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Buddhist Definition of Karma
What exactly is Karma? What does it mean to be free of the Karmic cycle? These are excellent questions and today I will try and shed some light on this important topic. This topic is important really because understanding it deeply, will help you a great deal in living your life correctly and accelerating your spiritual progress. To help with this complex topic, I am going to provide the thoughts of the great Zen master Shunryu Suzuki, from his A+ book Zen Mind, Beginner¶s Mind. This is not just a Buddhist view of Karma, this is actually a clear view of the Law of Karma. Also, I provide a nice 9 Day Karma Cleansing Challenge which is a great spiritual test to take in the bottom of this article.

Zen Buddhist Master Shunryu Suzuki on What is Karma?
Zen Mind, Beginner¶s Mind Pages 100, 102 According to the traditional Buddhist understanding, our human nature is without ego. When we have no idea of ego, we have Buddha¶s view of life. Our egoistic ideas are delusion, covering out Buddha Nature. We are always creating and following them, and in repeating this process over and over again, our life becomes completely occupied by ego-centered ideas. This is called karmic life, or karma. The Buddhist life should not be karmic life. The purpose of our practice is to cut off the karmic spinning mind. If you are trying to attain enlightenment, that is a part of karma, you are creating and being driven by karma, and you are wasting your time on the black cushion. According to Bodhidarma¶s understanding, practice based on any gaining idea is just a repetition of your karma. Forgetting this point, many later Zen masters have emphasized some stage to be attained by practice. He goes on to say« Before Buddha attained enlightenment he made all possible effort for us, and at last he attained a thorough understanding of the various ways. You may think Buddha attained some stage where he was free from karmic life, but it is not so. Many stories were told by Buddha about his experiences after he attained enlightenment. He was not at all different from us. When his country was at war with a powerful neighbor, he told his disciples of his own karma, of how he suffered when he saw that his

breaking the chain the karmic activity and finding our place in the world of actual practice. and practice our way without any egotistic idea. So our understanding of Buddhism is not just an intellectual understanding. 1. but only through practice. Both as a driving force and in accumulation as fuel (Karma) for future egotistical action. But his view of life was not shaky. we should practice zazen. including his life. I wanted to present this excerpt to you as it has other hidden gems in it as well. This then forms more emotion soaked memory. is the practice itself. which then becomes the seed for ego gratification in the future. That was his way of life after he attained enlightenment. And even after he attained enlightenment he continued the same effort we are making. And when we understand this point we will make our best effort in each moment. Karmic Bondage and Karmic Living. we will attain enlightenment in its true sense. Constantly. Lets see this cycle at work using the simple pleasure principle. When we have the traditional spirit to follow the truth as it goes. Our understanding at the same time is its own expression. leading to more experience and sensation. it starts to crave that pleasure experience again. giving it more and more strength. What is Karma? Karma is life and action that is led by the ego and for the ego. it is just sensation. actual practice. He had a very scientific understanding. His view of life was stable. It forms an emotional memory and starts to chew on the memory of that experience. and he watched others with the same eyes that he watched stones or plants. He watched himself. This emotion soaked memory then lays the foundation for desires and influences future actions. or anything else. there would have been no reason for him to suffer so. That is true understanding of Buddhism. In addition. So Karma is formed by the mind spinning the pleasurable experience. If he had been someone who had attained an enlightenment in which there was no karma.country was going to be conquered by the neighboring king. When you experience some pleasure. and he watched everyone¶s life. that is fine. building emotion soaked memory. Then. Buddhist Understanding of What Karma Means The above excerpt offers the best way to view and Karma. the more Karma there is. if it is spun around in the . Not by reading or contemplation of philosophy. Let me highlight these points for you below. with strong confidence in our true nature. The more the ego is involved. But then the mind tends not to leave it at that. can we understand what Buddhism is.

