Organization is a social group, a group of different people who work together, which distributes task for a collective goal. Organization Learns and encourages learning among its people. It promotes exchange of information between employees hence creating a more knowledgable workforce. This produces a very flexible organisation where people will accept and adapt to new ideas and changes through a shared vision. An organization consists of predominant of employees, so labor unions were introduced in the organization for struggling to secure benefits for their member. Labor unions are actually associations of workers who are banded together for the purpose of improving their employment conditions and protecting themselves and their coworkers from economic and legal exploitation. Union leader performs certain tasks in the course of goal accomplishment. And its major importance is to organize the workers in order to make available an organization to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the management. This agreement would cover such things as a safe place to work, a decent wage agreed upon between management and labor, and that both sides uphold any bargaining agreement that has been approved. Depending upon the business and economic conditions, health insurance, vacations, retirement plans, and work breaks can also be negotiated into an agreement. There usually is means for either side to settle issues (grievances) that might arise. On the other hand sometime they influence the labor for the Strike; also called labor strike which is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. A strike usually takes place in response to employee s grievances. Strikes became important during the industrial revolution, when mass labor became important in factories and mines.

Occasionally. The demand of the laborers can be realized immediately because when strike starts owner should discuss the demand of the laborers. When labor goes for strike somewhere they are harming themselves as there is a loss of company if they really stop working but it still has some advantages. In such cases.Strikes are sometimes used to put pressure on governments to change policies. Besides owning the advantage it also has disadvantage accompany will get some losses because the company cannot produce its goods and there are chances of losing their client because of the pending production. strikes destabilize the rule of a particular political party or ruler. strikes are often part of a broader social movement taking the form of a campaign of civil resistance. .