Written by Malcolm Duncan

Draft 1 12.5.11

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FADE IN: EXT. DESERT - DAY A gigantic, vast and immense desert. Every few yards, are clumps of small dead bushes. In the far distance we see towering mountains. The sun is setting. The scenery is so open in vast it seems out of this world. To the other side is a huge dramatic rocky cliff, so high you can’t see the top. Out of almost nowhere a boy appears. TAYLOR, a tall, skinny, dark haired boy in his early twenties stands, looking around. His red and blue flannel is a big contrast from the brown desert. Seconds later, ALASKA, a dark haired girl about a foot shorter than Taylor appears, standing right in front of him. As they see each other a huge smile crosses both of their faces. Taylor bends down slightly, they look right into each others eyes. Finally they kiss, hold hands and begin walking, still smiling from ear to ear. TAYLOR Hi love, how was your day? ALASKA It was good! Taylor kisses Alaska again. ALASKA (CONT’D) Lets go up! Alaska points up towards the cliff. Taylor smiles. Okay! TAYLOR

They walk towards the cliff. TAYLOR (CONT’D) How was your painting final? Taylor helps Alaska get on the rock wall, he follows. Nothing connects them to the rock wall other than their hands and feet, but they are totally calm like nothing could ever happen. Bliss. ALASKA Whatever.. The teacher, remember I told you how picky he was? Taylor nods.

2. ALASKA (CONT’D) Well, he saw my final and gave me a thumbs up? Maybe it was decent.. TAYLOR That’s great. You’re way too hard on yourself. He’s that one asshole, right? ALASKA Yeah that failed me freshman year because my blue was too cobalt blue.. TAYLOR ...And looks like David Lynch? The both laugh. He smiles. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Well at least he might of liked it this time? ALASKA Yeah. Hopefully... TAYLOR And the french test? ALASKA (Good, I passed into the advanced french class.) Tr’es bien! Je suis entré dans la classe française avancée! TAYLOR (Great, I’m proud of you) Je suis heureux pour vous! All of the French to be subtitled. A quiet moment, they continue to climb. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Guess what?? What? ALASKA

TAYLOR Don’t look down! They’re already a few hundred feet above the desert floor. It’s huge and goes on forever. They continue climbing.

A cave. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Would you ever want to try and meet up? . then Taylor and Alaska pulling themselves up to a small break in the cliff. Clear blue skies cover the beach. halfway up the cliff. We see what they are looking at.. ALASKA (CONT’D) Can we stop here? Next time! TAYLOR Alaska nods and smiles. ALASKA I love this part. an amazing contrast from the black sand. TAYLOR (CONT’D) We’re almost halfway. ALASKA (CONT’D) This gets me every single time. even though they have seen this sight so many times before. Alaska looks up. a doorway to another world. It’s beautiful.. He pauses and thinks. surrounded by a black sand beach. Yes? ALASKA TAYLOR Would you. It isn't just an ordinary gave though. It’s a look of surprise. TAYLOR (CONT’D) I have a question.. we see two sets of hands. We see their faces. Through the cave we see a huge body of water. TAYLOR (CONT’D) But lets get to the top before it’s over! They take a last glance at the “window” and continue climbing. POV from the edge of the cliff.3. The cave is more of an opening..

A bright white flat light shines on her face. . BATHROOM . As he says this his hands slips from the cliff wall. staring at herself in a mirror. BEDROOM .. They hold hands and walk over. lush.? INT. The rocks falls to the desert floor but Taylor doesn't even drop. She looks almost dead. TOP OF CLIFF .. TAYLOR (CONT’D) (Jokingly annoyed) Every. and rings.MORNING Alaska stands. rings. He doesn't hear a ring of the clock. It kills their last conversation. ALASKA Yes. He pulls a rock out as his hand falls. EXT. Her hair is a mess. and half opened she is naturally beautiful. Still totally out of it.SECONDS LATER Taylor already at the tops pulls Alaska up too. Taylor looks up to see that they're almost to the top of the cliff.. ALASKA Why cant this be real. something is very weird about this place. green oak tree. sitting right against the trunk. As she stands there we see a side of her not seen at all in the pervious scene. Time.. We pull out to see Taylor laying on the bed.4. TAYLOR I just don’t. Unlike any other. sits a huge.. more than anything. Directly in front of them is a huge giant sunset.MORNING An alarm rings. Even though nothing happens they both get scared. that gets me. INT.. in the middle of this desert plateau. At the top.. They kiss.. but begin laughing when nothing happens. Even with her eyes red. Something has totally changed. and she wears no makeup. Alaska kisses him. fast asleep.

Taylor’s dark haired roommate comes in. INT. reading EAST OF EDEN and smoking a cigarette. slaps and grabs Taylor.DAY Alaska sits in a bubble bath. I wake you up. it cuts off. Sorry. the door to his bedroom flies open. He slaps the alarm clock off the bedside table. TAYLOR (Out of it) Whaat? Connor pulls him up. Nothing more. every. Connor reaches over. I can’t do this anymore. BATHROOM . You can’t get up by yourself. A knock on the door. Something’s wrong with you. TAYLOR! No response. CONNOR Dude. get some medicine! Taylor stares at him half asleep. After ringing for minutes. An open window and small vintage fan help the smoke ventilate. TAYLOR CONNOR He switches on his bedside table and rubs his eyes. Taylor looks at him confused.5. Wake up! A slight movement comes from the bed. morning. Yes? ALASKA WES Can I come in? . Go see a doctor. single. He looks at sleeping Taylor angrily. CONNOR.. and shaking him awake. CONNOR (CONT’D) Come on man. He seems confused about everything.

. She carries a colorful bag. Wes exits. blonde man... EXT.DAY Alaska steps out onto the street and begins walking to class. We can’t smoke in here. Maybe the big break I’m looking for. Wes. As he walks out he looks at Alaska for the first time. She looks at him through the mirror. WES (CONT’D) I thought you quit? No. her eyes water up. ALASKA (CONT’D) (Annoyed) Not even a good morning. Alaska’s boyfriend a tall. STREET .. she lights a cigarette. ALASKA WES Put that shit out. wearing a sweater and jeans enters the bathroom. gotta get going. We still sad vibes from her. WES Okay. they need me at the office. Someone big wants to come check out the gallery. wish me luck. He walks straight over to the mirror and begins to shave. I’ve told you so many times. Alaska rolls her eyes. As she continues to read.6. See you later this evening. Expecting to hear something. ALASKA Yeah. As she walks. indie. I thought we were going to. Alaska doesn't pay much attention. ALASKA Oh..? WES Sorry. After a few seconds of silence she looks up at him. with a Native American looking design to it. . Wes cuts her off.

switching from one camera to the other. As he walks.7. 12:38. He moves his head. dim lit. perfect. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Yeah. talking. but they don’t. and working on laptops. one film. directing them what to do. EXT. Connor writes in a small tablet Snap. Snap. Then we see Taylor and his roommate Connor standing next to a pair of homeless people.DAY A disgusting. TAYLOR (CONT’D) He pays and exits the shop. Thanks. uh can I just get a large cup of black. He walks up to the counter. one digital he takes pictures of the homeless people doing their thing.DAY A busy coffee shop. His coffee is served.CONTINUOUS Taylor takes a big sip of his coffee and walks down the street. They pass just like any other pair of random strangers would on the street..DAY . We expect them to talk or acknowledge each other in some way. STREET . ROUTE PERDUE COFFEE SHOP . ALLEY . INT. EXT. They sit on the ground surrounded by their few possessions. looking alley. Taylor has two cameras around his neck. People sit around in arm chairs drinking coffee. we are surprised to see Alaska coming from the opposite direction. Taylor looks at his watch. The main door opens and Taylor enters. Trash lines the sides. TAYLOR Okay. No room. Snap. . and if I could just get one more like. Big full black trash bags sit on a small red wagon. TAYLOR Hi.

CONNOR One last thing. it’s the least we can do. Thank ya’ HOMELESS WOMAN HOMELESS WOMAN . if you two could sign this it would be great.8. For your sake. Taylor and Connor smile CONNOR I don’t know. right? Connor wears a backpack and pulls two documents out. HOMELESS WOMAN So now you’re going to get us real famous with this story. I hope so. anytime. can I bum a few cigarettes. HOMELESS WOMAN No problem son. lets just hope we get rich and ‘r livin’ in a mansion in a few weeks! They smile. TAYLOR That’s it. The bums sign the release forms. HOMELESS MAN One last thing. Taylor hands him the rest of his pack. TAYLOR No it’s fine. Her brown and rotting teeth show. Taylor looks at Connor. right?? She and her husband laugh. TAYLOR Thank you so much for letting us do this. and ours. Tom! She elbows him.

Taylor and Connor give them one last look and exit the alley. Im so sorry. A naked 85 year old man stand in the front of the class.9. Alaska walks into class a few minutes late..DAY A large white room. I think its all done. pencils. ALLIE Oh Shit. Six students sit at easels drawing something directly in front of them. EXT. that’s it. You should of reminded me before I went to bed! ALASKA It’s okay. ALLIE Wait. ART CLASSROOM . . charcoal. i’m sorry. is Alaska best friend and roommate. the other students have already started. Alaska pulls out a sketch pad and various different art supplies. just got to turn it in. I totally forgot.. 19. dark haired. they are still great friends.. CONNOR Yeah. Even though she is much more happy and upbeat. I really. you’re actually mad. don’t worry about it. Alaska sits next to a girl and taps her on the shoulder. INT.. STREET . Connor writes a few more things in a little tablet. Hey! ALLIE ALLIE. ALASKA (half-joking) Thanks for waking me up.DAY TAYLOR So sweet. Pastels.

Allie waits in the doorway. A very dark sketch of a naked old man. I’m fine. Her mood has not changed. really. INT. It’s obviously forced. They continue drawing the nude model. Allie Follows.10.. Are you okay? Alaska gives her a half smile. ALLIE We look closer and closer at Alaska’s drawing. There is obviously something wrong. Allie seems concerned. Allie looks at Alaska. ALLIE Alaska. Alaska leaves last. . Allie gives Alaska a worried look. “no”. and pauses. ALLIE No.. ALASKA I’ll tell you later.DAY . Don’t worry about it. Alaska’s mood doesn't get any better through the class. Alaska exits the classroom. slowly packing up her hand bag. I’m fine. Please.AN HOUT LATER The older man slips his shirt back on. ALASKA (sad/down) No. but Allie isn't sure what. Students begin to exit the classroom. CLASSROOM .. ALLIE (CONT’D) Does it have to do with Wes? Alaska nods her head. ALASKA Yeah. Her drawing is almost done when Alaska puts her head on her desk. but makes no notion of stopping and taking to Allie. Okay. not fully clothes.

His name is STEWART.. SIDEWALK . ALLIE . EXT.. Allie finally grabs Alaska and pushes her against a wall.11. Allie trails behind. WHAT to you?? ALASKA It doesn't matter.DAY . Sorry. As they walk a man bumps into Alaska.. What?? ALASKA ALLIE No. ALASKA I DON’T KNOW.. What? ALASKA ALLIE Alaska keeps walking. A tear runs down her face. What is the matter with you today? Alaska walks. You wouldnt understand Try me. STEWART Alaska gives him a dirty look. ALLIE What are you talking about? You seemed like you were totally fine last night. and lights a cigarette. He passes.CONTINUOUS ALLIE Come on. Alaska! ALLIE (CONT’D) Allie grabs her shoulder. I don’t know. She looks down at the ground. Yeah. Allie looks at her so concerned.

