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M. I also thank MRS.D..ACKNOWLEDGMENTS If words are considered to be signs of gratitude then let these words convey the very same my sincere gratitude to “2 FACE EVENT” for providing me with an opportunity to work with them and giving necessary direction project to the best of my abilities. GURDEEP KAUR. G. AMIT .I. I am highly indebted to MR. on doing this GENTLE WADHWA CONTENTS: .A. ____________ manager and company project guide.I. who has provided me with the necessary information and also for the support extended out to me in the completion of this report and his valuable suggestion and comments on bringing out this report in the best way possible. I am grateful to all faculty members of GURU ARJUN DEV INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and my friends who have helped me in the successful completion of this project. who has sincerely supported me with the valuable insights into the completion of this project.T.

4 product and service profile of the organization. 2.1 Origin of the organization 2.2 Statement of research objectives. 1. Future of the industry.5 Market profile of the organization. CHAPTER 5: ANALYSIS 5. APPENDICES BIBLOGRAPHY CHAPTER .2 Industry profile. 2. Growth and present status of the industry.1 Statement of research problem. Development & present status of the organization. 2.1 General introduction about the sector. 6. CHAPTER 2: PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION 2. c.3 Research design and methodology.1 Summary of Learning Experience. CHAPTER 6: SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 6. 4. Origin and development of the industry. a. CHAPTER 3: DISCUSSIONS ON TRAINING 3.1 student‟s work profile (Role and Responsibilities) 3.CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.2 Key learning CHAPTER 4: STUDY OF SELECTED RESEARCH PROBLEM 4.3 Organization structure and organization chart.1 .2 Conclusions and Recommendations. b. 4.1Data analysis.2 Growth.

sales promotions and P-O-P communicationsexpenditures on event sponsorship are increasing. point-of-purchase merchandising. an ability to segment on a local or regional basis. sales promotion. Event marketing is growing rapidly because it provides companies alternatives to the cluttered mass media. and opportunitiesfor reaching narrow lifestyle groups whose consumption behavior can be linked with the local event. social or other type of high-interest public activity. . event marketing is a form of brand promotion that ties a brand to a meaningful athletic. broadcast.Introduction Event marketing is growing at a rate of three times that of traditional advertising. The Olympics sell sponsorship on a local and global basis. or public relations. events reach people when they are receptive to marketing messages and capture people in a relaxed atmosphere. but it generally incorporates elements from all of these promotional tools. unlike other forms of marketing communications. Event marketing is distinct from advertising. The Atlanta games in 1996 have a reported $3 billion in the bank as a result of negotiating sponsorship. and every couple of year‟s corporation‟s line up to pay as much as $50 million to be the lord of the rings. entertainment. Corporate sponsorships in India in 2001 were estimated at$3. Defined. Thousands of companies invest in some form of event sponsorship. cultural. Event promotions have anopportunity to achieve success because. MasterCard invested an estimated $25 million in sponsoring the nine-city World Cup soccer championship in the United States in 1994 and will likely sponsor other big events in many countries as well. Olympics and its renowned five rings are ³the world‟s most effective property´ in terms of marketing tools. and licensee fees. Though relatively small compared to the major components of the marketing communication mix-advertising.9 billion-with 65% of this total going to sports events and most of the remainder spenton sponsoring entertainment tours or festival and fairs.

Event marketing integrates the corporate sponsorship of an event with a whole range of marketing elements such as advertising. and public relations. The world of event marketing is a fast growing. and they have achieved a high level of success. Approach Note:     Identify the scope in terms of the service provided by them. Study the level of professionalism in the industry. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Primary Objective The main purpose of this study is to Progress and Prospects of Event Management Company in Delhi. . Event marketing is a lucrative game of ³what‟s in a name´. as consumers purchase tickets and expose themselves to everything. Study the type of events which are taking place.The Olympics represents the crème de la crème of event marketing and corporate sponsorship. Corporations both large and small have grown this industry at a rate of 17 percent per year. high profile industry worth over $20 billion annually. Study the problems faced by the event managements companies. and one of the most successful marketing strategies. Size of the industry in Delhi. sales promotion.

which have already been collected and being processed through the statistical process. Explicit feedback of customer after the deliverables of company. Biggest event. ´Philip Kotler Event management generally means conceptualizing. thereby achieving the clients objectives and justifying their needs for associating with . It is a set plan involving networking of a multimedia package.Secondary Objective The secondary objective of the research is to find the image of the company & how the company is working for entertainment source among the customers. In brief Objectives include           To study the present industry trends and analyze the potential of event management industry. Study the level of professionalism in the industry. Introduction to Event Management Events are occurrence designed for marketing interests. Determine that how these companies promote other brands. Identify the key players in this field. Analyzing the Market strength of different event management company Identifying potential market for launching new product and increasing client age of the company. Growth rate of industry.- events under study. Daily newspaper reading in order to keep track of various kinds of events also proved helpful. meticulous planning. Analyze the current market condition. The secondary information was gathered from various marketing journals and books on event marketing. sales promotions and publicity. Secondary Sources The Secondary data are those. Study the size of the events in terms of budget and the gathering. organizing and finally executing an event.

