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Rhenus ProLog Logistics Limited in India is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Logistics Company, providing 360 degree solutions to your

logistics needs. With a large network of offices in the heart of the commercial zones within the country, we offer not only innovative but also customized logistics solutions. Professionally qualified teams in India have extensive experience in the Forwarding Industry, Warehousing and Distribution, Customs Clearance and related Government Regulations, providing Door-toDoor delivery facilities. We provide logistics solutions for a large variety of shipments encompassing almost all industry segments including Electronic Goods, Oil & Gas, Semi-conductor, Automobile Industry etc. In our warehousing portfolio, we have warehouses to the tune of approximately 1 million square feet spread over various metro and non metro cities in India. Warehouses are both dedicated and Multi User Facilities well equipped with all the latest infrastructure and following strict HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) norms. We are a registered FIATA, IATA Company having our own Break Bulk & Multi Modal Transport License. We are specialized in providing advantageous solutions through group synergy, meeting the unique needs and requirements of our customers with a single service chain carrying any cargo, ranging in weight from one kilogram to several tons, be it hazardous or non-hazardous from and to any location worldwide and by any mode of transport. Rhenus offers customized solutions in

Contract Logistics Freight Logistics

Our professionals are pleased to provide advice and assistance regarding every aspect of your logistics requirements. Rhenus offers first-class customer service which is the main reason for Rhenus' constant expansion, continuous improvement and client loyalty. Intelligent logistics management ensures that your consignment will be delivered intact and complete at the right time and at the right place.

Our Locations

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2011 Rhenus signed an agreement to acquire the European operations of Wincanton Group and strengthens with the purchase of their inventory in contract logistics and multimodal transport. In the port of Rotterdam, the company acquired a 200,000 square meters large deep-water terminal. Traben-Trarbach buys Rhenus the forwarding Wilh. Already GmbH & Co. KG. The remaining shares of Rhenus eonova shall become the property of the Rhenus Group. In Weil am Rhein, Barcelona and Hrselgau Rhenus inaugurates a new logistics centers.

2010 Rhenus acquires a majority stake in the Pro-Log Group to compress its own network in Asia. Rhenus and the Danube port of Krems Mierka Form Strategic Partnership to develop the Danube activities. The Thuringian Verlagsauslieferung (TVA) in Gotha changes of the Langenscheidt Publishing Group in the possession of Rhenus media logistics. Rhenus takes WECKERLE forwarders Freight Forwarding Ltd., IFS International Freight System Internationale Spedition GmbH and Grossmann Sea & Air Logistics.

2009 Rhenus forms joint venture for container terminal in Moscow (RU) - Rhenus Yuzhny port. Remondis Data, which specializes in data destruction will be integrated into the business Rhenus Office Systems. Joint venture with Rhein-Main eG RWZ is founded: RSL (Rhenus RWZ Bulk Logistics GmbH). The Rhine tank GmbH in Duisburg (DE), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rhenus PartnerShip & Co. KG GmbH takes over the consumer business of Deutsche BP AG bunker with the BP and Castrol brands.

2008 With the acquisition of Hamann International SAS with 4 locations in France and the establishment of Rhenus Freight Logistics, the basis for a nationwide network will be created in this country. Rhenus takes Werndl forwarding in Munich (DE). Rhenus gets out of the JV "HHLA Rhenus Logistics" from.Rhenus Archivdepot Leipzig GmbH, 75% of the shares of vortex Shipping in Bulgaria, Incorporated. Rhenus Home Delivery shipping

mosquito takes retail logistics GmbH Acquisition of Duisburg GmbH Leo Schwergutumschlag Rhenus Veniro enters the tram.

2007 Rhenus to acquire 01 July 2007, the Dutch Transport Management International Holding BV (TMI), headquartered in Hoofddorp This acquisition builds Rhenus its position as a leading logistics provider in Europe continues. With the acquisition, sales of the Rhenus Group rises from 2.5 billion to 3 billion euros and the number of employees from 13,000 to 14,000. With currently 230 sites Rhenus Group now has an extensive logistics network in Europe, both by road and by sea. TMI complements the freight logistics sector, the European network of Rhenus IHG, one in particular in the Benelux countries, and bring more contract logistics sites.

2006 Rhenus takes Interspe Hamann Group . This merger represents a historic step dar. Two powerful companies with proven quality and considerable market success into a full-service provider. Rhenus strengthened with the acquisition by a European land transport network, global freight services and other European warehouse locations. Rhenus is thus an i ntermodaler European logistics service providers.

2005 Rhenus expands its European presence by expanding its activities in South East Europe and Austria. Moreover Rhenus the majority of the MAXX Holding NV, Antwerp (Belgium) and the majority of the Fastrack SA, Warsaw (Poland).Rhenus Contargo will resume operation as a supplier for the Europe Container hinterland transport. The new logistics center in Gyr, Hungary is in operation.

2004 With the acquisition of the Polish logistics company Rhenus Polta SA builds its presence in Eastern European EU accession countries further and builds bridges to the Russian market. Rhenus Alpina takes the Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen logistics freight forwarding and contract logistics, thereby strengthening the Swiss in the areas of automotive engineering and piping systems.

2003 Rhenus strengthened its international logistics services through the establishment of joint ventures with international partners. In Germany, Rhenus expands nationwide, the logistical backbone of the can back system, P system on.