EXT. A hand tosses a pile of photographs onto a table. and closes her eyes. All photographs of the homeless people we saw a few scenes before. What? ALLIE She sheds a tear.. A few seconds of silence.12. They look terrified.DAY Alaska opens her eyes. EDITOR’S OFFICE .. go for it. Black and white mostly. but we can’t read what it says. BATHROOM . They must be intimidating.DAY . SIDEWALK . The boys are looking at someone on the other side of the desk.DAY . we just do seem them. looks like an essay. DESERT . ALLIE Really.FLASH Wes stands in the bathroom shaving. Then. CUT TO: Insert: SLAM. ALASKA No.FLASH Taylor stands in the empty desert. INT. INT. A smokers voice. I can’t. I don’t remember. finally: Boys. with a huge smile. VOICE . EXT. Behind the photos lays a few pages of typed paper.DAY Taylor and Connor sit across from a desk in a large office. ALASKA No.

STEWART (CONT’D) I don’t have much time. VOICE (CONT’D) I just gave your project a look over. they have no clue what they’re getting in to. Stewart starts to crack up. He picks up the photos and glances at them one more time. There may be a hint of a southern accent. They look at him slightly confused. It was originally for some more experienced guys. but anyway. but nod. Not at all what we expected. the boys sigh.. We see their POV: Stewart. their Editor. I’ve got another meeting in 5 minutes.13. It’s big shit. fuckin’ fantastic. I’ve got another big project for you too. A huge sign of relief. Both boys nod their heads. STEWART (CONT’D) And.. STEWART (CONT’D) I scared ya’ll didn't I? STEWART (CONT’D) This shit is great coming from two kids like you.. Like god damn... . Real big shit. not too bad though. 60. but I think you guys can handle it. little scrawny man with a beard and long hair wearing a suit. Its. And. STEWART You two don’t mind if I smoke do you? They shake their head. He lights a cigarette. The boys seemed scared shitless. STEWART (CONT’D) You two really know your shit..

CONNOR STEWART The project in a nutshell. Taylor and Connor don’t know how to respond. still in shock of what their getting to do. Pictures and. Are you in? Yeah. how they do it. go all out. He hangs up.. see what they do. Be them. I want you to follow ‘em around. STEWART (CONT’D) We’ve scoped out a small group for you guys. . He laughs. STEWART (CONT’D) Yeah. gay and lesbian. For you two I want the young artist type. They look pretty good. The phone on Stewart’s desk rings. Here’s the address of the group I want you to do. Knock on the door. STEWART (CONT’D) Kinda like you two. 1 minute. go for it. business type.14. STEWART (CONT’D) Alright. I really think you guys have got what it takes. STEWART (CONT’D) It’s the cover story for March’s issue. and so on. It’s a fuckin’ cover story. over the next few months we’re gonna be covering all of the different sub cultures we’ve got here in New York. STEWART (CONT’D) So I’ve book lookin’ around and found a group of these people.. He picks it up. Send em in.. do their shit. you two. See we’ve got the punks. You know? Artsy asshole mother fuckers? The boys nod.

It’s kind of badass.DAY . OFFICE BUILDING . CONNOR (excited/happy) What the fuck. They seem totally calm until the door closes behind them. Taylor lights a cigarette. in disbelief. Insert: 2 pictures left.MONTAGE Taylor and Connor continue talking and photographing random people. TAYLOR It’s on the corner of Olive and 3rd. EXT.. TAYLOR’S APARTMENT BUILDING . He hands them a black and white photo. Huge smiles cross their faces. He shakes their hands. Trying to get various photographs for the story. CONNOR Pretty close to our place.DAY Taylor looks at his camera. EXT. They exit. They’re at the top of the world. That’ll help a lot.DAY Taylor and Connor exit the building. STREET . STEWART (CONT’D) Call me if y’all’ve got any questions. They all stand up. Taylor looks at the address. They walk off. TAYLOR I think we got some pretty good material to work off of today? . with an address on the back.15. EXT.

As they shut a faint smile crosses his face.NIGHT A small cluttered. He puts another set of blank paper in the tray. CONNOR Yeah. It’s a big group of hipsters. the glasses. The group walks up the stairs of the apartment building across the street. He sits down in a folding chair set up on the other side of the bathroom.NIGHT Taylor stands next to a tray of developing fluid. but wakes himself up. a mix of guys and girls. His eyes shut instantly.BATHROOM DARKROOM . everything. INT.16. the attitude. INT. His eyes seem to get heavier and heavier. He shakes the pan. the jackets. Taylor snaps his last two pictures of them. 5 or 6 of them. He sips a cup of coffee. ALASKA’S BEDROOM . Hipster deluxe. Alaska stares up at the ceiling. how many rolls did you shoot? TAYLOR Four including this one. A clock in the room says 11:20pm. a photo begins to appear out of the paper. the hair. still looking sad and depressed. i’ve still got two pictures left. hanging it on the shower curtain rod. By the time the photo is totally developed his eyes are shut. They have the jeans. CONNOR Now we know where to find them. He starts to fall over. It’s a random NYC street. the shirt. He sets a timer but forgets to start it. set on top of the toilet seat. Pulls the photo out. but cozy room lit by a small lamp. Taylor! What? CONNOR TAYLOR Connor points. . . As he says this a group of four or five people in their midtwenties walk by. the skirts.

TAYLOR Here. EXT. They both smile. Behind them is a rocky outlet where they just came from. BLACK SAND BEACH . Frustrated and depressed she grabs a pill bottle off of her desk. It’s so bright that their eyes have to adjust. Alaska finally looks happy again. Bright white light shines all over them from the sun. Anything in the world could be out there. TO the other side is just empty vast landscape. From behind it she pulls another unfinished drawing. It almost looks like the “bright light to heaven. its surreal.he piggie back rides her through the rest of the cave. The first time since the last dream. ALASKA Go we go in this time? TAYLOR Yeah of course! They grabs hands and walk into the cave. get on my back! Alaska smiles jumps on his back -. black sand. On one side is clear blue water. She takes two. ALASKA . Taylor hugs her.DAY The couple exit the cave and walk out onto the black sand beach. and palm trees. After staring for quite some time she sits up and moves over to her easel where a big drawing of the Champs-Élysées in Paris sits. A nice silhouette as the walk through the cave nearing the exit onto the beach.17. and picks up a pencil to begin drawing. Stalactites and stalagmites come from the roof and floor of the cave.” EXT. They look all around. As the near the exit of the cave to the beach the light shines in bright.DAY Taylor and Alaska stand next to each other looking through the cave window onto the black sand beach. and another. It’s cold. They look all around at the landscape as they walk closer to the beach. CLIFF SIDE CAVE/ OPENING . She looks at the half finished drawing.

He holds Alaska’s hand and carries his shoes in the other. Taylor runs toward the water. He kisses her. Alaska chases after him. He looks at the beach. why haven't we been here yet? Taylor shrugs. This place is so unbelievably different than anything else. ALASKA This is SO beautiful. Fully clothed they both are now in the water. Then Alaska jumps up and tries making it to the water. ALASKA As many times as we’ve been here I still get chills when we find a new place. they fall into inch deep water. Finally their eyes have adjusted.18. Alaska gets up and jumps into the waves first. TAYLOR I feel like there are so man places we haven't been. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Last one in is a rotten egg! EXT. Huge smiles on both of their faces.Wavves” A. or even seen. dropping his shoes. TAYLOR Wanna get in the water? Alaska smiles. and taking off his flannel. The look on there face is mesmerizing. . They roll on top of each other. Taylor takes his shoes off and rolls his pant leg up to walk through the sand. They both continue looking around. B.DAY . C. BLACK SAND BEACH . Taylor a few feet in front is almost to the water when Alaska jumps on his back and tackles him onto the sand. They haven't stopped laughing and smiling yet. I don’t understand it.MONTAGE “King of the Beach .

Finally they begin to make their way back onto the shore. They go underwater. WIDE SHOT OF THE NIGHT SKY The stars and moon seem so bright. and the white light from the sun are just perfect contrast. EXT. this place we’re in. the black sand. Their clothes three sizes to big and stretched from the water. A few minutes of silence before: Taylor? A long pause.LATE AFTERNOON Taylor and Alaska walk out of the water. Mhmm? TAYLOR ALASKA ALASKA What are we doing? What is this place TAYLOR What do you mean? ALASKA You know. unlike any other night.19.NIGHT Taylor and Alaska lay on the backs with their heads touching staring up at the sky. EXT. The camera looks down directly at them. Utopia. They are covered from head to toes in sand. BLACK SAND BEACH . E. the water is so clear it looks almost like a pool. Waves crash over their heads. this. BLACK SAND BEACH . The light from the sky gives a slight but beautiful light on their faces. He smiles at her and they sit down. . They make their way a few yard up the beach inland. They splash water in each other’s faces. dollying around the whole time. D. F. The blue water. Waves crash all around them totally clothed they play in the water without a care in the world. A kiss.

As much as I might not like it. I wish I knew what this place was. This isn't me...20. What? TAYLOR ALASKA This. ALASKA (CONT’D) I’m not me. Pause. Why we’re even here. Pause... why us?? Out of anyone in the world. ALASKA I’m not like this in theShe pauses. thinking about what to call the “dream world” and “real world” . TAYLOR I’m confused.. I have a boyfriend in real life. TAYLOR I really wish I knew. we both love it here. Just because we’re together.. TAYLOR I know. Why us!? He pauses..... I don’t even know who I am. Taylor seems confused. I’ve been thinking about this so much. Frustrated.. Both lay in thought. I have to deal with it for now. I’m so different. She taps her shoulder. who you are.. TAYLOR (CONT’D) I love it here. it’s so weird. ALASKA This place. ALASKA You know we can’t do this forever.

don’t say that. Taylor grabs her hand. I don’t ever want to go back. I take Valium. I’m the exact same way. They look at each other in the eyes.. Ever. to go meet up with some guy I’m in love with in a fantasy world. A tear runs down her face. ALASKA The only thing that gets my through my day is knowing that at the end there is something. ALASKA (CONT’D) Real world. but something that makes me happy. ALASKA Taylor puts his arm around her trying to calm her.? Yeah? TAYLOR ALASKA . ALASKA (CONT’D) The only thing that makes me happy in life is some. ALASKA No. TAYLOR It’s not pathetic. it’s pathetic. TAYLOR No. It is. We’re in this together. I don’t know what it is then. You. I’d do anything to stay here forever... A Valium a day keeps the doctor away! Alaska gives a faint smile. some guy I meet in a fucking dream. Everything. Then a long pause.. my parents hate me I have a guy I don’t even like. some drug for 50 year old women to escape. TAYLOR You know. I’m depressed.21. Alaska..

and I don’t even know if it would work but. Sleep. You know what I’m. Okay. It’s worth a try. I know it sounds crazy.. What about Wes? TAYLOR I know. ALASKA I don’t know if that’s possible.. We meet at the corner of 34th and 7th.. They smile at each other and look back up at the night sky. Tomorrow. I know exactly where that is. TAYLOR I’ve been meaning to bring this up... I don’t remember anything. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Do you think we could ever meet in the real world? She thinks. .. ALASKA Well. Just something. The only thing is that when I wake up. I can’t ever remember if it was real or a dream. It couldn't hurt. 3pm..... TAYLOR Yeah yeah. for a long time. ALASKA Is that even possible? TAYLOR Is THIS even possible? Silent in thought. it’s all transitory... He pauses. I know something has happened something good.22. dreaming. TAYLOR ALASKA Right across from the Starbucks. And nothing lasts forever.

