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Q: Tell me something about yourself. Good Morning Sir/Madam. My name is I Belong to/Hail from .

I am pursuing MCA in DESH BHAGAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER SCIENCES, MANDI GOBINDGARH. I have completed BCA from . I have completed +2 from and completed 10th from.. I am from agriculture background. My parents are a farmer. I have one elder sister she got married. Since childhood I wanted to become a Software engineer that's why I have chosen +1 with Computers, and Maths. My UG degree is BCA and PG is MCA. I am very eager to work as a Software programmer. My strengths are programming skill, adaptable person and very good team player. MY role model is my sister's friend. She is also from agriculture family now she is working as a software engineer with 6 years experience. She has always motivated and suggested me. My hobbies are listening to Music, Playing Cricket, Travelling, and Interacting with people My immediate goal is to join a Software company as a programmer. My long term goal is to become a responsible person in the same company who can give contribution in the management of the company within 5 years. Good morning sir/madam. My name is., I was born and brought up in Delhi. I'm perusing my B-Tech final year (electronics and communication) from DESH BHAGAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER SCIENCES, MANDI GOBINDGARH with an aggregate of 71.3% up to 3rd semester. I practice two things which I like the most in my life 1. Aim at the sky, focus and concentrate on it, at least you can reach the stars. 2. I heard a wonderful story and the moral of the story is EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US IS WORTH-WHILE AND CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THIS WORLD BY OUR CONTRIBUTION. My strengths are I learn a lot from my mistakes, self motivated, punctuality, optimistic, dedicated, can easily mingle with team and flexible. I like to laugh it makes me relaxed. I am very much passionate to be a part of your company (TCS) sir, if given an opportunity I promise you that I will strive for the organisation growth. Thats all about me sir. Good morning sir/maam. My name is.. I was born and brought up in Bangalore. I have completed my BE from DESH BHAGAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER SCIENCES, MANDI GOBINDGARH with an aggregate of 63. 2%. I have completed my diploma in Electronics and communication from DESH BHAGAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER SCIENCES, MANDI GOBINDGARH with an aggregate of 77.48%. My achievements, I have achieved more than 20 prizes in my school life. In the final year diploma i was the topper of the college and in same year I got championship award in sports. then i got first prize in project war competition during college cultural and Our project selected to Finals of the TI India Analog contest 2010.

My strengths are very optimistic, discipline and punctual. My greatest strength is I love the field which I have chosen, this energies me to do the task that I have taken up My hobbies are listening to music; home designing & I like to do Sudoku which gives me strength to tackle a situation. If I talk about my family we are 4 members including me. My father is a farmer and my mother is a home maker and I have one elder brother. My immediate goal is to join a Software company as a programmer. My long term goal is to become a responsible person in the same company who can give contribution in the management of the company within 5 years. and is to work hard at my best level to take the firm to number1 position. Good Morning Sir ! My name is .currently pursuing final year in MBA from DESH BHAGAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER SCIENCES, MANDI GOBINDGARH. My aggregate is 78. 06%. I hold my bachelor degree in BSC computer science from the same college. I have completed my inter (+12) from.. college and my schooling at school. I am very good at studies. I always be one of the top ten ranker. I got free seat in inter for secured best score in tenth class. Apart these I am very interested in extra activities. I have represented my school in district level done dance competitions in science fair. My co-curricular activities includes, I am organizer and developer of a technical event named "Hunt The Bug" in my Department national level symposium Spartans. Coming to my family background. I hail from traditional, middle class family. In my family we are of 3 members. My father is a professional working as a C.A, and mother is taking good care of our family. She is a teacher in private sector school. I learnt a lot of things from her like decision making time management and discipline. I can adapt easily to any kind of environment and thats my strength. I can work hard to achieve my targets in time. Good morning sir, My name is .I belong to/ Hail from I am pursuing final year in computer science engineering from DESH BHAGAT INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMPUTER SCIENCES, MANDI GOBINDGARH. I HAVE completed my schooling from. with 95 percent in 12th and 93 in 10th. I always believe in hard work and I go with the words of Edison, "genius is just one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration", I'm very dedicated to my work, I can adapt easily to any kind of environments and thats where my strengths stand. When I joined the college I had so much of stage fears I worked a lot to overcome this fear and now it does not exists. I like to be creative, thats where my hobbies stand cooking, swimming, designing mehandi and my own clothes too, Travelling, Interacting with people, Playing different games. I believe in optimism as, without that achievement & success will never be the outcome .Hence positive attitude is my strength. I believe in hard work which always gives some favorable outcome. Its my belief that I accept success or failure both positively, as we always get to learn something so that we can improve our thinking and actions. I always want to work in a team as it would help me improve my interpersonal skills and my knowledge about the field of operation and also I get know my role in the team. Since childhood I had a passion for programming and was very interested about latest Computer technologies so I chose the IT field.