As this is a very interesting and important topic and there is a lot of confusion around what Karma is I will go into this in more detail in a future article. "How to be free from the Karmic Cycle?". Thus we are bound by our Karma. To help you on this journey here is a great 9 Day Karma Cleansing Program. how to live with moment to moment awareness. but by bearing witness and not getting drawn in. the content of consciousness (emotion soaked memory) starts to reveal itself and gets purged. Purging this emotion soaked memory is the emptying of the mind which you hear about in meditation. Residing in this Witnessing Consciousness or Big Mind. Of course this is not at all easy to accomplish. had to live out the Karma that was already present in him. If doing all of what this challenge requires is too much. Residing in such awareness. which are the seeds that will then influence our mind to pursue more ego oriented activity. Summary and Karma Cleansing Challenge: So karma boils down to a very simple thing. If you strengthen the ego. but it can really be a lot of fun to do if you are up for the challenge. after enlightenment. you are freeing yourself from the entanglements of karma and the dualistic world. and the Karmic cycle continues. you are residing in pure consciousness and witnessing. It is the Big Self and the substratum on which the drama of life is being playing out on. if on the other hand.mind. Do what the Buddha did. but even trying it will give you a great deal of insight into how your ego functions and also. he stopped creating more emotion soaked memory. as we already have in us emotion soaked memories. that too will be of enormous benefit to you . Learn to become a detached witness to the comings and goings of your life. or more Karmic seeds. It is difficult to do. How to Free Oneself from the Karmic Cycle? The answer to the question. is residing in your Buddha Nature and this alone frees you from the cycle of Karma. Also. but for now I think you should get the gist of what I am saying from the explanation and example above. 2. This awareness is your Buddha Nature. then you are accumulating karma. but to live instead in moment to moment awareness. by bearing witness. means to not live via the ego oriented. give it more importance and are caught in nothing but ego-centric desires. just pick a few of the requirements. Even the Buddha. emerges from the understanding above. develop the Witnessing Consciousness. small mind. In other words.

Witness Thoughts & Actions: This will actually start to happen naturally as a consequence of the above disciplines (which build up immense psychic pressure). No Criticism of any kind: Very similar to discipline #3 is this requirement . I will record my progress in the comment section below and invite you to do the same if you like. No Television of any kind: Take a break from staring at the box and escaping from yourself and your life. object or activity. Jonn Mumford Chapter 12: 9 Day Karma Clearing Program "If you can do this for nine days. Don¶t allow anything to happen without awareness. sensitive.9 Days to Change Your Life: Karma Manual Dr.no criticizing anything« person. 9 Day Test of Your Spiritual Evolution (aka: 9 Day Karma Clearing Program) The test comprises of the following 11 disciplines to be done daily for each of the 9 days. insightful human with an increased sense of purpose. This test is not easy! It is rare that anyone is able to pass it perfectly. y y y y No newspapers No internet news No radio For Television see #2 below 2. but. I challenge you to take it if you feel ready. 4. 1. you may not express any dissatisfaction regarding any aspect of your life during these 9 days. Best of all you will emerge. self-mastery. My version is only slightly different from the original. No media news input for the entire 9 days: Take a break from global gossip. a more powerful. you will experience nine days of amazing unconscious material . 3. and satisfaction!" Need I say more? A word of advice though. 5. No communication of dissatisfaction: You may do anything you wish to try to bring about the changes you need to. destiny. like a butterfly from a cocoon.you will prevent Agami Karma (un-sprouted Karamic seeds) from being watered and converted to Prarabdha Karma (sprouted unavoidable Karmic consequences). I will start it myself in the near future and maintain it for the 9 days required. Many articles on this website explain this art of witnessing in .

Wake up Earlier: You are to wake up 1 hour earlier than you normally do. Meaningful & Good life. This activity is item #7 in the article 10 Things Your Should Do Everyday for a Happy. One Major Meal Only: This requirement in conjunction with the above disciplines is designed to cause deep seated emotions to surface. So take up my challenge and go for it. is not just something you dislike. is also something that is not essential for you to do. but. Feel free to post your experiences with this test in the comments section below. Selfless Act: The act of kindness should be done without anyone having any knowledge of the source. but. See where you would have done things differently had you applied your higher self. 10. I suggest choosing Zen Meditation Technique. also to make incredible progress on the spiritual path. I think that would help and inspire others trying this difficult test as well. Daily Mediatation: Meditate everyday for minimum of 20 minutes between dawn and dusk. Study yourself in this way and reflect on the actions you took. Often we end up just reading about things. To read more about it you are check out The True Meaning of Laziness. 7. In fact.greater detail. . I want to wish you the very best on this 9 day adventure of yours. Do Something That you Dislike: The important aspect of this discipline is that the activity which you pick to do. 9. This one meal should also only be a vegetarian meal. 11. Ajna Chakra Meditation Technique or So Hum Meditation Technique all of which are available on this website. once you take this test you will incorporate many of these disciplines into your daily life and find you are meeting most of the requirements set out to help have a Happy. 8. Meaningful and Good life. This will help you build willpower. this test is a chance to really act and do something very unique and beneficial. To help you with that and understand its benefits you can read the following article The Secret of How to Become an Early Riser. So you are not getting any overt credit for your goodness. 6. Review & Recall: Review your day entire either backwards or forwards and pay special attention to emotional situations and decisions you made. which you will find has many of the elements that are also a part of this test. thus giving you a rare chance to observe deeper aspects of your being. Conclusion: This test is a real opportunity for you to not just evaluate your spiritual prowess.

