want to lose all that is me. I cannot face that. The others will be told. They must be allowed to make their own choices, but as for me, I will surrender. She looked up then, a peaceful expression of acceptance on her face. No longer hideous, she appeared beautiful in the soft glow of the cave. We all smiled at Queen Azile, and for the first time in her long lifespan, the creature smiled back.


I remember the old earth. I am a grandmother now, little ones afoot, gathering close to hear my tales. It is important to remind them of the olden days before the great shift so that mankind will never return to the ways of war, greed and violence. Our paradise grows more beautiful every day. Alleyana and Leleil are down by the ocean, at this moment, where Alleyana has done magnificent work healing the sea life and the polluted waters. Her communication with dolphins and whales to gain their knowledge is a throwback to her Sirian ancestry and the wisdom she gained as an Atlantean high priestess before that civilization destroyed itself. Their children are even more gifted than my precious daughter was at that age. Teaching her mother new feats every day, Hosana is a joy with her dark curls and grey eyes, much like her brothers. Trey is only a baby now, but he promises to be a handful, just like Ghabril was at his age. Speaking of Ghabril, after his journey into the dark caves of the Anunnaki within the hollow earth, he and Lahita returned home with Quan Yin. A marriage was joyfully arranged after it was discovered that Letch escaped on their journey home and Lahita was carrying her own star seed. Ghabril has finally been able to control his aspects, although he loves telling his own two boys about the time seven aspects escaped at once to distract the Anunnaki guards and aid them in their escape. Duncan also loves that story. He has added it to his own array of tales, along with the two-headed ostrich snail. We grow more in love each day as we work toward the time when all communities will be able to travel about freely on Lady Gaia, assured of harmony, freedom, and peace. Sananda and Sereta have become the epitome of the perfect marriage, as they were meant to be over 2,000 years ago. Quan Yin returned to her travels, feeling she was more needed in other parts of the globe. Adama and the Telosians still visit us often, and Duncan and I were invited to view the grandeur and splendor of that underground haven, which inspired me greatly. In fact, it inspired me to write this tale. I wanted all of you to see how paradise is possible. Perhaps, some day, you will pass this story along to a friend, a family member, or someone in need of encouragement. Until then, I wish you joy.