Events can bring community together for purpose of fundraising. The top four players are big MNCs. 1400 Cr in year 2008. a range of skills. Not only do events enhance the quality of our life. 580 Cr in financial year 2003. the top four players occupies as much as 95% of market share. they can provide significant economic benefits. Events require a high degree of planning. any Indian player has not achieved such size and proficiency. Still it‟s treated as a part of entertainment industry. Keys to successful events:   Organization Co-operation Event Management in India is in nascent condition till date it has achieved only a stature of sector. The top four players are: - . stimulate its economy. help companies to market and introduce its product and also for the entertainment of society. General introduction about the sector The industry is highly concentrated. change a town or city‟s The future of this sector is very bright and it sex pected that it will grow with a growth rate of 15% to 25% and will touch the turnover of Rs. expand its trade. The size of this sector wasmere Rs. a lot of energy and funds.

Corporate Events   Conferences Corporate Celebrations Glamour Events    Celebrity Appearance Fashion Shows Music Concerts and entertainment shows Brand Events  Promotion and management of Brands Televised Events  Events specially created for television channels Sports Events  Focused around a sporting event Concept Events (Theme Based Events)  Concept conceived by Event Management Company Hybrid Events  Mixture of two or more of the above .

a budget statement and arranges budget allocation for the event. etc. responsibilities are assigned to the relevant staff members in the team for the Event. The overall coordinator along with the sales and marketing team should ensure the completion of overall design. Then the Project manager prepares a thorough schedule after understanding the critical steps ad issues involved in that particular event. Once the preliminary discussions are over. Then the project manager draws up a cash flow statement.Others   Talent Banks High Profile Weddings. the very first step creative conceptualizes works on the designing. Most event management companies have experienced production managers who understand the feasibility of planned concepts. and the final concept sold to the client. Thus. with graphics included by the creative team within the prescribed deadlines and make a researched concept presentation to the clients. Based upon the project requirements critical dates or deadlines are drawn up and the best possible solution among alternatives to achieve these deadlines is chosen. models of stages. visuals. Coordination of arrangements required is divided among the team members. Dance Parties Activities in Event Management Pre-Event Activities Events typically have a team based environment and a project type of organization structure. . External agencies such as architects and engineering contractors may be consulted at this stage to understand feasibility of planned concepts.

safety and insurance issues need to be taken care of. At this time day-by-day tracking of timing and finance with a feedback on possible changes i. agreements and finalization by signing of contracts between the event managers and clients becomes a necessity.At this stage. arranging transportations of material. softer aspects come into the focus. Keeping the feasibility in mind physical design are finalized and contractors begin work. Logistics in events essentially involves booking of hotels. Thus monitoring is the gist of the during-event execution activity that is involved. sales and marketing team then think about production of advertising promotions. posters. recording arrangements if . At the same time. air. brochures. it is important to pass on all credit to supervisors. Logistics is another important area that needs to be given priority attention by event coordinators. there should be a constant surveillances of the specially effects. Event managers should look humble and be available to the clients to call on.e. the legalities of drawing up the contract. A joint team of the concept creator and the main contractors then need to check out the special-effects equipments and arrangements. The coordinator. The conceptualizes‟ efforts should be appreciated at least during the event. Industry profile During-Event Activities During the event. Here fire. display objects and the food and beverages. etc. and rail transport for the participants and event managers. road. increase or decrease in expenditure on various items. For overall coordinator. Photographs and other multimedia so desired also need to be taken from strategic locations.

This theory states that the function of management can be classified into planning. Recording the photographs taken of the event in the form of a photo-documentary helps a lot. Keep in mind the fact that the client has a very hazy idea of what he wants. . Staging an event takes more than a wish or dream. We term this activity as Carrying-out the Event. staffing. post-event activity also run into accounting and other such works. Preparation is the key to a successful event. Letters should go out to clients thanking them and the seshould include a post-event questionnaire seeking to measure client satisfaction. Since you are a professional event planner he is bound to believe that you have a better knowledge about these things and will respect your judgment. Once you know his expectations youcan start giving your inputs. Performance evaluation of the coordinators during the event should be carried out immediately so that weak points after the event can be used for learning. Based on this feedback. the overall coordinator should do the formality of thanking all involved for the whole heart edand extra efforts provided. When a client first approaches you for assigning a task. organizing. The team needs to carry out a postmortem analysis on the event and conduct an event evaluation. improvements and adjustments required should be worked upon. it is to denote the production of an Event. He expects you to change that hazy idea into a reality. the most important part of Event Management is the execution of the Event as planned. when we use Event Management. Final accounts setting (bills to be paid on receipt) is accompanied by explanations for overspends. So you first need to strike a good rapport with him. leading and controlling.Post-Event Activities Beginning with the physical task of dismantling of the sets. Event Planning The first and foremost thing to do while planning an event is to know about the client's expectations. Finally. Therefore. Finally. sit with him and find out what he wants and how he wants it.