for all the terrific work he has done around the monastery grounds. he noticed Tara far away sitting by the river under a shaded tree. He had been the head abbot of No Wind Monastery for a very long time and was ready to anoint a successor.The True Meaning of Laziness Art of Meditation: Personal Development and Spiritual Growth: Do you think you are a lazy person? Do you think you are not a lazy person? I think a better question is. were flush with noble qualities and were favorite students of Master Blumise. Feeling confident in his plan. "Dearest Chin. This he thought would be appripo. in accordance with the Zen teachings of physical labor. He smiled and mentally awarded himself a point. Everyone knew that the real competition was only between Chin and Tara. the feelings that pass through them and the actions they take. Chin sprang out of bed and headed to the monastery kitchen. There was much work to be done and." After the sound of one hand clapping settled down. The competition was on. would not be able to do it even if she decided to. "Master Tara will take over as the head abbot as I am retiring and heading to Disney Land. but still in bed. except of course a confused Chin. I would like to say that we are renaming the Great Meditation Hall to Chin Meditation Hall. Chin pounding away making the monastery the 8th wonder of the world and Tara strolling along the river. until we know what the true meaning of laziness is. Along the way he noticed Tara. emotion or action of hers go unnoticed. Also. which he had decided to repaint. to show our collective appreciation to young Master Chin for rebuilding it so finely and also. hanging out in bed. Early the next morning. Zen Master Blumise was growing very old. "That¶s 2 points for me. are the ones who are not lazy." All were pleased and applauded once more. especially Master Blumise. As he toiled in the hot sun. Master Blumise continued." said Master Blumise with a soft. . high up on the roof he knew he would be very visible to everyone in the grounds. So to reveal the true meaning of laziness let me tell you a story. She is equal to Shakyamuni Buddha himself in her awareness. In the past week she has not let a single thought.that¶s it." Chin understood clearly and bowed as well in admiration and respect. Moreover. Master Blumise decreed that the monk who he felt was least lazy. do you know what the true meaning of laziness is? I mean. A week passed and then there was great excitement around the monastery. he would show Master Blumise just how devoted to work he could be. Chin visited Master Blumise and inquired about why he had selected Tara as the least lazy student. Chin began rebuilding the temple roof which had begun to decay. Chin knew that some of this work was very physical in nature and that Tara. Master Blumise had made his decision and all had been asked to convene in the newly built Great Meditation Hall. And so it went. compassionate smile. Later that day. So. emotions and actions ." Master Blumise began. They both had immense character. drinking tea with her friends and watching the clouds roll by. "My most beloved students. would take over as head abbot of No Wind Monastery. "First." he thought as his smile grew wider. awake. Chin pondered hard as to how he would demonstrate his non-lazy character to Master Blumise and finally came up with a huge list of items that needed to be done around the monastery grounds. So there you have it. I bow to her greatness. A lazy person is one who is not aware of their thoughts. being a lady of slight stature and build. we can¶t really decide if we are or are not lazy people. he set out to execute it. One who is aware of their thoughts as they occur. "It was a no-brainer.

