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For 2G --> 3G i have mentioned the parameters below.

Recommended value: QSC=7 QSCI=1 QSI=7 FDDQMIN=0 FDDMRR=3 FDDQOFF=0 SPRIO=yes 1. I am including the 3G Cells to be defined in which MSS information. These might change as more cells will be added as neighbors in future (Although this should be done by the team managing 2G part). 2. Procedure to activate 2G - 3G cell reselection support must be done by Operations team managing 2G (Ericsson can help doing this, but needs formal approval). To reduce the HO from 2G to 3G, you have to set the certain parameters (mainly ISHOLEV and MRSL) accordingly. By setting ISHOLEV to 0 GSM will never initiate a WCDMA handover request unless the load in GSM is 100%, irrespective of the value of MRSL. A setting of QSC to 15 will disable WCDMA measurements, and thereby disable G2W HO, while in GSM connected mode (but not packet transfer mode). After the call has been terminated normally in GSM, the mobile is guided by idle mode parameters and camping behavior to select in which system to camp