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Signal Detectors for the Agilent E3238S Blackbird

C&S Intelligence Services offers an extensive range of Signal Detectors for the Agilent E3238S Blackbird. All signal detectors consist of both wideband detectors and narrowband confirmers. To install, simply drag and drop into the E3238S/detectors directory on your Blackbird master PC and open the Universal Signal Detector (USD) module. On the next page, you will find a detailed list of our FSK and PSK detectors. We are also pleased to offer detectors for most common vocoders and speech encryption systems, and we have numerous detectors for unidentified systems. C&S Intelligence Services operates a worldwide, 24/7 collection activity, and as new systems are detected, signal detectors are written - sometimes within days. So please check back often.

Globally experienced - globally relevant

GL5100 OFDM (20 to 30 tones) GRU MD-KB 30 tone AN/PRC-138 BPSK AT3004D BPSK AT3004D QPSK CIS Pacific Burst BPSK Clover2000 Codan 9001 3012 Japanese Fisheries MDP-2.1 Mil-Std 188-110A 8PSK Mil-Std 188-110A BPSK Mil-Std 188-110A QPSK Pactor III PRC Hybrid 20 tone Pi/4 QPSK PRC PLA 8PSK PRC PLAN 8 tone QPSK Q15X25 Russian Navy Pacific 20t BPSK Shenzen RF-41A00 16 tone BPSK SISMI QPSK STANAG4285 8PSK STANAG4285 BPSK STANAG4285 QPSK STANAG4529 Taiwan Navy TRC3600/TRC9710A WINMOR 8PSK WINMOR BPSK WINMOR QPSK Mil-Std 188-110B App F 32 QAM Mil-Std 188-110B App F 64 QAM Mil-Std 188-110B App F 8PSK STANAG4539


3 Level FSK 2VFT Ukr Army Alcatel 801H HC-265 N. Europe Telemetry PLAADF Rockwell Selscan Rom-Bul-Ukr-Rus ALE Tadiran Autocall Taiwan Navy TE-204/USC-11 UNFICYP Unid 4FSK/BPSK Selcall Unid Scandinavian 4FSK US DOE Selcall WSPR ALE400 ARQ-FAE Bulgarian ALE Coquelet Mk II GM856C2 PAX PAX2 PRC PLA 19t OFDM preamble Russian Army Skymaster ALM TT2300 Unid 4-part Hybrid unid 8FSK AN/PRC-127F AN/PRC-137F/150C Tact Msg AN/PRC-138 AN/PRC-150C Data AN/PRC-150C HS Data AN/PRC-150C Scand or Harris Auto AN/USC-42 Selcall AR Maritime AR/CL Antarctic Arbalet-500k Argentine Army Argentine Navy ARQ-E3 ARTRAC ASCII ASCII-ARQ Aselsan HF-SARP AX.25 Packet AX.25 variant Baudot ITA2 Berkiu-M QA Bikini Bulg FSK CHP-200 Selcall CIS FPS 3-part AX.25 variant CIS-14 DGMA Moscow (3 types) Clansman Colombian Navy vocoder CV-786 DPRK-ARQ/FEC DPRK-FEC DWD ITA2 FAF Selcall GFS CPU-100 GM856C1/C2 Greek Army Intracom TRC36xx Greek Army Intracom TRC36xx Secall Grintek DT-200 Grintek TR-250Grintek TR-250 PE AF G-TOR or Datron DT5200 X-TOR Harris AutoLink Harris RAU Harris RF-3565/RAU Hart SMART HC-ARQ Hng-FEC Indian Navy Iranian Navy Israeli Navy burst Italian Army burst FSK JA/KR/TW Selcall Jenal SC51 Selcall KFF-58 KY-57 VINSON LEP Telemetry Lithuanian AF RU AF Far East Malaysian Navy MFA Moscow ALE Mil-Std 55529 WB Nokia M85200 (3 types) OLIVIA Normal OLIVIA Slow P-394KM P-394KM RU-Belarus Army PE Army Tadiran Orderwire PL Army Polish SWW Racal MEROD RAN Rockwell 700B RAO-UES ROK Army burst FSK ROK Navy AN/USC-42 RSX.25 RU AF Chayka RU AF or LRA RU AF PVO RU Army Far East RU Navy Akula Rum FSK Rum-FEC Russian AF FE MD Russian AF Telemetry Russian Army Far East MD FSK Russian Army Far East MD Selcall Russian Army FSK Russian Army GOLIAT Russian Army GOLIAT RBU Russian Krug HFDF Russian Navy AKULA RU-Ukr Army Berkut-M QA Siemens CHP-200 Siemens FEC-1000 (18 types) SITOR 109 STANAG4481 STANAG4481 FRN variant SVR Baudot SW Asia-IO 2-part FSK a SW Asia-IO 2-part FSK b Swedish Army T-206 Moroz-1 T-206 Moroz-2 T-206 Moroz-2 RU-Belarus AF T-206M (3M1) (7 types) T-206M (3M1) RU MVD T-206M RU AF Moscow T-206M2 Far East T-208 T-208 Northern Fleet T-600 T-600 200Hz T-600 Baltic T-600 idle T-600 variant Tadiran FLASH TCC DSP-9000 Selcall TMS-430/TC-535 TST-4043 TST-4043 Swiss Army Ukr 4VFT MNTF-E Ukr Army FSK US-Canada Bldg Telemetry Ven Army burst FSK VISEL VP-116 Dark DGPS RTCM SC104 Iranian Army Israeli Navy MSK KFF-58 Racal MILGO Securicor Datatrak 100bd Securicor Datatrak 25bd STANAG5030 T-600 sub Thales TMR6x00

C&S Intelligence Services knows that our customers missions are becoming more complex and difficult daily, and that budgets are often not increasing in kind. We are committed to helping COMINT and SIGINT professionals of Allied countries complete their missions on time and on target. Whether your mission requires a single detector, or you need the entire collection, C&S will work with you to find you the solution that is the most timely, cost-effective, and - above all - relevant. If your mission requies a detector for a system not listed here, please contact us to inquire about our custom solutions. Agilent, E3238S, and Blackbird are copyright Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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