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Business Administration MBA 3rd Semester

Yasir Aftab Farooqi Submitted by: Muhammad Ali Adnan Shabbir M.Instructor: Sir. Ali Tahir Shehzad (10031920-195) (10031920-210) (10031920-067) (10031920-214) .

West Indies. UAE. Djibouti.F.F.C. Die Casting Machines.F. and all other Gulf Countries. Afghanistan. decided to increase its' product line by manufacturing premium quality Washing machines & Desert Coolers. was the pioneers in export of fans from Pakistan.C uses the most modern/high tech machinery like Capstan & Turret Lathes. Bangladesh. We'll try to make it easy for you to learn about Our Company. G. Kenya. Qatar. Spark Erosion Machines and Ovens Containing Conveyers for drying Stove Paint. The company grew faster due to quality of its products. Injection Molding Machines. has got four Export Trophy Awards for Fans and other Electrical Products like enameled Copper Wire. Through our Web Site. G. Under his management company become major brand for fans in Pakistan. installed copper wire manufacturing unit in 1988. G. To produce excellent quality products G. G. Our Technology.) Ltd Introduction General Fan Company (Pvt.C.C. Yemen. But in 1970 company landed itself into trouble due to its differences in its partners. . Progressing Stamping presses. Sudan. Customer Care and Our Products.C.F.C. enjoys the confidence of millions of highly satisfied customers not Only in Pakistan but also in Saudi Arabia. Ghana.General Fan Company (Pvt.) Ltd was formed in 1954 as a small manufacturing unit for electric fans. Nigeria.C. With all this latest machinery G.F. is also manufacturing its own capacitors. That's why G. Present management took over the company in 1978 and engineer Muhammad Illyas became Chief Executive of company.F. Automatic Armature Winding Machines. CNC Wire Cut Machines. Cameroon.F.

We want to set up an excellent after-salesservice and spare parts supply service to each and every country. We believe that within 10 years we can achieve an export target of US Dollars 40 Million. We want to mark this product throughout the world and we foresee this product to dominate the entire International market.Vision We believe that we have a unique product which has been developed by GFC and no other country manufactures a pedestal fan like ours. Mission The mission of GFC FAN is to produce such quality products which provide entire satisfaction to all our customers the world over. . We also want to set up home service centers throughout the world. This product is most useful in the hot tropical humid climates.

Organization Structure Chief executive .

y y y Finding new market in the world. Introducing the motor bikes in near future. We want to set up an excellent after-sales-service and spare parts supply service to each country. This product is most useful in the hot tropical humid climates. Giving more margin of profit to distributors for increase in sales.Organization Strategy of GFC Fans By: CEO GFC FANS ³The management and the workers of GFC FANS have a vision to supply in near future all types of electric fans to all the countries of the world where fans are being used.´ The nutshell of the strategy is just to expand the setup. and America including South America. And in general we found these points through our source at GFC. We believe that we have a unique product which has been developed by GFC and other county manufacturers a pedestal fan like ours. Central America and Caribbean. Europe. New technology for motor bikes. y y y Focus on improving and introducing new technology in fan industry. Installation of copper manufacturing machinery at GFC for low cost copper wire production. We see ourselves as one of the largest and most renowned fan manufacturing company in the world providing all types of fans to all the countries according to their required specifications and needs. Eye on the competitor¶s movement and achievements to overtake and judge the competitive forces in market. We also want to set up home service centers throughout the world. We want to mark this product throughout the world and we foresee this product to dominate the entire international market. Sub offices in big cities of Pakistan and whole world. y y y Satisfying the customer needs and demands. Our strategy is to enlarge our market from the present day Middle-East to whole of Africa. We believe that within 10 years we can achieve an export target of USD 40 millions. . They just want to cover the entire world by their product but how? That is not clear.

The recruitment and selection process of GFC includes the following steps: y y y y y y y CV with professional reference Evaluation of application and CV Call for Interview Temporary Job Completion of Trial Period Evaluation Permanent or Contract Base Job Recruitment There are two methods through which GFC recruit and select new employees these two methods or source of recruitment for GFC are. When company need to hire new employees HR Department ask existing employees for referrals for . when they want to produce more fans they will hire more employees and sometimes they bring new machines to increase their productivity and decrease the number of employees. In GFC the recruitment and selection is made mostly internally through employee referrals and sometimes if needed advertisement is made on the newspapers for the filling of vacancies. Their main motive for hiring new employees is usually to increase their production level. The import of fans dies for new designs. Human Resource Planning While planning to best utilize its human resources GFC uses lag HR planning technique. y y Employee Referrals Unsolicited Applications Employee Referrals The major source for recruitment in General Fan Company is employee referrals.y y Providing superior quality products to customers. They hire according to the need of their organization¶s overall strategy.

