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March 2012

KBF Spring Gathering: April 20-21
Georgetown College, 400 E. College Street, Georgetown, KY
Join us as guest preacher Dr. Matt Cook asks: What if resurrection wasn’t just a word? What if it had implications for how we do Church? Come find out what it might look like to follow Jesus “outside the box.” Our theme will be “Out of the Box: Resurrection Lessons for the Church.” Friday evening, Matt’s focus will be “Dead Churches = New Possibilities.” On Saturday morning, Matt will share “Out of the Box, Into the World.” Matt will help us think about the changes in Christendom, why we shouldn’t be afraid of them, and how the Church lives out the resurrection among the lost and the least. See you April 20-21 in Georgetown! KBF Leadership Conference: April 20, 2:00-5:00pm. Chris Gambill of the Center for Congregational Health will facilitate the KBF Leadership Conference in a discussion on Emotional Intelligence. Registration required. KBF Pastor’s Luncheon: April 20, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. The theme of this year’s pastor’s luncheon is A New Kind of Vitality (facilitated by Dr. Matt Cook). Registration required.
Matt Cook, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR

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Baptist Seminary of Kentucky 11th Annual Banquet: April 20, 5:30, Bush Center for Fitness, Georgetown College; $16 advance registration required. Contact Glenda Simpson at BSK office by April 10: 502-863-8300 or

Children’s Choir Festival: Saturday, April 21
The inaugural Children’s Choir Festival will bring together children from our KBF churches for a Spring Children’s Choir. The music-filled morning will conclude with singing in the final worship service of the 2012 Spring Gathering on the campus of Georgetown College. 8:30 am 9:00 am 11:30 am Registration Open Rehearsal Begins in Georgetown College Chapel KBF Spring Gathering Worship Service Rehearsals and worship service where the children’s choir will sing: John L. Hill Chapel, Georgetown College, 400 E. College Street, Georgetown, KY 40324

Are you coming to spring gathering?
KBF would like to plan for your arrival. Please register to attend (no cost) or call 502-426-1931.

Register by emailing Kathy Collier at

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Sabbatical Reflections
By John Lepper As I reflect on sabbatical leave, I’m appreciative of the time away to study, renew, rest, and grow. Study was accomplished through individual reading, taking a seminary class, achieving all assignments in that class, researching and writing a book on interim ministry. Writing the book required study and research of the subject, as well as the discipline of writing. The working title of the book is: Building Bridges During the Interim: A Workbook for Congregational Leaders. Renewal of mind, body and spirit was accomplished in various means—foremost was just being away from the day-to-day responsibilities as Coordinator. I appreciate Josh Speight and Shannan Posey for taking care of KBF responsibilities during my absence. I also found this to be a time of renewal of family time. My wife, Connie, was able to travel with me and we had good quality time during this sabbatical. My general, daily pattern was to block mornings for reading, writing and study and for us to use afternoons and evenings as times to visit area sites, such as Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg or Yorktown. Additionally, we had good visits with our daughter and her family (including two granddaughters) because of their proximity to Williamsburg and Richmond. Growth was a vital component of this sabbatical. The intensive class, “A Systems Approach to Congregational Leadership,” brought new insights and perspectives. I found the lectures by Dr. Israel Galindo to be quite stimulating, and the participation in class small groups to be growth producing. The required reading and class assignments, as well as several guest lecturers, all added to my growth. The discipline of writing was growth producing. For a number of years now, I have been involved in helping congregations build bridges between pastors. To date, I’ve served over 25 congregations as an interim pastor or as a “bridge to the interim.” The time to research, reflect and write on this subject allowed me opportunity to organize my thoughts and formulate them more fully. Knowledge gained in the seminary class was incorporated into the book I wrote. The sabbatical leave policy supports two core values of KBF, namely: Lifelong Learning and Effectiveness. This sabbatical helped achieve these twin values. It afforded me opportunities to grow and learn and, hopefully, will enhance my effectiveness as Coordinator. The new knowledge and insights gained during this time will be applied in numerous future situations. The specific application will come as I consult with congregational leaders and, specifically, as I provide assistance to congregations during the interim. The book itself should provide KBF congregations (as well as congregations beyond Kentucky) with a needed resource. I am grateful to Josh Speight for his leadership during this time. I am also grateful to the council of the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship for allowing this time of renewal. I eagerly look forward to my role with KBF as I return from sabbatical.

