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fixed length built-in numeric types are : I ABAP Type: i numeric type is used for integer or for whole

numbers in 4 bytes length. F ABAP Type: f numeric type is used for floating point number and is in 8 bytes length. P ABAP Type: p numeric data type is used for packed number and is in 8 bytes length by default. Fixed length built-in character types are : C ABAP Type: c character type is used for text fieldsand is in 1 bytes length by default. D ABAP Type: d character type is used for date fieldsand is 8 bytes length. N ABAP Type: n character type is used for numeric text fieldsand is in 1 bytes length by default. T ABAP Type: t character type is used for formatand is in 6 bytes. Fixed length built-in hexadecimal type is : X ABAP Type: x character type is used for hexadecimal fieldand is in 1 bytes length by default. Variable length predefined ABAP data types are : STRING ABAP Type: string character type is used for string variables. XSTRING ABAP Type: xstring character data type is used for byte string variables and contains hexadecimal type value in it. Goto transaction SE93 There are two ways where you can find the list of transaction codes in SE93. Some important tables within the PP area : MAST - Material BOM STKO - BOM Header STPO - BOM Positions (detail) MAPL - Assignment for Task Lists to Materials PLKO - Routing Group Header PLSO - Routing Group Sequence PLPO - Routing Group Operations AFKO - Production Order Header AFPO -Production Order Position (details) Related tables in MM area : MAKT - Material Descriptions MARA - General Material Data MARC - Plant Data for Material

MARD - Storage Location Data for Material MAST - Material to BOM Link MLHD Material Ledger Document: Header MLIT Material Ledger Document: Items MLPP Material Ledger Document: Posting Periods and Quantities MLPPF Material Ledger Document: Field Groups (Posting Periods and Quantities) MLCR Material Ledger Document: Currencies and Values MLCRF Material Ledger Document: Field Groups (Currencies and Values) MLCRP Material Ledger Document: Price Change (Currencies, Prices) MLMST Material Ledger Document: Costing Run Header Data ales and Distribution:

Table Description


KNA1 General Data

KNB1 Customer Master Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct) KNB4 Customer Payment History KNB5 Customer Master Dunning info KNBK Customer Master Bank Data KNKA Customer Master Credit Mgmt. KNKK Customer Master Credit Control Area Data (credit limits) KNVV Sales Area Data (terms, order probability) KNVI Customer Master Tax Indicator KNVP Partner Function key KNVD Output type KNVS Customer Master Ship Data

KLPA Customer/Vendor Link

Sales Documents VBAKUK VBAK + VBUK VBUK Header Status and Administrative Data VBAK Sales Document - Header Data VBKD Sales Document - Business Data VBUP Item Status VBAP Sales Document - Item Data VBPA Partners VBFA Document Flow VBEP Sales Document Schedule Line VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records

SD Delivery DocumeLIPS Delivery Document item data, includes referencing PO LIKP Delivery Document Header data

Billing Document VBRK Billing Document Header VBRP Billing Document Item

SD Shipping Unit VEKP Shipping Unit Item (Content) VEPO Shipping Unit Header System Tables ADCP Person/Address assignment (central address administration)

ADIRACC Table to store keys for TADIR objects ESS ADR2 ADRP Telephone numbers (central address admin.) Persons (central address administration)


DATA DEFINITION Queue Queue info definition

D010SIN ABAP- Information about ABAP program source code F E071 E07T Change and Transport System- Object Entries of Requests/Tasks Change and Transport System- Short Texts for Requests/Tasks

ENLFDIR Additional Attributes for Function Modules INDX NAST STXH T005 T005S T005U T006 T015M T247 T777A TADIR TBTCO TBTCP TFDIR TFTIT TSP03L TSTC TSTCT TUTYP System table INDX Message Status STXD SAPscript text file header Countries Taxes- Region (Province) Key Taxes- Region Key- Texts Units of Measurement Names of the months Month name and short text Building Addresses Directory of Repository Objects Job status overview table Batch job step overview Function Module Function Module Short Text Spool- Long device names SAP Transaction Codes Transaction Code Texts User Types in Current Price List in SAP System


Special versions Table of variables in selection criteria View Directory Data Relevant to Measurement for User Master Record User master record (runtime data) Logon data User master authorizations Additional Data per User Surchargeable Language Versions per User Assign user name address key

ARCH_OB Objects for archiving and reorganization J BTCUED Description of user event IDs for background processing

BTXSUPB BSI- Upgrade-Information CCCFLO W Client Copy Control Flow

DBSTATC DB Optimizer Control (Statistics Creation) DEVACCE Table for development users SS DEVL E070 E070L OBSOLETE- Do not use (See TCETRAL) Change and Transport System- Header of Requests/Tasks CTS- Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks

INSTVER Documentation for installation Status and History S PAT03 SDBAC T100 TAPLT Patch Directory DBA Action Table Messages Program Application Long Texts


OBSOLETE- Do not use, see TCEDELI Development Classes Temp Sequential table. Change and Transport System- Lock Table Processing programs for output. Can be very handy to find the print program for a SAPScript. Printed output control table Table of profile parameters Profile header, administration data for profiles in DB Table contains all DD tables to be logged Communication Table for Transport Control Title texts for programs in TRDIR Table of Naming Conventions in ABAP Workbench Job ID for Coordinating Batch-ABAP/UNIX for Transports Spool- Device Description Extension TemSe data OBSOLETE- Do not use (see TCESYST) OBSOLETE- Do not use (See TCETRAL) Relation transaction - authorization object User address data User Master Parameter ID User master authorization values Table for illegal passwords User master- Additional data User masters Variant texts Variant directory

D010TAB Table for Use Report---Tables DD02L DD02T DD03L DD03T EDIDC EDIDOT EDID2 EDID4 EDSEA VRSX2 TSE05 SAP tables R/3 DD- SAP table texts Table Fields DD- Texts for fields (language dependent) IDOC Control Records Short description of IDoc types IDOC segments (version 3.1) IDOC segments (version 4.6) EDI- Table of all segments of current release Central Table for Version Management (Report Source) Can add parameters to the INSERT COMMAND (IC). Then, when you insert command, your info appears in the editor. Useful for comment blocks, common section of code, etc. Change document items Change document header governs the foreground sequence of infotypes the system will use to prompt the user during online and batch processing. You will have to code your BDC to follow that sequence of creating infotypes. governs the dynamic event processing that will only take place during online user inputs. For BDC's you will have to create separate BDC's to handle any infotypes that are inserted dynamically by this table. Infotype Screen Control