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The Best Vocal Remover Also Gives You Better Music

After removing vocals from your favorite songs, you want the music to be the same quality. However, most software or hardware that remove vocals also: Remove all music instruments mixed at the same stage location as the vocals, Flatten the stereo sound field into a monaural track on both channels, and Process all songs identically, even though each is unique, so they don't sound as exciting as your originals. If these limitations don't scare you, stop now and order Vogone Easy® the best and the easiest to use for only $24.99. We guarantee Vogone Easy will vocal remove the same songs any other product can, and is the easiest to use.

The Best Vocal Remover Is Our Passion!
1968 MTU founders are digital audio electronic engineers, including pioneering analog vocal removers. 1979 MTU shipped the first professional Digital Audio Workstation including vocal eliminator software. 1988 MTU shipped a DSP hardware assisted vocal remover. 1989 MTU was the only audio member on Microsoft's "Multimedia Tools Council". Some audio tools on your computer today are a result of our pioneering work decades ago. 1997 Mix Magazine in "Audio Industry 20 Years" special edition proclaimed: "MTU was the first to ship a Digital Audio Workstation on a microcomputer in 1979." 1998 MTU shipped the first version of Vogone, with 21 version upgrades in the following 12 years! 2007 Released modern-day version of

But if you desire to remove vocals from MORE songs... PLUS have the best quality music for each song...

Vogone with Hold-My-Hand™ so anyone Vogone has evolved for over 42 years so you can do the best possible vocal removal on know its got to be different. Today, like a good each song. patent polished for decades, all its "wizardry" is hidden as it magically changes your focus from removing the vocals to preserving the music without vocals. Only Vogone creates the resulting quality music. One of the incredible discoveries we made years ago is... by keeping some vocal highest and lowest frequencies that you barely hear, on some songs its mind-blowing how the music instruments sound fantastic! You hear your adjustments as you make them, instantly knowing when you find the "sweet spot" with the best music and the least vocals. It took us years to perfect this so today even children can use it. Professionals say it's impossible. Have you ever wanted songs with music on one track, and music + vocals on the other? With Vogone, a single click creates a "multiplexed" song. You learn new songs faster by practicing with the music + vocals, and performing with the music only. MTU's Microstudio® and Hoster®

Discover why Vogone® is the vocal remover professionals choose.

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which includes all MTU programs demos and full codes (each requires ordering to install). KHPro and Keyrite Video Hoster® Suite 4 on CDROM including Vogone. on ocean cruses. ZIP. Microstudio. any player you have. you can instantly download Vogone (~6MB) over the Internet with DSL or Cable. in your car or boat. WAV Some One 2 of 7 08/04/2011 12:10 am .99 Download & Ship on CDRom $69. WAV+G w/Lyrics. President Vogone Has Superior Capabilities. Keyrite and Hoster 5 Ways to get Help SAVE $90 $169.mtu. All this power from MTU.Vocal Remover | MP3 Vocal Remover | Vocal Eliminator | Backing Tracks http://www.com/basics/vocal-eliminator. Order & Download Immediately Before ordering Vogone. play either track to both speakers. KHPro.. WMA. simply open your new music with MTU's acclaimed KHPro™ and place the lyrics in perfect sync.99 Our Privacy Policy Risk Free! If our software doesn't meet your needs. Microstudio. Then. the Karaoke product leader with the best support in the industry. Vogone Technology Empowers You To. MP3+G.99 SAVE $110 $369.. David Cox. Immediate Download $59. compatibility proven worldwide since 1996. retaining the lyrics in sync Process Audio Files: MP3. To turn your vocal removed songs into Karaoke CDG songs with lyrics highlighting to the music.99 Models Vogone® 3. you can still instantly download your program. Thank you for trusting us. please download the demo and try one of your favorite songs to hear if any vocal remnant is present. Vogone All Others On-Screen Hold-My-Hand Steps Guide Adjust For Quality Music Import CD Tracks Directly Process Karaoke Files: KMA. After ordering.. A single click also reverses any multiplexed song to only have the music on both tracks.. use Microstudio to burn your new Karaoke CDG songs to a CDG Karaoke (or CD Audio) Disc.htm software and many Karaoke Players. just ask. your Sony walkman.41 Vocal Remover Software Karaoke Suite 4™ on CDROM including Vogone.. BIN. and we'll refund your software payment. If you order the CDROM. You can play these in Karaoke or DVD players at Karaoke shows. as hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have for 33 years.. WMA+G.

