President of US bishops un

leashes his wrath on Obama
Administration .. p. 19
Away from God and
Community .. p. 11
DOJ starts probe of NBI chief for kidnapping, extortion
Ex-Envoy Arrested
“Becoming a Leader: The Heart and
Soul of Leadership”
A bouyant belief in the American Dream. The irrepressible Ernie
Delfn multitasks with his grandaughter as he holds a book on Rizal
in one hand and spins the globe with the other
A Scourge and a Travesty
Once upon a time, Mila-
gros Tamboung of Barangay
San Roque, Libertad, Antique,
would look at the bloom-
ing forest canopy of Mount
Pinupo in appreciation for
the sustenance it provided to
her village. Today, Milagros
is saddened with the mining
activities that many political
forces are trying carry to out,
despite the inevitable cata-
strophic economic and envi-
ronmental harm.
This is indeed a tragedy.
How can we mitigate environ-
mental hazards brought about
by mining in our country? Are
there any assurances for mini-
mizing such hazards during
mining? Can the government
monitor the proper implemen-
tation of responsible mining?
Do mining frms even bother
caring about protecting the
environment and people? My
answer, sad to say, is a re-
sounding NO!
The rich people of the Phil-
ippines, Cojuangco and Ang
(San Miguel Stallwarts) made
money on mining, and they
made a lot of it. The mining
foray bodes especially well
for the country, says Mark
Mobius, who oversees about
$50 billion as executive chair-
man of Franklin Templeton
by Ed Punay, Philippine
Star | MANILA, Philippines,
2/16/2012 - The Department
of Justice (DOJ) has started
the preliminary investigation
against dismissed National
Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
Director Magtanggol Gat-
dula and other offcials of
the bureau over the alleged
kidnapping and extortion of
an undocumented Japanese
woman last year.
Prosecutor General Claro
Arellano created a three-man
panel of state prosecutors
to immediately conduct the
investigation on the formal
complaint fled recently by the
victim, Noriyo Ohara.
The panel composed of As-
sistant Prosecutors Juan Pedro
Navera, Hazel Decena-Valdez
and Irwin Maraya were di-
rected to determine if there is
probable cause to fle charges
of kidnapping and serious il-
legal detention against Gat-
dula, dismissed NBI-Security
Management Division chief
Mario Garcia, his executive
offcer Jose Odelon Cabillan,
their assets Chona Elen Es-
plana and Virgelito Gutierrez;
and Gatdula’s special assistant
Raul Dimaano.
Garcia and Esplana would
also undergo preliminary
investigation for grave coer-
cion, falsifcation and robbery,
while Cabillan and Gutierrez
were also facing falsifcation
and robbery charges, respec-
The DOJ cited the “interest
of service and pursuant to the
provisions of existing laws”
as basis for the start of the
preliminary investigation.
Justice Secretary Leila de
Lima and Magtanggol Gatdula
Joe Son Msgr. Gutierrez
Zena Babao
Dance While the
Music’s Playing .. p. 20
February 17-23, 2012
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A Filipino American Legacy
Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning
Pilipino Awards goes global
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Anti-Mining In Antique Province, Philippines (Part 2)
Ernie D. Delfin
Tourist Arrivals from the UK Exceeds
100,000 for the First Time in History
My column for this week is a transcript of my speech delivered before the UCI Sage Scholars of the
University of California, Irvine (UCI) on February 7, 2012, about LEADERSHIP.
Thank you for the kind
introduction, Melissa.
Thank you for this rare
privilege to speak before
the SAGE Scholars of the
University of California,
Irvine. My speaking be-
fore you tonight is indeed
a great honor that came
totally unexpected as a
priceless gift, especially
considering my personal
and peculiar background. I
still vividly remember my
early years in the USA, be-
fore all of your were born,
when I was a controller of a
big hospital in Los Angeles,
when I went to the com-
pany’s Speech Pathologist,
and asked: “Dr. Jones, I
always wanted to improve myself to be able to succeed in this country, how do I get rid
of my accent? And the wise doctor said, Ernie that is very easy to do, JUST GO BACK
HOME TO THE PHILIPPINES!” …. But I never went back home to stay , except a
dozen or more vacation trips to the land of my birth. For you to appreciate more with
what I will share you tonight, with your indulgence, please allow me to briefy tell you
about myself and the million miles journey that I have travelled the last half a century of
my life, up to this conference hall where we are gathered now by your kind invitation.
I was born in a farming village where there was no electricity until I was in the elemen-
tary grades when one of the most visionary presidents of the USA, Pres. John F. Kennedy
For the frst time in history, tour-
ism arrivals from the United Kingdom
104,466 in
2011, 7.78%
higher than the
registered visi-
tors of 96,925
in 2010.
Arrivals from
the United
contributed to
a record-breaking 3.917 million foreign
visitors to the Philippines in 2011.
In the face of the economic downturn
experienced across Europe, the Philippines
Department of Tourism (PDOT) London
tirelessly implements innovative promo-
tional projects
and marketing
campaigns to drive
tourists to the
In 2011, PDOT
London assisted
and organized no
less than three
dozen individual
press and flming trips for TV personali-
ties, journalists and photographers. The
MANILA, Philippines - Former
ambassador Francisco “Paqui”
Ortigas III was arrested yesterday by
the police on a complaint of con-
cubinage fled by Madrigal heiress
Susana Bayot, his wife of 43 years.
Ortigas, 67, was arrested by opera-
tives of the Southern Metro Manila-
Criminal Investigation and Detection
Group (CIDG) armed with a warrant
of arrest issued by Pasig Metropoli-
tan Trial Court Branch 72 Judge Joy
Nerves Casihan-Dumlao.
The former ambassador to Mexico
had just come from a meeting with
his lawyers at the Tektite Towers
at the family-developed Ortigas
business district in Pasig City when
policemen led by Chief Inspector
Bernouly Abalos picked him up.
Abalos said Ortigas and his
lawyers Alfred Molo and Elizabeth
Loriega voluntarily went with them
to work on posting bail of P10,000
for his temporary liberty.
Susana Bayot; “Paqui” (inset)
Worldwide search for Fili-
pino organizations
doing extraordinary
service kicks off this
CITY, CA, February
10, 2012 – “Where there
are Filipinos, there are heroes,
and it’s time to honor them.”
With this campaign line,
frm belief and an internation-
al network of regional teams
in place to make it happen, the
Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Baya-
ning Pilipino Awards is going
global this year, the frst time
since its inception in 1994.
“It is a huge and momentous
initiative to reach out to Filipinos all
over the world and recognize their
“The government should
not force Americans to
act as if pregnancy were
a disease to be avoided
at all costs.” -- Cardinal
Timothy Dolan
Geny Lopez, Jr.
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Legal Buzz
Law Offces of Chua Tinsay & Vega
by Atty. Aurora Vega-Buzon Esq.
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our website at
British Tour-
ists ..
(Continued from page 1)
results speak for itself. TV celebrities like
Carol McGiffn of Loose Women, Camilla
Andersen of Travel Channel and Profes-
sor Brian Cox experienced the numerous
attractions of the country and raved about it
online, on magazines, and on their respec-
tive shows with entire episodes devoted to
the Philippines.
PDOT London also embarked on multi-
platform advertising campaigns to raise
awareness for the destination in the UK:
the most prominent are the 50 London taxi
cabs and four Route-master buses carrying
the Philippines tourism banner. Numer-
ous competitions were also run on TV and
broadsheets like the ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’
aired over Travel Channel, with 300 30-
second spots for a month.
The offce also focused on strengthening
its core activity markets. Diving public-
ity for the Philippines was at an all-time
high with the destination almost a constant
feature on Dive, Diver and Sport Diver
magazines every month. Almost all UK
diving operators that specialise in Asia
report that the Philippines is in their top
fve selling destinations.
Another integral part of PDOT London’s
projects is its internet marketing strategy,
with its social media accounts generating
massive interest. Members of the Tour-
ism Philippines UK Facebook Fan Page
exceeded 7,500 last year and video views
on Youtube totalled 200,000. The highly-
successful website, tourismphilippines. generated 286,120 page views last
year and each month, the e-newsletter
reaches 12,000 consumers, travel trade and
media subscribers.
PDOT London fostered stronger relation-
ships with the travel trade by implementing
more joint-promotional activities in 2011
than in recent years. The offce conducted
staff training for Audley Travel, Black To-
mato, Kenwood Travel, Kuoni and Luxury
Holidays. Further sales calls and meetings
were also held with over two dozen opera-
tors throughout the year at trade events like
the PATAExchange and Taste of PATA.
Many operators were also invited to the
country for special events such as the Phil-
ippine Travel Exchange and Dive Seafari,
resulting in the inclusion of the destination
in their brochures.
Trade and consumer shows proved
very effective for PDOT London with the
country garnering massive exposure. The
Philippines is usually nominated as the des-
tination of choice by attendees at various
events like the London Dive Show, Dive
Birmingham, Destinations Holiday and
Travel Show and the World Travel Market,
to name a few. At these shows, huge quanti-
ties of promotional DVDs, destination
fyers, maps and brochures, all produced by
the offce, are distributed.
This sustained drive of PDOT London
to implement the most effective marketing
program, especially with the new tourism
brand campaign --- “It’s More Fun in the
Philippines,” will hopefully see tourism
arrivals in 2012 even higher.
By: Aurora Vega-Buzon
Twenty years ago, Abel who was
20 years old, entered the United
States using his cousin’s passport
which has a United States visa. They
looked alike and were the same age.
He overstayed his tourist stay but
went home after one year. Ten years
later, Abel re-entered the United
States on a student visa, now using
his real name. He later married his
classmate, a United States citizen.
They submitted a spouse petition
and Abel’s adjustment application
for permanent residence. During the
interview, and thinking that it hap-
pened so long ago, Abel disclosed
having entered the United States
using his cousin’s passport and
Five years ago, Marcela entered
the United States on a valid one
year tourist visa and was given three
months of authorized stay. It was
before Thanksgiving at the start of
the holiday season, and her aunt told
her she can get her a part-time job at
the big discount store in New York
where she (aunt) worked. Marcela
flled out an application form and
upon her aunt’s direction put “U.S.”
in the box asking for her citizenship.
After the holidays, the store decided
to hire Marcela permanently and was
again asked to fll up some forms
– this time, the immigration form
I-9. Marcela also started dating a
handsome co-worker and within the
year, they got married. The spouse
petition fled by her husband was
approved, but Marcela’s adjustment
application was denied. USCIS
investigation revealed that in the I-9
(the second form Marcela flled-up),
Marcela checked the box for “U.S.
Citizen or National.”
Abel’s misrepresentation twenty
years ago constituted visa fraud.
Marcela’s misrepresentation is more
serious – a false claim to United
States citizenship.
Visa Fraud. A United States visa is
a document, obtained at any United
States embassy or consulate, grant-
ing a non-U.S. traveler permission to
apply for admission into the United
States at a port of entry. A United
States visa authorizes the border of-
fcial to grant the alien holder entry
into the United States, but does
not guarantee entry into the United
An alien who, by fraud or will-
fully misrepresenting a material
fact, seeks to procure or has sought
to procure of has procured a visa,
other documentation or entry into
the U.S. or other beneft provided
under the Immigration and Nation-
ality Act (INA), is inadmissible.
This “misrepresentation of material
fact” is visa fraud. Other forms or
types of visa fraud include: the sale
or transfer of otherwise legitimate
visas, misrepresentation of reasons
for traveling, or forgery or altera-
tion of a visa. Common visa frauds
are lying in visa applications, or in
answering questions at the port of
entry; using someone’s identity or
name; presenting a false green card
or claiming to be a green card holder
at the port of entry; denying that
one has children and omitting their
names in applications for immigrant
or non-immigrant visas; etc.
A misrepresentation is material if
disclosure of the truth would have
led to an investigation that might
have uncovered facts warranting
denial of a visa. “Material misrep-
resentation” is determined on a case
by case basis, and the issue of mate-
riality relates to the person’s state of
mind. In certain cases, as in Abel’s
case, a waiver of inadmissibility is
available as a relief to cure his visa
fraud committed twenty years ago.
False Claim to United States
Citizenship. Falsely claiming U.S.
citizenship is where a person falsely
represents or has falsely represented
himself/herself to be a United States
citizen to obtain a beneft under the
Immigration Act or any other federal
or state law. Examples of falsely
claiming U.S. citizenship include:
representing to an employer that
one is authorized to work in the
United States by stating that one is
a United States citizen; marking off
an I-9 Employment Form that states
“U.S. Citizen” after 2009 (I-9 forms
prior to August 7, 2009 states “U.S.
Citizen or National and there is case
law holding that checking this box is
not necessarily a false claim to U.S.
citizenship); and replying “U.S.”
Visa Fraud and False Claim to
United States Citizenship
to a question regarding citizenship
or country – to a policeman, or im-
migration offcer at the border.
A false claim to United States
citizenship is a ground for inad-
missibility, and is a permanent bar
to admission to the United States,
under present laws. This means that
an alien found to have made a false
claim to United States citizenship
is forever barred from immigrating
to the United States. What’s more
– it is also a ground for deport-
ability. Unlike visa frauds, there
is NO waiver available for false
claims to citizenship. Alien appli-
cants, as well as green card holders/
permanent residents, should be
very careful in their representations
about their citizenship in any forms,
including private employment ap-
Atty. Aurora Vega-Buzon is a
partner in Chua Tinsay & Vega,
A Professional Legal Corporation
(CTV) - a full service law frm with
offces in San Francisco, San Diego
and Philippines. The information
presented in this article is for general
information only and is not, nor in-
tended to be, formal legal advice nor
the formation of an attorney-client
relationship. Call or e-mail CTV for
an in-person or phone consultation
to discuss your particular situation
and/or how their services may be
retained at (415) 495-8088; (619)
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Page 4 February 17-23, 2012 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
Posted by Say No to Greed, Face-
book on 2/11/2012
Chief Justice Renato Corona wants
to project the image that he is a
loving husband to his wife, Cristina.
The fact is, the Chief Justice has not
only betrayed the public trust but
most importantly, has betrayed his
marital vow.
If the Chief Justice is man enough,
He should admit the fact that he has
a long-standing romantic relation-
ship with a gentle lady named EVA
with whom the Chief Justice has
two (2) illegitimate sons. EVA also
hails from Batangas and had her
education from Assumption Col-
lege just like his wife Cristina who
also graduated earlier from the same
For Chief Justice Renato C. Co-
rona not to mention his children with
EVA as if they do not exist at all, is
the highest form of ignominy and
immorality that he can commit not
only against his legitimate wife and
family but against his oath as the
highest magistrate of the land.
An inquiry into his relationship
with EVA and his illegitimate chil-
dren in connection with the on-going
impeachment trial becomes ex-
tremely necessary in the light of the
properties given by the Chief Justice
to them. EVA, who has previously
undergone a heart bypass operation,
is known not to have worked from
the time she had this romantic liai-
son with the Chief Justice nor does
she have any known business of her
own and yet, EVA is luxuriously
living in the United States, together
with her two (2) illegitimate children
with the good Chief Justice.

The SALN of CJ Corona does not
indicate any such properties.
And the reason for the frequent
trips of CJ Corona to the United
States, the latest of which was late
last year, was to visit EVA and his
children with her. That CJ Corona
could afford to support the kind of
luxurious lifestyle of EVA and her
children in the U.S. is certainly for
the Chief Justice to explain consider-
ing his small salary.
A simple investigation on the iden-
tity and circumstances of EVA can
easily be done by a simple inquisi-
tion in Batangas as well as from the
classmates, relatives and friends of
EVA and of CJ Corona.
I know these facts because EVA
is a relative of mine and it pains me
immensely to see the Chief Justice
professing his love for Cristina on
nationwide television when he has
confessed to my relative that he
loves her far more than his wife. In
fact, the Chief Justice made EVA
believe that he was already separated
from his wife Cristina. This probably
explains why for the longest time,
the Chief Justice has not reported
in his SALN the fact of Cristina's
working in government and the
fact that Cristina has not signed the
SALNs as his wife.
Betrayal of public trust? This is
a small matter than what the Chief
Justice has done to his wife and
family which constitutes the highest
form of immoral act - BETRAYAL
Real name of CJ Corona's girl-
friend - Eva Auria; She hails from
Rosario, Batangas; She graduated
from Assumption College (not from
Maryknoll College) She has two (2)
sons with CJ Corona who are now
in their teens; She is residing now in
the United States. CJ Corona's wife,
Cristina, knows about the elicit re-
lationship of her husband with Eva.
To know more about the details on
Eva, a simple investigation of Eva's
background in Rosario Batangas and
Assumption College would elicit
the necessary informations. Eva
has plenty of properties in the US.
They keep secret the exact address.
The bagman of CJ Corona (who
facilitates the transfer of funds from
Corona to Eva is "Abet" who is a
relative by affnity of Eva, being
married to a stepsister of Eva. (The
wife of Abet has the same mother
as Eva but different Fathers). The
biggest delivery to Eva involves the
bribe money given by the Aguirres
of Banco Filipino.
If the bank accounts of CJ Corona
and his wife are opened, it will not
be a surprise to see a running bal-
ance of not less than P200M. The
bribe from the owner of the previ-
ously closed alone was a whopping
P200M. And most money went to
Eva through the Assistance of Abet.
The sons of Corona carry the name
of the mother. But CJ Corona has
openly recognized Ate Eva's sons
as his. A simple search at the NSO
using "Renato C. Corona" would
readily reveal this. For a time, when
Eva was still in the Philippines,
Renato and Eva lived as husband
and wife. In fact, all our relatives in
Rosario, Batangas and in the United
States, knew the long-standing
relationship. We all thought that
Renato was already separated from
Cristina. Some of Renato's relatives
in Tanuan, Batangas where he hailed
from, know about this relation-
ship. Some friends of Renato have
seen the 2 sons and have been their
ninongs. All our relatives thought
really that Renato will never deny
his relationship with Ate Eva. Sana
hindi nya gagawin iyon kasi kawawa
sya at ang mga bata.

By: PedestrianObserverGB
Betrayal Of Public, Este, Marital Trust
Read Sim Silverio’s previous articles by visiting our website
by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor
Asian Journal San Diego
The Original and First Asian Jour-
nal in America
Chapter 21
There was a small item in the
newspaper that caught the attention
of President Lino Majeras. It was
about a government–owned corpora-
tion that was generous in providing
housing for its employees. It was
clearly a press release from the cor-
poration, boasting of its generosity
in taking care of its people.
The item intrigued President Ma-
jeras. He remembered that just a few
days ago, a report passed his desk
about the huge losses being incurred
by the said corporation. How come it
had a liberal housing program for its
workers? Majeras became curious.
He asked his executive secretary to
give him back the report to study
it further. Together with his staff,
they perused over it. They found out
that reason for the huge losses was
the fact it had been generous to its
employees. Moreover, the frm had
a lot of other frivolous expenses.
For instance, the employees and
the board of directors could avail
of housing, car and other loans that
were so cheap they were way below
the prevailing interest rates offered
by the banks. All the members of the
board as well as department heads
had cars provided for them by the
company for free, with gasoline
expenses way above the normal use
also paid for by the frm. The repre-
sentation expenses were so liberal
that practically all the lunches and
dinners of the offcials were subsi-
dized by the corporation under the
guise of “promotional expenses to
generate business for the company”.
Even trips abroad by the offcials
and employees were way beyond
the normal standards. The excuses
for such trips were purportedly to
conduct study tours on how to im-
prove the operation of the company.
And the bonuses! They were so huge
they were practically double, if not
triple the salaries of the offcials and
employees which were already way
above those of the private frms.
Clearly, the offcials and employees
were feecing the corporations’ f-
nances dry. In due time, the corpo-
ration would go bankrupt, with its
blood sucked away by the people
working in and running it.
President Lino Majeras and his
staff went one step farther and
studied the operations of the other
government-owned frms. They were
shocked to discover the same corrupt
policies being practiced there. It was
as if somebody opened wide the
government’s fnancial vaults and
threw away the keys. Everyone was
helping themselves with the govern-
ment money at the expense of the
public who owned them.
At frst he thought only the elec-
tive offcials were corrupt: the
senators, congressmen, governors,
mayors and councilors. They were
the ones who were approving the
budgets for themselves and others,
and they were susceptible to bribery
and overpricing of government
fnanced projects. Even the projects
fnanced not by the government but
also by other entities like the foun-
dations and foreign countries were
also overpriced, with the excess
funds going to the pockets of the ap-
proving parties despite the stringent
fscal procedures imposed by the
donors and fnanciers.
It was even reported to him that
the corruption had gone down to the
level of the barangays, the lowest
branch of government in the country.
The barangay concept was the
brainchild of a detective in the met-
ropolitan city, Pablo Fernando, who
picked up the idea during a study
tour in Australia. He proposed divid-
ing the city into districts, with a ba-
rangay chairman and his kagawads
(councilmen) ruling over the do-
main, enforcing the implementation
of the city ordinances and serving
as liaisons to the city government.
At frst the offcials were appointed
and given small allowances during
Christmas time. Eventually they
were elected and given salaries. The
elections of barangay offcials had
become hotly-contested just like
the elections of the offcials in the
higher echelons of the government.
This was because there were a lot
of moneys to be made. Unknown to
the public, there was always a tacit
agreement with the mayor for the
offcials to get a percentage of the
public projects being done in their
district, in the same manner that
the practice was being done in the
municipal, provincial and national
“Bale wala ang suweldo namin
(Our salary is nothing),” one ba-
rangay offcial boasted. “We get so
much from our ‘cuts’ in the projects
that it is worth spending thousands,
if not millions, of pesos for our elec-
tion campaigns.”
Because of the discovery, Presi-
dent Majeras ordered the elimination
of the corrupt practices. He had the
law books reviewed and checked if
there were any existing laws being
violated. He found the laws wanting,
and proposed new laws that would
curb the loopholes for his allies in
Congress and the Senate to pass.
The effects on the operations of
the government frms and the agen-
cies directly under the offce of the
president were drastic. The entities
were forced to operate within their
means. If they consistently incurred
losses, they were required to cut
down on expenses, like for instance
eliminating several positions. Huge
bonuses were banned, representation
expenses were scrutinized. The off-
cials, especially the appointed ones,
found serving in the board un-lucra-
tive. They quit and looked for other
endeavors to enrich themselves.
They found nothing and eventually
had to work honestly to survive.
The true public servants, those with
integrity eventually took over the
realms of the corporations and other
agencies. The corporations also
became proftable and started truly
serving the public, the very purpose
they were organized for. AJ
Editor’s note: As you may have
noticed, my articles had not been
published for the past several
weeks. This was because I went
to the Philippines to cover some
events, conduct interviews and do
researches as part of my duties as
editor and publisher of this paper. I
will try my best to write and publish
the continuation of this series in the
following weeks. - SGS
(To read the previous and weekly
installments of this series, visit Once
there, click the “Editorials” head-
ing, then click “Fantasy Land by
Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.” title to see
the list of all previous chapters of the
series. Click the title of the chapter
you want to read and the article will
A Can of Worms
Fantasy Land, Chapter 21
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Pinoy po tayo! We repair while you wait!
CHULA VISTA -- Southwestern
College’s Acting Chief of Police
Robert Sanchez has formalized
an agreement with the A Child Is
Missing alert program to assist local
search efforts for missing children,
elderly, college students, and other
persons who may be mentally or
physically challenged or disabled.
Upon receipt of a missing person
call, Southwestern Police procedure
will now involve calling A Child Is
Missing, which will use its database
and mapping system to contact
nearby registered users within
minutes with a message detailing the
missing person’s description and last
known whereabouts. The message
will also include a Southwestern
College Police Department phone
number to be called by anyone who
has information regarding the loca-
tion of the missing person.
Phone numbers that are called by
this program include listed numbers
available to A Child Is Missing in
the selected area. To enter your
cell phone, unlisted, broadband/
voice over IP or TDD/TYY device
number, please visit www.swccd.
edu/police and click on the “Sign Up
for A Child Is Missing Alert” link
or This
information will only be used for
emergency message alerts.
A Child Is Missing is a nationwide
non-proft organization that helps
law enforcement agencies locate
missing children, missing elderly,
college students and missing persons
who are mentally or physically chal-
lenged or disabled.
College Police
Connect with “A
Child Is Missing”
Alert Program
How can a community success-
fully address the issues that affect
youth and create structures for safe-
ty, opportunity, and deeper connec-
tion between generations and among
cultural groups? The answer lies
in listening to the collective voice
of the next generation and building
partnerships that provide accessible
and relevant solutions.
“Silence is Worse than Violence:
A Youth Town Hall Meeting” opens
an important conversation in south-
eastern San Diego between young
people, adults, community leaders
and service providers on Friday,
March 2, at 6 p.m. at the Joe & Vi
Jacobs Center, 404 Euclid Avenue.
The need for this community
conversation was sparked by several
recent incidents in southeastern San
Diego involving young people from
various cultural, ethnic, and neigh-
borhood groups.
“The teenagers of this community
want to feel safe. They want to know
their role in building the future, and
to understand and create oppor-
tunities for positive change,” said
Sherehe Hollins, program manager
for Civic & Cultural Engagement
at the Jacobs Center for Neighbor-
hood Innovation. “So, a group of
young leaders decided to come
together across cultural groups to
voice their concerns about the grow-
ing atmosphere of hostility, and to
address these issues in a way that is
not problem-based, but solutions-
The town hall will lay the founda-
tion for a plan that actively engages
youth in leadership development and
civic and cultural participation to
address needs and take ownership of
the solutions.
A panel of multicultural residents
between the ages of 14-19 will
discuss some of the most pressing
issues and challenges they face in
Southeastern San Diego and share
possible solutions for overcom-
ing these challenges. The goal is to
foster specifc outcomes that require
involvement, commitment, and
shared resources between those in
Hollins said, “Students in
our community have fve key areas
of concern: education, employment,
safety, health, and recreation. Our
hope is that this town hall launches
a network that connects teens to
resources and creates understanding
between groups to prevent future
The meeting will also feature a
presentation by Kevin Powell, a na-
tionally recognized activist, writer,
speaker, and entrepreneur who
understands the issues of growing
up in an under-invested community
from his own childhood. Powell has
focused his work on the importance
of fostering youth voice, leadership
and organizing, as well as providing
solutions for strengthening commu-
nities by meaningfully engaging the
next generation.
The town hall is open to all
southeastern San Diego adults and
youth, youth-serving agencies,
community organizations, political
leaders, business leaders, and educa-
tors. It is being co-sponsored by
the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood
Innovation, San Diego City Council
President Anthony Young, the Jackie
Robinson Family YMCA, the Boys
& Girls Club of Greater San Diego,
the Elementary Institute of Science,
and CHOICES Inc.
The Jacobs Center for Neighbor-
hood Innovation has been working
in the southeastern San Diego neigh-
borhoods since 1997 to support resi-
dents in owning and driving change
in their community. A major focus
of their work has been cultivating
the collective voice of the com-
munity across generations, cultural
groups, and neighborhoods.
To learn more about the town
hall, contact Sherehe Hollins at the
Jacobs Center for Neighborhood In-
novation, 619-527-6161, ext. 262.
March 2 Town Hall Harnesses
the Collective Voice of Youth
to Address Current Issues and
Create Community Change
The newly launched San Diego Zoo
Global Wildlife Conservancy has a new
tool in its effort to highlight the cause
of saving endangered species: a short
video that can service as a public service
announcement. The video (
yjA6Bq), created by Selim Mete, was se-
lected from an online process that invited
video producers from around the world to
create a segment that inspires conserva-
tion. The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Con-
servancy partnered with Poptent, a global
video production company that produces
crowdsourced videos through a social net-
work of more than 40,000 videographers
in over 140 countries, to develop the video.
The selected video highlights the important
relationship between children and wildlife.
“The concept of wildlife conservation
is a complex one,” said Debra Erickson,
San Diego Zoo Global’s director of com-
munications. “The video submitted by
Mr. Mete delivered a strong, emotional
message concisely in a short video, perfect
for a public service announcement.”
The video selected was one of over
70 submitted online through Poptent. It
is hoped that broadcasting this video will
help raise the profle of Wildlife Conser-
vancy efforts to bring endangered species
back from the brink of extinction.
“The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife
Conservancy has an important global mis-
sion, and we are very pleased that Poptent
was able to facilitate development of a
compelling video segment refecting the
importance of conservation,” said Neil
Perry, Poptent president.
The winning video depicts a child
playing with his toy animals. The animals
begin to disappear, one by one, from his
play set. This upsets him, but his tears turn
to joy when the animals are reintroduced.
Through this depiction, the video addresses
the concern of which species will be left
for future generations.
“It is a privilege not only to work with
the Wildlife Conservancy but to really get
something out there that conveys the im-
portance of preserving wildlife for future
generations,” said Selim Mete. “While I
was super excited to get word that the spot
was selected, this goes beyond traditional
video work toward building awareness in
the bigger picture of the need for preserva-
More information about the San Diego
Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy can be
found on its website, www.sandiegozoo- In addition to information
about the Conservancy’s wildlife conserva-
tion work, the website features a live web
camera in a California condor nest. The
dynamic content available online at www. gives visitors to the
site access to content used by conserva-
tion researchers to better understand the
wildlife they study, including a comical
time-lapse video of a family of nine bur-
San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy Selects Public Ser-
vice Announcement to Highlight Emotion of Saving Species
rowing owls - seven chicks and the parents
- busying themselves at the opening to
their burrow.
About Poptent:
Poptent ( is
a crowdsourced video production company
for Fortune 500 brands and agencies, pro-
ducing commercials and other video assets
through a powerful social network of more
than 40,000 videographers in over 140
countries. Poptent’s marketing and social
networking professionals work with clients
to develop high quality commercials and
other video assets at a fraction of the cost
of traditional methods for both online and
offine use. Brands who “Poptent” their
videos get the beneft of reviewing numer-
ous video executions, then choosing the
perfect videos for their needs. Poptent cre-
ators beneft through the industry network-
ing and other resources available to them
at Poptent, and by having their work seen,
reviewed and potentially purchased by
leading brands and ad agencies. Founded
in 2007, Poptent’s principal offces are in
Southern California and suburban Phila-
delphia, with regional sales offces in New
York, Chicago, and other key US markets.
The company also opened an offce in Sao
Paulo, Brazil in mid-2011.
The San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife
Conservancy is dedicated to bringing
endangered species back from the brink of
extinction. The work of the Conservancy
includes onsite wildlife conservation ef-
forts at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo
Safari Park, San Diego Zoo Institute for
Conservation Research, and international
feld programs in more than 35 coun-
tries. In addition, San Diego Zoo Global
manages the Anne and Kenneth Griffn
Reptile Conservation Center, the Frozen
ZooTM and Native Seed Gene Bank, the
Keauhou and Maui Hawaii Endangered
Bird Conservation Centers, San Clemente
Loggerhead Shrike Breeding Facility, Co-
cha Cashu Biological Research Station, the
Desert Tortoise Conservation Center, and
a 900-acre biodiversity reserve adjacent
to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The
important conservation and science work
of these entities is supported in part by The
Foundation of the Zoological Society of
San Diego.
County Public Auction Set
for February 18

