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This report is a part of Project Feasibility Study and Evaluation Semester 2011. The purposes of this project is to reproduce business plan and study it feasibility by integration all knowledge from previous major courses knowledge which relate to management for apply in real life effective. The subject substance consists of company introduction part, nature of industry part, market feasibility and study part, investment part, operation part, organization part, financial part, risk management pat and conclusion part. We had decided to select this topic about Sport Complex Business because this business is new in Chang Rai Province and Chaing Rai market. From our opportunity to do this project and report, we have to thank to Professor Chaiyawat Tongintr who have response on this course and many people who support our project by giving us a lot of information and creative ideas. Finally, we hope that our Sport Complex Report will be useful for next generation of student and many people who read this report and bring this knowledge from this book to apply in their life.


Table of Content


Preface Executive Summary Chapter 1: Introduction Background and Significance of the Project Project Objectives Benefits Project Activities Time Frame 1

Chapter 2: Industry Profile Nature of Industry Situation Situation of Industry Strategy

Chapter 3: Market Feasibility Study Market Analysis General Environment Analysis (PEST) Competition (3C Analysis)

STP Analysis Marketing Mix Strategy Sale Forecast / Profit Estimation Marketing Expenses (Sales Incentive) Conclusion

Chapter 4: Technical Feasibility Study Production and Operation Analysis Product Characteristics (in detail) Location Facility Layout


List of Equipment

Cost Of Investment Pre-Operating Cost

Investment Cost Land Buildings Equipments Tools Depreciation

Management Analysis Administration Cost (Electricity, Telephone, Fax Salary, etc.)


Chapter 5: Financial Analysis Profit/ Loss Statement Cash Flow Balance Sheet


Chapter 6: Risk Management


Chapter7: Summary Reference


Executive Summary

The project that we are very proud to present the investor is sports complex. It is a big project and locates at Chiang Rai province. The reason that we selected Chiang Rai province is gross domestic product (GDP) in Chiang Rai province is increasing in every year and Chiang Rai province does not have the sports complex before. The budget for building the sports complex is around 70,000,000 baht. This sports complex including two tennis courts, two artificial turf football fields, adult and children swimming pools, fitness center, food center, and Wifi to the customer who use sports complex. In every sport will be charged an hour and food center is open to rent for the outside people. The target markets are teenagers and working people because these target have a high purchasing power and they care in healthy. So, we choose them into our target market and we fulfill their requirements by design the sports complex that is comfortable, high standard of equipment, and safety. For advertising, we use local radio, local magazine, billboard, and facebook to encourage their interesting. The advantage of sports complex is competitor because we do not have the direct competitor and a few of indirect competitors. But, it is not a problem because sports complex can fulfill the requirements of customer (they can play many sports within the same time). According to analysis of financial, found that the graphs income statement is increasing steadily and we have policy to payback for investors by paying money about 7,000,000 in every years and paying interests 3% in every months. It takes time for payback around 10 years to take a time for payback periods but, it is valuable for investment because sports complex is the business that provide about service which people have interesting because sport complex is not follow by trend. Many people care their health more than last year because we observed from the old air port of Chiang Rai, it is the main place for exercise. Nowadays, government has a policy to support about healthy activities. So, sports complex is very valuable for investment.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Background and Significance of the Project Sport complex can make huge profits for investor and it is a sustainable profits. According to gross domestic product (6DP) in Chiang Rai from year 2011 is 65,974,000 bath increases to 78,914,000 baths in year 2012. It is an interesting number and numbers increased steadily. Sport complex can respond the need and want of customer by have many choices of sport. It is not necessarily by come together need to play the same sport. It can be playing the sport follow your lifestyle. It is a good time to benefit, make a good relationship with family, friends, and new network. Government has a policy to promote about the exercise. We observe from running against AIDS, aerobics, bicycle etc. so it is a point that it encourages people to do more exercise and it is a chance of sport complex to be grown steadily and valuable for investment. [ ]

Project Objective In present time, many people considered about healthy and exercise, so our people the goal of our company is the leader of develop quality of life for people and to make satisfaction to customer for achieve goal. Moreover, we will provide the best service and develop knowledge and understand about body and mind To study the person who want to do exercise. To analyze marketing of sports business in Chiang Rai province. To study feasibility of marketing and business. To know how to success the competitions in the marketing. To know how to solve the problems when sports business occurs the problems. To know the how to plan and cooperate the sports business.


Project Benefits We can receive the new knowledge about financial in sports business. This project can apply in own business because we have been studying. To know and analyze the economic situation of Thailand. To know how to select the quality of equipments and materials. This project can know feasibility of sports business. Know the way of problems and the way to solve the problems of this business

Activities /Time Frame

November Project 1 1. Explore the sports complex around the Chiang Rai. 2. Study about the target customer of our business. 3. Analysis (customer, competitor, and competitive). 4. Develop a business plan. 5. Find the best location. 6. Design our sports complex. 7. Determined cost and resources. 8. Study about finance feasibility. 9. Study the risk business and finance. 10. Conclusion of project feasibility. 2 x 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 December January February


Chapter 2 Industry Profile

Nature of Industry Sports are timeless activities; ones those humans have enjoyed since at least ancient times, as exemplified by the Greek Olympic Games. Indeed, ethnographic and archaeological evidence such as cave paintings and the accounts of early European explorers indicate sports may well go back to the very beginning of humankind. Many of the sports played and celebrated today, such as football, even have their roots in various kicking and running ball games played throughout medieval Europe. Sports such as golf and horse racing were also played among the European aristocratic classes, especially those of Britain. Of course ancient Olympics, medieval aristocrats, cave people, and hordes of peasants kicking a ball from one village to the next is, despite the genealogy, rather far removed from sports as we know them today. The development of modern sports is tied very much to the history of the industrial revolution and the creation of the first public schools, the latter of which sought to incorporate physical activity in the curriculum. The net result of this process was to cleanse (as in reduce violent elements) and codify various games such as soccer or rugby and of course later on, basketball and football, both of which were very much shaped on college campuses in the late 1800s and early 1900s, at least in the United States. Since the international sport activity had been publicized on Thailand in King Chula Chom Klao or King Rama 5 (The Fifth King of Jakkree Royal), The International sport had been promoted and being famous in politicians view point widely. This sport activity had started inside many organizations which have their response to education which provide compulsory subject which relate to sport and exercise. This course called P.E. or physical education. Moreover, there are many sport competitive events in both inside and outside of institutions. Sport is very popular and growth to reach the national ranking or the highest level of that country which reflected by the nation sport contest such as Sea games, Olympics and Paralympics. [ ] [ ]

Situation of Industry In Thailand, To be number one is the example for campaign of the government for support exercise and sports. Furthermore, public garden areas have exercise machines or stadium for accommodate to people. According to the whole, we know that the government emphasize about exercise and health of people. Therefore, our business is business about exercise and sports, to have opportunities to success more than other business.

Product and Service in General Product: Our business have five product are salt swimming pool ( children, adult ), fitness center which is good and nigh quality of exercise machines ( Europe ), Artificial turf football field squash court are modern design and food center ( clean food and good taste). Service: Our business provides the good service. For example, every sport have trainer to teach or give the information of each sports, have many amenities to serve the customer such as tissue, hair dryer, power, comb and soap. Moreover, we have Internet caf which high speed Internet and it also free wireless to serve the customer. Vision: Our business want to be a leader of sport complex that the biggest in Chiang Rai and every people know about our sport, healthy and modern around the country. Besides, our businesses want to get the wealth profit and want to make the customer be our member. Mission: Our business provide goods and service there are good and high quality of equipment such as exercise machines, swimming pool, artificial turf football field, squash court etc. and have staff to take care and maintain every system of each equipment such as water cycle system. Every sport service have staff to check the equipments regularly if have the mistake or abnormal staff will solve immediately. Moreover, we employ the security guard to patrol the property of customer and have CC TV. In everywhere, before open the sports complex or after close sports complex the housekeeping will clean every part around sports complex and staff will check the ready of product and service. About profit we attack the customer by have activities between customer such as competition of each sport and winner will get gift voucher or privilege follow by the company assign. Besides, our business set the promotion of each moths depend on situation of each period to make the customer interest in our business and want to use our service and become our customer loyalty.


