Structure of the English Language 
 LING 164/CMSI 164/ENGS 101

Professor Julie Roberts

Getting Extra Help
Some of you probably have little or no background in English grammar. You may need some extra help from time to time to succeed in the class. This is expected, so please don't be shy about getting help. Here is how to obtain help: Use the discussion list online. If you have any question about homework, please post to the Discussion Board. I will check it very regularly, and that way everyone can benefit. Note: If you need to email me for other reasons (e.g., family emergency, mistake in your grade, etc.), please use the email in the Blackboard site. It is much more efficient for me that way.

Requirements, points, and grade scale are listed below. Homework (averaged grades) Quizzes (one at the end of every week) 80% 20%

As you can see, Homework is VERY important. Homework is

available at 12:00 midnight on the night before it is to be done. For example, Tuesday's assingments will be available Monday at midnight They are due by 8:00 am on the following day. (Tuesday's assignments are due by 8:00 am on Wednesday.) Please make every attempt to keep up, and get help if you need it. The quizzes at the end of every week will include mostly material from that week but may also have questions from preceding weeks. With grammar study, everything you learn is re-used and recycled later. Quizzes may be taken any time between Friday morning and Monday morning.

93-100 points = 90-92 points = 83-89 points = 80-83 points = 74-79 points = 70-73 points = 60-69 points = Below 60 points = A AB BC CD F

What to do every day
I have tried to organize this course in as simple and consistent manner as possible so that you can spend all your time on the content and assignments and not on trying to figure out how to navigate around. Every day you will complete one module, labeled by the day of the week. Each module contains the following elements: Readings - these are posted to be easily accessible to you during the course. Assignments - varied, depending on the subject matter. Each day you will:

 do the readings listed in the schedule  do the assignment and participate in the Discussion Board as directed in the assignment. Weekly Schedule Week One—Parts of Speech Monday—Approaches to Grammar Tuesday—Words and Morphemes Wednesday—Nouns Thursday—Pronouns and Adjectives Friday—Verbs, etc. Weekly Quiz #1 Week Two—Phrases Monday—Noun Phrases Tuesday—Adjective & Adverb Phrases Wednesday—Prepositional Phrases Thursday—Verb Phrases and Tense Friday—Verb Phrases and Aspect, Weekly Quiz #2 Week 3—Clauses Monday—Combining Verbs and Meaning Tuesday—Subjects, Participles, and Agreement Wednesday—Intransitive and Monotransitive Verbs Thursday—Linking and Ditransitive Verbs Friday—Object Complement Verbs and Weekly Quiz #3 Week 4—Clauses into sentences Monday—Coordination of Clauses Tuesday—Relative Clauses Wednesday—Noun Clauses Thursday—Adverb Clauses Friday—Sentence Types and Other Clause Leftovers, Weekly Quiz #4

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