Soon enough the whole piece of photo paper is totally black. Taylor? CONNOR Nothing. INT.. not surprised to see Taylor asleep and his work still in the trays.MORNING A dark room. BATHROOM DARKROOM . Alaska’s POV waking up.23. Alaska is gone.NIGHT Taylor still lays in his chair. No longer seeing what was in the photo. Even the light doesn't wake him up. Alaska reaches to her bed side table and fumbles around. Grey light comes in through the window. Slowly we see that it is of the last group of people he shot. Then: CUT TO BLACK: INT. The photo paper sits in the developing fluid until a pictures began to come out. she passes back out. BATHROOM DARKROOM . CONNOR (CONT’D) Heeelllloooo? He totally shakes Taylor this time. . Then. He shakes Taylor. The paper still lays in the pan and develops. the door opens and a bright light shines in se reveal Taylor still asleep in the chair. He hasn't moved from the night before. The whole group is facing the opposite direction except for one girl looking back. Then. Connor taps on his Taylors shoulder. the photo begins to become darker and darker because of the excess time in the developing fluid. INT. Finally the picture is finally developed we see something strange. Before she can finish writing the streets down. INSERT on photo pan. Then Taylor looks over. while still out of it she gabs and marker and begins to write the number 34 on her hand. ALASKA’S BEDROOM . After a few seconds of being perfectly printed. He hasn't moved.MORNING Out of focus shots. We aren't sure what she is looking for. It’s Alaska. Connor walks in.

Taylor looks at him. Must have fallen asleep while I was working last night. Shit. Taylor opens his eyes and wakes up looking up at Connor. Connor stands in the door. TAYLOR (super out of it) Oh hey. Taylor stands up and sees the ruined.. Fuck. EXT.DAY Alaska and Allie part from the rest of the group. TAYLOR No. I’m fine. You’re fucked up.. STREET . One morning you’re just not going to wake up.... TAYLOR (CONT’D) Connor walks out of the room. Alaska keeps walking. totally black paper in the tray.? TAYLOR Yeah. ... You sleep so hard.24. Seriously... Alaska seems the totally different than she was in the dream scene. CONNOR Yeah. CONNOR You okay... ALLIE (CONT’D) This has to stop. ALLIE (to the rest of the group) Yeah! See you guys later. I’m good..

.. ALLIE Why though? There has to be some reason behind it. ALASKA ALLIE Is there something else? Alaska looks down at her hand. I don’t know. The number 32 is written on it..And the number 32 means? Alaska looks at it. Alaska shows Allie her palm. You can’t just feel awful for no reason.. . or I’m going to stop caring. ALLIE Well that’s probably part of the problem. I guess.That might be it. ALLIE . But for some reason it’s keeping me going.25. Allie looks at her like she is crazy. I wake up every morning and feel like total shit. ALASKA I don’t know. ALASKA The only thing that even made me get out of bed this morning was this. ALLIE (CONT’D) Either you tell me what’s up. Allie seems confused. I’ve told you so many times. for the worse. Is there something going on with Wes? Things seem a bit different.. ALASKA Allie. ALASKA .. He’s changed. thinking. I just don’t feel the same about him anymore.

Allie rolls her eyes. CONNOR Shit. He watches and watches. Connor walks up behind him. INT. CONNOR (CONT’D) TAYLOR He grabs his note pad and walks out the door. He stares and looks very intrigued by something. Connor sits on the couch behind him writing in a small notebook.. Hurry.. Connor grabs a coat.26. . ALLIE When did you write that? ALASKA (Sarcastically) Sometime from when I went to bed to when I woke up this morning. Taylor sets his cup down and follows him out the door.. near the building across the street. Yeah. CONNOR Look. Allie..MORNING Taylor. with a cup of coffee in his hand. we’ve got to catch them before they go inside.. but doesn't know why. TAYLOR’S AND CONNOR’S APARTMENT . As Taylor looks out the window something catches his eye. there they are! Alaska. looks out his window at the rainy and foggy New York day. He seems down. Taylor was looking at Alaska. ALASKA (CONT’D) I knew you wouldn't understand.

. STREET . Allie and Alaska look at the number 32. Hi. Allie looks at Connor weirdly. Oh. Hi. hi. he put his camera around his neck. EXT. CONNOR The turn around to see Connor and Taylor. Alaska lights a cigarette. Taylor..27.DAY Connor runs across a crosswalk to watch up with Alaska and Allie. I’m Taylor.... Alaska locks eyes with Taylor. sorry. I’m Connor and this is -He looks over at Taylor who is totally in a trance. Taylor is right behind him. CONNOR (CONT’D) Connor awkwardly laughs. Excuse me.? CONNOR (CONT’D) TAYLOR Oh. we’re a journalist team working together for The Anderson Magazine and are doing a little story on the different sub cultures of New York. Their eyes don’t move. They both notice some very weird feeling. ALLIE CONNOR We’ve been looking around New York for a group to “follow” and we were some what interested in your little group. CONNOR (CONT’D) I’m sorry. Deep energy.. CONNOR (CONT’D) Hi. They don’t know what it is though.

ALASKA Alaska gives Connor a slightly dirty look. He’s a suck up. CONNOR Wait! We won’t be too much of a bother. calm down.DAY . CONNOR Woah. Do you two mind if we take a few pictures. It doesn't do much.CONTINUOUS CONNOR Take a few pictures from here... She looks over at Alaska like “lets go. There is some weird connection CONNOR Please. They try to walk off. ALASKA Get that fucking camera out of my face! She swats the camera out of Taylor’s hands. ALLIE Alaska blows a big mouth full of smoke at them. STREET . Bye..28. Alaska and Allie walk off. Taylor raises him camera. Taylor and Connor cross the street. We didn't mean to bother you. No. Luckily its connected to a strap around his neck. Connor smiles. No thanks. Just asking a few questions and taking a few photos.” Yeah. But does get the point across. Yeah. ALLIE Taylor still looks at Alaska. EXT. ALLIE Um. . Sorry.

You boys can knock this project out with out any trouble. Lookin’ pretty perfect. INT. He lifts up his sunglasses. His un-kept facial hair hasn't changed. The boys nod their heads. Go for it. CONNOR Exactly. STEWART. STEWART (CONT’D) Damn. Alright then. Taylor hands him the manila envelope. STEWART (CONT’D) Y’all find some of them “arty fartsy” mother fuckers out there?? He starts cracking up at his own joke. corduroy suit. they don’t want it. they’re perfect for this. TAYLOR No. STEWART Hey! How y’all been doin’?? The boys still feel slightly intimidated by him. He looks up at the boys. Today he wears a cowboy at.THE NEXT DAY Taylor and Connor enter the smoky office. and hit feet up on his desk with cowboy boots. and looks at the pictures. where’d ya find these girls. . CONNOR (CONT’D) These two are perfect for the story.. he opens. holding a manila envelope. Taylor takes a few pictures from across the street. You're greenlit. It looks like something out of the 70’s. EDITOR’S OFFICE . Stewart sits behind his desk smoking a joint.29. I’m givin’ the AOkay. Stewart seems pretty high.

30. She sits in front of a canvas painting the skyline. nodding his head. Wes puts his head back in frustration and sighs. ALASKA Allie stares at Alaska before walking back inside. ALLIE Okay! It’ll be nice. Wes looks up at her. We haven't all been together in a while.. something very dark. EXT. .GOLDEN HOUR Alaska sits on the roof of her apartment building. He takes a sip of coffee and looks at what he has written. From behind Allie walks up in her pajama’s. for dinner? ALASKA Yeah. Out of the sunset skyline she paints something abstract.. smoking a cigarette. INT. From behind her Allie walks up and sits next to her. ALASKA ALLIE Do you mind if we have a few people over tomorrow evening.NIGHT Wes sits at a laptop typing away. WES Gotta finish some stuff up by tomorrow. . ALLIE You’re up late. Hey. it’s fine. APARTMENT LIVING ROOM . ALLIE Alaska seems out of it. ROOF . At first Alaska says nothing and continues painting.. A break from everything. It’s slightly awkward.yeah. getting a glass of water. Yeah. and waits a moment to respond. 10 stories up.

He reads. He stares at his computer in disbelief. ALLIE No.. She just hasn't been the same the last few weeks. Wes isn’t listening. Why? ALLIE Something’s going on with her. ALLIE I just think you need to pay a little more attention to her.31. I think. Hopefully getting some more press soon. . Allie doesn't care. goodnight. WES Fuck. ALLIE How’s everything going? WES I don’t know. school’s well for her. Wes clicks instantly. Good. I don’t know what it is. A ding from his computer. okay. it’s going.. ALLIE (CONT’D) Well. ALLIE WES WES Oh. She like she’s happy.. Sorry think seems going WES (CONT’D) this is the only thing I about.. They canceled my meeting with the studio. Stressful. I mean with Alaska? Oh! Wes laughs. he’s dissapointed. Allie goes back to bed.

ALLIE Wine anyone? Yeah sure! FRIEND 1 Allie picks up a bottle sitting on the table and begins to pour the wine into a cups.. FRIEND 2 How is the gallery going? WES Oh! Fantastic! We’ve been getting a lot of good stuff. A small group of arm chairs and a couch lay around a small coffee table. School’s made us all so busy WES Great.32. They all sit around it. Wes. everything is great! FRIEND 1 I’m glad to hear everything is finally working out for you. .. ALLIE I thought. WES (lying) No.PARTY A door opens up to the roof. ALLIE Everyone else? Everyone else nods. ROOFTOP DINNER . They’re a couple. EXT. everything is going pretty well. FRIEND 1 So how is everyone doing? It’s so nice to all be back together. WES Fuck. One friend a guy. and the other a girl. Alaska. Allie and their two friends exit onto the roof. Allie is sceptical.

ALLIE Cigarette anyone? She pulls a silver case out. you’re quiet over there! Alaska forces a smile. ALASKA (CONT’D) (Or at least I think so) Ou au moins je pense ainsi! The group laughs. ALASKA WES Alaska doesn't care what he thinks anymore. everything is pretty smooth right now. . FRIEND 2 Alaska.. Uhm.. I’m still chugging my way through the class. I think we’ve decided to take a semester off and go to France.33. My french is getting pretty good. Yeah. Good! FRIEND 2 ALLIE How are you two? FRIEND 1 Great. FRIEND 2 Spend a while in Paris! ALASKA That’s great. FRIEND 2 (CONT’D) How’s school?? ALASKA It’s good! Halfway through the year.

it would be great to get some pictures. TAYLOR Shit. TAYLOR (CONT’D) You wanna go get some coffee? CONNOR Sure! I think Kristen and a few people are hanging out at Perdue. screwing a long lens onto his camera. CONNOR Well. He snaps a few photos. They hear the laughter from their porch. and across the street and down to see the little “get together” CONNOR Oh my god. ROOFTOP . Taylor smokes a cigarette. Taylor sets his camera down. Connor looks down to see the party. Alaska and Wes stay behind sitting on two separate arm chairs. ah. INT. PORCH . So perfect. TAYLOR Maybe they’ll come out. He looks back through the camera.NIGHT Everyone one is on their way off the room.NIGHT . Taylor comes back out. I can definitely write about this. But. ALASKA What’s going on? What? WES . EXT.34. TAYLOR Sounds good. adjusting his settings. I think it’s too dark.CONTINUOUS Connor and Taylor stand outside. Taylor runs in and grabs his camera.