Business strategy Sports complex is the new business that occurs in Chiang Rai province. Our companies want to make the company growth and get more profit. We need to plan the strategic carefully because we need to make the customer attract to use the service and made company successful. We have a few of competitors because the competitors has only one sport in their company, but our company provides comprehensive service to ensure customer comport and satisfaction along with good healthy.

Corporate level strategy First, we will use growth strategic to make our company effective. We will hire the professional in each sport to train and teach the accurate knowledge for our staff to serve the right service for customer. Then, customer will satisfy our service and they will be customer loyalty to spread the word of mouth about this kind of customer can help the company get more profit, get more customer, and safe the cost of advertisement. Second, we will have the joint between village to establish the sports complex in village and attract the people who live in village to use our service.

Business strategy Business strategy use to help company get more competitive advantage in sport industry. This way can be reach more customer and more profit. We use product differentiation in this level. We have a few of competitions because competition has only one sport that are provide to the customer. Our company establish sports complex that have many choice of sport to play and cover food beverage and WIFI to make customer more convenience. Our segmentation is teenager and working age. These kinds of segmentation will come to use the service into group. Sometime the demands of them are different. Our business can help them to come the same time play the different sport, get the healthy along with satisfaction.

Functional strategy This level is very important because it help support the companies succeed. We will separate into 3 strategies. There are marketing mix strategies, organization structure, and financial.


Chapter 3 Market Feasibility Study

Market Analysis General Environment Analysis Before we start our Sport Complex Business in Chiang Rai, we need to study about feasibility first by searching more information from Internet, and ask the information of the local people. This information is important because it is very realistic. After we have this information, we need to use Marketing Analysis (General Environment Analysis) as Tool which consist of political, economy, social, environment and technology analysis.

Political Analysis Chiang Rai is low conflict in Political in Thailand. Many people in Chaing Rai can live in peace because of their political fair view point and the effect of some previous government has support many provinces in the north and northeast of Thailand by giving a lot of welfare and fund for their budget to do everything. Many people in Chiang Rai are consists of private employees, government employee and entrepreneur. Reason is there are many benefits from political policy of some old government left to local people in Chiang Rai which reflect by Chiang Rais GDP growth, good public utility and consumer goods like OTOP which made jobless people have their own income. Good Point There are few political conflict can happened in Chiang Rai Province because many politicians viewpoint almost same that cause high harmony in Chiang Rai society which make image of Chiang Rai Political looks good.


Bad Point When the conflict of politic have appear, local people will create their mob to do something for achieve their or satisfy them which disturb our business and guests. This problem is hard to control because of human power is very high. Summary of Political Analysis To invest sports complex in Chiang Rai province is a good way for our business because there are few politic conflict which is hardly to appear in Chiang Rai pro vince. Chiang Rai people viewpoint are going in the same way. We need to understand Chiang Rai people viewpoint to success in our business.

Economy Analysis Chiang Rai is the northern province of Thailand where have many tourist attractions, education institution which motivate many people to invest the business. We have the information about Chian Rai people revenue has increase each year pass which support the Good GDP growth of Chiang Rai Province, so it prove us that Economy stability of Chiang Rai province is good for invest our business. The following reason supports to invest sports complex in Chiang Rai. Reason is the good information that reflects about Chiang Rai GDP and politician revenue average has proved that many local people have their buying power enough to enjoy their good product and service. So there are many business owner are interest to invest their business in Chiang Rai area. Good Point There are a lot of circulate money in this district from many business relate to education, entertainment, health, tourist and other business. We have the opportunities to run our sports complex smoothly and profitable. Good economy will good for everything.


Bad Point There are high competitive in many business in Chiang Rai Province because of good status of economic like GDP and high politicians revenue average. To run our sport complex, we must provide good price, promotion, service. Summary of Economic Analysis Chiang Rai Province is the big city where has it good status of economic that reflect by high GDP and Politician revenue average while there are many business have their high competitive too. To sell good product or service is not good enough to match with this area. We need to provide Idea and creative to adapt in our business to attract customer.

Social Analysis Chiang Rai Province located in the northern of Thailand. The culture in Chiang Rai is Lanna culture which has its characteristic on speaking language, costume, belief, and lifestyle. We can call Chiang Rai Countryside Social even Chiang Rai is Boom and develop with a lot of building in its downtown. There is much kind of people live in Chiang Rai. There is some reasons support Chiang Rai to be good location for running business. First, Social in Chiang Rai province is various because of there are many people live in Chiang Rai. Business owners have to concern about consumer culture lifestyle and behavior majority to enter Chiang Rai market on their business goal. Second, the social of Chiang Rai has low conflict inside because Chiang Rai is a famous one in the northern of Thailand. Many business owners concentrate on their business more than eliminate their competitors like another province in another part of Thailand. So many new business owners can feel peace and friendly from many people in Chiang Rai.

Good Point There are many kind of customer in many generations in Chiang Rai which cause of variety in Chiang Rai. Lanna people behaviors well known as they are friendly that increase the good image of Chiang Rai.


Bad Point Even there is much kind of people in Chiang Rai with good growth rate of revenue average, The competitive still high in many business circles while the price of land still growth and expensive like many big cities in Thailand. To invest in this land, we must provide a lot of money and more creative ideas.

Summary of Social Chiang Rai original Social is Lanna Social: many people who live in Chiang Rai province are local people. In today, the development has come to Chiang Rai with many people from other province of Thailand that makes Chiang Rai Social growth with economy. If we want to enter market smoothly, we must concern about consumer analysis deeply.

Environment Analysis Chiang Rai Province is the big area which has many kind of atmosphere where attract people to live, trade, tour and learn. Environment of Chiang Rai Province weather is not too bad. It doesnt have high pollution like the big city like Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Chiang Rai province is good area one to run the business because of its weather quite good, Its temperature is cool in the night and not too hot in the day which is better than other province in Thailand but not the best whatever it has seldom traffic jam but many three which can compensate many oxygen to this area. We can breathe well as long as we exercise. So if we locate sport complex here. This point of environment can support us and our customer a lot to exercise in our club for long time.

Good point Chiang Rai provinces environment support our business with many factors such as it business characteristics, good weather, good topography and tourist attractions especially the scatter area of sport business that let we gain high advantage of our sports comlex.


Bad point We have to concern Chiang Rai pollution from dust which comes from traffic jam, raining in the long period in rainy season, and smoke from farmer who burn some plant after they finish harvesting season. Summary of Environment Chiang Rai province has a good environment because there are a lot of ecosystems to produce oxygen around the area. The weather is cool, and it is not so hot in everyday even we have to concern some pollution from human and environment, but it is not bad at all for our ports complex.