But they prefer employee referrals for recruitment and selection. seasonal recruitment of employees etc. Recruitment and Selection Process As GFC is a small organization and don¶t use full scale recruitment process for their 600 employees. GFC try to avoid giving advertisement for jobs but when they need to hire for some high rank vacancy then they will give advertisements in Newspapers and on their web page. the company would intimate the candidates to apply through a formal channel. . This process include following steps. Job Advertising GFC use internal hiring through employ referrals and ask their existing employees and managers if they know any person who is suitable for the post in company. But their tests and interviews are also conducted. Unsolicited Applicants / Walk-ins Company generally receive unsolicited applications from job seekers at various points of time. As we are doing it for educational purpose we will suppose there is a need for a new Finance Manager in GFC. And ask these willing applicants identified by exiting employees to submit their CVs with an application. In the season GFC also used temporary workers like increase over time of existing employees. Such applications are generally kept in a data bank and whenever a suitable vacancy arises. One important problem with this method is that job seekers generally apply to number of organizations and when they are actually required by the organizations.skilled people who they know and need some job. Need Recognition As account managers are not hired everyday and GFC don¶t preferably advertise for the post in newspapers or any other media. either they are already employed in other organizations or are not simply interested in the position. As we are going to conduct advertising for account manager in our university campus we will develop a flyer type ad to distribute and then receive the applications form finance department for Financial Manager. they only hire a new account manager when existing manager¶s contract is over or his work is no more satisfactory. There is a defined process for hiring new employee for any post inside organization.

. And check him if he can deliver for longer good of the organization. GFC interview these employees and check them for best possible person from all interviewees and offer them temporary job. Completion of Trial Period Every trainee will have to complete trail period job before receiving contract or full permanent job offer. We will also conduct an interview of all selected applicants and then select the best person that suit best for the job of an account manager. If he satisfies their organizational need then they will offer him a contract or permanent job on full pay. We will select best suitable applicants applying from students and interview them for the job. Interview Call After choosing best available CVs from all referred applicants.Evaluation of CVs and Applications After receiving application from students we will check the CVs and application according to the process that is followed by GFC while recruiting for Finance Manager. And select the best available CVs and call the applicants for an interview. In trial period GFC don¶t pay employ full salary. Every trainee will have to fulfill organizational requirement. Temporary Job After interview GFC offer two month trial period or temporary job to the successful interviewee. If employee is good enough then they will complete his two month training period. At GFC they check the available CVs according to needs of organization. In this temporary job period they will train the employee on trial according to their need for an account manager. Evaluation After completion of trail period job GFC evaluate the performance of trainee. GFC will then call those successful applicants to come for an interview.

Permanent or Contract Base Job After evaluation of a trainee GFC usually offers two year contract and then if employee work good enough to impress the management they will offer him permanent job or extend his contract on full monthly pay. .

) to ensure quality standards and client expectations are met. Understanding of company capabilities and service. . providing regular input on all account activity.Job Description Post Title: Company: Posts: Pay: Reporting to: Responsibility: Manager Accounts General Fan Company Pvt.e. Reviews all major deliverables (i. to provide strong team representation and set proper client expectations. quality standards are met. Reports to the Account Director. including status and call reports on a weekly basis. Sales or other support. Ensures that client issues are dealt with in an efficient manner. Communicates the client's goals and represent the client's interests to the team. strategic brief. and that projects are profitable. tech spec. informing the Account Director or Managing Director of any problems that may arise. conflict resolution. Aware and in pursuit of opportunities for account growth and new business. function spec. Owns the contract and contract renewals for new work for an existing client. Ltd 1 50000-70000 Director Finance Maintenance of financial Records and Accounts Responsibilities y y y y y y y y y y y y Responsible for all client communications. and effectively communicates all offerings to the client. Provides regular two-way communication between the client and team. Ensures that all processes and procedures are completed. involving the Account Director. and is responsible for payment collections. and compliance on client deliverables and revenue. Works closely with the project team in order to maintain a continuous knowledge of project status in order to identify potential issues and/or opportunities within or related to the project. Approves Change Orders and invoices. etc.

maintain and enhance customer relationships. networks. Strong presentation and negotiation skills. Confidence. persistent and a skilled negotiator. Minimum 3 years of Account/project management experience Extremely detail oriented. Good business sense and the ability to work to budgets. Good organizational and time management skills.Requirements y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Proven Account Management skills required in order to create. goal oriented. Plans and carries out responsibilities with minimal direction. Undergraduate degree. Technical competence (understand software. often under pressure. etc). tact and a persuasive manner. Motivated. Handles stressful situations and deadline pressures well. A professional manner. High level of initiative and work well in a team environment. A willingness to work long hours. . hardware. Excellent written and oral communication skills. The ability to lead and motivate a team.

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