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INTERNATIONAL CLEARING AND SHIPPING AGENCY (INDIA) PVT LTD History of the company: International Clearing & Shipping

Agency was started in 1931 predominantly as clearing house in the Port Town of Chennai (formerly known as Madras). After almost a decade and a half of consolidation & with the active participation of K.S. Janakiraman (who joined the company in 1936), IC&SA ventured in to the world of Ship Agency through its very first agency appointment for Gydnia America Shipping Line (today known as Polish Ocean Lines) in 1948. The 60s also saw the entry of the second generation of the family into the management structure with the elder son K.J. Seetharaman joining the business in 1960 while his younger brother K.J. Ramaswamy joined the firm in 1967. 1996 saw the entry of the third generation of the company in the form of Deepak Ramaswamy who currently manages the day to day affairs of the firm. IC&SA forayed into a number of new activities such as its own Road transport division in 1998 (through an associate firm), an IATA accredit ion in 2000 & its own Multi Modal transport Operators license in 2003( through an associate firm) Further in 2008 in view of the extremely dynamic situation & and a need to grow rapidly and to continue providing the best services, the management converted the entity of partnership firm into a Private Limited Company registered under the Companies Act of 1956. MISSION STATEMENT: To provide cost effective & on-time world class end-to-end solutions to the international community through a team of well trained and highly motivated professionals thus ensuring sustained growth and overall development. VISSION STATEMENT: To establish ourselves as a market leader in the logistic services industry through total integration of all international trade related services across the country to the total satisfaction of our customers.

BRANCHES: ICSA (I) PL has branches across the world. Our current branches are Chennai (Head office) Banglore Delhi Mumbai Cochin Kolkatta Tuticorin Vizag Hyderabad LIST OF GROUP COMPANIES AND ITS ACTIVITIES: Deepak Agencies Pvt Ltd : Handles all the transportation activities. D.A. Merchandise Private Limited: D.A. Logistics & Farming Private Limited: D.A Transport services: ICSA Port operation: Cochin Port operation: TOTAL STRENGTH OF ORGANISATION: Chennai Total 110 employees (89 Male, 20 Female) Bangalore Total 17 employees (16 Male, 1 Female) Cochin Total 6 employees (5 Male, 1 Female) Delhi Total 6 employees (6 Male) Hyderabad Total 4 employees (3 Male, 1 Female) Kolkatta - Total 17 employees (17 Male) Mumbai Total 20 employees (17 Male, 3 Female) Tuticorin Total 5 employees (5 Male) Vizag Total 5 employees (5 Male) Chennai port division Total 177 employees (175 Male, 2 Female) Cochin port division Total 39 employees (38 Male, 1 Female) Overall strength Total 405 employees (376 Male, 29 Female)

OUR MANAGEMENT PEOPLE: Mr.Deepak Ramaswamy : Managing Director

Mr.Raghusankar Executive Director


Mrs.Kalpana Ramaswamy

Mr.Varun Chandhok


DEPARTMENTS: Administration, Systems & HR Finance & Accounts Import Export Freight forwarding and Air Freight PEOPLE HEADING EACH DEPARTMENT: Mr.Arun Selvanayagam Heading Administration, Systems & HR department

Mr.Venkatakrishnan - Heading Finance & Accounts department

Mr. Karthiknath Heading Import department

Mr.Yuvaraj kumar Heading the Export Department

Mr.Kannan Heading the Frieght Forwarding & Air freight department

DIVISIONS UNDER EACH DEPARTMENT AND BRIEF NOTE: IMPORT DEPARTMENT: 1. 2. 3. 4. Documentation: Work involves online filing, client updates, DO collection. Sea Operation: Work involves physical clearance of goods at all CFS. Air Operation: Work involves physical clearance of goods at all Air stations. Customs: Custom regularities and assessment.