you can bypass Hold-My-Hand™ to see and use all the controls directly as seen at the right. This presents only the controls you need at each step with on-screen 1 2 3 instructions. or Multiplexed Audio Create or Reverse Karaoke Multiplex Songs Instantly Play Anywhere in the Song Boost the Volume Professionally Written Manual Some Some Hold-My-Hand™ Guiding Steps Vogone could be complex to learn to use with all its power. Karaoke. At any time. You hear the changes immediately as you move the sliders.htm Remove Center Panned Vocals Remove Off-Center Vocals Boost Music Bass & Treble Create 2-Track Monaural Files Create Stereo. it's designed to be so easy that non-technical users and even children love doing it.mtu. Use Internet Explorer To View Animation 3 of 7 08/04/2011 12:10 am .Vocal Remover | MP3 Vocal Remover | Vocal Eliminator | Backing Tracks http://www. but the unique Hold-My-Hand™ script automatically walks you through making each song the best. With 42 years experience.com/basics/vocal-eliminator.

You instantly hear every adjustment as you make them. Save 4 of 7 08/04/2011 12:10 am .. As you adjust to restore blue music instrumental frequencies. Frequency Removal Meters Moving the Low slider to the right increases the blue area to keep low pitched bass guitars. drums..wav files for the best possible vocal removal. the more it preserves music panned with the vocal. and the vocals are the least.. no waiting. The result sounds more like your original music with the vocals removed or reduced. like this. You can see the difference and you will hear the superior quality! Import Your Favorite Audio CD Tracks Directly Vogone can import Audio CD tracks one at a time from your selected CD/DVD drive. The larger the blue areas. you instantly know when you have found the "sweet spot" where the music is the best. Every other product removes All music frequencies that are panned with the vocal..mtu. Tracks import as uncompressed .. vocal remove and save them back to the hard drive. you'll need a program like Microstudio. To burn a disc with your vocal removed songs. etc. Moving the High slider to the left increases the blue area to keep high pitched cymbals. you also keep some of the lowest and highest vocal frequencies. etc.com/basics/vocal-eliminator.Vocal Remover | MP3 Vocal Remover | Vocal Eliminator | Backing Tracks http://www. flutes..htm You too can use it! Adjust For Quality Music Did you know vocal removal has a tradeoff? Many songs have musical instruments mixed at the same stage location with the vocal you want to eliminate. strings. Vogone can do that also. and how much music to keep. but why remove instruments you can now save? These are typical settings to remove Male and Female vocals. Only Vogone allows you to decide how much vocal to remove.

Only Vogone allows you to save most of the music frequencies at the same pan location for the best music possible.mtu. KMA. and Treble Boost to increase the high frequencies. Boost Music Bass And Treble Just like your stereo. being able to boost the low and high frequencies makes the finished song sound "richer". It's unique Stage Location control allows you to easily find and remove the vocal regardless of whether it is panned at center or off-center stage. ZIP. and the vocals were totally eliminated!" Simply click the slider and tap the left and right arrow keys. listening until the vocal disappears or is the lowest... even with your eyes closed. WAV+G Files Vogone can open these karaoke files directly.. MP3+G. Remove Center Panned Vocals Most songs have the singer's voice located (panned) equally loud in the left and right channels to sound like the singer is at center stage. Vogone has Bass Boost to increase the amplitude of the low frequencies. --.htm money and get Vogone. Use Your Karaoke BIN. Vogone and all other products remove vocals from these songs. WMA+G. On my "Best of Gerry and the Pacemakers" CD. Microstudio. Since all vocal removers decrease the song amplitude by removing the vocals (often the loudest). Vogone creates higher quality! 5 of 7 08/04/2011 12:10 am . remove the vocals while keeping the karaoke graphics/lyrics highlighting to the music. MTU. Karaoke Home Producer and Keyrite (key changer) all together by ordering the Karaoke Suite 4 package deal. on two tracks I set the stage adjustment 33% to the right of center pan.Vocal Remover | MP3 Vocal Remover | Vocal Eliminator | Backing Tracks http://www. and save the new file to the hard drive in the same format.Community Forum "I got my Vogone free upgrade last night and went to work on a few tracks created with a prior version. Use Your Audio MP3. WMA and WAV Files Vogone can open these audio format files. I reduced the vocals even further on several."Orzelw" in the Remove Off-Center Vocals Vogone allows removing vocals from songs others can't touch.com/basics/vocal-eliminator.. remove the vocal and save the new file to the hard drive in the same format.