My aim is join in a descent company where I can give my best for the core benefits of the organization and can cope with anyone in any environment and work becomes the first priority for me and I want to fulfill the task assigned to me with perfection. Q: Why should I hire you? Ans: As a fresher, I am very energetic and hard working person, I definitely put all my efforts and knowledge which I acquire from my education to keep your Organization as a bench mark for the other organizations. I am sure that I will pay 100% attention towards my work sir. I promise & assure you, that I should stand on my promise, if you hire me.

Sir, I am a fresher and I have the eagerness to learn new ideas quickly. I can adjust myself to any situation. I will use all my skills and will work hard for the good growth of your organization. And I assure you that I will never let your hopes down.

As an organisation, you need contributors, who can perform both individually and collectively. I can be that contributor easily enough. I have skills to perform and adapt, and zeal and vigor to learn. Also being a fresher, I can add bit of fresh approach along with my senior's experience.

sir, being a fresher I m not so experienced but I have full urge to learn new things and I would like to do such a challenging job in your organisation with my full potential...I assure you that I will always work according to your needs under your guidance and training..

Being a fresher I can learn things in a new way. Although due to lack of exposure of company I have no experience but I can cope up with it by commitment and hard work and contribute to the company's success. So I assure you that if you hire me I can perform to the company's demand.

I will not say that I am the best candidate sitting here, because I don't know anything about the other aspirants sitting outside. But I surely know about my abilities which can make me stand apart from the rest. I am a highly optimistic person and no problem can deter me from achieving my goals. Also I can adjust to any situation and can work with any type of colleague as I see it as a great opportunity to learn from others which will help me to expand the horizon of my knowledge. And the best thing about me is that I can make people around me happy and calm, so I can make the hectic work environment a bit relaxed. I always love to be in a challenging environment where I need to perform to the maximum of my potential and thus ensuring to deliver quality results from my part. I believe a reputed organisation like yours with a challenging work environment will be looking for a person / an employee who likes to take up the challenges thrown up at him and deliver quality results. Having such an attitude will certainly qualify me to work for your organisation.

Sir, I may be one among many eligible candidates over here, but what makes me different from others is my analytical thinking, smart working skills, emotionally balanced nature and my challenging nature to face any problem. And I think that is what you are looking for. I can definitively become an asset for your firm, if given a chance. As a fresher I am energetic and enthusiastic of learning new things. I am a team player and also can do the work individually with responsibility before the deadline. I will apply all my knowledge, skill which I gathered in my btech course for the development of the organization. As I am a fresher, I am eager towards learning new ideas and have zeal to work in a company like this.., As I am positive minded, punctual, at my work I can reach my goals with ease. I have a mindset to mold myself to the needs required which is an essential one for team work. If I would be given a job I would be a better resource for your company. Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses? Ans: Everyone around me admit that I am a workaholic, sometimes my friends warn me that I am becoming too attached and dedicated to work and hence I am trying to balance both personal and professional lives. Besides, I am an extrovert, innovative, flexible, inspiring, disciplined individual.

My technical strength is, I'm good in logical and analytical skills. I'm a quick learner. My strength is being patient, sincere and punctual. My weakness is I won't show my emotions to anyone whether it's happiness or anger.