WHAT: Several autos, televisions,
laptops, furniture and many more
items will be up for bid during an
auction hosted by the County of San
Diego Health and Human Services
Agency, Public Administrator/Public
Guardian (PA/PG).
Media is invited to preview auc-
tion items during the week before
the auction. Photos of items for sale
are available on the PA/PG website
at Please call the
number above to make arrange-
WHEN: Saturday, February 18,
2011, 8:00 a.m.—Viewing of items
Autos, Televisions,
Laptops And More
Up For Bid
Construction to Begin Febru-
ary 5, Lane Opening February
SAN DIEGO — U.S. Customs and
Border Protection offcials will open a
pilot pedestrian Ready Lane at the Otay
Mesa port of entry on February 23.
Similar to the existing vehicle Ready
Lanes, any traveler with an approved
document that has Radio Frequency
Identifcation (RFID) technology can
use the lane for a faster border cross-
The pedestrian Ready Lane will oper-
ate from 4 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday
through Friday and from 8 a.m. until 10
p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Docu-
ments that may be used in the Ready
Lane are: the U.S. passport card, Trust-
ed Traveler cards (SENTRI/ FAST/
Global Entry) and the newer versions
of the legal permanent resident and
laser visa/border crossing cards issued
after 2008. All travelers over 16 years
of age must possess an RFID-enabled
card to use the lane.
“This pilot will allow us to test the
best ways to leverage existing technol-
ogy to shorten processing times for
travelers crossing the border on foot,”
said Chris Maston, director of Field
Operations in San Diego. “At CBP,
we are committed to continuing to fnd
ways to make our border safer and
more effcient.”
CBP is installing three new kiosks at
the Otay Mesa border crossing for the
pedestrian Ready Lane. Travelers eli-
gible to use the pedestrian Ready Lane
will approach the facility from the left,
in a separate line from general travelers
with non-Ready Lane documents.
When a traveler approaches the kiosk
they will scan their document, allowing
it to be read electronically before they
approach the inspection booth. This
allows the CBP offcer to receive the
traveler’s information in advance,
allowing for faster processing while
enhancing overall security.
Pilot Pedestrian Ready Lane Coming to Otay Mesa
CBP offcers need real-time access to
a traveler’s information to make a rapid
and thorough admissibility decision.
By receiving the information in ad-
vance after the traveler scans their own
document at the kiosk, the CBP offcer
can focus on the individual instead,
improving offcer safety and allowing
for faster processing.
A slightly different expedited pedes-
trian processing system using approved
Western Hemisphere Initiative travel
documents is already in place and be-
ing tested in El Paso, Texas at the Paso
del Norte pedestrian crossing. The
results from the pilot in El Paso and the
pilot at Otay Mesa will help CBP deter-
mine if the systems merit widespread
and national usage.
Vehicle Ready Lanes have proven
effective at improving throughput by
20-25 percent which translates into
shorter overall crossing times, beneft-
ing travelers.
(Continued on page 17)
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by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
by Dr. Ofelia Dirige
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan
Community Services.
Contemporary Asian
American Issues
FedEx Express, the world’s largest
express transportation company and
the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP)
Foundation/Safe Kids Vietnam
recently organized a ‘PHOTO-
VOICE’ photography exhibition to
promote pedestrian safety from the
point of view of children. More than
100 photos taken by eight students
at Nguyen Minh Quang Primary
School were chosen to be showcased
in the exhibit.
PHOTOVOICE uses photogra-
phy as a medium to promote social
change and improve quality of life in
the community. It has been success-
fully implemented as part of the Safe
Kids program in seven major world
cities: Sao Paolo, Brazil; Toronto,
Canada; Shanghai, China; Mumbai,
India; Seoul, South Korea; and Ma-
nila, Philippines.
In Vietnam, the PHOTOVOICE
project was launched in Octo-
ber 2010 at Nguyen Minh Quang
Primary School, District 9, Ho Chi
Minh City. A group of 16 students
from Grade 4 and Grade 5 were
selected to participate in photogra-
phy training and pedestrian safety
education. After completing two
training courses, eight students
were invited to join a research feld
trip and take pictures. Each student
submitted at least 10
photos for display in
the exhibition with
summaries regarding
what type of improve-
ments are necessary to
ensure a safer commu-
nity for children and
pedestrians. During
the exhibition, FedEx
and AIP Foundation
representatives also gave prizes for
the “Three Best Traffc Safety Pho-
tos” and “Three Best Traffc Safety
Photos Comments.”

A child’s point of view
“FedEx is pleased to be supporting
the PHOTOVOICE project as part of
the Walk This Way program. It is an
opportunity for children to express
themselves and communicate their
opinions about the environment
using photography and words,”
said Mr. Nguyen Duy Binh, Senior
Country Manager Indochina, Chief
Representative of FedEx Vietnam.
“Each picture gives a child’s point
of view on the issue of traffc and
pedestrian safety. Together with the
Traffc Safety Park located in Dong
Nai and the E-learning program for
schools of which FedEx is also a
proud sponsor, we believe that this
PHOTOVOICE exhibition will do
much to educate primary school
students and the community about
pedestrian safety,” added Mr, Binh.
“We are delighted that AIP Foun-
dation/Safe Kids Vietnam and FedEx
have launched PHOTOVOICE in
Vietnam where there is such a strong
need for traffc and pedestrian safety
education. We believe this project
will help to educate children about
pedestrian and road traffc safety”,
said Mirjam Sidik, Executive Direc-
tor of the AIP Foundation/Safe Kids
Vietnam. “Looking at the results of
the PHOTOVOICE project in seven
other countries, I am confdent that
this program will be a great success
in implementing change and starting
dialogue on global road safety.”
About Safe Kids Walk This Way
The Walk This Way program was
created by Safe Kids Worldwide and
FedEx in the United States in 1999.
The program has worked with more
than a million students and thou-
sands of schools in Brazil, Canada,
China, India, Korea, Philippines and
the United States. Walk This Way is
a multifaceted program that includes
education, safety task forces that
make environmental improve-
ments to areas where children walk,
research and law enforcement --all
working to promote child pedestrian
FedEx, the exclusive corporate
sponsor of the Safe Kids Walk
This Way program, provides safety
expertise and assists in the collec-
tion of research data to document the
problems faced by child pedestrians.
With FedEx fnancial assistance,
Safe Kids Worldwide also helps fund
pedestrian safety task forces in high-
risk areas. FedEx volunteers conduct
classroom education, escort children
to and from school on International
Walk to School Day and serve on
school-based pedestrian safety com-
mittees. Every year, more than 2,000
FedEx volunteers in 200 communi-
ties around the world work with Safe
Kids to keep children safe. For more
information visit: www.usa.
Safe Kids Worldwide and the Asia
Injury Prevention Foundation
Safe Kids Worldwide is a global
network of organizations whose mis-
sion is to prevent accidental child-
hood injury, a leading killer of chil-
dren fourteen and under. More than
450 coalitions
in nineteen
bring to-
gether health
and safety
ments and volunteers to educate and
protect families. The organization is
dedicated to the prevention of unin-
tentional injuries such as road traffc
injuries, falls, burns, drowning and
The Asia Injury Prevention
Foundation (AIP Foundation) is a
nonproft organization dedicated to
combating the epidemic levels of
road traffc crash fatalities in the
developing world. Its milestone
achievements in Vietnam have led
to regional expansion in Cambo-
dia and Thailand. AIP Foundation
owns and operates Protec Helmets,
the world’s frst ‘helmet business
for social progress,’ a commercial
operation wherein all profts are put
back into AIP Foundation’s commu-
nity programs. The helmet operation
designs and produces high quality,
affordable ‘tropical’ helmets, also
used in its signature Helmets for
Kids program.
The PHOTOVOICE method has
been successfully adopted as a tool
for community needs assessment,
research and advocacy. It is a meth-
odology which uses photography to
reveal everyday social and political
realities that infuence people’s lives.
It aims to reach, inform, and orga-
nize community members, enabling
them to prioritize their concerns and
discuss problems and solutions, and
to promote policy changes focused
on social well-being.
Reference: www.PHOTOVOICE.
FedEx and Safe Kids Vietnam
Promoting Pedestrian Safety
ilipino Americans take
pride in good-tasting food,
yet many continue to pre-
pare the dishes in the traditional
methods that are very high in fat,
cholesterol, salt and sugar.
Kalusugan Community Services be-
lieves in “holistic eating” or consum-
ing, shopping, cooking and dining
on healthy food at home and in the
outside environment. Just as “holistic
care” is defned as comprehensive or
total care that considers the whole
person (mind, body and spirit) or
considers the physical, mental, social,
fnancial, and spiritual needs of a per-
son, so KCS also promotes holistic
Healthy eating starts with healthy
shopping and then healthy cook-
ing. This article will concentrate on
healthy cooking as part of healthy
eating. In KCS’s revised book,
HEALTHY RECIPES”, the authors,
Dr. Dirige, Oades, Cudal and Clau-
dio, featured 100 modifed Filipino
recipes from Filipino-American
(FilAm) chefs, FilAm
restaurant owners, Healthy Eating
Campaign Advocates, and dietitians
from the FilAm Dietetic Association.
These recipes were modifed in fat,
cholesterol, salt and sugar.
Modifying Filipino dishes to obtain
the authentic taste takes practice
and some effort. But after you have
done it, the steps becomes easier and
easier. An example is the “Chicken
Adobo” recipe that was modifed by
Amy Domingo, NUTRI-FIT Coordi-
nator that is found in the book.
According to Claudio, Joves and
Ruiz, adobo, which is the national
dish of the Philippines and the best
known Filipino dish, is a product of
Spanish infuence. In Spanish cuisine,
adobo refers to a pickling sauce
made with olive oil, vinegar, garlic,
thyme, bay leaf, oregano, paprika and
salt. Filipinos selected their favorite
favors—vinegar, garlic and bay leaf
along with peppercorns, and more
recently, soy sauce, and used it for
a stewing sauce for chicken and/or
pork and gave it the Spanish name,
adobo. There are many regional or
individual variations of adobo and
this is just one of them but they all
taste delicious especially when eaten
with rice.

Yield: 4 servings
Serving size: 3 oz chicken, boneless,
1Tbsp olive oil
¼ cup vinegar
2 whole fresh garlic, minced
1 Tbsp black ground pepper
2 whole onions, chopped
1Tbsp bay leaves
1 lb chicken breast or thigh, no
skin, cut into pieces
1 tsp paprika
2 Tbsps light soy sauce
1-2 red tomatoes
for garnish

• Combine olive oil, garlic
and onions in a pan.
• Add chicken; cook until
• Add liquid and dry ingredi-
ents and stir
• Bring to a boil; simmer until
chicken is done.
• Continue to boil the sauce
in the uncovered pan until volume is
To half and the sauce is thick.
• Garnish adobo with fresh
red tomatoes if desired
Nutrition Information:
Calories: 214
Total Fat: 5 g
Diet Exchanges per serving:
Protein: 28 g
Cholesterol: 66 mg 3 meat, lean
Carbohydrates: 12 g
Sodium: 367 mg ½ fat
½ vegetable, non-starchy
As seen from the nutrient
analysis, it is low in calories, fat,
cholesterol and salt. The allowance
for salt each day is 2300 mg so that
367mg is only 16% of total recom-
mendation. It was low in fat and
cholesterol because she used only a
small amount of fat (1 Tbsp) for sau-
téing, used chicken breast and thigh
(not wings) and removed the skin.
Her choice of olive oil was excellent
as it is high in monounsaturated fat.
The low sodium is due to the use of
light soy sauce (green label). She also
increased vegetable intake by adding
red tomatoes as garnish. You may
also add vegetables to some of the
meat or fsh dishes that you cook to
increase your vegetable intake.
The list below shows some alter-
natives that are lower in fat, salt,
cholesterol and sugar that you can
substitute for the ingredients that are
higher in the four items mentioned.
Whole milk
Skim or 1% milk
Cheese, cream cheese, sour cream
Lower fat versions; low fat yogurt
Mayonnaise or salad dressing
Nonfat or light mayonnaise or salad
Butter and margarine
Vegetable oil: canola, olive, soybean,
Regular bouillon or broth
Low fat versions
White rice or white bread
Brown rice or whole wheat bread
Meat (beef or pork)
Lean meat, tofu, beans
Dilute with water or vinegar
Strain and wash under water; squeeze
before use.
Pastries, cakes
Angel Food cake; fruit
Ice Cream
Sherbets and ice milk
SINE contains many ideas on how to
lower fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar
not only during cooking but also to
consider this while shopping at the
supermarket and dining out. The
wisest recommendation is to choose
foods that are lower in the food items
mentioned (fat, salt, cholesterol, and
sugar) and use substitutes such as
sugar sweeteners, egg substitutes,
low fat and low salt foods, and fruits
packed in their own juice instead of
sugar. New information about the
Dietary Guidelines 2010 and the
“Choose My Plate” concept that
replaced the Food Guide Pyramid are
also found in great detail in the book.
Many news discoveries are coming
out every day so we should be alert
to the changes that occur in our food
and the environment in which we
Healthy Cooking Is Part
Of Healthy Eating
The book, “Global Filipino Cui-
sine: Healthy Recipes- A revised and
expanded version of 100 modifed
recipes” will be released on Febru-
ary 28, 2012, Tuesday, from 5:00-
8:00 PM at Villa Manila Restaurant,
500 East 8th St., National City, CA
91950. The authors, chefs, advocates,
and contributors will be there to greet
you and sign the book including their
Donation will be $20 for dinner
that will include the healthy dishes
in the cookbook contributed by Villa
Manila such as Chicken Tinola, Fresh
Lumpia with Sweet Sour Sauce and
Villa Manila Salad. Advocates will
prepare Chicken Lumpia with sweet
sour sauce, Modifed Leche Plan,
and Brown Rice. The book costs ap-
proximately $20. Call KCS at (619)
477-3392 to reserve your ticket.
Amy Domingo, NUTRI-FIT Coordinator
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by Atty. Susan V. Perez
Immigration 911
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*Susan Perez is a licensed attorney both in the State of California and
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both jurisdictions in the areas of Immigration, Family, Appellate, Juvenile
Dependency, Civil, Criminal, Labor, Contracts, Tax, and Business Law. She is
also admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit of the Court of Appeals, and
the District Courts of Southern California and Central District of California.
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IMMIGRATION 911 by Atty.
Susan V. Perez | SAN DIEGO,
2/17/2012 --
Good moral character issues can
be a major obstacle to approval of
a naturalization application. Good
moral character must be established
by the applicant for the entire period
of fve or three years. Before fling
for naturalization, one must ask
himself or herself if he or she has
done something during the required
period that may show lack of good
moral character.
Deliberate or willful failure to pay
child support can constitute lack of
good moral character. “The natural
instinct to provide for and defend
man’s progeny is one of the moral
values that go to make up the dignity
of man.” These are the words of
the United States District Court of
Minnesota, Fifth Division in a 1960
case where a native of Yugoslavia
failed to pay child support for his
dependents living with their mother
in Italy. The applicant was a refugee
from Yugoslavia, while in refugee
camp in Italy in 1948, married an
Italian citizen. They had two chil-
dren together. In February 1952, the
applicant immigrated to the United
States. His wife refused to go with
him and refused to permit him to
take their children with him in the
United States. The applicant found
a good job and became a regular em-
ployee of an ore and steel company.
In 1954, the applicant divorced
his Italian wife and remarried to a
U.S. citizen. In 1957, the applicant
fled for naturalization. During the
naturalization interview, he was
asked if he has fulflled his duty of
supporting his minor children in
Italy. The applicant admitted that
his frst wife had asked for money
for their children, but the applicant
had not sent them money for more
than a year. The immigration of-
fcers asked the applicant: “Do you
intend to pay for the support of your
children in the future until they are
no longer minors?’ The applicant
replied: “No, because my frst wife
says she can support them”. Accord-
ing to the applicant, his frst wife
came from a very good family and
had a very nice home in Italy. The
District Court found that the appli-
cant evaded his solemn obligation to
support and care for his two minor
children. As a husband, the appli-
cant had the right to choose his place
of domicile and to withhold support
from his wife who failed to follow
him, but his wife’s defciency in this
respect affords no justifcation for
his failure to support his two infant
children, whom she retained in Italy.
The District Court said: “The milk
of human kindness fows naturally in
the age-old stream of fatherhood to
his helpless child. The responsibility
of parenthood springs from the Can-
ons of the Everlasting….Petitioner,
as the father of two infant children,
was and is obligated by all appli-
cable law, “natural, human, moral
and divine to protect, support and
care for them.” The District Court
affrmed the government’s denial of
the application for naturalization.
Deliberate or willful refusal to pay
child support can also be a federal
or state crime. In California, a party
subject to a valid court order who,
with knowledge of the order and
ability to comply, fails to comply
with the terms of the order is subject
to a contempt and adjudication and
statutory contempt penalties (Cal.
Civ. Pro sections 1218 and 1219).
A contempt proceeding is criminal
in nature and the possible penalties
include jail sentence. Family law
orders and judgments which include
child support are enforceable by the
court’s contempt power.
The Passport Denial Program,
which is a part of the Federal Offset
Program, was created to help states
enforce delinquent child support
obligations. Under the program,
noncustodial parents certifed by a
state as having arrearages exceeding
$2,500 are submitted by the Federal
Offce of Child Support Enforce-
ment (OCSE) to the Department of
States (DOS), which denies them
U.S. passports upon application
or the use of a passport services.
Noncustodial parents are not auto-
matically removed from the Passport
Denial Program even if the arrear-
ages fall below $2,500.
I’ve been receiving inquiries from
the Philippines on how to enforce a
Deliberate Failure To Pay Child
Support Is A Ground For Deny-
ing Citizenship
foreign child support order against a
U.S. resident. If there is an exist-
ing federal bilateral child support
arrangement between the United
States and the foreign country, the
foreign country should contact the
local child support enforcement
agency in the state where the person
owing child support resides. If the
parent’s whereabouts are unknown,
the foreign central authority can
contact the U.S. Central Authority,
Director, U.S. Central Authority for
International Child Support, Offce
of Child Support Enforcement,
Department of Health and Human
Services. If there is no federal ar-
rangement with the foreign country,
it may be necessary for the individu-
al seeking enforcement to retain the
services of a private attorney in the
United States to attempt to enforce
the foreign judgment in accordance
with the U.S. law.
We welcome your feedback. If you
have any immigration questions,
please feel welcome to email me at or
call 619 819 -8648 to arrange for a
telephone consultation.
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San Diego, CA– Free tax preparation
services are available to lower-income Logan
Heights residents today from 1:00 p.m.
to 7:00 p.m. at the Logan Heights Branch
Library, 567 South 28th Street, San Diego,
During today’s event, taxpayers can pre-
pare and fle their own taxes for free, with the
help of volunteers, using TurboTax® Free-
dom Edition software, which helps people
identify and claim all of the tax credits and
deductions they deserve. This event is part of
a statewide free tax prep tour sponsored by
the Computer & Communications Industry
Association (CCIA) and the Intuit Financial
Freedom Foundation, and is being held with
the support of the San Diego Public Library.
“Providing free tax assistance is a vital
service for our community,” said Branch
Manager Eileen Labrador. “And through a
partnership with the Computer and Commu-
nications Association using Intuit Tax Free-
dom Project’s Free File offering, Turbo Tax
Freedom Edition, the Logan Heights Branch
Library will be able to provide this benefcial
service to many for the third year.”
Taxpayers are eligible to prepare and fle
their taxes for free today if they had an ad-
justed gross income (AGI) of $31,000 or less
in 2011, are eligible for the Earned Income
Tax Credit, or were on active military duty
and earned $57,000 or less AGI. Thanks to
committed employee volunteers from Intuit,
a California-based company and maker of
TurboTax, today’s event is expected to serve
more than 100 people.
“By giving people the tools to prepare their
taxes themselves and fle for free online, we
are helping Logan Heights families become
more fnancially literate, which is a big step
toward better money management,” said
CCIArepresentative Brittany Jibby. “And by
making more working Americans aware of
their eligibility for the EITC, which can be
worth as much as $5,700 based on income
and family size, we can maximize their tax
refunds and put urgently needed cash back in
their pockets.”
The Intuit Financial Freedom Founda-
tion donates TurboTax® Freedom Edition
software through its Tax Freedom Project, as
well as through IRS Free File (www.freefle. and 22 state Free File programs. Tur-
boTax® Freedom Edition software empowers
taxpayers by helping them understand—in
simple language—many of the complexities
of their own taxes and fnances.
By using the available computers to visit
WEb Connector (,
an online benefts calculator that helps deter-
mine eligibility for California public beneft
programs, attendees will be able to identify
other programs that can help improve their
family’s fnances, including: California Alter-
native Rates for Energy, California Lifeline
Program, Low Cost Auto Insurance, and Cal
Fresh. This online resource is hosted by the
Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation and is a
part of former First Lady Maria Shriver’s WE
Connect campaign to connect Californians to
programs and resources that can put money
in their pockets.
Interested taxpayers are encouraged to
call 1-866-577-1231 to learn more about this
event or make an appointment.
About the San Diego Public Library: San
Diego Public Library, which is the larg-
est library system in the region, serves a
population of more than 1.3 million people.
Its mission is to respond to the information
needs of San Diego's diverse communities;
ensure equal access to local, national and
Free Tax Preparation Event
Helps Logan Heights Families
Nonproft Organizations Offer Free Services to Lower-
Income Taxpayers
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City Of Oceanside
MLK Scholarship
Applications Now
Applications for the 2012 City of
Oceanside – Martin Luther King,
Jr. Scholarship Program are now
available at local high schools and
at the Oceanside Public Library.
Any graduating senior who lives in
Oceanside and will attend college
after graduation is eligible to apply,
regardless what high school the
student attends. The scholarship
program has no racial, ethnic, gender
or other arbitrary criteria; residency
in Oceanside is the only requirement
for application.
Students may contact the scholar-
ship coordinator at their high school
for information about the program
and application forms. The deadline
for submission of applications this
year is April 18.
The scholarship program awarded
$27,000 to fourteen students from
fve different high schools in 2011
and has awarded over $500,000
since the frst scholarships were
awarded in 1993. All funds for
the program come from commu-
nity donations; no public monies
are used for the scholarships. The
2012 recipients will be introduced
to donors at the annual Scholarship
Garden Reception on June 1, 2012.
This is the only fundraising event for
the program. Call 760.435.3393 for
more information about the scholar-
ship program.
global resources; anticipate and address the
educational, cultural, business and recre-
ational interests of the public; and develop
and provide welcoming environments. Learn
about other events at the San Diego Public
Library’s Central Library and 35 branches,
fnd links to numerous additional resources,
or search for materials in the Library’s online
About CCIA: The Computer & Commu-
nications Industry Association (CCIA) is an
international nonproft membership organiza-
tion dedicated to innovation and enhancing
society's access to information and communi-
cations. CCIApromotes open markets, open
systems, open networks and full, fair and
open competition in the computer, telecom-
munications and Internet industries.
About the Intuit Financial Freedom Foun-
dation: The Intuit Financial Freedom Foun-
dation directs programs that help to empower
disadvantaged, lower-income individuals,
small businesses, and the nonproft organiza-
tions that serve them. By donating Intuit's
tax preparation, fnancial management and
accounting software and online services, the
Foundation promotes fnancial literacy and
independence, helping people and organiza-
tions master their fnances and bridge the
For many years now, I’ve been attend-
ing parties about this time of the year to
celebrate Valentine’s Day. Most were
typically extravagant with food and
booze, matched with endless chatters
among friends. However, last weekend’s
Valentine’s Day celebration was quite
a surprise to me and one that gave new
meaning to the occasion. I was invited
to a “Dinner for a Cause”, a fund-raising
event organized by Kenneth Vallester, a
young 4th year high school student from
Mountlake Terrace High School.
How It All Started
Kenneth could have spent a night par-
tying with his friends or on a date with a
special girl near to his heart to celebrate
Valentine’s Day. But rather than do what
typical youngsters would have done on
this special occasion, he preferred to
spend hours organizing the “Dinner for a
Cause” event. As early as the frst week
of January, he already had a list of guests
whom he can invite to the $25.00-a-plate
dinner. Considering the number of those
who attended the event, I would say
Kenneth’s efforts did not go to waste.
It all started as a class project where
they were required to come up with a
project that can positively impact a com-
munity. Most of his classmates made
easy choices – one demonstrated how to
make lumpia, (eggroll, a Filipino deli),
another showed the class how to cut hair.
But Kenneth wanted to do something
more meaningful and challenging.
He remembered his trip to the Philip-
pines last year. Again, he did not spend
it the way most tourists would have
done such as frequenting beaches like
Boracay or going out till the wee hours
of the morning drinking with his friends.
These were not Kenneth’s idea of fun,
simply because he does not drink nor
even smoke. Indeed, he is an excellent
model for young teens!
Instead, he spent a lot of time at the
Manila Bible Seminary (MBS), a Bible
College which is closely associated with
the Filipino American Christian Church
(FACC) in Edmonds, Washington
(FACC’s pastor, Jim McElroy, and wife,
Karla, used to be members of the MBS
faculty. FACC is celebrating its 16th
Anniversary on March 18, 2012. For
additional information, log-in at www. During Kenneth’s brief
stay in the Philippines, MBS grew even
closer to his heart. Towards the end of
his trip, he thought how wonderful it
could be to do something good for the
school. And this gave birth to his plan
of organizing a beneft dinner which can
help MBS meet its objectives of bringing
quality Christian education.
The Manila Bible Seminary

