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KBF Missions Offering Kristin Belcher Joins KBF as Missions Intern Staff 2012 Festival of Preachers A Word from CBF Moderator Bolleen Burroughs 2012 Churckworks Conference Annual Hinson Lecture Sunday School Training KBF Spring Gathering Extreme Build 7 Senator McConnell Visits Refugees from Burma CBF Advocacy in Action 2011 Church Giving On the Road Again

February 2012 WELCOME to our Febraury edition of KBF eNews!

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship appreciates the opportunity to communicate with you in this format. You will still be mailed regular installments of our printed newsletter, KBF News. By forwarding this eNewsletter along, you are inviting others to join our mission.
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KBF Missions Offering
KBF invites you and your church to get involved with the 2012 KBF Mission Offering. This year's mission offering is about hope. Your support of this offering enables KBF to build up hope for sub-Saharan African migrants and refugees living in Morocco. Through our partnership with the Eglise Evangelique au Maroc (EEAM) and the Comite d'Entraide Internationale (CEI), KBF is able to bring hope to God's people in tangible forms through food assistance, emergency housing aid, work training programs, medical care kits, clothing, and scholarship assistance for university students in Morroco. How will you build up hope in the lives of sub-Saharan African migrants and refugees living in Morocco? Promotional materials will arrive in churches and homes in March. This year's offering goal is $25,000 and it is timed to coincide with the KBF Spring Gathering April 20-21 at Georgetown College. Click here for more information.

Kristin Belcher Joins KBF Staff As Spring Missions Intern
Kristin Belcher is a native of Danville, Kentucky. She has a Bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Kentucky, a Masters of Science in Social Work from the Kent School at the University of Louisville, and plans to graduate from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in May 2012. Through her involvement with Extreme Build, Kaleidoscope, and the annual Spring Gathering, Kristin has enjoyed getting to know the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship and is looking forward to working with the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship throughout the spring semester. She will assist with the Youth Mission Weekends in March, planning for Spring Gathering in April, and assist with plans for Extreme Build in June. You may contact Kristin at

2012 Festival of Preachers

For the third straight year, Louisville was the host city for the National Festival of Young Preachers. This annual event is sponsored by The Academy of Preachers, a fresh initiative of the Lily Endowment, in collaboration with 50 founding partners, including Kentucky Baptist Fellowship. Read two experiences from Kentucky participants Brittany Stillwell Krebs and Zachary Bailes below. To learn more or hear sermons, click here. Brittany Stillwell Krebs (Music Minister, Buechel Park Baptist, Louisville, & Student at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky) My experience at the Festival was one of refreshment and renewal. I listened to many challenging sermons, participated in meaningful worship experiences, and got to meet many new friends also called to ministry. I enjoyed the ecumenical nature of the festival, hearing sermons and participating in worship styles from a variety of traditions. I am so grateful for the opportunity to gather with brothers and sisters in Christ from a variety of Christian traditions who are also seeking to fulfill their calling to ministry.

Brittany Stillwell Krebs and Kelsey Stillwell

Zachary Bailes (Student at Wake Forest Divinity School, Author of "Crazy Liberals And Conservatives Weblog," from Owensboro) The National Festival of Preachers provided the opportunity to connect with people of different denominations while remembering the strong preaching tradition Baptist life offers. For me, the Festival invigorated my call to preaching. The Festival is more than a time to preach and listen to preaching; it is a time for kindred (and not-so-kindred) spirits to gather and rekindle the hope for the transformative power of the Good News.

Zachary Bailes

A Word from CBF Moderator Colleen Burroughs

Click the links below to access Colleen's reports. To keep up to date with Colleen's comings and goings, "like" her on Facebook at "CBF Moderator." CBF Moderator Colleen Burroughs Mid-Term Report CBF State and Regional Updates and Committee Summaries for the October 2011 CBF Coordinating Council Meeting

2012 Churchworks Conference
February 27-March 1, Norfolk, Virginia

ChurchWorks Conference provides opportunities for ministers to discover new ideas and meet others who are also in vocational ministry. The conference combines worship and small group time into a setting where ministers deepen their understanding of their ministry and how it relates to their church environment. Click here for more info.