My strengths are. punctual, positive attitude, honesty towards work, success that comes from my hard work and being friendly with all that helps me to make relations with them. My Weakness is a lack of English fluency. Since I am trying to overcome my weakness daily, I can say it confidently that Ill definitely convert fluency as one of my strengths.

I'm a quick learner, I would grasp more at a quicker time. I'm a good team worker and I have learnt good values by working with people as I represented my college basketball team. I was a bit lazy about waking up earlier in the morning, but I overcame this problem by keeping myself regular at the morning basketball practice sessions.

As I am a kind of extrovert and assertive person, I will be adapted to the changing environment and persons. This is my strength. I am more concerned about the perfection of my outcome which may consume more efforts. This is my weakness. Q: Why do you want to work at our company?

Ans: As a fresher it is the dream of every aspirant to start his or her career with a renowned company like yours. Also I am very well aware of the facilities your company provides to its employee and it is one of the employment friendly companies in the country. So I will be lucky to be a part of such company. First of all it would my honour to work for a reputed organization like yours. The reasons why i would like to work for your organisation are: 1). The Challenging work environment that you provide will allow me to utilise my potential / skill sets to my maximum. 2). The opportunity to enhance my career growth is very high / my career growth prospects is very high within the organisation. 3). Employee friendly work environment & performance based growth opportunity. 4). Good package with performance based incentives.

Sir, its every freshers dream to work for as reputed company like yours. I think your company provides me a highly sophisticated, challenging and off course the best platform anyone would wish for to enhance their technical and professional knowledge. The base of any persons career will be the toughest days hence a rock solid support like your company being my backbone will b an additional help for me to achieve greater prospects in the companys best interests as well as for my life. Moreover none can challenge its rigidity. I am very sure this will be a very prestigious and a status full journey to b associated with your company which will be beyond the satisfaction of the paycheck that will be provided. It's my childhood dream that I should be a part of the well reputed organisation in the field I am interested. So, as your company is well reputed and always you will be giving your 100 percent in all the aspects which has earned reputation for the company, obviously an employee from this particular company will have the respect from society as well. All required is self confidence rather the money you pay for an employee. As I am a fresher it lays rigid foundation to my carrier enhancing with basement from your company.

I did ask that question myself when I was invited. The answer was very simple: I feel motivated to. It is of course, a job, a name, but it is also about what it represents for me particularly. So many people will just start everywhere. I'm glad, very glad to start at a place where I feel good and am willing to give my best to improve and grow, each day. I need a job which suits my qualifications and skills, and which recognize my ability in the organization, so that i can update my knowledge and skills along with organization's growth and I feel that my profiles are matching your requirement. As per fresher i feel that this is the challenging opportunities to test my theoretical knowledge to achieve the practical expertise, which can help your organization towards growth.

I always wanted to work for a company where I could get ample opportunities to learn a lot of things. It would be my honor to work for such a fast growing company such as yours as there is lots of room for advancement. Sir whatever the research I have done in this company, I found that this company is on the way up. I was impressed by the company's growth. This company has got big players as partners like Microsoft, oracle, IBM, Net, & HP. Also this company is committed to run their business with total honesty and integrity. Also this