At the Valentine’s Day party, I had
the privilege of meeting the president
of the Manila Bible Seminary (MBS),
Jeannie Hoffman, who came to the US
to be a part of the Dinner for a Cause.
I was told MBS is a school dedicated
to the task of training students to know
the foundation of their faith and gain
the skills to share that faith in the local
churches. Currently, it is home to about
120 students, 60 male and 60 female.
The school believes that every Christian
needs to be prepared to serve no matter
what vocation a person might choose.
The school’s curriculum centers on what
a Christian worker needs to know and
should be able to do.
Manila Bible Seminary currently has
a faculty of 26 members since starting
with a faculty of four in 1926. Many of
the MBS students and graduates have
become instrumental in the spread of
the Gospel of Christ throughout the
Philippines and foreign lands including
India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the
United States and the Marianas Islands.
Some are now professors of MBS, while
others hold important positions in vari-
ous Christian organizations.
In his visit, Kenneth saw several areas
of the school that needed improvement
and he saw how FACC has been instru-
mental in developing the MBS commu-
nity. There was some construction going
on to improve the dormitory facilities
which were separate for boys and girls.
Some of the rooms were named after the
FACC members who provided support in
the renovations.
The Graduation Project
Kenneth also saw that most of the
computers being used in the computer
laboratory are outdated and some were
no longer functioning. It inspired him
to fnd ways to improve the computer
laboratory by raising funds to buy new
computers. His parents were very sup-
portive of his project for the school. His
dad even assured him that if he could
not fnd Good Samaritans to donate
computers, Kenneth could donate the
three notebooks they have at home. That
could surely have completed his school’s
graduation requirement.
Upon his return to the United States, it
did not take long for Kenneth to formal-
ize the project for his graduation require-
ment. He immediately decided to launch
an MBS fund drive. He wrote a proposal
for the purchase of some computers and
Dinner For A Cause – Finding Meaning
While Celebrating Valentine’s Day
- Nonstop services to Boston, San
Diego and Helsinki to be inaugu-
rated with 787-8 Dreamliner-
- Targeting network expansion to
give customers more options and
greater convenience-

TOKYO February 15, 2012: Japan
Airlines (JAL) announced today as
part of its Mid-Term Management
Plan for fscal years 2012 to 2016,
that it will launch new nonstop
services from Tokyo (Narita) to San
Diego in December 2012 and to
Helsinki in March 2013, utilizing the
strategic Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
aircraft on both routes, in addition to
the inaugural service between Tokyo
(Narita) and Boston which will com-
mence April 22 this year*.
First to Link San Diego with Asia
JL066/065 will be the frst nonstop
fights linking San Diego with Japan
and Asia, and will be operated with
the 787 Dreamliner ftted with
Executive Class and Economy Class
cabins. JAL will begin serving the
eighth most populous U.S city, also
the city with the largest Asian com-
munity currently without a direct
fight to Asia, with four fights a
week from December 2012 and daily
from March 2013 to/from Narita.
With approximately 1.4 million
residents, San Diego is a thriving
Japan Airlines is First to Link
San Diego to Asia
"San Diego has the largest U.S. passenger market to
Asia, and thanks to Japan Airlines, these passengers
are now linked nonstop to Asia,” -- Thella F. Bowens,
President/CEO of the San Diego County Regional
Airport Authority.
city with an economy made up large-
ly of international trade, tourism and
defense sectors. Furthermore, it is
home to many research centers and
higher educational institutions, and
enjoys a healthy traffc of travel-
ers going through each year, with
substantial demand to/from Asia.
San Diego is situated 200km south
of Los Angeles and adjacent to the
Mexican Border near the city of
Tijuana where several Japanese
companies operate factories. JAL’s
new direct service will eliminate
the need for transit at U.S gateways,
offer customers the superior comfort
of the 787 Dreamliner, and also cut
down more than two hours in travel
The latest addition to JAL’s U.S
network is part of the transpacifc
joint business agreement between
JAL and its oneworld alliance
partner, American Airlines (AA),
which is scheduled to codeshare on
this route. Together with fellow al-
liance partner British Airways, who
offers direct fights between London
and San Diego, JAL’ new route
is expected to further strengthen
oneworld’s position in the market,
enabling it to offer customers in
California’s second largest city even
greater convenience and benefts.
presented this to the FACC Board of
Elders and later on to the congregation.
Kenneth’s proposal was immediately ap-
proved and what followed next was the
reality of his dream to help improve the
MBS computer laboratory.
As of this writing, MBS already has
wireless internet connectivity in the of-
fce. Kenneth donated one Dell Vostro
1500 notebook. After the Valentine’s
“Dinner for a Cause,” he will be buying
at least 3 or more wireless computers.
The Dinner for a Cause
Kenneth’s much awaited event fnally
took place. The social hall was deco-
rated with roses and red heart shaped
balloons. Hundreds of lighted candles
illuminated the room and provided the
romantic atmosphere that completed the
Valentine’s Day celebration.
A short program preceded the sit down
dinner. Pastor Jim McElroy welcomed
the guests and praised Kenneth for a job
well done. Pastor Jim, together with the
church elder, Sendy Jimenez, presented a
symbolic check to Kenneth for $1,500 to
purchase more computers. Kenneth also
received a huge Valentine’s card in rec-
ognition of his contribution to MBS with
the guests signing the card and wishing
him well for his project.
Dinner was served promptly after the
short program. It started with tossed
salad and dinner rolls followed by
the main entrée of baked salmon with
cubed potatoes and blanched asparagus.
Coffee and red chiffon cake completed
the evening’s dinner. Young boys and
girls, Kenneth’s classmates, helped in
serving the dinner. Watching them serve
the guests like professional waiters was
simply awesome.
Dancing followed after the dinner.
Music was provided by Danny Inclan,
Rose Inclan, and Reuel Lubag. Alyssa
Jean and Jorge Alcantara were the eve-
ning’s hosts.
It was an evening well worth the
$25.00 which everyone knew went to
a good cause! To Kenneth, may other
young boys and girls follow your exam-
ple. You just showed us that no matter
how impossible a task may seem, it can
be achieved if done with a joyful heart.
Your unselfsh commitment to help oth-
ers is the best legacy that you can leave
behind for others to follow.
Page 9 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at February 17-23, 2012
Subic Coal Plant
Getting Permits
by Stealth?
by Fr. Shay Cullen, PREDA
Wherever there is a coal-fred power
plant, people get sick and die and the
environment is damaged beyond repair.
Coal is the dirtiest and most toxic form
of power generation.
The people of Zambales, Bataan and
Olongapo City vehemently oppose the
proposed coal plant to be built on scenic
Subic Bay and are asking what dirty
coal deals have been made between
the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
(SBMA) and "The Power Company",
made up of Aboitiz Power Corporation,
RP Energy, and the Taiwan Cogenera-
tion Corporation (TCC) and the higher
Philippine government offcials who
have allowed this to go forward?
The toxic fumes of the electricity-
generating coal plant will cause many
diseases especially among the children
and the elderly. Despite the campaign
of President Aquino for a transparent,
clean nation, environment and good
government, a dirty deal from the past
administration is still going ahead in the
SBMA and will bring shame and hurt to
the President.
The three main provisions of the origi-
nal Memorandum of Understanding set
up under the corrupt Arroyo Administra-
tion have not been honored or imple-
mented by the proponents of the coal
plant. The agreement started out as a
(Continued on page 23)
Quiet Neighbor-
hood in National
City. No smoking.
No drugs.
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Featuring a dazzling cast of Broadway stars and
an all-star New York band, Neil Berg's 102 Years
of Broadway recreates the biggest moments from
the fnest Broadway shows of the century includ-
ing The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables,
Evita, Wonderful Town, Jesus Christ Superstar and
Fiddler on the Roof. The amazing performers will
light up the stage with songs from the hit shows in
which they starred in the Broadway productions.
Neil Berg’s 102 Years of Broadway comes to the
Historic Balboa Theatre on THURSDAY, FEBRU-
ARY23, 2012 at 7:30PM!
Neil Berg has brilliantly revived the arrange-
ments of these Broadway classics as well as
fantastic numbers from Broadway's newest hit
shows, featuring the music of Cole Porter, George
Gershwin, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Leonard
Bernstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and more. This
unforgettable evening of music will keep Broad-
way buffs tapping their toes and humming along
for days after the event.
Composer/Lyricist/Producer Neil Berg is the
creator and co-producer of Neil Berg’s “100 Years
of Broadway” which is now the number one tour-
ing concert in the U.S., playing in over 120 cities
in 2010/2011. He leads an all-star cast including
Chuck Wagner (Les Miserables, Hello Dolly!,)
Lawrence Clayton (Dream Girls, Les Miserables,)
Andrea Rivette (Miss Saigon, Jekyll & Hyde) and
real life couple Sandra Joseph (Phantom of the
Opera) and Ron Bohmer (Phantom of the Opera,
Les Miserables). Joseph, who played Christine on
Broadway longer than any other actress, ultimately
Neil Berg’s 102 Years of Broadway
brings five of Broadway’s finest sing-
ers to the Historic Balboa Theatre
An Evening of
February 22, 2012
Ten-time Grammy Award
winning vocalist BOBBY
McFERRIN in a special
(mostly) a capella perfor-
mance with Special Guest
Jeff Carney
Listening to BOBBY McFERRIN
may be hazardous to your precon-
ceptions. Side effects may include
unparalleled joy, a new perspec-
tive on creativity, rejection of the
predictable, and a sudden, irrevers-
ible urge to lead a more spontaneous
As a vocalist, McFerrin often
switches rapidly between modal and
fasetto registers to create polyphon-
ic effects, performing both the main
melody and the accompanying parts
of songs. He makes use of percus-
sive effects created both with his
mouth and by tapping on his chest
& he is also capable of multiphonic
Enjoy this uniquely talented
performer as he displays his incred-
ible talent on this one-night only
approx. 90 minutes
* No intermission *
Children ages 6 & older are wel-
come to attend this performance.
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unmasked Bohmer, the Phantom, while playing
opposite each other in the Phantom of the Opera.
They fell in love and are now married!
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Thirty years ago, I had a rare op-
portunity of interviewing Senator
Ninoy Aquino in Tokyo while he was
traveling in exile. I was then a news
reporter for Channel 9 when I bumped
into the senator at the shopping arcade
of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. He
invited me for coffee in his suite that
evening where he was having a meet-
ing with Doy Laurel, Lorenzo Tañada
Sr., and Ernie Maceda. I distinctly
remember asking him, “Why do you
want to go back at this time when
you know Secretary Enrile is going to
have you arrested?”
I will never forget his classic Ninoy
answer: “Sila ang pari, sila ang hari.
Tell them they can start cleaning their
guns. I am going home.”
The world — and our country’s
history — has indeed turned around
many times since then. Today, Ni-
noy’s son Noynoy is president, facing
what is perhaps the biggest test of his
administration thus far - the impeach-
ment trial of Chief Justice Renato
Corona, whom he has identifed as a
stumbling block in his fght against
graft and corruption. But for many
Filipinos however, the underlying
issue has gone beyond the removal of
Renato Corona - and has inadvertent-
ly shifted to the separation of powers
between co-equal branches of govern-
ment. The question now foremost in
the minds of people is whether the
Senate, acting as the impeachment
court, has the sole authority to decide
on matters pertaining to the impeach-
ment without interference or interven-
tion from the Supreme Court.
Our 1987 Constitution is almost the
exact replica of the American system,
wherein the House of Representa-
tives has the power to impeach while
the Senate is vested with the power
to conduct the impeachment trial.
That the country is poised towards a
historic moment goes without saying,
but the tedium marking the early
days of the proceedings almost drove
people to lose interest. That is, until
Ilocos Norte Congressman Rudy
Fariñas stood up and debated with the
defense and even the Senate president
on whether the impeachment court is
indeed above the Supreme Court.
It was actually a learning oppor-
tunity for many to hear two brilliant
minds — one a seasoned legislator
and politician, the other a relatively
younger man - debating the fner
points of law, the articles of impeach-
ment, and whether the substance of
the complaint should be based on the
contents of the pleading, not just the
title. No doubt the Ilocano legislator
- who fnished Law from the Ateneo
and was at the top 10 of the 1978 Bar
exams — is emerging as the shining
star of the prosecution team, effec-
tively arguing that any offcial who
violates public trust must be made
accountable, strongly cementing his
argument that for the longest time,
the Supreme Court has been lording
it over (and presumably getting away
with so many things because they
have relatively been shielded from
public scrutiny) when he said: “Sila
lang ang laging hari.”
The arguments of Fariñas — deliv-
ered in the vernacular and in layman’s
terms — certainly resonated among
many Filipinos who feel that no one
should be above the law — not a
single public servant — from the
president down to the lowest govern-
ment clerk. After all, it’s no secret
that even members of the judiciary
are susceptible to corruption, to put it
mildly. In the minds of many — the
issue is simple: if the Chief Justice
has nothing to fear or hide, then
details of his dollar accounts should
be disclosed. This was the same chal-
lenge issued by President Noy, stress-
ing that as a public servant, the Chief
Justice should be able to evoke public
trust — in which case he should
voluntarily disclose details of the
questioned accounts to demonstrate
his innocence.
As it is, the defense has sought
relief from the Supreme Court which
issued a temporary restraining order
to stop the Senate from subpoenaing
foreign bank deposits — triggering
fears of a potential constitutional
crisis should the Supreme Court and
the Senate go head to head over the
issue. Many leaders of the banking
industry argue that the subpoena
could set a dangerous precedent that
violates bank secrecy laws — which
was disputed by experts who pointed
out that an exception to bank secrecy
laws can be made if it involves cases
“Sila ang pari, Sila ang hari”
of impeachment.
Naturally, opinion is divided even
among experts, with constitutionalist
Fr. Joaquin Bernas saying the Senate
and the SC are equal, and that the
latter can intervene if there is abuse of
discretion. There are those however
who are convinced that the impeach-
ment court is imbued with the unique
power to decide on the accountability
and culpability of offcials who are,
so to speak, more equal than oth-
ers because the only way they could
be relieved from offce is through
the process of impeachment - with
the Senate being the only entity that
could conduct the trial. Even in the
United States, the courts refused to
intervene in cases dealing with the
impeachment of judges because the
US Constitution has granted such
power to the legislative branch.
Many Filipinos now more than ever
appreciate the crucial role senators
play in maintaining the balance of
power. In this instance, they have in
fact become the court of last resort.
The days of kings and dictators are
long over. It would be wise for all
public servants to remember that
“a public offce is a public trust,”
and be reminded of “hubris” — the
arrogance of power before a fall.
Recent ousted leaders like Muam-
mar Gaddaf, Saddam Hussein and
Hosni Mubarak found this out the
hard way. No one has a monopoly on
power. There are no more kings; only
kingmakers — and that role belongs
solely to the people.
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The Metamorphosis
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visiting our website at www.asianjournalusa.
by Ernie Delfn
was assassinated in Dallas in
that fateful Friday of Novem-
ber 22nd, 1963. My family
was neither very poor nor
very rich, but we worked very
hard from sunrise to sunset
in our desire to have a better
life. My parents believed as
we did at a very young age
that only good education can
improve the life that we were
born into. I was the frst
person in the whole village
to fnish college by going to
school at night and working
during the day time. Eventu-
ally I became a CPA and my
former professor in Advanced
Accounting recruited me to
work in his accounting and
management frm in Los
Angeles. That was in the mid
1970s, when your parents
were probably in high school
or college too.
Unlike many of you, I worked ex-
tra hard to prove not only to myself
but also to my professor who took
chance of hiring me that he did not
make a mistake of bringing me to
America. And above all, to make
my poor parents proud of me and
for my brothers and sisters to have
a role model.
After a year in California, I
enrolled at the Cal State University-
Los Angeles, which was only about
15 minutes away from my work
at that time, for my MBA. That
helped me signifcantly to be ac-
culturated faster in America which
also contributed greatly to my own
ing others. It is about courageously
casting off fear, doubt and limiting
beliefs and giving people a sense
of hope, optimism and accomplish-
ment. It is about bringing light into
a world of uncertainty and inspiring
others to do the same. This is what
we call passion, the fre within. Pas-
sion is a heartfelt energy that fows
through us, not from us. It flls our
hearts when we allow it to and it
inspires others when we share it. It
is like sunlight fowing through a
doorway that we have just opened.
It was always there. It just needed
to be accepted and embraced. Under
the right conditions, this “fow” ap-
pears effortless, easy and graceful.
It is doing what it is meant to do. It
is reminding us that we are meant
to be purposeful. We are meant to
be positive. We are meant to be pas-
sionate. We feel this when we listen
to and accept our calling in life.
We feel it as inspiration when we
open the door of resistance and let it
in. Inspiration springs forth when
we allow ourselves to be “in-spirit,”
aligned with our true essence. Stop
and think about it: When you feel
truly passionate and inspired about
someone or something, what frame
of mind are you in? What are you
willing to do? What kind of effort
are you willing to put forth? How
fearful are you? Chances are, you
feel motivated to do whatever it
takes, without fear or doubt, to turn
your vision into reality. You grow in
confdence. You believe you can do
it. You are committed from the heart
and soul. (Paraphrase from the writ-
ings of John J. Murphy)

Many leaders have contributed
greatly to make our world a better
place to live like Abraham Lincoln,
Mahatma Gandhi , Mother Teresa or
Nelson Mandela but there are also
some leaders that made the opposite,
like Hitler, Napoleon and Emperor
Hirohito who was implicated in the
bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941
that led to World War II.
There are thousands of books
about leaders and on leadership.
Just google leaders or leadership and
you will read countless of personali-
ties or articles about them. When
you read history, you are standing
on the shoulders of the authors and
can learn much. You will read also
about different kinds of leaders and
styles of leadership. For instance,
when you visit a museum, like the
Museum of Tolerance about the
Holocaust, you will learn about the
destruction of human lives led by a
misguided leader, yet you also will
read that the heroism of other lead-
ers sprung from such tragedies. (I
am just curious, how many of you
have visited that historic museum
in West Los Angeles, just about an
hour from Irvine?)
There are political leaders, aka
politicians, like George Washington,
Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman,
John F. Kennedy of yesteryears.
There are also military leaders, like
Patton, Cromwell or McArthur.
There are also religious leader, like
Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Luther
or the Pope. In every phase of our
lives, you will meet and read about
leaders in business, politics, religion,
education, organizations, or even
in IT or even in entertainment and
music. IT, business or entertain you
fnd leaders.
As a long time student and now a
businessman, I am always reading
the biographies of many men and
women who made a difference in
our world. Lately, although I am not
an IT person, I am fascinated by
the lives of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,
Face book founder, Mark Zuck-
erberg . Irvine is also the seat of
so many visionary leaders, like the
Chairman of the Irvine Company,
Donald Bren, who had the vision of
donating the land where your univer-
sity now stands with one condition
to make it a campus of UCI, a very
wise and strategic investment that
contributed greatly to the success of
the Irvine Company. Our county
is full of many visionary compa-
nies like Disneyland and research
and development corporations like
Allergan, Baxter that make the
economy of our county more vibrant
and diversifed as opposed to Las
Vegas or Detroit.
Millions of young people
in the world can just dream to be
where you are today. You are indeed
very lucky and a winner in so many
ways. But if you are not seriously
taking that as a great advantage to
make a difference in your world,
where you soon become its leaders,
you will not become an effective
leader and may not have a very
meaningful or fulflling career in the
future. So, my challenge to you, is
please do not squander your God’s
blessings as I hope that in the future
you can also share your success in
leading others to a better future.
Your university also has many
leaders. In most of its depart-
ments are successful leaders in
their respective felds, especially
in sciences, research and medicine.
The UCI College of Law that just
started in 2009 and now is gain-
ing a national reputation with
the hiring of its frst dean, Erwin
Chemerinksy (who spoke before
our Rotary Club of Newport Irvine
when he was just arrived in Orange
County) Also, a Rotarian friend of
mine, Dr. Raj Desai, the frst Chief
Hematologist of the UCI Medical
Center many years ago, told us
stories that he witnessed happening
in OC 50 years ago. He has shared
with us that he was one of the frst
Indian nationals who came to the
United States as a full scholar. His
journey started in a huge ship, called
the Queen Mary, that is now docked
as a hotel-conference room in Long
Beach. Dr. Desai is almost 90 years
old now, but still enjoying his life in
a beautiful and expensive house in
Balboa Bay that serves as his “back-
yard”. Those are very fascinating
stories, from which one learns a lot,
without much research and read-
ing. Every factual information or
knowledge that you get from others
will give you some extra-yards- ad-
vantage over your competitors in
the real life.
Even in your own family, you can
fnd your kind of a leader who can
be your role model or inspiration to
become the best you can be. Even at
my age, I still fnd some leaders, my
own role models to become a better
person. Even in my church, there
are great leaders (as there are also
not so good leaders in my diction-
ary) In our Rotary organization, I
am in awe learning what other lead-
ers do in their lives, always thinking
how they can make a difference in
the lives of others. Collectively,
these leaders have somewhat
infuence me also to become a more
effective leader and a better human
You can do that too, my dear
friends… You do not look very far
to fnd somewhat worth emulating
who can provide you some proven
formula to become more successful,
to become a winner in the feld that
you so choose to belong, and in the
process to become a leader in your
own right.
Now, let me briefy describe and
suggest to all of you, some AC-
TION WORD, active verbs for you
to consider as you continue your
education and prepare your own ca-
reer or profession in this great land
of opportunity. I pray that 10, 20 or
30 years from now, you too become
a leader who can provide a good role
models for others to follow.
Last night, I just made up this
acronym: L E A D E R:
DO… LEARN as much as you can
about that feld or endeavor. If you
want to be a doctor, go fnd dozens
of doctors that you can learn from,
nor from rappers or basketball
players or musicians. Be an intern
in a company…. While learning
new things however, be always
open as your frst “love” may just
a stepping stone of another greater
love. For instance, although I was a
licensed CPA, it didn’t give me the
fulfllment that I dreamt for myself,
so I left the accounting industry
and became an entrepreneur and
engaged in marketing which I think
suited my personality more than a
boring accounting job. However,
that background in accounting and
fnance also gave me extra points
ahead from my competitors in the
real estate and mortgage industry for
over 25 years.
LEADER.. Exceed the expectations
of your boss. There is a saying in
business “Under promise and Over
deliver. But don’t just do activi-
ties ONLY for money but also other
things for the greater good in the
community. Give back to your com-
munity, as much as you can along
the way.
Accumulate also personal contacts
along the way… You never know
when you needed them. That’s why
I strongly recommend you to consid-
er to join Rotaract (while in college)
and when you can afford to join,
Rotary International, where you will
know your fellow Rotarians by frst
name basis. (For example: Dr. Arun
Ganhi, the grandson of Mahatma
Gandhi.. (who autographed his book
for us when we went to hear him
speak in Palm Springs last Novem-
ber)… or Bill Gates who gave RI
$255 M dollars for poverty allevia-
tion and malaria and polio eradica-
tion in the world. Rotary Interna-
tional, founded in 1905, is now in
over 200 countries with 535 Rotary
Districts (one is Orange County) and
has over 1.25 million members. As
young adults, you have opportuni-
ties to become full Peace Scholars
or exchange students in one country
for several months or several years.
If you are interested, explore those
possibilities. Again, you can get
those informations in our www. website or contact me.
EVER YOU DO… Discriminate
the kinds of friends you hang with,
the TV shows you watch. There is a
saying that says “Tell me who your
friends are, and I will tell you who
you are!” Also discover and nur-
ture your strengths and follow where
your passion is. Practice your skills.
Even a great basketball player, like
Kobe Bryant, who lives in Orange
Coast, by the way, practices his
craft regularly with discipline.
Do not just become like these
relaxed rubber bands (while throw-
ing them a handful of rubbers to the
audience) that are totally useless
until they are stretched and just
have the right tension to hold some-
thing of value…. Be a DIFFERENT
in a positive manner, from the guys
or girls next door.
Be that leader likened to the goose
in front of a fock of Canadian geese
fying in formation in their seasonal
migration to warmer places.
TIME…. The trait of an eagle will
make you stand out anywhere.. when
you are looking for a job or even in
the community of your peers. At-
tend and listen to as many speakers
who are accomplished and leaders in
their own right. Many of them come
to your university as invited guest
speakers. Several times, I have
come to UCI Bren Hall to listen to
great speakers, like the Dalai Lama
and Sir Richard Branson, founder
of Virgin Airlines and many others.
Listening to others who have done
great accomplishment can inspire
you to become more successful
person too.
R = READ BOOKS and fnd
your own ROLE MODELS….
Watch movies that can only entertain
you but learn much. Gandhi is just
one example.. Now showing in local
theatres is “IRON LADY”, starring
Meryl Streep about the life of Mar-
garet Thatcher. Or some movies
like “The Bucket List”, starring Jack
Nicholson and Morgan Freeman
are good movies that touch on the
fner essence or meaning of life.
Another one is “The Way” starring
Michael Douglas about a doctor’s
journey to fnd the meaning of his
life. The Good Book says that “For
where your treasure is where your
heart will be!” Each one of us has
that hidden “treasure” but it is us,
us alone, who must fnd and discover
it. Once you found it, nurture and
develop it to its fullest potential
Then, treasure it forever for your I
believe a long time ago that there
are only the two most important
factors that determine your success
in life are: GOOD BOOKS that
you read, and the PEOPLE YOU
ASSOCIATE with more frequently.
And these things will not happen
by accident but by critical choices
throughout your life.
become successful in whatever you
do, and without even asking for it,
you will be asked to lead others…
and that is the reward of all your
efforts, perseverance and determi-
nation to become the ‘Salt of the
Earth’ to be a person of substance
that is recognized by your peers for
whatever you really are. Life is
a gift from your God (or Allah, or
whatever name you call him) but
what you do with your life is your
gift to God. So don’t waste it.. make
it worthwhile and useful to enhance
the quality of life of your fellow hu-
man beings.
Last but not the least, I would like
to leave you a challenge or some
kind of self-evaluation quiz dif-
ferentiating the characteristics of
which you can apply not only to
yourself but also on your own
professors or bosses at work or in
any organization that you belong to.
It goes this way: in school

and my all-time favorite…

Email writer: ernie.delfn@gmail.
com or

“Becoming A Leader : The
Heart And Soul Of Leadership”
success in this land of opportunity
where real work and determination
are justly rewarded.
After ten years in Ameri-
ca, I also involved myself in a few
chosen organizations outside work
and church. In the l980s, I was also
very active in the Jaycees, the Junior
Chamber of Commerce or Jaycees,
for short, and our CPA Society. I
eventually joined the Rotary Inter-
national, where I have been very
active the last l5 years. (Ask more
about Rotary from your friends who
are members of the Rotaract Club
of UCI, that I founded about 4 years
ago, when I was the Youth Director
of the Newport Irvine Rotary Club
that still meets at your University
Club every Thursday noon. To
know more about Rotary, go to, or simply contact or
email me anytime.)
With that condensed background,
let me proceed to my assigned topic
Who is a leader? Mr. Webster
defnes a leader as “one who com-
mands or leads or guides others” or
“one who has infuence or power.”