WES ALASKA . He walks inside. He kisses her on the forehead and blows out the candle sitting on the table. have you not noticed? With. She pauses. ALASKA Things are different.. ALASKA (CONT’D) I can’t do this anymore.35. ALASKA WES It’ll all work out.NIGHT Taylor and Connor ride a blue and a pastel red bike down the street. ALASKA (CONT’D) Wait.. (beat) I’m sorry. it’s chilly out here. EXT. I might go on a walk. Don’t worry about it. I think.. Once the gallery gets going more I’ll have more time. Wes turns around. WES ALASKA WES Oh. STREET . Alaska sits in the chair and looks out at the city lights. Uh.? Us. ALASKA I’m fine. But lets go inside... I’m busy.. Yeah? I. Wes.

“ROUTE PERDUE” COFFEE SHOP . The porch. TAYLOR Just a sec. Kristen walks inside with Taylor.CONTINUOUS A bright lit coffee shop. let me grab a cup. brown hair. Good! Pretty busy! How about you? BARISTA You know. KRISTEN Hey! It’s been a while.NIGHT .36. with soy milk. KRISTEN (CONT’D) How have you been? Taylor smiles. designed with different color tiles and lined with small metal tables. They’re your typical “fashionably dirty” coffee drinking. Two of their other friends Lukas and Bram smile at them. year old. . a 23. with some make up stands up to greet them. The barista knows Taylor. cigarette smoking gay couple. KRISTEN. Connor sits next to Lukas and Bram and begins a conversation. INT. is lit from the bright lights from the inside.NIGHT The boys ride up to a coffee shop porch. She’s a little spacey. same old same old.. We see that there is some type of connection between the two. (to Connor) What do you want? CONNOR Pumpkin spice. a typical hot girl. BARISTA Taylor! How’s it going? TAYLOR Hey Tom. A group of people sit on the porch. “ROUTE PERDUE” COFFEE SHOP PORCH . He wears a Christmas-ish sweater and think brown rimmed glasses. The usual. EXT. The same tile designs from the outside cover the inside walls. White Christmas lights line the porch.

and a black coffee. TAYLOR Can I get a pumpkin spice late with soy. KRISTEN Very cool-BARISTA --alright here’s the black and here’s the pumpkin spice. (to Kristen) Do you want something? KRISTEN No. TAYLOR . The barista goes to work on the drinks.37. How much? TAYLOR BARISTA It’s on me. Taylor smiles. He hands Taylor the coffee. BARISTA Both large’s? TAYLOR Yeah. one at a time. Extremely busy. Connor and I got a huge project for the magazine. KRISTEN (CONT’D) So how is everything been? TAYLOR It’s been pretty good. don’t worry about it. Yeah? KRISTEN TAYLOR Yeah. thanks though. You sure? The barista nods.

I really am. and you’re enjoying it? TAYLOR Yeah. it’s going. “ROUTE PERDUE” COFFEE SHOP PORCH . We’ll see. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Just taking some time off after school.. still working on my acting and modeling.38. . but flirty. How’s everything going for you? KRISTEN It’s uh. Lukas. Taylor sets the latte in front of Connor. I’ve gotten a few small jobs. They sit close to each other. KRISTEN So what’s the new project you two are working on? TAYLOR It’s basically a photo essay on the different subcultures here in New York.CONTINUOUS Connor. The couple walks back outside.. Slightly awkward. BARISTA Of course. EXT.NIGHT . and Bram sit at a three top table and are already in deep conversation. Taylor and Kristen sit at a separate table and start their own conversation. Nothing too big yet.. KRISTEN (CONT’D) That’s great. KRISTEN She tries to act like she knows what he’s talking about. She smiles. Mhmm. TAYLOR Thanks a lot. they laugh.

if your so busy. Connor looks over at Taylor and Kristen. look.. They’ve moved super close to each other. looking cute.. Lukas. This is the happiest I’ve seen her in a while. Taylor blushes. “ROUTE PERDUE” COFFEE SHOP PORCH . CONNOR . Still? KRISTEN TAYLOR She gives him a cute smile. TAYLOR (CONT’D) I don’t. how do you have time for your girlfriend? She gives him a cute smile. Well. TAYLOR You know.OTHER TABLE . LUKAS Just like old times.39. and Bram continue their conversation while sipping on their coffee. everything will all work out in the end. You’ve got so much time. and looks down.NIGHT CONTINUOUS Connor. EXT. Aww. Kristen’s been pretty down. He laughs again. The other boys look. He bumps Bram. my darkroom is still my girlfriend. KRISTEN So. laughs. and are laughing. BRAM Maybe they should get back together.

ROOF . looking out at the city until -Alaska’s feet finally reach the edge of the building.DAY . Finally after not moving all night she stands up. in the opposite direction. Alaska continues to look straight out at the city. Then -CUT TO: EXT. “ROUTE PERDUE” COFFEE SHOP PORCH . We see her feet slowly walking farther away. EXT. to her face crying.PRE DAWN Alaska’s foot stepping over the edge of the building.FLASH Taylor stands smiling. it’s cute. Her toes stick out over the edge. EXT. but he doesn't want it now. EXT. walking closer and closer to the edge of the building. ROOF . Her foot drops and -- .CONTINUOUS Kristen flirts with him more.PRE DAWN Alaska still sits in the chair bundled up in a blanket and coat.40. EXT.PRE DAWN Alaska continues to slowly make her way to the edge of the building.NIGHT . She begins to cry harder and harder. Her eyes are red it seems as if she still hasn't slept. DESERT . This scene continues on for some time. and slowly moves away from the chair. We cut from her feet walking across the roof. ROOF .

TAYLOR Don’t worry about it Alaska holds Taylor. As he walks he looks around. and slowly walks down to the street. TAYLOR (CONT’D) What’s wrong? ALASKA I just ended it with Wes.CONTINUOUS Alaska steps onto the emergency fire escape stairwell. She seems a bit more sad than usual. She lights a cigarette and walks into the sunrise.PRE DAWN . EXT. fire escape stairwells until she reaches the street. I don’t feel bad. She never comes. Taylor stands up to greet her with a big hug. seeming almost lost. He notices something different about her. TAYLOR Isn’t that a good thing. FIRE ESCAPE . He wanders aimlessly. not letting go. Taylor looks up. ALASKA Yeah it is.41. EXT. ALASKA Sorry it took so long. going on the walk she told Wes about. and see’s Alaska.. what you wanted? They begin to walk through the woods. Sad and alone he sits at the base of a tree. looking for Alaska. TAYLOR What do you mean? . DARK FORREST . I just feel bad for him. It’s strange seeing him all by himself. Alaska makes her way down 10 floors of switch backing.EARLY MORNING Taylor walks through a dark forrest. Then out of nowhere he hears a crackling of branches a few feet away.

High above the forrest floor. The roots almost as tall as him. He looks up. TREE TRUNK . . how could I forget? WHITE .. and I feel bad for him. they seem to be totally calm..42. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Can I show you something? Yes.FLASHBACK Taylor and Alaska stand next to each other in a solid white room. Alaska smiles. Both stare at each other directly in the eye. TAYLOR See. but a bit younger than we are used to. Even though they have no safety cables. you feel better. Both still young adults. so much’s been lifted off my shoulders. but all we see is white. EXT. Alaska nods and a small smile breaks. TAYLOR You feel good about it right? ALASKA Yeah. ALASKA I kind of just dumped him out on his ass. Whatever. that’s all that matters. TAYLOR Remember the very first time we met? ALASKA Of course.SUNRISE Taylor and Alaska climb up the tree. It may not even be a room. They step onto the roots and begin to make their way up. ALASKA Taylor stops at the base of a gigantic old tree.

(beat) I need you to promise that nothing will change because of it. Alaska looks at him confused when he stops climbing.43. so confused.. ALASKA TAYLOR A worried look crosses his face. ALASKA TAYLOR The pair climb the last few feet up to the top of the tree. Okay. The tree they climb is taller than the rest. Taylor stops Alaska as they near a break in the trees.. They finally make it above the rest of the trees. TAYLOR (CONT’D) .MORNING They continue climbing the tree until they near the top. Alaska doesn't look out.Yes.. TREE TRUNK . TAYLOR (CONT’D) What I’m about to show you. You still can’t see passed the trees. She holds on to the trunk of the tree facing inwards. EXT.. Hi.. TAYLOR ALASKA Hi. Okay. What are-Okay.. Wha-ALASKA TAYLOR --You’ll still come back. .. Alaska looks at him. you’ll still come here. you won’t be scared away.

. ALASKA What is it? Look. Silence.. Light pours out from where the ground crumbles. I thought it was going to be about you or some-Her jaw drops as something in the distance catches her eye.. Huge cracks break in through the ground. so I decided to explore. TAYLOR I honestly don’t know. Feet at a time. ALASKA (CONT’D) (scared/nervous/every emotion ) What-(beat) What is it? Finally we see it: A huge wide shot of the horizon. and pieces of earth breaking away from the rest. beyond that are small clouds of dust.. Just from her look we see that it’s something huge.. It slowly moves closer and closer. I came once and you weren't here.44. TAYLOR He points out into the distance. ALASKA (CONT’D) (relieved) Oh. Her heart drops.. then the tree line and desert. Wait what? ALASKA She see’s Taylor pointing the opposite direction. Beyond the tree line is the something spectacular. We see trees for a miles. The world they know will be gone soon. TAYLOR A few days now. it’s big.. ALASKA How long have you known about it? Both continue to stare out at the crumbling world.

Taylor sits down and tries comforting her. They continue to stare out at the vast crumbling landscape. Hey man. TAYLOR’S BEDROOM . Alaska sits down on a large branch. CONNOR TAYLOR Hey.. .. Beautiful morning light shines on him. TAYLOR (CONT’D) It’s terrifying isn't it? Alaska nods.When it’s all gone? What’s happening???? Taylor nods his head. shh. ALASKA (CONT’D) No! No! This can’t be happening! When it’s all gone I’ll have nothing left.. We have a whole other world to live in. Lighting a cigarette.45. only happy with you! TAYLOR Shh. INT. Please don’t cry.. this isn’t it. facing the destruction. There is a lump in her throat. good morning. she can’t talk. A tear runs down her face.MORNING The morning light shines in through the window. He stirs after a minute or so finally getting out of bed. She starts to break down. he walks out onto his balcony to smoke. ALASKA (CONT’D) . TAYLOR (CONT’D) It’ll all be okay.. Taylor leans against the railing and looks out at the skyline. ALASKA What’s going to happen when. I’m only happy here.. shh... we can figure this out. His alarm goes off..

