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Republic of the Philippines Ramon Magsaysay Technological University Iba, Zambales

Presents The two-year Development Plan for Student Affairs from June 2011 to June 2013.

November 04, 2011 Mission Statement: The OSA shall endeavor to contribute to the total development of students through trainings and services geared toward producing responsible, committed and productive citizens.

Goal: OSA as an effective, efficient and relevant support arm of the university, facilitating the maximum development of the individual potentials of the students.

Objectives: 1. To establish linkages with PESO and other line agencies that would provide more opportunities for employment. 2. To initiate opportunities that would enhance student s talents and social skills like publication and leadership training. 3. To secure the chance of students in finishing a degree by providing a good literary facility, health services, domiciliary, guidance services and scholarship.

A. Assessment and Challenges

Strengths: The universities student services is manned by competent personnel. It is strategically located where it can provide services to its stake holders community and other services. The administration has the eagerness to improve its services towards the students welfare, growth in development. The presidents passion to live a remarkable legacy by fast racking more projects for the students. Virgin lot invites greater opportunity for expansion. Collaboration of Mayors, Congressmen, and other Lion- hearted political and non-political allies for educational/financial assistance for our indigent and deserving students is a great help. Very supportive alumni and parents association.

Weaknesses: Observe of rule in anti- littering in the campus. The college lacks a continuing and systematic evaluation system in the effectiveness of students services program. The OSA lacks of records on the productivity of its graduates. The medical/ dental clinic is too small to accommodate the increasing numbers of students, faculty and staff. No separate building for students center and college SBO s. Lack of a clean and comfortable comfort rooms. Each college lacks of records to show their existence in the campus. The administration should strengthen and disseminate each financial assistant program for the implementation of student services. The university should provide a clean screened and comfortable place for serving nutritious and well balanced meals. In the absence of dormitory facilities in concerned campuses regular monitoring and evaluation is needed to safeguard occupant s welfare. Establishment of separate organization office per college to provide a better venue for the officers to plan their activities. Opportunities: Preserve of Provincial Survey Road for students. Virgin lots at San Marcelino, Porac, Iba and Candelaria. New donated yacht for Candelaria can be used or IOP to the campus. o

Threats: Only one bus company plying from Olongapo to Sta. Cruz. Hardship in request for reimbursement of expenses. Hardship in request for release of SDF allotted for such product in their respective campuses despite of the approval of the President. At random drug testing once a year. Only 10 subjected to drug testing. Need of the student lane in front of the university. Loitering is evident in the campus. Selling of prohibited drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Unsafely garbage of canteen owners. Poor sanitation. Invasion of outsiders specially night affairs. Inveterate faculty, students smokers are evident despite of the anti- smoking campaign. Smoke habituated person have their own belchers. The care for the save of Mother Earth movement of the university is unattended due to continues fogging, anti-mining in the province is also a factor against the said movement. Irregular withdrawal of student assistants salaries. Irregular remittance of private and public educational assistance to students that lead to the delay of securing permits during examination. Students dependence to some teachers for their research works and other assignment.

B. Presentation of Strategic Framework based in the following services: Services 1. Student Organization Duration 1 Quarter- June to August 2011 Orientation  Especially to freshmen and transferee (Article IX of the student manual).  Review of the constitution and by-laws of each organization by campus. Filling of candidacy for new sets of SSG officers and other organizations. Campaign Period. Election (Local). Oath-taking. SSG Federation  Spearheaded by the VP OSA.  Oath-taking conducted by the Executive/ President. Induction  Acquaintance Program.  Fun Run- (Fund racing campaign for sport fest by campus.  Attendance to the International Youth Day Conference.  Search for the 13th National Ayala Young Leaders Conference (Covering the 7 campuses with nominees for final selection.  Purchase of books.  Special Convocation.  Celebration of Buwan ng Wika, floral offering for the birth anniversary of late President Magsaysay.  Continues request for the released of local SSG fund. Supervision on the review of the constitution and bylaw  Amendment and ratification of the constitution by-law.  Supervision of officer to different organization based on their assigned task and other related activities.  General acquaintance program with the theme: Pro-active Leadership and Global Ramonians.