company has consistent record of repeat customers. So this company not only emphasizes on its clients but also on welfare of their Employees. Our primary goal is to help position our clients for long-term success. For a professional it is very important to be a member of the organisation that provides excellent work culture, good Platform and has got good name in the industry. I feel Accenture is among the top IT industries in our country and Working with it will help me to shape up my career. I think this company would fully enhance my career growth as well as my professional growth. This company is very high on my list of desirable choices. Q: What is the difference between hard work and smart work? Ans: Smart work is well planned structured work and hard work is working like a machine without thinking much..........For an employee to be successful, using his brain in t he little work he does is more important than what normally people do... appreciation comes only when u stand out of the box. here in this case we call it smart work. Both hard work and smart work deliver you with quality results, but hard work takes more time, energy and even investment/ money to deliver the quality result while in case of smart work the same quality result can be achieved with new ideas / new methods / new techniques that do not require as much money / time / energy to be spent as in case of hard work. Depending upon what the situation demands, hard work or smart work is the better option. Hard work is important in many situations, but smart work is also needed sometimes. For Eg, If you are new to a city, Hard work would dictate that you should explore and find out about the good places, work culture, etc in the city yourself. This is a time taking process. However, smart work would dictate that you get in touch with someone already staying in the city for a long time and through him, you find out about the details about the city like good restaurants, pubs, nightlife, schools, colleges, hospitals, municipal buildings, etc. This would save you the effort of doing the same work from scratch. That is why I am in favour of smart work. I think hard work and smart work both are related to each other why because any person cannot do the things directly without any known we have work out for it firstly for it is hard work after getting experience you became smart worker this depends on their individual abilities some of are fastly learn the things and became smart some of are not. "There is no shortcut to success" & for this we really need to work hard that lands us @ some required destined place, with which we gets knowledge, Experience & satisfaction. But smart work requires more only is a addition of techniques, talent, Tricks & strategy so as to complete it quickly. Hard work. Without knowing the proper goal, working for it. For exam we can take the students who mug up during to attend their goal of getting ranks. But that is not a real achievement. Smart work. A student who really knows the concepts and their goal is to learn something new which is the real achievement in education. Q: How do you feel about working nights and weekends? Ans: Well as a fresher I would adjust with the late nights and weekends. Being energetic and enthusiastic about my works I can handle such situation. As being a fresher I have decided an strategy to follow. This is the beginning of my career and lot I have to learn so won't let it go so easily.

If it is a regular phenomenon, I may not like it. Because as every machine needs a rest after working for a long time and recollect energy to work further, similarly our body also needs some relaxation at the end of day or week the job. But if there is some situation I will always be there to fulfill the requirements of the company at customer service. To get boost-up, so as to perform more enthusiastically, I prefer not to work at nights and weekends.... But when it comes to company's great profit, I would definitely dedicate that time for it. So I am always ready to serve and make the venture profitable with my work whenever urgently needed even at nights or weekends. When you enjoy / love your work you never mind working nights or weekend and also with challenging work environment where you have lot of competition it's imperative / important to perform/work without any concern over working at nights / weekends to enhance you're career growth. I always work for my satisfaction and try to accomplish all my commitments. When I am there to do the work I should complete my work. I will try to complete the work on time if that is not enough I will surely spend my nights to work out for the company objectives which I consider as my own.

If the work is good and exciting, and the company and work culture and colleagues are quite friendly, then there is no problem working on weekends on nights. Instead, it is refreshing to be in company of friendly people and being busy. The current job gives me two days off in a week, where I feel too bored most of the times, as I am used to office work now. So, it depends entirely on the work and culture inside. There is not much stress for me working nights and weekends. Q: Can you work under pressure? Ans: Yes, of course. A good employee must have the capability to work under any situation. It is in our hand to handle the stress and strain in a right way efficiently to attain success. Work is all about pressure .I consider it an opportunity to show cause yourself .Pressure at work gives an opportunity to reveal the real YOU .Pressure is the situational opportunity that makes you differ from a machine , to react and think , to manage and lead . Pressure makes us much more disciplined, it increases our experience and makes us much more mature towards our work challenges I think some pressure is always required for your work. For eg: the pressure to complete the assigned work in a deadline time. But this is a positive pressure, which is required. I believe myself and I am able to handle the work load, and do not let any kind of pressure ruin my work. An educated man's hallmark is how he carries himself steadily even under adverse situations. So if I have to reach the pinnacle of my success point I will always be ready to face such situations. Life is all about pressure. Actually we all are living in pressure only. Whether it is a study, family expectation, waiting for results, business risk job, money, wife expectation, children education expenses, parents dreams, our desire, ambitions, house EMI, car EMI, bike EMI, etc. So we have all these pressure to handle then to handle work pressure its quite easy.