Key Factors in Planning an Event        Check the feasibility Is the event a good idea Are we in the right community Who would be the spectators About the venue About the media of advertising Fund stream Timing Full time should be devoted to implementation of plans. Make sure your event does not clash with other events. The Organizing CommitteeIt should comprise of experts in the following streams: Financial     Determine the sources of revenue Expected level of expenditure Time gap of expenditure and revenue Establish a system of financial accounting and control Marketing   To attract best possible audiences Get sponsorship and best support possible Operational   Guide overall operation of event Managing the technologies require .

if invited in the event.   Legal Make appropriate contracts involved in managing an event Handle lawsuits that may arise Public Relations Teams  To handle the celebrities. .This team is required to take decisions from conceptualization to completion of the event. This team is required to take decisions from conceptualization to completion of the event. To host press conferences. Facilities offered By 2 FACE EVENT MGMT            Programs Awards Transport Catering Safety and Security Entertainment Anchoring and announcement Music and Sound system Licensing Publicity Promotion Public Relations Teams To handle the celebrities. if invited in the event To host press conferences.

Facilities offered            Programs Awards Transport Catering Safety and Security Entertainment Anchoring and announcement Music and Sound system Licensing Publicity Promotion EVOLUTION OF EVENT MARKETING From its origins in event planning. the event marketing industry has seen great growth in the last five years and has consistently been one of the most effective tools that marketing professionals have at their disposal in terms of making a tangible connection to current and potential customers. savvy event marketing professionals are therefore focusing the majority of their efforts and budgetary spend on lead generation tactics such as trade shows. While it is important to garner leads. marketing and specifically event marketing professionals cannot lose sight of the fact that the sales cycle only begins at lead generation and that current and prospective customers must also be nurtured even beyond purchase. . Not surprisingly. The increasing competitive pressures brought on by globalization are forcing business professionals to find new ways to engage customers.

reach and live interaction between the target audience and the client to achieve the desired impact. From the model it is evident that an event is a package so organized has to provide. EVENT MARKETING An event is a live multimedia package with a preconceived concept. . The nurturing process will allow the customers to more effectively be funneled into the subsequent stages of the sales cycle thus creating greater opportunities to develop into repeat customers. Fig: Events Definition In-Short This is a diagrammatic representation of the above definition. specially gathered target audience by providing a complete sensual experience and an avenue for two-way interaction. customized or modified to achieve the clients objective of reaching out and suitably influencing the sharply defined.Companies can benefit tremendously from the deeper event marketing touch points that promote nurturing such as proprietary conferences that provide a controlled environment for delivering messages and closing business.

If you have a technical product. put your sponsorship money into good causes . understanding what the brand stands for. In that case the product is advertised through banners and media and even door to door canvassing. If your product is a n up market one. Sometimes it could be an event like an award ceremony. ideally event marketing involves simultaneous canvassing and studying the brand prints. its positioning and values. PUBLICITY AND PROMOTION If one knows how to organize an event he should also know how to market it. If. keeping the brand values and target audience in mind. artistic events could suit you better. which is to be shown on television and different companies make a beeline for sponsoring their respective products in the due course of the programme. Effort is taken to ensure that people sit up and take notice of the event. This is the way publicity and promotions work. sports sponsorship may be the avenue for you. In fact. A product launch for example requires a sales promotion campaign either before or after the launch. timing etc. identifying the target audience and liaison with the creative conceptualizes to create an event for a prefect mesh with the brand‟s personality. Match the Event to Your Market Choose the kind of event that appeals to your target market suits your product‟s image and fits your marketing objectives. If there is something very peculiar or special about the event then that main point has to be highlighted. Marketing plays an important role in pricing and negotiations as well as identifying opportunities to define and retain event properties by gathering marketing intelligence with regard to pricing. science-type sponsorships would be possibilities and if your main aim is to be seen as a good corporate citizen. you are looking for reach and you are selling a low cost product with wide general appeal.Event marketing involves canvassing for clients and arranging feedback for the creative concepts during and after the concept initiation so as to arrive at a customized package for the client. for example.