Technology Analysis Technology in Chiang Rai province always improve following from consumer demand and Technology news. New items always import to Bangkok first before distribute to another province beside some business owner in other province has order by them self specially. In control of our sport complex, we have our policy to provide luxury and useful items to attract our customer. If we want to have new item, we need to order special from another countries or finding agency that provide fitness items, swimming pool, football items, tennis items and others. Our competitor always do this too because there are a lot of new item in shopping mall in many big cities even Chiang rai province have too but not high quality like another famous big cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok and we decide to select this area because of following reasons. First reason, there are many competitor here; we can learn what item they use before buy new items for decorate our sport complex and satisfy our customers. Some time, we can use some creative idea to provide promotion with new items. Second reason, to provide luxury service with the standard price will be the most interesting strategy when provide new high technology item because it make some customer feel free to enjoy sport service that make them feel into worthiness. Final reason, price of electronics sport items always change overtime when their companies launch new products. The older version will cheaper. If we dont have enough
10 | P a g e

found for the Top model, we can buy another which look new but reasonable price and utilization like computer product. Good Pont In this part, sport technology item is very popular in many social because it is useful in the small place that many people dont want to go outside for exercise. Today, there are more than 100 kinds of sport items. We can find in much fitness that proves us as technology can be adapted with exercise. Bad Point Many items which is in Technology Categories can deteriorate easy because of the mistake of consumer usage and limit of time life which has high cost. Summary of Technology Analysis Technology in Chaing Rai province is improving follow market news and customer trends. Many business owners import their high technology items to use in their business from big city and we have a chance to learn about customer demand though technology from other sport business nearby while collecting competitive information to make our plan and strategy for encourage incoming risk. Conclusion of marketing analysis From Marketing Analysis, There are a lot of people who live in Chiang Rai who have their view point of politic in the same way. The social in Chiang Rai consists of many kind of people because of good economic make a lot Chiang Rai circulate cash is high in this area while the weather and geographic is support politician to enjoy our sport complex even Chiang Rai s technology are import from many big cities. We have our right to reach breakeven point in financial plan if we have some good strategies for encourage incoming risks.

11 | P a g e

Competition Analysis (3C Analysis) Competitor Analysis Football

Chiang Rai Arena

Advantage Have football equipment for free. Free WiFi. Artificial turfs have good quality. Give one pack of water free in each hour. Have committee for rent. Use foot Jabulani FIFA, same brand with world cup 2010. Have shop for sale snack and beverage. Have bathroom, lockers, club house and customer lounge.

12 | P a g e

Disadvantage Dont have restaurant. Expensive of snack and beverage.

Chiang Rai Galaxy

Advantage Open 24 hrs. Give one pack of water free in each hour.

Disadvantage Is not near super high way and difficult to access. Dont have football equipment for free ( include football, training shirt, football gloves.) Dont have bathroom for athlete.

13 | P a g e

The Leader Soccer Club

Advantage Price is cheap (after 9 p.m. buffet 30 bath per person all night.) Have football equipment for free. Give one pack of water free in each hour. Have shop for sale snack.

Disadvantage Footballs dont have quality. Have many mosquitoes. Dont have bathroom. Don have restaurant.

14 | P a g e

Swimming Pool

Le Mridien Chiang Rai Resort, Thailand

Advantage Clean. Luxury. Have good quality.

Disadvantage The price is expensive.

15 | P a g e

Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai Advantage Have good atmosphere. Have mini bar in swimming pool. Clean.

Disadvantage The price is expensive.

16 | P a g e

Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

Advantage Have standard of swimming pool. Large and deep of swimming pool Suitable for swimmer to training.

Disadvantage Children cant swim in this swimming pool. Not clean.

17 | P a g e

Chieng Rai Vidhayakhom School

Advantage Easy to access because it located in downtown. The price cheaper than other swimming pool.

Disadvantage General people can use on Saturday and Sunday only.

18 | P a g e

Namthong Hotel

Advantage Private.

Disadvantage Dirty The price is expensive.

19 | P a g e

Tennis Court Koh Loy Public Park

Advantage Free. Have many tennis courts. Suitable for tennis competition.

Disadvantage The way to access so dangerous.

20 | P a g e

Sport Authority of Thailand, Chiang Rai

Advantage Free. Suitable for tennis competition.

Disadvantage Many people want to come but tennis court not enough for demand of people

21 | P a g e

Mae Fah Luang University

Advantage Free

Disadvantage Less of tennis court Tennis court not enough for demand of people

22 | P a g e

Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

Advantage Free.

Disadvantage Tennis courts are decline. Dont have restroom.

23 | P a g e

Fitness Center

Sumalee Healthy and Spa Center

Advantage Luxury Comfortable Have many service

Disadvantage The price is expensive.

24 | P a g e

STK Resort Chiang Rai

Advantage Open music for customer The rest rooms are clean. The price is cheap.

Disadvantage The exercise machines are not various.

25 | P a g e

Mea Fah Luang University

Advantage Suitable for bodybuilding. The price is cheap.

Disadvantage Fitness area is narrow. The exercise machines are not various.

26 | P a g e

5 Yake Fitness

Advantage Locate in downtown.

Disadvantage Fitness area is narrow. The price is expensive

27 | P a g e

Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

Advantage The price is cheap. Open music for customer

Disadvantage The restrooms are dirty.

28 | P a g e

Customer Analysis Our business is sports complex which provide fitness center service, football field service, swimming pool service, and tennis service. When we start this business in Chiang Rai, we have to focus on teenagers and working people because these group of people care about their health. These groups have their different behavior that we need to concern about them. Teenager group is the first one we focus on target segmentation. They like to have fun and search for many cheap, luxury and good service or product. Some have enjoyed their activities together and some enjoy their activity individual. Second group is working people; this group is very easy going and has high income because they have their job. They behavior looks like teenage group but they care about service more than student. They have higher expectation as they pay their money higher for sport service. Moreover two groups of these behaviors, we must delve into our specific of our customers who enjoy our business in four groups following our services we provide. In four group such as fitness center consumer group, football player group, swimming pool service group and Tennis Player group. First group is fitness center consumer group; this group contains a lot of teenagers and working people, this group of people concerns about many new items and their heath. Many female customers want to lose their weight and many male customers want to create their muscle for making themselves looking good. So to provide new items and good decoration adjustment is good choice to satisfy them. Second group is football players, this group, there are a lot of teenagers and working people here, these group always come in to small group or large group to use football field service together. Their demands on football service are high because there are many high booking cue on many football field. To satisfy this section, we must provide good service and booking system with drinking water promotion. Third group is swimming pool consumer which consists of many group of consumer like teenagers and working people. They always check the weather before enters swimming pool because they afraid of raining like football player and tennis cord, we should provide
29 | P a g e

indoor swimming pool but it not match with our decorate policy so we have to build outdoor swimming pool with good decoration and high quality water. If swimming pool is clean, it will attract a lot of consumers to visit our swimming pool. There are many tennis players in the universities and hotels, but some people want to play outside on Tennis Court Service. They always play in the evening that is the best time for tennis player. There are many kind of tennis player like teenagers and working people,. Many people believe that to playing tennis is smart because Tennis is a famous one in sport that many countries all around the world know and send their tennis player to enter world tennis competition. Summary of Customer Analysis After we divide our customer into two groups follow our market segmentation and four kinds of sport, we have found that a lot of teenagers and working people group are interest in fitness center, football field, swimming pool and tennis in different level follow their behavior and income.

Competitive Analysis From collecting local information of many business in Chiang Rai, we have decide to run sport complex business which consists of four kind of sport service business which has its different competitive. So we have to analyze these groups of business in four competitive. There are many fitness centers in Chiang Rai Province because many people want to exercise. Many fitness center owners locate their business in the area where have it supporting place around such as hotel, parking lot, convenience store and food center. Many business owners always new items and create more promotion to increase their sales because to invest in this kind of business, the owners must use a lot of money to buy fitness items in high technology to satisfy their customer follow their trends and sport market. Football field service is very popular in the society now because football is the most famous sport in the world. In Chiang Rai Province, we can see some football field service open in downtown and some district but not popular enough like other big province like Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Foot ball field service is the attract point of people who would like

30 | P a g e

to play football in new atmosphere because they bored with monotony life style and lacking of football field that cause customer booking cues are high in many football field services. Swimming pool service is a well known business one that many people enjoy it. The Swimming Pool competitive is not low or high because it depend on season. In summer season and holiday season is the peak period that swimming pool competitive is high while many people always spend their time on swimming pool in the evening. In the south of Thailand, swimming pool attract a lot of people to swim but in Chiang Rai province is not high same as other big city because of cold weather is not support enough. However many people still swim because swimming is the best way of exercising which increase a lot of muscle and helping to lost weight Tennis cord service can see a lot of tennis cord service in many hotels, universities and some schools. The Competitive of Tennis cord service in Chiang Rai is very low when compare with another big city like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. To invest in Tennis cord business is the good choice in Chiang Rai area because our sport complex will make tennis cord more popular and we will be the first individual place where provide tennis cord in Chiang Rai Province where have a lot of student and working people who have enough paying power to spend for us. Summary of Competitive analysis There are two groups of different sport service competitive in Chiang Rai called high competitive group and normal competitive group. The first groups is high competitive group which consist of fitness center service and foot ball field service because these kind of sport service are very popular in Chiang Rai Province that reflect on number of people while the second group call normal competitive group because of the location of swimming pool servicer and tennis cord service are few and hardly to find because they always locate in the big place like hotel and university.

