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Hello, friends! Winter in Missouri has been exceptionally mild and almost pleasant. By no means a Californian Winter, but still, quite nice! And, much like the weather ‘round these parts, things with BCM are really starting to heat up! This semester, along with our Tuesday bible studies, we have added a Monday bible study, Wednesday afternoon prayer group, and a Thursday bible study! The photo is from our first weekly time of taking prayer requests in the Student Center. (We decided to go shoe-less to emulate Luke 10:4). To go along with Gospel Choir rehearsals on Tuesday nights, my days are starting to get packed full of BCM activity. Not that I’m complaining. =0).

All these things are definitely reason to give glory to God, but I think the reason I am most excited is because all of our new ideas were STUDENT initiated. Shamari wanted to take prayer requests. Brittney wanted a Monday bible study. Shawn wanted to pray regularly for the campus. Edward thought that doing Thursday bible studies along with Tuesdays would be a good idea. We have also added Chelsea and Jamie as potential core students to the mix. Friends, when I think about the work that God is doing in the African American community at Mizzou, my heart swells with joy. He is doing wonderful things and it feels like just the beginning! With Much Love and Paz, ~Adam

Please pray for all the new momentum that has begun to develop in BCM. Pray that these new meetings will be a blessing, not a burden, to the students. Also, please pray that Shawn, Shamari, and Edward will take more of a leadership role in these new meetings we have. Pray for our ACF Small Groups. This month Paula and Rachel will be launching a women’s small group and they are really excited about it. Also, Danny and Stephen are continuing to work on their small groups. Pray that more students will get plugged into these great communities. Personally, please pray for me as I continue to navigate the rigors of staffing two chapters at once. Pray that God will give me good wisdom and discernment in how to best spend my time and energy with each group.

Friends, we are getting closer and closer to Spring Break, which means City Lights is right around the corner! I love how ACF has begun to develop a culture of doing City Lights over Spring Break. This year Charis, our volunteer staff, and Danny, one of our student leaders, will be leading the team and the students have already begun recruiting one another to come along. Last year we had a goal of having as many non-Christians as Christians participate in City Lights and that was a huge success. This year that is our goal again. I do not think it is out of the question to have 12-15 students attend this year, which would be our largest team ever! We know that God is going to do great things in the Asian American community and that City Lights is part of that process.

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