03 December 2011 (Vol 343, Issue 7834

Editor's Choice
This week's Editor's Choice section Men’s sheds, women’s vaccines
BMJ 2011;343:d7810 (Published 30 November 2011)

This week's News section Whistleblowers say there was a “bullying culture” at England’s care services watchdog
BMJ 2011;343:d7812 (Published 30 November 2011)

More routine HIV testing is needed to reduce late diagnoses, says public health agency
BMJ 2011;343:d7794 (Published 29 November 2011)

Janssen funds networking site to promote better mental health commissioning
BMJ 2011;343:d7685 (Published 25 November 2011)

Conflict of interest problems in new NHS have not been solved, regulator says
BMJ 2011;343:d7703 (Published 28 November 2011)

Paralysed man seeks legal clarity over doctors’ role in assisting suicide
BMJ 2011;343:d7729 (Published 29 November 2011)

Clinical commissioning groups will be forced to contract support services to large commercial organisations, says BMA
BMJ 2011;343:d7662 (Published 24 November 2011)

Mortality from emergency bowel cancer surgery remains high BMJ 2011. but appeal continues BMJ 2011.343:d7720 (Published 29 November 2011) Commission finds no evidence that Bahraini doctors refused to treat Sunni patients. new figures show BMJ 2011.343:d7702 (Published 28 November 2011) FDA cancels approval for bevacizumab in advanced breast cancer BMJ 2011.343:d7684 (Published 25 November 2011) Dutch research community is shocked by cases of scientific misconduct BMJ 2011.343:d7670 (Published 25 November 2011) Global Fund suspends new projects until 2014 because of lack of funding BMJ 2011.343:d7742 (Published 29 November 2011) In brief BMJ 2011.343:d7800 (Published 29 November 2011) Editorials This week's Editorials section The state of men’s health in Europe .343:d7740 (Published 29 November 2011) Merck pays $1bn penalty in relation to promotion of rofecoxib BMJ 2011.343:d7690 (Published 25 November 2011) Finnish regulator is investigated after discovery of two bogus doctors BMJ 2011.343:d7755 (Published 29 November 2011) UK healthcare spend exceeded OECD average in 2009.

343:d7020 (Published 7 November 2011) Exercise during pregnancy BMJ 2011.343:d5710 (Published 15 September 2011) Seeking a better world for women and girls BMJ 2011.343:d5712 (Published 28 September 2011) Short Cuts This week's Short Cuts section All you need to read in the other general journals BMJ 2011.BMJ 2011. and clinical monitoring among adults with HIV receiving antiretroviral therapy in Uganda: randomised trial BMJ 2011.343:d7054 (Published 29 November 2011) Antiretroviral therapy programmes in resource limited settings BMJ 2011. CD4 cell count.343:d6853 (Published 9 November 2011) Why do the results of randomised and observational studies differ? BMJ 2011.343:d7693 (Published 30 November 2011) Research This week's Research section Utility of routine viral load.343:d6792 (Published 9 November 2011) CD4 cell count and viral load monitoring in patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy in Uganda: cost effectiveness study BMJ 2011.343:d6884 (Published 9 November 2011) Intensive glycaemic control for patients with type 2 diabetes: systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis of randomised clinical trials .

343:d7696 (Published 29 November 2011) .343:d7713 (Published 29 November 2011) Hinchingbrooke: the shape of things to come? BMJ 2011.BMJ 2011.343:d7692 (Published 29 November 2011) Unsafe surgery: make it zero BMJ 2011.343:d7397 (Published 29 November 2011) Letters This week's Letters section Independent sector treatment centres are a busted flush BMJ 2011.343:d7773 (Published 30 November 2011) Analysis This week's Analysis section Europe’s men need their own health strategy BMJ 2011.343:d6829 (Published 7 November 2011) Feature This week's Feature section How attractive is the NHS to private providers? BMJ 2011.343:d7682 (Published 30 November 2011) New image for the drug industry BMJ 2011.343:d6898 (Published 24 November 2011) Prognostic effect size of cardiovascular biomarkers in datasets from observational studies versus randomised trials: meta-epidemiology study BMJ 2011.

