INTERPOL INTERPOL is the largest police organization, created by 188 member countries, including Afghanistan, Brazil, Cuba, China

, Germany, France, Iran, Israel, and the United States. All of the member countries are bonded by the laws of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, INTERPOL S constitution. INTERPOL s mission is to aid in the prevention of international crime. According to INTERPOL s website, the International Criminal Police Organization is currently headed by President Khoo Boon Hui of Singapore. President Khoo was elected in 2008 by the INTERPOL General Assembly and will serve until 2012 to fulfill his four year term. Stated by INTERPOL s website, the main responsibilities of INTERPOL s President are directing discussions at the General Assembly, which meets once a year and making sure that the activities of INTERPOL conform to what is decided at the General Assembly. There are four core functions of INTERPOL s organization; secure global police communications services, operational data services and databases for police, operational police support services, and police training and development. INTERPOL developed the I-24/7 global police communications system, which gives member countries instant access to not only the databases of INTERPOL, but the General Secretariat as well. The ability of police to exchange crucial data quickly and securely is a basis of effective international law enforcement and by maintaining the I-24/7 system; INTERPOL has secured a way for police around the world to communicate competently. INTERPOL has many databases that they share with their members; suspected terrorists, DNA profiles, fingerprints, child sexual abuse images, stolen works of art,

INTERPOL says to fight international crime. the Waterloo Region Record reports that INTERPOL is trying to track down 450 international fugitives by releasing their names and information to the public hoping that technology helps in tracking the criminals down. In the event of a disaster INTERPOL response teams composed of officers from the General Secretariat and member countries can be shipped to the scene within hours of an event. such as red being the notice for a wanted person.and many more. . This lets INTERPOL be more effective because they do not have to go through the procedure of filing for a visa and lets the organization get to work right away. INTERPOL s goal is to improve officials operational effectiveness. The international alert system that INTERPOL operates is color coded for notices. Police training and development keeps growing and gaining priority for INTERPOL. In the time of social networking. police need access to information which can assist investigations or help prevent crime.). Thirty nine of the fugitives have been caught as of a result of sightings on the street and on Facebook since May (Charlton A5). The Right Vision News reported earlier this year that Pakistan was granted visa waiver status to INTERPOL. To work as efficiently as possible. The internet and technology might be useful sometimes. The alert system also issues notices of groups targeting UN sanctions against Al Qaeda and the Taliban. pag. which gives an automatic visa free 72 hour landing permit (n. enhance their skills and build their capacity to address the increasingly globalized and sophisticated nature of crime today. but it can also ruin a person s life. The Command and Coordination Centre for INTERPOL operates twenty four hours around the clock so their members can be assisted in an emergency or crisis. INTERPOL provides operational police support services.

Identity Theft is a serious crime and INTERPOL is addressing it with battling cybercrime. by using e-Identification Cards so not just anyone can access delicate information (Sheehan 436). Waterloo Region Record. Web. INTERPOL s first Information Security Conference was hosted in Hong Kong where 300 delegates of fifty countries met to discuss the battle on cybercrimes. To catch even more criminals in the future. INTERPOL is developing a system to keep law enforcement information secure. International Enforcement Report says a bigger worry then identity theft is terrorist using cybercrimes to collect information on governments and causing havoc. When members are cooperative. INTERPOL catches criminals everyday with the help of their member countries. 06 July 2010 : A5. Including Canadian. Interpol Seeks Help To Find Key Fugitives. more criminals are caught. As technology grows. . This way the countries become more independent and less dependent on the International Criminal Police Organization. 13 Oct. Angela. 2010. 2010. In response to cyber criminals. INTERPOL. Print. INTERPOL is aiming to help its members bring local and federal police together to help them communicate with each other better. law enforcement must grow with it. INTERPOL 14 Sep. Works Cited Charlton.

Print. International Enforcement Law Report. 2010: 436. 2010: no pag. Right Vision News. Interpol Demonstrates Commitment To Combating Cybercrime With First Information Security Conference. . Sheehan. Nov. Cassandra. Print.Pakistan: Visa Waiver Status Given To Interpol. 08 Mar.

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