films. Event marketing provides a cost-effective approach to making a more hard-hitting.product´ syndrome. The need to therefore catch the attention of the target audience at the time of launch becomes very important. AIDS research is another one. In fact. music and arts represents a combined 35 percent of event spending as compared 45 percent for sports-related events. etc get released periodically. It is a commercial relationship and the entire better for it. really. such as retail outlets. The Children‟s Hospital. of launches also leads to need to overcome the ³ooh-yetanother. and build strong relationship with various channels of distribution.  . Meticulously planned events for the launch of a product/brand seldom fail to catch the attention of the target audience. to name three. Similarly innumerable new music albums. which show their worth in extra profit. Charities go out of their way to meet both their own fund-raising needs and the profit requirements of the firms they team up with.. Event marketing also continues to thrive as traditional advertising rate skyrocket and. This tends to create clutter of product launches. emotional. Brand Building Creating awareness about the launch of new products/brand Enormous nos. fail to provide any guarantee of reaching a targeted audience. and the businesses need promotions. The meteoric history of event marketing is based in sports marketing. The large no. It also gives companies the opportunity to cross-promote (promote with other companies that have related products or services). WHY EVENTS 1.offer sample products (give-always). of brand/product are launched every month. the Red Cross or the environment. and tangible pitch to consumers. Charities need funds.

IMTEX. By the time the product reaches its maturity/decline stage. Image Building Over and above the brand identity that a company encourages. Helping in rejuvenating brands during the different stages of product lifecycle The massive amount of money that is spent during the introduction stage of products gets drastically reduced over time. To convey this via traditional modes of communication to the existing and potential customer base may sometimes be futile. the need for cutting down the budgets associated with the media campaigns. It helps in generating feelings of brand loyalty in the products end user by treating them as royally as possible. Special service camps of exhibitions are the perfect events that provide the opportunity for a two way inter action and error free communication. exclusively for the owners of their four wheelers. are an attempt to build a specific image of not only the corporate. M&M charts out an of beat route that emphasizes the difference between normal and four wheel driving. the Industrial Machine Tools Exhibition. while at the same time maintaining the customer base is felt. the Armada. events can be designed to assist in changing beliefs about firms/products/services. events such as The Great Escape conceived by Mahindra and Mahindra. but also the product. standard of excellence and fun. brotherhood. Helping in communicating the repositioning of brands/products Events help in repositioning exercises to be carried out successfully. .Presentation of brand description to highlight the added features of product/services Sometimes technological changes pave the way for manufactures or service providers to augment their products. 2. In other words. and lets the participant experience the high. one feels when steering and navigating an Armada. is an event used by most machine tool manufactures to explain and high light the new and improved features of their product. Coke is associated with Olympics since 1928. to let owners experience the thrill of four wheel driving. the rationale behind this is similar values and ideologies: International peace. And events offer the best medium for such a focused approach. For Example.

Title sponsorship of a major event provides the sponsor immense benefit since the sponsors name is mentioned along with the event like   Hero Cup. Lux Zee Cine Awards. Femina Miss India. events still provide and effective means of being spotted. For example. .Fig : Constructing the Brand Value Chain 3. Focusing the Target Market Helping in avoidance of clutter Even though some events do get congested with too many advertisements.

Example: Bang!Linux2000.Enabling interactive mode of communication Events generally provide an opportunity for buyers and sellers to interact. EM (Event Marketing Company) helped them to create a 30-concert series at the New York Palladium.Unparalleled footwear company NIKE ensures that it sponsors those events which willgive it a chance to create an emotional tie with the participants through onsite brandusage and product presentation. or example. or example. marketing events that the rito -Lay Company used before it launched its WOW! brand of potato chips. . In such a situation it is very favorable for sellers to put forth their presentations without any diversions. Auto Expo. They also provide a foundation for exchange and sharing of knowledge between professionals. 4. Burger King wanted to reach a young demographic in the New York area. Such a situation is very valuable given the ineffectiveness of traditional modes of communication in holding on to the attention of the audience. Burger King received onsite signage and distribution of bounce back coupons. The seller can identify exactly the traits and other characteristics that are desired. thereby creating opportunity for test marketing of products for authentic feedback. Enabling focused sales and communication to a captive audience In an event the audience is more or less bound to witnessing one particular event. Implementation of Marketing Plan Enabling authentic test marketing Events bring the target audience together.

or example: Moksh organized by Ys Events & UX Events. Nescafe 3-in-1 treasure hunt. or example. Help in relation building and PR activities Practitioners of this marketing function believe that event marketing campaigns have theability to create long lasting relationships with closely targeted market segments. co-sponsored by McDonald‟s is a combined effect in increasing the customer traffic as well as increasing the awareness among the upper class of the existence of new Mc D‟s outlets. Enabling sales promotion Weekly events conducted by Crossword Bookstore helps in generating more revenue during the weekends as compared to the revenue generated in the weekdays. As coke does business in over 200 countries. is an annual technologicalfestival held by NSCIT (Dwarka) has helped the sponsors in establishing their relationship with the Institute and ensuring that an image of being interested is createdand nurtured.Relationship building is not restricted to end user customers but also targeted atenhancing new distributors and sales representative relations. . They can be customized to make available.the Olympics give the company the opportunity to identify its product with the foremostspecial event in the world.Increasing customer traffic in stores Events can be conceptualized to increase customer traffic.Coke is sponsoring the Olympic since 1928. concepts ranging from retail store specific events to mega events like one day international cricket tournament.

