Greg Merrill

LAPD5- character study


Mysterious- In the novel Fade by Robert Cormier, Paul Moreaux is very mysterious
because he is different from all his brothers and sisters. He is different because he can fade. The main reason he is mysterious in the novel is he tries to keep his power as secret from everyone, but they know he is unusual in some way.

Odd- Paul is very odd because he is a normal 13 year old kid until he finds out that he can
fade. After he figures that out, people start to think he is a little odd just by the way he acts.

Riveted- Paul Moreaux is very riveted in the beginning of the book. He is very focused
on figuring out why his uncle was not in a family picture when he was there while the picture was taken. Paul asks questions, asks his dad, and other members of the family, but they had no answer for it either.

Enticed- So far in the novel, Paul s best friend Pete, basically hypnotized Paul into
coming out late at night to see the fight at the pond. He enticed Paul so he would go with him.

Adventurous- In the novel Paul is very adventurous because his friend Peter is
also. Peter and Paul go out one night to a pond and see the KKK members arrive. They end up getting chased through the woods, but end up getting away.

Unnatural- Moreaux is very unnatural because he has an ability that no one else has.
He can fade, or go invisible. That is very unusual and unnatural due to the fact that no one else in the book has that power.

EXited- After Paul finds out that he can fade he is very excited. He is also very scared
and confused, but he gets a real feeling of excitement as well.

When Peter is running for his life he evolves into something else. Electric. . but he has to be to get away.Peter is a kid who is very good with his words. The guard had a gun and would have easily killed them if they didn t get away. Peter is so excited about going to see the fight at Moccasin Pond. he always lets Paul know what s happening around town and it is usually right.Peter is a reliable. He evolved into a very fast kid who is very agile.In the beginning in the novel. Evolve. For example.Greg Merrill LAPD5.character study 12-10-09 Petrified. he gets Paul to come with him to the pond late at night. and likes to talk a lot. but when he sees that the KKK is there that electric feeling quickly turns to fear. Talkative. reasonable person to listen to. Reasonable. He is also very good at convincing people to do what he wants them to do.When Peter and Jake were running from the KKK guard they were bother petrified because they were running for their lives. For example. Peter is not usually that type of kid.

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