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The eScreen Solution

Paperless, Rapid Results in Real Time


Hiring & Maintaining Workforces Just Got a Lot Easier
We've created an online system packed with all the tools you need to hire and maintain a drug-free workplace using the least amount of time and effort. We offer the industry's original and only paperless drug-testing solution. That's right, our system is one of a kind.

Create a Variety of Reports:

Test Result Report: Search and display final test dispositions. Generate a certificate for any confirmed test result.

A Paperless Chain of Custody


eScreen's software is the first to incorporate an electronic chain of custody, our eCCFTM, which solves all the problems of paper-based programs. And you can trust our program's consistency: eScreen processes about 2.5 million electronic chain-of-custody events every year. In fact, we have a track record of successfully executing more than 10 million eCCF events to date.

Summary Report: Select a specific date or date range and view a summary of the test results. You can export and use this data in other applications, such as Excel. Turnaround Time Report: View test - result turnaround-time, from test completion to final results in your Inbox, on .

... and It Is Real-Time and Online

Using our online program, , you can arrange and order a drug and/or alcohol test. This eventscheduling option even automatically sends instructions, which we refer to as an ePassportTM, to the donor with all the details about the event, including a map. This convenient feature also allows you to track missed events, monitor the time of the collection and follow donor/specimen status online. Simply check your Inbox to view status reports. All the details you need are available at the click of your mouse, 24/7, from any Internet connection.

Statistics Report: View drug-screen statistics for all non-DOT and DOT programs, including statistics by analytes and reason for the test. DOT MIS Report: View instant, real-time statistics to create DOT MIS reports online. Features:
Log on to the program anytime, 24/7, from a computer with Internet access. Schedule donor events. Send test details and instructions to donors. Receive eMail alerts when new results are waiting in your Inbox. Review and print drug-screen results for both lab-based and instant tests. Track specimen progress and monitor donor/event status. Set up multiple users with access to drug-test results, if desired.

eScreen's eCCF is the original and most-used paperless drugtesting solution in the industry.

Want to Learn More?

For a demo on how the eScreen system can better manage your hiring program, visit:


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Web-Based Drug Screening Solutions

Fast Results Are Just the Beginning


Time is critical when you have a highly qualified candidate who is interviewing with multiple employers. You need drug tests that provide fast results so you can make an offer before your competitors do. But wouldn't you also like less paperwork? Automatic instructions to the donor about his or her test? Easy tracking of where donors are in the testing process? eScreen delivers all of these benefits and more.

Bonus for DOT Program Managers

eScreen hasn't overlooked the unique needs of employers regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). We provide a diverse set of tools to address your specific requirements, too.

Test Results in 15 Minutes

You don't wait days for results with eScreen. You'll receive webbased negative test results on your desktop within 15 minutes of test completion. You can be on the phone as soon as possible to make a job offer to your first-choice candidates.

Paperless From the Start

eScreen's system generates an electronic chain of custody form (eCCFTM) for every nonregulated test you need. This paperless trail accompanies the specimen throughout the testing process, from the initial order, through the testing process and to the results' electronic storage, distribution and retrieval.

66 eScreen's technology brought us an easy-to-administer, timely and highly efficient drug-screening program that also saved us money. Robyn M. Hilda!, The E.W. Scripps Co.

Automatic Instructions for the Donor

Our system's online program, , allows you to schedule all drug-testing and breath-alcohol tests from your computer, 24/7. The system then-automatically generates an ePassportTM for each donor. The ePassport provides all details the donor needs to fulfill his or her test request, including a map to the collection site.

eScreen's "Drugs of Abuse" ScreeningSystem Technology

eScreen has designed step-bystep protocols for our system that ensure consistency and total electronic-form completion during the collection process. Our eReader machine works with our eCup to test for five drugs of abuse and adulterants in 8 minutes or less.

Monitor Test Status in Real Time

Using our same online system, you can track each donor's status in real time, ensuring you maintain testing-window compliance and viewing the test results.


Data Storage and Instant Reports

The eScreen database stores all the information about your drug-test screenings so you can access it any time, including chain-of-custody documentation and other qualification requirements. Create reports in an instant, from turnaround-time details to test summaries and statistical reports.



P: 800.881.0722

F: 913.327.8606