March 3: KBF Winter Coordinating Council Meeting, Midway Baptist Church, Midway, 10am2pm March 9-11: KBF Youth Mission Weekend, Louisville, KY; Hosted by Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville, KY March 23-25: KBF Youth Mission Weekend, Jackson & Booneville, KY; Hosted by Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church March 26: Sunday School Training Workshop, Deerpark Baptist Church, Louisville, KY March 27: Sunday School Training Workshop, Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY April 19 - 21: A Baptist Conference on Sexuality and Covenant, FBC Decatur, Decatur, GA April 20-21: KBF Spring Gathering, Georgetown College, Georgetown June 8-16: Extreme Build 7, McCreary County, KY June 20-23: CBF General Assembly, Ft. Worth, TX July 15-18: PassportKids! camp, Murray State University, Murray August 6-9: SelahVie, Shocco Springs, AL August 17-18: KBF Fall Coordinating Council Meeting, Crestwood

2012 Spring Gathering Schedule
Friday, April 20 11:30 am - 1:00 pm 2:00 - 5:00 pm 4:00 - 5:15 pm 5:00 pm 5:30 - 6:45 pm 7:00 - 8:15 pm 8:15 pm 9:00 pm Saturday, April 21 8:30 - 9:00 am 9:00 - 10:00 am 10:15 - 11:15 am 11:30 - 12:30 am 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY
Pastor’s Luncheon Leadership Conference Resource Fair Open KBF Coordinating Council Meeting BSK Banquet* Worship* Business Session* KBF After Party (place TBD) Coffee Time, Resource Fair Open, Children’s Choir Festival Registration Breakout Sessions 1* Children’s Choir Festival Rehearsal Breakout Sessions 2* Children’s Choir Festival Rehearsal Closing Worship* Lunch and Orientation

2012 KBF Festival of Yo u n g P r e a ch e r s :

Nominate a young preacher (ages 14-28) to preach at the 2012 KBF Festival of Young Preachers. The Academy of Preachers will select four nominated persons to preach 14-minute sermons inspired by the 2012 theme “Gospel and the City.” Send nominations to by March 15. Visit the web site of the Academy of Preachers to learn more about this national, ecumenical ministry:

*Childcare provided for ages birth to 5 years old for these sessions. Advance registration required.

200 Tiger Way, Georgetown, KY 502-868-9955; $74. Register by April 6; use code KBFO

Fairfield Inn at Georgetown

KBF Spring Gathering Breakout Sessions
2012 KBF Festival of Preachers by Dr. Dwight Moody As we look toward the 21st century in the church, come hear the voice of our next generation of preachers. This session will include sermons from four young preachers, as well as a conversation with founder and president of the Academy of Preachers, Dr. Dwight Moody, about what the Academy has accomplished and where it is headed in the future. From Stumbling Block to Building Blocks: Being Missional in the 21st Century by Adam Schell We are a people called to go and share the good news of Christ, but most of the time we’re not very good at it. What keeps us from being more missional? How can be more missional in the future? Join us for a discussion on the stumbling blocks of becoming missional followed by a brainstorming session on building toward the future. From Church to College to Community: Reaching Young Adults; Facilitator TBA On any given Sunday the majority of people in our church are under the age of 18 or well over 30. What’s happened to the young adults? In this session you will hear directly from a panel young adults about their thoughts and experiences in the local church, followed by a dialog about how the church can include this generation and create a multi-generational congregation. Kentucky Baptist Women in Ministry The Kentucky chapter of Baptist women in Ministry re-formed on November 8, 2011. In this breakout session, the Kentucky Baptist Women in Ministry steering committee will give updates

