Insert surname here Name Institution Course Instructor Date: Wireless network plan Introduction Wireless services are

in demand in business application and large corporate. This is as a result of their agility, differentiation and higher bandwidth to the users in the organization. Wireless devices require security to ensure that information passed over the network is secure. There are different challenges that affect the wireless network such as operation, building and design of the mobility solution. One application wireless network is learning institutions such as colleges. The main objective of deploying a wireless solution is to provide safe and secure way to transfer and access information through the Internet and intranet to students and staff in the organization. To ensure that wireless infrastructure is working properly, the software and the hardware must be designed properly. The software and hardware that will be used to implement the wireless security plan are Cisco router, switches and adapters. Risks and critical assets must be analyzed properly. Likewise, the policy must be designed by defining procedures and guidelines that will be followed by corporate personnel. There are different areas to be considered before designing the security policy in the college. These areas include physical security controls, logical security controls, data and system integrity, data confidentiality, security awareness, policy and procedures. Physical security controls (Matthew, 2009).


authentication methods will help in preventing security threats such as snooping and eavesdropping. To prevent WLAN data decryption from unauthorized personnel encryption keys will be introduced. The WLAN network should be of integrity and confidentiality. Different Cisco antennas will be installed in every building of the institution to provide access within the environment. data tampering and wireless client attacks. The protocol uses preshared key as well as entering PSK before device communicates on the network hence increasing chances of being hacked. However. This is achieved by implementing a policy to reduce adapter exposure to the public (Cisco Security. security tokens and smart cards to prevent access from unauthorized users. WPA2 has several weaknesses to the network. Use of Cisco will assist the college to enable Wi-Fi to phones and personal computers. A security policy will be introduced to prevent access of encryption keys by unauthorized persons. This will assist in monitoring those users using the WLAN network. Likewise. Cisco unified wireless network has a scalability performance of IEEE 802. odyssey Access Client Software will be deployed to staff and 2 .11n standard. Some of these threats are traffic analysis of the data transmitted over the network. Wireless access points will be in a closed environment to prevent them from public tampering. WPA2 (Wi-Fi protected Access 2) encryption and VPN will be used to protect information during transmission. Additionally. Another WLAN security policy is user authentication policy to identify users. To implement physical security of the network WLAN adapters should be prevented from unauthorized access and theft. 2011). Users will be issued with passwords. Use of the encryption function such as SHA-1 and MD5 can be used to ensure data integrity of the information transmitted over the WLAN.Insert surname here Security There are different security attacks that affect the wireless network.

they have a data transfer rate of 300 Mbps hence fast. Access mechanisms such as firewalls will be implemented properly. Some of these protocols include IEEE 802. To secure wireless applications in the college there are different protocols which can be used. training will be offered to any staff or student that is comfortable with the new solution. The administrative staff will be required to power down the station while not in use to reduce risks of attacks. To implement the policy. WEP shared key and MAC address access the network.11G. This will ensure only stations with the same network name. Student mobile devices will have limited access to the information available on the network while the staff will have access to the printer and files server (Renato. only on a volunteer basis. IEEE 802. Similarly.11a and IEEE 802. IEEE 802.11b. In addition.Insert surname here student PC to restrict and isolate access. access control policy will be enhanced by configuring wireless stations. 2010).11n since they are flexible. 3 .

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