" Well at least toiling upwards in the early morning would be a good start for some of us :-). Were not attained by sudden flight. or in using electric shocks. The Secret on How to Become an Early Riser Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Guide: Personal Development One of my grandfather¶s favorite quotes was. But they. Were toiling upwards in the night. It is simply about being mindful and finely tuned in to the present moment. or one can be not active at all. Here is a simple experiment that you can do to validate the above argument. That is the key. or in hiring a drill sergeant as a personal trainer . They all had a burning passion for something in life. lets say playing World of Warcraft. So how is this to be done? How is one to wake up early and thus make full use of that most beautiful time of the day? The answer does not lie in taping an alarm clock to your head. You may be surprised at the energy available to you to get out of bed that morning. "The heights of great men reached and kept. If you are an avid gamer. Now wait for a day when you don¶t have to rush off to work and plan to watch that show on that day early in the morning. Here are a few more examples. Think about what you really enjoy doing and plan to do that early in the morning. that love. Or leave the book you are reading at an interesting juncture and observe your ability to wake up the next day early to continue. If you really love a particular TV show and have a DVR (or VCR). . tape that show instead of watching it when you normally do. Getting up and out of bed early has to do with your enthusiasm for starting the next day. Well. Try to never delay or procrastinate the necessary response to a requirement of life in a given moment (this is actually a very interesting topic in and of itself but I will leave that for another article).the answer is simpler than that . Those great men above. I also like very much to bow to the greatness of others and I hope you will extend me this opportunity in the near future. That passion. The secret to not only becoming an early riser. observe carefully within yourself and you will notice that the energy is there at that time for you to do it.the answer is to figure out what you are most passionate about in life. Here are a few simple examples of such an experiment. See what happens.one can be very active and still be very lazy. will give you the energy to spring out of bed at the break of dawn so you can give yourself to that which you love most. but be very diligent. but also for living a fulfilling life. I think the point has been made. had one thing in common. Now I think you are better prepared to answer the question. stop right before you level up or before you get your reward for a completed quest and see how quickly you get out of bed the next day and run to the computer. I am certain. while their companions slept. When there is something that needs to be done.

in the bush lands of Australia or high up in a Himalayan village what do you see yourself doing regardless of location? 5. If you were informed you are about to die shortly. and you start to live according to your passions. Here is a list of reasons why it is advantageous to practice sadhana in the early morning if possible« 1. chakra yoga. really big one how would you like to spend the rest of your life? 3. in a short time with regular practice. trying to wake up early will be a non-issue. will help you overcome any energy issues that were hampering you from getting up early. There is another problem that sometimes comes up with regard to becoming an early riser and that has to do with health and energy. . not only sleep better. I mean the really. No matter where on Earth you are. Here is a nice beginner Kundalini Yoga Kriya (set) that covers many aspects of your being and will help build your energy and health. Having good physical. without any concern for reward or compliment? Do you like the joy of building things? Do you like to just create music? Do you like to teach? Do you like the challenge of watching your thoughts in action? 2. If you find yourself lacking energy and feeling depleted there is no better cure for that than exercise and Yoga. This Kundalini Kriya. what would you regret most as not having spent your time doing? 4. but also in providing the necessary energy to kick-start the day bright and early. One last item that I think is worth touching upon while I am on this topic is the motivation for those who practice meditation. The kriya is actually called Morning Wakeup Series and ironically should be done in the morning when you wake up. first world country. pranayama or other spiritual work to wake up early." This is the time of the day when the spiritual energy on our lovely planet is at its highest. kundalini. In a rich. Here are those 6 questions«.One problem that comes up of course is that many people do not know what their true passion is and so are not living an inspired life. Early morning is called brahmamuhurta in Sanskrit. It literally means "The Divine Time. Once that happens. The article Stop the Madness of Self-Discipline goes into this more but here I will paste one portion of that post which presents the following questions to ask yourself to help you figure out what you love to do. What activity can you just not see yourself doing without? Hopefully these questions will start to reveal to you your real interests in life. emotional and mental health will go a long way in helping you. What is it that you like to do for its own sake. 1. What activity do you always find yourself coming back to throughout your life? 6. If you won the lottery.