For just a few moments, let me
now invite to close your eyes to
visualize more profoundly this
Light a match in a dark room
and watch as the light instantly
overcomes the darkness. Observe
the power and grace of that single,
solitary fame dancing with life.
Now light several candles or kindle
a fre and experience the added
warmth and comfort extending from
that frst, vulnerable fame through
others. This is the heart and soul of
leadership - the essence of inspir-
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Ngayon (1)
Ngayon ang pakiramdam ko ay puno ng pagkainis
dahil sa malakas ang ulan at panaho'y masungit
subalit dapat lamang pala ako'y magpasalamat
sapagkat damo'y nadidilig ng libre, walang bayad.
Ngayo'y malungkot ako dahil sa ako'y walang pera
at wala akong mapuntahan dahil walang panggasta
subalit aking naiisip mabuti na rin ito
nang ang kaunti kong kabuhayan ay natitipid ko.
Ngayo'y marami akong reklamo sa aking katawan
bakit ba iba ako sa maganda kong kaibigan
subalit naisip ko dapat ako'y magpasalamat
may buhay pa ako ngayon at malakas na malakas.
Ngayon ako ay may tampo sa aking mga magulang
dahil mga gusto ko nuo'y 'di nila naibigay
subalit ang nanaig sa akin ay ang pagmamahal
dahil sa kanila binigyan nila ako ng buhay.
Ngayo'y umiiyak ako dahil sa ako'y natinik
nitong halaman kong rosas na nasa aking paligid
subalit ano kaya ngayon ang aking madarama
kung tinik na lamang at walang bulaklak na kasama.
Spiritual Life
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ing our website at
by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez
Lower Your
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by Virginia H. Ferrer
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About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Filipino Language Teacher at
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child, whom You have created to please You, to adore You, to honor You,
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time Mrs. Young came to her pastor to tell
him, “I’m so scared! Joe says he’s going
to kill me if I continue to come to your
church.” “Yes, yes, my child,” replied the
pastor, more than tired of hearing this over
and over, “I will continue to pray for you,
have faith and the Lord will watch over
you.” “Oh, yes, he has kept me safe thus
far, only …” “Only what, my
child?” “Well, now he says if
I keep coming to your church,
he’s going to KILL YOU!”
“Well, now,” said the pastor,
“perhaps it’s time to check out
that little church on the other
side of town.”
Scriptures: First Reading:
Isaiah 43: 18-19, 21-22, 24-25.
The exile in Babylon by which
Yahweh had punished his
people for their sins, crimes and
offenses was about to end. This
passage from Second Isaiah pre-
pares the Israelites for the new
blessing Yahweh is about to be-
stow upon them: He will forgive
their failures. Second Reading:
2 Corinthians 1: 18-22. False
rumors were being spread about
Paul: he is inconsistent. When
he changed his plan to visit
Corinth, the Christians in that city thought
that he is unreliable. Though as a man, he
might be unstable, yet the doctrine that
he preaches is always consistent. Though
God’s people are unfaithful as had been
explained in the frst reading, yet Paul is
always faithful. This faithfulness of God is
fully realized in his Son, Jesus Christ, who
is always and forever a “yes” to his Father.
Gospel: Mark 2: 1-12. “He is blasphem-
ing.” The scribes’ accusation of Jesus as
blaspheming for forgiving the sins of the
paralytic refects more their doubt about his
identity. “Who but God alone can forgive
sins?” Later on, Mark will point out that
the scribes are the ones guilty of blasphemy
for not having recognized the Holy Spirit
in Jesus. They had said, “He has an unclean
Reflections: Blasphemy is one of the
most serious crimes mentioned in the
Sacred Scriptures. It is considered as an
abusive or irreverent speech about God
because either he is not the kind of Su-
preme Being humans think he is or humans
want to be gods themselves. Blasphemy
is prohibited because humans claim to
Away from God and Community
appropriate to themselves what God alone
possesses: his power. Simply, humans want
to be adored as gods. In other words, this is
idolatry or idol worship. (Please take note
that Catholics do not “worship” statues
and images as they only reserve this kind
of worship to God alone.) The Hadith, a
compilation of Islamic traditions, strictly
prohibits iconic representations of God and
his prophets, such as Jesus and Mohammed
(pbuh), because such practice, according to
Islam, encourages idolatry.
From the 16th century, Persian and
Ottoman arts represented The Prophet Mo-
hammed (pbuh) in miniatures, though his
face was either veiled or merely emanated
radiance. All Muslims manifest a great
love and respect for the Prophet Moham-
med (pbuh). When speaking or writing
about him, his name is always preceded
by the title “The Prophet” and followed
by a phrase, Peace be upon him (pbuh).
The Prophet’s relics, such as his grave, his
sword, and clothing are deeply venerated
by many Muslims, in almost the same way
that Catholics venerate the relics of
their saints.
Freedom of the press is relative.
Together with their intention of
informing the public, while at the
same time resisting attempts to limit
their freedom, the news media must
also observe religious sensitivity.
Religious sensitivity demands respect
for what other faith traditions consider
sacred and venerable even though
they are different from one’s own. For
most Muslims, it is blasphemous and
reprehensible to depict The Prophet
Mohammed (pbuh). However, the way
some Muslim countries react violently
to this lack of religious sensitivity on
the part of some news media in the
past is equally unacceptable. Chapter
3, verse 172 of the Holy Qur’an
states, “Of those who answered the
call of Allah and the messenger, even
after being wounded, those who do
right and refrain from wrong have a great
reward.” Again, Chapter 5, verse 32 says,
“If anyone slew a person – unless it be for
murder or spreading mischief in the land –
it would be as if he slew the whole people.
And if anyone saved a life, it would be as
if he saved the life of the whole person.” I
believe that for all Muslims of good will,
violence violates Allah’s will, because the
Holy Qur’an’s central message is peace,
love and unity among people that Islam
hopes to deliver to all.
In today’s gospel, Jesus shows us
what religious sensitivity is all about. Es-
trangement from the community because of
one’s physical condition is the worst kind
of punishment, coming in second to inabili-
ty to performing religious duties, which can
be inficted on any human being. Adding
insult to injury, the paralytic stayed outside
the synagogue and could not worship God.
Conversely, unable to worship, he could
not also participate in communal events.
Sensitive to the religious and communal
needs of the paralytic, Jesus cured him not
only of his physical deformity, but also of
his spiritual illness: his broken relation-
ship with God. He restored frst the man’s
broken relationship with God by saying,
“Your sins are forgiven.” Then he restored
him back to the community, “Rise, take up
your mat and walk.” These two kinds of
relationship are inseparable: a person can-
not truly say he loves his neighbor without
honestly loving God and confess sincerely
he loves God without affectionately loving
his neighbor.
Afoolish man heard that Buddha
taught that you should never return evil for
evil. One day the man met Buddha, and
decided to fnd out if he practiced what
he taught others to do. The man began to
verbally abuse the teacher and call him
all kinds of names. All the while, Buddha
Sunday February 5, 2012
What can we say about God’s love? We
can say that God’s love is unconditional.
God does not say, “I love you, if ...” There
are no ifs in God’s heart. God’s love for us
does not depend on what we do or say, on
our looks or intelligence, on our success
or popularity. God’s love for us existed
before we were born and will exist after
we have died. God’s love is from eternity
to eternity and is not bound to any time-
related events or circumstances. Does that
mean that God does not care what we do
or say? No, because God’s love wouldn’t
be real if God didn’t care. To love without
condition does not mean to love without
concern. God desires to enter into relation-
ship with us and wants us to love God in

Let’s dare to enter into an intimate
relationship with God without fear, trust-
ing that we will receive love and always
more love.
Text excerpts taken from Bread for the
Journey, by Henri J.M. Nouwen, ©1997
HarperSanFrancisco. All Scripture from
The Jerusalem Bible ©1966, 1967, and
1968 Darton, Longman & Todd and
Doubleday & Co. Inc.
Daily Meditation: God’s
Unconditional Love
Prayer to St. Jude
O Holy St Jude!
Apostle and Martyr,
great in virtue and rich in miracles,
near kinsman of Jesus Christ,
faithful intercessor for all who
invoke you,
special patron in time of need;
to you I have recourse from the
depth of my heart,
and humbly beg you,
to whom God has given such great
to come to my assistance;
help me now in my urgent need
and grant my earnest petition.
I will never forget thy graces and
favors you obtain for me
and I will do my utmost to spread
devotion to you.Amen.
St. Jude, pray for us and all who
honor thee and invoke thy aid.
(Say 3 Our Father's, 3 Hail Mary’s,
and 3 Glory Be’s after this.)
From: David Family
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, You who made me see
everything and showed me the way
to reach my ideals, You, who gave
me the divine gift to forgive and for-
get the wrong that is done to me and
You who are in all instances of my
life with me, I want to thank You for
everything and confrm once more
that I never want to be separated
from You no matter how great the
material desire may be. I want to be
with You and my beloved ones in
Your perpetual glory. Thank You for
favors granted. Amen.
Mention your request while making
the request, please promise to pub-
lish the prayer or circulate the favor.
This prayer should be said for 3
consecutive days and after the
3rd day, expect your prayer to be
From: David Family
listened quietly. When the man had fnished
his test, Buddha asked him, “If a man
declines to accept a gift from another, to
whom does the gift go?” The man replied,
“The gift goes back to the giver.” “You
have just given me verbal abuse,” said
Buddha, “I refuse to accept your gift. A
man who slanders a virtuous person is like
a man who spits at the sky. The spit doesn’t
soil the sky: it returns to soil the face of the
one who spat.”
That starts the season of Lent until Holy
Thursday, exclusive. “You’ve got dirt on
your face.” This season reminds us all
that we’ve got dirt, we are sinners. Let us
turn away from sin and be faithful to the
dedicated volunteer musicians at Paradise
Village Sunday Mass. Marriage is like a
good wine. Agood wine gets better as it
mellows in years. Here’s a quote from an
unknown author to guide you through the
years: “Love is the condition in which the
happiness of another person is essential to
your own.” It simply means that if your
other half is happy, you will be happy as
Quotation of the Week: “Human
nature will fnd itself only when it fully
realizes that to be human it has to cease to
be beastly or brutal.” Mahatma Gandhi.
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Page 13 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at February 17-23, 2012
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by Ogie Cruz
(Continued on page 16)
Anne Curtis
By Ogie Cruz
Kamakailan naging usapan ang
ginawang pang-iisnab ni Vice Ganda
ng mga Press People sa kanyang show
sa “ Its Showtime” sa channel 2.Pero
pinabulaanan niya ang mga bagay na ito
sa pamamagitan ng patatanggol sa kanya
ni Gladys Reyes sa “Juicy”.
Wala raw matandaan na ganong insi-
dente na nangyari sa naturang show ayon
kay Vice Ganda.Before daw mag-start
ang “Its Showtime”, na-acknowledge pa
niya ang mga ito , then nang matapos ang
show kinamayan pa at nai-hug pa niya si
Manay Ethel.Kaya raw takang taka si Vice
Ganda bakit nagkaroon ng ganong intriga.
Hindi naman raw lahat ng Press ay
kilala niya para kanyang mabati, marahil
yung ibang Press lang ang nagrereklamo
na nadaanan niya na hindi niya nabati.
Ayon naman kay Cristy Fermin, para
raw araw ang feeling ni Vice Ganda sa
sarili niya,na siya lang ang dinadaanan.
Dapat raw maging isa siyang planeta na
siyang umiikot sa araw para makilala niya
ang ibang Press.
Ayon pa kay Ate Cristy, nadinig niya
sinabi ni Vice Ganda ng ganito “Paano ba
masasabi na hindi mag-iisnab?Pakakainin
ko ba sila,ganon! “.Isang statement na
negative ang dating para sa mga reporters
na tulad niya.
“Anong tingin mo sa mga
reporters,nakukuha sa pagkain?”sumbat ni
Ate Cristy kay Vice Ganda.
“Dati na siyang bastos at
mayabang,”dagdag pa ni Cristy Fermin.
Pero kita namin sa show ng “Juicy”
kung paano siya pinagtanggol ni Gladys
Reyes pero iba rin ang katwiran ni Ms.
Fermin.Kapag marami na ang nagr-
ereklamo sa isang tulad ni Vice Ganda,
ibig sabihin may problema raw ito.Sa
katunayan pa nga raw maraming sumulat
na reporters sa nasabing insidente na
pang-iisnab ayon kay Cristy Fermin.
!!! Minsan napanood namin sa news show
ng channel 5 na nagsalita ang international
singer na hindi raw siya manonood ng
isang concert na out of tune ang isang
singer.Siempre ang nasa isip namin ang
katatapos pa lang na concert na ginawa
ni Anne Curtis sa Smart Araneta ang
pinariringgan niya.Doon nagsimulang
nagalit ang mga fans ni Anne Curtis kay
Lea Salonga.
Siempre dumepensa naman ni Lea, na
hindi si Anne ang kanyang pinariring-
gan kundi yung mga singer na off key
singer.Para kay Lea, hindi naman singer si
Anne kundi isang entertainer na mismong
inamin naman ng host ng “Its Showtime”.
“The thing about Anne, Im glad for her,
‘Im not a singer.Im an Entertainer’.
“So , I can’t get angry at her.And she
does’nt represent herself as a singer.What
I get angry at is when somebody who
clearly has no voice to speak of….Every
single song that they get their hands or
fancy themselves as a singer and thinks
they can make a career out of it,”mismong
pahayag ni Lea Salonga.
Malaki kasi ang pagpapahalaga ni Ms.
Salonga sa profession bilang singer, kaya
ayaw niya sa mga singers na nawawala sa
tono.Isa raw malaking insulto ‘yun para
sa kanya.Pero alam n’yo ba hanggang
ngayon marami pa rin ang nagmumura sa
kanya sa twitter dahil sa intrigang ‘yun,
kaya nga naglabas siya ng ganito sa kan-
yang twitter account na ganito..
“What kind of person would cuss some-
one out on twitter?Anong klaseng tao ang
mga namumu- ra sa iba sa
Patungkol kay Vice Ganda:
“Dati Na Siyang Bastos at
Mayabang”-Cristy Fermin-
Sarah Geronimo
twitter?Duwag o matapang? Coward or
brave?,” last tweet ng International Singer
Lea Salonga.
!!!Nung nakaraang valentines concert
nina Ogie Alcasid at Regine Velazquez
sa Smart Araneta, nai-spoof ni Ogie ang
video noon ni Mo Twister na kumalat sa
internet last year about sa abortion issue
with Rhian Ramos.
Talagang ginaya pa ni Ogie ang pagig-
ing slang pa sa English ni Mo at ayos
nito,pati ang pag-iyak na nakarating
naman sa kaalamanan ni Mo.Nagalit si
Mo dahil ginawang katatawanan ang
ginawang pag-iyak nito noon sa video.
Mabuti pa raw siya at buhay pa ang
anak niya.Nakakatawa pala ang mga
namamatayan ng anak pero siguro kung
anak niya ang namatay tiyak hindi raw
niya gagawing katatawanan ito.Ayon
ito sa nilalaman ng tweet ni Mo kay
Ogie .
Ayon sa depensa ng manager ni
Ogie Alcasid narito ang kanilang sagot
“ It was done in spirit of comedy, no
intention to offend anybody”.
Ayon na rin sa huli naming
balita,humingi na rin ng apology si Ogie
Lea Salonga Vice Ganda
The newest noontime show to
conquer television’s afternoon
block kicked off with a big bang as
mentions on the much-anticipated
pilot of “It’s Showtime” fooded the
micro-blogging site Twitter yester-
day (Feb 6).
The open-
ing dance and
song number
of hosts Vhong
Anne Curtis,
Billy Craw-
ford, ‘Kuya’
Kim Atienza,
Karylle, Vice Ganda, Teddy Cor-
puz, Jugs Jugueta, Jhong Hilario,
Ryan Bang, Coleen Garcia, and
Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai elicited delight
and thrill among Filipino netizens,
prompting the hashtag ‘#ItsShow-
time’ to top the trending topics on
Alcasid through text kay Mo Twister at
humingi rin ng apology ang huli dahil sa
mga sunod-sunod na masasakit na tweets
niya sa naturang singer.
giging daring na raw ngayon si Sarah
Geronimo sa kanyang bagong show sa
channel 2, lalo na sa kanyang pananamit
at more skin daw ang ipapakita niya.
Maging sa gagawin daw niyang
movie,puedeng puede na rin daw ang
mga kissing scene.23 yrs old na siya
siguro napapanahon na para baguhin ang
conservative image pero how true itong
nababalitaan namin na hanggang ngayon
bantay na bantay pa rin siya ng kanyang
ina,tatay at P.A. kahit saan siya pumunta.
Kahit raw sa Gym nakabantay ang tatlo,
totoo ba ito?
Maging ang kinikita niya sa mga
movies,teleserye ,concert at commercials
nakaintriga pa rin sa kanyang ina ang
lahat, at takenote may commission pa
ang nanay niya?Kahit sa manliligaw sa
kanya kailangan, nakabantay pa rin ang
magulang niya at may approval.Ganon
raw kahigpit ang magulang niya. Simula
na kaya ito ng pagrerebelde?Nagtatanong
lang kami.
“It’s Showtime” Pilot Creates
Online Buzz
Twitter Philippines.
Also trending were “Baliwag U,”
a term popularized by Anne, and the
“Sine Mo ‘To” segment wherein the
hosts perform in a comical skit and
audience members win cash prizes
for participating.
The mad-
lang people
also saw
the return
of the clas-
sic talent
portion and
the “Arte
Mo!” hosted by Anne at Vhong
where the remaining contestant ad-
vanced to Kuya Kim’s “Rock Clock”
round and could win as much as
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Tequi-la vs. Techie Life (Part II)
As I promised my barber, I will be
specifc in describing my techie life.
My iPad 2 is virtually a permanent
companion. I access it when I wake up
in the morning and throughout the day
until I sleep at night when I plug it for
When I turn it on, it shows my home
screen that contains those applications
that I fnd most useful and those that
make my life more productive.
Prominent are the clock, the calendar
and reminders. The Notes, Notability,
AudioNote and 7notesHD Premium are
apps that allow me to take down notes
by either writing, typing, recording and
organizing the same.
I have immediate access to my emails,
Facebook, and Twitter through the apps
specially downloaded for my iPad 2.
Such apps automatically bring me the
built-in MAC browser Safari. Mercury
is a new browser for the iOS that I have
but seldom use. I also have the option
to use either iPad’s Spotlight search or
my favorite search engine Google that I
My library of music and videos are
also instantly available just by tapping
the apps in my home screen. The soft-
ware named Photos is the destination
for the still pictures and videos that have
been taken through my iPad 2 Cameras.
The Camera Zoom is used for what it is
named after.
The collection of music and videos
were downloaded either from iTunes,
YouTube, or from my MacBook Pro
by syncing them with my iPad 2. My
MacBook Pro also has a Windows 7
Operating System and a Virtual PC
application. They allow me to make use
of Windows-based applications as well.
It also has a CD/DVD drive that allows
me to convert and transfer CD/DVD
contents (documents, photos, music
and videos) to the internal hard drive
that can then be synced with my iPad 2
through iTunes.
Either FaceTime or Skype allows me
to communicate with anybody anywhere
either by voice, video or just by chat for
free if the other parties are also using
similar applications. Both apps are in
my home screen too.
A special app called Whistle even
gives me a separate telephone number,
which I can use to call and be called.
It is provided for free and can be used
to call anybody in the United States
and Canada. Right now, I have it for
emergency use.
I also have several apps to access all
the major news organizations such as
the Washington Post, USA Today, CNN,
ABC News, MSNC, CNBC, Wall Street
Journal, NPR News, TIME Mobile,
BBC News, Huff Post, Pulse News, Net
NewsWire, Nightly News, Newsweek,
New Yorker and The New York Times.
I put them into 2 separate folders named
News and Newsstand.
Flipboard is one of my favorite apps
in my iPad 2. In one app, it gives me
access to my social media accounts
such as Twitter and Facebook, to News,
Technology, Lifestyle, Details, Google
Reader, Sports, Travel and all other
accounts that I identifed as my interests.
For productivity, I made sure I have
Keynote, Pages and Numbers. Keynote
is for creating and developing presenta-
tions. Pages is for creating documents
not unlike Word. Numbers is for creat-
ing spreadsheets like Excel. I also have
Calculator, Pocket Math, Portable Math,
and BizExpense apps, which facilitate
my computation requirements in both
business and ordinary activities.
The Teleprompt+ is an app that con-
verts my iPad 2 into a teleprompter. It
is a cool, exciting and useful tool to aid
in delivering a speech or lecture. It also
gives you running access to the lyrics of
a song that you are singing.
I have the iBook, Kindle, and B & N
Readers. This means that I can access
eBooks created for the Mac, Kindle and
Barnes & Noble. In fact, I also have
the software to convert documents to
the eBook format for the said readers.
This is why I have a library of iBooks,
Kindle eBooks, Google Books, and B &
N eBooks which are all accessible in my
iPad 2 either offine or online.
I use Google Docs to store docu-
ments and various fles. I upload them
online so I can access them in my iPad 2
anywhere I am, wherever I have Internet
The app of my choice to download
and retrieve any of the documents that I
uploaded in Google Docs is GoodRead-
er. Once downloaded, I read the chosen
documents wherever I am offine. It is
very convenient and makes me very
There are also web sites that I like
to access without having to go online
every time. These are sites that contain
materials that I like to read offine and
store for easy retrieval. This is the rea-
son I have the app called iSaveWeb Pro.
This app copies all the contents of a web
site I choose to save.
For education purposes, I also have
in my device an app called TED. This
gives me access to numerous lectures,
speeches and works in video format of
famous, learned, wise and reputable
personalities worldwide.
Some special contents such as the
Holy Bible, the New Mass, Old Testa-
ment, Historic Classics, Quotes, 1001
Mottos, Weird Laws, Quotia and others
that enrich my knowledge on different
facets of life are also stored for easy
retrieval in my iPad 2.
For entertainment, I have games like
Solitaire, Angry Birds, Scrabble Free,
Sudoku, Sudoku Guru. I also have ac-
cess to movies and TV shows through
my HBOGo, Netfix, and my Sling
Media which allows me to control my
home TV channels wherever I am in
the world provided that I have Internet
Yahoo’s IntoNow application allows
me to update friends as to what movies
or TV shows I am currently watching.
Since MacBook Pro is the reposi-
tory of most of my documents, photos,
music, audio fles, videos, applications
and other fles in different formats
because of its powerful capacity, I want
to be able to access it and control it
through my iPad 2 wherever I am. This
is because the latter, being hand-held,
portable and mobile, is with me most if
not all the time.
LogMeIn makes me capable of doing
that. Because of this app my MacBook
Pro is virtually with me all the time.
Air Display also lets me use iPad 2 as a
separate monitor.
There are now more than 500,000
apps available for download. There are
more being developed everyday. Be
you barber, lawyer, doctor, farmer, old,
young or any human being, you cannot
avoid being exposed to or experiencing
a techie life.
Have a Tequi-la if you must. But a
Techie Life you should have. Either you
have IT or you just don’t have it!
Gathered by Benjamin Maynigo
1. From the Virtual Press
Offce (VPO)
3DTV Ventures LLC is Proud to
Announce the Full Release of Its 3D
Internet Portal Website 3DTV.COM
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2012 /
PRNewswire/ -- 3DTV.COM is the
frst 3D Portal that is devoted solely
to flling the needs of the online
3D video community, the fastest
growing market in the Video space.
Founded by Brad Beckerman,Wayne
Naphtal, and John Davimos in April
of 2011, 3DTV.COM is a free mem-
bership site that features a patented
2D to 3D conversion process which
converts 2D pictures and videos to
3D in real time, as well as allow-
ing members to upload native 3D
content. Members are provided
with their own private channels to
store their content, but may elect
at any time to make their content
or channel public to the 3D com-
munity. was developed
to be the leading social network-
ing community in the 3D industry,
allowing sharing, embedding, and
commenting, as well as posting
pictures and videos on other major
social networking sites. According
to Naphtal this is all made possible
by their proprietary player. “Our
player really is the most unique one
in the space; it allows you to watch
3D with anaglyph glasses, Pas-
sive glasses, or on any glasses-free
device. I don’t believe any player is
as effective or user friendly as ours,
and we are really only in the frst
inning of 3D. We are continuing to
develop our player, and other fea-
tures including a mobile website and
apps, so that we remain fresh, ahead
of the curve and continue to be the
leader in this industry.” was originally
launched in Beta on December 1,
2011 to an overwhelming positive
response from the internet com-
munity. The success of the Beta test
has allowed the company to move
to a full release and forward with
their plans for the future. Again from
Naphtal, “Even though our initial
fnancial raise was last April, this
has really been a three year process.
Brad had the vision several years
ago that 3D was the future and
bought the most valuable branded
URL in the space. Since that time
we have been developing a plan to
market this property, and the release
of the site is only step one.”
2. From the KURZWEIL
a. A military robot that does it
iRobot 710 Warrior (credit: iRo-
With the offcial launch of
the iRobot Warrior, a large wheeled
robot with a hefty mechanical arm,
military robots just got signifcantly
larger and more adaptable.
The robot can climb stairs and
cover rough terrain, and perform
tasks ranging from the delicate
(opening car doors) to the destruc-
tive (smashing car windows) with
its two-meter-long mechanical arm,
and could be weaponized — in one
test it launched a rocket that trailed
explosives behind it to clear mines
or other obstacles.
Two prototypes of the robots were
sent to explore damaged buildings
at the site of the Fukushima Daiichi
power plant after the nuclear ac-
cident last year.
b. 10-year-old student discov-
ers molecule that can store energy
Prof. Robert Zoellner, with a
model of the molecule created by
ten year-old Clara Lazen (credit:
Humboldt State University)
For Kansas City, Mo. student Clara
Lazen, 10, a classroom assignment
turned into a scientifc fnding: a
new molecule, and her frst mention
in a scientifc journal.
Lazen randomly arranged a unique
combination of oxygen, nitrogen and
carbon atoms.
Responding to a request by the
teacher, Kenneth Boehr, Humboldt
State University chemistry professor
Robert Zoellner, a computational
chemist, searched Chemical Ab-
The result:a molecule with
the same formula but a different
arrangement of atoms than La-
zen’s. But Lazen’s molecule was
unique: it had the potential to store
energy, with the same combination
of atoms as nitroglycerin, a power-
ful explosive. Zoellner submitted a
research paper to the January issue
of Computational and Theoretical
Chemistry. Both Lazen and Boehr
are listed as co-authors.
Ref.: Robert W. Zoellner, Clara L.
Lazen, Kenneth M. Boehr, A com-
putational study of novel nitratoxy-
carbon, nitritocarbonyl, and nitrate
compounds and their potential as
high energy materials, Computation-
al and Theoretical Chemistry,]
Honda Rated as Top Manu-
facturer; PVC Reduction
Efforts Hailed
(Ann Arbor, MI) - Today the
Ecology Center released its fourth
consumer guide to toxic chemicals in
cars at, fnding the
Honda Civic at the top of this year’s
list, and the Mitsubishi Outlander
Sport at the bottom. Over 200 of the
most popular 2011- and 2012-model
vehicles were tested for chemicals
that off-gas from parts such as the
steering wheel, dashboard, armrests
and seats. These chemicals contrib-
ute to “new car smell” and a variety
of acute and long-term health con-
cerns. Since the average American
spends more than 1.5 hours in a car
every day, toxic chemical exposure
inside vehicles can be a major source
of indoor air pollution.
“Research shows that vehicle
interiors contain a unique cocktail
of hundreds of toxic chemicals that
off-gas in small, confned spaces,”
said Jeff Gearhart, Research Direc-
New Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Cars Helps Consumers Avoid
“New Car Smell” As Major Source of Indoor Air Pollution
tor at the Ecology Center. “Since
these chemicals are not regulated,
consumers have no way of knowing
the dangers they face. Our testing is
intended to expose those dangers and
encourage manufacturers to use safer
Chemicals of primary concern in-
clude: bromine (associated with bro-
minated fame retardants); chlorine
(indicating the presence of polyvinyl
chloride, or PVC and plasticizers);
lead; and heavy metals. Such chemi-
cals have been linked to a wide range
of health problems such as allergies,
birth defects, impaired learning, liver
toxicity, and cancer. Automobiles are
particularly harsh environments for
plastics, as extreme air temperatures
of 192 F and dash temperatures up
to 248 F can increase the concentra-
tion of Volatile Organic Compounds
(VOC’s) and break other chemicals
down into more toxic substances.
“Automobiles function as chemi-
cal reactors, creating one of the most
hazardous environments we spend
time in,” added Gearhart.
The good news is overall vehicle
ratings are improving. The best vehi-
Best Picks: Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, Honda CR-Z Worst Picks: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Chrysler 200, Kia Soul
cles today have eliminated hazardous
fame retardants and PVC. Today,
17% of new vehicles have PVC-
free interiors and 60% are produced
without BFRs.
Top ranking cars in this year’s
release are: 1) Honda Civic 2) Toyota
Prius and 3) Honda CR-Z. Worst
ranking: 1) Mitsubishi Outlander
Sport 2) Chrysler 200 SC and 3) Kia
Soul. The Civic achieved its ranking
by being free of bromine-based fame
retardants in all interior components;
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Tech IT
from My Barber
by Benjamin Maynigo
Page 15 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at February 17-23, 2012
Health and Wellness
Joyce Benavides Medina, O.D.
Doctor of Optometry
Clinic located inside Walmart
1200 Highland Avenue
National City, CA 91950
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 9:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M.
Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Most insurances accepted.
Call for an appointment: (619) 477-9621
Complete Eye Exams $58
* additional charge for contact lens tting
Walk-Ins Are Welcome
Quiet Neighborhood
in National City.
No smoking.
No drugs.
Reach the
Asian Pacific
Islander Market
by advertising
in the
Asian Journal!
Call (619) 474-0588
Sign the Petition to Place the CASE Act in the November Ballot
Call Asian Journal at 619.474.0588
for great ad rates! Ask for Ogie Cruz
ScienceDaily (Feb. 14, 2012) — The
amount and quality of sleep you get at
night may affect your memory later in life,
according to research that was recently
released and will be presented at the
American Academy of Neurology’s 64th
Annual Meeting in New Orleans April 21
to April 28, 2012.
“Disrupted sleep appears
to be associated with the
build-up of amyloid plaques,
a hallmark marker of Alzheim-
er’s disease, in the brains
of people without memory
problems,” said study author
Yo-El Ju, MD, with Wash-
ington University School of Medicine in
St. Louis and a member of the American
Academy of Neurology. “Further research
is needed to determine why this is hap-
pening and whether sleep changes may
predict cognitive decline.”
Researchers tested the sleep patterns
of 100 people between the ages of 45
and 80 who were free of dementia.
Half of the group had a family history of
Alzheimer’s disease. A device was placed
on the participants for two weeks to
measure sleep. Sleep diaries and question-
naires were also analyzed by researchers.
After the study, it was discovered that
25 percent of the participants had evidence
of amyloid plaques, which can appear
years before the symptoms of Alzheimer’s
disease begin. The average time a person
spent in bed during the study was about
eight hours, but the average sleep time
was 6.5 hours due to short awakenings in
the night.
The study found that people who woke
up more than fve times per hour were
more likely to have amyloid plaque build-
up compared to people who didn’t wake
up as much. The study also found those
people who slept “less effciently” were
more likely to have the markers of early
stage Alzheimer’s disease than those who
slept more effciently. In other words,
those who spent less than 85 percent of
their time in bed actually sleeping were
more likely to have the markers than those
who spent more than 85 percent of their
time in bed actually sleeping.
“The association between disrupted
sleep and amyloid plaques is intriguing,
but the information from this study can’t
determine a cause-effect relationship or
the direction of this relationship. We
need longer-term studies, fol-
lowing individuals’ sleep over
years, to determine whether
disrupted sleep leads to
amyloid plaques, or
whether brain changes
in early Alzheimer’s
disease lead to changes in sleep,” Ju
said. “Our study lays the groundwork for
investigating whether manipulating sleep
is a possible strategy in the prevention or
slowing of Alzheimer disease.”
The study was supported by the Ellison
Foundation and the National Institutes of
“Disrupted sleep appears to be associ-
ated with the build-up of amyloid plaques,
a hallmark marker of Alzheimer’s disease,
in the brains of people without memory
problems,” said study author Yo-El Ju,
MD, with Washington University School
of Medicine in St. Louis and a member
of the American Academy of Neurology.
“Further research is needed to determine
why this is happening and whether sleep
changes may predict cognitive decline.”
Researchers tested the sleep patterns of
100 people between the ages of 45 and 80
who were free of dementia. Half of the
group had a family history of Alzheimer’s
disease. A device was placed on the par-
ticipants for two weeks to measure sleep.
Sleep diaries and questionnaires were also
analyzed by researchers.
After the study, it was discovered that
25 percent of the participants had evidence
of amyloid plaques, which can appear
years before the symptoms of Alzheimer’s
Trouble Sleeping? It May Affect Your
Memory Later On
disease begin. The average time a person
spent in bed during the
study was about eight
hours, but the
average sleep
time was 6.5
hours due
to short
ings in
the night.
found that
up more
than fve
times per hour
were more likely to
have amyloid plaque
build-up compared
to people who
didn’t wake up as
much. The study also found those people
who slept “less effciently” were more
likely to have the markers of early stage
Alzheimer’s disease than those who slept
more effciently. In other words, those
who spent less than 85 percent of their
time in bed actually sleeping were more
likely to have the markers than those who
spent more than 85 percent of their time in
bed actually sleeping.
“The association between disrupted
sleep and amyloid plaques is intrigu-
ing, but the information from this study
can’t determine a cause-effect relation-
ship or the direction of this relationship.
We need longer-term studies, following
individuals’ sleep over years, to determine
whether disrupted sleep leads to amyloid
plaques, or whether brain changes in
early Alzheimer’s disease lead to changes
in sleep,” Ju said. “Our study lays the
groundwork for investigating whether
manipulating sleep is a possible strategy
in the prevention or slowing of Alzheimer
The study was supported by the Ellison
Foundation and the National Institutes of
Keeping our homes clean is a nev-
er-ending task, so knowing where to
focus our efforts can come in mighty
helpful. Of course we know germs
can linger in toilets or on dishes con-
taining raw meat, we might overlook
a few other common spots bacteria
and viruses like to hang out. A quick
wipe-down with diluted vinegar
will clean up these offending spots
quickly and easily.
1. Sponges and rags.
When we wipe dishes or counter-
tops with soiled rags, we’re simply
transferring bacteria from one place
to another. To make sure you’re
actually ridding your kitchen of
bacteria, wash sponges and rags with
soap and hot water between uses or
replace these items often. Dropping
a sponge in boiling water or heating
it (while wet) in the microwave for
four minutes will kill most disease-
causing germs. The sponge will be
hot, so be careful when removing it
from the microwave.
Another great option? Make your
own quick-wipes: Store multiple
squares of cotton cloth (think cut up
old T-shirts or pajamas) in a con-
tainer flled with a mixture of 1 cup
water, 1 ounce liquid castile soap
and 6 to 8 drops of your favorite
essential oil (try antimicrobial lemon
or tea tree). Wipe down counters
with the wipes, then toss them in the
wash and return them to the jar for
reuse. Get many more natural clean-
ing recipes.
2. The remote control. Often
used but rarely cleaned, remotes can
harbor tons of germs, especially if
you have kids. Dilute white vinegar
in warm water, then wet a soft cloth
with the solution. Wipe remote and
dry with another soft cloth. And
don’t forget video game controls and
computer mice while you’re at it!
3. The vacuum. We think of
the vacuum as a cleaning tool, not
a home for germs. But vacuum
brushes, bags and flters make great
hiding places for germs like E. coli.
Because food is sucked into the
vacuum, bacteria can survive for a
long time inside. To keep bacteria
out, change vacuum bags often,
and remove brushes and flters for
a quick cleaning monthly. Clean
the cavity of a bagless vacuum with
vinegar or all-purpose cleaner and
let it air dry.
Top 3 Germiest
Places in the
If you’re not getting fresh lemons
into your diet, you may want to
reconsider after reading the many
health benefts of lemons, lemon
juice, pith (the white part), or zest
Here are 13 amazing healing pow-
ers of lemons:
Bowel-Cleansing: The bitter taste
of lemon gives these fruit the ability
to increase peristalsis–a pumping-
motion in the bowels–which helps
to eliminate waste from
the bowels and improve
regularity. Add the juice
of one lemon to warm
water and drink frst thing
in the morning.
Cancer: Lemons contain
22 anti-cancer com-
pounds, including
occurring oil
that slows
or halts the
growth of can-
cer tumors in
animals. Lem-
ons also contain
a substance called
favonol glyco-
sides which stop
cell division in cancer cells.
Colds and Flu: Lemons are rich in
vitamin C and favonoids that work
in conjunction for a serious punch
against infection.
Liver: Fresh lemon juice added to
a large glass of water in the morning
is a great liver detoxifer.
Nutrition: Lemons contain vitamin
C, citric acid, favonoids, B-complex
vitamins, calcium, copper, iron,
magnesium, phosphorus, potassium,
and fber.
Balances Body Chemistry: While
lemons are acidic they interact with
the body’s metabolism to have an
alkalizing effect on the bodily fuids
helping to restore balance to the
body’s pH.
Allergies: Lemons contain the
phytonutrient hesperetin which has
been shown in studies to alleviate
allergic symptoms.
Brain and Nervous System Disor-
ders: Containing the potent phytonu-
trient tangeretin in the peel, lemons
have been proven to be effective
for brain disorders like Parkinson’s
Eye Disorders: Rutin, found in
lemons, has been shown in research
to improve the symptoms of eye
disorders, including diabetic retin-
Anti-Viral: In addition to being ef-
fec- tive against cold and
fu viruses, terpene
limonoids found
in lemons have
proven anti-viral
effects on other
types of viruses.
Diabetes: In
addition to improv-
ing eye problems
linked with diabetes,
lemons contain hes-
peretin which lowers
blood sugar levels
(when they are high).
Gall and Kidney
Stones: The citric acid
found in lemon juice
helps to dissolve gall-
stones, calcium deposits, and kidney
Anti-Aging: The vitamin C found
in lemons helps to neutralize free
radicals linked to aging and most
types of disease.
13 Healing Powers of Lemons
Page 16 February 17-23, 2012 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
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It’s Showtime
Mga Tula ng Bayan
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New Guide ..
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It is estimated that California is amongst the top 3 states in the nation
for human traffcking. By its very nature, human traffcking, in all of its
forms, is largely hidden from view. This is due in part to the large im-
migrant communities, within California, which provide for good conceal-
ment of a traffcking operation - in many cases, these persons can be
hidden in plain sight. Many of these communities are not trusting of law
enforcement and tend to maintain cultural norms – some which dictate
maintaining silence in the face of illegal enterprise.
The state’s extensive international border, its major harbors and air-
ports, its powerful economy and accelerating population, its large immi-
grant population and its industries make it a prime target for traffckers.
Apart from the harm that this crime causes its victims, the infrastructure
that is necessary to support this heinous crime can serve the needs of ter-
rorist wishing to smuggle themselves and/or dangerous weapons into the
If you would like to help, please call:
Traffcking in Persons Information and Referral Hotline
(US HHS) 1-888-373-7888
Traffcking in Persons and Worker Exploitation
Task Force Hotline (US DOJ) 1-888-428-7581
Source: California Offce of Emergency Services (OES)
Ex Envoy Arrested
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Read Romeo Nicolas’s previous poems by vis-
iting our website at
Mga Tulang
by Romeo Nicolas
(Second edition - A revised and expanded version of 100
modifed choices with nutrient analysis)
By Dr. Ofelia V. Dirige et al.
Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 5:00 to
8:00 PM
Villa Manila Restaurant, 500 E. 8th
National City, CA 91910
Minimum Donation: $20
(Proceeds to cover programs and services of FilAm Wellness Center)
An Invitation
“Celebrating Global Filipino Cuisine”
Food tasting and dinner
Launching and Book Signing:
Global Filipino Cuisine:
Healthy Recipes
Get the best
results for your
with our 3-in-1
PRICE offer via
editions. Only from
the Asian Journal
utilizing PVC-free interior fabrics
and interior trim; and having low
levels of heavy metals and other
metal allergens. The Mitsubishi
Outlander contained bromine and
antimony-based fame retardants
in the seating and center console;
chromium treated leather on several
components; and over 400 ppm lead
in seating materials. The full list of
top 10 best and worst cars is found
“We’re pleased to be recognized
by for our efforts.
Over the past decade, Honda has
taken a number of steps to reduce or
remove chemicals of concern from
our vehicles. We voluntarily report
these efforts in our annual North
American Environmental Report,”
stated Marcos Frommer, Manager
of Corporate Affairs & Communica-
tions at American Honda.
Anyone looking to buy a new car
can visit
and search by model, comparison
shop between different models, and
cross reference with fuel economy
standards to fnd both a healthy and
fuel-effcient vehicle. A widget and
mobile phone application are also
available. Visitors to the site are
encouraged to contact car manufac-
turers and ask them to subscribe to
voluntary third party eco labels, such
as the TUV Toxproof and Oko-Tex
Standard 100, and reduce their use of
toxic chemicals in vehicles. A num-
ber of leading automakers, including
Ford (TUV) and Volvo (Oko Tex),
have already adopted these standards
for some of their vehicles.
Other Findings:
Most improved automakers in
terms of the average ratings for their
vehicles are VW (+42%), Mitsubishi
(+38%) and Ford (+30%). These
represent improvement from the
2009/2010 models to the 2011/2012
Two automaker had overall declin-
ing average scores from 2009/2010
to 2011/2012: Diamler AG (-29%)
and Volvo (-13%).
On a feet-wide basis PVC use is
declining. Zero percent of pre-2006
vehicles had PVC-free interiors,
versus 17% (34) of the 2011/2012
vehicle models which had PVC-
free interiors. Flexible PVC often
contains hazardous plasticizers,
or “softeners,” called phthalates,
which off-gas during vehicle use
and are deposited on dust particles
and windshields, where they cause
“fogging.” In recent years, automak-
ers have begun replacing PVC with
polyurethanes and polyolefns, which
contain fewer harmful additives and
are easier to recycle.
40% of vehicle tested in 2012
contained Brominated Flame
Retardants (BFRs) in the vehicle
interiors. BFR’s refer to a wide range
of chemicals added to materials to
both inhibit their ignition and slow
their rate of combustion. Alterna-
tives which provide the degree of fre
safety required under law without
using organic compounds of bromine
exist, as well as options in product
Note: only tests
for a limited set of chemical hazards.
Vehicles may also contain other
chemical hazards, including chlori-
nated fame retardants (CFR) which
were NOT tested for in this study.
Quiet Neighborhood in National City.
No smoking. No drugs. 619.746.3416
“He (Ortigas) did not resist arrest
and cooperated with the police,” he
Bayot accused her husband and
his personal secretary Ma. Anto-
nia Legarda of concubinage. Both
Ortigas and Legarda have denied the
“Judge Dumlao signed the warrant
on Tuesday and we were furnished a
copy. We served the warrant (of ar-
rest) at his offce. Our only function
is to account for a person with war-
rant of arrest,” Abalos explained.
Abalos said Ortigas was booked,
photographed and fngerprinted at
the CIDG offce in Pasig City as part
of police procedure.
Following his arrest, Ortigas is-
sued a statement to the media.
“He doesn’t like to be interviewed
by the media, that is his policy since
the beginning,” Loriega explained.
Ortigas said in his statement: “I
am saddened by having to endure
the course of events, which continue
to turn a private matter between me
and my wife Susana Ortigas into a
public spectacle.
Ortigas said his arrest “was so
obviously designed to ensure my
public humiliation. Thus it would
be only logical for me to expect my
detractors, who include a cabal of
individuals out to please my wife,
will continue to exhaust all means in
their attempts to malign my person.
“And those vicious attacks against
me manifest how these people are
evidently devoid of the basic ethics
or morals found in cultured, educat-
ed individuals of a civilized society,”
he said.
“Allow me to reiterate, as far as
I’m concerned, that this is a purely
private matter, which refned and
civilized individuals avoid elucidat-
ing on. Thus, it is my fervent hope
that the public will understand my
preference to keep silent on the
“But my silence should not be mis-
construed as my waiving my right
to clear my name at the appropriate
Molo added Ortigas was “sur-
prised” by his arrest but is “deter-
mined to fght this all way to the
Ortigas is a scion of the Ortigas
clan, which owns large tracts of land
in the east of Metro Manila. Ortigas
& Co. is the developer of Greenhills
Shopping Center in San Juan City. –
Aie Balagtas See