31 | P a g e

Conclusion of 3C Analysis From 3C analysis, we have learn that sport complex have a chance to finish breakeven point in four year because of four channel of income builder like fitness center, football field, swimming pool, and tennis cord. Our main income are from fitness, swimming pool and foot ball field because these business are famous while tennis cord service is run normally but it cannot damage us a lot because of our supporting found from these three business we provide before (fitness, football and swimming pool).

STP Analysis Segmentation Psychographics Nowadays, people spend their free time by playing sports because playing sports can care health and protect disease for strength and some people play sports for enjoying. People would like to play sport that has standard of equipment. Behaviors People will play sports in fixed time such as many people like to play football in evening but, some people like to play football at night which is each people will play sport in different time. We provide safety for customers when people play sports such as we have staffs to safety and control people who are playing sports in each period.

32 | P a g e

Target Market Our target market is worker and teenager in Chiang Rai. The cause that is we focus on worker and teenage because we see GDP of Chiang Rai has increased every year which it makes to increase salary of workers in Chiang Rai. I provide information GDP in Chiang Rai 2006 to 2010. In year 2006 was 48,212, year 2007 was 56,299, year 2008 was 65,101, year 2009 was 65,974, and year was 78,914. So, workers in Chiang Rai have more power purchasing for our sport complex. Workers have to relax after finish work and they care healthier. They would like to relax or enjoy in sports. Sports have benefits for their health and for their mind. And teenagers have free time for activities. Teenagers join together for play activities when they have free time. Teenagers have different activities that they favorite such as play sports and play musicals. But, sports are quite popular more that play musicals in teenager. Teenager are spend more time to play sport, so it is the important to make our sports complex get more profit and we spread word of mouth to promote our sports complex. Positioning Sport complex is the best choice for people who like exercise or health care because sport complex is center of many sports as swimming, football, fitness and tennis. Moreover, we have a good service better than other business because of sport complex have trainer, food center, lifeguard, WIFI etc. However, our competitors are indirect competitors. Also we analyze competitors by distribute each type of sports.

Football Standard Sport complex CR Galaxy Arena Price San kok chang

33 | P a g e

Swimming pool Clean

Sport complex
Le Meridian Dusit Island

CRU Size CVK School Nam Thong

Tennis Quality Sport complex Sport Authority of Thailand, Chiang Rai MFU Koh Loy Public Park Security CRU

34 | P a g e

Fitness Standard of Equipment Sport complex Sumalee Fitness&Spa MFU 5 yake Fitness Gym CRU STK resort Atmosphere

35 | P a g e

Marketing Mix Strategy

Product strategy

Sports complex is the center of sport for healthy, that is popular sport in nowadays. There are 4 types: 1. The artificial tuft football field. 2. Fitness center. 3. Swimming pool. 4. Tennis court. There are wide various of sport that customers can choose in sports complex have many a good quality machines in fitness center, The artificial tuft football field have standard size and swimming pool is beautiful design and wide size, it can be accommodate as many people . Other than, In sports complex is divided in each zone that appropriate to make comfortable for customer. Moreover, sports complex have a food cort and lobby room for customer which is internet, wi-fi, and other service. Price strategy Sports complex sets price base on market price but sport complex can attracting customer more than competitor because sports complex is modern style and luxury. Place strategy Sport complex is located at Bandu district in Chiang Rai province. It is opposite Thai Beverage Cooperation in front of Rajabhat Chiang Rai University. There are many people in this area. Moreover, the location of Sport complex is easy to access for customers because it near by a superhighway and sport complex have beautiful design which is prominent.

36 | P a g e

Promotion Strategy Sport complex use many advertise for attracting to people. There are billboard, advertise on local radio (Top FM 93.5), public in local magazine (Sherbet), and Facebook. In additional, sport complex set promotion during grand opening and have special discount for member customers. Moreover, sport complex have special activities there are open swimming course during summer, the trainer in fitness center free, and have the competition of our member in each sport, the winner will receive the gift voucher that our company set in each period.

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Sale forecast

Year 2011 Sale volume Service charge Swimming for adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Service charge Swimming adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Total Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 11,100.00 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /mornth Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /month JAN 279.00 217.00 620.00 682.00 620.00 50,000.00 JAN 22,320 13,020 49,600 54,560 496,000 50,000 685,500 FEB 252.00 196.00 504.00 504.00 504.00 50,000.00 FEB 20,160 11,760 40,320 40,320 403,200 50,000 565,760 MAR 930.00 775.00 465.00 682.00 930.00 50,000.00 MAR 74,400 46,500 37,200 54,560 744,000 50,000 1,006,660 APR 900.00 900.00 570.00 600.00 780.00 50,000.00 APR 72,000 54,000 45,600 48,000 624,000 50,000 893,600 MAY. 930.00 930.00 403.00 620.00 682.00 50,000.00 Total sale MAY. 74,400 55,800 32,240 54,560 545,600 50,000 812,600 JUN 19,200 9,000 31,200 14,400 192,000 50,000 315,800 JUL. 17,360 7,440 32,240 14,880 148,800 50,000 270,720 AUG. 14,880 13,020 27,280 24,800 347,200 50,000 477,180 SEP. 19,200 10,800 36,000 43,200 528,000 50,000 687,200 OCT. 22,320 11,160 34,720 54,560 496,000 50,000 668,760 NOV. 14,400 10,800 36,000 48,000 624,000 50,000 783,200 DEC 24,800 16,740 24,800 49,600 595,200 50,000 761,140 Total 395,440 260,040 427,200 501,440 5,744,000 600,000 7,928,120 JUN 240.00 150.00 390.00 180.00 240.00 50,000.00 JUL. 217.00 124.00 403.00 186.00 186.00 50,000.00 AUG. 186.00 217.00 341.00 310.00 434.00 50,000.00 SEP. 240.00 180.00 450.00 540.00 660.00 50,000.00 OCT. 279.00 186.00 434.00 682.00 620.00 50,000.00 NOV. 180.00 180.00 450.00 600.00 780.00 50,000.00 DEC 310.00 279.00 310.00 620.00 744.00 50,000.00 Total 4,943 4,334 5,340 6,206 7,180 600,000.00

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Year 2012 Sale volume Service charge Swimming for adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /mornth JAN 312.48 243.04 694.40 763.84 694.40 50,000.00 FEB 282.24 219.52 564.48 564.48 564.48 50,000.00 MAR 1,041.60 868.00 520.80 763.84 1,041.60 50,000.00 APR 1,008.00 1,008.00 638.40 672.00 873.60 50,000.00 MAY. 1,041.60 1,041.60 451.36 694.40 763.84 50,000.00 Total sale Service charge Swimming adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Total Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /month JAN 24,998 14,582 55,552 61,107 555,520 50,000 761,760 FEB 22,579 13,171 45,158 45,158 451,584 50,000 627,651 MAR 83,328 52,080 41,664 61,107 833,280 50,000 1,121,459 APR 80,640 60,480 51,072 53,760 698,880 50,000 994,832 MAY. 83,328 62,496 36,109 61,107 611,072 50,000 904,112 JUN 21,504 10,080 34,944 16,128 215,040 50,000 347,696 JUL. 19,443 8,333 36,109 16,666 166,656 50,000 297,206 AUG. 16,666 14,582 30,554 27,776 388,864 50,000 528,442 SEP. 21,504 12,096 40,320 48,384 591,360 50,000 763,664 OCT. 25,718 12,499 38,886 61,107 555,520 50,000 743,731 NOV. 16,128 12,096 40,320 53,760 698,880 50,000 871,184 DEC 27,776 18,749 27,776 55,552 666,624 50,000 846,477 Total 443,613 291,245 478,464 561,613 6,433,280 600,000 8,808,214 JUN 268.80 168.00 436.80 201.60 268.80 50,000.00 JUL. 243.04 138.88 451.36 208.32 208.32 50,000.00 AUG. 208.32 243.04 381.92 347.20 486.08 50,000.00 SEP. 268.80 201.60 504.00 604.80 739.20 50,000.00 OCT. 321.48 208.32 486.08 763.84 694.40 50,000.00 NOV. 201.60 201.60 504.00 672.00 873.60 50,000.00 DEC 347.20 312.48 347.20 694.40 833.28 50,000.00 Total 5,545 4,854 5,981 6,951 8,042 600,000.00

