The Standridge Family

Ministry does not begin once you get a degree!
One of the main things Jordan is learning right now is that there is never a time in someone’s life in which they are not in ministry. A degree doesn’t make someone a pastor; it is a love for God and His people that make someone a faithful shepherd. Crossroads, Grace Community Church’s college group, has around 1000 students attending Sunday mornings. In order to be able to Shepherd each student, Grace selects around ten “Shepherd’s” to help shepherd these students. Some Bible studies meet in homes, some at various college campuses. We have been given the opportunity to have a home Bible study, in the home of one of the elders of Grace Community Church. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide the Bible study with a God-fearing couple who has served the Lord for many years. It will also be a wonderful opportunity for us to spend time with a wise older couple who will be able to mentor us. Teaching every week, while working a full-time job and attending full-time school will be a challenge, but it is critical to be involved in serving in the church while in seminary in order to “put into practice” all that we are learning in our time here in Los Angeles.

Davide William got to have a picture with his Grandpa Davide and Great Grandpa William!

Thank you for your prayers!

Please Pray: OTHERWISE DELETE BOX • That instead of becoming puffed up with knowledge, we would instead grow in humility as we grow in our knowledge of God. • That God would be glorified in the Bible study. That each person would grow in their love for God and others as we learn from His Word and fellowship. • That we would grow in our ability to disciple others and help them become more like Christ. • For Jordan to be able to be faithful and wise as he balances full time school, work, ministry and the family. • Salvation of those who got to hear the gospel this last semester. For opportunities and boldness to share the good news. • For continued financial provision for seminary. • Praise God for He faithfully provides for all our needs. Praise Him for how His plans are not our plans and they are infinitely better. Praise God for how He provided an older couple we can learn from and be held accountable to. Praise Him for how He is teaching us to pray, depend on Him and trust Him through everything.


Another Big Change of Plans
Because of our family and financial situation, we had planned to “take it slow” through seminary. But because seminary is designed to be finished more quickly, Dr. Busenitz, the vice-president of the Master’s Seminary, has offered us a deal. As long as I am a full time student, he will match dollar per dollar any donation given to me for seminary purposes. In other words any donation you give us will be doubled. This is a remarkable opportunity! If the Lord leads you, you can send a check of any amount either to the Master’s Seminary (with my name on it) or directly to our address and we’ll take it to The Master’s Seminary.

Christmas Break
The Lord blessed us with a wonderful time in Florida, visiting Jordan’s parents. Also as the icing on the cake, Jordan’s grandparents were visiting Florida, from Rome, Italy. They have been faithful Missionaries in Italy for over sixty years! What a wonderful time it was to be with family.
Jordan and Jennifer Standridge 16901 Napa Street Apt 225 North Hills, CA 91343

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