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First Saturday Session


With J.P. Nomi Malone on Saturday, February 25, 2012: 5pm to 9pm Our first Saturday session is going to have an awesome male model. And I believe his first time with Dr. Sketchy’s, J.P. Nomi Malone is an amazing Boylesque performer so don’t miss out on our Saturday Debut.

Next Month

me 2 , 2012 - Volu February 16

With Vi-Vacious on Thursday, March 15, 2012: 8pm to 11pm It will be the beautiful Vi-Vacious’s last time posing with Dr. Sketchy’s Las Vegas, let’s show her an awesome farewell by coming out and sketching like you haven’t sketched before...

TH E V a m p G ir ls
he Vamp Girls, Sarah and Kacy are performance artists with a blood thirsty twist. These vampire beauties love the dark and bizarre and have made a “stake” around town as alternative and horror models, performers, spokesmodels, hostesses, writers and much more. All this “to make your BLOODY dreams come true!” Currently you can catch them in the February 2012 issue of the international magazine The Haunted.

rt Monkey of the Month

Show Case
As some of you may know, I’ve been looking for an art Gallery to show case the loyal Art Monkey’s of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Las Vegas and I am happy to report, I found one! Yes, that is right, I found us an awesome location and space within the confines of BlackBird Studios! Gina Quaranto owner, has graciously given us her space for a week in the month of May. More details to follow so, please “like” us to keep updated..

I am proud to present our February Art Monkey of the month, Mrs. Jana Lynch! Jana, has graced Dr Sketchy’s Las Vegas with her super enthusiastic presence! She has rallied more and more artists into the realm that is Dr. Sketchy’s and most recently hosted a paint party which brought in 13 artists (including me) to create the piece OCTO (page 2) which is going to help fund the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School showcase in May. I want to share a little information about who she is and how you can keep up with her work. For over 20 years, Jana has been a freelance graphic designer/art director. Her specialty, is speedy creative solutions for all print media, web and even YouTube movies.

Our February session is bound to bring chills to your spine and a feeling to cover your neck as these two vamp vixens will perform and possibly have their way with you on stage before settling down to pose. You just might want to draw your sketches in blood as we are preparing to have plenty of paper and canvas on hand and have every Art Monkey participate. For more information check out their website at: www.thevampgirls.net

Cont in u ed. ..
“Jana’s motto is “Creative Solutions Create Results”. She offers her services at discounted prices, so cities, agencies, manufactures, small business owners and individuals can afford to promote their services and products.

CTO was the brain child of Art

Jana has gone back to school and is attending Fine Art classes at both the College I arrived 30 minutes late, but still very of Southern Nevada and the University of eager to participate and join in the fray of Nevada. She is studying anything and paint fun and hi-jinx. Jana welcomed me everything ART, including drawing, painting into her home with her familiar and sculpture. She has stated, “I am truly enthusiasm and snacks, boy do I love digging school! I just love interacting with all snacks! As I gathered up a glass of wine of the young talented students. What a hoot! and plucked a lot of cheese into my hand, My favorite study is painting with oils. I just I saw the canvas the artists had started and it had already taken on a life of it’s love it!" own. I admit, I didn’t want to ruin it, Currently Jana’s beautiful art pieces can be since it was already so amazing, but with seen at the Jenny Valdez Gallery located some encouragement and my own inside The Art Factory Downtown Las personality I figured flicking paint was the Vegas. She has also gone a step further way to go. After I was finished with my to help promote fellow art students with vigorous style I returned to find more “Jana’s Pick’s” sharing the love of a people arriving and the canvas kept evolving. More designs were drawn, more showcase with her artist friends. For paint was brushed onto areas I thought more informations follow these links: couldn’t be redone, I even saw my first http://www.youtube.com/mywowteam nose painter. I have a strong feeling more back to school nights will be happening in http://www.janalynch.com the near future. It was a truly inspirational night within the art community! “Octo” recently sold and will be on display at Jenny Valdez Inc. Gallery inside the Arts Factory during the month of March. All proceeds from this sale will go to help fund Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Las Vegas up and coming Showcase at BlackBird Studios in May.

Monkey Jana Lynch. It started as a back to school party, a gathering of 13 artists who were invited into Jana’s home to celebrate art and to see where a painting by several, might lead. Within that party “Octo” was born.

s ponsor S
Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Las Vegas beloved sponsors and prize providers follow there links!

Baby Tattoo (provided prizes)
Awesome art source for finding great artist books: www.babytattoo.com

Sinner Magazine Check out this great new magazine with a new innovative way to read an article online. Get the mag and read the write up on Dr. Sketchy’s! Follow them and get the word out! www.sinnermag.com Sketchbook Pro Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro paint and
drawing software enables you to transform your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone into the ultimate sketchbook. http://www.facebook.com/ autodesksketchbook

MHA Photography www.mhaphotography.com

13 talented artists: Adam Brookshire Alex Vait Beatrice Morales Christie Adams Debi Lindermann Hugo Belmontes Jana Lynch Michele Hengeveld Natasha Pawluk Patricia O Mirada Rubi Chavez Sheldon Castillo Yobi Graciano

Last Month’s Art Monkey
Steve Horlock, a very talented artist who is well known in the art district and who has helped Sketchy’s an incredible amount especially with the transition from Dino’s by helping find the Artifice, his donation of tables, set up and is an all around art junkie. You can frequently visit him painting next door outside at the Art Factory or at his Studio within the walls of Skin City Body Painting.

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