FLASH Alaska stands on the beach. sounds good.CONTINUOUS The hands are removed and Kristen sits down at the table. ROUTE PERDUE COFFEE SHOP PORCH . looking into camera with a huge smile. CONNOR So last night I had a little freak out. Let me grab some coffee then we can head out and work on some stuff. He walks back inside. A pair of hands cover his eyes from behind. ROUTE PERDUE COFFEE SHOP PORCH . We’ve got a ton of stuff to do for this story. Connor lights up too. BLACK SAND BEACH . EXT. ROUTE PERDUE COFFEE SHOP PORCH . CONNOR Great.46. TAYLOR I’ll be back in a bit. He rubs his eyes as he walks toward the counter. sipping coffee. She smiles.MORNING . EXT.MORNING Taylor. You think we can work on it today? TAYLOR Yeah of course. Taylor finishes his cigarette and tosses it in an ashtray. reading a newspaper. VOICE (in a fake way) Guess who? EXT. still very sleepy looking enters the coffee shop.MORNING Taylor sits at two top table. I’ve been thinking the same. INT. .

tired. you know. fun. Kristen sees that something is up. I wanted to know if you could take a break for the evening and uh. . I was wondering if you were free tonight? TAYLOR Oh. About to go work on the story with Connor. He is thinking of something else. I’m good. KRISTEN Since you’re always busy with work. how about you? KRISTEN You know. Fun. He laughs. the usual. come over for dinner at my place. just hanging out.47. But hey. not too much. yeah I am. Yeah. He stares off into space. Taylor smiles.. You sure? Yeah. KRISTEN TAYLOR KRISTEN How’re you today? TAYLOR Good. KRISTEN (CONT’D) You okay? Is something wrong? TAYLOR --Uh. No. uh. KRISTEN TAYLOR Yeah. He isn't sure what he just saw in his head. KRISTEN Hey! Taylor doesn't return it.

that sounds nice. You should know that by now. They laugh.48. sounds perfect. CONNOR Hey. Some food is just too good to give up. what’s up? . well then I’ll see you at my place around 8? Sorry I can’t meet earlier. Connor sits in a chair tying his shoes. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Really. TAYLOR Great. Kristen stands up. Bye! KRISTEN Taylor goes back to his paper. I’m sure I’ll like it. TAYLOR AND CONNOR’S APARTMENT . it was just a phase. Taylor nods. You sure? Yeah! KRISTEN TAYLOR KRISTEN Okay. TAYLOR Yeah. anything is good with me. and we can catch up on everything.DAY Taylor enters the room. KRISTEN (CONT’D) What sounds good? You’re still a vegetarian I’m guessing? TAYLOR No. Make anything. INT. I’ve got a job interview at 4 in Manhattan. KRISTEN I’ll make something.

TAYLOR You ready to go out? Yeah! CONNOR TAYLOR Let me grab some film.DAY Taylor and Connor stand outside of a coffee shop. We’ve got a ton of work to do today. Taylor has two cameras around his neck. some art school teacher I think. Just to get a basic idea of the culture. Taylor walks out. . Taylor lights a cigarette. We’ve got a meeting with him tomorrow morning. TAYLOR Okay. STREET . Connor has a note pad in his hands. He also said he’s got some one he wants us to meet. one film. MONTAGE: EXT. CONNOR By the way. EXT. I think we’ve gotta get a bunch of stuff today.DAY Taylor and Connor walking out of their building. TAYLOR Yeah? For what? CONNOR I think he just wants to see how we’re doing. Stewart called. Connor finishes tying his shoes. one digital.49. Who? TAYLOR CONNOR I don’t know. snapping pictures of random people walking in and out of the shop. COFFEE SHOP .

They aren't homeless. EXT. LIVING ROOM . SANDWICH BOUTIQUE . singing. Bathroom Darkroom . . EXT. BATHROOM DARKROOM . APARTMENT BUILDING .AFTERNOON Taylor and Connor stand outside of an art gallery.NIGHT Connor sits in the dim lit living room working on his laptop. around the same age as the pair. Taylor snaps a few photos. ART GALLERY . He writes on a piece of scratch paper too. snapping a few photos.DAY Connor talks to a small group of kids. EXT. INT.50. pouring liquid in them. He writes down notes in his book. A huge line forms outside of the gallery. INT. A small group sit on the platform playing guitar. Connor and Taylor talk to them. They talk and take a few pictures. EXT.Night Taylor stands in his bathroom darkroom setting up the pans. Quite of bit of the people in the line are younger. They seem accomplished. and tosses some coins into the guitar case.TWILIGHT Connor and Taylor walk up to their building. INT.EVENING Taylor and Connor eat dinner on the porch of some restaurant. SUBWAY . and banging on a box playing music. Both sit on the front steps and finish their cigarettes. EXT. just playing music for fun. shaking a can of fluid.NIGHT Taylor stands in his darkroom developing his film. RESTAURANT PORCH .EVENING Taylor and Connor walks down the stairs from the street onto the subway platform. Typical opening night line outside.

OVER BLACK: God damn. He looks down at the folder filled with what Taylor and Connor have done so far. STEWART (CONT’D) This looks pretty damn good. STEWART Fuckin’ fantastic! Taylor and Connor still don’t know how to respond to Stewart. I’ve just got one last thing for y’all to think about. I talked to a buddy that teaches over at NYU.51.. INT.DAY Stewart sits at his desk with a folder in his hands. right? Connor nods his head. CONNOR Yeah. .. He grins from ear to ear. BATHROOM DARKROOM . STEWART INT. EDITOR’S OFFICE . Since this whole story is about the younger art community. he’s got some art students y’all can talk to. Connor and Taylor sit in their usual positions on the opposite side of the desk. He flips the pages again. Taylor hangs the up to dry. Y’all know that. STEWART (CONT’D) I shouldn't have expected anything less. sounds good. END MONTAGE.NIGHT Black and white photos appear out of the pans of fluid.. STEWART (CONT’D) You two are the best thing since sliced bread! Hiring you two was the best decision I ever made.

STEWART Great. just keep working on what you’ve got. CONNOR So good. BRAM Speaking of old times actually. So I’ll get back to y’all on it. LUKAS (to the waiter) Hey.-(to Taylor) --I heard through the grapevine that your going over to Kristen’s tonight for dinner?? Connor gives an “ohh” and an “ahh. we need to have more sushi lunches. but other than that. He knows they’re good. The waiter nods and walks off.” Taylor blushes and looks down. Real fuckin’ good. We’ll have the organized artist and the unorganized artist. It’s good.AFTERNOON Taylor. . Connor and their two friends Lukas and Bram are all out eating lunch. reminds me of old times. He knows his shit. STEWART I really think this can add just a little more to the story. I think we’ll have the check now.52. INT. They seem to be finishing up their meal. They sit at a table eating with chopsticks. A waiter walks by. SUSHI RESTAURANT . Ya’ know what I mean? TAYLOR We can do that.

EXT.. LUKAS Come on. No movement. (Alaska) He looks a bit confused and stares off into space thinking. youre in the prime right now. EMPTY LOS ANGELES .53. . I’m not looking for someone right now. you can pay up front when you’re ready. The group stands up and walks to the front of the restaurant. Taylor doesn't respond and the conversation is forgotten. No cars. CONNOR Do you think you too will get back together? Just like old times? TAYLOR Nah.. BRAM Oh. he’s getting chills from something. we’re just going to hang out.DAY We see a street in downtown Los Angeles. excuses. Insert of goosebumps on Taylor. No human life.. TAYLOR No. “making dinner for us” is that what they call it now? The guys laugh. TAYLOR Yeah. BRAM Excuses. The high rise buildings are no different than they would be on a normal day. No people. live it up-BRAM What are you waiting for? Taylor thinks about it. The only difference is that it’s totally empty. she’s making dinner for us on Tuesday.. WAITOR Here you go. other than the lack of people. The waiter sets the check on the table. but really.

He seems worried. ALASKA Are you okay? TAYLOR (Lying) Yeah. looking out on the city..and we’ve got to make some connection. Hi. Then Alaska stands next to him. Alaska tries to be as optimistic as possible.. ALASKA Tell me the truth. he looks out over the city..54. ALASKA What is it? I’m sure I can help? TAYLOR We’ve got to meet up tomorrow. A slight breeze blows his hair.. far out into the distance you can see everything crumbling.. As the camera pans around then flying high. She’s taken by surprise. What? ALASKA TAYLOR TAYLOR .. Far. It seems as if everywhere they go everything begins to crumble. On the edge stands Taylor. He doesn't respond... . ALASKA (happily) Hey. high up onto the top of a sky scraper. There is an eerie silence to it all. I can tell you aren't. TAYLOR I’ve got a problem.

. I wish. ALASKA Wait what? TAYLOR We’ll meet in real life sometime. Alaska hugs Taylor from behind. ALASKA Maybe you just won’t wake up in time.. please don’t go. I can’t sleep that long. TAYLOR I would. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Tomorrow night I’m eating dinner with an old friend of mine. ..55.? TAYLOR No.. It has to work.. Alaska’s face drops. But now it’s urgent... TAYLOR Tomorrow evening. ALASKA Well then we’re going to have to meet up.? No. With out you there’s nothing stopping me from getting back with her. She’s already heartbroken..... You’ll be coming back from school. still not seeming too concerned. I’ll be coming home from working. ALASKA What.. There is a few seconds of silence.. Alaska seems hopeless. she hold Taylor tighter. Outside of the apartment buildings. A tear runs down her face. ALASKA (CONT’D) Please. if I knew why I shouldn't. He doesn't move and continues to look out at the city. It has to be tomorrow.

56. probably Aroma Cafe? ALASKA Great. then pulls Alaska into his arms. Allie enters with another GIRL STUDENT. I’m almost done here. ALLIE Tom’s band is playing a set. Some random indie pop plays on a small stereo. TAYLOR (It will all work out in the end) Il établira tout à la fin INT. ALLIE Great! Well Sadie and I are going to go out tonight. ALLIE Hey. Sure! Where? ALLIE I don’t know. ALASKA When are guys going? Allie looks her their friend? . you wanna go? ALASKA Yeah.NIGHT . Allie is happy to see Alaska finally happy. ART STUDIO . ALASKA (pessimistic) You actually think that’s going to work?? Taylor stares out. it should be fun. She paints. bouncing a little to the music. how are you? ALASKA I’m pretty good. Alaska seems somewhat happy for the very first time in the real world.THE NEXT DAY Alaska sits inside of an empty art studio. She paints on an easel.

admiring what she is painting. EXT. I don’t even really know what it is. ALLIE See you then! Allie walks over to a desk and picks up a few paint brushes and misc. As Allie begins to walk out of the studio she stops behind Alaska. . As she exits we dolly around to see what the painting is. But the basic shapes look like the top of a forest looking out at a destroyed looking earth.57.NIGHT Taylor and Connor walk down a busy New York street back to their apartment building. Thanks! ALASKA ALLIE What’s it for? ALASKA Nothing in particular. ALLIE (CONT’D) This is good. It’s kinda cool though. It looks a lot like what Taylor and Alaska saw from the top of the trees in the dream. We still dont see it. ALLIE Allie looks at it for a few more seconds. then exits the studio. gray. really good. painting supplies. ALLIE Around 9-9:30? ALASKA Okay! I’m going to wrap this up soon. yeah? Yeah. STREET . almost abstract. and I’ll meet you at home. A brown. and black painting. Alaska continues painting.

I don’t know what to do. Taylor thinks about it. I’ve never been before. They continue walking toward their apartment. TAYLOR What’s it even coming from? CONNOR It’s some club up here. She could get any guy in the world. Have fun tonight. I mean. TAYLOR I’m just really over her.. also in the direction of the club.58. TAYLOR You know. Live you’re life how you want to. I really don’t know why I don’t get back with Kristen.. Then in the distance we begin to hear the sound of music. . she seems so sad with out me. Don’t worry about it. CONNOR (CONT’D) Fuck that’s loud. it’s all up to do. Sometimes I just feel bad for her.. heard it’s cool though... the vibrations of bass coming from a club. CONNOR I agree. I got tired of her. I’m sure we could get a ton of stuff for our story out of this place. do what you want. What? TAYLOR CONNOR It’s the crowd we’re looking for. but whatever man. CONNOR Dude. CONNOR (CONT’D) Actually you know. she’s hot. I don’t have a good reason not too.. I feel the vibrations from here.

