Rural Marketing Assignment


Symbiosis Institute Of Media and Communication Communication Management Trainee Public Relations Batch 2010-2012 Roll No-249

y There are constant energy shortages and blackouts. y Research suggests that word of mouth is the best tool for promotion. y The typical rural family spends 50 rupees on kerosene each month (i. y Indian inverters are highly unorganized and full of local players and Chinese competitors. 1. MARKET SEGMENTATION y Market segmentation is has been done on the basis of Rural electrification situation. The present size of inverter market in India is about 1. . y Almost 44% households in India are without electricity and majority of these are in rural areas.MARKETING OF ³INVERTER ROSHNI´ IN RURAL MARKET RESEARCH y According to the National Council of Economic Research in New Delhi. Electrified Villages y Designing of products has been done on the basis of this segmentation.5 million units per year and growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12 to 14%. Locally available inverters lack on quality and the service that are provided after sales. 4% of their income) y Electricity is 20 times less expensive for lightening than kerosene. 50% of the durables and consumer goods are now sold in rural markets. Non-electrified Villages 2.e.

He wants his kids to be successful in life and become rich.LIFESTYLE OF THE SEGMENTS y Non.electrified village lifestyle is tough and full of challenges every day. CONSUMER PROFILE FOR NON-ELECTRIFIED VILLAGE y Name ± Girish Kumar Age ± 35 yrs Occupation ± labour Wage.1500 rupees per day Marital status ± Married Children ± 2. They don¶t want to spend much on items and consumer goods that are not used on daily basis. They can buy and afford certain things that they wish for and they mostly don¶t compromise on their wishes and needs and tend to spend on them and as well save some amount for future needs as well. They compromise their wishes and needs and believe in the concept of saving rather than spending. y Electrified Village lifestyle is comparatively better than the NonElectrified village lifestyle. They are choosy about the things they buy and keep themselves occupied with the stuffs they buy. He manages to take care of his family through . daughter and a son y Profile ± girish is a simple and a person who has a dream to achieve big things in life. He believes in the concept of saving first and then later spends on things that are necessary to buy.

He does not compromise with his basic necessities like food. y Needs ± There is proper flow of electricity at his home but there are frequent power cuts which disturb the studies of his children and also it is unmanageable to do every household work by using candle lights and hurricanes. y Needs ± He somehow wants to curb out the problem of non-electricity so that he can make sure that his children can study well and does not face any problem in their education and lifestyle. both sons y Profile ± Suresh believes in fulfilling every necessity of life while saving for his family as well. clothes.the wage he earns but at the same time compromising certain necessities of life. . He want if somehow this problem can be sorted out that can make his family free from these problems. shelter etc and tries to keep his family and his children happy by fulfilling their wishes on time. ELECTRIFIED VILLAGE CONSUMER PROFILE y Name ± Suresh Kumar Age ± 35 yrs Occupation ± Farmer Wage ± 2500rupees per day Marital Status ± Married Children ± 2.

PROMOTION AND PLACE . TARGET GROUP 1.1.100/Guarantee ± 1 year Scheme ± pay 100/.PRODUCTS FOR NON-ELECTRIFIED VILLAGE Need profile for Girish Kumar y Product.each.Suraj. which runs on battery and is rechargeable as well. Price ± Rs.will be paid in 10 monthly instalments of 100/.at the time of purchase and rest 220/-monthly payment for 5 months. which runs on battery as well and is rechargeable as well. 100/Guarantee ± 1 year Scheme ± pay 220/. 1. Half of the Indian population resides in the rural areas and also they suffer the problem of electricity more than the people of urban areas. PRODUCT FOR ELECTRIFIED VILLAGE Need profile for Suresh Kumar Product ± lantern. Product will be targeted towards people who stay in villages where there is no electricity as well villages where there is availability of electricity and that can be saved by using rechargeable inverters. Price ± Rs.down payment (at the time of purchase) and rest 1000/.

will be used for the promotion of the new product.y Promotion 1. 6. therefore this is the best way to promote inverters in the rural market. Advertisements in radio and local fm channels as well as wall paintings on the walls of the village that can be easily seen by the villagers. Special promotional vehicle . Haats and Melas ± once a week both the buyers and sellers meet to buy and sell goods and services. 3. there will be need for labours and therefore it will help in the development of employment level in the rural areas. 5.Cycle-rickshaw. Syndicate distribution ± promotion been done using vans to each and every rural villages for inverters. . 2. y With the demand of such new product entering the rural market. House to house promotion of the product. the same concept will be used for the promotion of inverters as well. E-choupal is used by 35 companies to promote their products in the rural market. Word of mouth is the best way to promote any new product in rural market. Control y Tie ups with the black and white TV¶s and tape companies through which the demand for light will increase and so as for the inverters. 4. 7. which is often used in the rural villages.

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