Hotep Goddesses and Gods! This "9" movie trailer analysis is titled, "Welcome to the Qliphoth.

" Let's start with the numbers involved in this movie and also the release date. I see some of the Fam have already pointed out the release date for this film is 9 9 9 which is merely 666 what many call the number of the beast. The Qliphoth is another dimension that is represented by "Tree of Death" which is the Inverse or backside of the "Tree of Life" The Qliphoth is also known as the "Nightside of Eden" which is also a book by Kenneth Grant. Other Goddesses and Gods have already adding to the decipherment of "9" and they are correct. There is even more going on with that number. "9" is not a prime number, but it is considered a magical or master number; because any whole number multiplied by nine always yields a sum that reduces back to "9" when added together. Now in terms of Qabalah, 9 represents Yesod which is represented in the physical as the Moon. There are various Deities that represent the moon, such as Aset (Isis), Diana, ect. But they are generally considered dayside Deities. Beside the bleak landscape portrayed in the film trailer, we see another number of 5. The 5 being "9" and his four companions and this leads into another deep esoteric concept. The 5 members of 9's group represents the Qabalistic Sphere of Geburah. Geburah is know as the Sphere of Severity and Judgement, and in the creation of this sphere there was a rebellion against "GOD". This sphere wanted to assert itself and create and this is how the Qliphoth came into being. Satan/Sameal/Lucifer was the angel over that sphere at the time of Geburah's creation, but Lucifer's rebellion caused the "War in Heaven" and having lost he and his minors were cast down into the abyss of Daath. Now lets return to the film trailer to see if we can find if this information was encoded in any way, and we have both visual and verbal clue that indeed it was so. Between 0:26 to 0:40 we hear the voice saying, "We have squandered our gifts!" "So nine I am creating you" And you see the character looking from open the gateway, notice the feminine arch representing the vagina, and he emerges into more darkness, aka the Qliphothic realm. The Character is about to descend deeper into darkness in order to try to reach enlightenment. If you pause it at 0:39 you can see the fait trace of an Eye inside of the Triangle above the archway. That eye represent simultaneously the "Eye of Lucifer" and the Pineal Gland which is key to astral travel and reaching the Qliphothic Realms. By now, some are you are thinking that Vairocana23 is grasping at straws or has completely lost his mind. Oh but wait, there's more!!! :) Let's look at some of the cast and crew for this film. We definitely have some interesting character imprinting going on. Elijah Wood is the voice of "9". And Elijah Wood is known mostly for his role as the Hobbit Fodo in Lord of the Rings Trilogy. And remember that the Hobbits live in "Middle Earth" which in the older Nordic/Scandinavian Folklore represents the
underworld known as Hel. Although many attest that Middle Earth represents the literal place inside the Earth, the description of the Beings and denizens correspond more with the Goetic Spirits which live in the the Qliphothic Universe contain in Daath. We also see Jennifer Connelly is a vocal cast member. Returning to Connelly's character in "9" we see the creature is wearing a very highly stylized mask with an elongated nose, that particular item is based on the mask that medieval physicians wore to protect themselves from the Black death. See image at h t t p : // upload . wikimedia . org / wikipedia / commons /0/0c/ Bubonic-plague . jpg Those old enough to remember Jennifer Connelly also stared in a strange film years ago titled "Dark City" But, who also remembers that Ms. Connelly stared in the film "Labyrinth" in that film she played "Sarah" who was searching for little bother (her soul???) in a Topsy-Turvy Qliphothic-like Maze world that existed in another dimension.

Tim Burton, well there is no need to go into his Occult Masonic connections he is obviously very highlevel. Just watch "Sleepy Hollow", "A Nightmare before Christmas", or "Edward Scissorhands" you get

the picture. And last but certainly not least, notice the release date is Wednesday which is rule by the God Tahuti, who's Greek counterpart is Mercury. Both of those Deities are known as messengers and WAYOPENERS and they both rules the crossroads, a reference to traversing between worlds/dimensions. And the significance of opening of opening the move of that date is the creation of a Metaphysical Bridge into the Qliphothic Realms via the subconsciousness of the masses. Please do not not mistakenly think I am trying to dissuade anyone from seeing this film. It's the exact opposite, we the awaken Goddesses and Gods are immune to the subliminal manipulation as long as we understand what we are seeing and hearing. And once that happens you then have the option to tap that energy or ignore it. Peace For those who want to do more research into the Qliphoth or other points I raised here are some really good books. "The Qabalah Unveiled" by Dion Fortune. "Goetic Evocation" by Steve Savedown. "The Dictionary of Ancient Deities" by Patricia Turner & Charles Russel Coulter. "Qablah, Qlipoth, and Goetic Magic" by Thomas Karlsoon. "The Nightside of Eden" by Kenneth Grant. You can also you can check wikipedia to also find directors/producers/actors/actresses filmography to find more connections.

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