59. it reads “Cafe Noir” Electro music blares from inside. TAYLOR (to Connor. It’s all good. the bass is overwhelming. He stands up and slyly crosses the street. Connor nods. Taylor hands Connor his digital Camera.NIGHT . TAYLOR Hey do you mind carrying one of these. Alaska. CONNOR Wanna check it out? TAYLOR No. EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING . (he points to his camera) They’re rubbing my neck raw. Alaska holds the large painting she has just completed. Allie and a friend walk down the street. As they sit down Taylor spots something across the street.NIGHT Taylor and Connor stand outside finishing a cigarette. CONNOR Yeah no problem. Next weekend then. A faded dark blue neon sign is the only light on the outsides. Connor follows. whispering) Maybe they’ll be a little better this time. we should organize everything we’ve got. A line of twenty something’s stand outside in line smoking cigarettes waiting to be let in.CONTINOUS An old looking. . dirty brick building. come back another night. EXT. CAFE NOIR . The boys walk passed and head back to the apartment. CONNOR Okay.

The scene seems very paparazzi-ish. Something is bothering him. ALLIE Fuck. TAYLOR Connor. Again. Goddammit! ALASKA She puts on her sunglasses. No. CONNOR We were wondering if we could take a few pictures? It would really help out our-ALLIE Come on. stop it. Look who it is. avoiding the boys. A bright flash as the picture is taken. Leave us the fuck alone. Their friend looks confused. Find some other people. Taylor stands back. . The girls continue to walk down the sidewalk. Come on man. There are plenty other out there like us. guys. He doesn't really know what it is though. walking slowly behind them. embarrassed. FLASH. Taylor stands quietly behind the whole time.60. CONNOR One picture wont-Since he carries Taylor’s digital camera he raises it up and takes a photo. TAYLOR (CONT’D) (awkwardly) Hey. these are great. Connor flashes another picture and jogs behind them. Alaska flips him off. CONNOR Nah man. The girls look up from their conversation.

slaps the camera out of Connors hands.61. CUT TO BLACK: CONNOR (CONT’D) It was worth it. i’ve never felt so bad. She opens the door and runs quickly to her bedroom. and walks into the apartment. confused. looking all around.Wes” (or some pitty bullshit letter.. Still in the hallway: ALLIE (CONT’D) (to friend) I think it was from Wes. look beautiful in the background.? INT. It reads. A large window in another corner looks out over the city.. “Alaska” is written on hand written on it in pencil. . Suddenly right as the picture flashes. He sits in the middle of a colorful love-seat couch. I feel like shit about what I did. slamming the gate in Connors face as a shattered camera lays at his feet. INT.. A large studio flat. dim lit. more than you can imagine. Connor continues to walk with the girls until they get to the steps of their apartment building.EVENING . As they walk up they see an envelope attached tapped on the door. A wooden coffee table sits in front him. right. nice and cozy feeling.) ALLIE What is it? A tear runs down Alaska’s face. trying to make Alaska feel bad. turns back around. Kristen leads Taylor into the living room. out of focus.CONTINOUS Alaska. “Can we please talk? I don’t want it to be over. KRISTEN’S HOME . it’s a typical college artist place. APARTMENT HALLWAY . With art on the wall and shag carpet everywhere. and their friend walk up to their apartments door in the hallway.. She pulls a white note from the inside.NIGHT Taylor enters the apartment. . picks it off the door and opens it. The city lights. Alaska turns around. Allie. Alaska. I still love you. Connor goes in for one more picture as they walk into the gates.

62. TAYLOR Wow, it’s a lot different than I remember? KRISTEN Yeah, I changed it around since the last time you were here. I got tired of the modern look. TAYLOR Yeah I can see. -KRISTEN --But on to better things... Can I get you a glass of wine? TAYLOR Yeah that sounds nice. KRISTEN I just put dinner in the oven. Should be ready in a few. Taylor gives a faint smile. Great. TAYLOR

Kristen walks away to get a drink. EXT. ALASKA’S BEDROOM - NIGHT - INTERCUT Alaska lays on her bed. She feels bad about the letter, also something else is bothering her. She reaches over to her desk and pulls out her bottle of pills. She grabs a few Valium and dry swallows them. It hurts her. She begins to cry, fading in and out of consciousness. Allie bangs on the door. Then from Alaska perspective we see her looking all around the room, craziness. Then total silence as it... FADE TO WHITE: A HIGH PITCHED RING Then: FADE IN:

63. EXT. BLACK SAND BEACH - SUNSET Alaska stands on the beach. Alone. A blue tinted sunset is seen in the distance. As she realizes what’s going on she looks all around for Taylor. A look of hope in her eyes. Not quite sure why though. Taylor? She looks around. Taylor?! ALASKA (CONT’D) ALASKA

Now almost desperate. ALASKA (CONT’D) (Screaming) Taylor!!!? Her look of hope begins to fade as she realizes what is going on. Tears begin to fall from her eyes. INT. KRISTEN’S HOME - NIGHT - INTERCUT On the coffee table in front of him sits a large photo album. He picks it up and begins looking through it. Photos of Kristen in her friends. He flips back a big chunk. Then we see photos of Taylor and Kristen. The picture show they kissing, holding hands, and other coupley things. Then-KRISTEN Here you go. Taylor jumps in his seat and tosses the photo album back onto the coffee table. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Oh. I see you found my photo album. TAYLOR Yeah. It was just sitting here so I decided to take a look. Three other chairs sit around the coffee table but Kristen chooses to sit next to Taylor on the small couch. Kristen plays it off cool, Taylor doesn't as well.

64. She hands him his glass of wine. A few more seconds of silence before Kristen breaks it. She exhales, then -KRISTEN So Taylor, how are you doing? Like really? TAYLOR I’m uh, I’m doing pretty well. She tries to get into a serious conversation. TAYLOR (CONT’D) And how about you? KRISTEN I’m decent. Been better. TAYLOR I uh, I’m sorry about that... Her tone changes and becomes more serious. KRISTEN Tay... What happened? TAYLOR What do you mean? KRISTEN Between us? What really happened? A beat. TAYLOR I don’t know. I got busy with work, with school... He seems short. He doesn't quite know. KRISTEN No... But really? Taylor stares at the floor he doesn’t know. Silence. A tear runs down Kristen’s face. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Sometimes... (beat) I wish we were still together. Just like old times...

seeing you around.FLASHBACK Taylor holds Alaska as they lay on the beach. Going to school. BLACK SAND BEACH . Don’t tell me you don’t miss that. BLACK SAND BEACH . crying in the sand. Taylor nods. She falls to her knee’s on the beach. BLACK SAND BEACH . Taylor..NIGHT .65. ALASKA EXT.SUNSET Alaska lays in the fetal position. talking about movies and music.SUNSET . Going to crazy shows and getting drunk off our asses together. Sitting around on rainy days. EXT. TAYLOR (It will all work out in the end) Il établira tout à la fin. They both laugh a little. KRISTEN Then why can’t we make this work again? Taylor finally looks up at Kristen. TAYLOR No. Kristen faces Taylor and grabs his hand. KRISTEN’S HOME .INTERCUT KRISTEN I really miss waking up every morning and seeing you. She has stop yelling. He isn’t quite sure what’s going on. INT.INTERCUT Alaska. now saying his name to herself. Taylor smiles at Alaska.... EXT. I do. . with his hands to her face begins crying and crying.

TAYLOR (CONT’D) I. lets just hold back for a few minutes. Okay? Yeah. It starts off slow. Kristen sets done her glass on the coffee table and gets more and more into it...... KRISTEN KRISTEN (CONT’D) Taylor. Yes. KRISTEN (CONT’D) You have no clue how much happier this makes me. very unsure of his thoughts. They face each other. TAYLOR Can we? Kristen swallows. KRISTEN Sure. Then: Kristen goes in for the kiss. TAYLOR Lets just take this a little slower than last time... She smiles. starring into each other’s eyes. I like it. then becomes faster. Taylor hugs her.. but understands. Their faces move closer to each other. I. Taylor takes a deep breath.66. Kristen looks sad. TAYLOR I love you too. He goes through with it anyway. A few seconds go by until finally Taylor pulls away. TAYLOR (CONT’D) KRISTEN . Still love you. anything.

KRISTEN (CONT’D) So. They both laugh. INT.. As she hugs him Taylor realizes what he is getting himself into. Yeah? TAYLOR KRISTEN KRISTEN Well what do you think about next weekend going out for the evening. It’s a small table with two chairs.. KRISTEN (CONT’D) It never taste as good if you’re the cook. Kristen is happy as could be. Then Taylor. Sure. RING RING. Give you a little break from work. This is good. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Great. I have an idea. It’s cheesy. Then an awkward silence. TAYLOR Mmmm. . She takes a bite. just hang out. Taylor takes a bite. go a little crazy you know? Taylor laughs. Kristen stands up. That’s the food! I think we’re going to eat at the dinning room table. KRISTEN’S DINNING ROOM . TAYLOR Yeah. Kristen hugs Taylor. He doesn't seem as happy. A timer goes off.A FEW MINUTES LATER The “new couple” sit at Kristen’s dinning room table.NIGHT . Thanks. dinner.67. A meal and a lit candle sit on the table.

hey. Connor sits at a table writing. INT. TAYLOR Yeah? I’ve heard some of them are pretty cool. CONNOR (taken by surprise) Wait what? . Taylor doesn't seem as excited. Kristen leans over and kisses Taylor. KRISTEN Oh. Fucking kill me. Uh.. sounds great? Where? KRISTEN There are some good clubs down on 6th street. if you want.NIGHT Taylor enters the apartment.68. I heard Noir is a cool place. I don’t think its too bad. TAYLOR Yeah. KRISTEN Also gives us sometime to bond. You should invite some of your friends too. KRISTEN Yeah whatever works for you works for me. working on their story. but agrees. We should check them out. but goes along with it.... A little sceptical. hey! How was it? TAYLOR (down) Hey. CONNOR Hey. Is that one of those gross indie hang outs? TAYLOR I dunno. His head hangs low. TAYLOR’S APARTMENT .

. Taylor lays down next to her. Taylor? Well. yeah.. ALASKA (CONT’D) TAYLOR Alaska begins to cry. BLACK SAND BEACH . He just rubs her arm and hold her tight. ALASKA How did last night go???? Taylor doesn’t answer. A smile lights up her face and she grabs him... Then a pair of feet enter frame and walk over to her.69. ALASKA No! No! This cant be happening. As he does this he makes a little more noise than intended and wakes her up.. rubbing her arm as he lays next to her. CONNOR If you need anything-TAYLOR --Yeah. again.. The waves crash in the background behind her.. TAYLOR (CONT’D) I’ll see you in the morning. Taylor heads for his room. . thanks.. EXT. He kisses her. CONNOR You too are back together then I’m guessing? TAYLOR I don’t even want to talk about it right now.EARLY MORNING Alaska lays on the beach asleep. Alaska opens her eyes to see Taylor laying next to her. TAYLOR I’ve just dug my self in a hole I can’t get out of..

destroying the area where the tree would have been. makes the scene almost creepy. This time she grabs a pencil.DESERT CLIFF SIDE . TAYLOR I think we’ve got one last chance.70. TAYLOR (CONT’D) Tomorrow night..O) (ringing) Noir. INT.DAY The place where we first met Taylor and Alaska. it moves very quickly.Bon Iver” Extremely calm music. The sharp pencil breaks the skin on her arm as the gray graphite is spread on her arm. ... writing “Noir” on her arm.. EXT. TREE . CLIFF SIDE CAVE/ OPENING The small window in which we see the black sand beach through slowly begins to disapear. Noir. The white light takes over leaving nothing but bright white light behind.. He looks down to see that Alaska has disappeared.CONTINUOUS (OPTIONAL SCENE) TAYLOR (V. He looks off into the ocean. then finally. ALASKA’S BEDROOM .. MONTAGE “Wash. Taylor looks concerned as he looks at his empty arms. Alaska reaches over to her desk grabbing a pen again. . ALASKA (desperate) There has to be something! Silence while Taylor thinks. TAYLOR I’m so sorry. The scenery is replaces with a bright white emptiness. EXT. The desert floor below the cliff is crumbling. He exhales.