2. Publication

SSG Federated Financing some expenses of selected events: Badminton and etc. nd 2 Quarter- September to November 2011 Trainings (leadership) Services/workshop  On job hunting spearhead by PESO office in cooperation of DOLE Symposia on Dengue, malaria, anti-smoking, alcohol, hypertension Clean and Green project, tree planting, room structuring and gardening (OSA Consumption Movement). Request and purchase of, sports and office supplies. Construction of concrete bencher stable. SSG Resolution November 25, 2011 requesting the Provincial Government to allow additional Transport Companies to ply Olongapo to Sta. Cruz and vice versa to serve growing numbers of commuters specially our students. Nutrition month, UNO Day/Month and National Heroes Day Celebration. Araw ng Undas/ All Souls Day/ Halloween Party. Report development thru Intercampus Visitation. 3rd Quarter- December 2011 to February 2012 Christmas Celebration (Monito- Monita, gift giving). New Year Celebration (by campuses). Valentines Celebration (by campuses). Project Implementation. 4th Quarter- March to May 2012 Assessment/ evaluation of accomplishments. Review and planning month (SWOT Analysis). 1st Quarter-June to August 2011 Setting up of Editorial Staff. Competitive Examination for recruitment of new member of Editorial Board. Orientation. Induction/ Oath-taking Ceremony by the Presidentto start and performed of duties and responsibilities incurred in their position. Preparation of the manuscript for the first issue of the newsletter to upstart the collection and lay outing of the first issue managed by senior and section editors, Ang Sandigan and other papers. 

3. Guidance and Placement

2nd Quarter- September to November 2011 Trainings Ramonian New Editorial: Reproductive Health Bill. RA 3019- Advocacy of the Government- New Editorial- Anti Graft and Corrupt Practice or Act. Sports Editorial. Preparation of manuscript for the second issue Sinkao, Cinco and other paper. 1st release of the paper or first publication. 3rd Quarter- December 2011 to February 2012 Preparation of manuscript for the second issue. Production/ Publication. 4th Quarter- March to May 2012 Post Production Activities. Second release of paper, second publication. 1st Quarter June to August 2011 Testing  Enhance Examination for incoming freshmen and transferees.  Filing of record jackets for Data Banking or filing of students inventory profile.  Initial Interview. Information  Orientation and welcome program.  Meeting, dialogue with parents about problem encountered.  Provide record of the exam.  Preparation, organization and consolidation of the summary of the entrance exam. Counseling  Individual counseling especially there violation of policies of the university.  Group Counseling/ Homeroom Counseling. 2nd Quarter- September to November 2011 Guidance Counseling, etc. Seminar for Staff PTCA meeting to discuss on student growth and problem with recommendation for such solution on the problem. Guidance  Group counseling/ Homeroom Counseling.  Preparation of counseling session for secondary students.

4. Domiciliary

 Consultation. 3rd Quarter- December 2011 to February 2012 Career Guidance Manual Counseling Consultation- to facilitate effective decision making. Sharing and analyzing of issues and concern of the walk-in clients. Strengthening procedures in handling clients. Up grading form. Updating files and records. 4th Quarter- March to May 2012 Marketing of Program Evaluation of activities and accomplishments. Planning. 1st Quarter- June to August 2011 Orientation for occupants thru leadership. Acquaintance Program Election of Officers Leadership Training Clean and Green Activity (daily chores) 2nd Quarter- September to November 2011 Meeting with parents about student needs and problems as the need arises. Clean and Green Program. 3rd Quarter- December 2011 to February 2012 Open House  Parents Day visiting the Dormitory with a short program. Sports, Christian program with parents. Request for any repair or renovation specially to develop dated parts of the building. 4th Quarter- March to May 2012 3rd year assessment and review. Implementation of request. Planning thru workshop ( SWOT Analysis)