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CPNI Certification Q'.R. 64.

2009(e) EB Docket06-36

for CPNICertification 2011" Annual64.2009(e) 16,2012 Datefiled:February Inc. by covered this certification:GOESTelecom, Nameof company Form499Filer ID: 0011437746 NormanBrandinger Nameof signatory: President Title of signatory: namedabove,andactingasan agentof certiff that I am an officer of the company I, NormanBrandinger, that procedures are operating has that kn-owledge the company established that the company, I havepJrsonal et 47 rules. See C.F.R.$ 64.2001 seq' CPNI with compfiance theCommission's to adequate ensure procedures how the company's explaining statement to Attached this certificationis an accompanying et set with thi requirements forth in section64.2001 seq.of the is that ensure the company in compliance rules. Commission's at institutedor petitionsfrled by a company either has The company not takenanyactions(proceedings databrokersin thepast databrokers)against against or the statecommissioni, courtsystem, at the Commission pretexters usingto are to reporttn anyinformationthattheyhavewith respect the processes must year. Companies aretakingto protectCPM. companies CPNI , andwhat steps to attempt access the in complaints thepastyearconcerning unauthorized any has The company not received customer to access CPM, unauthorized relatedto has a complaints company received of of release CpNI (number customer by of improperaccess .8.,instances or of disclosure CPNI,brokendownby category complaint, or unauthorized of or the not to of instances improperdisclosure individuals authorizedtoreceive information, instances employees, to to improperaccess onlineinformationby individualsnot authorized view the information).

GOES Telecom,Inc. SuiteC 2TlMain Street, Hackettstown. 07840-2032 NJ

I7,20I2 February
TO: MarleneH. Dortch,Office of the Secretary Commission Federal Communications 445 lzt'street SW 20554 Washington,DC President FROM: NormanBrandinger, Telecom,Inc. GOES No. 06-36 EB Subject: Docket GOESTelecomAnnualCertificationCPNI Filing Under47 C.F.R.$6a.2009(e)
l. Pursuantto the Federal CommunicationsCommission ("Commission") pursuantto section 222 of the CommunicationsAct of 1934, as amended("the Act"), 47 U.S.C.$222 and the Commission's rules, 47 C.F.R. $64.2001,et seq.,as amendedrule 47 C.F.R. $64.2009(e) a. Provide annual certification to the Commission, b. Provide explanation ofany actions taken againstdata brokers in the past year, c. Provide a summary of all customercomplaints received in the past year conceming the wrauthorized releaseof CPNI. To protect customerproprietary network information ("CPNI"), GOES Telecom has had in place and continuesto in provide customersafeguardsand appropriate security measures accordancewith CPNI rules since its fust resaleof a LEC servicesand customerbilling in the fourttr quarter of 2005, and continuesto do so as a fundamentalbusiness principal. GOES Telecom did make a CPNI frling (with only one customeron the books) on February 3, 2006 in accordancewith FCC 47 C.F.R. par.64.2009(e) FCC confirmation number 200623060361,Docket: 06-36. From 2003, the formation of GOES Telecom (November 17,2003, certificate of incorporation previously filed), through the fourttr quarter of 2005 and the acquisition of our first customer,we were in the starnrpphaseof the business developing and implementing safeguardsto protect customer proprietary network information, obtaining FRN, and implementing CPNI New JerseyBoard of Public Utilities approval, interconnectionagreements, (previously filed documents).We believe that we have been and continue to be in conrpliancewith CPNI rules, from the frst day of our fust customeracquisition. GOES Telecom Annual Compliance Certificate and certification are enclosed. GOES Telecom has previously provided its Corporate Training Manual, which covers protections of CPNI data including pretexting. Additional tracking forms to maintain CPNI compliance rurder47 C.F.R. $64.2009(e) are attached.




as provided with rules comply Commission's 47C.F.R. All statements $1.16 setforththerein. and is I declare underpenaltyof pequrythat the foregoing true andcorrectandthat all the Documents possession, custodyconhol or knowledge providedasof February16,2012,arein GOESTelecom information havebeenreproduced.
Executedon Februarv 17.2011

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