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Financial Accounting (FI) FI Master Records FS00 Create/Edit GL Account Master Centrally FD01/XD01 Create Customer FD02/XD02 Change

Customer (Centrally) FD04/XD04 Display Changes to the Customer Master FD05/XD05 Block/Unblock Customers (Centrally) OV50 Customer Master Data Comparison FI03 Display Bank Master Record AS01 Create Asset Master Record AS02 Change Asset Master Record AS11 Create Asset Subnumber AS06 Delete Asset Master FI General Ledger FB50 Creating and Posting General Journal Entries F-04 Post with Clearing F-06 Post Incoming Payments F-07 Post Outgoing Payments FBD1 Recurring Document FB08 Individual Reversal FV50 Edit or Park G/L Document FBRA Reset Cleared Items F.14 Execute Recurring Entries FBL3N Display/Change Line Items F-03 Clear General Ledger Account FS10N Display Balances Accounts Payable FB60 Enter Vendor Invoice FB65 Enter Vendor Credit Memo F-44 Clear Vendor Account F-51 Post with Clearing (Clear Vendor Account) FK10N Display Vendor Account Balance FBL1N Display Vendor Line Items F110 Automatic Payment Run Accounts Receivable FB70 Enter Customer Invoice FB75 Enter Customer Credit Memo

F-28 Incoming Payment FD10N Display Balances FBL5N Display Customer Line Items F-32 Clear Customer Account FD11 Customer Account Analysis F-30 Post with Clearing (Internal) F-37 Customer Down Payment Request F-29 Post Customer Down Payment F-39 Clear Customer Down Payment F.31 Credit Management: Overview F.32 Credit Management: Missing Data F.33 Credit Management: Brief Overview FD32 Change Customer Credit Management FD24 Credit Limit Changes Banks FCH1 Display Check Information FCH7 Reprinting Checks FCHR Online Cashed Checks: Reconciliation FCHN Display Check Register FCH4 Renumber Checks FCH3 Void Checks FCH9 Void Issued Checks FCH8 Cancel Check Payment FCHG Reset Voiding Data Fixed Assets F-90 External Acquisition with Vendor ABAON Asset Sale Without Customer ABAVN Asset Retirement by Scrapping AIAB Distribute Capital Assets Under Construction AIBU Settle Capital Assets Under Construction AFAB Normal Depreciation Posting Run Periodic Processing FBS1 Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc. F.81 Reverse Accrual/Deferral Document F.13 Automatic Clearing w/o Definition of Clearing Curr. F.16 G/L Carryforward F.07 A/R and A/P Carryforward FI Information Systems

F.20 Account Listing F.23 Display Customer Account Balances F.21 Open Items Report (Aging Report) F.40 Run Vendor Listing F.42 Display Vendor Account Balances Controlling (CO) Cost Element Accounting KA03 Display Cost Element KAH3 Display Cost Element Group Cost Center Accounting KS03 Display Cost Center OKENN Display Standard Hierarchy KSH3 Display Cost Center Group KP97 Copy Plan to Plan KP98 Copy Actual to Plan Internal Orders KO01 Create Internal Order KB11N Enter Manual Repostings of Costs