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Good morning Maam Pearlie, Sir Noy and my fellow teachers.

I have called and arranged this meeting for I believe as an educated professional that this office is the only venue for the following statements that I am going to pronounce I would like each one of you to please allow me to finish whatever I am going to disclose while I am reading this letter and listen to the details for this concerns not only myself but for the benefit of all of us and this office. Before I will preside todays meeting I would like to again introduce myself my name is Francis Karl Patalinghug dela Pea most of my friends call me Karl my fellow teachers here calls me Sir Karl and I think everyone as well here calls me Sir Karl. I just want to clarify and highlight my Name is KARL not Karla or whatsoever name that you would like to call me because I was already been baptized as Francis Karl Patalinghug dela Pea and because of that no one has the right to name me names I worked hard to establish my name and my credibility as a teacher. Dili ra ang akong ngalan ang imong gibastos apil na ang apeledo sa akong pamilya nga ga tangag sa akong pangalan!!! That means nobody has the right to name me names especially in front of my teachers. If you have personal problems with me you know my schedule unto when I am around. Approach me and say it to my face straight and not by dealing the problem (if there is such) as if you are a child seeking for our attention. I always hear the word Job Description in this institution. For it is always being mentioned during the monthly meetings that I was able to attend So let us try to see and scrutinize what is the job description of each one of us here in this office. I have here a copy coming from Maam Pearlita Ledesma of the different designation and explanation of what is our role in this institution. I believe that all of us here are liable to our individual sanctions and obligations in this institution since we are all aware that we are an entity in this system. However, it is very clear and it was never stated in ANY job position that part of an employee or employers sanctions is to deal with and minding the personal life of an individual working in this institution. I think everyone will agree to me if I will say that We all come here to work and to earn for a living We did not join this institution to become entertainers especially that this is a school not to be performers in a carnival nor to be the next best actor or actress in a film our purpose here is to practice our profession as a teacher, as an educator, or as an administrator, a leader and a role model to help others and to educate the families of these children with special needs The meaning of helping others is to inspire them and not to ridicule someones personal life and put him/her in shame in front of others! We are all getting paid here for the compensation of work that we produce no ample amount of the money that we are receiving gives a person the right to mock, laugh, and create some hearsays about who we are as a person. The only thing that each of us here can judge is on how we perform and do our work as what our Job Descriptions has affirmed

Why am I mentioning and pointing out all this? I am proud to say that I am one of the contributors of making the system here in Landon Academy especially in the SpEd Department. I know I worked hard for this because I have scouted and looked for all if not the BEST professionals to help me make this school possible to stand, developed the concept on how to structure the schools facility and physical environment and now I have continued to establish a harmonious relationship and collaboration from our parents through maintaining a good rapport and preserve the sanctity of RESPECT among my fellow teachers that I considered to be now Family. But where is the respect there if we do not know how to practice our work ethics? How can we manage to create a harmonious relationship and a good working environment if there is a bad seed that is influencing others acting out to be like uneducated individuals who doesnt know and understand one of the golden rules of managing people (and I quote) That if you do not have anything good to say to others, then mind your own business (end of quote) Let us not forget that one of the reasons we exist here in this office is because of our credentials and our diploma so let us act to be worthy bearers of these achievements Let us all be reminded that this is a school not a flea market where it is okay to let our mouth smell like rotten fish from the kind of words we preach. I feel for the system that I created

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