343:d7717 (Published 29 November 2011) Barium enema and diagnosis of colorectal cancer BMJ 2011.343:d7726 (Published 29 November 2011) The Australian responds to Ray Moynihan and Melissa Sweet .343:d7709 (Published 29 November 2011) Don’t forget angio-oedema associated with ACE inhibition BMJ 2011.343:d7704 (Published 29 November 2011) Think it possible you may be mistaken BMJ 2011.Research on outcomes is essential BMJ 2011.343:d7701 (Published 29 November 2011) Cognitive biases affect clinical judgment BMJ 2011.343:d7700 (Published 29 November 2011) Early treatment of anal intraepithelial neoplasia BMJ 2011.343:d7502 (Published 29 November 2011) Changes imposed on GPs make it harder to respond to patients’ needs BMJ 2011. not competition BMJ 2011.343:d7697 (Published 29 November 2011) What is cost effective is always effective BMJ 2011.343:d7705 (Published 29 November 2011) Doctors must bear in mind the fallibility of their assumptions BMJ 2011.343:d7710 (Published 29 November 2011) Blanket disapproval of all unlicensed indications is wrong BMJ 2011.343:d7699 (Published 29 November 2011) If we want kindness we need cooperation.

343:d7658 (Published 30 November 2011) How Labour changed the NHS BMJ 2011.343:d7672 (Published 30 November 2011) .343:d7673 (Published 30 November 2011) Hipocondrie á 7 Concertanti BMJ 2011.343:d7786 (Published 30 November 2011) This column will make you slim BMJ 2011.343:d7770 (Published 30 November 2011) Warts and all at last: HPV vaccination BMJ 2011.BMJ 2011.343:d7779 (Published 30 November 2011) Barnardo’s misleading survey: publicity at what cost? BMJ 2011.343:d7802 (Published 30 November 2011) Views & Reviews This week's Views & Reviews section Secularism needs a distinctive medical voice BMJ 2011.343:d7725 (Published 29 November 2011) Observations This week's Observations section Why shouldn’t private companies run failing hospitals? BMJ 2011.

343:d7358 (Published 25 November 2011) Clinical Review This week's Clinical Review section Osteoarthritis at the base of the thumb .Obituaries This week's Obituaries section Michael Lasserson BMJ 2011.343:d7757 (Published 30 November 2011) John Pascoe Bound BMJ 2011.343:d7351 (Published 25 November 2011) Leslie Ernest Hughes BMJ 2011.343:d7362 (Published 25 November 2011) William Lewson Burrowes BMJ 2011.343:d7363 (Published 25 November 2011) Kenneth Fowler Wood BMJ 2011.343:d7354 (Published 25 November 2011) Raleigh Barclay Lucas BMJ 2011.343:d7367 (Published 25 November 2011) Bryan Jones BMJ 2011.343:d7350 (Published 25 November 2011) William Patrick Lambie BMJ 2011.

BMJ 2011.343:d7665 (Published 30 November 2011) Views & Reviews This week's Views & Reviews section The gender agenda .343:d7073 (Published 23 November 2011) Persistent vaginitis BMJ 2011.343:d7314 (Published 29 November 2011) Endgames This week's Endgames section Abnormal chest radiograph in pregnancy BMJ 2011.343:d7412 (Published 24 November 2011) The placebo effect BMJ 2011.343:d6035 (Published 17 October 2011) A woman with forgetfulness and falls BMJ 2011.343:d7122 (Published 24 November 2011) Practice This week's Practice section Longer term management of self harm: summary of NICE guidance BMJ 2011.

343:d7753 (Published 30 November 2011) Let someone else sign off sick notes BMJ 2011.343:d7750 (Published 30 November 2011) Minerva This week's Minerva section Minerva BMJ 2011.BMJ 2011.343:d7681 (Published 30 November 2011) .343:d7680 (Published 30 November 2011) Minerva BMJ 2011.

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