Bio: Sylvia Plath

October 27, 1932, Sylvia Plath was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1940, when Sylvia was eight years old, her father died as a result of complications from diabetes. As a result, she stopped believing in God. This resulted, her going into a deep depression. And the depression, resulted in a suicide attempt in the year of 1953. After her depression, she attended a party and met, Ted Hughes, an English poet. About three years after, they were married, June 16, 1956. They both returned to England, and four years later, gave birth to her daughter, Frieda Hughes. And two years later, gave birth to her son Nicholas Hughes. A few months, after Nicholas Hughes was born, Ted Hughes left Sylvia Plath for Assia Gutmann Wevill. February 11, 1963, Plath wrote a note to her neighbor telling him to call the doctor, then she left milk and bread inside her children’s room and locked the door. All the while, getting ready to commit suicide with a gas oven.