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ABOUT AFTERSCHOOLs Centre for Social Entrepreneurship By : DR. T.K.

JAIN FOUNDER PROMOTOR, AFTERSCHOOL CAREER GUIDANCE TRUST CENTRE FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP SIVAKAMU VETERINARY HOSPITAL ROAD BIKANER RAJASTHAN INDIA 334001 MOBILE : 91-9414430763, Again and again it has been proved that ideas can change the life and destiny of a person. Communication, inspiration and motivation can transform any person from being an ordinary person into an extra-ordinary person. Self motivated and committed youth can collectively achieve any objective and can simply transform our planet. There are only a few institutions trying to transform the present day youth into a conscious, spiritual and dedicated youth. We made a humble beginning in 1997 by starting career guidance programmes. We conducted many career guidance programmes in schools and colleges in and around Bikaner. We realized that there was a need to motivate and inspire the youth. Most of the students didnt have a clarity regarding their career goal and aspirations for life. Most of the youth didnt consider social welfare or social development as the goal of life. Hence, there was a need for doing something in this direction. We realized that the youth could do a great work, if only they were properly motivated. However, we also realized that the teachers, who could transform them, were also not self motivated. Many teachers didnt realize the power they possessed. At that juncture, we realized that there is a need to do something broader. We started Afterschool Career Guidance Trust at that time and started Centre for Social Entrepreneurship in this to promote all these concepts. From the beginning, we have offered all our programmes on no-profit basis. In fact we havnt yet started charging for our programmes. The founders (Trilok Kumar Jain and Kalpana Jain) devote their time, money and resources for this cause, just to propagate this concept. Now we want to spread this concept in other parts of the country also. We are able to get favourable responses from many places. We are extremely thankful to all those who have invited us to conduct workshops / training programmes / seminars / symposia. We now want to open centres all over India to promote our concept, however, we are not yet able to get partners in other places, as no body seems to take up this cause in the same spirit as we do. In todays professional and commercialized world, it is difficult to spread this concept on non-

profit basis, but we are sure that it will benefit and achieve its desired impact may be at a smaller level. We have conducted mam

Our objectives : To promote social entrepreneurship To enable students entrepreneurship to formulate business plans for social

To help the students in formulating business plans and train them in the process of business plan formulation To help the students in spreading concept of social entrepreneurship and spiritual entrepreneurship To promote teacher training through TEACHERS AS TRANSFORMERS programme To motivate teachers to become high achievers To motivate teachers to stimulate the creativity among the students To start chapters / branches / franchisee of our centre all over the country - but purely for non-profit objective To induct corporate executives / professors as volunteers into the field of promoting social entrepreneurship/ spiritual entrepreneurship / career guidance To help the youth of the country in creating a concrete action plan for the development of humanity at large

For achieving these objectives, we conduct the following programmes : 1. Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship 2. Workshop on Spiritual Entrepreneurship 3. Workshop on TEACHERS AS TRANSFORMERS 4. Career Guidance Programmes 5. Courses on Social Entrepreneurship, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, Relative Economics, and on other similar topics

HOW DO WE WORK ? We are not professionals, but we are volunteers. We need volunteers for our growth. We are looking for those persons, who consider social responsibility as our moral responsibility and therefore willing to spare some time out of their busy schedule for a work which is going to be an intrinsically satisfying work for them. We are eagerly awaiting volunteers to join our group and expand our activities. For us this is a devotion and a form of worship and therefore, we shall continue to promote this work zealously and believe and if not today, tomorrow there will be a group of persons to support us. WHAT ARE COURSE ENTREPRENEURSHIP? CONTENTS OF WORKSHOP ON SOCIAL

What is social entrepreneurship? Problem identification and development of solutions for the problem (now an opportunity). What are the constraints and opportunities in social entrepreneurship? How to prepare business plan for social entrepreneurship? Case studies in social entrepreneurship Group assignment for preparation of social entrepreneurship business plans Presentations by the groups on their themes. Interactions with social entrepreneurs

