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Haitian Partners for Christian Development

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CONTACT US Address: Haitian Partners for Christian Development 170 Autoroute de Delmas Port-au-Prince, Haiti Telephone: HPCD: 2-940-0619 Ernso Jean-Louis: 3-602-7928 Martissant Incubator: 2-941-0619 E-mail: Website: or

HPCD aims to join forces with all associations and people eager to provide technical and financial access to transform lives of the poor and maintain sustainable job creation. Would you like to partner with us in transforming this country?


Creating sustainable jobs ...

Our Partners

For membership: Micro Enterprise / Professional: $25 PME: $125 Big Enterprise: $ 200

.For a better Haiti

Haitian Partners for Christian Development

To encourage strong entrepreneurship, in Haiti and around the world , that is based on foundational values, ethics, and social sharing, as stated in Biblical scripture.

Our Strategy

Our Projects
1. Incubation Project: Phase 1: 6 month formative training course crafted to meet entrepreneurial needs necessary to run their business. Which includes accounting, marketing, human resources, strategy planning, & business ethic. Phase 2: Placed in a business incubator for at least 12 months which is designed to accelerate the growth & success of microenterprises through an array of business support, resources & services. 11. Job Placement Project for Disadvantaged youth: Provide juvenile youth aged 17-25 with technical training for 6 months and place them in 6 month apprenticeships in companies within the HPCD network.

Promote sustainable means of employment through various avenues Train micro-entrepreneurs in the development & creation of their businesses Extend Mentorship opportunities between entrepreneurs & international organizations Provide access to financial capital through grants, donations & microfinancing

Jobs created in Martissant

111.Conferences, Professional Development & Training Seminars. HPCD Board


A country full of employment where social harmony lasts & economic development is based on entrepreneurship & sharing.

..Christian Business People creating sustainable Jobs for a better Haiti..

Cite Soleil Incubator Martissant Incubator