Meditation for kids Do some simple, calming stretches or yoga poses as a “warmup”?

To get some of the fidgets out before starting? Breathing exercises Guided breath awareness – short; actual time depends on age/ability of group. 5-10 minutes (facilitator guides with things like, breathe in through your nose; feel the air going into your lungs, filling your belly. Hold the breath there; now breathe out... etc.) Some kind of guided meditation (w/ imagery); will keep inattentive kids better focused if there's something to do with their minds. Falls away from strict Zen practice. Could do more Zen-like: have kids breathe in, out, count out loud 1-10 for 5 minutes (what I've been doing w/ Rowan) Could see about modifying other Zen activities to kids-level. Trifecta of our curriculum? Awareness exercise(s) – such as at Rowan's observational aikido class “Homework” assignments that get the kids incorporating practice into the rest of their lives.

should I use Kolb model to integrate different learning style activities for a group focused on teaching the skill of meditation? Potential references (need to get access to them) :( There have been research studies on the effectiveness of meditation as a complementary treatment for kids w/ ADHD **Follow up with Enmei, Ed, James-Enmei: Ed: James: come up with ideas for activities; possible curriculum come back to board board meetings:: alternating 1st Thursdays/Sundays Th Aug 5th

Sun Sept 12th Th October 7th Su November 7th Th December 9th .

simpler ones from adult practice.. or just have the kids count their breaths (as have seen done in kids' aikido class) − teisho: talk about what is buddhism. possibly??? (don't know a lot about this one) − fine arts − I don't know enough about the Zen of fine arts to conceive of how/where to go with this one.. counting breaths – either have one person count out loud to follow along to. or possibly small groups − “samu”: activities that involve maintaining calm and quiet while working. What skills should the kids be developing through the group? Awareness Centered/grounded Focus How do we go about helping kids develop these skills Follow the tri-fold training curriculum of Daiyuzenji. how do you. from the website: − formal Zen practice − zazen: brief periods. Examples?? − mind/body development − breathing exercises − hara − hojo. . focus on sitting still. or short simple Englishlanguage chanting (depending on kids' ability) − “sanzen”: encourage kids to ask questions – what is this. why do we do that. etc. key concepts adapted to children's understanding − chanting: some of the shorter. In one group.Forming a group What is the goal of the group? Introducing beginning Zen practice to children.