which wanted to sell products such as CDs. Generating instant publicity An event can be designed to generate instant publicity upon the implementation of marketing strategy. Generate immediate sales Most events let firms install and exclusive boot and give the permission to exploit theopportunity to Events such as the annual limited period discount sales fromWrangler and Van Heusen are authentic stock clearance and seconds sales aimed atgenerating immediate sales. The e-commerce start up Half. This is especially popular amongst pharmaceutical and other FMCG companies. or Example.Motivating the sales team The need for interaction is not restricted to external customers only and end consumers are not always the focus of live media exercises. during the cricket world cupheld in England SBC introduced a unique pattern of motivating the sales force byawarding them runs instead of the traditional points system. This resulted in conversionof almost all of its employees into sales person. The result of this publicity stunt started the ball rolling towards getting this company purchased by eBay for more than $300 million. . Books. Movies and Games over the internet was up against major and strong competition.

The database can be used to track various marketing trends. the option of control reach can be exercised and ideal audience for narrow-casting of information can be gathered. Since the audience is actively targeted. This provides an advantage of higher brand recall to the client. of the target audience could be invited of enticed to buy tickets for a show especially created for a particular profile of the target audience. use of events as a marketing communication tool not only take care of the problems associated with traditional media but also offer certain advantages because of which events are gaining importance over them. A specific no. 3. Events have the ability to bring together sharply defined participants since the capacity for a particular event is usually limited.Enabling market database assimilation. ADVANTAGES OFFERED BY EVENTS As is clear from the preceding section. The audience that has been specially invited invariably is an ideal audience. The word-of-mouth publicity that this generates is an advantage that lingers on a long time after the event is actually been carried out. Events can then help in maintaining and updating the database. maintenance and updating By keeping track of the reach and its effectiveness as well as interacting with the audience that actually turns up for the event. event sponsors can assimilate and authentic database. An event carried out professionally and cleanly is invariably a memorable experience. Some of the advantages are detailed below: 1. This leads to lowering of the media networking budgets and focused communication with the specially gathered audience. . 2.

it is undoubtedly a thrilling situation. This is a double edged sword because. Events can be designed such that the audience is actively involved in every part of the event and made to feel good. it is possible to feel and deduce there actions of the audience to the aim or objective that the event was conceived for. impact and tangible immediacy of measurement. No other media can boast of the ability to provide such massive collection of feedback instantly as events. in case the event is not up to the mark or is doggedly controversies. the localization of events is very easy. The advantage in terms of post-event publicity that events can offer over and above the paid or bartered media is the benefit associated with reports of the event in the newspaper and news on the electronic media. The high recall value of live media communication is also a major factor. 5. The involvement of all the senses in experiencing the event is one of the greatest advantages that events can offer. . 7. then the same is also reported impartially. For the audience. Live media communication is a complete sensual experience as compared to a press advertisement or TV/Radio commercial. Thus. For such reports there is no extra cost to be borne ± neither by the sponsor nor by the event organizer. Being a live media. mean that specific traits of the local in habitants can be incorporated in the big picture to ensure that the event is socially and culturally in tune with the local culture. events as a live media offer a certain amount of immediacy to the experience ± of being there while it µs happening.Live media also enables interactive communication. Easily customizable nature of events. Live media scores over conventional advertising in terms of reach. 8. Thus. This is so because of press ad is basically a flat piece of paper and a commercial is just an audio visual experience.4. 6.

The most common events organized here are:            Utasav Décor India Handicrafts Mela Different Corporate Meetings Fashion Shows Musical Concerts Dandiya Raas Nightlife parties Concerts & shows Fest & live shows Event Management can be classified on the basis of service provided. The conversion of good events into television software for future use either by the sponsors for their commercials or by media house for programming is also a unique benefit that events offer. Such software become products by themselves and can be used profitability in the future.9. Event Management in Delhi Event Management in Delhi is not so old concept. Pune and Mumbai . . As such very few recognized event management companies exists here. into two categories: Complete: It covers all the aspects from conceptualization to execution till clientsatisfaction feedback. The high profile events organized in city are basically managed by companies working in Delhi.

but then the budget will touch 12-15 lakhs figure. Event Management is still at a personal level.fledged event Management Company working in the city. Dance Parties. Event Management Companies YS EVENTS & Promos 2 FACE EVENT & mgmt UX Events & Media R2S EVENTS & Solutions They organize birthday parties.Partial: They provide partial services like a combination of few for example lights andcatering or music. marriages and fashion shows which are mainly for entertainment or fun purpose. They deal at both micro and macro level there parties are starting from few thousands to as high as 35 lakh‟s . venue and celebrities. The biggest event which they have managed was a show worth 25 lakhs in 2009 year. Concerts & Shows. Farm Parties. . Club Parties. The events that they normally organize are:        Dandiya Nights. There is no full. New Year Parties. Wedding Parties. but below mentioned organizations are acting as partial or complete service providers. If required they can call celebrities also.