2002 Rhenus streamlines its structures. Under the umbrella of Rhenus AG & Co. KG, the holding companies created for the business units contract logistics and port logistics. Public transportation is available for the new growing activities in public transport. Intermodal combines the handling and transport services in the total container traffic. Rhenus Alpina takes the Cargo Logic Ltd and increases in the transshipment of air cargo security one of the airports of Zurich, Geneva and Bern. In the vicinity of Paris, a new logistics center in Stuttgart is an external storage supplier for Daimler put into operation. Duisburg is the DIT Duisburg Intermodal Terminal in operation. Rhenus holds the majority of the shares.

2001 Rhenus increased its stake in Minden Logistik Service GmbH and operates the distribution center in Minden. In large berries in Berlin another logistics center is opened. In Hanover, the bold step to open a new logistics service and logistics center.

2000 Rhenus acquires the Swiss shipping company Neptune AG and merges it with the Rhenus AG for shipping and forwarding to the Basel Rhenus Alpina. In the same year Rhenus the operation of the new IKEA distribution center in Salzgitter and goes to the ICC International Consolidation Center in Giessen on the market. Milestones on the way to the leading logistics service providers are laid. In Mannheim, a second distribution center was opened.

1998 The Rhenus AG is taken over by the RETHMANN AG & Co.. This strong association Rhenus the role of innovative full-service provider of logistics services. That same year, the CCS chartered the world's largest inland container with 500 TEU capacity. In Dortmund Rhenus acquires a logistics center which will be expanded in the following years, with several customers for multi-user center.

1997 Cuxport GmbH in Cuxhaven is founded, at the same time, the multifunctional terminal put into operation. The Rhenus in Mannheim, the logistics work for John Deere, the world's largest tractor manufacturer. In Langgns at casting a new logistics center will be inaugurated.

1996 Based on the summary of all transportation and logistics activities in the Stinnes Group formed in 1991, the three divisions are combined under the umbrella of the new Schenker-Rhenus AG. Previously, all inland shipping activities of the Stinnes-daughters under the name RS PartnerShip were bundled and integrated with the Midgard-AG in the German Maritime Rhenus group.

1995 Rhenus expands its market position in the automotive sector. For different manufacturers, system services offered and supplied just-in-sequence production lines.

1994 The steel plants in Bremen and the Weser in Bremen found Rhenus Port GmbH and set up the port operations.

1993 Rhenus strengthening its logistics division to build a modern logistics center with 60,000 sq ft in Berlin. Other logistics centers in Langgns, casting, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Hannover and Prague in the next few years.

1991 Rhenus belongs since 1969 to Stinnes - - Due to an acquisition by Stinnes, Schenker AG, the three divisions of Rhenus be restructured again. The activities of the International Transport Rhenus be taken over by the newly founded Schenker International AG, the storage and handling Rhenus AG emerged as a Rhenus AG on the market, and the Rhenus Weichelt AG is combined with the Schenker Cargo AG.

1988 Rhenus forms three farm management corporations: The Rhenus Weichelt AG operates road transport, storage and handling Rhenus AG will take charge of warehousing, handling and inland waterways. The Rhenus Transport International is responsible for the international freight forwarding and air freight.

1984 The Rhenus wtag AG merged with Westflische Transport AG (wtag) and trades under the name Rhenus AG. A further 60 sites with offices and operating units will be added in Germany. Rhenus is also present with 80 overseas bases in the world.

1976 In connection with the formation of a community of interest between the Rhenus AG, Fendel-Stinnes AG and shipping wtag business name of the Rhenus AG Rhenus wtag AG is changed. The headquarters will be moved from Mannheim to Dortmund. The Rhenus now has 40 offices and operating units within the federal territory. At the same time, the subsidiary CCS Combined Container Service GmbH & Co. KG was founded.

1971 Hugo Stinnes combines the inland shipping activities. To Duisburg created the Fendel-Stinnes AG shipping. The company Rhenus for shipping, freight forwarding and warehousing will be converted into the Rhenus AG, based in Mannheim.

1969 VEBA restructured its business divisions. The Hugo Stinnes AG acquires the traffic functions of the VEBA, while the Rhenus.

1958 The Stuttgart port is opened. Rhenus begins construction of storage and handling facilities.

1956 The triumph of the container starts. In New York the first container ship goes on the trip. It took another ten more years until the first set makes a container ship in a European port. Another ten years later founded the Rhenus subsidiary CCS Combined Container Service.

1934 The Hibernia Mining Company, a subsidiary of Veba acquires majority stake of interest group founded in 1929, the Rhine boatmen. Rhenus is part of the VEBA group.

1929 Actiengesellschaft Baden, Rhine Navigation Limited Company, the daughter of Rhenus and more companies join together to form a joint venture to develop to compete with increasingly deteriorating economy.

1923 The galloping inflation in an ever increasing pace. The wtag reported an annual profit of 19 317 287 820 243 183.38 Mark - expected in worthless paper money.

1916 The Mittelland Canal is opened. Over the Rhine-Herne Canal, he links the Central German area of the Rhine. The volume of goods on the German waterways is increasing steadily, not least due to the material requirements of the military in the trench warfare on the Western Front.

1912 On 13 November found the "Badische Actiengesellschaft for Rhine shipping and maritime transport" and the "Rhine Navigation Limited Company" is a joint venture. As the name she chose the Latin word for the river, floating on their hopes would from now on: Rhenus, the Rhine. The new company is registered as Rhenus Transport GmbH in Frankfurt in the commercial register. At the same offices in Mannheim, Mainz, Antwerp and Rotterdam are built.