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Year 2013 Sale volume Service charge Swimming for adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /mornth JAN 365.60 284.36 812.45 893.69 812.45 50,000.00 FEB 329.88 256.84 660.44 660.44 660.44 50,000.00 MAR 1,218.67 1,015.56 609.34 893.69 1,218.67 50,000.00 APR 1,179.36 1,179.36 746.93 786.24 1,022.11 50,000.00 MAY. 1,218.67 1,218.67 528.09 812.45 893.69 50,000.00 Total sale Service charge Swimming adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Total Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /month JAN 29,248 17,062 64,996 71,495 649,960 50,000 882,761 FEB 26,390 15,410 52,835 52,835 528,352 50,000 725,823 MAR 97,494 60,934 48,747 71,495 974,936 50,000 1,303,606 APR 94,349 70,762 59,754 62,899 817,688 50,000 1,155,452 MAY. 97,494 73,120 42,247 71,495 714,952 50,000 1,049,308 JUN 25,160 11,794 40,885 18,870 251,600 50,000 398,308 JUL. 22,749 9,749 42,247 19,498 194,984 50,000 339,228 AUG. 19,498 17,062 35,748 32,498 454,968 50,000 609,774 SEP. 25,160 14,152 47,174 56,610 691,888 50,000 884,984 OCT. 29,248 14,624 45,497 71,495 649,960 50,000 860,824 NOV. 18,870 14,152 47,174 62,899 817,688 50,000 1,010,783 DEC 32,498 21,936 32,498 64,996 779,952 50,000 981,879 Total 518,157 340,756 559,803 657,086 7,526,928 600,000 10,202,730 JUN 314.50 196.56 511.06 235.87 314.50 50,000.00 JUL. 284.36 162.49 528.09 243.73 243.73 50,000.00 AUG. 243.73 284.36 446.85 406.22 568.71 50,000.00 SEP. 314.50 235.87 589.68 707.62 864.86 50,000.00 OCT. 365.60 243.73 568.71 893.69 812.45 50,000.00 NOV. 235.87 235.87 589.68 786.24 1,022.11 50,000.00 DEC 406.22 365.60 406.22 812.45 974.94 50,000.00 Total 6,477 5,679 6,998 8,132 9,409 600,000.00

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Year 2014 Sale volume Service charge Swimming for adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /mornth JAN 457.00 355.45 1,015.56 1,117.11 1,015.56 50,000.00 FEB 412.35 321.05 825.55 825.56 825.55 50,000.00 MAR 1,523.33 1,269.45 761.68 1,117.11 1,523.34 50,000.00 APR 1,474.20 1,474.20 933.66 982.80 1,277.64 50,000.00 MAY. 1,523.33 1,523.34 660.11 825.14 1,117.11 50,000.00 Total sale Service charge Swimming adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Total Price 80.00 60.00 80.00 80.00 800.00 10,000.00 11,100.00 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /month JAN 36,560 21,327 81,245 89,369 812,448 50,000 1,090,949 FEB 32,988 19,263 66,044 66,045 660,440 50,000 894,780 MAR 121,866 76,167 60,934 89,369 1,218,672 50,000 1,617,009 APR 117,936 88,452 74,693 78,624 1,022,112 50,000 1,431,817 MAY. 121,866 91,400 52,809 89,369 893,688 50,000 1,299,132 JUN 31,450 14,742 51,106 23,587 314,504 50,000 485,390 JUL. 28,436 12,187 52,809 24,373 243,728 50,000 411,532 AUG. 24,373 21,327 44,685 40,622 568,712 50,000 749,719 SEP. 31,450 17,690 58,968 70,762 864,864 50,000 1,093,735 OCT. 36,560 18,280 56,871 89,369 812,064 50,000 1,063,144 NOV. 23,587 17,690 58,968 78,624 1,022,112 50,000 1,250,982 DEC 40,622 27,420 40,622 81,245 974,944 50,000 1,214,854 Total 647,696 425,945 699,754 821,358 9,408,288 600,000 12,603,041 JUN 393.13 245.70 638.83 294.84 393.13 50,000.00 JUL. 355.45 203.11 660.11 304.66 304.66 50,000.00 AUG. 304.66 355.45 558.56 507.78 710.89 50,000.00 SEP. 393.13 294.84 737.10 884.53 1,081.08 50,000.00 OCT. 457.00 304.66 710.89 1,117.11 1,015.08 50,000.00 NOV. 294.84 294.84 737.10 982.80 1,277.64 50,000.00 DEC 507.78 457.00 507.78 1,015.56 1,218.68 50,000.00 Total 8,096 7,099 8,747 9,975 11,760 600,000.00

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Year 2015 Sale volume Service charge Swimming for adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Price 80 60 80 80 800 10,000 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /mornth JAN 598.57 465.64 1,330.38 1,463.41 1,330.38 50,000.00 FEB 540.18 420.58 1,081.47 1,081.48 1,081.47 50,000.00 MAR 1,995.56 1,662.98 997.80 1,463.41 1,995.58 50,000.00 APR 1,931.20 1,931.20 1,223.09 1,287.47 1,673.71 50,000.00 MAY. 1,995.56 1,995.58 864.74 1,080.93 1,463.41 50,000.00 Total sale Service charge Swimming adult Swimming for children Fitness Tennis Artificial Turf (outdoor) Food and coffee shop Total Price 80 60 80 80 800 10,000 11,100 Unit /times. /times. /times. /hours. /hours. /month JAN 47,886 27,938 106,430 117,073 1,064,304 50,000 1,413,631 FEB 32,411 25,235 86,518 86,518 865,176 50,000 1,145,858 MAR 159,645 99,779 79,824 117,073 1,596,464 50,000 2,102,784 APR 154,496 115,872 97,847 102,998 1,338,968 50,000 1,860,181 MAY. 159,645 119,735 69,179 86,474 1,170,728 50,000 1,655,761 JUN 41,200 19,312 66,950 30,899 412,000 50,000 620,361 JUL. 37,251 15,964 69,179 31,929 319,280 50,000 523,603 AUG. 31,928 27,938 58,537 53,215 745,016 50,000 966,634 SEP. 41,200 23,174 77,248 92,698 1,132,968 50,000 1,417,289 OCT. 31,929 23,947 74,502 117,073 1,064,304 50,000 1,361,754 NOV. 30,899 23,174 77,248 102,998 1,338,968 50,000 1,623,287 DEC 53,215 35,920 53,215 106,430 1,277,176 50,000 1,575,957 Total 821,704 557,989 916,677 1,045,378 12,325,352 600,000 16,267,101 JUN 515.00 321.87 836.87 386.24 515.00 50,000.00 JUL. 465.64 266.07 864.74 399.11 399.10 50,000.00 AUG. 399.10 465.64 731.71 665.19 931.27 50,000.00 SEP. 515.00 386.24 965.60 1,158.73 1,416.21 50,000.00 OCT. 598.67 399.11 931.27 1,463.41 1,330.38 50,000.00 NOV. 386.24 386.24 965.60 1,287.47 1,673.71 50,000.00 DEC 665.19 598.67 665.19 1,330.38 1,596.47 50,000.00 Total 10,606 9,300 11,458 13,067 15,407 600,000