Tama ba ang ngayo’y naririnig at nababasa
Ang isang Obispo’y nakuhang magpatawad na
Kay Noynoy na walang nagawang pagkakasala
Gayong sila ang nasangkot sa kontrobersiya?

Mabait din naman itong si Pangulong Noynoy
Sa kabila nang lahat ay nagpakahinahon
Iginagalang pa rin bilang ka-relihiyon
Ang mga Obispong sa kanya ay humahamon.

Sila ba’y mayroon pang sapat na katinuan
Hamon kay Noynoy bumaba sa panunungkulan
Noong ang kutong lupa ang nasa Malacañang
Tagapagtanggol sila pagka’t nakikinabang?

Hindi naman masama na sila ay tumanggap
Ng biyaya kung ibabahagi sa mahirap
Datap’wa’t kung ito’y gagamiting pampasarap
Malisya’y nar’yan, sa kahihiya’y mabibilad.

Saan kaya naman nila pinagdadadala
Abuloy sa simbahan, walang tuos ang kwenta
Ang nakikinabang ay kamag-anak ng kura
Bakit ‘di suriin pondo ng bawa’t parokya?

Isipin na lang sila’y walang binubuwisan
Sapagka’t sa ating batas ‘yan ang pinagtibay
Nguni’t ang bayarin sa kanila ay ang mamahal
Upa sa binyag, kumpil, kasal, libing ng patay.

Ang serbisyo nila’y mayroon ding kaurian
May para sa mahirap, iba ang sa mayaman
Pag aranya’y sindi, may kaya ang ‘kinakasal
Subali’t kapag dukha, di man lang pagmisahan.

H’wag namang maghugas-kamay at magmalinis
Pagka’t ang ginagawa’y kita ng mapagmasid
Tigilan na’t itikom, matatabil na bibig
Upang maiwasan ang usaping maligalig.

Sa halip na atupagin ang pakikialam
Sa pagpapatakbo ng ating pamahalaan
Suyuin ang kotolikong nagngaglilipatan
Sa ibang relihiyong ang namumuno’y banal.

