Jonathan Kellerman; Adapted by Ande Parks; Illustrated by Michael Gaydos

Scott Westerfeld and Devin Grayson; Illustrated by Steven Cummings

Alex Segura, Illustrated by Dan Parent

With stylish, black-and-white, noir-inspired art from award-winning artist Michael Gaydos, the Silent Partner graphic novel will bring new life to this classic Alex Delaware story.
978-0-440-42363-8 | $23.00/$26.95 | Villard | HC

There are more than 3 million copies in print of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series, the hugely popular YA dystopian novels in which everyone has an operation when they turn sixteen, making them supermodel beautiful. This is the first of two original graphic novels that will turn the series on its head.
978-0-345-52722-6 | $10.99/$12.99C | Del Rey | TR | March

A highly unexpected pairing leads to a very fun title that everyone’s talking about. Designed for both KISS’s and Archie’s legions of fans involving KISS cofounders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.
978-1-936975-04-4 | $12.99/$14.99C | Archie Comics | TR | May COLLECTOR’S EDITION | 978-1-936975 | $29.99/$34.00C Archie Comics | HC | May (48 extras pages)

Created by Dean Koontz; Written by Landry Q. Walker and Dean Koontz; Illustrations by Queenie Chan

The third all-new graphic novel adventure—following the hits In Odd We Trust and Odd Is on Our Side—starring Dean Koontz’s immensely popular character, Odd Thomas.
978-0-345-52545-1 | $10.99/$12.99C | Del Rey | TR | March

Tohru Fujisawa

Naoko Takeuchi

GTO: The Early Years Volume 12
GTO was a critical title in the Manga boom inspiring two animated TV shows and a live action show. Now the series restarts with Onizuka and Danma riding their way to graduation—shedding new light on its unique anti-hero Eikichi Onizuka, soon to be the World’s Greatest Teacher. (Grand Teacher Onizuka)
978-1-932234-86-2 | $12.95/$14.95C | Vertical | TR | April

Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna, a talking cat, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. In the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess, Sailor Moon must fight evils and enforce justice. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Scouts, and together, they fight the forces of evil!
978-1-61262-002-2 | $10.99/ $11.99C | Kodansha |TR | July

George R.R. Martin; Adapted by Daniel Abraham

You’ve read the books. You’ve watched the hit series on HBO. Now acclaimed novelist Daniel Abraham and illustrator Tommy Patterson bring George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy masterwork A Game of Thrones to majestic new life in the pages of this full-color graphic novel.
978-0-440-42321-8 | 25.00/$29.95C | Del Rey | HC | March

Russ Kick

Mat Johnson; Illustrated by Andrea Mutti

THE GRAPHIC CANON, VOL. 1 Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons
From a rarely seen R. Crumb rendering of James Boswell’s London Journal to a manga Macbeth, there are more than 130 literary works reinterpreted here for readers and collectors of all ages.
978-1-60980-376-6 | $34.95/$34.95C Seven Stories Press | TR | May

A political thriller from acclaimed writer Mat Johnson, author of Pym and Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story. On the eve of the presidential election, an FBI agent races to stop the assassination of the second black president of the U.S.
978-1-4012-2943-6 | $24.99/$27.99C | Vertigo | HC | August

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Geoff Johns; Illustrated by Jim Lee Scott Snyder; Illustrated by Greg Capullo

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Superman! Batman! Wonder Woman! Green Lantern! The Flash! Aquaman! Cyborg! The World’s Greatest Heroes come together for the first time to form the JUSTICE LEAGUE —the DC Universe’s premiere superteam!
978-1-4012-3461-4 | $24.99/$27.99C DC Comics | HC | May

BATMAN VOL. 1: The Court Of Owls
Collected issues from the DC Comics: The New 52 event, this title by Eisner Award winner Scott Snyder chronicles the new adventures of the Dark Knight Detective Batman!
978-1-4012-3541-3 | $24.99/$27.99C DC Comics | HC | May


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