Dan Fante – Man on Fire by Rob Plath

In 2006, Dan published Short Dog, his first collection of short stories about life as a cab driver in Los Angeles. Again, the madness continues in eight short stories that are balls-out prose and contain more curses than a David Mamet play. And if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Fante is the author of two award winning plays: Boiler Room and Don Giovanni: A Play, as well as his first memoir, Fante: A Family’s Legacy of Writing, Drinking and Surviving. If you are unfamiliar with him, Dan Fante is the son of the outstanding twentieth century novelist/Hollywood screenwriter John Fante who wrote great novels such as Wait Till Spring, Bandini, Ask the Dust, and Full of Life. John Fante also happens to be one of Charles Bukowski’s major influences. And it is the opinion of many that Dan holds a well-deserved place among the likes of Charles Bukowski, his father John Fante, and other explosive writers such as Hubert Selby Jr. I’d like to add to the above, that despite all of the madness, debauchery, the anger, the blood and raw meat, and although Dan Fante truly deserves the title: Man On Fire – he doesn’t fail to leave out tenderness and humor which makes the scope of his writing wider, more powerful and more memorable. Oliver Wendall Holmes said that most men go to their graves with the music still inside them – and the way Dan’s going there won’t be one note taken to the grave but rather his intense and brilliant music will be pounded into sentences for all of the world to hear. Tree Killer Ink’s Fluorescent Stilts For Your Uncle is proud to publish the first chunk of Dan Fante’s new novel Malibu Blood, due out this year under Harper-Perennial. Enjoy the teaser from the MAN ON FIRE!

photo courtesy of Michale Napper

Dan Fante’s writing gives new meaning to the words “candor,” and “raw,” completely redefines the phrase “unquiet desperation,” and more than echoes Franz Kafka’s urgent statement that “A book must be an ax for the frozen sea inside ourselves.” Dan has written four novels: Chump Change, Mooch, Spitting Off Tall Buildings, and most recently 86’d. All the novels follow his autobiographical hero Bruno Dante through the hell of addiction to both alcohol and cocaine, rehab and psychiatric wards, through the hell of poverty and bad jobs, through the hell of broken marriages, prostitutes, and porn theaters, through the hell of the death of his father, through the hell of suicide attempts, through the hell of the struggle to write when one can’t even bear to be in their own skin, and through the hell of the real and brutal and bleak landscape of both Los Angeles and New York. Dan has also written two books outstanding books of poetry: A Gin-Pissing-Raw-Meat-Dual-

Carburetor-V-8-Son-of-a-Bitch from Los Angeles and Kissed By A Fat Waitress. As you can tell by
the first title they are also fuelled with the same intensity of his novels.

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