Ika-19 ng Hulyo, 2011
Obispo At Simbahang Katoliko!
Problema sa MILF

Naku Diyos ko! Ano ba ‘tong nangyayari sa bayan ko,
Sa dinami ng problema itong isa ay DELUBYO.
Mantakin mong ating bansa ay gusto pang maikambyo,
Maging SUB-STATE ang Mindanao, Naku grabe! ‘to’y INSULTO.
Paano na ang BAYANING nagbuhos ng mga buhay,
Makita lang itong bansa na mayroong KALAYAAN.
Dahil lamang sa RELIHIYONG ngayo’y kalat sating bayan.
Ay nais pang magsarili na SUB-STATE, kahangalan.
Palibhasay nadiktahan nitong bansa sa paligid,
Kaya itong mga TANGA naniwalang pa-TAGILID.
Nuon pa man dulot nila’y problema na walang patid,
Paano na kung MINDANAO, kanila na, naku LINTIK!.
Kahit anong paliwanag ng sikat na ABOGADO,
DAGA lang ang makikinig at hindi ang mga tao.
Mangarap ka ng mangarap, hanggang diyan ka lang, APO,
Malabo mong MALOLOKO kaming dugong PILIPINO.
LUZVIMINDA, kabuuan nitong bansang PILIPINAS,
Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, may damdamin, mayrong UTAK.
Sa sino mang magsusulong mag-SUB-STATE itong PINAS,
Matakot ka kababayan, may sapi ka ni SATANAS.
Mahalin mo itong bansang kay daming nagbuwis-buhay,
At ugat ng kasaysayang suma puso at isipan.
Mabuo lang itong bansa, kahit kalat, IISA LANG,
Sa mithiing KALAYAAN ng bayaning nagsipanaw.
Tigilan na ang pagusad nitong planong walang saysay,
Pagtuunan ang panahong mapagbuti itong buhay..
Tigilan rin ang putukan, pandurukot at pagpatay,
Iigting lang yaong galit ng KRISTIYANONG kinalaban.
Tandaan mo kababayan kung ikaw ma’y NATURUAN,
LASON ito sa isipang sana’y di na nagtatagal.
Dati-rati naman tayong pangunawa’y pantay-pantay,
Tayo’y mga PILIPINO, tandaan mo kababayan.
Di mo dapat na dadalhin, ugali ng ibang bansa,
“Extrimist” na kung pumatay pati ulo nawawala.
Pilipino ay hindi ganyan, may lawak ang pangunawa,
Sukul langit man ang galit, gawa pa rin yaong tama.
Batikos ni:
Romeo S.Nicolas
Meanwhile, Vice’s “Singing V”
challenges participants’ musical
knowledge, while teams go against
each other in answering trivia ques-
tions in the “Pitik Bulag”.
Before the much-anticipated pilot
of “It’s Showtime,” a ‘Countdown
Party Party’ for the network’s
employees and the hosts’ fans was
mounted at the ABS-CBN com-
pound Sunday night (Feb 5).
Aside from the “It’s Showtime”
hosts, ABS-CBN’s brightest talents
also turned up at the event to show
their support for the new show, in-
cluding Erik Santos, Jovit Baldivino,
Bugoy Drilon, Marcelito Pomoy,
Ejay Falcon, Empress Schuck, Gab
Valenciano. Entertaining the crowd
were bands Sponge Cola, Itchy-
worms, Rocksteddy, and “Show-
time” Season 1 grand champion XB
Gensan and child wonder Bugoy
Party-party with the unkabogable
barkada of “It’s Showtime” week-
days and Saturdays at 11:30 a.m on
ABS-CBN in the Philippines and
onTFC worldwide. (Kane Errol
Choa, ABS-CBN Corporate Affairs
& PR Director )
Page 17 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at February 17-23, 2012
Arellano explained that the
department is not violating an
outstanding temporary re-
straining order (TRO) issued
by the Manila Regional Trial
Court (RTC) last Jan. 30 in
favor of Gatdula enjoining the
DOJ from conducting a pre-
liminary investigation on the
Ohara case based on the fnd-
ings and recommendations
of the fact-fnding committee
headed by Justice Undersecre-
tary Francisco Baraan III.
He explained that the TRO does
not cover the preliminary inves-
tigation stemming from Ohara’s
complaint since the court order
was based on the fact-fnding panel
“The basis of this preliminary
investigation is the formal complaint
of Ohara. It is our duty to act on
that. The TRO covers the result of
fact-fnding probe. Those are two
different things,” he explained.
Gatdula’s lawyer Abraham Espejo
assailed the order to conduct the
preliminary investigation that vio-
lates the existing TRO issued by the
Manila court.
“That is a glaring evidence that she
(Justice Secretary Leila de Lima)
is out to persecute Director Gat-
dula. There is a still existing TRO
preventing the DOJ from conducting
and yet here she is ordering a probe.
They have no respect for the rule of
law,” he said.
Espejo said they would question
the DOJ’s action on the Ohara case
before the Manila RTC.
In his petition for certiorari and
prohibition fled with the Manila
RTC, Gatdula also sought to declare
null and void the DOJ’s fact-fnding
committee’s proceedings and recom-
mendations in connection with the
Ohara case.
Named respondents in his petition
were Secretary De Lima, Baraan,
Assistant Secretary Zabedin Asis
and Quezon City Prosecutor Donald
Gatdula also asked Judge Felixber-
to Olalia, presiding judge of Manila
RTC Branch 8, to declare Depart-
ment Order Nos. 1007, s. 2011 and
047, s. 2012 as null and void for be-
ing unconstitutional and restrain the
respondents from transmitting any
report to other government agencies,
including the Offce of the Ombuds-
He also prayed for the court to
consider all evidence, whether docu-
mentary or testimonial evidence,
as inadmissible in any proceedings
before the court.
In its report, the panel said based
on the testimony of NBI special
investigator Cabillan, Gatdula “ap-
pears to have prior knowledge and
participation as well as in its cover-
up” in the operation to abduct and
extort P6 million from Ohara.
Gatdula, a member of the Iglesia ni
Cristo, earlier blamed politics for the
decision of the fact-fnding panel,
which recommended his prosecution
for kidnapping and serious illegal
Earlier, De Lima ordered the
fact-fnding committee to review its
fndings insofar as the criminal cul-
pabilities of Gatdula are concerned.
The DOJ chief said a further
review is necessary to determine the
extent of participation of Gatdula in
the Ohara case.
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Violets” by visiting our website at
by Michael R. Tagudin
©2012 Michael R. Tagudin. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Michael R. Tagudin Educated as an
engineer in the Philippines, the City of Los Angeles employee
hopes his legacy of poems will provoke a dialogue about
the human condition. He is donating the proceeds from the
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*Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985),
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Pusoy, A Russian Poker -- Chapter 28
DOJ starts probe ..
(Continued from page 1)
by Rudy D. Liporada
“Dad, you said that, our life would
be better here in America,” said
Danny, my eldest. He was 14.
“We just arrived, son. Things will
be better,” I said.
Although we did not have to
queue for anything and could have
all the apples and milk and sugar
and bread and whatever we want in
America, my children missed our
three bedroom fat in Zambia. They
missed their playmates like Zulu and
Jelita. They missed being dubbed as
Chy-nee-see which commanded an
aura of respect from their classmates
and special considerations from their
Zambian teachers.
Cynthia missed being addressed
“Madam” by our Zambian cook,
gardener, and laundrywoman who
we had only paid $1.00 each a
month – they even curtsy when they
had to greet her. I missed being ad-
dressed Big Bwana.
We became FOBs – Fresh off the
Boat – awed and fumbling with the
knobs for the desired combination
of heated showers; doing our own
laundry, puzzled with the numerous
dial settings on the washer and dryer
machines; and confused with TV
remote controls.
My brother-in-law generously
squeezed the six of us in one of the
rooms of their three-bedroom-house,
mercifully demoting two of his sons
to share their sister’s room till we
found a place of our own – indef-
Our movements then were pleas-
antly at the mercy of Cynthia’s
Introduced to relatives and friends,
we felt the burning measurement of
their eyes from head to foot.
“We want to go home to Zambia,”
Carlos, my third son, age 10 then,
had said.
“We can’t” I said. “We have to
make our life here in America now.”
Apples and cakes and chocolates
and milk and toys, specially toys,
fnally comforted the children and,
soon, Zulu and Jelita became just
part of their happy memory banks.
Our Zambian money bank savings,
however, became depleted and I
had no job yet after three months in
America. Cynthia readily became
a nurse at one of the hospitals but
she did not earn enough for us to be
on our own. Although my brother-
in-law was generous, they had
problems of their own and we were
becoming his family’s burden.
We decided to sell our house in
the Philippines and used the sale as
down payment for another in Ven-
tura County, California. Taking the
plunge and me without yet a regular
work, we got behind in electricity,
water, and telephone bills – so long
as we kept the mortgage payments.
The Mormon bishop issued checks
before our city services would be cut
off because we had become devoted
members of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints, attend-
ing church every Sunday and with
me becoming a scout master for the
boys of the church which included
my horde.
I fnally bit a job in an assem-
bly plant because no management
needing company or teaching entity
recognized my Philippine college
degree or government or Zambian
teaching credentials. Tears streaked
down my cheeks as I twiddled on
micro chip parts I had to assemble
on the lines, working alongside
those without degrees or have barely
fnished high school. That other
Filipinos, who had degrees in ac-
counting, law, and teaching worked
with me in the graveyard shift, was
no comfort to me.
The assembly work reminded me
of the diametrical relationship of
workers and capitalists, the move-
ment in the Philippines, and the
international proletarian struggle.
The revolutionary fervor rekindled
in my soul.
Nonetheless, I landed a much
better job as claims adjuster for
California’s workers’ injury com-
pensation systems. This involved
processing of the medical fees and
compensation of workers with work
related injuries. I felt like I was
serving the proletariat while being
paid with my children afforded over
bare subsistence. The luxury placed
me back on my petty burgis bearings
and satisfed status.
Content with our livelihood with
a house, cars, and vacation capabili-
ties to boot, my venting revolved
on founding a community ethnic
newspaper and stringing for the Ven-
tura Times, the county’s mainstream
newspaper. I wrote on community
organization activities and ventured
on political criticisms against the lo-
cal and national governments. After
all, the US is still a highly demo-
cratic country where freedom of the
press exists as long as one does not
show the fangs of the extremes of
whatever one democratically writes
about. I questioned the necessity
of the Iraq war. “Al-Qaeda is in
Afghanistan, why go for Saddam
Hussein?” Since we did not fnd
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,
“Why have we not yet brought home
the troops?’
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2:00 p.m. the same day. Proceeds
from the auction beneft the estates
administered by the County.
PA/PG investigates and adminis-
ters the estates of persons who have
not created a will before their death
or who don’t have an appropriate
person willing or able to act as their
administrator. The County manages
the affairs of 300-400 estates at any
given time. PA/PG also investigates
conservatorship matters and serves
as the legally appointed guardian for
elderly and disabled persons found
by the Court to be unable to manage
their own assets and personal care.
Guarding the safety and well-
being of PA/PG’s clients is part of
the County’s Live Well, San Diego!
initiaive, a 10-year campaign to
improve health in the region.
The personal property estate sales
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information about items available
for sale and auction dates, please call
(858) 694-3500.
Poem No. 34
Do you feel anything?
What do you mean babe?
When you do me.
Of course! You ‘re my babe!
You being there
Under me
Accepting whatever
Mercy or cruelty
It doesn’t really matter!
Me! Running like a wolf .
Through the forest
Smelling blood
Hunting for my prey
Excited, longing, halfcraze mad
Surviving, living, celebrating life,
The moon is up!
Bow and give praise to her majesty!
Tonight she is full!
In my salutation I howl!
Giving, breathing, wanting
In blood and lust
For you babe
Always here
Always touching, sharing, caring, wanting
To be near you
Ever near you
Always loving, living, forever
Howling in pain and lust
Ever for you babe
I bleed for love!
©2009 Michael R. Tagudin
I Bleed for Love
Page 18 February 17-23, 2012 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
(Continued on page 20)
“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
Eternal Father, I oer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
the whole world.
On the Hail Mary beads say:
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
on us and on the whole world.
In conclusion say three times:
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
The Hour of Great Mercy
At three o’clock, implore My mercy,
especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief
moment, immerse yourself in My Passion,
particularly in My abandonment at the
moment of agony.This is the hour of great
mercy. In this hour, I will refuse nothing
to the soul that makes a request of Me in
virtue of My Passion (Diary, 1320). -- Divine
Mercy in My Soul: Diary of Saint Faustina
You expired, O Jesus, but the
source of life gushed forth for
souls and an ocean of mercy
opened up for the whole world.
O Fount of Life, unfathomable
Divine Mercy, envelop the whole
world and empty Yourself out
upon us. O Blood and Water,
which gushed forth from the
Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy
for us, I trust in You. Amen.
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Miracles of The Divine Mercy: My Journey of Faith
5th of a Series by Mercy Lotilla-Asencio
A Spiritual Autobiography
by Mercy Lotilla-Asencio
My own life is replete with Godly
miracles. Twice in my life I almost
died. Before reaching age one (1935)
in Sibalom, Antique, my mother told
me that a severe diarrhea brought me
to the border of death, and my
eyes were just a fickering light that
would extinguish any moment then.
Mama Angelina prayed: “Lord God,
I surrender the life of this baby to
you. Whatever is Your will for her,
let it be done.” And I live!
World War II Years
During World War II (1942 to
1945), my faith grew for amidst
the ravages and destruction of the
cruelty of man against man, my fam-
ily experienced the miracles of God
manifested in so many ways. One
example, one time after the people
shouted “Hapon!” (the Japs were
coming!) we all got ready to go with
our balutan (prepared clothes or food
packages) but my mother would not
budge anymore. She got her Bible
and said she was preparing for death.
We chose not to go too, and instead
joined her prayers.
That day, the Japanese soldiers
were not able to cross the swollen
river because it rained very hard. So
they did not reach our barrio.
Thanks to my guiding parents,
the lessons of the many miracles
that happened in the Lotilla family
(Antonio, Crisostomo, Grace, Mercy,
Humberto and Precious) during my
childhood and early adult life were
explained to us as they happened.
They taught us, how good God is!
The Crossroad of Decision
From an early age, I learned to love
the Lord from the example of my
devoted parents, Vincente and
Angelina Lotilla and from the
exposure to active Parish life in An-
tique. Eventually, I sought to deepen
that relationship with the Lord, who
became number one in my life.
After fnishing my Bachelor in Mu-
sic degree in UST, (major in voice
and minor in piano) at age 21, the
crossroad of decision stood before
me. Would I take the rugged and
thorny road to a convent as a reli-
gious nun, or the other common road
but equally diffcult -- family life?
Eventually, in December 1957,
the Lord respecting my personal-
ity and my desire for a family, He
covenanted me to my fance, the
lawyer-musician Johnny Asencio of
Cabatuan, Iloilo. Out of our union
were born our beloved:
Mary Anne, Ma.Theresa, Clement,
Rosemary, Ma.Cecilia, Ma.Pauline
Jackie and Vincent.
The Exodus to Mindanao
In the hustle-bustle of family life,
gone was that perspective of pursu-
ing my frst love-God. And the tra-
vailing of my spirit had begun. Like
a journey from the Biblical Egypt to
Canaan, the moving from Manila
(1960) to Mindanao -frst to
Cotabato City, then to Milbuk of
North Cotabato (1965), and fnally
to General Santos City, in 1970,
was a desert-like experience both
from the spiritual and the temporal
standpoint. Coping with the concerns
of a family of seven children, the full
time teaching-business career, the
fnancial discontentment, the worri-
some cash strapped meagerly funded
business, the pervading problems
of daily living, and the seemingly
lost relationship with the God of my
childhood dissipated the fickering
faith left in my spirit. Where is the
God of my youth? Why is He so dis-
tant now? Why are my spiritual life
so dry and my prayers unanswered? I
Added to that anxiety-laden life
was the fear of being uprooted any-
time by the warring Christians and
Muslims in Mindanao. My troubled
sleep was intermingled with traumat-
ic attacks of fear, of being unable to
cope with fnancial, health, business
problems, resulting to irritability,
which badly affected my relation-
ship with my husband Johnny, and
children, and employees. Johnny
and I were growing cold and aloof
to each other, slowly drifting apart.
There was a time in this confict-
laden relationship that he verbalized
his frustrations, “If life is just like
this, we might as well separate.” I
could only cry, “No, we must fnd a
And I began to cry out to God for
help. The more miserable I was, the
more intense was my longing for a
God I could relate to: Where are You,
Lord, in all these?
I did not know then, that there was
an option to live a Spirit-flled life.
I was longing for something; yet, I
could not discern or understand what
I needed to do. I was living a life of
defeat, failure, and frustration.
Almost a ‘Jordan’ Time
In that period of spiritual immatu-
rity, I was looking for a real God, a
God of the saints that I used to read
about during my high school and
college years; someone I could relate
to as the saints did. I tried joining
un-renewed religious organizations,
but He was not convincingly there.
There was no one to guide my un-
yielding, faithless heart. Was that the
unproductivity of a Church, which
was in it unrenewed, static, apathetic,
and unalive during that time? Or was
God allowing that ‘Jordan’ time, sub-
jecting me to adverse circumstances
so that when my surrender comes, it
would be full blast? How I travailed
before the entrance!
It must have been almost a ‘Canaan
journey‘ for I was undergoing satanic
assault in myriads of ways: attacks
on my thought life, discouragement,
sleepless anxieties, fear, and psycho-
logical and spiritual turmoil. I was
ignorant of the devices of Satan. (2
Cor. 2: 11)
The Desire for a God
Yet, in all these circumstances and
situation, I was longing for a God I
could embrace, I could truly love;
One in whom I could truly feel love
and care. And so upon reading the
article of the Charismatic Duquense
(USA) weekend experience of a
group of Catholic professors and
college students in 1965, I prayed
fervently: God, I need to experience
You just as these people experienced
You… Please send your instruments.
Several years later, in this same
condition of thirsting for God, in
mid 1977, the Catholic Charismatic
Renewal opened the foodgates of
God’s grace and mercy to start and
bring renewal to me and eight other
people as we began a small Prayer
Group in Our Lady of Peace and
Good Voyage Parish in General San-
tos City. The Lord heard my cry!
‘Canaan’ At Last: My New
Six months after, in January 1978,
a ‘Catholic Life in the Spirit Semi-
nar’ (CLSS) was conducted for us.
At the highlight of that CLSS, ‘the
Baptism in the Holy Spirit’, Bishop
Arliss with the SPC nuns prayed-
over us. Thank God, the Holy Spirit
really descended for all! For me, that
night, a peaceful sleep was unmarred
by traumatic attacks of fear!
Bathing in the Streams of Living
When I woke up the next morn-
ing, I greeted God, I love You, Lord!
Lo, and behold! The Lord enveloped
me with His tremendous Love! A
love so intense, so joyful, a stirring
inside me I could hardly contain!
My heart was just full to the brim! I
exclaimed, Wow, Lord, how sweet
is Your Love! I am bathing in the
streams of Your Living Water! It
seemed like I stepped into ‘Jordan
and the water parted!’ I experienced
God! What a New Year gift from the
The Holy Spirit Began His Work
in Me
The Scripture tells us that when
the Holy Spirit comes, we become
children of God, new creatures,
with a new life. How true it is! My
former spiritual activities took a
new meaning and value. The Mass
became very meaningful; the Gospel
alive; Holy Communion, a heart-
stirring experience of love and
worship, the Words of God in the
Scripture opened new avenues of
life, of service, of healing, of caring.
The spiritual and corporal Works of
Mercy took fesh!
My Christ-focused life was begin-
ning to produce amazing results.
As the Lord touched my spirit to
begin His inner healing process, fear,
anxieties, resentments, hatred, unfor-
giveness, unbelief and other garbage
of my psyche began to disappear,
although not overnight.
The inflling of the Holy Spirit
created a hunger for God’s Word.
Meditation time on His words made
God’s love fow, oftentimes bringing
me into memory lane – a fashback
of my past life telling me, those
hurting or diffcult events were part
of God’s loving embrace, the crosses
that unknowingly stuck me to Christ.
My faith was growing. Oh, I was on
fre with the Spirit!
The Decision to to Make Jesus
Number One
As I was growing in my new
relationship with the Lord, He gave
me the grace to sort out my life and
its priorities. I was touched by an
insight from Charles Singson’s state-
ment: “God works more easily to
form a God-like character in a person
when her heart is pliable, has inner
depth, and is not crowded with many
other priorities.”
I realized at that point that my own
life was indeed overcrowded with
many other priorities, and wrongly
focused. I was teaching at NDDC,
underwriting insurance, teaching
music in my studio and doing home
service, managing a small business,
and mothering seven children. No
wonder, my inner self was often
troubled before that conversion
experience. I was trying to cope with
so many responsibilities and the
pressure often left me irritable. I had
no time to pray, to refect on God’s
Words, no time to serve Him even
in small ways. Work, work all the
time for money that did not stay in
the pocket long enough. It was kill-
ing me physically. I thought that by
doing all these things myself (super
self-effciency without the help of
God), I could very much improve our
life. So this time, I had to re-focus
my life’s priorities to Jesus Christ,
my Lord.
After much praying for the right
decision regarding my professional
and job load, I quit those side jobs,
including teaching at NDDC after
losing my voice due to a perennial
God’s Action After Surrendering
My Life To Him
I surrendered my time to the Lord
that 1978 as I began to concentrate in
my Music Studio and small business
of retailing musical instruments. In
no time God manifested His pleasure
with my decisions. That week, He
blessed us with big Yamaha organ
sales. I was fabbergasted! The sup-
plying company’s dictated margin
of proft was equivalent to one year
of my college teaching salary! The
enrollment in my Music Studio also
multiplied. God affrmed my deci-
Such manifestation of God is quite
signifcant for me. Answered prayers
gave me a special feeling of being
cared for, and of being loved by the
Lord. They added block after block
to build my faith.
The Lord became the center-focus
of all my activities, my recreation,
and my monetary and business deci-
A Revolutionized Prayer Life
Experiencing a deepening union
with God in prayer was a very excit-
ing discovery! Prayer became a bask-
ing in the joy of His presence! The
prayer of repentance, of silence, of
adoration, of love, of peace, of praise
and thanksgiving, and of contempla-
tion of Jesus’ life and Passion in the
Rosary became a celebration in being
with God. The very longings of my
heart – that deeper love-relationship
with Him which I have searched
for all my life was now unfolding.
Alleluiah! That was never attained
before, and I found out that my spiri-
tual struggle then was a mere striving
of my limited human power devoid
of my empowering of the Holy
Spirit. Wow! I said to myself. “So
we ordinary mortals can experience
God in the same way as saints or
contemplatives do! What a beautiful
discovery! Thanks to the Charismatic
Renewal for introducing the Holy
Spirit to us!
Months after, this style of praying
would face the test. Our 7-year-old
Vincent, our youngest, was para-
lyzed. I was pleading to the Lord to
heal him.
On the 3rd day, he just jumped
out of bed saying, “Papa, Mama, I
can walk, I can run now!” God had
healed him!
I was flled with praise and thanks-
giving to the Lord, for His compas-
sionate love for His people!
It was in this prayer context
also when I began to discover that
God speaks to us in the silence of
adoration. One of these experiences
proved to me the Lord’s concern
for the poor. He said to me “If you
really love Me, then love My poor
A New Perspective of Valuing
With the new habit of studying
and refecting on God’s words in
the Scripture, our Lord moved me
to examine more areas of my life
especially in my relationships with
my family and with other people.
Before, forgiving those who have
injured or hurt me was most diffcult,
now the Holy Spirit’s action brought
me to daily repentance, to the gift of
humility in swallowing my pride and
reconciling with my family members
and people.
With God’s love, I was chang-
ing day by day, that my husband
made this remark, “Wow, what a
tremendous change in you! What has
Charismatic Renewal done to you?”
But I was intensely praying for him
to mellow down too.
Indeed, goodness, love, and pa-
tience had overfowed to them. The
Lord pointed out to me the things
wrong in the past: my negative at-
titude with my husband, hence, the
confict in our relationships. Where
I took him for granted and saw only
his weakness and faults, this time, I
focused on his strengths and virtues,
and I affrmed his goodness. As a re-
sult, his endearing ways came back,
rekindling the love gone cold into
faming intimacy again with each
other. This new found Godly love
and its results later on convinced
this lawyer-husband of mine to stop
criticizing the Charismatic Renewal
and eventually attracted him to seek
spiritual renewal too.
Refecting on this later, I under-
stood why Jesus does not allow
divorce. He knows that when a
couple makes Him the center-focus
of their home, love will fourish,
strengthening it to embrace will-
ingly life’s crosses. He gives fdelity
great rewards of spiritual, material
consolations in the form of harmony,
success, fulfllment and joyful and
peaceful old age.
Hence, when couples with mar-
riage problems come to me for help,
I recommend to them to go back
to the source of love –God who is
Love, and that love will overfow to
their family and to others.
A Happy Family
I realized just on time that our
growing teenaged children were feel-
ing so constricted by our parenting
tyranny and their unexpressed rebel-
lion were just waiting to explode.
After that spiritual conversion, our
understanding love for them over-
fowed. The nagging and sermon-
izing were changed to friendly chats,
and the virtues we hoped emulated
became internalized through a gentle
osmosis. Our family became a happy
one. When they came home from
college, the house was full of joyful
noise of laughter, and the house
often reverberated with the music
of piano, organ and singing from
the whole family. Hence, after
Christmas 1985, when our second
daughter Ma.Theresa, a graduate
in Music from UST, Magna Cum
Laud (excuse the mother’s pride!)
was bidding us goodbye to become a
religious nun, she was crying.
“Hija, why? What is it that you fnd
painful to give up?” I asked.
“We have become a happy family,
Mama. I will miss this joyful togeth-
“Go and answer the call of God.
Your happiness will be ours too.”
Thanks to God, she said her
Perpetual Vows in 1995. This happy
nun is now the head of the Music and
Culture Dept. of Quezon City’s St.
The Open Doors
On my 43rd birthday, (6 months
after CLSS), I fell asleep during my
prayer while I was asking the Lord
the right ministry to get in. Then I
dreamt we were in a university on
top of a hill (Ateneo, I guess because
we just had our ‘Maturing in the
Spirit Seminar’ there). There, the
Lord pointed to me where to go: to
a white mansion on top of another
mountain. But to get there, I had to
fnd a door and only one was avail-
able to me among the many, that of
the students’ door. And I found my-
self later in a jungle where I was in
fear, but my faith made me continue
my journey until I reached a narrow
When I was about to pass through
that dimly lighted, narrow door, I



SLunIey VIIIuvIcencIo Is u murrIed Iuyperson wIo Is u IIvIng wILness Lo LIe mIrucuIous power oI DIvIne
Mercy. He Is noL un orduIned prIesL or deucon, LIus mosL peopIe sImpIy cIoose Lo cuII IIm "BroLIer
¡n 1qq¸ SLunIy wus Iound In bed bIeedIng proIuseIy Irom LIe mouLI by one oI IIs IumIIy members. He wus
rusIed Lo LIe IospILuI. AILer u Lremendous Ioss oI bIood SLunIey wenL InLo u deep comu und soon uILer wus
decIured cIInIcuIIy deud. HIs IumIIy reIused LIe IospILuI Lo pIuce IIm In LIe morgue. TIey dId, Iowever,
order IIs coIIIn und mude urrungemenLs Ior IIs IuneruI. SuddenIy uILer ¸ duys, Ie woke up uL 8AM In
perIecL IeuILI!
WIIIe Ie Iuy 'deud` SLunIey suys Ie spoke wILI Jesus. As Ie dIed, LIe IIrsL Imuge Ie suw wus LIe Imuge oI
CIrIsL us LIe DIvIne Mercy. SLunIey revIewed IIs IIIe ¸ LImes us Jesus wuLcIed, seeIng DOO LIe good LIIngs
Ie Iud done und DOO IIs sIns Loo. Jesus usked IIm II Ie wus wIIIIng Lo go buck Lo HIs peopIe und preucI LIe
messuge oI DIvIne Mercy Lo u worId In dIre need oI mercy. SLunIey suId "yes" und uwoke ImmedIuLeIy - IIs
IeuILI IuIIy resLored.
SInce 1qq¸ Ie Ius spoken neurIy ;ooo LImes In IIs eIIorLs Lo evungeIIze - uII over LIe worId. AL LIe
cunonIzuLIon oI SL. ¡uusLInu In Rome In LIe yeur zooo SLunIey guve IIs LesLImony Lo ¸6 CurdInuIs, ¸8
bIsIops, und muny prIesLs.
Muny IeuIIngs Iuve come durIng LIe veneruLIon oI LIe DIvIne Mercy Imuge LIuL SLunIey Lukes wILI IIm
everywIere Ie goes. TIe veneruLIon comes uL LIe end oI SLunIey`s presenLuLIon.
SLunIey Ius been IuIIy InvesLIguLed, upproved, und endorsed by LIe proper oIIIcIuIs
In LIe CuLIoIIc CIurcI us IoIIows:
‡ Approved by Lwo CurdInuIs und zz BIsIops In LIe PIIIIppInes
‡ SLunIey wus InvILed und guve IIs LesLImony Lo ¸6 CurdInuIs und ¸8 bIsIops
In Rome uL LIe cunonIzuLIon oI SL. ¡uusLInu In Rome In LIe yeur zooo
‡ ¡uIIy InvesLIguLed und upproved by IIs IocuI ordInury, RIcurdo J CurdInuI
V¡DA¡, ArcIbIsIop oI Cebu, PIIIIppInes.
‡ Endorsed by ¡r. SerupIIm MIcIuIenko, DIrecLor oI LIe ¡nLernuLIonuI
DIvIne Mercy Crusude In SLockbrIdge MA, USA

BroLIer SLunIey VIIIuvIcencIo Irom LIe PIIIIppInes wIII be gIvIng
u LesLImonIuI presenLuLIon oI IIs IIIe, deuLI und IIIe-uILer-deuLI
experIence Lo us, Lo sIure LIe messuges Ie receIved und conLInues
Lo receIve Lo LIIs duy Irom LIe DIvIne Mercy. CounLIess bIessIngs
und gruce Irom LIe DIvIne Mercy usIng IIm us HIs IuILIIuI servunL
Iud been ouLpourIng durIng IIs mInIsLry worIdwIde.
Feb 23, Thursday, 6-9 PM @ St. Michael’s Parish,
2643 Homedale, San Diego, CA 92139
Contact: Violy Daen, 619.436.8481
For the latest schedule of Bro. Stanley Villavicencio’s testimony
and presentations in San Diego County for the Week of
Feb 20-25, 2012, please call Zari Cruz at 619.8902789
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But seek first his kingdom and
his righteousness, and all these things
will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33
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Enjoy young and adult learning experiences
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Virginia Ferrer: 15 years teaching Filipino in different schools in the district of
Sweetwater. Writes poems for local newspapers: Philippines and Asian Report (Lawiswis
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Gloria Guilas: 12 years teaching Filipino in San Diego Mesa Community College,
World Language (Filipino and ASL) High School Teacher for the last 15 years, San Diego
Unified School District, Member, Subpanel for BCLAD in Filipino for the Commission On
Teacher Credentialing, CA (1994-1996)
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If you are not a grandparent
you will still love this. If you
are it shows how precious
the babies are and what we
mean to them.

(Taken from papers written by a
class of 8-year-olds)

Grandparents are a lady and a man
who have no little children of their
own. They like other people’s.

A grandfather is a man, & a grand-
mother is a lady!

Grandparents don’t have to do
anything except be there when we
come to see them. They are so old
they shouldn’t play hard or run. It
is good if they drive us to the shops
and give us money.

When they take us for walks, they
slow down past things like pretty
leaves and caterpillars.

They show us and talk to us about
the colors of the fowers and also
why we shouldn’t step on ‘cracks.’

They don’t say, ‘Hurry up.’

Usually grandmothers are fat but
not too fat to tie your shoes.

They wear glasses and funny

They can take their teeth and gums

Grandparents don’t have to be

They have to answer questions like
‘Why isn’t God married?’ and ‘How
come dogs chase cats?’

When they read to us, they don’t
skip. They don’t mind if we ask for
the same story over again.

Everybody should try to have a
grandmother, especially if you don’t
have television because they are the
only grownups who like to spend
time with us.

They know we should have snack
time before bed time, and they say
prayers with us and kiss us even
when we’ve acted bad.



It’ funny when they bend over; you
hear gas leaks, and they blame their

Send this to other grandparents,
almost grandparents, or heck, send it
to everyone. It will make their day.
Food for Thought
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What is a grandparent?
(In relation to my previous article,
dated 2/10/2012, Manny Cabildo
sent in this clippings from Vatican
(Herald Malaysia) by e-mail for
publication in the Asian Journal,
San Diego as an update on the
protest of Catholic heirarchy against
the administration.)