Sir, instead of "pressure" we can say its a "challenge". Every work is a challenge for me. Each challenge is a stepping stone to prove myself. So I am passionate to work in any challenging situation.

Q: Are you willing to relocate or travel? Ans: Yes, Im very much willing to travel or relocate as it provides me the opportunity to work in a new environment where I can meet with people coming from different culture and learn new ideas / techniques that can enhance my career goal within the organisation. To have a very long and successful career with the same organisation it's necessary / imperative to understand the work culture and functions of the organisation in different locations.
Yes of course. Given a chance I would like to relocate because its much more beneficial by jumping out of the well and adapting new things rather than being a part of the same old well. Relocating and travelling give us opportunity to meet new people. And a fresher can consider as a child who learn a lot of things from his nearest family members and friends. Since I am also a fresher so this can give me a chance to meet various people. From them I can learn new ideas and techniques to do work in different and efficient way if I am lacking in something. So I don't have any problem in relocating or travelling and always be ready for this.

Q: What are your goals? Ans: Sir I as a fresher has decided two goals at present, firstly I want to join the top reputed organization as yours so as to enhance my skills and expand my horizon of knowledge and secondly I want to be the topmost successful engineer in my organization as I am a smart worker with clear vision and aim. My goal would be to work in a company which respects employees and their contribution towards its success. My short - term and long - term goals of my professional life would be according to my work and performances which it takes to a position for which I stand eligible. I wish to maintain a good balance in my profession and personal life with moving forward step by step by overcoming problems by solving.
Now a days technology Changes everyday. But utilization of technology is very low in India compared to other countries because some uneducated persons are there.. They do not know anything about technology. My goal is create technique which should be quite easy to learn. And other things are that India still India depends on other countries for new technology. I want to change it. That is My Goal.

Q: What motivates you to do good job? Ans: My passion to learn new things and enhance my knowledge and skills, develop my abilities in a proper direction and the fact that your organisation can provide me a good platform to achieve this motivates me. Rewards and recognition, appreciation of my work, senior's expectations acts as a good motivator, my inner desire for work. Since I love to be engaged in work instead of sitting idle, my work and my family are two most important things in my life. Encouragement from others, small success in my work and the one important thing is each failures motivates me a lot to the reach success... because from each failures I can learn a lot and it will show me the right path to move toward success...

Q: What makes you angry? Ans: Well when we are working under someone we have no place to be angry. As being angry doesnt solve any matter. Rather than being angry I would like to understand a situation and would try to solve it calmly. I feel getting angry is a mere waste of time as we do not utiilise the productive part of our brains when we are angry. Q: Give me an example of your creativity. Ans. I formed a group of 4 persons. The aim of the group is to provide information and knowledge to each other person in the group.We came up in group with a lot of creative ideas about how to progress our discussion with entertainment so that no body felt bored.someone prepared script of a scene.There are some characters in that scene ane we play the role of that characters with a lot of fun which also makes our communications better. I can create cartoons on any topic. I've done a few of them in my college magazine. I visualize anything I read and I'm interested in choreography also. I was a part of dance performances at School. Q: How long would you expect to work for us if hired? Ans: I want to be a part of this esteemed organization and want to grow with this organization by contributing my skill for its betterment. If I think that I can achieve that here, I don't think that there is any view of quitting. It's good to have a long term vision. For now, I would concentrate more on the work that I do, to give my best to the team/company and help to grow. Long term relationships will help to know more about the organization and deliver the best. I do feel, I had much to deliver and company has much to offer. Q: Explain how would be an asset to this organization? Ans: I am an optimistic person, I can be more honest and straightforward to everyone. I know that how a professional can behave in the company, being I am a fresher easily adapt me to any environment and any kind of person can be handled by me. Sir, apart from qualification what a company expects from their employee. Punctuality, honesty and dedication towards the work. I accept that my qualification shows that I am an average student not the best, but still I can assure you that you will never have complain about my punctuality, honesty and about my work more over am a quick learner sir I can b the asset for your firm so I feel I should get a chance. Q: Would you lie for the company? Ans: No not All. I Believe In Progress In a Ethical & honest way.One Small Lie May damage the reputation of the company. Truth is always powerful. By Tellin lie you may get some benifit in the present.but it will create some problem later.So better not to lie. Progress in A honest way. Thats my Principle. First any reputed company won't meet such situation, so in our organization, I'm sure I don't need to lie. By lying we're not going to get anything. Sometimes it may fetch problem. So without lying i'll try my best to get the same result. Finally if there is no chance, i'll lie.