EXT. white and peaceful. In the crowd we see random inserts of: A. it was an extremely calm ending. A somewhat large line winds around the back of a large old looking building. As destructive as the last scene was. Another group of people dancing. INT. dark night club. everyone takes a hit and passes it on. A stage in the front of the room and a bar in the back. C. NOIR . coke. is slowly destroying itself. . A dirty bathroom covered in cigarette butts. Nothing is left but a bright white patch of emptiness. She shoves him up against the wall and starts making out with him. and replaced by the light. NOIR . Twenty somethings cover the dance floor. Strobe and colored lights flash everywhere. TREE TOP .NIGHT A disgusting. someone passes around a joint in the circle. then destroying the water. It’s a typical New York gross nightclub. Crystal Castles. As the forest around falls. B. falling into pits of bright white light. dirty. and punks stand. In the line a bunch of 20 something hipsters. EXT.NIGHT Establishing shot. Loud music blares from inside. END MONTAGE. typical indie Rave music. The destruction makes its way passed the sand.DAY The small island where Taylor and Alaska previously lay.71. slamming the door behind her. throw up. The crowded dance floor is covered with people. Everything becomes bright. white light shoots up into the air. A neon sign lights of the word “Noir”. and toilet paper. BLACK SAND BEACH . A girl pulls a guy by his wrist.DAY We are at a point of view from the top of the tree where Taylor and Alaska once stood. art kids. It all falls. fist pumping and dancing around. EXT. A group of girls dancing to the music. The black sand crumbles.

They look around and scope out the club. INT. The bouncer gives them wrist bands and lets them in.NIGHT . One of her friends does a line off the key. She looks a bit confused. Taylor lights up a cigarette. EXT. Alaska and Allie take a small little bit.NIGHT Taylor. He puts the key back in his pocket and they all go back the group in the middle and start dancing again. Kristen.CONTINUOUS Taylor. A line of coke being done off a key. waiting to get in. The group looks like they're having a great time. KRISTEN Kristen seems skeptical. She touches it trying to get him to respond. KRISTEN . NOIR . Okay. The camera pans up and we see a group of familiar people. I’ve heard it’s awesome. Oh. He sprinkles a little more and they pass it around.. He doesn't.72. she would rather be at some other pop club. Yeah. Connor. Then finally they’re at the door-BOUNCER ID’s please. Taylor has a camera around his neck. and Kristen stand outside in line. She reaches over to grab his hand. and Connor enter the club. KRISTEN You sure this place is cool? CONNOR Yeah. Kristen looks a bit disgusted. They pull out their ID’s. he gives a smile back. Alaska and her friends. NOIR . Kristen then looks over at Taylor and smiles. CONNOR (yelling) Lets get something at the bar? Taylor nods. D.

DANCE FLOOR Alaska. INT. I got it. They walk over to the bar. She sips on a cranberry and vodka. TAYLOR Don’t worry about. CONNOR That’s what the beer is for. We’ve got some work to do too. They have to fight a bit to get to the bartender.T. CONNOR Can we get to Heinekens and a redbull and vodka? The bartender goes to work.73. TAYLOR Can’t drink too much. everyone is too fucked up to notice anyway. Kristen. and their friends dance around. Allie. Connor. . The bartender hands them the drinks. Alaska yells over the music.DANCE FLOOR .K. NOIR . CONNOR Get a few pictures before you get too tipsy. INT. CONNOR (CONT’D) He hands him a few bills. He laughs. Alaska lights up a cigarette.. ALASKA We can smoke in here right? ALLIE Yeah. and Taylor move around on the dance floor.C. I doubt they care.NIGHT . I’ll be fine. NOIR .NIGHT .

Kristen and Taylor dances she starts trying to kiss him. not all this work. They peck. Connor stands off to the side talking to some other girls. He taps Taylor on the shoulder. Taylor really isn’t.AA We can see that the mixing is kicking in on Alaska. stumbling around and laughing. dance. Taylor hands Connor his camera. Alaska almost falls over but holds on to a friends.NIGHT .NIGHT .. Taylor snaps a few pictures and goes on. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Come on.DANCE FLOOR . TAYLOR (CONT’D) Don’t fuck it up this time. She starts kissing his neck and begins to get more sensual. Taylor awkwardly does for a bit. As Taylor and Kristen dance we pull focus and see Alaska a few feet behind them. What?? TAYLOR Connor Points to Allie and Alaska and makes a camera hand gesture.74. . NOIR . he can’t hear Connor. As he walks up something catches his eye. I wanted to come and hang out. he goes along with it for a bit before stopping. Kristen is super into it. You need a break! Kristen smiles and pulls Taylor in for a kiss. NOIR . INT. KRISTEN Yeah.DANCE FLOOR .TKC Kristen and Taylor dance and kiss. He finishes up a conversation and walks back over to the others. have a good time. Allie. INT. They dance. and their friends. having a ton of fun. They all laugh. Taylor! CONNOR The music blares.

TAYLOR (CONT’D) (to Connor) Come on. ALASKA (CONT’D) Mother fucker. ALLIE Tell your friend to leave us the fuck alone! Allie punches Taylor in the face. leave them alone. CONNOR Oh my god this is so perfect. get that fucking camera out of my face! Taylor watches from a few feet away. giving all his attention to Connor. He continues to dance with Kristen but not into it at all. Fuck! What? ALLIE ALASKA Alaska turns around to a flash of a camera. Taylor see’s that it’s getting a little out of hand. EXT. NOIR . ALASKA (CONT’D) Connor takes a few photos. No way. . He grabs his face in pain.. we’ve got plenty for the story. Then Allie stops.75. Kristen comes up from behind. Alaska swats at the camera. Kristen looks confused and watches Taylor walk over to the commotion.NIGHT .AA Allie and Alaska are dancing. TAYLOR (to Kristen) Be right back.DANCE FLOOR . something catches her eye.

The connection is made. EXT. KRISTEN (to Taylor and Connor) Do you know these girls? Then Alaska and Taylor catch eye contact. KRISTEN What the fuck?? Kristen goes at Allie. Finally. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Who the fuck are you guys?? ALLIE Tell these fucking ass holes to get away from us... (Not really) We’re in Taylor and Alaska POV’s.DAY . slowly) Hey. It’s total chaos. . While still looking at Alaska: TAYLOR (to Connor. man.. Kristen tries pulling Taylor back. BLACK SAND BEACH . Everything goes silent. and a small black eye forms. They continue starring at each other.FLASH Taylor and Alaska lay looking up at the sky smiling. but Allie moves out of the way. Even though her look is a bit more dirty. Total silence. Allie and Alaska are slurring their words. nothing could break up this moment. Stop. We’ve got enough. At the peak of their rush. Even though a small amount of blood trickles out of his nose.76. it’s a beautiful moment. They kiss. The music volume goes down. TAYLOR (CONT’D) (It will all work out in the end) Il établira tout à la fin. as we focus on this eye contact.

Kristen tries to pull Taylor back. she stumbles backwards.77. KRISTEN What the fuck are you doing? Kristen pulls Taylor off of Alaska. ALLIE What the fuck is happening??? KRISTEN (to Alaska) Get off of him! Kristen shoves Alaska into the group of her friends. Kristen.. Stop! Allie grabs Alaska and drags her out of the crowd. The eye contact isn't lost until: Alaska. ALASKA Fuck you Taylor! This is her??? She points to Kristen and slaps him as hard as she can. and Allie stand back in disbelief. and dirty.NIGHT .DANCE FLOOR The rest of the group has noticed they’re staring at each other.. TAYLOR Alaska grabs Taylor and begins making out with him. Quick. Taylor tries to follow behind her. NOIR . . Alaska’s eyes begin to water and she starts to cry. He doesn't even know what to do. Taylor can’t move. ALLIE Woah. TAYLOR Alaska! Alaska! Wait! Kristen and Connor hold him back. woah. fast. Connor. EXT. Still really high.

She stares at the ground. Alaska! ALLIE Alaska wipes her mouth. We can still here the music playing. I know you wouldn't understand.? ALLIE ALASKA N-nothing. ALASKA No sorry. no. Alaska half walks herself into the dark alley.. Start over. but not nearly as loud as it was inside. EXT. Alaska falls into a corner. a gag and out of nowhere she throws up next to the wall. ALLIE Alaska.. no. She looks almost dead.78. ALLIE No.. Alaska stares at the ground. What. ALLEY BEHIND NOIR .. . against a dirty brick wall..NIGHT Alley half drags. With who? Him? How do you even know him? ALASKA See.. ALASKA (abrupt) I’m in love. You’re in love. She looks sick.. you have to give me fucking answers. Alaska doesn't respond. Then a cough. you really wouldn't understand. ALLIE (CONT’D) What that FUCK just happened in there? Alaska stays silent.

ALASKA (CONT’D) I met him in a desert. she can’t. Pause. ALLIE No keep going. You’re going to think I’m insane.. . Where do you know him from? Alaska thinks before-ALASKA No. A few.. A tear runs down her face. she looks out into the street.. ALASKA ALLIE ALASKA In.. On something. ago. my dreams.. eyes glosses over. ALLIE No. Allie is so. Do what? ALLIE Alaska tries to stand up.. ALASKA I love him.. No.79.. just tell me. so confused. then Allie pushes her back down. ALASKA I can’t tell you. I can’t do this.... months...Keep going. But I hate him Alaska seems almost out of it. Allie is confused but-ALLIE . Yes.

I’ll explain it all at some other time. Taylor is in total shock. INT. Taylor! KRISTEN He walks quicker.... Kristen chases Taylor down the street. lets get out of here. no! KRISTEN Connor.NIGHT . Connor walks slowy. NOIR . TAYLOR KRISTEN Yes??? What?? Taylor! TAYLOR Leave me the fuck alone! Give me some fucking space. Wait. and Connor still stand in the club. KRISTEN (CONT’D) What was that about?? Seriously? Who the fuck is that girl?? Taylor doesnt respond. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Taylor? Answer me! Then he stops walking and turns around.. Kristen. . NOIR . CONNOR We can talk about it all outside. KRISTEN Who was that????? CONNOR Hey.80.NIGHT The threesome exit the building onto the city street. Kristen. Taylor immediately walks in front of the other two. I can’t fucking stand you. Not wanting to get in the way. Kristen holds Taylor as he stares at the direction Alaska escaped in. grabs Taylor and starts walking him out. EXT..CONTINUOUS Taylor. uh.

Connor shrugs at Kristen and follows Taylor. Taylor holds her.. Alaska walks over to Taylor and hugs him. we just have to give it our all. we slowly move in onto her eyes. All of the desert is gone. Total peacefulness. then they totally close. ALASKA (with tears in her eyes) We did it. INT.81. Everything around them begins to turn to white. ALASKA Will we be able to stay here? I dont-TAYLOR They both disappear as everything turns totally white. turning his lamp off. almost all gone. they slowly shut. EXT. Birds eye view shot. All that’s left is white rays of light. We pan over to see an open bottle of her pills. while he thinks. TAYLOR’S BEDROOM Taylor throws himself onto the bed. Everything is blown out and over exposed. Everything is so bright. Kristen stands still and stares at Taylor. disgusted. ALASKA (CONT’D) Is it going to work? Pause. DESERT Taylor and Alaska stand in the desert. TAYLOR Yes. Taylor turns around and walks off. shooting in every single direction.. He reaches over. ALASKA’S BEDROOM Alaska lays on the bed staring up at the roof. It is almost totally white. . Tee opacity of desert is low. head first into his pillow. INT.