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Marketing Expense

Advertising Bill Board Local Radio Magazine Total of Advertising

JAN 840.00 2,500.00 10,000.00 13,340.00

FEB 840.00 2,500.00

MAR 840.00 2,500.00

APR 840.00 2,500.00 10,000.00

MAY. 840.00 2,500.00

JUN 840.00 2,500.00

JUL. 840.00 2,500.00 10,000.00

AUG. 840.00 2,500.00

SEP. 840.00 2,500.00

OCT. 840.00 2,500.00 10,000.00

NOV. 840.00 2,500.00

DEC 840.00 2,500.00

Total 7,560.00 22,500.00 30,000.00













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Conclusion Over all in sports complexs market feasibility study is reflect that our business have a chance to successful in our business goal because of many supporting reasons in many issue in this chapter that we have to explain each issue. First many marketing analysis factors support us to invest in Chiang Rai province because Chiang Rai province good property consist of big market, high GDP and people revenue average, good environment, updated technology and low politic conflict . Second from 3C analysis, we have to make our sport complex different from competitors, understanding customer behaviors and meet high competitive of our kind of services because we provide more than one service that force us to collect more information however we have our advantage on our customer that we are different and have valuable price for our customer. Third STP analysis proves us that psychographics and behaviors people concern about their health and having their different time on exercise. Fourth Target Market and Positioning, We focus on teenager and working people who have their buying power enough for our business and our position is focus on sport service majority with supporting service options as minority. We have learned from positioning that our services have many advantages when compare with our competitors service. Fifth, from our Marketing Mix Strategy, we provide various sports service and support options as Product strategy, Price strategy is standard price with luxury decorate, Place strategy is Bandu District where have a lot of people for live in and promotion strategy which provide good advertise on local radio, billboard and magazine. Final issue, our financial plans and sales forecast is realistic and match with our following collection real information.

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Chapter 4 Technical Feasibility Study

Production and Operation Analysis Product Characteristics (in Detail) Tennis court %99%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%A1%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%97%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%B4%E0 %B8%AA.html

Our tennis court is hard court. We have two tennis courts. Tennis courts are rectangle and smooth floor. Standard courts will have length of around is 78 Feet (23.77 m.) width 27 Feet (8.23 m.). For, single and width 36 feet (10.97 m.). For, doubles is net have height 3 feet 6 inch (1.07 m.) from the side and height 3 feet (914 m.). The center of court will separate is 3 courts the depending on the material used to make the courts surface. Each the courts will have seep and springing of ball separate in the kind of tennis.
45 | P a g e

Artificial turf football field The artificial turf football field is two outdoor fields and provides the rest rooms to the customers.

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Swimming pool

Swimming pool for adult

The size is width 25 m. length 50 m. and deep 1.20 m. (Overflow & Chlorine system)

The size is width 3 m. length 5 m. and deep 0.60 m. (Overflow & Chlorine system)

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Fitness center

We have 20 exercise machines. The customer can exercise every parts of body and we have the trainer to give the recommendations for them. It is free charge. The atmospheres are good airflow, model style of decoration, soft music, and lobby to safe their assets.

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Food center

The food center provide for the customer who want to get convenience food. In this product, it is rental for the food provider. We have the rule to control the quality of food and equipment.

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Facility Layout

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Swimming Pool

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List of investment

Artificial Turf Price: 3,600,000Baht.

Pole goal 18,900 baht Nets 2,500 baht

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Ball 480 baht

Wooden benches 37.5 x 25 x 40 1,200 baht

62 |Page


Hand Dryer


Price: 5,150Baht. Normal output : 1800 W, Voltage : 220-240 V/ 50Hz Warm air temperature : 60C + 20C Air steam : 15 m/s, Switch area : 14 cm + 3cm Switch off delay : less than 5, Weight : 2.8 kg Dimensions : 275 x 265 x 255 mm.

Mirror Size: 60*2*75 Price: 590 Baht

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Bin Size:29.5*67 cm. Price: 1,990 Baht

Injected buttocks Size:Dia.3*L 10 Price: 179 Baht

Flush toilet Price: 2,510 Baht.

Price: 3,210 Baht

64 |Page


Price: 765 Baht.


Size: Dia.7*L25 cm. Price: 179 Baht.

Shelve + Hanger CHIC ABR16-I11V Price: 339 Baht.

65 |Page

SWIMMING POOL Price: 1,437,800 Baht.

Stairs Swimming Pool

Price : 9,000 Baht.

66 |Page

Outdoor Daybed Price : 6,900 Baht.

Table set Price : 6,990 Baht.

Dolphin Supreme M5 Price: 150,000 Baht.

67 |Page

Umbrella Price : 300 Baht.


Price: 2,590 Baht

Super cyclone GS-2015M Price: 3,390 Baht

68 |Page

Moon waliker GS-6001 Price: 4,990 Baht

OMA-8577A Price: 13,900 Bah.

DUMBELL SET Price: 5,628 Baht.

Recumbent bike GS-9080 Price: 7,990 Baht.

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Elliptical GS-6007 Price: 5,990 Baht.

Magnetic bike GS-5610 Price: 5,290 Baht.

Alko vibrator ETF-001C Price:15,900 Baht.

70 |Page

Motorized treadmill 2.0 HP OMA-1610CA Price: 25,900 Baht.

Digital scale Price: 199 Baht.

Yoka Ball Price: 590 Baht.

Deluxe Fitness Floor Mat Price: 1990 Baht.

71 |Page


IMac Price: 39,900 Bath.

POS SET 1 Price: 12,500 Bath.

PANASONIC KX-MB3150CX 6 IN 1(Fax,Scanner,Printer,Copy Machine) Price: 29,990 bath

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Cabinet of documents 75 W. * 32 D. * 122 H. (cm) Price: 1,100 baht

Cabinet of documents 80(W)*40(D)*85(H) cm Price: 1,665 baht

Table set 180(W)x140(D)x75(H) cm Price: 5,900 baht

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Chair Price: 2,990 baht

Sofa set Price: 22,900 Baht

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Food center
Table set Price: 6,000 Baht

Sink Price: 4,590 baht %E0%B8%87%E0%B8%88%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%99+%E0%B8%9E%E0%B8%A3%E0%B9%89 %E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%A1%E0%B8%82%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%95%E0%B8%B1%E0%B9%89 %E0%B8%87+MEX+%E0%B8%A3%E0%B8%B8%E0%B9%88%E0%B8%99+PS+102S.html

Trolley Price: 12,500 baht

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Trashcan Price: 1,900 baht

Trashcan Price: 550 baht

Trashcan Price: 550 baht

CAR VIGO SMART CAB Price: 487,000 Baht

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Tennis court Price: 198,360 Baht.

Net Price: 2,950

77 |Page

Trolleys Price: 4,500 Baht.

Mop Price: 950 Baht.

78 |Page

Tennis ball Price: 7 Baht.