President of US bishops unleash-
es his wrath on Obama adminis-

Published on: February 11, 2012 at
13:21 PM
VATICAN (Herald Malaysia): The
head of the US Catholic Church has
unleashed thunder on the “bible”
of the fnancial community against
the White House. “The government
should not force Americans to act
as if pregnancy were a disease to be
avoided at all costs.”
Cardinal Timothy Dolan put pen
to paper and in a harsh statement
published in the Wall Street Jour-
nal, asserted the right of the US
Episcopate to protest against the
pro-contraception healthcare plan
presented by the Obama administra-
tion. Obama is engaged in a tough
battle to get re-elected in next No-
vember’s elections. The day before
Dolan’s “thunder” came crashing
down via the Wall Street Journal,
William McGurn recalled that in
2008, Barack Obama had obtained
the majority vote among Catholics.
But now many Catholics who once
supported Obama are “scandalised”
by the Department’s decision.
Among them are people such as
the rector of the University of Notre
Dame, Fr John Jenkins, who has
been strongly criticised for inviting
the President to make a speech and
for awarding him a degree honoris
causa. In an article published on the
Wall Street Journal, McGurn pointed
out the paradox of the fact that “the
decision was imposed by a Catholic
health and human services minis-
ter, Kathleen Sebelius, who works
alongside Catholic Vice-President,
Joe Biden.” The leader of US bish-
ops pointed the fnger at the White
House, using a tone that left no room
for interpretation. “The Catholic
Church defends the religious free-
dom of everyone, including the free-
dom of conscience” – the President
of US.bishops wrote in the American
fnancial paper. The Amish do not
take out
and the
It also
of Quak-
ers and
Christian Scientists.
The Obama administration has not
shown the same respect, however,
for the beliefs of Catholics and oth-
ers who do not see pregnancy as a
disease.” The newly elected cardinal,
Dolan, condemns “the erosion of
our primary freedom.” The Catholic
Church does not want to be forced
to pay for contraception. “Religious
freed om in the United States is at
risk,” Fr John Flynn, a Legionary
of Christ, commented to Zenit news
agency. The federal government of
the United States’ decision to put
pressure on Churches to reimburse
contraception expenses has attracted
a wave of criticism.” Cardinal Dolan
spoke categorically, “President
Obama is basically telling us we
have a year to work out how we are
going to violate our consciences.”
He pointed out that the law means
that sterilisation and contraceptives
that induce abortion will necessar-
ily be included in health care plans.
The new national healthcare law
approved by Washington’s Con-
gress, leaves it up to the Health and
Human Services Department (HHS)
to decide which institutions will be
exempted from having to pay for the
contraceptive care expenses of their
employees, covered by their respec-
tive health insurance plans.
It was Pope Benedict XVI who set
the way for the US Church’s bioethi-
cal & #8220;crusade.” “It is crucial
that the entire Catholic community
of the United States be aware of the
serious threats posed to the Church’s
public moral testimony by a radical
secularisation that is expressing
itself more and more through politics
and culture.” The Pope fnds “certain
attempts to limit America’s most
respected freedom, the freedom of
religion, particularly worrying.” De-
spite Pope Benedict XVI’s appeal,
on January 20, the Pope announced
that although Churches will be
exempt, other associations linked
to the Church, such as hospitals
and charities, will not be, and will
therefore have to reimburse their
The only concession made by the
Ministry is that employers have been
given until August 2013 to adjust to
the law. This pushes their obligation
to get in line with the law forward to
the next elections. In a statement, the
Health Minister Kathleen Sebelius
said, “I believe that this solut ion
is a good balance between show-
ing respect for religious freedom
and increasing access to important
preventive health care services.”
It is not just Catholics protesting.
60 Protestant and Orthodox Jewish
representatives have written a letter
to Obama, asking him not to force
all private insurance companies to
provide cover for contraception and
sterilisation. “It is certainly not just
Catholics who are so deeply opposed
to having to pay health insurance
policies that cover abortion contra-
ception expenses,” they wrote. “We
believe that the federal government
is obliged by the First Amendment
to meet the beliefs of all types of
religious organisations half way,
whether these are Catholic or not.”
Even one of America’s most
“liberal” cardinals, the Emeri-
tus Archbishop of Los Angeles,
Roger Mahony, has taken a hard line
against Obama. “I cannot imagine
a more a direct, head-on attack
against the freedom of conscie nce.
Personally I do not believe there is
any fundamental principle that is
more important than this, just as the
Presidential and Congress election
campaigns begin.” The Washington
Post also condemned the Obama ad-
ministration’s decision, saying that
the President “pretended to give in
to making a compromise, by giving
employers one more year to work
out how to get in line with the new
law. It is an unproductive game that
does nothing to solve the bottom line
problem which is asking religiously
affliated institutions to spend their
money on something that goes
against the principles of their faith.”
Furthermore, “requiring an employer
with religious affliations to spend
their own money on something that
violates their religious principles
does not constitute a satisfactory
agreement.” -- Vatican Insider
Joe C.Son, bigdadsd619@yahoo.
com, San Diego, CA
President of US bishops un-
leashes his wrath on Obama
Cardinal Timothy Dolan
“The government should
not force Americans to
act as if pregnancy were
a disease to be avoided
at all costs.” -- Cardinal
Timothy Dolan
By Alexis Romero (The Philippine
Star) Updated February 16, 2012
12:00 AM Comments (14)
MANILA, Philippines - Four new
combat utility helicopters acquired
from two foreign frms have arrived
in the country, the military said
Armed Forces deputy chief for
plans and programs Maj. Gen. Roy
Deveraturda said the helicopters ar-
rived at Clark Airbase in Pampanga.
“We can use these for transport-
ing troops, air evacuation of the
wounded or disaster response,”
Deveraturda told reporters in Camp
Aguinaldo in Quezon City.
Air Force spokesman Lt. Col.
Miguel Okol said the helicopters
were purchased from Augusta PZL
Swidnik of Italy and Poland.
Okol said four more combat utility
helicopters from Augusta PZL Swid-
nik are expected to arrive in the last
quarter of the year.
The eight helicopters are worth
P2.8 billion.
Okol said the “Sokol” (Polish
for “falcon”) helicopter is an ideal
air asset since it can be ftted with
equipment depending on its mission.
He said the helicopters are night-
vision goggle-capable and equipped
with an SN 350 Autopilot.
Each Sokol helicopter can accom-
modate 10 passengers and reach
a maximum range of 402 nautical
miles in a single fight with airspeed
of 140.5 knots.
The Air Force has 40 operational
utility helicopters in its inventory.
Some P3.4-billion worth of mili-
tary modernization projects will be
completed this year. The projects
include the delivery of eight combat
utility helicopters, three multi-
purpose attack craft, equipment for
coast watch stations, and 33 multi-
purpose rocket launchers for the
Presidential Security Group.
New combat
choppers ar-
rive in Clark
ROOM FOR RENT. Quiet Neigh-
borhood in National City.
No smoking. No drugs.
Page 20 February 17-23, 2012 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
Investments’ Emerging Mar-
kets Group: “We believe in
commodities, whether nickel,
iron ore or coal.
That’s where the Philippines’
potential is.” However, Mr. Mo-
bius seems not to care about how
these mining applications in places
like Panay and Guimaras Islands
will affect environmentally critical
areas inhabited by indigenous
people. It seems the quest for
proft is greater than the care
for his fellow man.
How can we Filipinos fght
these individuals high in the
government monarchy? It
really depends on leadership
and governance of our country.
Everyone is corrupt, as our
so-called leaders are little more
than thieves, liars, crooks,
plunderers, scam, opportun-
ists, smugglers and tax cheats.
While proponents of mining
operations, including Libertad
Mayor Norberto Raymundo and
Mayor Jonathan Tan of Pandan, utter
some nonsense about giving short
term employment to the residents
and supporting responsible mining,
we all know these are just sound
bites meant to cover their motiva-
tions and justify their behavior.
During the Arroyo administra-
tion we were witness to the political
backing and fnancial support of the
mining industry, despite the com-
munities in the Philippines broadly
opposing these transnational mining
corporations (TNCs). Since 1995,
the private banks and other fnancial
institutions have grown every year
and become large-scale operations,
proliferating all over the country.
These mining TNCs intend to cover
the whole archipelago with their
mining projects and plunder the
country’s mineral resources in order
to rake in billions in proft.
And who is there to protect us?
Surely not the government, which
has supported these intensifed
operations. Mayor Tan even claims
that minerals and natural resources
are God’s gifts; this is a poor attempt
to justify his supporting the utter
destruction of communities. Fortu-
nately, those affected by the mining
have remained valiant and steadfast
in their struggle against them, and
such opposition continues to widen.
Mining in Northwest Panay,
albeit protected under various acts of
government mandates, is a scourge
and a travesty of the rights of the
The Northwestern Visayas Pen-
insula Park (NWPP)---declared as a
Natural Park per Presidential Procla-
mation No. 186 issued on April 15,
2002---by law must not be disturbed
by the current mining exploration in
the area. According to the Depart-
ment of Natural Resources, the
Park is home to diverse and en-
demic wildlife, including the Tarictic
Hornbill, the Negros Bleeding Heart
Pigeon, and the Serpent Eagle. This
protected peninsula covers the towns
of Libertad and Pandan in Antique
and the towns of Nabas, Malay, and
Buruanga in Aklan.
In spite of this law, mining contin-
ues, and there are still applications
for mining permits being fled even
in core protection zones.
Why in the world was permission
issued by the government offcials
of Antique to Mayor Jesry Palmares
of Passi City in Iloilo, the President
of Archlegan Mines Corp. (AMC)?
The exploration permit (EP) covers
the barangays of San Roque and
Pajo in Libertad, and barangays
Luhod-Bayang, Duyong,Tingib and
Mag-aba in the neighboring town
of Pandan. It was endorsed by the
regional MGB to its central offce
on June 30 for approval of the bu-
reau. Not only that, another Mining
company---JC Hartman Mines Inc.
(JCHMI) with Mayor Palmares and
others as incorporators---are also
interested in San Roque and four
other barangays of Libertad (the site
of Tudor Mineral Exploration Corp.)
for expansion of their mining proj-
ects. A Hong Kong national, Chan
Ka Che Ong, is the chairman of the
corporation. It is the extraction and
processing of metallic and nonmetal-
lic minerals including gold, copper,
chromite, manganese, iron, marble,
silica and limestone that attract these
individuals with one and only pur-
pose…to quench their own glorious
quest for the big moolah.
I am extremely concerned about
the mine’s familiar catastrophic
impacts on the environment and the
serious health vulnerability it creates
on the residents. Contamination
from the leakage of chemicals are
tremendous health risks. The deg-
radation of land and water resources
may last for decades. The fragility
of the ecosystem makes the environ-
ment hazardous that we pray for the
tide of public and political opinion
to turn and be against the continu-
ation of the mining venture in the
I am aware of the mining indus-
tries in the Philippines that had
been cited for human rights abuses
in local communities, especially to
indigenous people. Extra-judicial
killings of protestors and corruption
in the local, provincial and national
government are well-known. These
“judicial killings” of those who op-
pose rampant deforestation and min-
ing concessions had been tolerated
by corrupt politicos.
It is notoriously known that min-
ing companies have a very poor
record with regard to environmental
protection and clean up. There are
some 800 abandoned mines in the
Philippines which are not cleaned up
and damage is never fully reversed.
Water contamination is inevitable.
With some mine areas close to the
sea, damage to valuable marine
resources is a constant threat.
the DNR and other departments in
the Philippine government that are
overlooking the mining industry in
our country can be trusted. But nay!
Thus the elites with their dominance
towards exploitative behavior
cannot be controlled. Now, the
mining approval in Libertad and
Pandan can only be aborted if our
government offcials can be cured
from their pathological greed for
more spondulicks than is needed.
Who are we to blame? Those
people we have elected to lead
us are the ones we must fault.
They are shallow because they
have become enslaved by gross
materialism, by the glitter of gold
and its equivalents. For whatever
reason, they think that only the
material goods on this earth can
satisfy them and they must therefore
grab as much as they can while they
are able to.
It’s a never-ending controversy be-
tween the mining industry claiming
economic benefts and the citizens
who oppose the mine, pointing out
its lasting major environmental and
health hazards.
The interest of mining frms to
venture into Antique remains as a
confagration in the region. I am
absolutely happy of the popular sup-
ports from the Antiquenos and the
residents of nearby provinces who
have overwhelmingly expressed the
bad effects of large-scale mining. I
hope we shall be victorious in our
“No Mining in the Northwest Panay
Peninsula” campaign.
in the capital of the province, San
Jose de Buenavista. An appeal to
the Honorable Governor Exequiel
Javier to reconsider his support of
mining in Libertad/Pandan was
I am one of the sons of Pandan.
This is my home region, and as we
Antiquenos of indigenous origin
would claim, we are all Pandan-
anons, born to the place and grew up
in it. We are children of the great
outdoors where our mountains are
endless and forested, where Pandan
boasts of its eco-tourist attractions,
like the Malumpati Health Spring
and Tourist Resort and the Bugang
River, which won the national award
of “Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran”
as the cleanest inland body of water
in the Philippines. Every tourist
will be amazed and impressed by
the river’s blue, clear, and tranquil
water that illuminates its purity. For
heaven’s sake, let no one poison our
land and our waters!
View from Buruanga, Aklan
By Zena Sultana Babao
tephen Coonts, New
York Times bestsell-
ing author, wrote: “The
greatest triumph of the mind
in the history of man is the
passing of ideas across the
abyss of time.” Jim Rohn, a
top motivational speaker, also
wrote: “Ideas are life-chang-
ing. The ideas you grab hold
of today, and act upon, can
make all the difference in the
fulfllment of your dreams.”
In my journey through life, I have
gleaned some ideas/observations that
I enjoy sharing. Live, love, laugh –
and dance while the music’s playing!

