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GORMLEY C. AURAWAL:Pressuredistributionin externally pressurized bearings C. L. MOCKROS: The mechanics of a collapsing tube heart pump WILLL~M L. PRAKASH and H. MELLOR and A.S. DUNCAN: Comment on “Plastic flow in stabilized sheet steel” P. R. FIRBANK and P. MARIN: A possible specimen for the study of biaxial yielding of materiak PAGE 1 11 27 46 63 57 Number 2 T. KANE and CAN-Tar TSEN~: Dynamics of the bifilar pendulum W. S. KITCJXINQ: lower bound to the limit pressureof a cylinA drioal pressureveesel with an unreinforcedhole E. J. COON. HA~KYAR~ and W. H. TEEOCARISThe influenceof torsional prestrainingon notch-brittle fracture : A. E. QUARMBY:An experimental study of turbulent flow through concentrioannuli 159 163 183 196 206 . MAR~AL and I. E. UELL and J. J. C. CHTJE~UJE~~~:Limit analysisdesignof ring-reinforced radialbranches in cylindrical and sphericalvessels s G. WEISSU and L. B. P. LINDHOLM: An experimental study and inextensional analysis of vibrations of free-free conical shells M. SUPPLE:Coupled branching configurationsin the elastic buckling of symmetric structural systems 66 69 77 83 97 Number 3 M. DOOLEY: On the torsional buckling of columns of I-section restrained at finite interval3 C. D. D. C. F. N. J. V. COON:Rigid-plastic analysis of circulararches P. R. WILLJAM: Vibration isolation using non-linear springs and W. LAN~AS~R: A proposed slip-linefield for lubricatedcold rolling M.LIST OF CONTENTS Number 1 J. S. BAKER: Prediction and scaling of reflectedimpulse from strong blast wctves J. Rmz and S. B. HADDOW: On a plane strain wedge indentation paradox J. ?hB5?A : On the bending of thin plates of material having a non-linear stress-strain relation P. EIFSTATHIADES C. BRUXLXY: Reply to “Comment on ‘Plastic flow in stabilized sheet steel’ ” 113 123 137 143 167 168 Number 4 J. H. BROWN: Plastia asymmetrical bending of beams T. R. JOHNF. OHASHI and N. GILLand R. and ULRIOS. Ho. JOHNSON: An analysis of the changee in geometry of a short hollow cylinder during axial compression Y. KINK: Elastic-plastic analysis of two-dimensionalstress systems by the finite element method Lettersto the Editor J. B.

ISHAI and L. YE-AM and E. H. H. NTJSSEY: Pressure diecasting and the manifold problem 473 485 495 527 539 547 559 571 583 Notice C. M. F. STEELE: Twelfth International Congress of Applied Mechanics . annular. SLATER and W. K. J. HOD~E JR. R. D. S. C. A. ADIE and J. LIPP~UNN: On the compression of a plastic layer JOHN E. IBELE : A literature survey: the hydrodynamic stability of the liquid film in falling film flow and in vertical. AKU. B. PAI: Steady-state creep analysis of thick-walled orthotropic cylinders J. ADVANI: Stationary waves in a thin spinning disk A. R. BENTALL and K. CONWAY: The elastic stability of curved beams 0. HAYES and P.Number 5 H. PENNY: The creep of spherical shells containing discontinuities R. L. JOHNSON: The effects of temperature. J. GODLEY and A. SLATER and W. H. WILLIAMSON: A grid analogy for the non-linear behaviour of elastic flat plates R. F. AWADALLA: A direct matrix method for the elastic stability analysis of struts M. E. V. WEBSTER: Free vibrations of shells of revolution using ring finite elements I. two-phase flow J. Lo and H. JOHNSON and R. ELKOUH: Inertia effect in laminar radial flow between parallel plates S. CHILVER: The elastic post-buckling behaviour of unbraced plane frames PAGE 223 233 237 245 253 257 271 307 315 323 Number 6 D. P. HARROP : Analysis of circular plates with symmetrically stiffened perforations SHYAM KINKAR &MANTA: Simple upsetting: strain-rate and model tests S. JOHNSON: Slip in the rolling contact of two dissimilar elastic rollers 335 349 359 373 389 Number 7 PHILIP G. MAR~AL: Determination of upper bounds for problems in plane stress using finite element techniques A. H. SOWERBY: On the collapse load of some simple structures 405 415 433 Number 8 