Our management skills are much appreciated by the Industry and make us even more focused for newer challenges. Club Events. Artist's Performances.CHAPTER 2: PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION E V E N 2 T M A N A G E M E N T F A C E 2 FACE EVENT MSGMT 2 face event mgmt. Parties. the name behind many successful open air events. Hospitality & Media. Massive Productions. gala weddings. conferences. 2 face event mgmt has a substantial reputation built over the period of Five years in serving the national and international clients with quality of work and total commitment to satisfy each and every client. Our past accolades have pushed us to move further expanding horizons towards higher goals. The Company was formed to become a one stop solution for Events. * Events (Club/Open air)* * Promotions* * Road Shows* * Van Promotions* * Canopies Display* *Fun Games* * Music* . It is our constant endevour to serve better through path breaking concepts and better ideas.

.*Films* * Entertainment* * Club Openings* * Theme parties* * Innovative Ideas* * Trade Shows* * Exhibitions* * Road cross event* * Public awareness & etc* * Product Launches* * Conferences* * Dealers Meet* * Business Meets* * Corporate Events* * Press Conferences* * Showroom Opening* * Ramp Show* *Fashion Shows* *Fairs & Carnivals* * Public Events & Sponsorships* * Birthday Celebrations* * Decorations* * Workshops They properly deal in Artist Management & they have recently done few fest of colleges.

. It was established these years by Mr. This is a five member team.Origin of the organization E V E N 2 T M A N A G E M E N T F A C E 2 FACE EVENT MGMT This is a Delhi based Event Management Company. Amit & Mr. The size of their events depends upon the customer needs and requirement. Till now they use to provide complete service but now on they are planning to provide partial services. Rahul Chandoria are partners. Because of the lack of awareness Delhi people are not looking at the event management companies as a facilitator they think its waste of money. The biggest problems which they are facing are security system in Delhi and entrance of the daily newspapers in the event management arena. Mr. Gentle Wadhwa . The events they organize are: Concerts & Shows Annual Dance Competition Fashion Shows Annual Functions and Cultural Evenings of Schools and Colleges Celebrity Show Football Battle field Club Promotions Exhibitions Night life parties Many more Recently they have done few events .

and building a happy. . Accelerating the integration of new team members and leaders to achieve higher performance more quickly. abilities. productive and motivated workplace for people with different personality and behavioral styles. Clarifies his/her personal values. contacts and makes appointment with the advisor or counselor when required or when in need of assistance 3). including the strengths each would like to cultivate. Creating development plans for each participant.3 DISCUSSIONS ON TRAINING 3.2) Key learning Learning the things that motivate (and de-motivate) each person. not undertake a task for which you have not been adequately prepared. interests. goals and seeks resources needed 2). prepares for the advising sessions and brings appropriate resources or material and follows through on actions identified during each advising session 5).1) Student’s work profile (Role and Responsibilities) 1). The person is proactive in the decision-making process and accepts final responsibility for all decisions 4). Identifying the barriers to team and individual success.CHAPTER . If at any time you are in doubt. you should ask for help from more experienced colleagues 3.

it is a complete failure on a commercial level. the next time you organize an event. 1). make the feedback form part of your Exit pass form. If a situation has no possible solutions then it makes little or no sense expending resources researching it. To get feedback from target audience/ guests. Step 2: Get feedback from your clients and target audience. then no matter how much people enjoyed the event or how much popularity your event got.CHAPTER . A research on how people can live forever makes little or no sense. Event evaluation should be done immediately after the event is over or the next day. “everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”. 4. . Dying looks like a problem that needs a solution yet there is no possible solution to it.4 STUDY OF SELECTED RESEARCH PROBLEM My research problem deals with how to. One good way of getting feedback is through feedback form.1) Statement of research problem Generally speaking a research problem is a situation that needs a solution and for which there are possible solutions. The exit pass form is required to get exit pass for security clearance. It is all about finding your mistakes and learning from them. People must die. Conduct a meeting with your team members to evaluate your event. Step 1: Determine the extent to which event and advertising objectives have been achieved. If you are not able to achieve your event and advertising objectives through your event. To make sure that your clients give you feedback.Event evaluation is necessary to make you and your team more efficient and effective. manage big events? For this purpose of research I will be following the following criterion. to remove exhibits from the facility. Take this statement. make feedback form part of your gift voucher.