Committee chair Price: 5,400

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Cost of Investment

Pre-Operating Cost Land reclamation cost Design layout cost Billboard tax Registered company cost Billboard cost Total pre-operating cost 2,400,000 30,000 840 10,000 35,700 2,476,540

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Investment Cost

Product Description land Car Air condition Computer imac INFARSTRUCTURE Swimming Tennis Artificial Turf Building Total of infarstucture TENNIS Net Trolley Mop Tennis balls Committee chair Total of tennis REST ROOM Hand Dryer Mirror Bin Injected buttocks Flush toilet(Women)

Investment cost Price 43,274,000 487,000 11,900 39,900

Unit 1 1 4 1

Total 43,274,000 487,000 47,600 39,900

1,437,800 99,180 3,600,000 5,000,000 10,136,980

1 2 2 1 6

1,437,800 198,360 7,200,000 5,000,000 13,836,160

2,950 4,500 950 7 5,400 13,807

2 2 2 100 2 108

5,900 9,000 1,900 700 10,800 28,300

5,150 590 1,990 179 2,510

2 8 2 8 4

10,300 4,720 3,980 1,432 10,040

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Flush toilet(Men) Basin Total of rest room BATH ROOM Shower Shelve + Hanger Mirror Basin Bin Total of bath room Artificial Turf Pole goal Ball Wooden benches Total of Artificial Turf SWIMMIMG Stairs Swimming pool Outdoor Daybed Table set Dolphin Supreme Umbrella Total of Swimming Pool FITNESS CENTER Super balance Super cyclone Moon walker

3,210 765 14,394

4 8 36

12,840 6,120 49,432

179 339 590 765 1,990 3,863

8 8 8 8 2 34

1,432 2,712 4,720 6,120 3,980 18,964

18,900 480 1,200 20,580

4 10 4 18

75,600 4,800 4,800 85,200

9,000 6,900 6,990 150,000 300 173,190

2 4 4 2 4 16

18,000 27,600 27,960 300,000 1,200 374,760

2,590 3,390 4,990

2 2 2

5,180 6,780 9,980

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OMA-8577A Dumbell set Recumbent bike Elliptical Magnetic bike Alko vibrator Motorized treadmill Digital scale Yoka ball Floor mat Total of fitness OFFICE CENTER POS SET Panasonic KX-MB3150 Cabinet of document Cabinet of document Table set Chair WiFi Router Sofa set Total of office center FOOD CENTER AND COFFEE SHOP Table set Sink Trolley

13,990 5,628 7,990 5,990 5,290 15,900 25,900 199 590 1,990 94,437

2 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 23

27,980 5,628 15,980 11,980 10,580 31,800 51,800 398 590 1,990 180,666

12,500 29,990 1,100 1,665 5,900 2,990 790 22,900 77,835

1 1 1 1 1 1 3 2 11

12,500 29,990 1,100 1,665 5,900 2,990 2,370 45,800 102,315

6,000 4,590 12,500

17 6 3

102,000 27,540 37,500

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Trashcan Trashcan Total of food center

1,900 550 25,540

9 3 38

17,100 1,650 185,790

Total of fix asset




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Depreciation Year 1

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Year 2

86 | P a g e

Year 3

87 | P a g e

Year 4

88 | P a g e

Year 5

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Management Analysis

Administration Cost

90 | P a g e


91 | P a g e

Cost of Utility

92 | P a g e


Sport complex provide service about sports which have tennis, football, fitness and swimming pool. Every equipment and machine of sport complex is standard and to have a good quality. Also, the customers will trust and satisfy when their use service in sport complex. Moreover, sport complex provide more service such as food court and internet WI-FI for comfortable to customers. Sport complex located at Ban Du, Chiang Rai. It is the best location because the place is convenience; customers easy to access. Furthermore, we have facility management provide the facility for customers. We try to provide the best service for enhance customers satisfy because sport complex concern more about customers satisfy.

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Chapter 5 Financial Analysis

Profit and Lost Statement (Income Statement)

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Cash Flow

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105 | P a g e

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Balance Sheet

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108 | P a g e

109 | P a g e

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Chapter 6 Risk Management

External risk
Political Politic is the most sensitive risk in Thailand when the political crisis has occurred in Thailand. This crisis affected to many business owners that cause many people lose their jobs and lose some revenue. Politic crisis reflect to the lacking of balance in social and economic. In the worst case, political crisis cause civil war like the conflict between antigovernment mob and government which create huge damage to both side in life and asset until the dissolve of parliament to throwing away of responsibility to new government after corruption . In Chiang Rai province, political crisis cause a lot of mob in Chaing Rai to call for their benefit that they have lost from some cheating governments. Mob in Chaing Rai will create a lot of traffic jam problems and dangerous situation will be happen if it is out of control. Solution Chiang Rai Politic is very sensitive even Chaing Rai province is the low politic conflict area. Our sports complex transfer the risk to insurance company in the time of political situation occurred.

Economic Economic Crisis is the large external risk which affects too many product provider or service business in the world. This problem can be happened in the nation level and in the country. If some economic crisis has occurred, Thailand will also take damage too that cause many business owners lost their customer or closed up to their own factors which can be their business risk. In case of our sport complex that provides many sport service, our customer must have their revenue in one level to enjoy our service and sport complex has it high expense. If sport complex encourage economic crisis, it reflect that we meet big trouble because a lot of customer will exercise without payment instantly until the economic crisis has gone while we have to continue paying money for fixed expense Solution When the economic crisis had occurred, we need to accept its by creating promotion activities like exercise event and discount price is the good choice one for that situation. The manager should use optimal promotion policies follow the situation. To borrow money from the bank for crate promotion is not good but manager should use free media to attract customer to visit sport complex because this channel free of expense and wide. If we create a good advertise by using free media, we will have a lot of customer.

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Social Social is the huge external risk because social has a lot of elements such as religion, culture, politician, economic which prove that social is a sensitive factor because there are a lot of people live in social and they have to work with the high competitive in their social. Some time conflict can be cause the problem in social. In Chian Rai province, we have to encounter many kind of social risk such as the various and fluctuate of politician revenue, the different of culture, politician paying behavior which we cannot forecast, and high business competitive and political activity. Solution Social risk is an external risk which cannot control and causes unfix damage to many businesses which up to the area that business locate in. In the case of Chiang Rai province we have to encounter much kind of risks in Chiang Rai province because this province is the one of Thailand tourist attractions. To understand Chain Rai social is the best choice to solve problem in the long term. We must create connection with many people, find alliance, and follow the local newspaper to getting updated information for creating many policy for encourage social incoming risk.

Technology New technology product release, recent product price will decease instant in the short period. When the customers compare our technology product with the competitors, we need to make customer satisfy with us. Solution We should to manage this risk by follow the trend of technology products and choose the best one to our company.

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Pollution Pollution is a kind of external risk which create some damage in high range like epidemic but its damage is lower than epidemic and it frequency is more than epidemic frequency. In Chiang Rai province, we usually meets some pollutions like smoke from grass burning by agitators after ending of farming , carbon dioxide from traffic jam on street and bad smell pollution from many garbage that unconscionable people left on the floor even there are many recycle bins have place in it point. These uncontrolled behaviors will create a lot of bad image in Chiang Rai which reflect that Chiang Rai is dirty. If a lot of pollution are stack in one area in high frequency. There are more chances to be the origin of epidemic too. Moreover damage, many people will deny Chiang Rai province when the think about business location. Solution Pollution is a kind of organization external risk which has it side effect to social in high range. The damage from pollution which occurred in Chiang Rai Province is small when compare with other big cities like Bangkok and Chaing Mai Province. So we have a right to solve this problem by create some activities and campaign for promote many politicians to preserve environment with many kinds of method following the period of times such as afforest activities, gas energy for car campaign or alternative energy campaign and Bank of garbage that et people transfer their garbage into money . If we create these activities and campaigns, we can create good image to our sport complex and Chaing Rai province more over we have a chance to be trend leader in our market.

Low Season and High Season Many businesses which provide product or service to market cannot avoid risk from low season and high season in the different time which consists of 2 kind of external risks. First risk is low season risk which refer to the risk from the time that there are few people enjoy sport complex service. A few number of our customer is high risk that affect to our financial plan and company because many people spend their holiday time on another place in their vacation and some season consist of bad weather like rainy season and summer while high season can be the second risk too because there are a lot of customer come to visit our sport complex and cause of the lack of equipment problem that making some customer satisfy
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because they cannot wait for longtime. When they are terminated, they will create some problem to sport complex. From 2 kind of risk, it proves that risk is not fixed. Solution This Risk is an external risk that needs to manage by promotion policy and service latency upgrade on our sport complex company because there are two risks in this section and we need to use the different solution on these risks. First risk is Low season we must create promotion activity more than provide discount price for attract our customer to enjoy our activity at sport complex in low season. To reduce price is too normal because a lot of our competitor always reduce price because they have high budget from investing before us. Second risk is the high season risk that we need to solve by upgrade service latency, checking error of equipment and train our customers to be professional for encourage incoming problem from some customer.

