Progressive Mass US Senate Questionnaire 2012

Date :2-15-12 Candidate: William E. Cimbrelo Party: Independent Campaign mailing address: P.O. Box 4, N. Brookfield, MA 01535 Best Contact: Bill Cimbrelo Web Site: Campaign Manager: TBD Phone: Phone Number: (508)637-5203 Email:

Please return your completed questionnaire by: January 26, 2012 We only accept questionnaires via email. Please email the completed version to by January 26. Please feel free to be in touch with Tony Mack if you have any questions, by email or by phone, at 617-905-7706.
Please respond to each question. If your answer is conditional, please explain your conditions. 1.

Revenue, Tax Policy and the Deficit
As a US Senator, you will be asked to make difficult choices about how to preserve our quality of life during hard times and maintain investments in programs that strengthen our country for the future. We expect that our next U.S. Senator will fight for new revenue opportunities, fair tax policy, and budget decisions that support these priorities. a. To raise revenue, make the tax code more progressive, and reduce the federal deficit, please check which, if any, of the following policy options you support: _X__ taxing inherited wealth at 45% for estates worth more than $3.5million per person _X__ cutting military spending and $7million per couple. _X*__ eliminating the home mortgage interest _X__ allowing the Bush tax breaks for incomes deduction over $250,000 expire _X__ ending tax breaks for corporations that __X_ extending the payroll tax deduction ship jobs overseas __X_ making the expansions of the EITC and _X**_ ending subsidies for agribusiness the child tax credit permanent __X_ raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans (if yes, please indicate the level above which you would impose additional taxes $1million and up) * Eliminate the home mortgage interest deduction for any Americans with a net household income over $500,000

** Stop paying subsidies to non-family owned entities. Help the ‘smaller’ farmers only.


b. Do you support adding tougher enforcement of corporate tax breaks, for instance, by fighting for “clawback provisions” that allow the government to take back corporate subsidies if jobs are not created as promised by the companies? Yes


Health Care
Over 83 million Americans are either uninsured or under-insured. That means that one out of every two adults is one catastrophic injury or illness away from bankruptcy. a. Do you support protecting and implementing the Affordable Care Act and building on this important national health care reform by adding a public option? Yes b. Do you support programs to aggressively eliminate health care disparities based on racial and ethnic background and gender? Yes c. What ideas, policies or legislation do you have in mind to support, or file in order either to make good quality health care accessible to all Americans, to reduce health care costs or both?

Single-payer public healthcare is essential for the good health and future of ALL Americans. The public option has been shown to be fiscally sound and provides coverage that is truly ‘health’ insurance and not ‘sick’ insurance because it draws on all Americans – sick and healthy alike. The public options eliminates much of the brouhaha regarding coverage of contraception and/or abortion services. At no time, should the beliefs of an employer determine the level or type of coverage that an employee receives. Employers should pay a set amount into a blind pool. Employees, in the privacy of their own home, then select the coverage they want to have or need. At the employees discretion, contraceptive or abortion services can be included or excluded. Until and unless corpocracy and the legal corruption of our Congress is taken out of the equation, self-interested parties will continue to block this effort. One of my key efforts will be to expose and oust those that are tied to these corporate entities - directly or otherwise.

3. Social Safety Net
In these tight fiscal times, there have been proposals to reduce federal programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other forms of assistance for low-income families and individuals to help reduce the national deficit. a. Do you support raising the current Social Security withholding limit? if yes, please indicate what limit, if any, you would set _______________ No


But I would support efforts to increase Social Security benefits to be in line with a realistic cost of living index, not one that is artificially created to benefit corporate America and the wealthy. b. Would you support restoring or increasing federal funding to repair existing public housing, to increase the number of rental housing vouchers, and to create new units of affordable housing, including lowincome housing? Yes d. Do you support continued funding for food stamps, extensions of unemployment insurance, transitional assistance to needy families, WIC, etc.? Yes

4. Jobs, Economic Development, and Banking Regulation
Today more than ever, our leaders are judged on how they intend to increase jobs. Too many appear to believe that the best way to create jobs is to cut taxes on the wealthy. a. If put to a vote, would you support the jobs plan as proposed by President Obama in September 2011, which includes, among other things, regulatory reform to help small businesses access capital, immediate investments in infrastructure, and allowing work-based reforms to the unemployment system to prevent layoffs? Yes b. Do you support allowing working people to bargain for better benefits, wages and working conditions by eliminating some of the barriers that employers use to discourage workers from forming unions? Yes c. Do you support efforts to invest federal dollars in infrastructure, education, and safety, as a means to bolster employment? Yes d. Do you support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (HR 1397/S811) Yes

e. Do you support strengthening federal anti-predatory lending laws while at the same time allowing strong state or local anti-predatory lending laws to remain intact? As long as the state laws are equal or tougher than the federal mandates. Yes f. Do you support reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act? Yes

5. Choice, Civil Rights and Immigration
a. Do you support a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, as set out in Roe v. Wade? Yes b. Do you support the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of federal money to be used for abortion procedures, therefore limiting family planning options for low-income women? No c. Do you support overturning the Defense of Marriage Act? Yes

d. Do you oppose the federal "Secure Communities" policy which calls for local and state law enforcement personnel to enforce federal immigration law, leading to the deportation of immigrants who have not been convicted of any crime? Yes e. Do you oppose legislation to require voters to show government-issue photo IDs in order to vote?


I support a national identification card that eliminates the need for a ‘Berlin-like wall’ between us and Mexico. All the major industrialized nations have such a photo ID, usually with a thumb print. No f. Do you oppose the “Indefinite Detention” provisions within the National Defense Authorization Bill? Yes g. Do you support a federal prohibition on racial profiling by all law enforcement officials? Yes h. Do you support a comprehensive plan to assist felons who want to reintegrate themselves into society that includes housing assistance, substance abuse treatment, and job training? Yes

6. Energy and Environment
If we fail to reduce global warming pollution significantly, many scientists predict that our climate in Massachusetts will resemble that of South Carolina’s by the years 2070-2099 along with a sea level rise in 10-24 inches. Coastal areas, including parts of Boston, will experience significant shoreline changes and permanent flooding. a. Do you oppose all new or expanded public subsidies for fossil fuels? Yes

b. Do you oppose mining our national parks and the surrounding areas for uranium or other rare-earth elements? Yes c. Do you support restoration of the Clean Water Act to its original intent, protecting all of the waterways of the United States. Yes

7. Education
a. Please pick your top three federal policy solutions to address the school achievement gap. ___ reducing collective bargaining rights of ___ charter schools teachers ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ race to the top smaller classrooms school voucher programs pilot schools bilingual education increased technology in classrooms ___ _2__ _1__ ___ increasing teacher pay maintaining standardized testing as a ___ graduation requirement ___ measure of teacher performance eliminating standardized testing repeal No Child Left Behind

__3_ other _Bring back the arts, social studies, vocational training, sports, music, etc. _________________________________________________________________ d. Do you support increased federal funding on grants and loans to make higher education more affordable to working families and their children? Higher education should be a right, not a privilege! Yes

8. Foreign Policy

a. Do you support the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison? b. Do you support detainee trials in US Federal Courts rather than in military tribunals? c. Do you support the immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan?

Yes Yes Yes

d. Do you believe the President has the obligation to get Congressional authorization for military action, including providing air support, such as in Libya this past year? Yes


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