.) . I have time. ALLIE (CONT’D) Can we talk... TAYLOR’S AND CONNOR’S APARTMENT . Everything is foggy.MORNING Alaska stares at the ceiling.. His hard crazy to the max.LIVING ROOM CONTINUOUS Taylor sits in a chair staring out the large window sipping a cup of coffee. Taylor doesn't respond. the sky drizzles rain. with bags under his eyes he sits with out blinking.. TAYLOR Yeah. ALLIE (O. After not hearing a response: CONNOR (CONT’D) Can we talk about it? Taylor still doesn't respond. INT. TAYLOR’S AND CONNOR’S APARTMENT . His blank stare continues out at the gray day. still in her clothes from the night before. ALASKA’S BEDROOM . CONNOR Great. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. then -CONNOR Hey. INT... For a few moments Connor stares at him. Alaska. then doesn't respond. He stares. EXT. Alaska thinks..S.MORNING A gray day. Silence. This goes on for sometime before Connor finally walks in. How are you? He tries to be supportive.82. (beat) I’ll explain everything.

I told him we would be done soon. TAYLOR’S AND CONNOR’S APARTMENT . but there is no sign of Alaska. that was Stewart. hesitates. Allie walks off. As sad as he looks a small sign of curiosity shows too. INT. then comes back to the door. He pauses exhales and then-- . right? Yeah. Yes? CONNOR (CONT’D) CONNOR (CONT’D) Yes sir. Connor hangs up the phone. His hair still a mess and bags under his eyes. Yes? CONNOR (CONT’D) Taylor sits down on the couch. He looks across the street at Alaska’s apartment building. Taylor nods. He wants the final project due soon. TAYLOR’S APARTMENT BUILDING . He watches and waits. TAYLOR Connor sits down next to him. EXT. see you tomorrow. CONNOR Alright then. and I thought you could probably be too. then walks off again..LIVING ROOM As Taylor walks in Connor sits at a dinning room table talking on the phone.83. CONNOR (CONT’D) Hey. CONNOR (CONT’D) I said we could be ready tomorrow-well I know I can be. so he goes back in.DAY Taylor stands outside his building smoking a cigarette.

. . APARTMENT . ALASKA No.. INT.. He opens it up and flips through a few pages of it. Connor hold a huge manuscript looking thing in his hands. She see’s who it is. Taylor looks awful. Taylor thinks then -TAYLOR Her name is Alaska. At first there is no answer. Connor decent. EDITOR’S OFFICE .84.. the story. the pictures. He’s here. CONNOR Here you go sir. everything you need. INT. He reads a few pages and looks at a few of the pictures. It’s all in here. She walks to Alaska’s closed door..CONTINUOUS Allie looks through the peep hole in the door. The tension between the boys and Stewart is no longer what it used to be. There’s a huge smile across Stewart’s face. Oh. Tell him to leave..LATE AFTERNOON . you gotta tell me what’s going on sometime.LATE AFTERNOON Taylor knocks on an apartment door.DAY Taylor and Connor assume their usual positions behind Stewart’s desk. CONNR Come on man. and Stewart looks like he’s never been better. CONNOR (CONT’D) CONNOR EXT. ALLIE Alaska. ALASKA’S APARTMENT . Who? Taylor stands up.

85. STEWART Damn! Ya’ll never ever fail to empress me. Jeez.. Stewart looks up and looks at the boys. Connor smiles back at him. Then he looks at Taylor who still looks awful. STEWART (CONT’D) You okay Taylor? Taylor looks at him and nods his head. TAYLOR Yeah. I’m fine. Stewart seems concerned, as everybody does, but goes on. STEWART So, the next step of the process, well I don’t have to question if it’s going to be published, because I know it will, is getting it all edited. Once thats all done it’ll be all good to be in the issue. Stewart looks excited, and looks back down at a few new pages. STEWART (CONT’D) Cover story boys! Cover fuckin’ story. This shit is great! I can’t get over my self. He chuckles to himself. STEWART (CONT’D) So, If y’all aint got any questions, than ya’ll should be good to get out of here. Connor and Taylor stand up. Stewart gets serious. He shakes both their hand. STEWART (CONT’D) Really boys. This is fantastic. One of the best projects I’ve seen... You two will always have a job with me. Once you too get paid, I’ll be callin’ ya’ll back for more. Stewart winks.

86. TAYLOR Thank you very much sir. Taylor and Connor exit. EXT. STREET - DAY Taylor and Connor walk back to their building. TAYLOR Shit. Kristen won’t stop calling me... 22 missed calls. CONNOR I would understand why.. Just call her back. Taylor thinks. TAYLOR Give me a minute. Taylor slows down, falling behind Connor. Taylor pulls out his phone and dials a number. It rings once and then Kristen answers. KRISTEN Finally! Taylor what the hell is going on? Taylor remains silent. KRISTEN (CONT’D) Taylor I need some answers what the fuck is happening? Hi. TAYLOR

KRISTEN You make out with some other girl, in front of your to be girlfriend and all you can say is hi?! TAYLOR I can’t do this right now. Do what?? KRISTEN

TAYLOR Deal with you.


What?? Bye.

Taylor hangs up. He takes a deep breathe and catches up with Connor. CONNOR That was quick..? Taylor doesnt say a word. He stares at the ground and walks. INT. ALASKA’S AND ALLIES APARTMENT - AFTERNOON Alaska finally leaves her room. Her hair messed up to the max, and make up still smeared a bit she enters the living room. Allie sit’s on the couch on her Macbook. When Allie see’s Alaska, she stands up and smiles. ALLIE Awww, honey. You okay? Allie moves the hair out of Alaska face. Alaska gives her a small smile. Cigarette? Sure! ALASKA ALLIE

Allie grabs her cigarettes off the table and the exit the apartment. EXT. STREET - DAY Allie and Alaska step out side the building for a smoke. Alaska sits on the curb. A thick fog blows in. Allie sits next to her. ALLIE How are you feeling? ALASKA Uh. I’m alright. Out of the fog Taylor and Connor walk up, going back to their apartment. Alaska and Taylor lock eyes. It’s awkward.

ALASKA Fuck you. ALASKA Don’t give me that bullshit-TAYLOR We arent anything. After moments of awkward silence. Destroyed. It’s not like that. She feels something I don’t. ALASKA No fuck off. We arent really dating. I’m fine with my life now. It’s gone. Please just give this a chance. I don’t care about you. TAYLOR But we were happy there-ALASKA Who fucking cares if we were happy. we arent seven years old anymore. Everything could have been perfect. Hi Alaska. there is no chance. TAYLOR ALASKA CONNOR (to Allie) Lets leave them alone. I might have if you didnt bring this girl into the picture-But-TAYLOR . Why did you have to do this. Taylor walks over to them. Hi. But you fucked it up. It could have all worked out. All with that girl-TAYLOR No..88. Allie looks concerned but lets them interact. Allie stands up and Taylor sits where she was next to Taylor. Really. Whatever the fuck happened in the world is over. it was a DREAM! Grow the fuck up. no Alaska.

it’s ridiculous! Taylor stops talking. TAYLOR You have to understand-ALASKA Understand what? That you’re an asshole? She blows smoke in his face. ALASKA But no. Where? ALASKA TAYLOR There’s a coffee shop a block down. TAYLOR Alaska?? What’s up? Why are you doing this? ALASKA Doing what? TAYLOR This isn't how you are? How you were? How I was? ALASKA TAYLOR Before we met here.. (beat) You are so delusional. He stares at the ground. ALASKA Because it was a fucking dream. He know he can’t win.89. Alaska thinks. where it’s warmer. TAYLOR Can we talk about this more. . ALASKA You have fifteen minutes...

ALASKA Saying what?? You act as if we’re friends. INT. Every time this is said she feels a weird connection to the dream world. ROUTE PERDUE COFFEE SHOP . Alaska doesn't seem happy. Taylor thinks.. ALASKA You waned to talk more. I don’t understand you. then you got someone else. TAYLOR Please stop saying that. and I can’t even stand you. .EVENING The coffee shop is busy. They sit in silence. Hurry. Her eyes start to water up. Yes? TAYLOR ALASKA TAYLOR Do you not think this was meant to happen? ALASKA What? For us to be happy? Yeah. TAYLOR Remember what I always say. Taylor and Alaska sit at a small two top table on the edge of the room. Talk. Taylor looks at her as she stares at the floor. You were happy with me. )Il établira tout à la fin Alaska goes silent.90. and now here we are. (it will all work out in the end. So. TAYLOR ALASKA No. I hardly know you.

STREET . EXT. EXT. As he runs we see a glimpse of what we think could be Alaska quickly walking down the street.CONTINUOUS Alaska lays on her bed and reaches over to her desk. She grabs a pill bottle and opens it. Hurry. STREET . With out thinking twice she puts her head back and throws the pills into her mouth.NIGHT . pouring a handful of Valium into her hand. The driver of the car seems confused and watches Taylor run off. TAYLOR’S BEDROOM . closing his eyes. ALASKA I can’t do this. enough to knock him of his feet. He runs directly across a street with out looking. Alaska in no where to be found. Taylor thinks for a few seconds and follows her. He runs down the sidewalk looking in every direction.NIGHT A FEW MINUTES LATER Taylor throws himself on the bed.NIGHT Taylor instantly stands up. ALASKA . Since he didn't look a small red car bumps into him. Alaska stands up and quickly runs out of the coffee shop. INT. but sees no sign of her. TAYLOR (CONT’D) You don’t think that was ever true? Tears start running down her face.NIGHT Taylor runs out of the coffee shop onto the NYC street. INT. Taylor automatically follows it. FLASH WHITE ROOM Alaska stands in a white room. then. waves at the car and runs off.91. ALASKA’S BEDROOM . He breathes extremely hard. BAM. dry swallowing. His body hits the ground.

TAYLOR’S BEDROOM . . gone.92.. wake up! Taylor slowly opens his eyes. CONNOR (CONT’D) You’ve been sleeping for two days straight.. Everything is white.. TAYLOR (on the verge of sleep still) Why are you waking me up.. takes a deep breathe.. Alaska? TAYLOR (CONT’D) Suddenly everything begins to shake. rumbling noises. Taylor then looks back down to his arms. Taylor looks around at the white space. Alaska is gone. One moment she was in his arms. the next. He holds her tight.. It’s broad daylight outside. he breathes. CONNOR Taylor doesn't answer. bright light pours over them. CONNOR Taylor. Bright lights shine everywhere. he’s been sleeping for hours.? Taylor turns over. It look to be what is left of the dream world. INT. and falls back asleep Connor pauses. Connor seems worried. TAYLOR (comforting) It’s okay. WHITE ROOM Taylor and Alaska meet again in a totally white area.. then: Taylor.DAY Connor stands over Taylor shaking him. come on man. Alaska runs to Taylor bawling.

aimlessly. CONNOR (CONT’D) Alaska passed away last night. He walks off into the white abyss. She overdosed. Taylor doesn't hear. WHITE ROOM Taylor stands by himself.93. FADE TO WHITE: . he’s already asleep.

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