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I intend not to hurt or negate anyone s belief and faith. Neither do I reject all that they believe in.

Everyone has an authority to their truth, so do I. They have taken as truth what is told to them by authority. I take authority from the truth. What I write here, is my own belief based on facts I can find. I ask no one to believe in them.


From the time men remembered and carried their history forward, one thing which he has bore all the way is religion and its gods. Like human themselves, their religion and gods also evolved with time and changed in name and description. They wrote and rewrote religions. They abolished pagans and popularized new. They killed and died in name of god. But do they really have so many different gods, or I would rather say do they really have gods? Early men worshiped nature as he was born of it, bred by it and killed by it. Nature: The Creator; The Savior; The Destroyer. Sun, has always been of rime interest to human race as they realized very early that if it is not for sun there would be no life on earth. Men had adored sun since time unaccounted for and how it could have been possible that Sun would not be the god. Thus here was born the first god of any human religion, The Sun God. As the civilizations grew, the worship of sun god shifted to worship of figurines which were reference to Sun. Earliest such reference we find in Egyptian alpha god Horus. But before venturing into gods arena let us first talk about Sun a little. Sun is the most prominent figure which every living being see in the sky for better of their life. Practically life on earth is unimaginable without sun being at its position. In all the known astrology

sun is put at the center of zodiac circle. The circle is divided into twelve parts essentially depicting twelve constellations sun passes through in a year and also twelve months. The vertical & horizontal line representing equinoxes, dividing circle into four parts representing four seasons. Though it is known in present day that earth revolves around sun, to olden days it was popularly accepted that it

was sun which was doing rounds around the earth, setting every evening and rising every morning. A reference to this is found in Horus story. According to Egyptian myth Horus had a counterpart like a balancing dual named Set. It was considered that Horus and Set were in a continual battle in which at end of day Set would overcome Horus, sending him to underworld thus bringing the night and every morning Horus would regain on Set and thus reign of light would come back. This was personification of most common phenomenon which we witness everyday of our life. Men back then did not only observe these spatial bodies and their movements but also personified them. Each of the twelve constellations was named based on their shape, elements of nature that happened during the period of that constellation. The most important personification of all these was that of Sun. As sun played most important role in bringing life, it was called God s Sun, which time later had to become God s Son! Now let us have a look into the life of God s Sons who walked earth. Egypt, 4000 BC worshiped Horus, the sun god who by modern calendar was born on 25th December to a virgin mother. The birth was marked by star in the east and adored by 3 kings. He was called by names like God s Son, The Lamb of God etc. He became a teacher at the age of 12 and recognized at the age of 30. He roamed around with 12 disciples and performed miracles. After being betrayed by Typhoon crucified, died and resurrected after 3 days. (Typhoon has a reference in Greek mythology also in similar character, but that is for another story) That was the story of Horus, but not alone. Incidentally he shared this story with many in what I call mythological history. Attis of Greece 1200 BC was born to virgin mother on 25th December was crucified, died and resurrected after three days. Dionysus, again Greece 500 BC was born to a virgin mother, birth marked by star in the east. He was a travelling teacher, had disciples and was called by names like King of Kings , The alpha and omega etc. He also resurrected on death. Next, Mithra of Perisa 1200 BC was also born of a virgin mother on 25th December. He had 12 disciples, he performed miracle and upon death was buried for three days before resurrection. He was called by names like King of King , The Light etc. Krishna of India 900 BC, birth was marked by star in the east and was keenly watched though not adored by three kings. He also had a group of disciples though number not specified and resurrected upon death. The fact is there are numerous gods and saviors around the world with similar story; Budha Sakia of India, Indra of Tibet, Bali of Nepal, Zoroaster of Persia, Crite of Chaldea, Jao of Nepal, Thor of Gaul and Jesus of Bethlehem. Jesus of Bethlehem was born again to a virgin mother on 25th December. Birth was marked by star in the east and adored by king. He was a teacher by age of 12 and baptized at 30. He travelled with twelve disciples and performed miracle. He was betrayed by Judas, crucified, died and resurrected after three days. He was called by names like The King of Kings , The Light of world , The Alpha and Omega and many more. A story which began 4000 years ago, travelled from Horus to Jesus through various geographically remote places, quite intact. How is it possible that across such a long timeline and different cultures similar story prevailed in name of god? Is there a possibility that these stories were not at all referring to a person, is it possible that these references were to something completely extra terrestrial? Let s examine. From God s Son we shall go back to God s Sun. The star in the east is Sirius, the brightest star in night sky which on night of 24th December aligns with three another bright star, and a straight line marked through four of them points to the

position from where Sun rises on the morning of 25th December. These three stars in olden days were called what they are known today as, The Three Kings of Orion Belt. Hence, the story of birth on December 25th, marked with star in the east and Three Kings following or adoring the god s son. The virgin mother is a reference to constellation Virgo literally means virgin from where Sun rises on morning of 25th December. Virgo is also referred to house of bread and the constellation is depicted by virgin holding wheat. The wheat also symbolizes time of harvest. It strikes another similarity with name Bethlehem which literally means house of bread, hence a reference to constellation Virgo. There is something else which also happens around December 25th. From the prospective of northern hemisphere, from summer to winter as sun appears to move south; days grow shorter and colder. To elders this depicted death of sun. On 22 nd of December Sun makes it to its lowest point in the sky and doesn t appear to move south any further. To the eye it stays in this grave position for 3 days, before it starts moving back to north on 25th December, thus resurrecting from death. But another interesting thing happens in those three days, the position of sun in those three days lie near the southern crux or cross constellation and hence sun stays crucified for three days before coming back to life. This is a possible explanation why all important deity across region and religion carry similar story of birth with east star and three kings, death by crucifying, three day grave period and then resurrection. After 25th Sun moves back to north, bringing an end to cold. Days grow longer and warmer to spring equinox after which officially beat the evil darkness as day grows longer than night. At this point of time across the world various spring festivals is celebrated including Easter. Similarity with Zodiac doesn t end there. Twelve disciples mentioned in almost all stories represent twelve constellation or twelve months through which sun moves. Across all the religion, a halo with a cross is either considered a holy symbol or made behind or above head of god or god s son is directly picked from zodiac circle representing sun and equinoxes. An adaptation by most pagan religion, they were later adapted as only halo or only cross by various new age religion. This was the story of Rise of God s Sun or Birth of God s Son. No story ends with beginning of life, so this will also not. Similarities across religion and region in their stories are uncanny, and most uncanny are the similarities between life of god men and phenomenon of nature. If these men ever lived, I am forced to say that their lives were driven exactly the same forces which drives the nature for they truly lived the life of Sun & Earth & Stars.

I strongly believe that all the scriptures written by men are not in lore of some god men but are complete scientific manual referring to all the phenomenon of nature and progress made by men in learning them. When I read these scriptures I don t look for god in them but I look for hidden clues which are there to unlock mystery of ancient knowledge