on the reformation of KBWIM. Come network with other Baptist women in ministry, meet the KBWIM leadership team, and hear their vision for the next three years. Will meet during the 10:15 Breakout Session only. Sanctuary and Seminary: Partnering to Care by Tommy Valentine and John Inscore Essick This workshop is based on a three year collaborative effort to shape a life-giving narrative for the relationship between the sanctuary and the seminary. The workshop will also present examples of self-care and pastoral care in five KBF congregations and suggest practical ways that ministers and congregations can care for one another. Together For Hope: Nada & Owsley County, Kentucky by Paula Settle Many KBF churches have been blessed to work with Paula and Mountain Hope over the past few years. In this breakout session, Paula will speak about missional endeavors in Nada and Owsley County and how partner churches can assist in these areas. A Year Of Hope: Learn How The Hope Academy Came To Life In Louisville by Steve Clark & Annette Ellard Steve and Annette--along with Crescent Hill Baptist Church where they are members--are welcoming a growing group of Karen refugees and helping them adapt to life in the United States. In this breakout session, Steve and Annette will give us updates on an eventful year of ministering with Karen refugees and will share ways that partner churches can join in this ministry.

2011 Church Giving: Because of the generous contributions of numerous individuals and churches, Kentucky

Baptist Fellowship is able to make a difference for Jesus Christ. Approximately 90% of KBF receipts come through churches. Some of the money is part of church budgets and some is designated to KBF by church members. Click the links below to view contributions KBF received from churches during 2011 calendar year. Thank you for your generosity!
General Fund (undesignated contributions) Anchor Baptist Church Richmond $3,789.62 Audubon Baptist Church Louisville $1,500.00 Bagdad Baptist Church Bagdad $1,663.19 Berea Baptist Church Berea $540.00 Broadway Baptist Church Louisville $15,332.40 Buechel Park Baptist Church Louisville $8,607.37 Burlington Baptist Church Burlington $103.31 Calvary Baptist Church Lexington $20,525.73 Campbellsburg Baptist Church Campbellsburg $7,501.70 Central Baptist Church Lexington $600.00 Cornerstone Baptist Church Monticello $900.00 Cove Hill Baptist Church Carrollton $410.72 Crescent Hill Baptist Church Louisville $3,387.70 Crestwood Baptist Church Crestwood $18.27 Deer Park Baptist Church Louisville $1,133.37 Eminence Baptist Church Eminence $2,987.66 Faith Baptist Church Georgetown $10,922.00 First Baptist Church Ashland $150.00 First Baptist Church Bowling Green $70.00 First Baptist Church Carlisle $1,570.00 First Baptist Church Drakesboro $281.10 First Baptist Church Williamsburg $1,367.50 First Baptist Church Middlesboro $6,516.22 First Baptist Church Brandenburg $2,200.00 First Baptist Church Winchester $7,688.53 First Baptist Church Corbin $5,000.00 First Baptist Church Vanceburg $429.50 First Baptist Church Fort Thomas $4,003.10 First Baptist Church Frankfort $3,000.00 First Baptist Church Lebanon Junction $92.71 First Baptist Church Morehead $2,983.34 First Baptist Church Shepherdsville $5,880.01 First Baptist Church Madisonville $2,454.00 Grace Pointe Community Mt. Washington $1,200.00 Harrodsburg Baptist Church Harrodsburg $1,757.54 Hempridge Baptist Church Waddy $1,201.34 Henderson Community Henderson $2,198.09 Highland Baptist Church Louisville $13,873.10 Immanuel Baptist Church Frankfort $10,749.85 Irvington Baptist Church Irvington $2,486.85 Journey- A Community of Grace Louisville $250.00 Latonia Baptist Church Covington $7,728.54 Lewis Lane Baptist Church Owensboro $1,230.50 Lexington Ave Baptist Church Danville $19,730.54 Living Faith Baptist Fellowship Elizabethtown $6,343.00 Lyndon Baptist Church Louisville $640.42 Maple Grove Baptist Church Louisville $10,704.70 Masonville Baptist Church Utica $262.52 Melbourne Heights Baptist Louisville $600.00 Midway Baptist Church New Fellowship Baptist Church Payneville Baptist Church Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Ridgewood Baptist Church Rosedale Baptist Church Rosemont Baptist Church Salem Baptist Church Southside Baptist Church St Matthews Baptist Church Stanford Baptist Church Third Baptist Church Trinity Baptist Church Woodland Baptist Church Midway Elizabethtown Payneville Shepherdsville Louisville Louisville Richmond Lexington Morgantown Louisville Louisville Stanford Owensboro Lexington Louisville $8,700.00 $346.64 $167.54 $1,105.15 $1,860.29 $557.00 $1,161.07 $2,440.24 $3,722.00 $1,145.00 $8,823.44 $9,905.29 $3,554.23 $1,348.90 $550.00