There is a story of a Yogi high up in the Himalayan mountains and what he does early every morning is get up. 4. he read. The mind is also fresh and unburdened with the worries of everyday life. stand and applaud. which he felt met the requirements laid out in the post. figure out what you love to do in life and then muster up the courage to go after it. he had decided instead to stay up all night. 3. experiment. So let that not be the case for you. . explained that the secret to a happy and fulfilling life was to live life one day at a time. He spent the next hour in the sauna. 5:00 am: Ponchie checked the time and smiled 5:00am Woo Hoo! The recommendation was to wake up early. the author had provided his thoughts on what 10 activities one should include in one¶s life on a daily basis in order to accomplish this. This will help in the practice of concentration and meditation. but since waking up early was impossible for our lazy yoga friend. which is necessary before practicing many of the Yoga asanas and pranayamas. 6:00 am: Ponchie headed to the Gym to get his daily recommended sweat. Meaningful & Good Life Combined Art of Living: Personal Development and Spiritual Growth (For ease of reference. Not only that. Thus. for the beauty of the sunrise and for the opportunity each new day provides. This is the time of day when you are least likely to be distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is said that one of the things that we human beings waste our lives doing is sleeping (too much). Here was how Ponchie spent some of his day. Search inwards. 10 Things You Should Do Everyday for a Happy. where the author had revealed the secrets of how to live a happy. The air at this time is fresh and contains the greatest amount of prana (cosmic life force). Let us join him bright and early tomorrow morning. He is applauding creation for the wonder of a new dawn. Other articles that also touch upon this topic are Silent Mind Meditation Program: Practical Hints and Tips: Chapter 18 and How to Meditate by Yourself (Zazen Practice). he would be awake during the early morning hours and be able to take advantage of this most spiritual time of day. Our good buddy Lazy Yogi Ponchie had just read a great blog on Meditation . 5.2. this is a combined post of parts 1 & 2 which were written and published a few months ago). The stomach is empty. meaningful and good life and the highly inspired Yogi Ponchie immediately went about implementing the recommendations ² in his own special way of course. The article.-).

they prevent your life from moving forward. just go about the business of life by living each day as well as you can. That one word describes all the Vedas. . the moment. Heed this suggestion and you will be surprised at the rewards. but don¶t focus on the results. and we will also see how the rest of Lazy Ponchie¶s. 9:00 am: Ponchie called his dad and asked him to pay his credit card bills and help fix the leaky faucet in the kitchen. Wake up Early: This gets the day off to a great start. 3. In part 2 of this series I will go into the last 5 suggestions for what should be done everyday in order to live a happy. don¶t put off what needs to done. something is stirring within. I will list 5 of the 10 daily suggestions that were made and here they are« 1. In addition. Spend Time is Nature: The spiritual path can be described in 1 word ± CONNECT. This means to get some form of exercise and keep the body in tip top shape. the article continued. Daily Meditation: This is the most important criteria. yoga or other spiritual practice). Not all receive the invite. with Pochie at the half way mark of meeting the daily activities that the article laid out. meaningful and good life. enroll in an MBA program. Bible. Hopefully the author will write an article on this topic of Connection as well as is it a very interesting and powerful concept :-). try to incorporate the following 10 activities into each day. since he was eager to meet the requirement of "completing your daily affairs" as had been suggested« that was easy.7:00 am: Ponchie listened to a meditation tape in his car on the way back home from the gym. the article said. 2. Instead. 5. was to live one day a time. life opens up. I mean Yogi Ponchie¶s. Gita. the secret to a Happy. Life. so treat it like a temple and take care of it. Meaningful and Good Life. so if you are being roused from the dream by the gentle hand of your Divine Nature do everything you can Wake Up! 4. don¶t delay. The body is not you. In part 1. start a daily fitness routine. So here we are. launch a new blog. Put money away in the retirement fund. Let¶s summarize this article that has so profoundly inspired Mr. it meant not to obsess with the outcome. sure do all these things. Your inner voice will constantly remind you what needs to be completed. This did not mean not to plan. If they linger. Complete Your Daily Affairs: Don¶t procrastinate. The early morning hours are full of spiritual energy and prana (life force) and are an ideal time for your daily sadhana (meditation. Sweat Everyday: If possible try to break a sweat everyday. but is the vehicle through which you live and worship. Koran. day went. thus meeting the most important criteria for doing his daily meditation practice. 8:00 am: Ponchie watched Sunrise Earth on Discovery by sitting very close to the television« spending time with nature« done. Tantras. The old proverbs are very wise. or at least not all are aware of the beckoning. as they would go a long way in expanding your spiritual and personal growth and ensuring that you really maximize your human potential. "A stitch in time saves nine" and "Don¶t put off till tomorrow what can be done today". Essentially. If you have come to the Mastery of Meditation website. they are like blockages. Ponchie. provides challenges to you and when you meet them. Upanishads. This invitation by the Divine should not be taken lightly. and a sauna does not count. One of the best ways to connect is to be with Nature intimately. etc. He told his dad that this had to be done today itself.