J. J. SIMMONDS: Modifications of the Timoshenko beam equations necessary for thin-walled circular tubes D. L. F. C. W. SUH: An investigation of the dynamic behavior of an annealed low carbon steel by means of stress pulse amplification W. R. A. ALEXANDER: A graphical method of obtaining hodographs for upper-bound solutions to axi-symmetric problems YOSHIO OHASHI and T~DASHI NISHITANI: Photo-rheological stress analysis on strip drawing through roller dies R. HOCKE~~: Note: On coefficient of friction measurements JAMES G. D. JOENSON: The use of plasticine to simulate the dynamic compression of prismatic blocks of hot metal C. speed and strain-rate on the force and energy required in blanking SUNDER H. COHEN: Elastic properties of filled and porous epoxy composites SZE-Foo CHIEN and W. AnnELMrarn and N. Y. and CHAN~KUEI SUN: Yield-point load of a circular plate sealing an incompressible fluid N.

JOHNSON: The ultimate strength of rectangular diaphragms K. G. I. RAWLIN~S : Energy absorption of dynamically and statically tested mild steel beams under conditions of gross deformation S. HODGE. DUDDERAR and J. SPILLERS: A laminated thin cylindrical shell under axisymmetric static loading A. K. FARNHAM: Deflections of uniformly loaded circular plates with combinations of clamped. CONWAY and K. J. under doubly eccentric load L. S. N. WOOLAM and DANA YO~JG: Air and internal damping of thin cantilever beams K. OHASHI and N. Ohashi and N. B. Kamiya Y. D. KJ~R: The axis of distortion Letters to the Editor G. KERR and ROBERT S. L. D.Number 9 PAGE J. WRIGHT: The thermal distortion due to a uniform circular heat source on the surface of a semi-infinite solid D. RUSHTON: Stress concentrations arising in the torsion of grooved shafts H. Hodge on ‘Rigid plastic analysis of circular arches’ ” Notice 585 605 609 621 633 651 661 673 674 679 Number 10 681 697 707 719 727 J. BECKER: The stress analysis of circular plates sealing a compressible liquid Letter to the Editor S. J. simply supported and free boundary conditions Letters to the Editor P. C. N. HOCXETT: Comment about “On bending of thin plates of material having a nonlinear stress-strain relation” by Y. R. D. THEOCARIS: Reply to “Comment on ‘Shock wave propagation in perspex spheres’ ” 777 797 811 817 835 863 873 885 887 . RYLEY and B. DOOLEY: The torsional deformation of columns of monosymmetric I-section.2 NORMAN JONES : Influence of strain-hardening and strain-rate sensitivity on the permanent deformation of impulsively loaded rigid-plastic beams DESMOND F. COON: Reply to “Comment by P. Hackett” 729 743 767 776 776 Number 1. JR. DUFFY: Ball indentation tests and the grain structure of lead B. BARBER and K. BENNETT-C• WELL: collision behaviour of steam-borne water The drops D. DWCAN and W. ROCKEY : The influence of large torsional strains upon the subsequent extensional behaviour of a low carbon steel Letters to the Editor JOHN E. JOHNSON: On antic&tic curvature with special reference to plastic bending: a literature survey and some experimental investigations W. KAMIYA: Reply to “Comment about ‘On bending of thin plates of material having a non-linear stress-strain relation’ by John E. D. RYLEY: Condensation fogs in low pressure steam turbines WILFRED E. R. BAKER. : Comment on “Rigid plastic analysis of circular arches” M. CONWAY and C. with restrained axis of twist. J. G. COHEN and 0. ISHAI: Strain-rate dependence of the elastic modulus of filled and porous epoxy composites ZDZISLAW MARCWIAE and KA~IMIERZ KUCZY~SKI: Limit strains in the processes of stretch-forming sheet metal T. GARG: Comment on “Shock wave propagation in perspex spheres” Number 11 D. HORROCKS and W. A. ROZVANY: A new calculus for optimum design P. SAVAGE : Gravity flow of a cohesionless bulk solid in a converging conical channel H. R. F. F. WILLIAM E. MOORE : A theory of viscous hydroplaning J. R. Lo: Further studies on the elastic stability of curved beams ARNOLD D.

