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Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

[Constituent of Symbiosis International University (SIU)]


You believe that keeping things simple can bring success. Unsought Product Electronics Speciality Product Food & Beverages Pet care 2|Page . more impact! The store initially would kickstart in 2 cities. To keep things simpler you have decided to keep one product common in both the cities. Fewer products no longer seem an advantage now since you have to narrow down to 5 most appropriate product categories. less choices. To begin with you have decided to do a location analysis to decide the most profitable city depending on the market segment you wish to target. Now you have to select the two cities where you wish to begin your journey. C. The product categries are given as below.CONUNDRUM – A Marketing Game You are planning to start up a specialized store. (Innovative Products would attract more customers) Categories A. The next step now is deciding the products that you wish to showcase in these stores. You have narrowed down to 5 cities as given below. You have the option of coming up with any product of your choice but it would be a Private Label Brand (Store Brand). B. D. Fewer products. so you have decided to incorporate the concept of a 3 product store. E.

Transportation costs are moderately high. has a population majorly consisting of tourists. Port of Cabana Port of Cabana. who also provide the maximum portion of the income.Cities I. for most modes thereof. 3|Page . a tourist destination famous all over the world.

senior citizens and retired people form a big majority here. with its brilliant sceneries. is perfect for a sedentary lifestyle after retirement. Ageeso Ageeso. costs are relatively quite low. and peaceful neighborhoods.II. but so is the liquid cash! 4|Page . Since transportation isn’t a big deal. Indeed.

III. transportation and living costs are also very high. As can be expected. Unternehmen Most of the people staying in the highly urban area of Unternehmen City are from an executive background. and have high disposable incomes to their credit. 5|Page . amongst the highest in the world.

there’ll be something to keep you busy! Of course. No matter what your interests and your inclinations. and all mixes of cultures. Ketamine Whoever you are.IV. This is the new age metropolitan city for everyone. one thing’s for sure. without distinction. there’ll be moderately high transportation and living costs! 6|Page . you’re always welcome to Ketamine.

There also are no constraints about budgets. to everyday public schools. If it’s knowledge you’re looking for.V. it’s all here at Taft! For students’ convenience. some would even say cheap! 7|Page . the living and transportation expenses are quite moderate. from every field. there’s no other place to be. It has schools. colleges. Taft There’s only one thing to be said about Taft. from the elite universities. and universities catering to every kind of enthusiast.

000 84.Popularity of Marketing Modes 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 BILLBOARDS INTERNET NEWS PAPER TV RADIO Population 20.000 Taft Unternehmen Ketamine Aurus Port of Cabanna 8|Page .000 44.000

please contact: Chandni Bahl: 98881424369 Somnath Saha: 8888886826 conundrum@sims.  Powerpoint Presentation(not more than 15 slides of content)  Justifying location and product choice  Brand name and Product portfolio (5 Products)  Two unconventional promotional strategies that would attract the locals of each of the cities chosen Print Ad (teaser)  In case of any query.The Road Ahead… Your Task at hand now lies in making a strategical decision in order to ensure that the idea is 9|Page .