what you felt. did you respond too quickly. prevent incomplete emotions from spilling over into the subconscious mind and give you tremendous insight. or locking your puppy up in the bathroom and going to sleep does not count. the reader. 10:00 pm: Ponchie spent 2 minutes reflecting on how well he had slept. locked his puppy in the bathroom and hit the sack. we should spend this time not in entertainment. 12:00am: He chugged down 2 bottles of wine. from having stayed up all night. Once he managed to pull that off. Not only that. but since he had slept all day. In other words sitting alone watching TV. This is essential if one is to be a Light Onto Oneself. in order to complete the last 5 "must do everyday activities for a happy and successful life. Spend Some Time Alone: Each day we should try to make some space for spending time alone. here is how he spent the rest of his time« 10:00 am . what you thought etc. When one is alone in this way. I cannot over emphasize the value of this meditation. . did you really listen. 1:00 am: He struggled hard to stay awake again. I will just outline how Ponchie spends the rest of his day and see if you. were you honest and forthright? So much self-knowledge can be gained by this simple accounting method. Yogi Ponchie actually did this correctly. Look back and see how you acted. Do Your Daily Accounting at the End of the Day: This is a wonderful meditation to adopt into one¶s lifestyle. what you said. One should try to just be alone without excessive stimulation and of course be Awake. from the time you woke up to the present time. The last 5 activities Yogi Ponchie indulged in. There you have it. Were you overly reactive. 6.Part II In part 1 of this series we followed lazy and crazy Yogi Ponchie through the first half of his day as he looked to complete the "10 must do everyday activities for a happy. We left Ponchie at 9:00 am when he was convincing his dad to pay off his bills and help with with household chores. It does not require much effort to do and the rewards gained from this simple technique are enormous. 11:00 pm: He called up his dad and asked his father to be grateful for being allowed to pay his credit card bills and for being asked to fix his leaky faucet. or surfing the internet." Any guesses? Here are the suggestions from the author and how Ponchie thought he was meeting them. In part 2 of this series we will explore the final 5 daily recommendations and see how Yogi Ponchie manages them in his own unique way. In fact. so he could once be awake for the early magical part of the day. so do your daily accounting. not escaping into some entertainment.10:00 pm: A very tiered Ponchie. It will help balance your life. 7. At the end of the day spend some time and reflect back on the day chronologically. how you said it. meaningful and good life" that he had just read about. there was not much for him to reflect on. can guess what requirement he is trying to meet by his activities. Especially reflect on situations that posed a challenge or were emotional in nature. it will give one visibility into the self in action.

with regard to their "spiritual evolution". to turning off the TV. Do at Least One Good Deed: Everyday do something good for someone else. compassion. although simple. is so much more fun and enjoyable. So take one day at a time the best you can and include in it these 10 pearls of wisdom. This test will help you determine if you have the right perspective. generosity. arrogance. but perhaps the challenge he should have undertaken. It is important for your mind. I am glad it is so. Get Some Entertainment: You need to relax and enjoy yourself daily as well. Using it. but for now let¶s try this one test to get us started. From my experience this one test. with a do not disturb sign on the door. but do spend some time just in healthy entertainment everyday as well. Our Yogi friend thought giving his dad a chance to do a good deed counted as doing a good deed ² nope that is no good. There are lots of ways to test your spiritual progress and life is constantly doing just that ² giving you tests to help you evaluate yourself in order to make spiritual progress. It is incisive and cuts deep into your psyche to reveal the conditions under which you are currently operating. There are also many ways to assess your spiritual level proactively and in this article I will provide one such illuminating test. aggression. ambition are so widespread. competitiveness. Greed. it could be as simple as making a difficult phone call. generous. to volunteering to change the stinky diaper. the actual work you have to do yourself. By no means am I suggesting that you start to use this test (or others I might propose) to start judging the world or yourself harshly. You will be full of joy and humor. Do Something Difficult: Everyday you should take on the challenge of doing something which is outside your comfort zone. meaningful and good life. but have been able to cleverly avoid. Ponchie struggled to stay up all night as his difficult daily deed. take a moment and contribute to the energy of thoughtfulness. Do something thoughtful. So here is how the test works. Do it without focusing on the reward. but then chances are you are not growing and are instead falling into a pattern of reactive living. humility and giving. I can not only keep a sharp eye on if I am slipping into the jaws of ambition. kind. So have courage and take on the challenge of doing those things which you know deep inside you need to do. All another can do from the outside is guide and inspire you. The test I propose in this document is to evaluate some aspects of your being and is by no means a comprehensive examination. So its time to walk the walk« Test to Determine Your Spiritual Growth Art of Meditation: Personal Development & Spiritual Growth Are you a Saint? A Zen Master? How about just a good human being? How do you know? What are the qualifications? Are there any tests you can take to find out your spiritual growth? Yes there are. 9. Just because it was a nice thing to do. was to go to sleep on time and wake up early instead. So there you have it. 10. The test is simply to be used as an indicator. Try to not go overboard during this time and chug down bottles of wine like our buddy. You will really be able to laugh and be happy. It does not have to be running the New York Marathon. Perhaps I will come up with a more complete system down the road. You will find that when you don¶t endless pursue the pleasure principle all day. is quite revealing. but can also determine the state others are in. My grandfather would daily. randomly and secretly give some money away to the poor who he would encounter on the street. to give you insight and help you with your spiritual work. . Human beings are complex and so is life.8. It is easy to live in a cocoon. the right spiritual attitude towards life or if you have been snared by society and entrapped by the ugly web of attachment. body and spirit. The 10 activities you should do daily to have a happy. the time when you do indulge.