Dr. E. Glenn Hinson Annual Lecture at BSK

March 5: Thomas & King Conference Center, Georgetown College
The 4th annual E. Glenn Hinson Lectures will be held Monday, March 5, 2012, at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Conference Center on the Georgetown College Campus in Georgetown, KY. Lecturer Don E. Saliers is the Wm. R. Cannon Professor of Theology and Worship, Emeritus, at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, and is adjunct professor at St. John's University School of Theology, Collegeville, Minnesota. Cost: $35 Lunch: 11:30 AM Lecture 1: 12:30 PM Lecture 2: 4:30 PM Dinner: 5:45 PM Don Saliers For more information email Deborah Moody or call 502-863-8301.

Sunday School Training Workshop March 27

You're invited to attend a free workshop for Sunday school teachers on March 26th in Louisville or March 27th in Georgetown beginning at 6:00pm. Dr. Rick Jordan, Church Resources Coordinator with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina and author with "Nurturing Faith Baptists Today Bible Studies," will lead the two-hour workshop exploring basic teaching techniques and creative new curriculum options. Click here for more information and to register yourself or a group to attend March 26 in Louisville or March 27 in Georgetown. Registration deadline is March 12.

KBF Spring Gathering: April 20-21 - Out Of The Box

Georgetown College, 400 E. College Street, Georgetown, KY

KBF Spring Gathering is free and open to the public. Click here to register online today! Or call 502-426-1931. Special Guest: Matt Cook, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas. Matt will focus on the theme "Out of the Box: Resurrection Lessons For The Church" KBF Leadership Conference: Chris Gambill of the Center for Congregational Health will facilitate the KBF Leadership Conference in a discussion on emotional intelligence. Matt Cook Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to manage our emotions as we seek to govern our environment successfully. It has a huge impatce on our ability to form and maintian effective relationships and is a better predictor of life success than IQ. Chris will help with assessment of emotional intelligence, discuss strategies for improving emotional intelligence and discussions regarding the links between it and family systems and conflict management strategies. KBF Pastor's Luncheon: With Matt Cook, pastor of Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas. April 20, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Baptist Seminary of Kentucky Banquet: Plan now to join Baptist Seminary of Kentucky for their 11th Annual Banquet on Friday, April 20th. This event will take place during the KBF Spring Gathering at Bush Fitness Center on the campus of Georgetown College. Dinner will begin at 5:30 pm and reservations are required. Cost TBD. To make reservations, please contact the BSK office at 502863-8300 or email Glenda Simpson.

Chris Gambill

2012 KBF Children's Choir Festival

Saturday, April 21 - Georgetown College (with KBF Spring Gathering)
For the children of today, your children, and for these children who will be the church of tomorrow, and for the future of civilization, discover and use to the utmost the great potential of the children's choir.

~ Ruth Jacobs, 1959, Choristers Guild Founder These words still ring true today! Join the celebration for this inaugural event as we bring together children from our KBF churches for a Spring Children's Choir. The music-filled morning will conclude with singing in the final worship service of the 2012 Spring Gathering. 8:30 a.m. - Registration Open 9:00 a.m. - Rehearsal begins 11:30 a.m. - Worship Service Rehearsals will be held in the Georgetown College Chapel 400 East College Street, Georgetown, KY 40324 To register and learn more about the festival, email Kathy Collier, Minister of Music at Highland Baptist Church and Director of the 2012 Children's Choir Festival.