Missions Contributions (includes all mission designated contributions such as missions offering and Extreme Build) Buechel Park Baptist Church Louisville $3,150.00 Calvary Baptist Church Lexington $402.50 Central Baptist Church Lexington $1,000.00 Deer Park Baptist Church Louisville $300.00 DeHaven Baptist Church LaGrange $500.00 First Baptist Church Corbin $1,155.00 First Baptist Church Vanceburg $255.00 First Baptist Church Middlesboro $3,000.00 First Baptist Church Frankfort $2,200.00 First Baptist Church Shepherdsville $2,000.00 First Baptist Church Madisonville $3,967.00 Hempridge Baptist Church Waddy $335.00 Highland Baptist Church Louisville $4,700.00 Immanuel Baptist Church Frankfort $1,000.00 Latonia Baptist Church Covington $1,510.50 Lexington Ave Baptist Church Danville $4,260.00 Living Faith Baptist Fellowship Elizabethtown $2,550.00 St Matthews Baptist Church Louisville $250.00 Third Baptist Church Owensboro $884.73 Whitley City First Baptist Whitley City $50.00 Woodland Baptist Church Louisville $1,423.46 Morocco Partnership Buechel Park Baptist Church Deer Park Baptist Church Faith Baptist Church First Baptist Church Immanuel Baptist Church Lexington Ave Baptist Church Living Faith Baptist Fellowship Third Baptist Church Louisville Louisville Georgetown Middlesboro Frankfort Danville Elizabethtown Owensboro $1,200.00 $641.67 $1,000.00 $250.00 $1,395.00 $1,947.12 $2,786.00 $900.00

Fellowship Without Borders 2012 KBF Trip to Morocco
Deepening the KBF-EEAM Partnership: Oct. 5 - Oct. 14, 2012
Kentucky Baptist Fellowship and Eglise Evangelique au Maroc are excited to announce the fall Kentucky-Morocco partnership enrichment trip. This October, each of our nine partner congregations are asked to send at least two delegates from their congregations to deepen their relationships with their partners in Morocco. Additionally, congregations who are not partnered with a Morocco church are invited to travel and meet with those EEAM congregations still seeking partnership. The goal for the trip is to encourage and cultivate the overall relationship between KBF and EEAM while allowing time for delegates from Kentucky congregations to visit each city and church while in Morocco. Each EEAM congregation will plan ministry experiences for their partner delegates. Details regarding costs, exact dates and more will be available soon. Contact Josh Speight at for more information.

Looking for a summer job?
KBF is seeking a Summer Missions Intern. The intern will work closely with the Associate Coordinator for Missions and be based out of the KBF office in Louisville. For more information and to apply, contact josh@kybf. org or call 502-426-1931.