Successful in all ways if possible. So this test implies that you are not exclusively chasing enlightenment. does not mean you can¶t be also. You are seeing the world as full of separate people and focusing on the various personalities. As Yogi Bhajan points out. there is only 1 CEO.Test To Determine Your Spiritual Growth & Mental State Step 1: Take a few moments and determine what you are very passionate about. We can all be enlightened (and are). Non-Dual Perception of Reality: The test could also indicate that you are living excessively in an ego-centric way. "If you don¶t see God in all. Another way to look at this is you may not be doing what your really love to do in life? This is the only way to be free of the clutches of society and gain oriented living. etc« Step 2: In this field that you care very deeply about. Here are some examples: Yoga Teacher. or just hear about the success this person is having in their life. Health Care Professional. or don¶t agree with. This breeds competition and conflict. it is an infinite. Doing what you love to do. or you will just be cheating yourself. Now one more criteria is important about this person. The more you dislike their ways and methods the better. etc etc. let me point out an interesting fact about enlightenment. Just because I am enlightened. though. Step 3: Watch your reaction to when you hear complimentary information about this person. Too Much Ambition: You are probably focused too much on getting results and are overly ambitious. that you are actively engaged in doing and something that you feel deeply about. Time to fulfill your destiny. but the test will also work pretty well even if you don¶t dislike the person or their systems. Professional Blogger. but. instead of seeing the world in a non-dual light with all of creation being One and having nothing but divine nature. You are getting distracted and running around all over the place chasing useless stupid things. If possible. any disturbance. There are only so many top 10 Blogs. These attachments to the results can cause jealousy and ill-will towards those who have already achieved what you so badly seek. think about someone who is enormously successful. does not necessarily have to be so." Are you seeing the Divine Nature of he who is getting under your skin? Are you seeing the Oneness of Reality? 3. But Enlightenment is not limited. Politician. Businessman. It should be something. . only so much oil. so this is one of those things you can chase without worrying about having to wrestle it away from anyone else. Chasing the Wrong Things in Life: If you have never thought about it. A negative reaction or disturbance can indicate the following with regard to your spiritual state« 1. land. Be brutally honest. there is only 1 winner in the tournaments. In society there is so much competition because resources/rewards are limited. There is no need to compete. inexhaustible resource. Someone who has made a huge amount of money in that field. it could mean that you are only doing things to see what you will get out of them. 2. This can be your career. Technology Professional. become famous and is powerful. instead of doing things for their own sake. in your psyche? The greater the disturbance the more the test indicates its time to get busy with your spiritual practice. have it be someone who you don¶t like. If this test produced negative waves. Here is a more detailed analysis of the test results. you don¶t see God at all. Does it create any negative wave within you? Any tinge of jealousy? Any feeling of irritation? Any feeling of frustration? Any feeling of hurt? Does it cause any ripple. Time to buckle down and get back to the business of going after that which is the highest purpose of man. there are only limited political seats. will free you from everything.

It is an insightful instrument to gauge your goodness and spiritual understanding. or be aware when life brings it your way. .Take this test from time to time.

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