A guest can redeem the gift voucher only when he/she fills the feedback form and give it back to an attendant. poor could have to make Q6) How do you rate the various services provided by us (please check one of the option): . very good. average. as people are generally reluctant to give any feedback in writing. then please state the reason. These tactics are required to get feedback. Q2) what do you like most in the event? Q3) what do you like least in the event? Q4) what are the problems you faced during the event? Hospitality: Q5) what been done this event better? Excellent. You can ask following questions in your feedback form: Q1) Did you enjoy the event? If no.

very good. poor Q7) would you like to participate in our next event ? Note: Your questionnaire should not have more than 10 questions. very good. very good. very good. poor Excellent. poor Excellent. average. You don't want to irritate your guests.2) Statement of research objectives Company‟s social responsibility is: • To give back to the community • Keep customers satisfied and happy • Project itself positively • Communicate relevantly • Care about governance and Environment STEPS IN PLANNING THE RESEARCH DESIGN: There are four broad steps involved in planning the research design as explained below: Determining work involved in the project: The first step in planning research design is determining the work involved in the project. poor Excellent. average. Ask only relevant questions and keep the questionnaire short to 5-6 questions. The work involved includes the following: . 4. And don't forget to mention the following line in you feedback form: "Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback form". Of course the type of questions you will ask may change from event to event. average.and designing a workable plan to carry out the research work within specific time limit. average.Catering: Transportation: Management staff behavior: Management staff services: Excellent.

Plan your parties. and events on PartyPOP. Catering Worksheet. Environmental Practices etc. Safety and Emergency Planning Worksheet. It contains sample letters and It is the ultimate resource for all of your party.. Rental Worksheet. Budget Template.(a) To formulate the marketing problem (b) To determine information requirement (c) To identify information sources (d) To prepare detailed plan for the execution of research project .. wedding and event planning needs. Printed Materials Timeline. Speaker Worksheet. Chancellor's Attendance Worksheet Attendance worksheet. 4) SuccessfulEventPlanning. Room Design Ideas. Venue Worksheet. Invitation Components. Helpful Catering Calculations and List of References. Reusable Timelines and Checklists. Event Its a book on event planning. tips. weddings. Remarks Template... 2) PartyPop.Event Planning Strategic Questions.. Event Fact Sheet. vendors and more! 3) EasyEventPlanning.Find Provides free online event planning tools. .3)Research Design and research methodology 1) UCLA Special Events and Protocol-Event Planning Resources Samples of templates and checklists to assist you in the event planning process: Budget Planning Checklist. Hiring and Certification Information.

budgeting tools and drink calculators. Provides party planning ideas for theme parties. They have hundreds of free party planning ideas. Photographers. Baby shower 101 was created for new moms. It has tips and information for your wedding reception and party planning.Babyshower101. party games and free party advice. Their free information will help you plan every aspect of baby shower including ideas. Invitations. party favors. Limos. Entertainment. suggestions for unique party supplies. DJs and more all in one place!. friends and family members who are going to throw the baby shower. including invitations you can create and design It provides free information and resources for planning special events. 7. Tables and Chari Rentals. shopping for the party will be almost as much fun as the party itself. EventQuote. parties and meetings. iParty. Planning an event? Get local bids from Caterers. Music.5) EventPlanning. Party411. (for US Only) 11. weddings. 6) MyPartyPlanner. It is an online directory website to help you locate professional party and event services anywhere in US. special It provides party planning tools. . holidays and corporate events. 8. drinks invitations and It‟s full of ideas and party planning information so that when you visit their stores.

whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in the practice of an art. correct or verify knowledge. thus. Research Methodology Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. In short. a movement from the known to the unknown. collecting. Besteverparty. According to Clifford Woody research comprises defining and redefining problems. This inquisitiveness is the mother of all knowledge and the method. Slesinger and M. The systematic approach concerning generalisation and the formulation of a theory is also research. We all possess the vital instinct of inquisitiveness for. The Advanced Learner‟s Dictionary of Current English lays down the meaning of research as “a careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of Boost your career with online management and leadership training from MindTools. Send online invitations or print them out. an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. It is actually a voyage of discovery. we wonder and our inquisitiveness makes us probe and attain full and fuller understanding of the unknown. D. research is an art of scientific investigation.12. It is the persuit of truth with the help of which man employs for obtaining the knowledge of whatever the unknown. comparison and experiment. Stephenson in the Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences define research as “the manipulation of things. It provides great techniques for managing time and setting goals. can be termed as research. 13. making deductions and reaching conclusions. Research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used in a technical sense.” Research is. Once can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. concepts or symbols for the purpose of generalising to extend.” Redman and Mory define research as a “systematized effort to gain new knowledge. organising and evaluating data. As such the term „research‟ refers to It helps you plan your party with hundreds of party ideas and party planning tips. observation. the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is research. and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. when the unknown confronts us. In fact.” Some people consider research as a movement. formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions.