* * *
Dreams are journeys that take
us from familiar shores, strengthen-
ing our hearts and empowering our
* * *
If you have never felt ground
under with despair and grief, you
have not really lived.
* * *
Trying to get success is not
easy. Holding on to success is even
more diffcult. Hold on!
* * *
Most of the shadows in this
life are caused by basking in our
own light.
* * *
Your greatest blessings are
on the other side of your struggles.
Your greatest triumphs are on the
other side of failure.
* * *
Prayer is not a spare wheel
that we do when in trouble. It is a
steering wheel that directs our right
path through life.
* * *
Do you know why a car’s
windshield is so large and the
rearview mirror so small? Because
the past is not as important as the
future, so look ahead and move on.
* * *
Friendship is like a book. It
takes a few seconds to burn, but
years to write.
* * *
All things in life are tempo-
rary. If going well, enjoy it, for they
won’t last forever. If going wrong,
don’t worry about it. They won’t last
long either.
* * *
Often when we lose hope and
think it’s the end, God smiles from
above and says, “Relax, my child,
it’s just a bend along your way, and
not the end!”
* * *
When God solves your prob-
lems, you have faith in His abilities.
When God doesn’t solve your prob-
lems, He has faith in your abilities.
* * *
Question: “Can there be any-
thing worse than losing your sight?”
Answer: “Yes, losing your vision.”
* * *
Worrying does not take away
tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away
today’s peace.
* * *
Ladies, your fragility and sen-
sitivity could be both your weakness
and your strength. Use them to your
* * *
Why can’t things ever shake
out easy? Life gives and life takes.
We simply never know nor can pre-
dict what will happen. Put up with
what life brings, do the best with the
hand you’re dealt, and hope!
* * *
If you are going to change
your life, give it a sense of urgency,
of impetus. Take the opportunity to
dance while the music is still play-
* * *
War – the easiest thing to start
and the hardest thing to end.
* * *
The great thing in this world
is not so much where we are, but in
what direction we are moving. Time
traveling is the greatest pleasure!
* * *
Everything changes, grows.
It’s the way of life, the way things
are meant to be.
* * *
Recognition of another’s tal-
ent is a talent in itself. Doing the
right thing is an end in itself.
* * *
There is no such thing as “the
real truth and nothing but the truth.”
Why? Perspective differs depending
on the speaker as well as the viewer.
One person’s truth is another per-
son’s fallacy.
* * *
How you look to other people
do not count nearly so much as how
you look to yourself, and to your
own personal integrity. Honesty
transcends artifce.
* * *
The older we get, the faster
time seems to pass. We each have
to fnd our dimensions, and be very
sure that what we are doing is really
what we want.
* * *
In our mad rush through life,
let’s not forget the lovely, valuable
moments. The spontaneous mo-
ments are always the best!
* * *
Life is like ice. Enjoy it be-
fore it melts!
Dance While the
Music’s Playing
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Anti-Mining ..
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Sign the Petition to Place the CASE Act in the November Ballot
Miracles of Di-
vine Mercy
(Continued from page 18)
trembled with fear. And I heard a
booming voice of the Lord: “My
child, do not be afraid, for I your
God am with you!”
1981: A Year of Stupendous Sun-
shine and Great Storms
That was a year of awards, of
achievements, of honors for the
entire family. Topping it all was the
success of our family concert to cel-
ebrate my parents’ 63rd wedding an-
niversary in Antique, and then later
in Iloilo and General Santos City.
Then by April, my eldest airline
pilot brother died of cancer. On June,
I underwent hysterectomy surgery.
On September 20, the greatest storm
struck my immediate family. Our
youngest son Vincent died (with
another boy) in a vehicular accident
of the Rotary’s ‘Father and Sons
Camping’. That death of a beloved
son, a pruning for me, manifested the
fruit of the Spirit in me. (Gal.5: 22-
26). I was not in anguish at all, but in
a total surrender to God’s will. The
result would have been a nervous
breakdown had God not renewed me
in His Spirit! It was a strong proof to
my family and to many people on the
value of renewal in the Spirit.
I believe nothing comes by ac-
cident, but are allowed by God for a
purpose. And that child’s death had
its own purpose. In fact, a strong
conversion for Johnny and my family
followed after that.
The Lord made Me Whole
The Lord continued to purify my
whole being. He started with my
spiritual healing, the healing of my
mind, intellect and emotions, the
healing of painful memories; then,
He healed my body too with surger-
ies of benign tumors (despite my
doctor’s prognosis and the fact that I
come from a cancer–prone family).
He showed me in dreams what He
was doing to form and to transform
me that I maybe whole. Then He
began to open doors for me to greater
spiritual possibilities and learning.
The Holy Spirit opened for me a
vast avenue of spiritual knowledge I
never knew before through Scripture,
inspired books, teaching sessions at
growth seminars, witnessing by re-
newed Christians, and even through
His inner locution messages with
me in my prayer and Bible refection
time. I learned from great healers
and writers like Agnes Sanford of
America that God is an active and
powerful reality, that He works
through us and not for us. And in
order for us to really beneft from His
ever-fowing graces and blessings,
we need to learn His ways. God’s
water of life can rush through us for
a healing or for answered prayers,
if our pipeline between God’s Spirit
and our spirit is intact. And how do
our pipelines get connected? When
we have faith in Him! Everyday, I
would ask the Lord to help me learn
to trust Him and to adapt my earthly
tabernacles to His Laws of Love
and Faith, so that I would be able to
experience His promised abundant
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. S
“Promised Land” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
PROMISEDLAND, the inspirational and difficult journey of two
Filipino cousins marrying U.S. Navy personnel for migration
and financial purposes. As a piece of the Filipino-American
experience, this story also applies to the lives of all people.
Excerpts from the book
“You must join the U.S. Navy so we can live abroad,” Isabel of-
ten told her boyfriend Lando as they walked in the park, weav-
ing dreams for their future together. He would just shrug his shoul-
ders in response. – from Chapter 1 – Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat
The clash of two cultures, Filipino and Mexican, had taken its toll. He
grew weary of the enchiladas, tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes
she prepared repeatedly. He longed for the Filipino dishes from his na-
tive land that he would always eat as a child. Teresa would not let him
cook his favorite adobo and tuyo (dried fish) due to their stinking up
the house. When he brought her to the Philippines, Teresa refused to
stay and sleep in their house in the barrio. “It is hot and there are liz-
ards on the ceiling,” she complained. – from Chapter 3 - Trophy Wife
“Let me make this clear with you again,” Ditas once told Romy when
he accosted her while tipsy from drinking with friends nearby. “I will
never marry you even if you are the last man on earth.” The friends
laughed hard and Romy retreated in shame. The next day he left town
and she didn’t hear from him until she received a letter from the United
States Naval Base in San Diego from her jilted suitor, now a mem-
ber of the U.S. Navy. – from Chapter 5 - The Last Man On Earth
One evening, when Romy and his friends were drinking in the house, Ditas
showedAndy the photo of Isabel. “Check her out, Andy,” she told him. “She’s
looking for a boyfriend here inAmerica.” “No way,” Andy replied. “I know what
she’s up to. She will just marry and leave me once she gets her green card.”
“But she’s very pretty,” Romy told his friend. “With your looks, you can never
have a wife as beautiful as her.” – from Chapter 8 – Pretty Girl’s Photo
“Is this your first time riding an
airplane?” her seatmate, a wom-
an in her fifties, asked Isabel.
“How did you know?” “Because
you’re holding your bag tightly
and you look scared. And also,
that huge envelope in plastic bag
contains the x-ray film carried
by first time immigrants.” Isabel
sheepishly smiled. – from Chap-
ter 12 – Land of Milk and Honey
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Books by Asian Journal San Diego
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“Betel Nuts & Other Stories” by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Entertaining and easy-to-read short stories inspired by a
Filipino’s experience in growing up in the Philippines.
Excerpts from the book
One day, however, the duckling went inside an opening under the house.
Borobot waited for it to come out but it did not. He kept waiting even when
it got dark, but there was no sign of the duckling. When his father came
home that evening, he told him about his missing duckling. His dad took a
flashlight and pointed it toward the opening. He inserted a long stick inside
and tried to stir it. They could hear some squealing but no quacking. Finally,
his dad told him the bad news: “The rats have eaten your duckling.” Borobot
cried and cried for a very long time. – from Chapter 2 – Childhood Tales
If there is a person that can aptly be called “the son of a bitch”, which in
Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, “the son of a whore” (“anak ng puta”), it
would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one of Eric’s playmates on Platerias Street where
Eric lived with his family on the second floor of his father’s printing business
in Manila in 1957. Tikboy’s mother, Purita, worked as a prostitute in a brothel
across the street from Eric’s house. – from Chapter 6 - Just Like Any Mother
Fromwhere he sat, he could tell Juanita had just bathed. Her hair was still damp
and the fragrant scent of her cheap bath soap wafted through the air. She hardly no-
ticed himas she was minding her own business. While he pretended to be concen-
trating on his reading, he would occasionally take a sneak peak at her, feasting his
eyes onall of her seductivebeauty. For ahot-bloodedfourteen-year-old, shewas not
just an object of curiosity. – fromChapter 9 – Fragrant Scent of Bath SoapAndAll
By the time they reached Platerias Street, everything was quiet. There was
hardly a soul in sight; it was ten minutes past midnight. Narding frantically ran
inside the brothel in search of Clarita, but he was told the Chinese took her just
ten minutes before. He ran outside towards P. Paterno Street. Finding no speed-
ing taxi, he ran back towards Carriedo Street, turned right towards Rizal Avenue,
hoping the taxi holding Clarita had broken down. Finally, a loud, agonizing cry was
heard all over in that quiet neighborhood of Quiapo. – fromChapter 11 – True Love
Everyone was looking up at the top of an electric post, where sparks of
light shone bright against the dark of the night. When the firemen trained the
spotlight to the top of the post, they saw
a body of a man lying on a wood across
the post. It was Fred, the drunkard pimp.
Without anybody noticing, he woke from
deep slumber and this time, success-
fully climbed the top of the post. He
was electrocuted while celebrating his
feat. – from Chapter 15 – A Day In The
Life Of The People Of Platerias Street
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“Philippine Homecoming & Other Memories”
An entertaining and easy-to-read account of a Filipino
American’s homecoming to the Philippines and the
interesting memories it triggered.
Excerpts from the book
Seeing the Philippines for the first time after many years would give any former
resident a “culture shock.” The roads, which looked to be wider before, appeared
narrow. The buildings and the streets, which were dilapidated and dirty before,
looked more dilapidated and dirty now. – Chapter 2 – Balikbayan Culture Shock
All of a sudden, the small kids from before were now grown up. Their
faces had changed, yet somehow looked familiar. Some of his relatives
who lived in a compound beside them had already died. Gone forever dur-
ing a span of just ten years were his maternal grandmother, three uncles,
two aunties and two cousins. – Chapter 3 – Like A Video Tape Experience
Their vehicle moved towards the man and again they asked: “Boss,
alam mo ba ang bahay ni Maning Bakla (Boss, do you know the resi-
dence of Maning, the homosexual?)?” The man looked serious and glumly
said: “Yes, I am Maning, what do you want?” They were embarrassed
as they were sure that Maning did not appreciate the unsavory nick-
name. – Chapter 6 – Maning Bakla And the Duty Free Shops In Manila
Therewas afull moonabove, andthey couldseeits reflections onthewater as
the waves slapped on the sand. They could feel the cool breeze kiss their face, the
warmwater wet their feet. On that cold December evening in Maryland Beach Re-
sort inNasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, they wantedtofreezetimeandenjoy every
moment of their stay – Chapter 10 – Nasugbu Market PlaceAnd The IUDBBQ
Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas proved to be an innovative mayor; for
example, he introduced the free elementary and high school education in
the city, the first of its kind in the country. He was also a poet in the ver-
nacular; at every opportunity, he would recite or talk in the form of a poem
he himself composed. In answer to his critics, he once said: “Marami ang
nagtatanong kung bakit ako tumutula, bakit, ang tula ba ay masama (Many
are asking why I am reciting a poem, why, is a poem bad)?” Chapter 17
– When “Gatpuno” Villegas warmed his “Salumpuwit” at Maharnilad
Their playmates from the barrio were cautious and made a sign of
the cross when passing ant hills, which they would call “nuno sa punso”.
They would reverently say, “Makikiraan, po (Please allow us to pass!)!”
Chapter 31 - Nuno Sa Punso And Other Weird Provincial Experiences
The boys, usually five at a time, would line up and march without their pants
towards the rice fields at the back of the house. They would pass by a guava
tree, pull out several leaves and wash
them in the artesian well. Once in the
field, the quack doctor would hammer
a stake into the ground made of a
branch of a guava tree with the other
end bent towards the boy. – Chapter
34 - Circumcision: Why Do Some
Boys Walk Bow-Legged During
Summertime In The Province?
To order a copy, send $13.95 (mailing cost included) to Asian
Journal San Diego. 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City,
CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588
For more information, e-mail
To order copies through the Internet, go to, go to
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. S
“Complicated Affairs” By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
The colorful and incredible story of a Filipino American’s complicated affairs.
Excerpts from the book:
How did you know Richard?” she asked. Danny was fast to the draw. “I
produced his shows there,” he lied. He could see Menchie, the movie star, was
impressed. “And I can also produce your show,” he continued the charade. She
was pleased. “Do you think people will pay just to watch me? “Why, are we going to
charge them?” he asked instead. Menchie was aghast, but realized he was joking.
She hit himon the shoulder. He knewthe ice was broken. – Chapter 2 : Movie Star
“So howare you doing?” Danny was pleased to hear fromJuanita. “I amokay,
how about you?” “So-so,” he replied. “I’ve missed you,” his playboy persona took
over again. “Really?” she asked. “I have something to tell you.” “What? “ Danny
was rejuvenated. He had not dated for a while and was eager to do so. He saw
an opportunity with Juanita. “I just gave birth to a baby girl.” “Congratulations,”
Danny said. “Are you sexy again?” He was hoping to renew their relationship
but was unsure about it since she was with her husband. Juanita did not answer
his question; instead, she said, “And it’s yours.” – Chapter 3 :Another Child
“This is Mindy,” Diaz introduced a pretty twenty-five year old girl to him when
he arrived at the dock. “She’s Digna’s sister.” Mindy shyly extended her right hand
which Danny shook. He noticed that Digna was teasing her sister, as though there
was a pre-arranged plan between Diaz and the two girls unbeknownst to him. Later
on, during the course of the fishing trip, he discovered the plan: Digna wanted
Danny to hook up with her sister. “Marry my sister,” Digna told him as they ate
lunch aboard the boat in the middle of the bay. “So she can migrate to America.”
She knew Danny was a divorced American citizen. – Chapter 5: Gone Fishin’
Danny called up his friend Pepito and asked for ideas on how to best help
Kate. Pepito was the brother of his comedian friend, Elvis, one of the top enter-
tainers in the Philippines at that time. “Jackpot ka, pare (You’ve got a jackpot,
friend),” Pepito told Danny. “She is a gold mine.” “What do you mean?” “We
can set her up with rich Chinese men playing at the casinos and charge them
at least 50,000 pesos to spend the night with her. I am sure many of them
would be willing to spend that much just to be with a beautiful white girl like
Kate. We will get our commission afterwards.” – Chapter 8 : Leading Lady
After Danny gave him her name, the clerk spent a few minutes in the com-
puter. “That’s it,” the clerk said afterwards. “She has pension due her, and you
are entitled to it!” Danny was surprised. He didn’t expect this bounty. “How much
do you think you will get?” the clerk asked him. Danny was hesitant to give him
an amount. He was happy to get $100 a
month. That would go a long way espe-
cially if one was living in the Philippines.
“One hundred dollars,” he answered.
“That’s way too low, make it higher.”
“Three hundred?” “Way too low.” “Five
hundred?” “Still very low.” “Howmuch?”
he finally asked. “Try fourteen hundred
dollars.” He could not believe what
he heard. – Chapter 9 : Windfall
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
The inspirational and difficult
journey of two Filipino cousins
marrying U.S. Navy personnel for
migration and financial purposes.
As a piece of the Filipino-American
experience, this story also applies to
the lives of all people.
Excerpts from the book
“You must join the U.S. Navy so we
can live abroad,” Isabel often told her
boyfriend Lando as they walked in the
park, weaving dreams for their future
together. He would just shrug his
shoulders in response. – from Chapter
1 – Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat
“Betel Nuts
& Other
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Entertaining and easy-to-read
short stories inspired by a Filipino’s
experience in growing up in the
Excerpts from the book
If there is a person that can aptly be
called “the son of a bitch”, which in
Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase,
“the son of a whore” (“anak ng puta”),
it would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one
of Eric’s playmates on Platerias Street
where Eric lived with his family
on the second floor of his father’s
printing business in Manila in 1957.
Tikboy’s mother, Purita, worked as a
prostitute in a brothel across the street
from Eric’s house. – from Chapter
6 - Just Like Any Mother
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
An entertaining and easy-to-read
account of a Filipino American’s
homecoming to the Philippines and
the interesting memories it trig-
Excerpts from the book
Seeing the Philippines for the
first time after many years would
give any former resident a “culture
shock.” The roads, which looked
to be wider before, appeared nar-
row. The buildings and the streets,
which were dilapidated and dirty
before, looked more dilapidated
and dirty now. – Chapter 2 – Ba-
likbayan Culture Shock
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
The colorful and incredible story
of a Filipino American’s compli-
cated affairs.
Excerpts from the book:
How did you know Richard?” she
asked. Danny was fast to the draw. “I
produced his shows there,” he lied.
He could see Menchie, the movie
star, was impressed. “And I can also
produce your show,” he continued the
charade. She was pleased. “Do you
think people will pay just to watch
me? “Why, are we going to charge
them?” he asked instead. Menchie
was aghast, but realized he was jok-
ing. She hit him on the shoulder. He
knew the ice was broken. – Chapter
2 : Movie Star
Tula ng
mga Piling
By Joe Cabrera
Excerpts from the book
Mayrong isang tao, ito’y “impresa-
Na ang hanap buhay, maglabas ng
floor show
Minsa’y nag-advertise, ng bihirang
Na naiba naman, diyan sa ordi-
May isang dumating, nag-prisinta
Ang mga ibon daw, kanyang na-
Kay daling gawin niya, ang sabi sa
Marami na ko nyan, alis ka na muna
Magre-reklamo pa, itong tao sana
Nguni’t itong boss, medyo napika pa
Kaya’t itong tao, kagyat umalis na
Sa bintana’ng daan, lumipad pag-
Balik Tanaw:
The Filipino
Movie Stars
of Yesteryears
by Dr. Romy Protacio
Lives and Loves of the Filipino
Movie Stars of Yesteryears
Tidbits from this book your
inquiring mind wants to know:
How many children does Tessie
Agana have?
Who are the two movie star cousins
of Robert Arevalo?
Whose autograph of a famous come-
dian Perla Bautista sought that led her
to become a movie star?
What physical attributes did Bernard
Bonnie have that made him a top
sprinter in college?
Who is the other movie star brother
of Robert Campos?
Who was the Manila couturier that
was instrumental in making Charlie
Davao a movie star?
Who was the top actor Myrna Del-
gado had an affair with that produced
a love child?
Who was the legendary actor who
gave Dolphy his first break in the
How did Amalia Fuentes get her
last name?
Get all the answers in this book,
“Balik Tanaw:
The Filipino Movie Stars
of Yesteryears”!
ScienceDaily (June 28, 2011) —
That panicked feeling we get when
the family pet goes missing is the
same when we misplace our mobile
phone, says a Kansas State Univer-
sity marketing professor. Moreover,
those feelings of loss and hopeless-
ness without our digital companion
are natural.
“The cellphone’s no longer just a
cellphone; it’s become the way we
communicate and a
part of our life,” said
Esther Swilley, who
researches technol-
ogy and marketing.
This reliance on
cellphones and other
mobile technology
in daily life is an
interest of Swilley’s,
and a phenomenon
she hopes to explain.
One long-term
study has Swil-
ley looking at the
attitudes people
have toward their
mobile phone and
how these attitudes
are infuenced by a user’s relation-
ship with their device. That attach-
ment, called mobile affnity, depends
on whether an owner views their
cellphone or smartphone as a device
that’s more fun than it is functional
or vice versa. Gaining insight into
this relationship could enable retail-
ers to better understand the con-
sumer mindset and could even make
it possible to market to consumers
individually based on their interests
and beliefs.
To fnd and collect this data, Swil-
ley uses a hotbed of information:
a college campus. She observes
how Kansas State students use and
respond to their phone, as well as
surveying students in her marketing
According to her data pool, the
majority of participants are between
ages 19-24, with 52 percent being
male. More importantly, 99 percent
Attachment to Cellphones More About Enter-
tainment, Less About Communication
own a mobile phone.
“Honestly I’m surprised this
wasn’t 100 percent,” Swilley said.
“People share other devices like
computers, but cellphones are an in-
teresting thing because we each have
our own. That individual ownership
is a really big deal for people.”
Swilley found that a majority
of the participants said they are
attached to their phone because of
its functionality as an entertain-
ment device rather than as a tool
that can communicate anytime and
anywhere. So it comes to no surprise
to Swilley that games are the most
downloaded application for cell-
phones, according to app stores.
What is surprising to her is that
study participants indicated their
mobile phone allowed for little to no
self-expression. This is odd because
while mobile phone owners have
said their phone is a part of them-
selves, it’s not a way they express
themselves, Swilley said. A future
study looking at what makes mobile
technology aesthetically pleasing
may eventually answer this, how-
With the adoption of more smart-
phones and the introduction of apps,
Swilley has noticed that for many
owners, their phone’s entertainment
factor has become a source of pride
and joy -- similar to that of a lovable
new pet.
“It’s sort of similar to when
people had those Tamagotchi pets
as children; cellphones are just the
adult version of that,” Swilley said.
“People don’t turn them off, are
constantly playing with them, and
want to show off the neat things the
phone can do.”
The concept for looking at con-
sumer attitudes toward
their phone stemmed
from the time Swil-
ley was employed at
BellSouth Corporation,
now a subsidiary of
AT&T Inc.
“Every employee
was given a BlackBer-
ry. Some of us weren’t
interested in having a
pager, so the phones
just sat there for some
time,” Swilley said.
“But when I left three
years later, I almost
cried because I had
to give up my Black-
Berry. It had become
a part of me and I was attached to
it. It was the way I communicated.
Today when I look at people now
with their cellphones I see the same
Swilley’s future mobile-related
studies include looking at:
Mobile coupon use and which sites
the majority of consumers use to get
these coupons.
How a user reacts when he or she
is making an online purchase on
their phone and receive an incoming
What it takes to make a functional
and appealing website that is only
visited via cellphones, including
how the design will look and how
it is standardized for various screen
ScienceDaily (Mar. 17, 2009) —
Romance does not have to fzzle out
in long-term relation-
ships and progress
into a companion-
love, a new study
has found. Roman-
tic love can last a
lifetime and lead to
happier, healthier
“Many believe that romantic love
is the same as passionate love,” said
lead researcher Bianca P. Acevedo,
PhD, then at Stony Brook University
(currently at University of California,
Santa Barbara). “It isn’t. Romantic
love has the intensity, engagement
and sexual chemistry that passion-
ate love has, minus the obsessive
component. Passionate or obsessive
love includes feelings of uncertainty
and anxiety. This kind of love helps
drive the shorter relationships but not
the longer ones.”
These fndings appear in the March
issue of Review of General Psychol-
ogy, published by the American
Psychological Association.
Acevedo and co-researcher Arthur
Aron, PhD, reviewed 25 studies with
6,070 individuals in short- and long-
term relationships to fnd out whether
romantic love is associated with
more satisfaction. To determine this,
they classifed the relationships in
each of the studies as romantic, pas-
sionate (romantic with obsession) or
friendship-like love and categorized
them as long- or short-term.
The researchers looked at 17 short-
term relationship studies, which
included 18- to 23-year-old college
students who were single, dating or
married, with the average relation-
ship lasting less than four years.
They also looked at 10 long-term
relationship studies comprising
middle-aged couples who were typi-
cally married 10 years or more. Two
of the studies included both long-
and short-term relationships in which
it was possible to
distinguish the
two samples.
The review
found that those
who reported
greater romantic
love were more
satisfed in both
the short- and
long-term relationships. Compan-
ion-like love was only moderately
associated with satisfaction in both
short- and long-term relationships.
And those who reported greater
passionate love in their relationships
were more satisfed in the short term
compared to the long term.
Couples who reported more sat-
isfaction in their relationships also
reported being happier and having
higher self-esteem.
Feeling that a partner is “there for
you” makes for a good relationship,
Acevedo said, and facilitates feelings
of romantic love. On the other hand,
“feelings of insecurity are generally
associated with lower satisfaction,
and in some cases may spark confict
in the relationship. This can manifest
into obsessive love,” she said.
This discovery may change peo-
ple’s expectations of what they want
in long-term relationships. According
to the authors, companionship love,
which is what many couples see as
the natural progression of a success-
ful relationship, may be an unneces-
sary compromise. “Couples should
strive for love with all the trim-
mings,” Acevedo said. “And couples
who’ve been together a long time
and wish to get back their romantic
edge should know it is an attainable
goal that, like most good things in
life, requires energy and devotion.”
Contrary to Widely Held
Beliefs, Romance Can Last in
Long-Term Relationships,
Say Researchers
Tomeo responds to disturbing
fndings and points to the root
15, 2011) – Research released yester-
day reveals that about 20 percent of
women are raped in their lifetime and,
in most cases, the attacker is someone
the woman knows, according to a new
survey on sexual violence from the
Centers for Disease Control and Preven-
tion (CDC). This frst ever study by
the CDC fnds that nearly one in fve
women has been raped in her lifetime,
one in four has experienced serious
physical violence from an intimate
partner at some point in her life and one
in six has been a victim of stalking. Men
have been victimized as well: About one
in seven reports an intimate partner has
been physically violent and one in 19
has been the victim of stalking. More
than a fourth of all male rape victims
were frst abused at age 10 or young-
er. “This study is another example of
how the culture is impacting women,
men and society as a whole,” said
Teresa Tomeo, bestselling author and
syndicated radio host. “It’s time that we
radically examine the infusion of nega-
tive images in TV, in music and other
media which corrupt the image of wom-
en and the dignity of the human person.
It’s not enough to be shocked by the re-
sults of the latest alarming study. What
are we going to do to change the culture
for the next generation?” The infor-
mation drawing response from various
agencies and organizations comes from
the ongoing National Intimate Partner
and Sexual Violence Survey; these 2010
results are from interviews with 9,086
CDC’s national
study on intimate
partner and sexual
violence confirms
need for Extreme
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It is Valentine’s day yet again and it is
time to think about the meaning of life
and love. The media and most of society
will be absorbed with the romantic
emotions of human attraction and their
connotations and sexual innuendoes.
They are not in themselves the essence
of a loving relationship. They are the
chemistry of human encounter, while
they are important and to be properly
valued, disciplined and hopefully guided
by respect.
Mostly, they can spin out of control
and dominate one’s life and lead to un-
happy consequences. Teenage pregnan-
cies frequently end in neglected, battered
and abandoned children. So much for red
hearts, roses, and brief and frequently
meaningless sexual encounters. Human
fulfllment and purpose of life is not
found in the mere physical exertions of
We need to examine deeper, more
enduring relationships that will give us
more full human experiences like mar-
ried love, love of family and children,
friendship and above all, the commitment
to serve others for no reward.
An examination of conscience and a
review of our behavior towards others
and ourselves is healthy and rewarding.
We should ask if we are really caring for
others or mostly satisfying ourselves. Too
much unhappiness comes from broken
homes, abandoned friendships, betrayal,
selfshness and an egotistical life.
The greatest challenge is to strive
towards the greatest love of all, the
unselfsh life of service that puts the care
and needs of others before ourselves.
It’s not easy but worth trying. Jesus of
Nazareth showed us the way towards the
highest form of love by his own life and
Of all great personalities in history,
he stands out above all because of his
ideal of love and because he offered it to
human kind as a way to save themselves
from evil, misery and unhappiness. He
showed and taught it by example by
loving his friends, the poor, the wretched
of the earth, the sick and the hungry and
above all, the oppressed that hungered
for justice and truth. His love was so
genuine and pure that he took his un-
swerving and uncompromising stand for
justice and right and he died for them.
He showed us the great love of friend-
ship and that there is no greater love than
to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.
That’s what he did in the end. He called
his disciples and helpers “friends”, not
servants. In fact, that love of unselfsh
service extended not only to his friends
and family but to the nation and the
world. He showed us that leadership is
based on humility and self-sacrifce. He
got down on his knees and washed the
feet of his band of brothers. Had there
been a band of sisters there, he would
have done it too.
A truly caring leader is a servant, not
a dominating tyrant ruling by force,
threats or anger. His personality radiated
compassion, concern, care and cure. His
friendship was open to all who came
calling, who trusted him and had faith
in his integrity and honesty. The love he
taught was one of self-sacrifce and not
self-satisfaction. In his life and friend-
ship, there was no place for superiority or
punishment, just giving respect and being
open and available to all irrespective of
race, color, age, gender, belief or religion,
rich or poor. He was there for all who
wanted to know him and be his friend
and join his mission to change the world.
Genuine love of the poor, integrity
and honesty, and doing what is just and
true is what’s lacking in our political,
economic, moral and religious leaders.
That is why there is so much corruption
and evil, poverty and injustice.
Many may present themselves as being
religious, but in fact they don’t follow
Christ. They may perform rituals and
rites but do not have the commitment to
bring about community transformation
and make this a happier and more just
world. It’s a diffcult challenge but one
worth striving for.
His ideal of love is not impossible for
ordinary people to imitate. Hundreds of
thousands of good people do live similar
heroic lives and many have died for just
causes serving the people as he did. Val-
entines Day ought to celebrate more than
romantic nonsense but genuine friendship
and commitment to a just cause. END
Valentines Day, Yet Again
Cast All Your Cares Upon Me (oil on canvas) by Joey Velasco
Jesus and Satan competed on the
They started typing.
They did reports, e-mails, attach-
ments and downloads.
But before the time was
up, Brownout came!
Satan cursed.
Jesus sighed.
When electricity was back, Satan
lost everything he had done.
But Jesus started printing all His
Satan shouted: YOU CHEATED!
Jesus just smiled because He did
what Satan didn’t know.
HE SAVES. :) Amen. ♥
Jesus Saves
life. (John 10:10).
Indeed, that key factor – faith
brought so many spiritual and mate-
rial blessings in our life. Hand in
hand with my spiritual growth was
our business’ growth too. Because
the Lord had planted us in business,
it became a training ground for my
faith to grow. He would allow tri-
als, and then out of it the answered
prayers would promote my faith. In
my unpublished book, I cited the cir-
cumstances of those faith-fostering
An Encounter With The Lord
Sometime in the 1980s, I asked in
prayer, “Lord, how can I be closer to
“Meditate on My Passion” was His
answer. These words reverberated
inside me. It was confrmed by many
incidents that week.
The following Friday, in Marbel
where we had a store, a sudden
brown out at 7:30 PM occurred, and
in the darkness I meditated on bed
on the Passion of our Lord – the Sor-
rowful Mystery of the Holy Rosary.
Meditate on His Passion
In each mystery, I contemplated
on the Sorrowful Passion of Jesus
for 15 minutes and the Hail Mary
in the beads became intermissions.
I began to feel the sorrows of Jesus
on each mystery, which culminated
on the 5th mystery –The Crucifxion.
When I repeated His words, “Father,
why have You forsaken Me?” I had
a vision of Jesus looking upwards in
great pain and loneliness! My heart
felt His forlorn state. I wept bitter
tears for my rejected and lonely God
– my Jesus! My Redeemer!
The Laughing Christ
Then after a while, the vision
changed into a new scene. I saw the
happy, loving Jesus seated in front
of a small table opposite me. His
shoulder-length hair combed without
parting showed His full handsome
face! At that intimate moment, I
thought I would ask from Jesus my
heart’s desire. But before I could
think, He said (all in thoughts) in a
jesting manner, “I know what you
will ask Me! You desire that your
children will marry real Christian
men and woman!”
“Ah, yes, Lord! Will you grant it?”
He did not say yes, nor no, but all
I could remember was His laughing
face with His white set of perfect
teeth as He was kidding me. The mu-
nicipal bell jolted me as it rang the
9:30 PM time cutting the vision.
I mentioned this encounter with
the Lord in a Cotabato City seminar.
Years later, I was surprised when a
lady from Cotabato City asked me
regarding the result of that encounter
with the Lord. “Have your children
married real Christian men?”
“Yes, in fact, our Ma.Theresa not
only ‘married’ a real Christian man,
but Christ Himself!” I explained that
she became a religious nun!
At this period of time, August
2003, all my 4 other girls (except the
youngest who is still single) married
read good Christian men, and Clem-
ent, our only son – a real Christian
Jesus granted my heart’s desire in
my encounter with Him!
Receiving An Award: A Prophetic
During the Martial Law Years
(1973-1985) of the Marcos ad-
ministration in the Philippines, the
economy was at its worst. Many
businesses closed down. Our Music
and Appliance business ebbed so
low too. In 1983’s very discourag-
ing days, I prayed, “Lord, shall we
survive these hard times?”
That night, I dreamt that I was the
honoree in a large ornate place. As I
gazed upon an offce-table-size beau-
tifully decorated cake, I saw a small
statue of myself ornately dressed in
pink. As I looked about the surround-
ings, I saw a large crucifx standing
at the back of the cake where my
statue was. I remarked: The success
of my entrepreneurship is due to Him
– my Lord Jesus! The dream faded.
Page 23 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at February 17-23, 2012
joint-partnership agreement between the
SBMA, the Aboitiz Power Corporation,
RP Energy, and the Taiwan Cogenera-
tion Corporation (TCC), call them "The
Power Company". The government
was to have a role as partner to monitor
compliance with safety and health stan-
dards, but that has been eliminated.
The government is just a lessor of the
public land for a measly give-away pit-
tance, no more than US$3.50 a sq meter
to be paid over 50 years. This is grossly
detrimental to the public interest, it is
worth vastly more than that and it smells
of a corrupt sweetheart deal. The present
SBMA board must rescind it.
The people will get nothing from the
profts or the lease but will, in effect,
pay for the plant which will damage
them and their environment. The rich
families will get richer and the poor will
get very sick.
Another provision of the Memoran-
dum of Understanding agreement was
that "The Company" would assist local
communities off-set any damage to
the environment and reduce the health
risk with “state of the art” technology.
But no written commitment as to what
would have been signed. Such health
problems has been clearly forecast and
acknowledged. A third provision agreed
upon was that low-cost electricity would
be supplied to the local communities
and the SBMA. None of these will hap-
pen. The plant will sell all its power to
the national grid.
As soon as the "The Company" got
the Environmental Compliance Certif-
cate (ECC) issued by higher authorities
under strange and questionable circum-
stances, "The Company" failed to sign
any binding contract with the SBMA.
They failed to show any evidence
of meeting the strict ECC standards.
Inexplicably, they mysteriously got the
fnal permit frst. The SBMA offcials
issued a Permit to Operate (PTO) before
the other necessary permits were issued.
The requirements for a PTO apparently
were waivered. Besides, all safety and
design requirements needed to qualify
for a Permit to Operate were allegedly
not complied with.
Also the original project application
stated that it would be a 300 Megawatt
coal plant and now they are trying to
get an extension of the ECC to double
the project to 600 Megawatt plant. The
ECC is only good for a 300 MW, it can't
cover a 600 MW. "The Company" must
start again and follow the requirements
to qualify for an ECC for a 600 MW.
The ECC for a 300MW plant is null and
void since they will build a 600 MW
plant, a project with double the hazards
to health and the environment.
The proponents of the coal plants are
trying to push for "Clean coal", "Green
coal, Safe coal", There is no such thing
as clean coal and don't believe the
proft-hungry companies that tell you
there is. All over the world, they are into
coal plants for the money, big profts
and all to be paid for by the tax payers.
Perhaps the government offcials
behind this coal plant are the saintly
exceptions and will never take a single
dollar in exchange for a signature. If
they are indeed true and honest people
of integrity with the best interests of
the Filipino people at heart, they will
join the protesting people and oppose
the project and allow the alternative
renewable energy projects to go ahead
instead. END
Pilot Pedestri-
an Ready Lane
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Gawad Geny
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CDC Study ..
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Bobbi Jones
City of San Diego
City of San Diego
Consolidated Plan Advisory Board Meeting
FY 2013 CDBG Entitlement Proposed Funding Recommendations
The City of San Diego is expecting a 21% reduction from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop-
ment (HUD) for the FY 2013 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement which is estimated
to be $10,703,022. In addition, to the CDBG Entitlement funds, the Redevelopment Agency’s Repayment of
$3,842,200 to the program will be used to fund eligible projects and programs approved for CDBG funding. This
represents an estimated total of $14,545,222 of CDBG funding available for the FY 2013 allocation process.
Notice is hereby given that a Consolidated Plan Advisory Board meeting has been scheduled to discuss and
make funding recommendations for FY 2013 CDBG applications. These recommendations are to be presented
to the City Council on a future date. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 8:00am and
will be continued on to Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 8:00 am in the North Terrace Rooms, 202 C Street, San
Diego, CA 92101.
To order information in an alternative format, or to arrange for a sign language or oral interpreter for the meetings,
please call the City Clerk’s office at least five (5) working days prior to the meeting at (619) 533-4000 (voice) or
(619) 236-7012 (TDD/TTY).
Public comments will be accepted during the meeting. In addition, written comments will be accepted at the
CDBG Program office (1200 Third Avenue, Suite 1400, San Diego, CA 92101) or by email (cdbg@sandiego.
gov) through February 23, 2012. All updates will be posted on the CDBG website (
FEB 10, 2012 $180
FEB 17, 2012 $180
TOTAL $360
women and 7,421 men. Researchers also
discovered that for nearly 70 percent of
women who were victims of some type
of intimate partner violence - that vio-
lence, according to the study, happened
for the frst time before the age 25. The
shocking revelations in this study
prompted this reaction from Health and
Human Services Secretary Kathleen
Sebelius, “This landmark report paints
a clear picture of the devastating impact
these violent acts have on the lives of
millions of Americans.” Tomeo could
not agree more, “As devastating as this
study is to see on paper, there is a root
problem to the sexual pervasiveness and
violence which is rampant in our culture
– a culture which has been desensitized
by a toxic saturation of graphic and
negative images which freely promote
sex and violence which is available
24/7 on TV, radio and the internet. Our
families are under siege.” In her new
able now from Ignatius Press, Tomeo
reports on the impact of media on
today’s culture and talks about ways that
women, children and families can make
an “extreme media makeover” to rid
themselves of the messages and toxic
images that bombard them daily, and
instead embrace the truth about their hu-
man dignity. -- Catholic Newswire
collective efforts in serving their
less fortunate Filipino brothers and
sisters wherever they may be. We
are truly excited by this develop-
ment,” said Fr. Nilo Tanalega, SJ
who heads Ugnayan at Tulong para
sa Maralitang Pamilya (UGAT)
Foundation (translated literally as
Relations and Assistance for Poor
Families). UGAT, a non-proft or-
ganization based in the Philippines,
oversees the screening of nomina-
tions and selection of winners.
“My father would be smiling right
now,” said Raffy Lopez, COO of
ABS-CBN Global which oversees
the promotion and production of
the distinguished award ceremo-
nies. “He started Bayaning Pilipino
(Filipino Heroes) with Father Nilo.
It would warm his heart to know that
ABS-CBN in Manila, TFC globally
and UGAT, have expanded their
long-running partnership to search
around the world for ordinary folks
doing extraordinary work in the
service of the Filipino people. This
is true to his vision and mission.”
The “father” is Don Eugenio
“Geny” Lopez Jr., founder of
ABS-CBN Corporation, the largest
entertainment and broadcasting com-
pany in the Philippines. He is known
in the industry as the “Father of Phil-
ippine Broadcasting”. The award,
which was named after him, began
after he learned of a Filipina maid in
Hong Kong who got run over by a
car in pursuit of saving a child. The
award gives recognition to Filipinos
(now as organizations) who in the
face of challenges and diffculties
manage to rise and emerge as role
models of service in their communi-
“We have honored so many Filipi-
nos, but taking the search to a world-
wide level posed major logistical
requirements. We are so enthused
by the energy and commitment of
TFC teams in all regions in taking
part in the project. It shows their
involvement and love for the Fili-
pino communities that they serve,”
said Chit Guerrero, vice president
for ABS-CBN Corporation’s Special
Projects which works directly with
UGAT in Manila for this project.
Gawad Geny Lopez Jr Global
Bayaning Pilipino has kicked off
this month. The search is open to all
Filipino organizations in the U.S.,
Canada, Asia-Pacifc (covering
Singapore and Hong Kong), Europe
(covering Italy and U.K.), Middle
East, Australia and Japan. The cri-
teria are as follows: (1) Measurable
impact: scope and number of benef-
ciaries with known effective results;
(2) Highlight the value of unity/
PAGKAKAISA (effective elimina-
tion of selosan (jealousy), inggitan
(envy), siraan (negative criticism),
etc. or has effectively dealt with
these either through interventions
or through innovative methods); (3)
Focused on service and/or an issue
(poverty, health, education, etc) as
felt either in your respective country
or in the Philippines; (4) Transcend
regionalism/parochialism; (5) Par-
ticipatory/people-oriented leadership
(as shown in the manner of how they
choose their leaders and their accep-
tance thereof); (6) Promote Filipino
values and culture and Filipino
Deadline of submission of nomina-
tions is on March 15, 2012. Re-
gional winners will be announced
late May 2012 after a period of tight
screenings and validation. The
winners will be fown to Manila,
Philippines for the national awarding
ceremony to be held in June 2012.
For nomination forms and more
information, visit www.globalbayan-
About ABS-CBN Global
ABS-CBN Global Hungary Kft is
a wholly owned subsidiary of ABS-
CBN Corporation, the Philippines’
largest entertainment and broadcast-
ing company. It was created over
15 years ago to be in service to all
Filipinos. Its global fagship product
is The Filipino Channel (TFC). For
more information, visit www.abs-
Follow @asianjournal
on Twitter
Construction for the pedestrian
Ready Lane kiosks at Otay Mesa will
begin February 5, but will be limited
to overnight hours only to limit the
impact on travelers.
CBP continues to strongly encourage
travelers to obtain RFID-enabled travel
documents to expedite their entry to the
U.S. and to help make the border cross-
ing process more effcient. Travelers
who have one of the RFID-enabled
secure travel documents may use both
the new pedestrian and the existing
vehicle Ready Lanes.
For more information, please visit or www.CBP.
Prior to the opening of the pedestrian
Ready Lane at Otay Mesa on February
23, CBP offcials will be testing the
system, and will invite media to view
and use the new kiosks on a date to be
Subic Coal Plant
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TAX MANAGER/FT/ El Cajon, 92020;
Prepare & file annual returns;
manage client portfolios;
supervise staff.
Mail resume to: Wade, Howard &
Associates/PO Box 530429
San Diego, CA 92153.
Looking for Full-Time /
Live-In Caregiver for
Board and Care Facility
in Vista.
Call Natalie at
Wanted Immediately Caregiver, Live-In
Adult/Dev. Disabled Facility in Escondido.
Experience Not Necessary; Willing to Learn.
Permanent Part-Time Support Staff at Day
Program in Escondido. 8:30-2:30 pm,
Contact Liz 858.748.8018

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Leah Bressler
Support regional transit service planning activities. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit for
information. Closes March 2, 2012. EOE.
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Asian Journal San Diego
Page 24 February 17-23, 2012 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at
In the News
Good News Pilipinas | MANILA,
2/13/2012 -- The National Geographic
Channel (NGC) will soon broadcast the
documentary about the Presidential Palace,
“Inside Malacañang.”
Directed by flmmaker Marnie Manicad,
the documentary gives viewers a peek into
the country’s most tightly guarded address
– the offcial residence and workplace of
President Benigno Aquino III.
Manicad didn’t go into the project
blindly; she was fully aware of the chal-
lenges. Securing all the necessary permits
and gaining the insiders’ trust were only
the beginning.
“We got access to the most secluded
parts of the Palace,” Manicad recounted.
“We also had to convince the Presidential
Security Group (PSG) that we needed to
flm their training sessions and operations.”
Manicad and her team had to justify their
every move, especially if it involved the
four people who are closest to the Presi-
dent – the group commander of the PSG,
the personal security aide, the food tester
and the presidential photographer.
She was stunned to discover that there
actually was a person assigned to taste the
President’s meals beforehand. She admit-
ted, “I thought the food tester was an urban
Making the docu yielded other discover-
ies as well. “I learned more about the his-
tory and evolution of the place. It provided
National Geo Channel set to air “Inside Malacanang”
MARNIE Manicad (left) interviews President Aquino, along with
four of his closest aides for the docu.Photo courtesy of JR and Ari-
anne Rodriguez
us with a deeper
insight on the Pal-
ace – not just the
physical structure,
but its meaning to
us, as Filipinos.”
In making “Inside
Manicad said, she
was inspired by the
NGC docus “Inside
the Vatican,”
“Inside: The Obama
White House,” “Air
Force One” and
“Restrepo: Outpost
These “nontraditional” stories encour-
aged Manicad to “push the limits” of local
docu-making. “It’s diffcult to make docus,
especially if it’s about a heavy topic,” she
admitted. “In doing narrative feature flms,
you can adjust on the set. But with docus,
you need complete grasp of the subject,
because you can’t make excuses once you
start shooting.”
Things are made more arduous by the
very high journalistic and flmmaking
standards set by NGC, whose editors went
over every line of the script with a fne-
toothed comb.
“For this docu, I had a 16-page voi-
ceover script,” Manicad related. “But
with the added research annotations and
references, it reached over 84 pages. NGC
is that strict when it comes to facts and
NGC doesn’t accept popular online
sources such as Wikipedia for the kind of
information she needed. “You should only
rely on books, actual reports and frst-hand
interviews,” the flmmaker said. “The
script had to be cleared by NGC Singa-
pore, Hong Kong and Washington DC
before we could record the fnal narration,
done by veteran actor Joonee Gamboa.”
It’s a landmark docu. It will not just
give viewers an unprecedented, all-access
pass to the Palace; it will also be shown on
National Geographic channels all over the
globe in the frst quarter of this year.
“It’s unbelievable. I only used to dream
about making docus. Now, not only did I
fnish one; as a bonus, it will be aired on
NGC,” Manicad said.
(Story courtesy of the Philippine Daily
Philippines overtakes
India as top BPO pro-
vider in the world
Good News Pilipinas, 2/13/2012 -- The
Philippines is now the number one call center
agent provider in the entire world, outnumbering
erstwhile leader India, an offcial from the De-
partment of Transportation and Communications
(DOTC) revealed on Friday.
DOTC Undersecretary Rene Limcaoco said
that based on details provided to them by the
business process outsourcing (BPO) industry,
the Philippines had 350,000 call center agents in
2011 compared to the 300,000 of India.
The end result is that the BPO-Information
Technology industry is now emerging as the
second biggest contributor to the local economy,
following the remittance infows from overseas
Filipino workers. Limcaoco said that the BPO in-
dustry almost netted $9 billion in export revenues
in 2011, or equivalent to 4.8 percent of the gross
domestic product (GDP). He said that if the trend
continues and the income from the BPO industry
continues to grow, the $11-billion target could be
achieved by the time President Benigno Aquino
3rd ends his term in 2016. Limcaoco added that
the BPO industry could even equal the amount of
remittances being sent by overseas Filipinos.
By Zinnia B. Dela Peña, Philippine
Star. MANILA, Philippines - Stockhold-
ers of Boulevard Holdings have approved
a proposal to acquire resort developer Cala
Paniman for P100 million.
In a disclosure to the stock exchange,
Boulevard Holdings said the purchase
amount will be payable in seven years.
Cala Paniman is currently developing a
21-hectare seaside subdivision in Creta-
grande in Ternate, Cavite inside the Puerto
Azul leisure estate.
Boulevard Holdings said it intends to
forge partnerships with local and foreign
entities to develop the property.
Boulevard Holdings is the owner and
operator of Friday’s Boracay Island beach
resort in Aklan, Crown One Land Inc. and
Friday’s Puerto Galera.
Shareholders likewise approved the ac-
quisition by resort unit Friday Holdings Inc.
Panlilio-owned Blvd Holdings
acquires Cavite, Cebu resorts
of a 353,810-square meter (SQM) land in
Moalboal, Cebu for P707.62 million.
In addition, shareholders gave their
consent to the planned acquisition of a
beachfront with an area of around 729 sqm
in Boracay Island for $1.31 million.
They likewise approved a plan to raise
P300 million through a private placement to
facilitate the entry of other investors.
The Panlilio family, the majority owner
of Boulevard Holdings, is keen on reviving
Puero Azul, which was once dubbed as
“Asia’s Paradise Resort” and the “World’s
Golfting Capital”.
Under the plan, Boulevard Holdings said
it would build 11,563 residential units over
a period of up to 25 years starting with 350
units of apartment residences. The resort
component also involves the development
of hotels, golf courses, country club, marina,
theme park, sports and recreation facilities.

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