Behavior of customers To run many kinds of business, customer is an important factor which brings a lot of benefit to our sport complex company because they pay their money for receives their service following their demand. However customer factor doesnt be good factor at all because of some of their behavior and attitude which relate to our service are different. In this topic, we concern about risk behavior customers who have chances to create a lot of problem to our sport complex company in both long and short period such as some selfish guests who calumniate our company when we cannot provide some service to satisfy them enough, some impetuously customers who usually do something which create many risks to life and asset, customers who always infringe sport complexs rule and some customers who disturb another guests. Whatever these groups are external risk that we can control but their action can damage our sales and image in high level which affect a lot of customers decide to deny our service and make us lost our market share. Solution When we have problems from customers bad behaviors, to inspecting inside company operation is the best ways to solve this problem by our officers observe and camera record which can report what happened in our sport complex. If the problems has appear, we
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should solve the problem by talk to that group about the sport complex rule and explain them to understand what shouldnt do in our sport complex with supporting reason which better than making them has pressure from our action which cause them disgraceful and trying to revenge our sport complex by find our bad points and distribute them to the social. To speak with them in friendly civility for make them understand the reason of our rule will make them feel free. If we find the stubborn customers, we need to proceed our action following our rule while creating more good image because we dont need to lost a lot of customer even we need to dissatisfy one in our customer.

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Internal risk

Job Changing Problem

The problem of self-retire officer is a kind of high internal risk which seldom happened in the organization because the lack of officer will decrease team work service ability and cannot satisfy customer enough. In the wore case, when our officer have move his or her position to work with our competitor, they have a chance to tell our competitor about our sport complex company secret which make our competitors getting strong more us and take away some of our market share. Even we fight our customer with lawyers; we always lost because this situation will break our image immediately and reflect that our company care about benefit only. The most damage always effect on our stability. Solution This problem about officer changing job is an external risk. To solve this problem we must to manage and pay attention on take care of our customers because our company can work with officer royalty and human resources are a very sensitive factor one we must concern. If some problem happens with them, we need to talk to them smoothly with reasonable. If some officer who work with us for a long time need to go, we dont force them. To pay final bonus can making easy ending. In case of sport complex secret, we must select trustable and honest people to work and meeting. We need ethical people more than intelligent people in our organization because skill can train but people mind cannot train.

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According to our sports complex, it is a big business in Chiang Rai province and the high of investment. So, the period of receive the money back is long and many maintenance cost of equipment and system that we need to concern. If we lack of control all of them, our business will be breakdown. Solution We need to manage this risk by increasing of sales and make new promotion to attract more customer to use our sports complex and we need to serve the good service to customer to make them satisfy and they will spread word of mouth to another customer.

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Sale decrease 5% Year 1 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

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Balance Sheet

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Year 2 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

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Balance Sheet

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Year 3 Income Statement

125 | P a g e

Cash Flow

126 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 4 Income Statement

128 | P a g e

Cash Flow

129 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 5 Income Statement

131 | P a g e

Cash Flow

132 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Sale decrease 10% Year 1 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

135 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 2 Income Statement

137 | P a g e

Cash Flow

138 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

139 | P a g e

Year 3 Income Statement

140 | P a g e

Cash Flow

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Year 4 Income Statement

143 | P a g e

Cash Flow

144 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

145 | P a g e

Year 5 Income Statement

146 | P a g e

Cash Flow

147 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Sale decrease 15% Year 1 Income Statement

149 | P a g e

Cash Flow

150 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

151 | P a g e

Year 2 Income Statement

152 | P a g e

Cash Flow

153 | P a g e


154 | P a g e

Year 3 Income Statement

155 | P a g e

Cash Flow

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157 | P a g e

Year 4 Income Statement

158 | P a g e

Cash Flow

159 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

160 | P a g e

Year 5 Income Statement

161 | P a g e

Cash Flow

162 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Interest Expense 5% Year 1 Income Statement

164 | P a g e

Cash Flow

165 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 2 Income statement

167 | P a g e

Cash Flow

168 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 3 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

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Balance Sheet

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Year 4 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

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Balance Sheet

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Year 5 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

177 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Interest Expense 10% Year 1 Income Statement

179 | P a g e

Cash Flow

180 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

181 | P a g e

Year 2 Income Statement

182 | P a g e

Cash Flow

183 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

184 | P a g e

Year 3 Income Statement

185 | P a g e

Cash Flow

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Balance Sheet

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Year 4 Income Statement

188 | P a g e

Cash Flow

189 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 5 Income Statement

191 | P a g e

Cash Flow

192 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Interest Expense 15% Year 1 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

195 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 2 Income Statement

197 | P a g e

Cash Flow

198 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 3 Income Statement

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Cash Flow

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Balance Sheet

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Year 4 Income Statement

203 | P a g e

Cash Flow

204 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Year 5 Income Statement

206 | P a g e

Cash Flow

207 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Expense increase 5 % Year 1 Income Statement

209 | P a g e

Cash Flow

210 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

211 | P a g e

Year 2 Income Statement

212 | P a g e

Cash Flow

213 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

214 | P a g e

Year 3 Income Statement

215 | P a g e

Cash Flow

216 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

217 | P a g e

Year 4 Income Statement

218 | P a g e

Cash Flow

219 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

220 | P a g e

Year 5 Income Statement

221 | P a g e

Cash Flow

222 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

223 | P a g e

Expense increase 10% Year 1 Income Statement

224 | P a g e

Cash Flow

225 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

226 | P a g e

Year 2 Income Statement

227 | P a g e

Cash Flow

228 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

229 | P a g e

Year 3 Income Statement

230 | P a g e

Cash Flow

231 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

232 | P a g e

Year 4 Income Statement

233 | P a g e

Cash Flow

234 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

235 | P a g e

Year 5 Income Statement

236 | P a g e

Cash Flow

237 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

238 | P a g e

Expense increase 15% Year 1 Income Statement

239 | P a g e

Cash Flow

240 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

241 | P a g e

Year 2 Income Statement

242 | P a g e

Cash Flow

243 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

244 | P a g e

Year 3 Income Statement

245 | P a g e

Cash Flow

246 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

247 | P a g e

Year 4 Income Statement

248 | P a g e

Cash Flow

249 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

250 | P a g e

Year 5 Income Statement

251 | P a g e

Cash Flow

252 | P a g e

Balance Sheet

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Conclusion However, point of sale or interest will be increasing which it cannot affect with our profit. But, if expense more than point of sale will lose profit or account payable because if expense increasing will make many expanse that it will decrease profit. So, we have to calculate financial which thing of main importance is expense. We should to control our expense and interest. If expense of increasing create losing profit.

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Chapter 7 Summary

Sports business can be possible. However, it will use time in 10 years for return on cost which investors do not have courage for investment. Sport business is not good trend business but, it is business that customer use service over times because people will do exercise every days and our profit graph will increase over times. According to net income, graph of net income is increase continues. So, it has possible for investment in sport complex.

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Reference AGEN_1=3 %B8%B2%E0%B8%87%E0%B8%88%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%99+%E0%B8%9E%E0%B 8%A3%E0%B9%89%E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%A1%E0%B8%82%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%9 5%E0%B8%B1%E0%B9%89%E0%B8%87+MEX+%E0%B8%A3%E0%B8%B8%E0%B9 %88%E0%B8%99+PS+102S.html 7566 T_ID=1317 B8%AA%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%A1%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%97%E0%B8% 99%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%B4%E0%B8%AA.html

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