Green Justice Acknowledgement

We like to extend our deepest gratitude to Sir Edel, Sir Lemuel and Mam Astrid of Haribon Foundation. We are thankful to have them as our mentors. Thank you for treating us as your friends and at the same time a family. Also, without them we will not accomplish our tasks properly and on time. We also want to thank Professor Rebecca Daluping. Thank you for extending our time to finish our immersion and giving us leeway to accomplish our documents. From: Proponents.


national origin.Green Justice i. that understands and values human rights. It generally refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity. It opened our eyes to the lifestyle and culture of every community. Moreover."(Wikipedia) It is probably the most underestimated issue in the society. gave the regular brand of theology a new meaning. implementation and enforcement of environmental laws. trees and for the next generation. With this observation. or income with respect to the development. color. It generally exposed us to a greater perspective. "Environmental justice is served when people can realize their highest potential. Some say it’s boring and for others it’s just a waste of time. regulations. sex. We chose this topic because we want to be a part of its holistic development. as a part of the curriculum. and policies. which is Social Justice. Environmental justice (EJ) is "the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race. Our ignorance to this dispute hinders us from being a part of its answer. We want to charge for the future. ecotourism. we were able to understand their needs and value. biodiversity." In the words of Bunyan Bryant. Introduction The general definition of theology. we also have the answer to this predicament. It aims to teach us proper values and norms that we can use and share to the society. 2 . water. food. Theology 5. lies in the four corners of the classroom. We will run for our future. Our thoughts were painted a new idea. People are the cause of this problem. and that recognizes the dignity of every human being (Wikipedia).

Green Justice ii. Vision-Mission Statement: Vision: Haribon takes the lead in caring for nature with people – for the people.1 Haribon Foundation Site Map (Source: Google Maps) A. training workshops. B. Location: Haribon Foundation is located at 2nd floor Santos and Sons Building. Field of Work: Haribon Foundation is a non-profit. 2 . species and habitats. Their projects mainly points out to save sites. #973 Aurora Boulevard. non-stock. non-government organization. advocacies. They are committed to working on the environment through membership. campaigns and environmental resourcing. Participation Exhibit 2. C. Quezon City.

Haribon was also accredited by the Department of Science and Technology as a science and research foundation conducting floral and faunal studies. and scientific excellence. Constituency Development Department and Research Department. F. we called various companies for sponsorship and support. government units and various organizations to invite them to join the Million Hectare Challenge 2011 of Haribon. E. It is a run for a cause which aims to fund the restoration of hectares of forests. History Haribon Foundation first started as a bird watching society. He was also tasked to interview various nominees for the Gawad 2 . Anabelle Plantilla. training workshops and clerical. Activities: Our tasks and activities revolve around public relations. Geronimo was also given the task to come up with the design of Haribon’s membership kit. namely Site Action Department. We called various schools. It was inspired by the Philippine Eagle. Also. D. Mr. Organizational Chart Haribon is headed by their Chief Operation Officer. Haring Ibon. companies. The Site Action Department and Research Department are managed my Mr.Green Justice Mission: Haribon is a membership based organization committed to nature conservation through community empowerment. Moreover. promotional. they got their name from the Filipino term of Philippine Eagle. They are also composed of 3 major departments. Noel Resureccion. It was just a form of hobby them. The Constituency Development Department is headed by Maria Berlinda De la Paz.

Baclig. As a group. Pictures Mentor’s Signature Exhibit 2. Mr. Namin. Mr.1 Exhibit 2. Geronimo and Mr. Amador. Others were also tasked to do some filing.Green Justice Bayani ng Kalikasan.2.2. Exhibit 2. Defante. Mr.2 2 . Averia.2 Activity Table Summary Activity Sponsorship and Invitation for Million hectare Challenge Assigned Workers Ms. Mr. we helped Haribon organize their Module 4 of Environmental Awareness Workshop.

Mr. Baclig. Defante. Namin. Mr. 2 . Geronimo Confirmation of nominees iii.2. we did not get the chance to interact with the whole environment and its problem.2. regarding matters about environmental issues. Baclig and Mr. Mr. Averia. from office. Geronimo and Mr. Geronimo Mr.4 Environmental Awareness workshop Ms.Green Justice Exhibit 2. Mr. Socio-Analytical Mediation (Seeing) Honestly speaking. We got our awareness. Amador Exhibit 2.3 Formulation of design for the membership kit Filing of Documents Mr.

everyone should help the holistic development of the environment regardless of religion and faith. All of these existing religions offers and imposes environmental friendliness. you must provide for the redemption of the land. Moreover. but you did not take care of the flock! You have not strengthened 2 . Religion and faith should not be a standard when dealing with contributions in developing the environment. Throughout the country that you hold as a possession. hinders environmental organizations from doing their jobs and implementing their programs. 25:23-24 The land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. iv. Among these problems that need immediate action are waste management problems. depletion of the natural resources and water resources related issues.Green Justice training and research. Environmental changes negatively affect us all but it has more impact on the lives of the poor. Hence. regardless of social status. clothe yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals. Ezekiel 34:2-4 Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves! Should not the shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds. the lack responsiveness and awareness of people. Hermeneutical Mediation Lev. This is due to the fact that they have limited access to education and resources. Their insufficient incomes make them. crisis that seems to worsen each day. Their lack of awareness results to the further environmental degradation. vulnerable to environmental disasters. The environmental condition of the Philippines is somewhat similar to its economical situation.

we have learned that all properties has social mortgage. “We are managers. and strengthen support to research and development. We should not fail to remember to give back to Mother Nature. no more than with life itself do we have this as something we can earn or deserve. Practical Mediation In general. To improve the situation of the poor we have formulated three strategies. conduct a massive and continuing public environmental education. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. not just given. Environmental 2 . v.” The wealth of our lives is a gift. we should impose social and environmental responsibility and vigorous volunteerism. It is not entitlement but blessing in which others are meant to share. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. These are to develop a more responsive policy and practice on environmental management.Green Justice the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. at any time that He wants it returned. A massive and continuing environmental education at all levels should also be vigorously pursued to elevate the level of consciousness of the entire citizenry on environmental issues and to mobilize their support in addressing these issues. According to the ten building blocks of Catholic Social Teaching. our goal is to alleviate the poor people’s vulnerability to environmental disaster. At the policy level. who provides comfortable and convenient living. not owners. efforts should be made to improve present approach of policy formulation and implementation. so that we will be able to return it to God in better condition than we received it. We are tasked to take care of what God has given us in such a way as to nourish and strengthen it. That is. As technology and market advances. From our past lesson. This is the Principle of Stewardship.

Finally. One way to do this is to require big foreignassisted environmental programs/projects to include research and development as one of the project components to support field implementation.Green Justice activities should be incorporated in school/university curricula at all levels as well as in the programs of the different government 2 .haribon. NGOs and the private Bibliography www. support to research and development should be strengthened. The Church’s Best Kept Secret: Her Social Teaching 2 .wikipedia.Green Justice http://en.

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