KBF Churches Observe Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching
Lexington Avenue Baptist, Danville: Kelsey Stillwell; Living Faith Baptist, Elizabethtown: Katie Anderson; Faith Baptist, Georgetown: Brittany Stillwell Krebs; Highland Baptist, Louisville: Nina Maples; Buechel Park Baptist, Louisville: Susan Reed; Port Royal Baptist, Port Royal: Amber Inscore Essick; Calvary Baptist, Lexington: Meredith Shaw; First Baptist, Frankfort: Cynthia Insko; Broadway Baptist, Louisville: Susan Reed; Central Baptist, Lexington: Jessica Schirm. Beginning in 2007, Baptist Women in Ministry has invited Baptist churches to participate in Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching by having a woman preach during the month of February. For more info, contact Kentucky BWIM Coordinator, Becky Caswell-Speight at

Sunday School Training Workshop
Attention Sunday school leaders and pastors: Would you like to learn some basic teaching techniques to improve your Bible study? Are you interested in exploring new Sunday school curriculum options? If you answered yes, then you’re invited to attend a free workshop for Sunday school teachers on March 26th in Louisville or March 27th in Georgetown beginning at 6:00pm. Dr. Rick Jordan, Church Resources Coordinator with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina and author with “Nurturing Faith Baptists Today Bible Studies,” will lead the two-hour workshop exploring basic teaching techniques and creative new curriculum options.

Dr. Rick Jordan

Register by calling the KBF office at 502-426-1931. (Registration is free, but we need a count for dinner) Monday, March 26, Deer Park Baptist Church, Louisville 6:00 pm Dinner at the Deer Park Baptist 6:30 pm Sunday school workshop begins with Dr. Rick Jordan 8:30 pm Adjourn Tuesday, March 27, Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown 6:00 pm Dinner at Faith Baptist 6:30 pm Sunday school workshop begins with Dr. Rick Jordan 8:30 pm Adjourn

225 S Hurstbourne Pkwy. Suite 205 Louisville, KY 40222 Phone: 502-426-1931 Fax: 502-426-1612
KBF Coordinator John Lepper -

KBF Associate Coordinator for Missions Josh Speight - KBF Administrative Assistant Shannan Posey -

Online Giving
Making donations via the Internet is not a new concept. Many Americans pay bills online or have mortgages automatically deducted from the bank account. Online giving is easy, it's convenient, and it's safe.

Sign-up for E-Newsletter
In an effort to reduce environmental waste and save money in the process, KBF has developed an online newsletter. Simply go to the website and sign up! It’s that simple!

Traveling Around Ke ntucky with our Coordinato rs

On the Road Again
John Lepper, Coordinator
John Lepper has returned from Sabbatical! Read his reflection on the inside cover. March 3 March 4 March 5 March 11 March 19 March 25 March 26 March 27 March 29-30 KBF Coordinating Council Meeting, Midway FBC, Middlesboro, Preach Hinson Lectures, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Georgetown FBC, Middlesboro, Preach Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Guest Lecturer FBC, Middlesboro, Preach Deer Park Baptist, Louisville, Sunday School Teacher Training Workshop Faith Baptist, Georgetown, Sunday School Teacher Training Workshop Church Relations Council, Campbellsville University March 3 March 5 March 9-11 March 12-15 March 18 March 21 March 22 March 23-25 March 26 March 27

Joshua Speight, Associate Coordinator for Missions
KBF Coordinating Council Meeting, Midway Hinson Lectures, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, Georgetown Youth Mission Weekend, Louisville CBF General Assembly Planning Meeting, Ft. Worth, Texas Rosedale Baptist Church, Richmond, Extreme Build Presentation and Preach Broadway Baptist, Louisville, Wednesday Night Bible Study Melbourne Heights Baptist, Louisville, Peer Learning Group Youth Mission Weekend, Jackson Deer Park Baptist, Louisville, Sunday School Teacher Training Workshop Faith Baptist, Georgetown, Sunday School Teacher Training Workshop

John Lepper and Joshua Speight are available to speak/teach/lead at your church. Please contact the KBF office at 502-426-1931 for information and availability.