Lie classified into 2 category. 1. Not letting other person the truth (e.g. I do not know) 2. Letting negative information which is not true.

Sir, if it is beneficial for the organization and does not affect others, then i will lie. =>If there is a situation to hide the important matters of the company, then i should lie 2 others. =>If it going to resolve the problem between the boss and my colleague ,then im ready to lie if the problem is legal.

Yeah but if and only if it is required.....because I think in life honesty is the best policy whereas lying is always been a risk......but if my company is at stake i will take this risk of lying for the betterment of my company in which I am employed. I always believe in, a person who can't be true to him/herself can not be true to other's. I am sure, every company's core value is integrity and honesty, so as ours. If really such situation comes, I better look for other holistic ways, if it's not possible I would take advise from peers or escalate to next level. Q: Who has inspired you in your life and why? Ans: I am a self motivated person. I learn from my mistakes and try to excel every day. But I cannot deny the fact that whatever I am today is due to my family and some dear friends. This attitude is the outcome of their never ending love and support. And we have some great people in society from whom I get inspiration. I am inspired by my teacher Acharya ji. he always say that,to be successful and to achieve anything in your life 3 things are very necessary. First is courage to do hard work. Second is determination to fulfill the aim Third is confidence. By first and second we can automatically get the third one. by these three steps we can reach to our goal.

I was inspired by hellen keller because she was born blind yet she acheived the world by her strong determination, courage, hardwork etc. Even though she was blind, dum and deaf she didn't loose confidence she studied many subjects like history, geography, physics politics etc. Participated in many women welfare programes standing as role model for every one and also I was inspired by her tutor annesullivan because she had the qualities of a good teacher her struggle, hardwork, patience towards hellen keller made heellen to conquer the prestigious rewards. Q: What was the toughest decision you ever had to make? Ans: My toughest decision was when I got a job opportunity in a international BPO package was around 2. 2lack. At that I was still perusing MCA I thought of moving there but then I think twice because if I join I will a graduate but not a post graduate +my age was 22. There are plenty opportunities after my PG. So left that that was my toughest decision. Q: Have you considered starting your own business? Ans: No sir, why because the main reason is I m a fresher I don't have that much experience and capital. And I want to expose my skills in a reputed company like this. At first a businessman must be a good employee then only he can run the business successfully. So I will think of it in future with the experience of our company. Q: If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work? Ans: Sir I would definitly work because it's like - No matter how much you invest in your bike if you don't ride it, it will get corroded. Money can bring only temporary pleasure but permanent pleasure comes from application of creativity. I will work because there is something which the money can't buy that is skill and knowledge. Only experience through work can make us to know how to manage these large amount of money and to utilize it wise fully. 10 million dollar is like a beautiful garland in the hands of monkey unless and until he gathers knowledge through work. Yes sir, I will do job for my happiness, self satisfaction. Because I know, I am happy when my work is appreciated, my honesty my dedication towards the given work is appreciated. Of course such a big amount of money does matter in my life it completes my external happiness but happiness which comes from bottom of my heart is only when I do job. Doing job is my passion. Q: How much salary do you expect? Ans: I think the HR section of your company will be the one which can correctly decide my salary according to my qualifications in the beginning.But a slow and steady increment according to my performance would definitely encourage me. Q: Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ans: 5 years from now I want to see myself in such a position where my company wouldn't like to loose me no matter what the circumstances are but my passion to excel like anything still remains with me.

No one can say the exact position after 5 years. But I am sure that, I will be a valuable assest and back bone of the organization.