It is logically organized. You can click & drag it to instantly play anywhere. any song you don't know. yes. Vogone gives you more flexibility! Create or Reverse Karaoke Multiplex Songs Multiplex songs. Professionally Written Manual Clicking Manual on the menu bar launches your Browser with the Vogone HTML Manual open. 6 of 7 08/04/2011 12:10 am . played on most Karaoke Players or MTU's Vogone.mtu. However. Your friends will love you for giving them this ultimate way to learn new songs! Can you feel the glow inside as you help others develop their singing talent? You also can remove the vocal+music track from Karaoke Multiplex songs. Then. only Vogone can give you True Stereo and Multiplex options. Karaoke. or Make Karaoke Multiplex. STEREO! Create Stereo. View the Undo Multiplex controls. Vogone even allows you to select whether the vocals are on the left or right tracks to cover all songs ever produced. Image features can be clicked to jump to more details. Instantly Play Anywhere Vogone has a slider that moves while playing. then solo when you're ready. Microstudio and Video Hoster software allow you to switch between hearing the vocals and music or only the music.Vocal Remover | MP3 Vocal Remover | Vocal Eliminator | Backing Tracks http://www. often below listening levels. True Stereo like your original song. you can create in multiplex and switch between practicing with your favorite artist. Thus.com/basics/vocal-eliminator. It is a single document that is easy to print. For Karaoke (monaural 2-track). and copy the music only track to both. and clearly written in English. when you save to the hard drive. Just like Professional Recording Studios use. It's fantastic for learning new songs! Just think. Vogone has a Volume controller and logarithmic VU meter to see and hear the loudness change as you adjust it.htm Create 2-Track Monaural Files Vocal removers end up with the left and right channels mixed together as a monaural (versus stereo) track. this single track is copied to both the left and right tracks and saved as a 2-track file that plays out both speakers. for example to hear an area again. Boost The Volume Removing vocals lowers the song amplitude. you have three choices. or Multiplexed Files Vogone's unique digital signal processing preserves the stereo sound field that you have grown to love.

Microeditor. most added reverb. even used in Vogone. MicroCD. 1GHz+ processor. Some users thank us for "leaving in" this nearly inaudible echo as a singing guide. KHPro. Vogone can install on two (2) computers and can be moved by you. Windows 2000+SR4. Microsound Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. DNoise. In some songs. does not allow running a vocal removed song a second time to remove more or different vocals. Internet connection to install.com/basics/vocal-eliminator. Trademarks of Micro Technology Unlimited: MTU. are usually so low you can easily sing over it. Songs recorded monaural (1-track) before 1960 and digitally remastered into stereo. Email to a Friend Map | Bookmark This Page | | Policies | Microsound Songverter Google MTU Registered marks of Micro Technology Unlimited: Hoster.Vocal Remover | MP3 Vocal Remover | Vocal Eliminator | Backing Tracks http://www.htm Some Songs Will Still Have Vocals Like ALL other vocal eliminators. Computer Requirements: Windows/PC compatible computer. Karaoke Home Producer. Groups where each singer is panned to a different stage location (you may remove one singer). NOTE: The basic vocal removal process. Karaoke Pro. XP (home/pro/media)+SR2. Hard drive space: 500MB available (~40MB/song). Vogone. KPro. However.mtu. It others it will be imperceptible. A monaural track copied to both channels to create a stereo song. Microstudio. These are example types of songs that cannot have their vocals removed. like any vocal high/low frequencies kept to make the music better. any reverberation echoes applied to the vocal remains in the finished song. Some examples are: Songs with a high percentage of Reverberation applied to the vocals will still have a ghostly echo after the vocals are removed. Live concert recordings where singers move around the stage. this may be almost as loud as the original vocal. or Vista. Keyrite. Copyright© 2000-2011 by Micro Technology Unlimited 7 of 7 08/04/2011 12:10 am .