Extreme Build 7
The 7th Annual Extreme Build will be held June 8-16, 2012 in McCreary County. Click here to register online. For more information about how you and/or your church can participate, please contact Josh Speight at 502-426-1931 or


Senator McConnell Visits Refugees From Burma, Living In Louisville at Crescent Hill Baptist Church
On January 13-18, 2012, Senator Mitch McConnell traveled to Burma. After his visit he requested a community meeting at Crescent Hill Baptist Church on Saturday, January 21. Click below for links to video and articles about the event. Crescent Hill Baptist Church Website WAVE 3 The Courier-Journal Article The Courier-Journal Video featuring Steve Clark and Annette Ellard

CBF Advocacy in Action

CBF Advocacy in Action

Justice. Freedom. God's Mission. March 19-21, 2012
Join the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on a three-day journey in Washington, D.C., to become a voice for the world's poor and marginalized, to advocate for religious liberty, and to witness a local missional congregation in action. This event encourages dialogue with the leadership of CBF's Together for Hope, as well as with D.C.-based ministry partners, Bread for the World and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, who will help participants explore the intersection of justice and God's mission and build leadership capacity for guiding congregations to advocate for global and social issues. Click here for more information.

2011 Church Giving: KBF 2011 Church Contributions

Because of the generous contributions of numerous individuals and churches, Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is able to make a difference for Jesus Christ. Approximately 90% of KBF receipts come through churches. Some of the money is part of church budgets and some is designated to KBF by church members. Click the links below to view contributions KBF received from churches during 2011 calendar year. Thank you for your generosity! 2011 Church Contributions to KBF General Fund (undesignated) 2011 Church Contributions to KBF Missions Donor Restricted Fund (includes all missions designated contributions such as missions offering and Extreme Build) 2011 Church Contributions to KBF Morocco Partnership

On the Road Again: Traveling Around Kentucky With Our Coordinators

John Lepper, Coordinator:
John will return from his sabbatical Monday, February 13.

Joshua Speight, Associate Coordinator for Missions:

Feb. 3: Extreme Build 2012 Planning Meeting, Louisville

Feb. 5: Hurstbourne Baptist Church, Louisville Feb. 6-8: Foundations of Christian Leadership, Session #3, Durham, North Carolina Feb. 15: First Baptist Church, Frankfort Feb. 16: Louisville Peer Learning Group, St. Matthew's Baptist Church Feb. 23: CBF Coordinating Council Meeting, Decatur, Georgia Feb. 26-Mar. 1: CBF Churchworks Conference, Norfolk, Virginia John Lepper and Joshua Speight are available to speak/teach/lead at your church. Please contact the KBF office at 502-426-1931 for information and availability. Schedule seen here was up-to-date at the time of delivery.

February 27-March 1: CBF ChurchWorks Conference, Norfolk, VA March 3: KBF Winter Coordinating Council Meeting, Midway, KY March 9-11: KBF Youth Mission Weekend, Louisville, KY; Hosted by Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville, KY March 23-25: KBF Youth Mission Weekend, Jackson & Booneville, KY; Hosted by Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church March 26: Sunday School Training Workshop, Deerpark Baptist Church, Louisville, KY March 27: Sunday School Training Workshop, Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY April 19 - 21: A Baptist Conference on Sexuality and Covenant, FBC Decatur, Decatur, GA April 20-21: KBF Spring Gathering,Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY June 8-16: Extreme Build 7, McCreary County, KY June 20-23: CBF General Assembly, Ft. Worth, TX July 15-18: PassportKids! camp, Murray State University, Murray August 6-9: SelahVie, Shocco Springs, AL August 17-18: KBF Fall Coordinating Council Meeting, Crestwood


Equipping & Empowering. Cultivating Partnerships. Engaging in Missions.

Phone: 502-426-1931 Fax: 502-426-1612 Office email: Website: KBF STAFF Coordinator: John Lepper Associate Coordinator for Missions: Joshua Speight Administrative Assistant: Shannan Posey Missions Intern: Kristin Belcher
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