WHAT ARE THE COURSE CONTENTS OF WORKSHOP ON TEACHERS AS TRANSFORMERS? The role of teachers Teachers as Institution Builders case studies Writing for newspapers, magazines, journals and blogs Preparing projects / social development ideas Guiding students for social development / social entrepreneurship Extending greater responsibilities to the students and playing the role of facilitators Using technology in teaching profession

Simulations and role plays Experience sharing, feedback and open discussions CONTENTS OF WORKSHOP ON SPIRITUAL


Meditation for better focus on career Spirituality and strategic leadership for Organisations of the future Case studies on spiritual entrepreneurship

WHAT ARE COURSE CONTENTS OF CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME? Understanding our true self and our aspirations Linking skills, capabilities and performance How to secure scholarships / fellowships What, where and how to study? Overview of social trends and identifying new generation career paths Career Goal Setting How to prepare resumes and prepare for GD & Interviews? Entrepreneurship and intrapraneurship as career paths Team work and collective efforts for better career progress simulations and management games

What is PGPSE and CSE ? PGPSE stands for Post Graduate Programme on Social / Spiritual Entrepreneurship. CSE stands for Certificate in Social / Spiritual Entrepreneurship. We had started PGPSE and CSE as free programmes. These programmes are now offered on distance education / online mode only. The programme participants have to download and study the material, prepare at least four business plans, work with some NGOs as volunteer for social development and undertake some other prescribed activities to get PGPSE /CSE. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND CREDENTIALS We have undertaken many workshops on social entrepreneurship, Teachers As Transformers and other similar themes. We have been able to help thousands of students directly / indirectly. We have guided hundreds of teachers about the role of

teachers and these workshops have been appreciated by the programme participants. Some of the institutions, which have given us opportunity to conduct these programmes are : Agarwal Samaj (Society) Bikaner Apex Institute of Management, Jaipur Aravali Institute of Management, Jodhpur Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women, Hyderabad College of Engineering and Technology Bikaner Deepshikha Group of Colleges Jaipur District Industries Centre Bikaner HCM Rajasthan Institute of Public Administration Bikaner ICSI Hyderabad Chapter IIT Roorkee Kesar Fragrance Institute Bikaner Manda Institute of Technology Bikaner Marudhar Engineering College Bikaner Rashtra Sahayak Vidyalaya Bikaner The Dainik Bhaskar Group Bikaner The Rajasthan Patrika Group Bikaner Therapanth Yuvak Parishad Gangashahr, Bikaner PROGRAMME AND REQUIREMENTS FROM THE HOST


We are willing to conduct these programmes for every school and college across the country (but that is not possible hence we can conduct it in only those institutions, which invite us). We are not commercially minded on these issues. We are not asking the institutions to pay us money for conducting these programmes. We just need little bit assistance in terms of transportation costs, local hospitality and local infrastructure support. All those institutions, who can help us, are actually going to

help themselves as our only objective is to strengthen our educational set up so that we are able to have better education and training for our next generations. FAQs ON OUR ACTIVITIES : Q. Is there any minimum eligibility for our programmes ? No any enthusiastic person can join our programme Q. What is the language used in these programmes? Either English or Hindi depending on audience Q. Do we advertise or publicize our programmes ? No rather we wait for persons to approach us and we conduct these programmes, only if there is willingness on the part of the host institution and the programme participants to join these programmes Q. Do we publish any books / journals / study material ? Yes but only online we believe that knowledge and information should be shared and those willing to share knowledge should form networks. Q. What are PGPSE passout doing now? Only a few persons have completed PGPSE / CSE programmes. Mr. N. Raju was our first student of PGPSE and he is a successful entrepreneur in Kota (Rajasthan) now. Mr. Mahaveer (Yuvraj) also completed PGPSE and he also became an entrepreneur. Mr. Pawan and Mr. Gautam Buchha are also planning to become entrepreneurs. A few other programme participants are in jobs, but wish to become entrepreneurs. Q. Do our programmes help a person in getting a government job? No we are not conducting any government recognized programmes. We do provide certificates but they are not for helping a person in getting a job, but just a reminder of the programme undertaken by the participant. We do provide guidance in starting a new business enterprise / social enterprise but there is no assurance regarding placement / job guarantee.