the systematic method consisting of enunciating the problem. 3. we may think of research objectives as falling into a number of following broad groupings: 1. situation or a group(studies with this object in view are known as descriptive research studies). Though each research study has its own specific purpose. To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with which it is associated with something else (studies with this object in view are known as diagnostic research studies). 2. collecting the facts or data. The main aim of research is to find out the truth which is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet. To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or to achieve new insights into it (studies with this object in view are termed as exploratory or formulative research studies). formulating a hypothesis. 4. analyzing the facts and reaching certain conclusions either in the form of solutions(s) towards the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical formulation OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions through the application of scientific procedures. To test a hypothesis of a causal relationship between variables (such studies are known as hypothesis-testing research studies) . To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual.

This also hinders the brand building exercise of these companies. The service class will still remain ignorant to it.CHAPTER 5 Data Analysis Based on the prior trend the expected number of events in future areapproximately 105. The projections regarding the profile of customers are as follows: The majority of customers will belong to same classes‟ professionals and business class. Looking at the trend of emerging professional educational institutes. The profile of events that takes place is still not the utility based like product launch and corporate meetings its still mainly entertainment based only. the companies are not paying due attention to facilities like catering. the event management companies are very optimistic. That is the reason the companies are not able to perform better. Still event management companies have left one of the major aspect of post event communication which includes the media coverage and the client satisfaction surveys. Analysis & Interpretation .60% of the respondents said that the major problem in the progress of the industry is lack of awareness and 40% said that getting sponsors for the event is the biggest problem. out of which the probability to provide services ( partial andcomplete both) is 56% the figure comes around to be 60 events per annum. Looking at the local preferences. it occupies 65% of the share of total events.

Interpretation .

From above diagram we conclude that every event has its own segment & wedding is the biggest segment people do attend this event time to time since marriages are on regular basis. What is the Buying Behavior after a positive experience of an EVENT Where a = Product/service you have heard but not checked out yet Mo re likely less likely e i t h e r M o r e likelylesslikelyn e i t h e r M o r e likelyle sslikelyneither a b c Key Problems . Other events have their own taste & preferred by peoples.

 Low awareness among the people.  Conservative mentality doesn‟t allow people to accept major changes. hire event management companies from Delhi.  Cost factor influences people to take partial services from event management companies.6 . Mumbai and Delhi. CHAPTER . that is the reason. therefore big players are not interested to enter this city.  Proper security measures not available.  Economies of scale not available to companies.  Performance of existing companies is doubtful.  Due to poor response and lack of cooperation from public the companies are not interested in expansion.  Lack of proper marketing and advertising by existing companies. localities that organize events.  Service Portfolio of companies is very wide for the city.

 People should be made aware about the concept through proper media coverage telling them about the successful events and the benefits. Similarly the other services charges must also be reduced up to a viable extent. ultimately leading to cost saving.75 per plate.140 per plate. As an example for catering services the general market price is around Rs.  The charges for complete services should be reduced. Press people can get better exposure and provide the companies advertisements on a lesser cost. .  People should be made aware about the fact that hiring an event management company would help them save time.  Rather than looking at the press people as their competitor they must join hand with them to share the cost and benefits also. efforts and cost. but generally companies are charging around Rs. this will help them gain proficiency in their field.Recommendations  Companies need to focus on some particular kind of events that they will organize.  Due to innovative marketing tools the traditional marketing tools are redundant so Delhi‟s business class must also know that it‟s time to switch over to the new tools like trade fares and road shows rather than press advertising.

c) Outsourcing Q.4 Possible difficulties / drawbacks in hiring an event management company a) Expensive b)Availability c) Reliability d) Quality of work e) Limited choice f)Less flexible .1 What is the number of events organized in your city per month? a) 1-5 b) 5-10 c) 10-15 d) 15-above Q.2 Do you think event management as a profession/business will be a success in your city? a) Yes b) No Q.APPENDICES Name : Age : Gender : Position : Q.3 Which course of action do you prefer while organizing an event? a) Personal arrangement b) Hiring event mgmt comp.

6 Profile of customers of event management companies a) Business man b) Service class c) Professional d) Educational institutes Q.Q.7 Problems faced by the event management companies a) Licenses b) Sponsors c) Lack of awareness d) Permission Q.8 Different types of events mostly organized by the companies a) Corporate Meetings b) Product Launch c) Promotions d) Marriages e) Fairs f) Live Shows g) Musical Concerts . Ux & R2S) a) 1-3 b) 3-5 c) 5-10 d) More than 10 Q.5 What is the number of events organized in the city per month by you (Ys. www.eventmanagement.Bibliography All this information has been collected from its Official website of companies Advertising & Marketing Reports in newspaper etc .in Other sites such as Search engine of Google www.htm & other sites Search engine of Google Magazines such as Events in

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