775 HOCKETT J. C. 57 233. R. 673 HODGE P. 323 CHUKWUJEKWU S. G. 158 BROWN E. J. 811 BECKER R. 349 AWADALLA E. L. L. 527. C. 539. 245 609 67 158 113 797 359 571 183. 719 143 69 873 609 65 123 223 627. 315 BAKER W. H. 539. R. 585 DIJDDERAR T. R. RAWLINGS B. MOORE D. S. B. 253 FARNHAM K. F. H. M. MARIN J. 835 HORROCKS D. JR. B. 776 335 373 63 205 633 767 885 11 697 729. F. D. D. KJAR A. C. 163. 1. D. SUH N. 405. MELLOR P. H. SOWERBY R. 389 BRAMLEY A. V. 495 433 863 583 415 405 97 195. H. 359. N. 11 COHEN L. 835 777 JONES N. 45. WILLIAMS C. RYLEY D. 605 CONWAY H. 53 ADIE J. OHASHI Y. 621 DUNCAN J. F. STEELE C. 123 HADDOW J. J. WILLIAMSON N. 681. . 743 BARBER J. Y. D. 77 CHIEN SZE -FOO 547 CHILVER A. MOCXROS L. 159 HARROP J. 776 KAMIYA N. SLATER R. J. J. 495 ALEXANDER J. 661. I. SAMANTA S. WRIU-HT K. YOUNG I). D. 349 ADVANI S. L. R. MARCINIAK Z . R. E. 473 HAWKYARD J. RUIZ C. L. WEBSTER J. S. G. PA1 D. P. F. NUSSEY I. 547 IBELE W. PRAKASIX J. 183. 495. 27 ELKOUH A. S. QUARMBY A. 433. A. N. 53 AKU s. ROCKEY K. 719 BENNETT-C• WELL B. RUSHTON K. 83 KERR A. Lo C. B. WEISSMANN M. 681 EFSTATHIADES G. K. SIMMONDS J. R. 817 485 651 237 271. A. ROZVANY G. 69 GODLEY M. F. WOOLaM W. E. N. J. H. 163 245 HAYES D. H.AUTHOR INDEX ABDELMIUID S. 123 Hn W. LANCASTER P. J. 707 143. THE~CARIS P. 157. C. TSENG G. R. 621 DUFFY J. 605 JOHNSON K. C. 307 AQRAWAL H. KANE T. E. LIPPMANN H. J. KUCZY~~SKI K. MARFAL P. S. LINDHOLM U. S. 65 GARG S. 661 FIRBANK T. PENNY R. 389 JOHNSON W. KITCHING R. YETTRAX A. K. 674 DOOLEY J. F. 271. KING I. HAZELL C. 69. K. 817 BENTALL R. B. E. E. R. 887 83 559 113 27 257 743 811 323 743 . P. 707 COON M. W. ISKAI 0. 323 GORMLEY J.sPILLERS W. H. SUN CIIANG-KUEI SUPPLE W. NIYHITANI 1‘. R. B. SAVAQE S. 727 GILL S. 137.-T.

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